The National Archives’ 2021 Pay Review

FOI request reference: CAS-68412-K9C3N0
Publication date: May 2021

Some information provided

Request and response
1. Please state the effective date (day, month and year) of your organisation’s 2021 pay review.
1 April 2021.

2. If the 2021 pay review has yet to be finalised please state the month in which you anticipate it will be concluded.
August 2021.

3. Please state the employee group/s covered by the 2021 pay review.
All employees below SCS are covered by the pay review.

4. Please state the total number of employees covered by the 2021 pay review.

4. Please provide a copy of your 2021 pay agreement (if applicable) or generic pay circular sent to employees (that is one that does not identify any individual employee) outlining the outcome of the latest pay review if there are no collective negotiations.
We do not yet have a pay agreement for 2021. The pay remit guidance that applies to us has been published by Cabinet Office:

5. Please state the % consolidated basic pay rise received by the lowest-paid adult (aged 18 and over) employee as a result of the latest pay review, excluding the effect of any incremental progression, merit pay or bonuses.
We do not hold this information.

6. If an employee’s annual pay award is determined solely according to an assessment of their individual performance (commonly known as a merit increase) as opposed to an across-the-board pay rises (where all employees generally receive the same increase irrespective of their individual performance) please state the percentage of the paybill allocated to fund these awards, the range of increases and whether or not the awards are consolidated.
We do not hold this information.

7. If any employees were eligible for individual performance-related payments or bonuses over and above the general pay rise please state the range of increases (either as a percentage of their base salary or a cash amount as applicable), whether or not they were consolidated into basic pay and please state the overall % of the paybill allocated to fund these awards.
We do not hold this information.

8. Please state the overall paybill increase as a result of the latest pay review expressed as a percentage of the paybill.
We do not hold this information.

9. Please state the name of the union/unions party to your main collective agreement covering pay and conditions if there are collective negotiations.

  • Public and Commercial Services Union
  • FDA
  • Prospect

10. Please provide the name and contact details of the person/s responsible for overseeing your organisation’s annual pay review.
Jane Craigie-Payne, Head of HR and Organisational Development