New resource for A level and GCSE students: investigate Richard II

… false traitors to and enemies of the king and kingdom, perceiving the tender age of our said lord the king and the innocence of his royal person, so caused him to believe many falsities devised and plotted by them against loyalty and good faith, that they caused him to devote his affection, firm faith, and credence entirely to them, and to hate his loyal lords and lieges, by whom he ought rather to have been governed…

The appeal of the Lords Appellant, 1388

When Richard II came to the throne in 1377 he was only ten years old. His coronation took place at a time of great uncertainty. With England at war with France, levels of taxation were high: in the summer of 1381, peasants and craftsmen across the country rebelled against the government in the Peasants’ Revolt.

By 1386 the ‘Lords Appellant’ grew disillusioned with Richard. They rebelled against the king and took him captive.

Our new classroom resource on the reign of Richard II allows students to explore the troubles facing England in the late fourteenth century. This themed collection for Key Stages 4 and 5 features original documents which support an enquiry into the reign of Richard II, placing emphasis on his minority, personal rule and overthrow.

The records used include ancient petitions, extracts from Parliament rolls and royal grants, and offer students a chance to develop their powers of evaluation and analysis.

Visit our classroom resource on Richard II.