Data analytics (further to F0054553)

FOI request reference: F0055133
Publication date: April 2019


Digital and Public Engagement Directorates.Data analytics (further to F0054553)


No information held


In order to progress your request, we require clarification on the time-frame that falls within the scope of your request, to enable us to search for relevant information. I note that your original request was for a 5-year period and you subsequently provided an
example of activity within the period January to July 2018; it is not clear if your revised request for the two specified Directorates relates
to either of these time periods, or indeed a different period. As notified in our previous response, The National Archives collects and analyses
data daily and therefore to review the information we hold over the last five years in order to extract the information you require, even within
the two Directorates you have specified, would be likely to exceed the cost limit.