Cold War on File: A new resource for students

The Online Education team at The National Archives has launched Cold War on File, a brand new online education resource comprising nearly 50 documents, maps and photographs, alongside transcripts and notes for teachers.

The new resource aims to enable students to develop their own lines of historical enquiry on the Cold War. It covers a range of themes including the wartime alliance, potential causes of the Cold War, and Britain in the nuclear age. Highlights include an extract from Klaus Fuchs’ confession, transcripts of a conversation about Cuba between President John F. Kennedy and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, and extracts from Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech.

It is accompanied by an introduction from Mark Dunton, Principal Records Specialist at The National Archives, who said: “Many narratives are available for the Cold War: it is the subject of many books, documentaries and films. However, this package of documents shows us that archives still have the capacity to surprise us about this period in history.”

The launch coincides with The National Archives’ Cold War Season, with a free exhibition ‘Protect and Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed’ running until November.

Tags: cold war, education, history