Recruitment at The National Archives

FOI request reference: F0062401
Publication date: July 2020




Request & response

Please note that this information is accurate to the date that your request was received –19th June 2020. Data has not been included from two currently live campaigns as applications for these are still open.

For your last 10 vacancies

1) how many applied
297 applications received

2) How many were interviewed (or if interviews have been suspended how many are being invited to interview)


3) How many of those you interviewed (or plan to) are of a BAME or Disabled background
Of the 48 candidates invited to interview, 2 candidates identified themselves as disabled, and 16 identified themselves as BAME.

4) How many are internal candidates and how many are external
Of the 48 candidates invited to interview, 5 were internal and 43 external.

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