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Reference D DI
Covering dates 1596-1973
Held by Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library, Whitehaven
Extent 27 Series
Source of acquisition Deposited by R F Dickinson, Esq., D.L., J.P., Red How, Lamplugh, on 5 February 1979 (N.B. Mr Dickinson died on 19.2.1985)
Creators Dickinson family of Lamplugh and Ennerdale
Arrangement CONTENTS OF D DI/1
D DI/1/a Contents list
D DI/1/b - d Lamplugh Inclosure Map tracings
D DI/1/1 re Streetgate (Brownrigg inclosure), 1697/8
D DI/1/2 Scalesmore, 1738
D DI/1/3 Kinniside, 1601
D DI/1/4 - 10 Mockerkin, 1627 - 1723
Dickinson of Streetgate including
D DI/1/11 - 12 Stubscales p. Distington, 1657
D DI/1/13 - 14 Keekle Head in Whillimore (Lamplugh), 1688/9 - 1700
D DI/1/16 - 17, 29, 30 Plans of Streetgate, Havercroft, Todhole, 18th cent.
D DI/1/18 Easter dues for same, 1735 - 1784
D DI/1/20 - 29 Havercroft, 1646/7 - 1700
D DI/1/33 - 34 Staffing agreements, 1850 - 57
D DI/1/35 - 47 Todhole, 1611 - 1921
Red How
D DI/1/48 - 49 Red How, 1703 - c.1717
D DI/1/50 Plan of Bed How and Woodend, 1819
D DI/1/51 - 54 Building the house at Red How, 1821-22, and adding to it, 1863.
D DI/1/55, 94 New course for the River Marron, 1827, 1853
D DI/1/57 re Inclosure of Wood Moor (Private agreement), 1817.
D DI/1/50 - 77 Woodend and Lackerton Wood
D DI/1/59 Enfranchisement of Birkhow otherwise Woodend, 1719.
D DI/1/61 Woodend and the Dickinsons and Taylors of Great Choptank, Maryland, U.S.A., 20th cent.
D DI/1/66 Rough plan of Woodend and Lackerton Wood, 1813.
D DI/1/68 Copy plan of Lackerton Wood, 1811
D DI/1/70, 71 Copy plans of Wood Moor, 1813
D DI/1/74 - 77 Tithe vouchers, 1809 - 1811
D DI/1/78 - 81 Low Moor otherwise Low Moorhouse, 1810
D DI/1/82 Red How and Woodend sold to Isaac Dickinson, 1812
D DI/1/93 Whitekeld sold to William Dickinson, 1853.
D DI/1/97 - 98 Tracing of plan and fields-schedule of Whitekeld, c. 1850.
D DI/1/99 - 100 Whitekeld and the new Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway, 1864 - 66.
D DI/1/101 Whitekeld fields private inclosure agreement, 1738
D DI/1/102 - 108 Copies of court roll re same, 1669 - 1706
D DI/1/120 - 125 Copies of court roll re same, 1731/2 - 1737
D DI/1/109 - 119, 134 Copies of court roll re same, 1706 - 1733, 1928
D DI/1/127 - 132 How Hall
D DI/1/127, 130-132 Sheep of, 1832 - 1861
D DI/1/128 Trespass (Lake) 1848
Ennerdale (Caswell How, etc.)
D DI/1/135 - 156 Copies of Original) admittances etc. 1673 - 1906; (1673 - 1752 = copies of 1806)
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74-77 125
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D DI/1 Farm Volumes: estate deeds and papers (156 items), 1601-1928
D DI/2 Eskett iron-ore lease, 1855
D DI/3 Ennerdale estate deeds and papers, especially re. Whitehaven and Cleator water, 1838-1839
D DI/4 Parish Volume: estate and parish papers (73 items), 1663-c. 1960 (includes pedigrees)
D DI/5-6 Lamplugh Parish valuations, 1824-1868
D DI/7 Lamplugh poor-rate assessment book, 1847
D DI/8 Papers of the Jackson family of Fell Dyke, Lamplugh, 1596-1857
D DI/9 Deeds and papers mainly relating to Ennerdale, & particularly Ennerdale & Kinnyside tithes and Ennerdale Enclosure 1833, 1866
D DI/10 Estate deeds and papers, 1613-1719
D DI/11-20 Estate correspondence and accounts, mainly relating to colliery, iron ore, Ennerdale Water and How Hall, 1828-1973
D DI/21 Whitehaven Turnpike Trust and Highway District, 1828-1871
D DI/22-23 Lamplugh Parish Council papers, 1900-1970
D DI/24,103 Papers relating to Lamplugh C of E School, 1928-1968
D DI/25-30 Records relating to the Lamplugh, Dean and Ennerdale Nursing Association, 1902-1917
D DI/31 Correspondence, report and plans relating to the preservation of Duddon Iron Furnace, Duddon Bridge, 1967
D DI/32-34 Miscellaneous articles, photos and papers (includes material relating to Carlisle Canal, 1930-1970
D DI/35-41 Maps and plans, 1801-c. 1930
Deeds and papers relating to:
D DI/42 Red How and Woodend p. Lamplugh, 1717-1938
D DI/43 Havercroft p. Lamplugh, 1803-1939
D DI/44 Todhole mainly, but also Streetgate, Havercroft and Whitekeld p. Lamplugh, 1733-1910
D DI/45 Woodend and Lackerton Wood (combined name from 1920 being Birk How) p. Lamplugh, 1719-1938
D DI/46 Whitekeld and Low Moor, Manor of Dean & Whinfell, 1746-1916
D DI/47 The Key Family's Harrington and Distington Estates, 1672-1945
D DI/48 Woodend and Crossgates p. Lamplugh, 1765-1927
D DI/49 Wills and copy wills involving the Dickinson family, 1811-1906
D DI/50-53 Records re. minerals, c. 1854-1933
D DI/54 Offprints of articles by R F Dickinson from TCWAAS, 1960 & 1966
D DI/55 Valuations of the Red How Estate, 1847-1881
D DI/56-89) 104) Records relating to the Ennerdale Estate, particularly How Hall Farm and the Anglers' Inn, 1848-1951
D DI/90-93 Records relating to the Lamplugh Estate, 1890-1911
D DI/94-95 Estate Records - general, 1662-1873
D DI/96-102 Family Records, 1806-1921
D DI/105-8 O.S. maps showing Red How and land in p.Lamplugh, c.1865 & mid C.20th

Volume of farm and estate deeds and papers marked "D.475F"  D DI/1  [n.d.]

On inside front cover: list of contents  D DI/1/a  Not dated

[no title]  D DI/1/b  Not dated

Loose at front: tracing of plan of [Lamplugh Inclosure Allotments] 32 (with Public Quarry, 23, within it), 31 (part), 70 (part), on south-west of the Lamplugh-Loweswater road (John Dickinson, Esq.) n.d.
Scale 3 chains to 1 inch

[no title]  D DI/1/c  Not dated

Loose at front: tracing of John Dickinson's allotment in the Lamplugh Inclosure Award, n.d.
Scale 3 chains to 1 inch.

Loose at front: rough sketch of same ground as in Item D DI/1/b  D DI/1/d  Not dated

[no title]  D DI/1/1  2 February 1697/8

Private inclosure agreement (Henry Wood and Margaret his wife, with John Bowman, both of Brownrigg p. Arlecdon, yeoman) for their intermingling "dales" [strips] at Brownrigg; to be divided and set out by Daniel Dickinson of Streetgate, William Dixon of Whillimore, Oswald Peel of Whitkeld, and John Dickinson of Streetgate; with the licence of Thomas Lamplugh, Esq., lord of the manor
Provision for hedges and gates, water, rights of way.
Bond in £100 to observe the agreements.
Original deed.

[no title]  D DI/1/2  19 May 1738

Lease for 3 years (Richard Brisco of Lamplugh Hall, Esq., to Ferdinando Muncaster of Lamplugh Parsonage and John Fawcett of Whinay [Whinnah] p. Lamplugh, yeoman) of his messuage tenement or demesne land called Skelsmore [Scalesmore] "which lies above the high roade that goeth between Cockermouth and Egermonth", and six score sheep, with all sheep heaths [heafs], rent £30 p.a.
Armorial seal. (Dickinson).

