Prime Minister’s files from 1997 released

Today we have released files from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, predominantly covering the final months of John Major’s government in 1997.

The newly released Cabinet Office files (CAB and PREM) shed light on a range of subjects both at home and abroad under Major’s leadership.

Some examples of files being released include:

PREM 19/5890: A visit by Diana, Princess of Wales, to Angola in January 1997 on behalf of the Red Cross’ campaign against the use of landmines.

PREM 19/6040: A campaign to make the two minutes silences on both 11 November and on Remembrance Sunday a permanent arrangement. 

PREM 19/6063: Correspondence relating to Mary Whitehouse, president (and later president emeritus) of the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association (NVLA) on ‘video nasties’.

PREM 19/6222: Correspondence between John Major and his predecessor Margaret Thatcher.

PREM 19/6229: Planning for the royal Golden Wedding celebrations.

PREM 19/6253: Discussions of hoax telephone calls made by comedian Rory Bremner impersonating the Prime Minister. 

Also included are files covering UK relations with other countries such as Ireland, the United States, South Africa, Japan, China, and Russia.

The files can be searched using our catalogue, Discovery, with around 200 available to view online.

You can also find out more about our previous file releases.

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