Transfer of MOD personnel records

FOI request reference: F0063638
Publication date: December 2020

In 2007 the MoD consulted on the transfer of “approximately 170,000 records for soldiers with dates of birth of 1895 or earlier who served beyond the end of the First World War”. Did this transfer ever take place? If not, has the transfer been scheduled?

Some information provided.

Some records relating to the collections that you have mentioned in your additional documents have been transferred already – these are the County Durham Home Guard collection of around 81,000 files (transferred into series WO 409 in 2012) and 2,910 cards relating to Royal Naval Officers Patrol Service (transferred into series ADM 364 in 2018). The remainder continue to be held by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). We are continuing to work closely with MoD on the transfer of their records.