[no title]  D DI/1/3  15 July 1601

Bargain and sale for 20 marks (Anthony Lamplugh (son of Francis) of Dovenby [p. Bridekirk], gent., to Oswald Sumpton of Kinniside, yeoman) of messuage and farmland at Kinniside, of the lands of the Earl of Northumberland, and held by tenantright, rent 5s. 1½d. p.a.
Plain seal; no signature

[no title]  D DI/1/4  August 1627

Admission of Thomas Pearson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin, now in the lord's hand on the death of William Pearson, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/5  August 1633

Admission of Thomas Pearson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin, formerly William Pearson's, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/6  October 1636

Admission of William Diconson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin, vacant by the death of Thomas Pearson, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/7  September 1669

Admission of William Dickinson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/8  17 April 1677

Admission of James Dickinson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin lately occupied by William his father, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/9  28 June 1688

Admission of Daniel Dickinson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Mockerkin, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/10  25 June 1723

Admission of John Dickinson to 1 tenement in the Manor of Derwent Fells (Mockerkin) in the Honor of Cockermouth, rent 6s. 2d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/11  16 April 1657

Bargain and sale for £69. 10s. (James Scaife of Stubscales p. Distington, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife, to William Dickinson of Streetgate p. Lamplugh, yeoman) of his freehold messuage and tenement at Stubscales p. Distington, rent 3s. 2½d. p.a.
Signed; fragments of seal.

[no title]  D DI/1/12  16 April 1657

Bond in £140 (James Scaife of Stubscales p. Distington, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife, to William Dickinson of Streetgate p. Lamplugh, yeoman) to observe this sale's covenants

[no title]  D DI/1/13  11 July 1700

Admission of John Dickinson of Streetgate p. Lamplugh, yeoman, to 1 messuage and tenement called Keekle Head in Whillimore (Manor of Lamplugh), rent 2s. 8d. p.a., vacant on the death of Daniel his father; the said John having paid a fivepenny fine, "viz. Five years Antient Land Rent", according to the recent "Conveyance by Purchase between the late Lord and several of his tenants"

[no title]  D DI/1/14  5 January 1688/9

Admission of Daniel Dickinson of Streetgate p. Lamplugh to Keekle Head in Whillimore (Manor of Lamplugh), on payment of same 5d fine, rent 2s. 8d. p.a., held by tenantright

[no title]  D DI/1/15  1706 - 1713

John Dickinson's account of money received from Thomas Ullcock, Isaac Danson, John Cartner, and Thomas Bell, for rent etc., since 2 Feb 1705/6, covers

Plan of the estate of Streetgate, Havercroft, and Toadhole  D DI/1/16  Not dated [18th cent.]

Field names and acreages, given in Statute, Forest and Custom of Lamplugh Measures. Marks roads, ring hedge, buildings (in elevation), trees (do.), gates (do.), springs, the River Marron, "Lateray Brook", with "an ould Mill" beside it (with leat), and High Road to Egremont and Cockermouth. Annotated.
Ink on paper, mounted on linen, folded.
23½ in. by 26½ in.
No scale or North point.

Plan of Streetgate, Havercroft, and Todhole estate  D DI/1/17  Not dated [18th cent.]

Shows buildings (in elevation), trees (do.), gates (do.), roads, footpath, hedges of each of the 3 farms, field names and acreages.
Annotated. Note on which farms maintain the gate at Whiney Hill. Tables of the 3 farms' fields, given in Customary Measure of Lamplugh.
Fine coloured map. No scale or North point.
Paper (folded)
21½ in. by 30 in.
No. D DI/1/17 is inserted loose between Items D DI/1/16 and 18.

Packet of receipts for Easter dues from Streetgate estate  D DI/1/18  1735 - 1784

10 Items


[no title]  D DI/1/19  9th Oct., 1802

Schedule of deeds and papers "deposited this day" with Daniel Dickinson, attorney, Ulverston "for the use of all Persons interested therein"
Signed by Daniel Dickinson. Covers 1677-1776.
Includes "Faculty for Pew in Lamplugh Chancel, 1776".

[no title]  D DI/1/20  29 January 1646/7

Customary bargain and sale for £90 (William Harrison of Havercroft p. Lamplugh, yeoman, to William Dickinson of Streetgate, yeoman) of moiety of tenement or farmhold of Havercroft, rent 10s. p.a.
Signed; seal gone. Licence of lord of manor to sell, is endorsed.

[no title]  D DI/1/21  24 April 1649

Customary bargain and sale for £40 (William Harrison of Havercroft p. Lamplugh, yeoman, to Thomas Patrickson of Stockhow, p. Lamplugh, gent.) of half of his messuage and tenement of Havercroft, rent 5s. p.a.
Signed; seal gone.

[no title]  D DI/1/22  24 April 1649

Defeasance of No. D DI/1/21 (said Patrickson to said Harrison)

[no title]  D DI/1/23  30 May 1654

Customary bargain and sale for £185 (William Harrison of Havercroft, yeoman, to William Dickinson of Streetgate, yeoman) of his messuage tenement and farmhold of Havercroft, rent 10s. p.a.
Plain seal. Signed.

Bond in £370 re same (William Harrison of Havercroft, yeoman, to William Dickinson of Streetgate, yeoman) to observe the covenants of the sale  D DI/1/24  30 May 1654

[no title]  D DI/1/25  30 May 1654

Surrender by William Harrison, and admission of William Dickinson, to Havercroft (Manor of Lamplugh), rent 10s. p.a., fine £9. 15s.; provision for said William Harrison and his wife Elizabeth to occupy a fourth part of Havercroft during their lifetimes, paying ¼ of the said rent, and keeping the premises so occupied by them in good repair

[no title]  D DI/1/26  16 June 1677

Admission of Daniel Dickinson of Lamplugh, yeoman, to 1 messuage and tenement called Havercroft, rent 10s. p.a., on payment of the usual 5d fine; admitted on payment of £2. 10s. fine
Endorsed with notes of payments of Havercroft's "Moor-farm", hay tithe, plow boon, harrow boon, shear boon, walking silver (these last four to the lord of the manor), and "payment to Workington at Michaelmas."

Admission of Daniel Dickinson of Streetgate to his premises on payment of the 5d fine; held by tenantright  D DI/1/27  5 January 1688/9

[no title]  D DI/1/28  11 July 1700

Admission of John Dickinson at Havercroft (held by tenantright), on payment of the 5d fine

Tracing of "Plan of Red How, Wood End, Haver Croft, and Todhole Estates, copied from [Tithe] Commutation Plans, Dec. 1847, by J Dickinson, Haver Croft"  D DI/1/29  Tracing not dated

Field names but no acreages.
No scale or North point.

Tracing of plan of fields along the river, from Ling Croft and Whitekeld to Todhole Meadow and Whitekeld Holm  D DI/1/30  Tracing not dated

No scale or North point.

Fragment (small) of tracing of field near the Lamplugh road  D DI/1/31  Not dated

Fragment of memoranda on reduction of width of the road from the Pinfold to the Stone Quarry  D DI/1/32  Not dated

See Lamplugh Inclosure Award

Memorandum by John Dickinson of terms of service agreed with John Watson of Wythop as his husbandry labourer  D DI/1/33  27 October 1857

Cottage, cow, calf, wages

Similar re Isaac Steele, as farm manager at Havercroft for Isaac Dickinson of Red How  D DI/1/34  14 November 1850

[no title]  D DI/1/35  28 November 1611

Bargain and sale for £50 (William Harrison to John Harrison his brother, both of Streetgate p. Lamplugh, yeomen) of his freehold messuage and tenement called "Taidwhoole" [Todhole] in Lamplugh, rent 8s. p.a.
Non-heraldic seal and mark of vendor

[no title]  D DI/1/36  29 January 1646

Bond in £160 (William Harrison of Havercroft to William Dickinson of Streetgate) to observe the covenants of sale

[no title]  D DI/1/37  2 February 1704/5

Customary bargain and sale for £298 (William Harrison of Todhole, p. Lamplugh, yeoman, to Daniel Branthwaite of Whiney, yeoman) of his messuage and tenement called Todhole, rent 8s. p.a., to hold under the indenture between the late lord and several of his tenants dated 30 September 1663, by tenantright
Armorial seal (Dickinson) and mark of vendor.

[no title]  D DI/1/38  2 February 1704/5

Surrender of William Harrison of Todhole, and admission of said Daniel Branthwaite, to Todhole (as described in No. D DI/1/37), the 5d-fine being paid by said Daniel

[no title]  D DI/1/39  Proved 19 October 1715

Probate of William Harrison of Todhole p. Lamplugh, yeoman

[no title]  D DI/1/40  2 February 1716/7

Surrender of Daniel Branthwaite of Todhole and admission (on payment of the 5d fine) of John Dickinson of Streetgate, to 3 closes called Highfield, Longrigg, and Back of Longrigg, all part of the ancient tenement of Todhole, rent 2s. 8d. p.a.

[no title]  D DI/1/41  2 January 1704/5


Covenant by William Harrison of Todhole to surrender and sell Todhole to Daniel Branthwaite of Whinney for £298; provision for vendor and his wife Eleanor to occupy half the house and land during their lives, for upkeep of premises, hedges, dikes, and for harvest of crop; if said Daniel needs the [main] house, vendors to move into "the Little Firehouse and have it in their halfe"
Non-armorial seal and mark of vendor; seal and signature of purchaser.

