Functions and tasks of the Public Engagement directorate

FOI request reference: F0061073
Publication date: March 2020


I would like to ask about the main functions and tasks of the departments of the Public Engagement Directorate in TNA. What are the main tasks of each department: Marketing and Communications, Venue Management Services, Events and Exhibitions, Collections Expertise and Engagement, Document Services and Education and Outreach?






Marketing and Communications:

The role of the Marketing and Communications team is to present and promote The National Archives, its vision, services and expertise to a diverse range of external audiences and to facilitate a two-way dialogue with our staff.

The Marketing and Communications department comprises the following teams:

• Marketing
• Media Team
• Internal and Stakeholder Communications
• Customer Insight and Data
• Retail.

This includes diverse areas of work, including but not limited to:

• Promoting our work to a range of stakeholders
• Developing marketing and press campaigns
• Conducting customer research and managing databases
• Delivering a programme of internal communications
• Managing on site and online retail function.

Venue Management Services:

Venue Management and Services exists to ensure consistent levels of quality across different event types across The National Archives and external audiences. This includes:

• Room and venue booking and support
• AV and associated venue technology
• Events and other licensing.

Events and Exhibitions:

Events and Exhibitions create and deliver public programming. They do this by:

• Creating and deliver an annual programme of public events
• Creating and deliver a rolling gallery programme.

Collections Expertise and Engagement:

The Collections Expertise and Engagement department provides both expert knowledge of the records of The National Archives, and advice on how to access and interpret them. They are responsible for:

• Providing research advice to the public, staff and professional groups (remotely and in person)
• Writing and editing a large collection of online guides
• Collection-based research
• Developing and managing cataloguing projects
• Contributing widely to public programming
• Managing The National Archives’ Library collection
• Recruiting and managing volunteers.

Document Services:

The main role of the Document Services (DSD) department is to preserve The National Archives’ records in a secure, controlled environment. As well as being responsible for providing copies of documents for archival and research purposes:

• To ensure the safe, secure storage and access to the holdings within The National Archives collection (at Kew and off site).
• To process and produce/return all document order requests to/from public, staff, Digitisation partners and government.
• To provide on site and remote reader advice
• To provide a dedicated record copying provision for users both on and off site.

Education and Outreach:

The Education and Outreach department’s mission is to engage students, teachers, families and communities with the collection of The National Archives
You can find out more about our services at the following links:

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