In general, we release new descriptions gradually so that information becomes searchable as soon as possible. To restrict catalogue searches to a particular project, type its series reference (for example,  HO 47) into the last box of the catalogue search page. Once you have found something interesting, you can visit The National Archives in person, or order a copy of the record.

View Cataloguing projects 2010/11 for projects completed by March 2011.

Cataloguing projects finished in the financial year up to 31 March 2012

AN 2: War of 1939-1945: Railway Executive Committee: Files (1939-1947)

Piece level descriptions have been added for all 1,135 piece numbers. Additionally, items have been created for the first 200 pieces. These 1,135 files, previously containing no description on the online catalogue, cover the entire range of the Railway Executive Committee's wartime work, from activities as diverse as evacuation and propaganda to gallantry awards and air raids. The project has increased our understanding and appreciation of the role of railways during war time and illustrates their contribution to the Home Front.

BT 99: Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Agreements and Crew Lists, Series II

All pieces for 1938 are now searchable on the catalogue by ship name and number. Years 1861 to 1924 are searchable by official ship number and from then until 1938 by ship's name and/or number.

C 3: Court of Chancery: Six Clerk's Office: Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum

Thanks to the Friends of the National Archives, a total of 46,000 entries now have an enhanced description on the online catalogue.

C 6: Court of Chancery: Six Clerk's Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins

The Equity Pleadings database contains descriptions for about 60% of C 6 (Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins), thanks to funding from the Friends of the National Archives, the Transport History Research Trust, and the Pilgrim Trust. Additionally, the type of document described - a bill, an answer, a schedule of accounts etc - has now been added. At least 40% of C 6 was catalogued as part of the old SFA project, from an early 18th century listing giving short title and document type, so that all 75,000 pleadings in C 6 are now searchable on the catalogue.

COAL 80: National Coal Board and predecessors: Photographs (1890-1990)

2,063 pieces are now fully catalogued at item level (52,328 photographs depicting a century of mining history) and are also geo-referenced.

CRES 43: Office of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues and successors: Photographs and Prints of Crown Properties (1765-1967)

CRES 43 is now geo-referenced and fully described at item level. There is a grand total of 280 pieces consisting of 1,038 photographs. Links have also been provided to digital images of the photographs.

DL 4: Duchy of Lancaster: Court of Duchy Chamber: Pleadings, Depositions and Examinations, Series II (1558-1818)

The old Supplementary Finding Aids project prioritised replacing the manuscript catalogue of DL 4 (Duchy of Lancaster: Court of Duchy Chamber: Pleadings, Depositions and Examinations, Series II, 1558-1818) as all four volumes were falling apart. These very interesting depositions cover a wide range of the country, but are particularly useful for the history of land use, the landscape, lead mining and the development of industry in the Pennines.

FO indexes project (FO 409, FO 1111)

Part of the digitisation of FO indexes project. Cataloguing to support digitisation has been carried out alongside the production of a reference converter. 

HO 73: Home Office: Various Commissions: Records and Correspondence (1786-1949)

The project was to catalogue in detail and at item level six pieces of surviving correspondence between the Home Office and the Poor Law Commission for the period 1835-1840. This includes copies of reports from various assistant poor law commissioners. The detail of the work complements the recent work done on MH 12 volumes for 22 unions from 1834 onwards. As such, completing this project greatly enhances the research capability for those interested in researching the initiation of the Victorian workhouse system. As well as reports on the introduction of the New Poor Law in the localities there is a mass of local and regional data concerning wages, prices and unemployment.

HO 334 (from HO 409): Home Office: Immigration and Nationality Department: Duplicate Certificates of Naturalisation, Declarations of British Nationality, and Declarations of Alienage (1870-1987)

The Naturalisation catalogue enhancement project is now complete. This has resulted in uploading onto the Catalogue descriptions at item level in HO 334 (Duplicate Certificates of Naturalisations) of all British naturalisations granted in the UK and Overseas, under the 1870 and 1914 Acts and the 1948 Act for Naturalisations (as opposed to the Registrations of British Nationality). This covers the period 1870 to 1980, inclusive. It has resulted in the creation of some 300,000 descriptions at item level, making redundant the printed nominal indexes to naturalisations in the series HO 409.

INF 10: British Empire Collection of Photographs

A collection of about 8,000 photographs illustrating the geography and way of life in British Colonial and Commonwealth territories (1945-1965). Item level cataloguing for photographs is now complete; the series is now fully described at item level (394 pieces comprising 8,472 items in total).

Open Reading Rooms re-naming

A total of 2,716 catalogue entries had been assessed by ARK, and then amended on the catalogue as appropriate in five catalogue fields (Arrangement, ScopeContent, Note, Unpublished Finding Aids, and Publication Note).

PP1: Privy Purse Officer: Jubilee Addresses to Queen Victoria (1887-1897)

The listing of PP1 - Golden and Diamond Jubilee addresses to Queen Victoria - was improved as part of the preparation for a joint web exhibition by The National Archives and The Royal Archives. The previous listing named the giver - e.g. City of Chester - and has been improved to indicate the form and type of the address. A sample now would read: 'City of Chester: address to Queen Victoria on her Diamond Jubilee. Illuminated: on ivory rollers; in case. Original number: 25'.

SC1: Special Collections: Ancient Correspondence of the Chancery and the Exchequer (Henry II - Henry VIII)

The SC 1 cataloguing project has been completed, meaning the entire SC 1 series now has searchable online catalogue descriptions (64 pieces, with over 11,890 items). Cataloguing was done by ARK staff, archival interns and volunteers, primarily using the information in printed finding aids, with some additional information added from the original documents. The SC 1 series is an artificially created series of documents pertaining to medieval royal government and is hugely diverse, making good online descriptions extremely valuable.

Additional Finding Aids

Bouillon Papers: (PC 1/115-122, 135 with errors), HO 69/1-2, 5, 8-29, FO 95/604-612 (1777-1802). 32 pieces overall; improved descriptions input into online Catalogue from paper Supplementary Finding Aids (covering dates 1795-1820), mostly item level, but a few at piece level (FO 95/607, 609, 610) for the papers of Philip D'Auvergne, Prince de Bouillon.

E 179 Hearth Tax (Too Poor To Pay)

Hearth Tax Exemption Certificates for Hertfordshire and Warwickshire are now complete. For Hertfordshire, the certificates were first extracted from various sources, sorted geographically and alphabetically, catalogued, put in polyester sleeves where necessary, put in folders according to administrative hundred, and boxed. In our catalogue, the material has been released under the reference E 179/121/349.

For Warwickshire, 799 certificates comprising 822 items have been catalogued.

IR 23: Land Tax Redemption Office: Quotas and Assessments

The project to list the parishes and townships of the English counties IR 23/1-110 is now complete.

WARD 2: Courts of Wards and Liveries: Deeds and Evidences

Completion of cataloguing for boxes 47-65, for which there was previously no existing list. Volunteers and interns have also completed boxes 1-13.

HW 18: Government Code and Cypher School: Naval Section

Provision of enhanced piece descriptions suggested by a reader regarding German U boats is now complete (pieces 243-297).

LGBT records

A project to input and/or enhance a selection of LGBT records descriptions provided in Your Archives into the catalogue is now complete. 40 pieces and items have been updated out of 76 descriptions.

AIR 79: First World War airmen records

Cataloguing of the 2,807 pieces within the series has been completed. This now provides access to over 329,000 items (service records of airmen of the RAF who served during the First World War) to be searched by name and service number.