[no title]  D DI/1/42  2 February 1716/7

Customary bargain and sale for £129. 10s. (Daniel Branthwaite of Todhole, millwright, to John Dickinson of Streetgate, yeoman) of the 3 closes High Field, Long Rigg, and Back of Long Rigg (9 acres arable, pasture, and meadow, part of the ancient tenement of Todhole), rent 2s. 8d. p.a., to hold by tenantright and by the deed of 30 Sept. 1663
Armorial seal (Dickinson) by vendor's signature.

[no title]  D DI/1/43  21 May 1726

Bargain and sale for £30 (Daniel Branthwaite of Todhole, millwright, to Elizabeth Thompson "now of Whinney", spinster) of freehold close at Todhole called Croft (1 acre 3 roods)
Non-armorial seal and signature of vendor.

Defeasance (Daniel Branthwaite of Todhole, millwright, to Elizabeth Thompson "now of Whinney", spinster) concerning No. D DI/1/43  D DI/1/44  21 May 1726

Signed by both; non-armorial seal.

Letting agreement for Todhole and Moss-side Allotment (Joseph Dickinson of Red How, Lamplugh, Esq., to Robert Harrison of Scarness p. Bassenthwaite, farmer)  D DI/1/45  2 January 1893

Reserving: all minerals; the tramway and buildings lately occupied by the Lamplugh Colliery Co. various named plantations; the use of the cart road from Red How through Todhole to the disused coal pit and Ullock; liberty to fell and cart timber, and to erect buildings; to enter the property; shooting and sporting
Rents: £123 p.a.; plus extra for drainage or improvements.
Repairing and husbandry clauses

Letter from S D Stanley Dodgson (Somerset House, Whitehaven) to George Dickinson  D DI/1/46  16 August 1912

Detailed report and recommendations on Todhole and its farming

Notes on the present state of the fields, ditches, etc., of Todhole Farm, by S D Stanley Dodgson  D DI/1/47  30 May 1924


Parchment sheet with 3 copies of court roll (Manor of Lamplugh)  D DI/1/48  1703

a) Admission of Ann Porter (daughter of Joseph Porter, granddaughter and next heir of John Wood late of Red How p. Lamplugh deceased) to Red How (1 messuage and tenement), rent 8s. 9½d, on payment of the 5d fine by her father; to hold by tenantright, 25 October 1703
b) Admission of Ann Porter (daughter of Joseph Porter, granddaughter and next heir of John Wood late of Red How p. Lamplugh deceased) to a close called Thomas Wood Reading, rent 9d. p.a., the 5d. fine having been paid by her father, 25 October 1703
c) Admission of Ann Porter (daughter of Joseph Porter, granddaughter and next heir of John Wood late of Red How p. Lamplugh deceased) to the closes called Peat Readings rent 6d p.a.; the 5d. fine having been paid by her father, 25 October 1703

[no title]  D DI/1/49  [Circa 1717]

Copy of lease for a year [release not here] for 5s. (John Wilkinson of Whitehaven, joiner, and Ann his wife, to Thomas Wilkinson of do., do.) of their interest in the moiety of 2 messuages and tenements, at Ullock p. Dean called Mains and Back of Becklands otherwise Lancaster Tenement, also in the messuage and tenement at Red How p. Lamplugh, and in all other messuages and tenements of theirs in Dean and Lamplugh parishes, 18 December 1717, Contemporary copy

Plan of Wood End and Red How estates, the property of Mr Joseph Dickinson of Workington, surveyed  D DI/1/50  13 May 1819

Shows acreages of fields; the estate's name pencilled in for each; fencing liabilities.
Scale 3 chains to 1 inch. North point. 26½ in. by 16 in. Ink and colours; paper, folded.

[no title]  D DI/1/51  28 November 1821

Building agreement to build a house at Red How (Joseph Dickinson with James Scurr) "of good Stone and Workmanship"; specifies architectural details

Copy of No. D DI/1/51, contemporary copy  D DI/1/52  [Circa 1821]

Inserted loose after No. D DI/1/51.

[no title]  D DI/1/53  14 January 1822

Building agreement (same with Thomas Lancaster, John Hickles, and William Hall) to build a house at Red How; construction details, with dates for the stages' completions

[no title]  D DI/1/54  25 November 1863

Specification for the building of two new bay windows at Red How (J. Shepherd, Whitehaven, architect); with builder's contract (George Hill, St Bees) to do the work for £110, 10 Dec. 1863, at end, Specification

[no title]  D DI/1/55  9 June 1827

Letting notice of the cutting of a new course for the River Marron (details), with details of the successful bidders

[no title]  D DI/1/56  19th century

Copy of Land Tax certificate of assessment for Wood End, 28 February 1799; copy made "To Accompany Title Deeds [of] Wood End Estate", copy early

[no title]  D DI/1/57  1817

Copy of instructions to solicitor to draw the deeds for fencing and road agreement concerning the Division [i.e. Enclosure] of Wood Moor p. Lamplugh as agreed on 8 Dec., 1817, copy

[no title]  D DI/1/58a  29 September 1877

Letting agreement for Woodend Farm and the Wizenholme Allotment (John Dickinson of Red How Esq; to Joseph Lawson of Murton Hole p. Lamplugh, farmer) for 9 years at rent of £158 p.a. (first 2 years) and £160 p.a. thereafter; repairing and husbandry clauses

Comment by J[oseph] D[ickinson] on an improvement in the husbandry clauses  D DI/1/58b  25 October 1877

Inserted on page 3 of No. D DI/1/58a.

[no title]  D DI/1/59  3 November 1719

Enfranchisement of Birkehow (messuage and tenement in the lord's demesne lands, rent 13s. 2½d, held by "the Custom of the Manor of Lamplugh commonly called Tenantright or Fine Certain") for £36. 13s. (Thomas Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Esq., to Henry Wood of Woodend p. Lamplugh, yeoman); its minerals and timber also conveyed as part of the enfranchised property
Non-armorial seal.
Endorsed "Enfranchize Deed of Wood End in Lamplough".

[no title]  D DI/1/60  15 January 1725/6

Bargain and sale by Henry Wood (of Woodend, yeoman) for Mary, his eldest daughter, following her (recent) marriage to John Sumpton of Wright Green p. Dean, and for 10s., of half his freehold messuage and tenement called Woodend otherwise Birkhow, he to have its use until he die
Armorial seal (Dickinson) with Henry Wood's signature.

[no title]  D DI/1/61  Not dated (20th cent.)

Memorandum concerning Henry Wood (cousin of John Dickinson of Streetgate), and sale of part of Lackerton Wood by Lancelot Dickinson to Jonathan Taylor of Great Choptank, Talbot Co., Maryland, U.S.A.; and family history of the Taylors and Dickinsons of Great Choptank and its effect on Birkhow

Will of Henry Wood of Woodend, yeoman  D DI/1/62  26 June 1730

Armorial seal (Dickinson).
At foot, note concerning the probate, 7 July 1730.

Sale particulars of Wood End (George Whittaker, Esther Jackson, and Dorothy Jackson, vendors) - Nathan Graham, tenant at will  D DI/1/63  3 January 1811

Signed by the three vendors and by John Steward, (purchaser). On back, note of the saleprice.

[no title]  D DI/1/64  30 January 1811

Letter to Miss Esther Jackson, "Howgill or Cross Street, Whitehaven", from George Whittaker - concerns the acreage and survey of Woodend, for the sale, Great Broughton
On page 3, Memorandum of receipt of £158. 15s. from the purchaser, and of subtraction to be made from it should the survey show the Woodend acreage to be indeed less than 49.9 acres (signed by George Whittaker, Esther Jackson), 2 April 1811

Letter from John Hudleston to John Steward, Church Street, Whitehaven  D DI/1/65  9 April 1811

Has surveyed Woodend, and finds its acreage to be 48a. 1r. 5p.; has not finished the plan; at Woodend is "some good Land, but not in good Husbandry", also some gravel which would suit the needs of the Dean roads very well, Gosforth
On pages 2, 3, calculations concerning the above and the sale's moneys.

Rough plan of Woodend and Lackerton Wood  D DI/1/66  1813

With field names and acreages.
No scale or North point.
14½ in. by 12 in. Paper, folded.

[no title]  D DI/1/67  Original dated 5 June 1810

Copy of Dean Inclosure Commissioners' notice to Lancelot Dickinson re his claim for a right of common at Dean in respect of his freehold estates at Gatra and Lackerton Wood, p. Lamplugh, and of the objection by the Rev. Henry Gill and Joseph Walker; and of their (the Commissioners) ruling that he is not entitled to the claimed right of common, for the reasons given, Contemporary copy

Copy of "Plan of Lackerton Wood, taken from Original by Richardson", Contemporary copy  D DI/1/68  1811

Field names and acreages. Abuttals.
Scale ½ in. to 1 chain (22 yds.)
No North point.
Paper, 9 in. by 14¾ in.

