ICT plans and strategy documents

FOI request reference: CAS-67909-K1G2L1
Publication date: April 2021

Some information provided.

Request and response
1. ICT/IM&T/IS Strategy – The IT department strategy or plans, highlights their current and future objectives.
Please see attachment A, which contains the current IT Strategic Plan and annual business objectives.

2. ICT Org Chart – A visual document that presents the structure of the IT department, please include name and job titles. If this cannot be sent, please work towards a structure with job titles.
We are unable to provide you with this information because it would identify junior members of staff and as such is exempt from release under section 40(2) of the FOI Act.

It is standard practice to withhold the names of officials below Senior Civil Service level. However, to aid transparency of how our organisation is structured and run, TNA publishes the names of senior staff members (down to the level of Heads of Department) on our website. TNA’s organisational chart can be found here on our website.

We do not hold a document of the current IT organisation with only job titles.

3. ICT Annual or Business Plan- Like the ICT strategy but is more annually focused.
Annual objectives and plans are contained in the attached Strategic Plan (attachment A).

4. ICT Capital Programme/budget- A document that shows financials budget on current and future projects.
Attachment B is an extract of the current IT Operations capital IT projects budget for 2020-2021. Information out of scope of your request has been removed. Future IT capital budgets are not yet available.

Exemptions applied

Section 40(2): Personal Information where the applicant is not the data subject
The Data Protection Legislation prevents personal information from release if it would be unfair or at odds with the reason why it was collected, or where the subject had officially served notice that releasing it would cause them damage or distress.

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