Corporate Insolvency information from The Gazette

FOI request reference: CAS-69421-P7W6M1
Publication date: July 2021


I would like to submit a freedom of information request to request the details of all companies that have gone into administration or liquidation since January 2021. I have looked on your website but this information is not available. If possible could you provide this information via a CSV/Excel file.


No information held.


The National Archives manages The Gazette under a concessionary contract with The Stationery Office Limited (TSO) and are the Data Controller for all Gazette-related data. Your enquiry was therefore passed to The National Archives to process.

In consultation with The Stationery Office Limited, The National Archives have performed a search of our records and have confirmed that we do not hold the requested information.

Information regarding companies that have placed a notice relating to insolvency is available on The Gazette’s website. Please note, however, that there is no statutory requirement to place a Gazette notice for some types of corporate insolvency procedures, nor is there a requirement to place a notice that directly indicates that a company has become insolvent. Whilst The Gazette may hold details of some companies which became insolvent since January 2021, they would therefore not hold details of all such companies and so are unable provide the specific information requested.

Lists of the types of notices relevant to insolvency can be found here. Further information regarding corporate insolvency can be found here.

Please find below instructions on how to access the information which the Gazette does hold:

Search and filter tools

Notices can be found by completing searches within the dedicated insolvency section on the Gazette’s website. Search results can be refined by using the search and filter tools on the left hand side of the page. Some examples of the filter options include company name, company number, type of notice, type of insolvency procedure, postcode or local authority, publication date and edition the notice was published in e.g. London Gazette, Edinburgh Gazette or Belfast Gazette.

Please find an example search to fulfil your request for ‘the details of all companies that have gone into administration or liquidation since January 2021’ here. This search has been filtered to show the following types of Gazette corporate insolvency notices published between 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021.

  • Corporate insolvency procedure – Notice type
  • Compulsory liquidation – Winding-up orders
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidation – Appointment of liquidators
  • Administration – Appointment of administrators
  • Administrative receivership – Appointment of administrative receivers, Appointment of receivers
  • Members’ voluntary liquidation – Appointment of liquidators

The search shows that 13,801 Gazette notices of these types were published during the period. These notice types have been chosen as indicative of a company entering a corporate insolvency process. Using the search results, it is possible to access each notice to obtain the company details. As previously noted, please bear in mind that this number may not directly match the number of companies that have become insolvent due to varying notice requirements.

For further advice on searching The Gazette please see our guide to searching and handy hints page. It is also possible to contact The Gazette’s customer services team for further assistance.

Application Programming Interface

The Gazette also allows programmatic access to notice data through its open API (Application Programming Interface) for users that have software development expertise and want to incorporate the data in their own systems. This is made available at no charge. Details on the available notice data formats can be found here. Developer documentation to support users in accessing the API can be found on GitHub here. Please note: all crawling undertaken must respect the rules laid out in The Gazette’s robots.txt file, especially the crawl delay of one request per second. Crawling should be undertaken in non-business hours between 21:00 and 07:00.

Paid search service

For users who would prefer to be supplied formatted data, delivered directly via a method and frequency of their choosing, The Gazette offers a paid search service. More information can be found here or by contacting TSO’s dedicated Business Development Executive will be able to discuss your business needs to offer a Gazette data service product suitable for you, be that an ongoing need for corporate insolvency data or a request for historic insolvency information.