Operations Manager

Angela Hill, Operations Manager

We’re open, honest and respectful of each other.

I came to The National Archives for work experience while doing an IT-related course at a local college. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging that I thought it’d be a great place to work full-time, which is what happened!

What type of work do you do?

I make cakes and send birthday cards to the team – oh, and I coach, mentor and support our team and their managers!

I work on recruitment and planning our work, ways of working and team groupings. I help with budget stuff, business continuity and business relationships, and get involved in all manner of other work going on in the department and beyond.

I also manage our apprenticeship programme, nurturing new apprentices and making sure they’re in contact with the right teams in the department and the rest of the organisation so that they’re well equipped to make the most of the apprenticeship.

What’s it like working at The National Archives?

I live four miles away, so the location is perfect for me – I had young children when I started working here, so the flexible working hours suited me really well. It was never an issue if I needed to leave work early for family reasons.

The work we do across The National Archives is so mixed and in Digital Services we get to be involved in many projects across the organisation. There are many creative teams working here that want to share their knowledge on the website.

Everyone in the Digital Services department has the right level of expertise, dedication and desire to build the best services possible. Everyone works well together: we’re open, honest and respectful of each other, and not afraid to voice concerns in a constructive way – it feels very safe.

I love seeing people grow in their areas of expertise. I love being able to support the team, and I love that the team are my friends as well as my colleagues.