Missing record – FO 371/68368

FOI request reference: F0058664
Publication date: August 2019





FO 371/68368 was previously recorded as being missing.

Please can you confirm when it was first reported missing?

Please can you confirm when it was last successfully ordered and by whom? I don’t need to know the name of the individual, just the category and location of user (e.g. public reader in public reading room, member of TNA staff, member of FO staff, etc)

Please can you confirm if it has been found? If so, when and where?



FO 371/68368 was formally reported as misfiled on the current document ordering system on 22/08/2008 and subsequently located on 18/04/2019.

The file was previously viewed on 03/11/1988. Unfortunately, the historical data from the computer system used in 1988 does not record which user type (Public, staff or government) viewed the record at this point.

The record was subsequently found to be missing from its box following a request to view it by another reader in 2008. The file is currently available to order, and has been viewed on one occasion since it has been found. This was on 18/04/2019 by a member of the public.

Our catalogue (Discovery) will show the availability status of a record: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2825785