Turnout thresholds, supermajorities and annulment procedures

FOI request reference: F0054018
Publication date: October 2018



Please provide all recorded information on the repeal of turnout thresholds, specifically the so called Cunningham Amendment. In particular all recorded information regarding the passage of the PPERAct 2000 and European Referendum Bill 2015, regarding turnout thresholds.

Please identify Parliamentary discussion (Hansard) on turnout thresholds with a view to repeal since 1997.


Please identify all recorded information on voting thresholds of a so called supermajority (60-67%), particularly within the legislation of thePPERAct 2000 and European Referendum Bill 2015

Please identify recorded information on Parliamentary discussion (Hansard) on supermajorities.

ANNULMENT PROCESS / PROCEDURE (See Venice Commission/Vienna Treaty
1969 (EESA Regulations)

Please identify annullment process/procedure within the legislative record, for Referendums.

Please identify all annullment process/procedures for Referendums

Please identify Parliamentary discussion for annulment process/procedures (Hansard).


No information held


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