Status of records within the COAL series

FOI request reference: F0053492
Publication date: August 2018



Request & Response

1. What exactly does “Missing in Transit” mean? Does it mean that files that British Coal should have transferred to you never arrived? And if they are missing is the responsibility clearly theirs?

“Missing at Transfer” is the term we use to describe documents which were selected for permanent preservation by the transferring department but were not received by The National Archives. The responsibility for locating such documents lies with the transferring department.

Please note that The National Archives does not use the term “Missing in Transit” to describe misplaced records.

2. Is there any way of finding out how certain documents, such as the NACODS files, go missing — and how others end up listed as “missing in transit”?

It is not possible to determine how specific documents within the COAL series went missing before they were transferred to The National Archives. This is due to the fact that the transferring department, The Coal Board, has been dissolved and is therefore unable to provide any information concerning missing records.
Responsibility for records within the COAL series now sits with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It is possible that BEIS may hold information relevant to your request. To request access to this information please write to the following address.

Information Rights Unit
1 Victoria Street
United Kingdom