Independent Living Fund UK at The National Archives

FOI request reference: F0061840
Publication date: April 2020

1. Annual staff budget for Scotland branch of the Independent Living Fund UK – final business year 2014-2015
2. How many recipients of Awards were Group 1, Group 2 and can the breakdown of these figures be for Scotland England N Ireland Wales. Within this how many of these recipients did not pay contribution to their Award.
3. Annual budget received for Scottish operations, % of business in full
4. Financial cost for Board Members appointed. How many personnel here.
5. Breakdown of annual costs for Assessors payments, Social work managers, Scotland specific and the other 3 countries
6. Cost for admin/caseworkers for Scotland specific and also the 3 other countries
7. Including eligibility decision makers, grant processors.
8. Copy of CEO /lower level managers and their salaries
9. From Scottish Government budget allocation of DWP treasury for Scotland’s how much was unspent in the last business year returned to Treasury
10. In the full life of ILF UK (Scotland since 2015) how many Group 1 recipients and Group 2 recipients have been in receipt of Awards including  N Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England
I’m the following years :

1988 opened
11. How many Fraud cases were reported in total
12. Same question applies concerning Data Breaches logged and including internally and to information commissioner
13. In the last business year ILF 2014-15 ILF UK – what is the breakdown of recipients
A) paying a personal contribution
B) not paying a contribution
breakdown of Group 1 and Group 2



No information held



I can confirm that The National Archives does not hold this information. Therefore, we are unable to provide you with this information. This information can be found via the Living Fund UK website: According to this website, local councils/ILF Scotland are currently responsible for ILF payments, therefore, we recommend that you contact your local council/ILF directly.