Chilcot Inquiry records

FOI request reference: CAS-68230-N5K1L8
Publication date: April 2021

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from The National Archives.
Please may you provide me with all declassified files relating to the Iraq ‘Chilcot’ Inquiry. Currently, on the inquiry website, there are fewer than 500 documents uploaded whereas on page 10 of the Chilcot Inquiry Report, it states that ‘Around 1,800 of these documents, including any redactions required by the Government, appear on the Inquiry’s website alongside this Report.’ Please could you provide me these files as there are not 1,800 documents uploaded to the current Inquiry website.
Additionally, is there a physical archive of these documents relating to the Chilcot Inquiry held by the National Archives?

Information provided.

All records received from the Inquiry can be accessed through The National Archive online catalogue Discovery – See: The Iraq Inquiry: the Official Records of the Public Inquiry | The National Archives

There are two series of records allocated – the website – and video recordings

Through the UK Government Web Archive snap shots of the Inquiry website were captured from 2009. See*/

The website has been captured with all content as provided by the Inquiry when it was active, no material from the Inquiry website has been removed by The National Archives.

When a website is captured through the UK Government Web Archives, there can be a loss of functionality in terms of search facility (because this is no longer a “live” website) – which can make searching for specific documents more difficult – if there is a specific document that you are seeking to access, we may be able to undertake searches for you.

Should you have any further questions you would need to speak to the sponsoring department for the Inquiry which was the Cabinet Office. To submit an FOI request please contact