Vehicles at The National Archives

FOI request reference: CAS-68225-H1M9V5
Publication date: May 2021

I am writing to you under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to request the following information:

A list of the vehicles operated by your organisation, including:
• make and model (inc. year) OR if not available, the vehicle type (i.e. van, car etc.)
• engine and fuel type
• emissions class (i.e. whether it is ultra-low emissions) and the emissions in g/km of CO2, if possible
• purchase date
• the agency/unit/NDPB which operates the vehicle

Please include as much of this information as is readily available.

If it is not possible to compile a full list, for whatever reason, I would consider a breakdown of all the vehicles by points (2) and (3) to fulfil the request, subject to the condition below.

Please only include results for non-specialist vehicles that fall within the scope of the Government Fleet Commitment or note whether a vehicle falls within the scope. This is sometimes defined as cars or ‘M1’ vehicles, a United Nations vehicle standard. This may be the category used for vehicle type in point (1) in which case you can consider this part of the request satisfied.

No information held

I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold this information.

The National Archives does not operate any vehicles, such as cars or M1 vehicles as defined within the scope of the Government Fleet Commitment.