Finance Department Staffing

FOI request reference: F0058913
Publication date: September 2019



Request & Response
• Total number of staff
The current establishment for Finance is 11.2 FTE (Full time Equivalents)

• Total number of SCS1 finance staff
There are no SCS staff in “Finance only”

• Department structure
Head of Finance (Band H)
Head of Management Accounting (Band G)
Head of Financial Accounting (Band G)
Senior Management Accountants (Band F 3.6)
Technical Management Accountant (Band F)
Financial Accountant (Band F)
Finance Receipts & Payments Manager (Band E)
Payments Officer (Band D)
Assistant Financial Accountant (Receivables) (Band D 0.6)

• Total number of agency workers / contractors (please include those on fixed term contract but not internal secondment)
2.6 FTE (3 staff members; 2 full-time & 1 part-time)

• Frameworks used to procure interim staff in this area
Not applicable