[no title]  D DI/1/69  1813

Bill of legal costs incurred by John Steward as purchaser of Lackerton Wood from Miss Dickinson for £800 (Peter H. Younger, Whitehaven, his solicitor) in 1811, receipted 5 July 1813

Copy of plan of Wood Moor, 1813, surveyed by John Hudleston, Contemporary copy  D DI/1/70  [Circa 1813]

Field names and acreages. abuttals.
Scale 3/8 in. to 1 chain (22 yds.)
No North point.
Paper, 12 in. by 15.1/3 in.

Copy of plan of Wood Moor, surveyed by J. Fox, 1813, Contemporary copy  D DI/1/71  [1813]

Rough plan; gives only boundaries and acreage total (which differs from that in No. D DI/1/70). Shows house in elevation.
No scale or North point.
Paper folded. 17¾ in. by 15 in.

[no title]  D DI/1/72  17 February 1840

Valuer's notice to John Steward, Chapel House, of total expenses of the Lamplugh Tithe Commutation payable by his Wood End and Lackerton Wood estate there, receipted 6 May 1840

Envelope of correspondence re purchase of Woodend Farm by George Dickinson, and concerning purchase of the minerals there  D DI/1/73  1919 - 1921

Envelope is marked "Birk How. Correspondence relating to purchase, 1920".

Voucher for [tithe] wool, lamb, fleece dues sent to Mr Dickinson from [the Rev.] Mr Sill  D DI/1/74  July 1809


Voucher for [tithe] geese, cows, plough, wool, lamb dues sent to Mr Dickinson from [the Rev.] Mr Sill (receipted); cows include "Handmilkers"  D DI/1/75  July 1810

Similar for 1811  D DI/1/76  July 1811

Related information: See D DI/1/75


Similar  D DI/1/77  Not dated

Related information: See D DI/1/75

Letter from Wilkinson Ostle (a Quaker) to Isaac Dickinson, Whitekeld [p. Dean]  D DI/1/78  8th Mo.17th, 1810; [17 August 1810]

Encloses the deeds of Low Moor, "and great plenty their [sic] seems to be"; a "check" [cheque] will do, "should thy Money be in any of our neighbouring Banks", Maryport

Letter from Wilkinson Ostle (a Quaker) to Isaac Dickinson, Whitekeld [p. Dean]  D DI/1/79  9th Mo. 12th, 1810; [12 Sept. 1810]

Is trying to locate the missing item; can you meet me at Cockermouth on 28th or 29th? as my wife is going to the Quarter[ly] Meeting [of the Friends] then; leave a line at Bowes & Co.'s Bank; I may be at Dean soon, thence Whitehaven, Maryport
Note "The inclos'd" paper referred to in this letter is no longer with this letter.

[no title]  D DI/1/80  6 July 1810

Memorandum of sale agreement (Wilkinson Ostle of Maryport, mercer and draper, and Jane his wife, to Isaac Dickinson of Whitekeld, gent.) of Low Moorhouse, their customary messuage and tenement in the Manor of Dean, with its outhouses, lands, and common rights, for £525
On page 3, vendor's receipt for £5. 5s.; part of the purchase money
Endorsed "Memorandum of Agreement for Sale of Lowmoor".

"A List of 3d. per pound on Dean Quarter" [rate assessment]: names but no addresses, sums [assessed]  D DI/1/81  Not dated [circa 1810]

[no title]  D DI/1/82  1 July 1812

Memorandum of agreement John Wilson of Winscales with Isaac Dickinson of Whitekeld, whereby the latter buys the allotment to be made to the former, at the rate of £21 per acre allotted (Dean Inclosure)
Signed by both

[no title]  D DI/1/83  1 July 1812

Receipt of John Wilson to Isaac Dickinson for £49. 19s. 11d., part of the purchase money of his (John Wilson's) allotment for Red How and Woodend, sold him (Isaac Dickinson) on 29th June 1812

Receipt of John Wilson to Isaac Dickinson for £63 (See DD1 1/83)  D DI/1/84  29 July 1812

Receipt of John Wilson to Isaac Dickinson for £31 (See DD1 1/83)  D DI/1/85  26 Sept. 1812

Receipt of John Wilson to Isaac Dickinson for £50 (See DD1 1/83)  D DI/1/86  30 Dec. 1812

Receipt of John Wilson to Isaac Dickinson for £10 (See DD1 1/83)  D DI/1/87  21 April 1813

Receipt for £56 (See DD1 1/83); John Wilson to pay Isaac Dickinson interest for this until the Award be signed  D DI/1/88  12 June 1813

Receipt for £33 (See DD1 1/83); John Wilson to pay Isaac Dickinson interest for this until the Award be signed  D DI/1/89  11 Sept. 1815

Receipt for £21 (See DD1 1/83); John Wilson to pay Isaac Dickinson interest for this until the Award be signed  D DI/1/90  22 May 1816

[no title]  D DI/1/91  7 Feb. 1814

Receipt of John Dickinson to John Wilson for £66, "being Mr Wilson's share of the Expenses of the Lawsuits with the Commissioners under the Dean Inclosure"

[no title]  D DI/1/92  Not dated extract [circa 1850]

"Extract from the probate of Joseph Dickinson Esq. of Red How, so far as relates to the Whitekeld Estate in the Parish of Dean" (will, 1837; codicil, 1849)

[no title]  D DI/1/93  28 Oct. 1851

Memorandum of agreement for sale of Whitekeld Estate p. Dean (Tom Dalzell to William Dickinson) for £1550, entry on Lady Day 1852, present tenant to remain one year
Signed by both parties.

[no title]  D DI/1/94  Circa 1853

Copy of draft conveyance of strip of land now severed from the Streetgate estate by the new course of the River Marron (Daniel Dickinson of Ulverston, Esq. and William Mears to Joseph Dickinson of Liverpool, Esq.) for £4, 1853, contemporary copy

[no title]  D DI/1/95  1 Nov., 1853

Solicitor's bill of costs (George Armstrong) incurred by Joseph Dickinson as purchaser of Whitekeld and Low Moor "of which the late W J Dickinson Esq. was Trustee", 1853
With receipt for same (pinned to it)

[no title]  D DI/1/96  Oct., 1853

Solicitor's bill of costs (William Bragg) to George Armstrong for enrolling the late Mr Dickinson's will on the Dean court rolls, and for the admittance of his eldest daughter and of Mr Dickinson (receipted)

Tracing of undated plan of [Whitekeld]  D DI/1/97  Not dated

Field-names and acreages (Ellersfield, Moss and Far Pasture, Calf Close, New Close, Mud Holm and Sandy Rig, etc.).
No scale or North point.
See D DI/1/98 overleaf

[no title]  D DI/1/98  Not dated [circa 1850]

Schedule of the fields of Whitekeld Estate, with their acreages, with note on two fields "to Mary Fleming, who got Wright Green"

[no title]  D DI/1/99  1864

Copy of draft agreement for land to be taken for a new railway (John Dickinson of Red How on behalf of Dr Dickinson of Liverpool, and William Dickinson of Thorncroft on behalf of the Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway) through the Whitekeld estate
Includes clauses on field drains, roads, culverts, walls; land taken for railway to be bought at £210 per acre.

Bill of complaint of John Dickinson, John Unsworth and others v. the Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway Co  D DI/1/100  15 June 1866

(In Chancery) (printed).
Concerning Whitekeld.

[no title]  D DI/1/101  15 Nov. 1738

Private inclosure agreement for the three fields at Whitekeld p. Dean called Near High Field, Middle Field, and Far High Field presently lying "in Ridges and Dales.. bounded by Marks and Mears", within the liberty held under the Duke of Wharton's Trustees as lords thereof (Joseph Wood of Pardshaw Hall p. Dean, yeoman, and John Woodvill of White Keld p. Dean and Sarah his wife); all three are seised of a messuage and tenement at Whitekeld, and the abovesaid fields
Provision for preliminary survey and division "by a Line Streight up and down the said feilds"; that field-shares be assigned by casting lots; hedging; cart-road and gate; ploughing, when
Bond in £50 to observe the above.
Signed by the three parties.
Endorsed agreement on revised procedure for the above Division

[no title]  D DI/1/102  28 June 1669

Surrender by Thomas Crosby and admission of Peter Robinson to Lowmoor (messuage and tenement at Ullock, in the Manor of Dean), rent 2s.4d., fine 23s. 4d

Memorandum of admission of Peter Robinson and of his rent payable  D DI/1/103  Not dated [1669]

Related information: (See No. D DI/1/102)

[Largely = extract from court roll].

Memorandum of admission of Peter his son (father Peter now dead) to it, and of licence to John Bell his guardian to let the farm for seven years  D DI/1/104  25 March 1676

Memorandum of admission of John Peile to a messuage and tenement in Dean  D DI/1/105  1696

Related information: [= Whitekeld, see No. D DI/1/109]

[no title]  D DI/1/106  31 Dec. 1705

Defeasance (John Wilson of Graythwaite p. Brigham, yeoman, to James Westray of Cockermouth, apothecary, and Deborah his wife) of Low Moor (Ullock), pledged to John Wilson for £50 by Mr and Mrs Westray this day
Signed by all three.

