Information in regards to historic Prison Instructions (PSI) and Prison Service Orders (PSO) in addition to legislation

FOI request reference: F0061834
Publication date: May 2020

1) All official information regarding the official role of the National Archives Kew and the type and scope of the information retained by the office.

2) The predecessor legislation to the Data Protection Act 2018 including the General Data Protection Regulation (if applicable).

3) Prison Service Instructions (PSI) and the Prison Service Orders (PSO):

(a) PSI 07/1999 and PSO 1053 External Perimeter dog patrols
(b) PSI 65/1998 Prisoner’s Information Book Life Sentenced Prisoner
(c) The Prison Services Life Manual:  A Guide to members of the Prison and Probation Services

No information held

I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold this information.

We carried out an extensive search for the three documents/publications listed. We were unable to locate the said documents/publications. Regarding hardcopy records, the series HO 323 includes Prison Service Instructions but for an earlier period 1933-1981. We also looked into the archived pages of the HM Prison Service website in the Discovery Catalogue. There is an extensive list of digitised PSI and PSO but they only go back to 1999 (apart from one from 1998). I established, via an internet search, that last document listed below is from the year 1996. We also checked the existing HM Prison and Probation Service pages on Gov.UK but again copies of the three documents/publications are not included.
Therefore, we would recommend that FOI requests for Prison Service publications be sent to the Ministry of Justice to see if they still hold the information that you are requesting.