Senior Information Risk Officers

FOI request reference: F0043968
Publication date: December 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently looking to find the list of all appointed Senior Information Risk Officer’s appointed by public authorities under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000. My understanding is that the National Archives are responsible for maintaining the list.

I would therefore like to request the Organisation, Name, Email Address and Phone Number of all appointed SIRO’s.

Kind regards,


Partially Successful


Thank you for your enquiry of 18 November.

I can confirm that The National Archives holds some, but not all, of the information you have requested. Where it is held, some of the information is exempt from release because it is covered by an FOIA exemption. Please see below for further details.

Central government and associated bodies
The National Archives does not hold or maintain a list of HMG Senior Information Risk Officers (SIROs). We hold details of individuals who have previously attended a SIRO knowledge exchange event at The National Archives and have then registered an interest in receiving training newsletters.

Government departments are responsible for maintaining a list of SIROs within their own organisations. Those government departments where you have a query will be able to help you if you contact them directly. Contact details for all departments can be found on the GOV.UK website. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Cabinet Office, who have central responsibility for the Office of the Government SIRO, who may be able to provide further information.

Local government
The National Archives does hold a specific list of local government SIROs and the organisations they represent; which is provided as an attachment to this email. However this list is not actively maintained and we cannot therefore provide any guarantee as to its current level of accuracy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with some of the information you have requested.
We are unable to provide you with the email address or phone number any of these individuals because this information is exempt from release under section 40(2) of the FOIA.

Section 40(2): Personal Information where the applicant is not the data subject
Section 40 exempts personal information about a ‘third party’ (someone other than the requester), if revealing it would breach the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998.

One of the terms of the DPA states that information should not be released if it would be unfair to the person involved. FOIA is a public access regime; what that means is that any information released to a requester then becomes available to the wider public.  Equally, if an exemption applies to the requested information it will be withheld from the requester and also the wider public. To release the direct contact details of these individuals into the public domain would be unfair in that it would have a considerable detrimental impact upon their ability to perform their duties and carry out the functions associated with those duties effectively. In addition, the fact that there exists a reasonable and reasonably accessible alternative method of contacting staff in the relevant business areas of each government department identified on the list further diminishes the argument that there would be any further value gained from the release of this additional information.

For more information about the publication of junior staff names, please see the following link:
For more general information about the section 40 exemption, please see the following link:


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Please mark your complaint clearly.  You have the right to ask the Information Commissioner (ICO) to investigate any aspect of your complaint.  However, please note that the ICO is likely to expect internal complaints procedures to have been exhausted before beginning his investigation.
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