New classroom resources for GCSE English Language: People and Places

COPY 1/481 Five generations of the Fleckney family, 1905

COPY 1/481 Five generations of the Fleckney family, 1905

The National Archives has created new classroom resources of photographs for descriptive and creative writing prompts. Focusing on images of people and places from our collection, they are designed for the teaching of GCSE English Language but may also be of use for other age groups.

The resources will act as sources of inspiration for writing, allowing students to consider a variety of historical scenes. They include photographs of Whitby Abbey, St Ives and Blackpool, and scenes from a post-war kitchen, a railway machine shop and Carnaby Street in the 1960s.

The images are accompanied by questions to help students imagine and describe the people and places featured in them. Examples include:

Where might this be?

What happened just before the photograph was taken?

What might it smell like?

What time period do you think this is?

Clare Horrie, Education Web Manager at The National Archives, said: ‘These exciting new resources are tremendously useful to any English teacher seeking to support creative writing in the classroom, but also to history teachers exploring the value of photographs as primary sources.’

Visit our classroom resources on people and places to find out more.

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