QPS & ‘Inside IR35’ employees

FOI request reference: F0061430
Publication date: March 2020


Dear Queen’s Printer for Scotland,

How many open positions you have for “inside IR35” workers/contractors? (i.e.. how many positions are you advertising but so far have not found suitable people to fill)

How many filled “inside IR35” positions do you have? (i.e. how many people are working for you with “inside IR35” conditions)

You’re welcome to use any time in the recent past for these calculations, although the more recent the better, please (and please tell me what time you used). The length of tenure, either expected or worked is not important – just the number of positions is enough for me.

For example:

“On January 22nd, we had 12 open inside-IR35 positions, and 5 filled”.






Please note that the staff who deliver the services for QPS also support wider work across the UK and therefore no individual member of staff at The National Archives is fully allocated to QPS. Most of the QPS work is handled by The National Archives’ Legislation Services team. We have also identified two other individuals from our Policy team, as well as our Chief Executive, who are engaged in the work of the QPS.

I can confirm that we do not have any staff employed ‘inside IR35’ at The National Archives – they are either paid through payroll or through a recruitment agent as is our policy.

At the time of your request we can therefore confirm that the total number of filled posts engaged in the work of the QPS, which are ‘inside IR 35’, is none.

At the time of your request, no ‘inside IR 35’ posts have been advertised for posts that will be engaged in QPS work.