Retention instruments for HM Treasury records: RI 134 & RI 129

FOI request reference: F0062130
Publication date: June 2020




Request & response

I would like to see a copy of the Lord Chancellor’s Instrument (for retentions) dated 21 October 2019 in regard to Treasury records.

As previously confirmed in our correspondence of 19th November 2019, no Lord Chancellor’s Instrument was signed on 21st October 2019.

The data showing on Discovery for the example provided – T 632/177, was corrupted.
This is because the record was going through the accessioning process, and the retention date was temporarily replaced with that of when the record was first amended to open. This has subsequently been amended further, to the date the record was made available. At the same time the LCI number and retention information disappeared.

The piece was transferred open, and has been available to order since 15 November 2019 when the accessioning process was completed. The correct retention date for this piece was 26 October 2017, it was retained on Retention Instrument (RI) 129.
Please use the following link to access  a copy of the schedule attached to retention instrument 129.

I would like to see a copy of the Lord Chancellor’s Instrument (retentions) of 9 January 2019 as it affects Treasury records and has it yet been reconsidered yet as stated in the catalogue.

Please use the following link to access a copy of the schedule attached to retention instrument 134, signed on 9 January 2019.

Any reconsideration is the responsibility of the public record body, and may not result in further applications for retention, however closure and retention applications from HM Treasury are currently in the process of being considered by the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives or the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport. Enquiries on what is retained by HM Treasury, and how they are progressing transfers to The National Archives, need to be directed to the HM Treasury directly. Please find their contact details below:

Information Rights Unit
1 Horse Guards Road
United Kingdom

Lord Chancellor’s Instruments: are you planning to accession these Instruments, they are in PRO 70 (for retentions) until 2003. I cannot see them in the RW series.

Lord Chancellor’s Instruments signed after 2003 have not yet been reviewed for selection, as limited resources mean transfer is prioritised for records created 20 years ago, in line with the 20 year rule.
For more information on the timeframes for the transfer of public records please visit the following website.