Funding for local authority archives for taking in public records

Today The National Archives announces £660,000 of ‘New Burdens’ funding to 60 local authority archive services for taking in over 2000 metres of public records for permanent preservation last year under the 20-year rule programme.

In 2015 legislative changes introduced a new 20-year transfer point for public record transfers to local archives appointed as ‘places of deposit’ under the Public Records Act. This requires records created by certain public bodies to be transferred earlier than under the previous ‘30-year rule’. The ten-year transition phase for implementation affects around 1200 courts, NHS organisations and prisons in England and Wales.

Central government funding of £6.6 million is being delivered by The National Archives between 2016 and 2025 to places of deposit which take in certain types of public records, such as records of NHS hospitals and magistrates’ courts. Additional funding is available to coroner areas that select and transfer records for permanent preservation to places of deposit. The funding will assist local authorities in covering the costs of managing accelerated record transfers in the transition to the 20-year rule.

The National Archives annually surveys affected organisations to identify record holdings and transfers. Responses for 2016 have been published in the Record Transfer Report for Local Bodies.

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