The bargain and sale (Westray to Wilson) referred to in No. D DI/1/106  D DI/1/107  31 Dec. 1705

Related information: See further No. D DI/1/120.

Signed by the Westrays.

Manorial memorandum re this  D DI/1/108  23 April 1706

Form as in Nos. D DI/1/103-105.

Manorial memorandum  D DI/1/109  9 October 1706

Of Oswald Peile of Whitekeld (by purchase from Thomas Richardson of North Shields, Northumberland, and Martha his wife) to a moiety of a messuage and tenement at "Keld" in the Manor of Dean, rent 5s. p.a., fine £2. 10s.

[no title]  D DI/1/110  29 Sept. 1706

Counterpart defeasance (Oswald Peel of Whitekeld p. Dean, yeoman, to Thomas and Martha Richardson of North Shields, mariner) of the said moiety; recites that the sum concerned was £53
Seal and part of signature of Oswald Peel torn away [to cancel the document].
Endorsed receipt re same, 24 January 1708/9.

Counterpart of No. D DI/1/110  D DI/1/111  29 Sept. 1706

The bargain and sale of the premises for £53 as abovesaid (Richardson to Peel)  D DI/1/112  29 Sept. 1706

Seal torn away. Endorsed as in Nos. D DI/1/110, 111.
Also endorsed with note of approval of the manor steward.

[no title]  D DI/1/113  29 Sept. 1715

Customary bargain and sale for £307. 10s. of Whitekeld (Christopher Marsingale of North Shields, grocer, and Martha his wife, to Joseph Harris of Pardshaw, yeoman), it being formerly John Peil's, father of the said Martha; to hold for the lifetimes of Joseph Harris and Mary his wife

[no title]  D DI/1/114  29 October 1715

Admission of Joseph Harris to the above, on surrender of Christopher and Martha Marsingale (Manor of Dean and Whinfell)

[no title]  D DI/1/115  29 October 1715

Admission of Mary Harris to a moiety of the above, on surrender of Joseph her husband

[no title]  D DI/1/116  26 October 1717

Admission of Sarah Harris, daughter and heir of Joseph Harris deceased to a moiety of Whitekeld, with reservation to the Lord of the Manor of his general fine on the death of the late Thomas, Marquis of Wharton

[no title]  D DI/1/117  3 Sept., 1733

Admission (on general fine) of Sarah, wife of John Woodvill, to moiety of a messuage and tenement in the Manor of Dean, rent 5s. p.a., fine £2. 10s.

[no title]  D DI/1/118  3 Sept., 1733

Admission (on general fine) of Mr John Wilson to a messuage and tenement in the Manor of Dean, rent 2s. 4d. p.a., fine £1. 3s. 4d.

Admission (on general fine) of Mary Harris, widow, to a moiety of a messuage and tenement in the Manor of Dean, rent 5s. p.a., fine £2. 10s  D DI/1/119  3 Sept., 1733

The Court Baron of 3 Sept. 1733 sat in "the School House at Dean".

Customary bargain and sale of Lowmoor for £50  D DI/1/120  18 February 1731/2

(Myles Birket of Lancaster and Jane his wife to John Wilson of Graythwaite p. Brigham, yeoman), formerly belonging to Deborah Robinson of Fellside p. Brigham, spinster, the later wife of James Westray of Cockermouth, apothecary "(Late father and mother of the said Jane)"; reciting that the £50 principal of the 31 Dec. 1705 deed [(No. D DI/1/107)] is still unpaid.
Signed by the Birkets. Receipt at foot for the £50, paid on 18 Feb. 1731/2.

Customary bargain and sale of Lowmoor for £100  D DI/1/121  10 August 1735

(John Wilson of Graythwaite p. Brigham, yeoman, to Peter Fearon of Whitekeld, butcher); recites that John Wilson had mortgaged Lowmoor for £50 [mortgagor and date not stated], and that Peter Fearon had contracted with Myles and Jane Birket for its reversion for £100, and (by Myles Birket's direction) had paid £50 of it to John Wilson to redeem the mortgage, and the other £50 to Myles Birket
Deed signed by John Wilson.
Receipt at foot for the £100, paid that day.

Customary bargain and sale of Lowmoor for £125  D DI/1/122  7 September 1736

(Peter Fearon of Whitekeld, butcher, to William Woodvill the elder of Waterend p. Loweswater, yeoman); recites that it was formerly James Westray's, and later was bought from John Wilson in trust for Myles Birkett and Jane his wife (sole daughter of said James Westray)
Mark and seal (non-armorial) of vendor.
Receipt for the £100 that day, at foot.

Admission of Peter Fearon to Lowmoor, on surrender of Mr John Wilson  D DI/1/123  28 July 1735

Jury verdict re same  D DI/1/124  Not dated [28 July 1735

Admission of William Woodvill, on surrender of Peter Fearon, to one messuage and tenement at Lowmoor  D DI/1/125  9 August 1737

Statement of what allotment made to John Dickinson of Streetgate in the Dean Inclosure  D DI/1/126  18 July 1813

Signed by the Dean Inclosure Commissioners.
Printed by T. Bailey, Cockermouth.
Endorsed "Ullock Low Moor"

[no title]  D DI/1/127  24 March 1832

Receipt by John Birley (as administrator of the late Henry Birley) to Mr Joseph Dickinson for £220, for 440 heaf-going sheep belonging to How Hall (present tenant, Thomas Pearson)

[no title]  D DI/1/128  10 Oct., 1848

Acknowledgement by John Tyson that he has done wrong in dumping stone in Ennerdale Lake, and of his agreement to pay 6d as penalty, and not to repeat the trespass

[no title]  D DI/1/129  11 March 1850

Memorandum of agreement of William Russell of Langrigg-green to hire the boat of James Buchanan, licencee of the Anglers' Inn, "for the Rafting of Wood from the Side Wood to the foot of Ennerdale Lake"; hirer to make good any damage; hired at 2s. 6d. a day
Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale
Written out by William Russell, and signed by both.

Declaration by Mary Dickinson as to her father's and family's and her own wishes on the future management of the flock of 440 sheep of How Hall  D DI/1/130  24 Jan., 1872

Laurel Bank, Whitehaven

[no title]  D DI/1/131  9 Sept., 1851

Bond in £554 (Thomas Pearson of How Hall and John Jackson of Swinside End, Kinniside, farmers, to Joseph Dickinson of Peel How, p. Lamplugh, gent.) for redelivery of the 440 heafed sheep of How Hall at any time.
Details of the flock's make-up and valuation.

[no title]  D DI/1/132  7 Dec., 1861

Declaration by John Unsworth, Jane Unsworth, James Macdonald, Ann Macdonald, owners (under the will of the late Joseph Dickinson of Red How, Esq.) of How Hall and its 440 heafed sheep, as to their powers to sell the sheep to pay for the drainage of the farm; and that John Dickinson has accordingly by their wish, sold them for £330 and spent it on the drainage

[no title]  D DI/1/133  27 January 1911

Receipt from the collector for Lord Leconfield and Mr Curwen for 6s. 1d. Moor Rent due that year from the late Joseph Dickinson's estates in Lamplugh

Letter from G[eorge] Dickinson, Red How, to Mr Bell, his tenant at Whitekeld - urges immediate repair of the fences and walls there  D DI/1/134  Not dated "(about July 1928)"

Nos. D DI/1/126-134 are inserted loose in this volume.

Envelope marked "Admittances to Caswell How, etc., Ennerdale,' 1673-1912"  D DI/1/135-156  [n.d.]

Copies of admittances to the messuage and tenement called Caswell How (Manor and Forest of Ennerdale)  D DI/1/135-144  1673-1696

Copies' watermark 1806
Nos. D DI/1/135-144 are all watermarked 1806 and are in the same handwriting. They have also latterly been numbered 1-10 in the bottom left corner.

