Access history of MEPO 2/9844

FOI request reference: F0060504
Publication date: January 2020




Request & response 

I am requesting under FOI which body is reviewing MEPO 2/9844 and for how long they have held the file.


MEPO 2/9844 is retained, therefore held, under section 3(4) of the Public Records Act by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).The record was retained when MEPO 2/9800-9904 were transferred to the Public Records Office (now The National Archives), in January 1985. Details of this transfer can be found within the following open record held by The National Archives.


PRO 57/6194: Office of the Commissioner: correspondence and papers; MEPO 2


The National Archives does not have physical custody of the record and cannot state whether MEPO 2/9844 is currently being reviewed by the MPS. We recommend that you contact the MPS directly in order to obtain this information. Please find their contact details below.