Archives Revealed grant awards announced

The Archives Revealed funding programme has awarded a total of £300,000 to nine archives across the UK for cataloguing projects.

The scheme, which we support with The Pilgrim Trust and the Wolfson Foundation, provides cataloguing grants of up to £40,000 allowing archives to open up their collections to researchers and communities.

Three additional archives were also awarded £3,000 grants for scoping studies with the aim of increasing public engagement with the UK’s rich documentary history. These scoping grants allow organisations to understand the significance of their archive and to take the first steps towards making their collection accessible through an assessment report incorporating expert advice on a range of areas relating to collections management and development.

Dr Valerie Johnson, Director of Research and Collections at The National Archives, said: ‘Cataloguing is the key to revealing archival material that can be used in countless ways by individuals and communities.

‘Today we are delighted to announce funding for the cataloguing of nine highly significant and diverse collections, enabling greater access to our collective heritage and allowing people to gain a deeper insight into the past.’

Georgina Nayler, Director of The Pilgrim Trust, said: ‘The Pilgrim Trust is proud to support the cataloguing of nine inspiring archive collections through the Archives Revealed programme.

‘The archival material that they contain will be valuable to both researchers and the public and we are looking forward to seeing wider audiences engage with these newly available collections.’

The successful cataloguing grant applicants are:

  • Barnsley Archives and Local Studies for ‘All manner of  ‘All manner of wickedness’ £29,500
  • Glamorgan Archives for ‘Time and Tide: Revealing the history of Cardiff’ £37,996
  • Durham County Record Office for ‘Durham Light Infantry  – The Whole Story’ £38,734
  • Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives for ‘The Aberdeen Harbour Board Collection: Navigating Aberdeen’s History’ £39,145
  • The University of Sheffield for ‘The Blunkett Archives’ £20,178
  • Berkshire Records Office for ‘Liquid Assets’ £38,866
  • Wiltshire and Swindon Archives, Heritage Services, Wiltshire Council for ‘Breaking the Mould: The Spencer Moulton and Dr Alex Moulton Archives’ £39,000
  • Leeds University Library Special Collections for ‘The figure in the carpet: Discovering Herbert Read and his cultural networks’ £31,580
  • The National Trust for ‘The Edward Chambre Hardman Photographic Archive – Cataloguing, Conservation and Digitisation’ £25,000

The successful scoping grant applicants are:

  • New Contemporaries
  • The Union Chapel
  • Museum of London Docklands

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