[no title]  D DI/1/135  14 October 1673

Admittance of Richard Lamplugh of Ribton Esq., Henry Curwen of Camerton, Esq., and Francis Patrick of Workington, gent. on surrender of Joseph Patrickson of Caswell How Esq., and Thomas Patrickson of Salter, gent - 1 messuage and tenement called Caswellhow (yearly rent 14s. 2½d), and 1 tenement called Waterend (yearly rent 4s. 8d.), to hold by custom confirmed by letters patent of the late Queen Elizabeth

Admittance of Matthew Cape of Bassenthwaite to Caswellhow on surrender of Joseph Patrickson and Thomas his son  D DI/1/136  30 Sept., 1674

Surrender notified to court by four tenants of the manor

[no title]  D DI/1/137  30 Sept., 1674

Admittance of Jeffery Wiberghe, gent., to messuage and tenement called Little Howside (rent 3s. 0½d p.a.) and to "a parcel of Forest or pasture Ground called Upper Holm" (rent 13s.4d. p.a. "daile Maile Rent") in the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale, on surrender of Joseph Patrickson and his son Thomas to the four tenants who present this

[no title]  D DI/1/138  30 Sept., 1674

Admittance of William Fletcher to 1 messuage and tenement called Waterend in the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale (rent 4s. 8d. p.a.) on surrender of the two Patricksons to the four tenants who present this

[no title]  D DI/1/139  30 Sept., 1674

Admittance of John Tiffin to 1 messuage and tenement called Woodside in the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale (yearly rent 3s. 4d.) and to 1 parcel of forest ground called Great Cove (yearly rent 1s. 0d.), on surrender of the two Patricksons (as in No. D DI/1/138)

[no title]  D DI/1/140  1 Oct., 1680

Admittance of Henry Tiffin to Woodside and Coves alias Great Coves, with the "agistments of Cattle called daile Maile", on surrender of John Tiffin to 4 local tenants

[no title]  D DI/1/141  2 Oct., 1683

Admittance of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Kt., to Caswellhow and its daile Maile, on surrender of Joseph and Thomas Patrickson, Cape, and John and Henry Tiffin, to four local tenants
Then follows:
Admittance of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Kt., to Waterend and its daile Maile (on surrender as in preceding), same day
Admission of do. to Woodside and its daile Maile (on surrender as in preceding), same day

Call roll of the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale  D DI/1/142  4 October 1687

The tenant of all five farms named was Sir John Lowther of Lowther, Bart.

Admittance of Sir John Lowther, Bart, to Little Howside and its Daile Maile, on surrender of Richard Lowry, gent  D DI/1/143  3 October 1689

Call roll of the manor  D DI/1/144  2 October 1696

Sole tenant of the 6 farms: John, Viscount Lonsdale

File marked "Copies of Admittances etc.... to... How Hall" as follows  D DI/1/145  Not dated

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 1

(a) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Caswellhow (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle), as heir of his late father John, 1 October 1700
(b) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Waterend (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle), 1 October 1700
(c) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Little Howside (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle), 1 October 1700

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 2

(d) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Woodside (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle) 1 October 1700
(e) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to parcel called Redbeckclose (rent 2s. p.a.), 1 October 1700
(f) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to "an Island and Water called Broad Water", rent 4d. p.a., 1 October 1700

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 3

(g) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to the Fellbecks (streams), rent 6d. p.a., 1 October 1700
(h) Admittance of Henry, Viscount Lonsdale, heir to his brother the late Richard, to Caswellhow (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle) 30 March 1714
(i) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Waterend (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle) 30 March 1714

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 4

(j) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Little Howside (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle) 30 March 1714
(k) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Woodside (and its daile maile/agistment of cattle) 30 March 1714
(l) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to parcel called Redbeckclose, 30 March 1714

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 5

(m) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to Broadwater, 30 March 1714
(n) Admittance of Richard, Viscount Lonsdale to the Fellbecks, 30 March 1714
(o) Call roll of the manor, 10 October 1721
(Sole tenant: John Tiffin, gent.)
Then follow 2 blank pages, then

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 5 [sic]

(p) Admittance of John Ribton of Great Broughton to 'Casewell How', Water End, Little Howside, Woodside, Redbeckclose, Broadwater, and the Fellbecks, on surrender of John Tiffin, gent., 7 October 1748

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 6

(q) Admittance of John Senhouse of Calder Abbey, Esq., to these properties, on surrender of John Ribton, 8 October 1751

[no title or date]  D DI/1/145/Page 7

(r) Admittance of Richard Dixon of Whitehaven, "Doctor in Physic", to these properties, on surrender of John Senhouse, 27 October 1752
The leaves of No. D DI/1/145 are watermarked 1805 and 1806.

Admittance of Henry Birley to these properties, on surrender of Sir Daniel Fleming, Bart  D DI/1/146  1 January 1808


Admittance of Mary Nicholson of Whitehaven, spinster, to these properties, on surrender of Henry Birley out of court to four local tenants  D DI/1/147  26 October 1808


Admittance of John Dickinson to these properties (except Little Howside), on surrender of Mary Nicholson out of court  D DI/1/148  29 October 1833


Nos. D DI/1/149-153 are originals, and are numbered 1-5 on front  [no ref. or date]

Admittance of John Dickinson to Casewell How  D DI/1/149  14 August 1844

Admittance of John Dickinson to Waterend  D DI/1/150  14 August 1844

Admittance of John Dickinson to Little Howside  D DI/1/151  14 August 1844

Admittance of John Dickinson to Woodside  D DI/1/152  14 August 1844

Admittance of John Dickinson to Redbeck Close  D DI/1/153  14 August 1844

File of admittances of Joseph Dickinson and George Dickinson to  D DI/1/154  13 March 1906

(a) Caswell How
(b) Waterend
(c) Little Howside
(d) Woodside
(e) Redbeck Close (parcel of land)
(f) The Fellbecks (waters)
(g) Broadwater (island and water)
Each with printed notice inviting tenant to enfranchise.

Receipted account of fines payable to the Manor by Joseph and George Dickinson for these seven properties  D DI/1/155  19 March 1906

Schedule of this envelope's contents  D DI/1/156  Not dated [20th cent.]

4 Pages

[no title]  D DI/2  10 March 1855

Lease of the iron-ore under his farm at Eskett near Lamplugh (Joseph Jackson of Eskett, yeoman, to Richard Barker of Keekle, gent.), being 77 acres (farmhouse, yard, garden excepted), for 21 years, at £50 rent p.a.
Engrossed but not completed.
Permit to said Richard Barker, "the present Tenant of my Royalty", to raise ore belonging to the Eskett Iron Ore Co. from any present or future shafts, on payment of £7. 10s. per half-year, Eskett, 2 May 1859

Ennerdale Lake  D DI/3  [n.d.]

Bundle of general estate correspondence and papers  D DI/3/1  1838 - 1939

Rights in the Lake  D DI/3/1/1  1864 - 1932

Correspondence re. fishing (1864), iron ore conveyed over the Lake (1865), Ennerdale Inclosure (1868), stones brought (1866), sand and gravel users (1902-32)

[no title]  D DI/3/1/2  1873 - 79

Fishing tickets and notes on the Salmon Fishery Amendment Act 1873; correspondence on the 1874 Fishery District (excluding Ennerdale), 1878-79

Anglers' Inn  D DI/3/1/3  1838 - 1924

Joseph Dickinson's account book of building and repairs done at Boat House 1838 and Havercroft 1844, and measurements of wood brought from Routen [in Ennerdale], 1838; agreements and leases (originals) of the Inn 1854, 1872, 1939; letters re postbox at Ennerdale Boathouse 1888; specifications for Inn's alterations and additions, 1912, and correspondence re same 1912-13 (J F Doyle, Liverpool, architect); correspondence re installation of hot-water system (with plan) 1924
See also How Hall section (item D DI/3/1/4 below, of this bundle). The Inn was part of the How Hall estate.

How Hall estate  D DI/3/1/4  1851 - 1933

Related information: See also pt. 3 (Anglers' Inn) above.

Leases 1851*, 1880*, 1896 and papers re same (* = original deed); drainage account book 1861 and inserted memoranda 1861-89; lakeside road users' acknowledgement of trespass thereby (signed by 6 users) 1875, and Forestry Commission letter re modern user-trespasser 1933; estate correspondence, 1879, 1899 - 1900, particularly re Whitehaven Corporation Bill 1899 and re Dickinson v. Bland (County Court, for rent arrears) 1900; 3 postcards of the Lake from How Hall land, c. 1920

Manorial extinguishments  D DI/3/1/5  1927 - 1930

Correspondence re compensation agreements (Forest of Ennerdale)
Original bundle

[no title]  D DI/3/2  1862 - 1864

Whitehaven Waterworks [Bill and] Act, 1864; plan showing land of How Hall estate lost to the lake at Anglers' Inn since the weir was built, 1862; 2 cases for opinion, 1862, 1864; copy of the Act, 1864
Original bundle.

Whitehaven Town and Harbour Improvement Bill and Act, 1885 (re Water from Ennerdale)  D DI/3/3  1871 - 1885

Correspondence, evidence, petition, copy of the Bill and Act

Bundle re water supply for Cleator Moor (1867) and Whitehaven, particularly re the Whitehaven Improvement Bill, 1876, and the Whitehaven Extension Bill and Act, 1879  D DI/3/4  1862 - 1879

Letters, evidence, petition, copies of the Act

Moor Row, [Cleator], water supply  D DI/3/5  1872 - 1876

Memorandum re public meeting's proceedings 16 Dec. 1872; memoranda 1873; correspondence with the Moor Row Water Committee 1873-74; other correspondence on the matter, 1874-76
Original bundle

Compensation for raising the level of the lake  D DI/3/6  1870, 1882, 1898 - 1905; 1967

Correspondence 1898-1904, press-cuttings, particulars of claim 1899, agreement (Whitehaven Corporation to Dickinson) for same 1905; scales of water charges at Keswick 1882 and Whitehaven 1870; letter from Ennerdale Parish Council concerning status of the lakeside road (North side of lake) and referring to the 1904 items herein, 1967
*Original deed, sealed; with plan.
Original bundle.

