DRO market testing

FOI request reference: CAS-66414-M8X1W8
Publication date: December 2020

This is a Freedom of Information request: I would like to see any papers from the Public Record Office/The National Archives on the marketing testing of departmental records offices from 1992. I know that [a member of TNA staff] was at a seminar in 1993 discussing this and in particular any papers you have on the market testing of the Treasury.

No information held.

Following a search of our corporate records we have determined that we do not hold any material relevant to your request.

We have performed a search of open records held within our collections and have found two records concerning the market testing of Departmental Record Offices at the Department for Health and Social Security which may prove relevant to your research. Please use the following link to access a list of these records: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_hb=tna&_q=market+testing+DRO

Unfortunately we have been unable to locate any records within our collections which relate to similar testing at HM Treasury. We therefore recommend that you resubmit your enquiry to HM Treasury directly, please find their contact details below:

Information Rights Unit
1 Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ
United Kingdom

Email: foirequests@hmtreasury.gov.uk