Public sector contracts at The National Archives

FOI request reference: F0050920
Publication date: December 2017



Request and Response

1. Does your department/agency/organisation currently use a private company to undertake any of the following services?

• Public Relations
• Social Media Communications
• External Stakeholder Communications
• Internal Stakeholder Communications.

The National Archives does not use a private company or companies to undertake any of these services.

2. If yes, can you please confirm?

• When the current contract was last let
• When the current contract expires
• Whether the current contract has options to extend its length
• When you expect to retender the contract.

Please refer to the answer to question 1.

3. If no (to question 1 above), are you considering letting such a contract in the future and if so, do you have an approximate timetable for engaging the market?

The National Archives is not currently considering letting a contract or contracts pertaining to the provision of public relations, social media communications, external stakeholder communications or internal stakeholder communications.

Part 2

4. Have you used a private company to help you with any other marketing or public information campaigns in the past 2 years?

Over the past two years The National Archives have used services provided by private companies in order to support several marketing and public information campaigns. These have been on a single task basis rather than a serviced contract/set duration basis.

5. If so, could you please provide a brief overview of what those campaigns were about and approximately how long your contract with the company was for to support the campaign(s)?

CAMPAIGN: Family programme design and production of marketing materials.
CONTRACT LENGTH: Approximately three months.
OVERVIEW: This campaign was implemented in order to launch a new programme of activities to an audience not currently engaging with the archives (families).

CAMPAIGN: Events space hoarding vinyl and installation.
CONTRACT LENGTH:Awarded on a task not duration basis. Time spent less than one month.
OVERVIEW:Publicity on the hoarding to inform visitors and promote the new events space and our future site plans to users.

CAMPAIGN: Digital downloads brochures, digitisation brochure, education brochure, annual report, archives vision, archives revealed.
CONTRACT LENGTH: Awarded on a task not duration basis. Time spent varied between a week and three months, depending on timescales of each individual project.
OVERVIEW: Production of a number of distinct brochures and reports providing public information on The National Archives current operations and plans for the future.

CAMPAIGN: Local flyer distribution and print for Archives at Night, Open House/ Family day.
CONTRACT LENGTH: Awarded on a task not duration basis. Time spent less than one month.
OVERVIEW: This campaign was implemented to attract interest in the local area to several events hosted by The National Archives.

CAMPAIGN: Facebook and Instagram paid for various campaigns.
OVERVIEW: Advertisements placed on Facebook and Instagram in support of a number of public engagement projects.

CAMPAIGN: Inclusion in Open House booklet and on website.
CONTRACT LENGTH: Awarded on a task not duration basis. Time spent less than one month depending on timescales of project.
OVERVIEW: Supported The National Archives participation in the Open House London 2017 event.