Whitehaven Corporation Bill and Act, 1899  D DI/3/7  1891, 1899 - 1905

Concerning the Bill's proposed raising of Ennerdale Lake and its effect on Dickinson land there: correspondence, plans, petition, press-cuttings, photographs, copies of the Bill and Act
Whitehaven Town & Harbour (Lighting) Bill, 1891
2 Plans (one with sections) of land to be acquired by Whitehaven Corporation at Ennerdale, 1899, 1900.
Plan for raising the lake, 1900
Plan of proposed wall and gauge house on lake, 1899.
5 Plans and sections of proposed road widening at Anglers' Inn, 1900.
Plan of proposed road diversion at do., 1902.
29 photos (3" square) of the lake and its farms, 1899.
Letting agreement for How Hall (Dickinson to Birkett), 1899
Surveyor's report on effect of proposed raising the weir (JF Doyle, Liverpool), 1900.
Parliamentary agents' bill of costs, 1899.
Plan of road widening at Anglers' Inn, 1905.
Original bundle.

Re Mary and Frances Dickinson deceased, and the share of How Hall and the Lake  D DI/3/8  1872 - 1932

As follows:
Copy marriage settlement of Joseph Dickinson and Miss A M Campbell 1860 (copy n.d.); copy marriage contract of James Bruce Ronaldson, L.R.C.P., and Ann Macdonald, 1860 (copy n.d.); copy probate of her father James Macdonald of Liverpool 1884 (copy n.d.); residuary account of Frances Dickinson, 1872; probate (original) of Mrs Jane Unsworth of Penrith, 1888, and papers re same 1888 including agreement to buy the Unsworth share (Unsworth to Dickinson) 1888; transfer of mortgage (Dickinson to Dickinson), 1895; copy will of Mrs Flora Richardson (J B Ronaldson's sister-in-law), 1894 (copy n.d.); copy probate of Mrs Ann Macdonald 1906 (copy n.d.); 2 copies of opinions re Mary and Frances Dickinson deceased 1906 (copies n.d.); letter re "Aunt Frances's" will, 1907; solicitor's bill of costs of sale (sent to J Dickinson) of How Hall, including Ann Macdonald's share, 1909; copy order re new trustee (John Dickinson deceased) (Dickinson v. Dickinson) 1909; declaration re legacies in will of Mary Dickinson deceased, 1910; appointments of trustees for the Ennerdale Estate (by George Dickinson) 1927, 1932.
Original bundle.

Share of How Hall and the Lake  D DI/3/9  1888 - 1909

Draft conveyance (Unsworth to Dickinson) 1888; do. (Dickinson to Dickinson) 1909; re Frances Dickinson deceased (re How Hall and the Lake); copy will of Miss Mary Dickinson 1875 (copy c.1909), copy will of Miss Margaret Dickinson 1906 (copy c. 1909), and estate duty return for her, 1909; papers re. Solly and Dickinson v. Britton and others, including petition and copy Order, 1909
Original bundle.

Re. Frances Dickinson deceased (died 7 July 1871)  D DI/3/10  1906 - 1909

Estate Duty personal estate account 1908; Margaret Dickinson deceased (died 27 July 1908): do., 1908-09; [Mrs] Ann Macdonald deceased (died 14 August 1906): do., 1906; all concerning the estate of the said Frances Dickinson deceased, and concerning Solly and Dickinson v. Britton and others
Original bundle

Loose items  [no ref. or date]

Re. Dickinson  D DI/3/11  Circa 1909

Copy will of Frances Dickinson 1869 )copy n.d.), and annuity receipts (2) 1872
Letter setting out the family history and shares, 1909
2 acknowledgements of Mary Britton and GA Solly (re Frances Dickinson deceased), 1910.
Draft family conveyance of the Ennerdale estate (Clarke and others to George Dickinson, 1909 (copy c. 1909).
Schedules of deeds and papers relating to this matter (cover 1837 - 1909)

[no title]  D DI/3/12  1885 - 1888

Unsworth deeds 1888, schedule of deeds (covers 1885-88), memoranda n.d., correspondence 1885-88, estate duty papers for John and Jane Unsworth deceased (all 1888)

Letters from the Unsworths and about the Unsworth interest in How Hall and the Lake  D DI/3/13  1887 - 1890

Ennerdale Rolled plans etc  D DI/3/Plans  [n.d.]

These bundles and loose items were wrapped in one large parcel marked "How Hall etc. Correspondence etc. relating to purchase."

Whitehaven Waterworks, 1848  D DI/3/Plans/1  1848 - 1853

Book of Reference, with copy of its Act and 3 letters 1848-49, 1853

Plan of land flooded near the Anglers' Inn since the weir was built  D DI/3/Plans/2  1862

Land lost to the lake, 1862-99  D DI/3/Plans/3  1899

Ennerdale Railway [Parliamentary] plan  D DI/3/Plans/4  1884

Whitehaven Corporation New Water Works: do  D DI/3/Plans/5  1898

Parish volume  D DI/4  [n.d.]

Scrapbook marked "D.475B", containing further estate and parish papers, 1663 - c. 1960
Item is filed on Guard No.
1, 2 1
12 7
13 15
14 16
15-17 21
18 24
19 25
21 27
22 35
23 36
25 37
26 39
27 41
28 43
29 46
33 53
35 57
36,37 58
38 82
40 89
41 93
42,43 98
44 101
46 107
47 108
51 113
52 118
53 119
54 120
55 121
56 122
59 124
60 127
61 128
62 133
63 135
64 136
66 138
37 143

Contents list  D DI/4/a  20th century

[no title]  D DI/4/b  Circa 1671, and 20th cent

17th Century copy of monumental inscription (Latin) to Catherine Lamplugh (died 1671), wife of Thomas Lamplugh (Archbishop of York 1689-91), with notes on the said Thomas, 20th cent

[no title]  D DI/4/c  1783

Bill of legal costs due to John Wordsworth's executors for John's work in the Lamplugh Inhabitants' (road) case, 1781-83 (very detailed).

[no title]  D DI/4/d  Nov.-Dec. 1899

Five letters of application for the post of Assistant Overseer and Clerk to the Parish Council

[no title]  D DI/4/e  June 1951

Printed catalogue of Exhibition of the History of Everyday Life in the Parish of Lamplugh in Cumberland

List of total "rent" or "rait" paid by the named farms in Dean and Workington  D DI/4/1  Not dated [later 18th cent.]

Similar for Dean, (see DD1 4/1)  D DI/4/2  Not dated [later 18th cent.]

A list of one Purvey for Lamplugh Quarter, also of Moor Rent payable (farm names and sums payable)  D DI/4/3  Not dated [later 18th cent.]

Memoranda on members of the Lamplugh family of the 1590s  D DI/4/4  Not dated [later 18th cent.]

[no title]  D DI/4/5  Oct. 1725

Receipt to John Dickinson of Streetgate in Lamplugh for 10s. 10d. rent paid by the Lord of the Manor of Lamplugh and others in Lamplugh and Arlecdon to the "Grove" [Grieve] of Workington and by him to the Lord of Workington, and by him to the "Lord of Northumberland"

[no title]  D DI/4/6  Sept. 1734

Receipt to Daniel Dickinson of Streetgate in Lamplugh for 10s. 10d

[no title]  D DI/4/7  Oct. 1766

Receipt to John Dickinson of Streetgate in Lamplugh for 10s. 10d

[no title]  D DI/4/8  Oct. 1786

Receipt to "Mr Dickinson" for 10s. 10d. fee farm rent "due to Lord Egremont and payable to the House of Workington"

[no title]  D DI/4/9  Nov. 1797

Receipt to "Mr Dickinson" for 10s. 10d. fee farm rent "... payable to the Owner of Workington Hall"

[no title]  D DI/4/10  Oct. 1826

Receipt to "Mr Dickinson" for 10s. 10d. fee farm rent "... payable to the Owner of Workington Hall"

[no title]  D DI/4/11  Jan. 1828

Receipt to "Mr Dickinson" for 10s. 10d. fee farm rent "... payable to the Owner of Workington Hall"

[no title]  D DI/4/12  Not dated [ early 19th cent.]

"Bishop Rent half yearly collection" list (Farms' names and sums)

Draft boundary perambulation of the Lordship and Manor of Lamplugh, [circa 1820], preceded by copy of same of 1664  D DI/4/13  Circa 1820

Plan of the parish boundary with Loweswater (tracing on linen)  D DI/4/14  Not dated

Scale 4 chains to 1 inch. North point. Ink and colour.
50 ins. by 13 ins.

