Court seals

FOI request reference: CAS-85771-Z4L1D8
Publication date: March 2022


We would like to have confirmed by your office what court seals have been approved for the Ministry of Justice as follows:

  • Magistrates courts
  • County Courts
  • High Courts
  • Supreme Courts


No information held.


The National Archives does not hold information concerning current approvals granted to the Ministry of Justice to utilise court seals in regards to the aforementioned courts. We recommend that you forward your enquiry to the Ministry of Justice directly. Please find their contact details below:

Disclosure team
Postal Point 10.38, Floor 10
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9AJ
United Kingdom


Please note that The National Archives may hold information concerning the historical use of court seals. We have performed a search of our catalogue, Discovery and identified 18 records which may be relevant to your research. Furthermore we have also produced a research guide on the subject of seals which may be of use to you. Please use the following links to access this information:

Court Seal records:

Seals Research Guide: