Queen’s Printer Scotland – Board members, senior staff, Press and Media

FOI request reference: CAS-88265
Publication date: June 2022


To the Queen’s Printer Scotland:

– What information is held on the political affiliation of board members and senior staff within your organisation?

– The current annual cost of press and media for your organisation, and the total number of personnel employed to handle press and media for your organisation?

– What guidelines have been issued to your organisation by the Scottish Government on press releases and media?


No information held.


I can confirm that the Office of the Queen’s Printer for Scotland (OQPS) does not hold this information. This is because the OQPS has no board or senior management team, or press/media team of its own. Section 92(5) of the Scotland Act specifies that the Queen’s Printer of Acts of Parliament shall hold the Office of Queen’s Printer for Scotland. The OQPS is based at The National Archives and the functions of the OQPS are carried out from within The National Archives. The staff who deliver these services also support wider legislation publishing across the UK. There are no individual members of staff allocated to the OQPS on a full-time basis and anyone who performs QPS duties is an employee of The National Archives.

For more information on the Queen’s Printer for Scotland please see the link below:

Queen’s Printer for Scotland – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)