Web traffic through the Legislation.gov.uk website

FOI request reference: F0063491
Publication date: November 2020

I need raw statistics on the following:

– Monthly website traffic (page views, sessions and users) from April to December 2019; and from January until September 2020.
– Weekly website page views and users count from week commencing 01/04/2019 until 30/09/2019, and from 06/01/2020 until 28/09/2020.
– Top “Channels” and top 100 landing pages for “Direct” channel, from January until September 2020.
– Top 1000 most visited documents (ranking based on users), from January until September 2020.
– Weekly User Trend of the following documents (ukpga/2006/46, ukpga/2010/15, ukpga/2018/12, ukpga/1988/48, ukpga/2020/7, uksi/2020/350, uksi/2020/129) from week commencing 06/01/2020 until 28/09/2020.

Amendment to request: For the Top “Channels” and top 100 landing pages for “Direct” channel, I originally requested the time frame January to September, but in fact I only ever needed January to July


Please see the link below for an Excel document containing statistics on internet traffic through the Legislation.gov.uk website.


Monthly and weekly website traffic, Top 1000 most visited documents and weekly user trend statistics came from analysis of the website log files, carried out using an open source frontend application (Kibana) which allows exploration, analysis and visualisation of the log data, as well as production and extraction of statistics. Any user agent (software that acts on behalf of the user, e.g.: web browser) that has explicitly identified itself as being a bot, spider or crawler has been filtered out and excluded from the statistics. However, it is worth noting that many bots, crawlers and spiders do not identify themselves and, as such, they can on occasion be included and the statistics will contain these requests too, which can lead to seemingly anomalous results.

In addition, the results for Top Channels and Top 1000 landing pages for Direct channel statistics were produced using Google Analytics.