Staff salaries

FOI request reference: F0045983
Publication date: June 2016


Please note that the reference to employees should include all staff irrespective of whether they are full time or part time and irrespective of whether they are directly employed and or employed on a a freelance basis. Please do include all employees who are on contracts worth £144,000 a year or more. Please do include all staff paid the relevant amount through companies they have set up. Please do include trustees who have been paid the relevant amount.

1. How many staff currently employed by the organisation are in receipt of salaries of and or equivalent to £144,000 a year or more.

2. In the case of each of these people can you provide their name, job title and current salary level. Can you please state for how long they have been in receipt of a salary/payment at this level. Can you please specify when they last received a pay rise. Can you give details of the payrise in terms of a per centage.

3. In the case of each person in receipt of £144,000 or more could you please state how much they have claimed in expenses so far this year and how much they claimed in the previous financial year. Please do include information about actual expenses claimed and or any expenditure on a corporate credit/hospitality card (or similar).

4. In the case of each person earning £144,000 a year or more could you please provide a list of overseas destinations visited at the organisation’s expense. Please note I am only interested in trips and visits which have taken place since 31 May 2015 to the present day. In the case of each member of staff and each trip can you state the precise destination, dates of travel and duration of the trip. Can you please state the overall cost of the trip to the organisation. Can you please provide a break down of costs to include costs of flights, costs of other transport and accommodation costs. Can you please provide details of the class of any plane and or train tickets purchased as part of the trip. Can you please identify any hotels used during the trip. Can you provide the name of the hotel and the cost of the room (s) booked. Can you please state the total number of employees on each trip.


No information held


The National Archives does not employ any member of staff on a contract of £144,000 a year or more.