Kincora Boy’s Home Files

FOI request reference: F0058004
Publication date: July 2019


I am making an FOI request for details of exactly which files on the Kincora Boys Home will be deposited in the National Archives, where they physically are at this precise moment, the timetable for their deposit sat the TNA and release to the public and details of which files have been retained or destroyed by the relevant government department and when


No information held


I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold this information.

Information relating to files retained by the originating department is available through our on-line catalogue, Discovery, using the following search:
1. Advanced Search.
2. Search > Find words Kincora
3. Held by > Search The National Archives
4. Record closure status > Retained document

These records are not held by The National Archives. Please contact the Northern Ireland Office regarding these files