Document delivery times and staffing

FOI request reference: F0060698
Publication date: February 2020




Request & response 

1. What percentage of documents are delivered to customers in the reading room on time, and what is the average missed targets in repositories?

For the year 2019 the averages are as follows:

• Average production times for on-demand records: 41 minutes, 54 seconds
• Percentage of on demand documents produced within 1 hour: 92.79%
• Percentage of on demand documents produced that exceed the 1 hour target: 7.21%

2. How many staff have left The National Archives since January 2019 through to December 2019 through retirement, natural wastage and redundancy?

A total of fifty-three members of staff left The National Archives in the year 2019 through retirement, resignation or transfer out (moving to another position within the Civil Service).

No staff members left The National Archives through redundancy during this period.

3. How many staff are predicted to leave through retirement, natural wastage and redundancy before July 2020?

The National Archives does not hold figures for staff predicted to leave before July 2020.

The organisation has been formally given notice by ten members of staff that they intend to leave the organisation before July 2020.

4. From January 2019 how many new posts have been filled without going through the process of fair and open competition?

The National Archives adheres to the Civil Service Recruitment Principles.

During the period January 2019 to January 2020 twenty-six temporary appointments have been made under exception 1 of the principles. This exception allows appointments to be made where there is either an urgent need or the short duration of the role makes full competition impractical or disproportionate.

5. What is the average staffing level for retrieval of documents ordered in advance January 2019 to July 2019?

We do not have staff that are dedicated to producing advance orders. Each staff member may produce same day orders, advance orders and bulk orders for the public. They will also replace returned documents throughout the day. The average number of staff members working in the document retrieval section is 17.77.

6. How many staff work morning or afternoon shifts?

The National Archives does not operate a morning and afternoon shift pattern.

We hope this information will be of use to you. Further information on the upcoming trial period of changes to same-day document ordering can be found on our website.