Use of Reading Room and Attendance at Exhibitions

FOI request reference: F0061353
Publication date: March 2020


Information on both exhibition attendance and the utilisation of Reading Rooms over the last few years would be greatly appreciated.






We have found that some of the information you have requested is available online.  As such section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) applies. Section 21 of the FOIA exempts information where Information is reasonably accessible to the applicant by other means. We are however happy to advise you on where this information may be found online. This information includes the number of readers who have visited The National Archives and the number of event attendees over the last 3 years. Statistics are provided for every month since June 2017 until January 2020.

You will find this information on The National Archives transparency pages relating to our public services. Please see the document titled ‘Visitors to The National Archives’.


In addition to this information that has already been published, we are also able to provide information on the number of temporary exhibition attendees. Temporary exhibitions started in 2018 so we do not hold data prior to this date.



Year Exhibition Number of visitors
2018 Suffragettes versus the State Approximately 7,000
2019 Protect & Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed Approximately 22,000


Prior to the commencement of temporary exhibitions in 2018 The National Archives did not keep separate figures for exhibition attendees.