Access to the 1921 Census

FOI request reference: F0061868
Publication date: April 2020

Information not held


Request & response
I think I speak for many of us when I say it would be a huge morale booster if the 1921 Census could be released now, rather than in the (hopefully) calmer waters of 2021

This information is not held by The National Archives, Census records are in the custody of the Statistics Board. The 1921 census was conducted under the Census Act 1920 and contains a statutory prohibition on disclosure. The Census is held by ONS and will not be open until January 2022, in line with government policy.

We are therefore not able to consider provision of access to these records.

As these records are currently held by Office for National Statistics you may wish to contact them directly. Please find the details below:

emailing or by post to:

FOI Team
Room 1100
Office for National Statistics
Segensworth Road
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