Contracts data at The National Archives

FOI request reference: CAS-68363-M6Y8G6
Publication date: June 2021


I am doing a research project investigating call-off contracts in the public sector. I have identified some potential call-off contracts awarded by The National Archives but I can’t find details of the framework agreement they were awarded from.
I have attached an Excel file that contains the information I am looking at. The last two columns (“Title of Framework used” and “TED or CF url”) is where I am missing information – please could you fill these in with the title of the framework agreement award notice and a TED or Contracts Finder url where I may find this. If the call off is through a framework with multiple versions (e.g. G Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists), please specify which iteration of the framework was used.
I have provided the title, description, award date, supplier(s) awarded, details of the email contact from the notice, the value of the contract and procedure type used to award each potential call-off as well as a url link to the call-off in question and unique reference ID for each potential call-off.


Information provided.


We have attached an updated version of the Excel spreadsheet you provided with the additional information:

Potential Call-Off Contracts.