SIRO contact details

FOI request reference: CAS-69975-Y8F7V6
Publication date: September 2021


1. Name of SIRO (Senior Information Risk Owner), or equivalent. A name and job title, or if they are below the disclosable level,  just a job title is fine.

If you do not have a nominated SIRO could you please answer Q1 with the person(s) with responsibilities equivalent to a SIRO.

‘A Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) is an Executive Director or member of the Senior Management Board of an organisation with overall responsibility for an organisation’s information risk policy. The SIRO is accountable and responsible for information risk across the organisation. They ensure that everyone is aware of their personal responsibility to exercise good judgement, and to safeguard and share information appropriately.’

2. Contact email for answer to Q1.


Information provided.


Aaron Smith, our Corporate Services Director, holds the post of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

If you would like to contact the aforementioned individual please use the contact form on the following webpage: