Return of record requests

FOI request reference: CAS-67515-J8B7K9
Publication date: April 2021

How many requests have The National Archives received from other countries requesting the return of records, with particular interest to former British colonies? In each case, which country did the request originate from, what were the records being requested, and what do the records relate to? What was the outcome of each request? What is TNA’s policy for dealing with such requests and is there a copy of this policy available?
No information held.
I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold this information.

A review for requests of this nature over a timeframe of 12 months was conducted – none have been received.

The National Archives preserves the integrity of public records transferred to us by government departments and public sector bodies, who are legally obligated under the Public Records Act 1958 (PRA) and other legislation to take decisions about the records that they hold before those records reach 20 years old. Our collections include those of central government departments which were responsible for administering the former British colonies, as well as other departments which were involved in colonial affairs. The records created by these departments and administrations are UK public records and therefore fall within the scope of the PRA. Once transferred to our custody, The National Archives is required by the PRA to preserve these records in perpetuity and to facilitate access to them.