Information relating to an FOI decision on closed extract FO 371/121233/1

FOI request reference: F0053052
Publication date: July 2018


I understand that a Freedom of Information decision was issued in 2007 by the National Archives in respect of record FO 371/121233/1, which contains a number of closed extracts. I would like to request any information you may have relating to that 2007 decision, including the text of the decision itself and the request which led to it (with third party personal information redacted, if necessary).


No information held


Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000. The FOI Act gives you the right to know whether we hold the information you want and to have it communicated to you, subject to any exemptions which may apply.

I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold information relevant to your request.

Advice and assistance

We have checked the file that you are interested in and can see that the year 2007 is listed on the dummy card within the open file. Dummy cards are used to indicate where more than one page has been redacted from the file.

We have checked the history of this file and can confirm:

• Parent file FO 371/121233 was opened with redactions in 1987.
• Extract FO 371/121233/1 remained closed until 2007.
• This extract was reviewed ahead of the opening date in 2007 by the transferring department (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and some information was released and reunited with the parent file. The dummy cards were date-stamped to reflect this decision by the department.
• Some information remained sensitive and were closed under section 27(1).

I hope that providing details of how this record was reviewed in 2007 (and as a result how the parent file was opened with some information redacted) is helpful and explains the reason for your enquiry and why we do not hold information about an FOI decision on this file in 2007.