Public Record Office inspection report of the City of York Archives

FOI request reference: F0062416
Publication date: July 2020

I have been looking for a report by the Public Record Office written in 2000 about the state of the City of York archives.


Please find attached a digital copy of the requested inspection report. Please note that information which identifies a junior member of staff has been redacted under section 40(2) of the FOI Act. For further information about why this exemption has been applied, please see the explanatory Annex at the end of this letter.

Exemptions applied

Section 40(2): Personal Information where the applicant is not the data subject
Data Protection Legislation prevents personal information from release if it would be unfair or at odds with the reason why it was collected, or where the subject had officially served notice that releasing it would cause them damage or distress.

Publishing the names of junior members of staff is considered an unfair use of personal data. Junior members of staff would have no expectation that their names would be made available in the public domain; to do so would be unfair and contravene Art. 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation. As such, the names of junior officials have been withheld under section 40 (2) of the FOI Act.

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