Packet marked "John Lamplugh to Tenants Extinguishment of Fines. 30 Sept  D DI/4/15-17  1663

Extinguishment of Fines Arbitrary  D DI/4/15  [n.d.]

Agreement of John Lamplugh Esq. with his tenants (named), 30 Sept. 1663
Fragment of draft bond in £1100 (same to same) re same, 1663

Uncompleted copy of No. D DI/4/15  D DI/4/16  30 Sept. 1663

Notes on the peers who were with Henry V at Agincourt  D DI/4/17  20th cent

Articles of agreement for execution of No. D DI/4/15 (same to same)  D DI/4/18  12 May 1663

Signed by John Lamplugh, with fragments of his armorial seal.

Bond (same to same) in £500 to perform covenants of No. D DI/4/18  D DI/4/19  12 May 1663

Signed and sealed by John Lamplugh (seal cracked across crest but otherwise whole).

Declaration by John Lamplugh and Frances his wife of their intention in No. D DI/4/15, that it was, as stated, an enfranchisement of his customary tenants  D DI/4/20  4 May 1664

Signed by both. Plain seals. Deed poll.
No. 20 is filed on guard marked "26".

Copy of deed of ratification (1664) of the enfranchisement, copy  D DI/4/21  Circa 1900

Cartouche [only] of plan of Lamplugh Hall Estate, the property of the Rev. Thomas Lamplugh, surveyed by George Monkhouse  D DI/4/22  24 May 1778

Arms of Lamplugh (gold paint and colour).
Cut from the plan.

Vignette of Lamplugh Hall, [cut from the same Plan]  D DI/4/23  [1778]

Related information: See Trans CWAAS, 1944,p.138

Shows pele-tower to right of later house and buildings. Items D DI/4/22, 23

Photograph of No. D DI/4/23  D DI/4/24  Circa 1950

Inserted loose.

Reminiscences of Lamplugh Hall, by W Dickinson, Thorncroft, Workington  D DI/4/25  Dec. 1880

Printed article

[no title]  D DI/4/26  1787

Annotated schedule of "an Estate at Lamplugh" (tenants, field names, acreages, cultivation), with report on its agriculture by Richard Clark, Penrith, 17 May 1787, and particulars (no notes) of an estate "at Moorside in Cumberland"

Similar for same (notes include husbandry and to whom let), "with Wolley's Remarks", See DD1 4/26  D DI/4/27  Circa 1800

Letting particulars of Lamplugh Hall farm (lately occupied by John Saul deceased) for 5 years (husbandry clauses)  D DI/4/28  3 Feb. 1817


[no title]  D DI/4/29  19 Oct. 1717

Case and opinion on effect of mortgage of the estate by the late Col. Lamplugh to Lord Lonsdale, on the offer of Thomas Lamplugh Esq. (the Colonel's son) to enfranchise in Lamplugh, Arlecdon, and Whillimore; opinion signed by Ro. Gibson

Tabulated particulars of those who enfranchised under Thomas Lamplugh, Esq  D DI/4/30  Not dated [circa 1718]

Township; tenant's name; no. of messuages, gardens, orchards, arable, meadow, pasture; rent

[no title]  D DI/4/31-32  1717-1731

Packet marked "Final Enfranchisement Deed,.. Oct. 1717; Thomas Lamplugh to remaining tenants, March 1731", contents as follows

Deed of enfranchisement (Thomas Lamplugh Esq. to his tenants), for unspecified sum  D DI/4/31  1 Oct. 1717

Schedule of tenements concerned; signatures of the tenants. Includes John (Streetgate), John (Woodend), David (Lackerton Wood), John (High Trees), John (Kidburngill), Dickinson.

Deed of enfranchisement (Thomas Lamplugh Esq. to (remaining) tenants) for £155  D DI/4/32  11 March 1731

Schedule and signatures as in No. D DI/4/37. These include Lancelot, John (his mark), and Joseph Dickinson. All the tenants sign over the Dickinson armorial seal.

[no title]  D DI/4/33  Not dated [circa 1700]

Pedigree of Ivo de Tailbois and Malcolm, Prince of Cumbria and later King of Scotland, and their descendants as far as Gilbert son of Gilbert, lord of Workington, and Annabel and Alice, co-heiresses of Richard [de] Lucy

Pedigree of Sir Robert de Lamplugh, Kt. (flor. c.1185) down to Robert Lamplugh  D DI/4/34  Not dated [circa 1700]

Pedigree of Sir Robert de Lamplugh (flor. c.1185) down to c.1823; annotated  D DI/4/35  Not dated [circa 1823]


[no title]  D DI/4/36  Circa 1950

Photograph of portrait of Thomas Lamplugh, Archbishop of York 1689-91 (died at York, 1691), with note that it is "now [c.1950] in the possession of Mr Powles, Ravenscaur, Edentown, Carlisle"

[no title]  D DI/4/37  1721 - 1734, circa 1950

Flyleaf from family Bible of Canon Thomas Lamplugh of York (grandson to Archbishop Thomas), recording in great detail his children, 1721-34; with pedigree, and notes on envelope, all c.1950

Chancery exemplification of the 1663 enfranchisement  D DI/4/38  30 June 1665

Plain seal.
In envelope.

Card showing the arms of John Lamplugh Raper of Lamplugh [1790-1867], husband of Katherine Wolley  D DI/4/39  Circa 1820

Annotated c.1950 on back.
Inserted loose.

Declaration of the bounds of "A Devitian made of the Poundfould" at Lamplugh, with provision for who makes, keeps, and locks the gate  D DI/4/40  23 Oct. 1764

Signed by 7 local farmers, of whom four were Dickinsons (John of Streetgate, John of Woodend, David of Lackerton Wood, and Thomas (no abode given)).

Association for the Prosecution of Felons: notice of its formation, aims, and objects, and names of its Committee (with townships)  D DI/4/41  Not dated [early 19th cent.]

Formed to prosecute thieves etc. in Lamplugh, Arlecdon, Frizington, Ennerdale, and district. Four Dickinsons on the Committee (Lamplugh, Salter and Esket, Arlecdon).
Printer by T. Wilson, Whitehaven.

Declaration by the Vestry "that Sarah Dickinson by her owne Consent shall Continue going in the Cworse She has been in", with penalty for "any person refusing to take her"  D DI/4/42  8 June 1789

Signed by 5 persons.

Cockermouth Union receipt to Mr Joseph Dickinson of 16s. 6d. for the Dean Poor Rate  D DI/4/43  18 Feb. 1887

Isaac Dickinson, collector

Letter from Joseph Gilbanks to Robert Smithson Esq., solicitor, York  D DI/4/44  17 Nov. 1819

Has been directed by the Charities Inquiry Commissioners to ask Mr Raper about a rent-charge of £12 p.a. from "Skelsmere" [Scalesmore], said to have been misapplied; much detail of its intended use (for Lamplugh School), Lamplugh

Typescript abstract of Quarter Sessions indictments of Lamplugh Quarter for non-repair of local roads, Mich. 1779, Xmas 1780  D DI/4/45  Not dated

Inserted loose. typescript

Subscription list for building a bridge over the River Marron in Lamplugh parish  D DI/4/46  Not dated [circa 1865]

Copy of builders' agreement for same (Thomas and Jonathan Lancaster, builders) (with specifications), 1856  D DI/4/47  Copy circa 1856

Local rail timetables (cutting from the Cumberland Pacquet)  D DI/4/48  9 Feb. 1875

Inserted loose.

Catalogue of the Lamplugh Lending Library  D DI/4/49  Not dated [mid 19th cent.]

Printed at Bailey's office, 73 Main St., Cockermouth.
Endorsed "Odd papers left in safe by Rev. W Wordsworth".
Inserted loose.

Press-cutting  D DI/4/50  Not dated [early 20th

Report of meeting of the Lamplugh Parish Council (retirement of the Clerk, Mr Sewell, and attempted resignation of George Dickinson as Chairman)
Inserted loose.

Packet marked "Photostat copies from Cumberland Record Office  D DI/4/51  Circa 1960

Replies to Archdeacon's Visitation Interrogatories 1690-1700, Parish of Lamplugh" - contains photostats of these for the years 1690, 1693, 1695, 1696, 1697, 1699, 1700, photostat copies

List of the [Lamplugh] parish registers  D DI/4/52  Circa 1831

No. 52 is filed separately from its envelope, on which is note of its provenance in the papers of the Rev. Walter Brooksbank, "Rector of Lamplugh in the eighteen fifties".

[Unusual] deaths entries extracted from the Lamplugh burials register 1656-63  D DI/4/53  Not dated [late 17thc]

Bibliography: Published in Trans. CW A & AS, New Series, 44, (1944), p. 138-9.

Terrier of Lamplugh, and inventory of tithes and emoluments  D DI/4/54  1698

Terrier of Lamplugh, and inventory of tithes and emoluments, (copy) taken 21 May 1818  D DI/4/55  1818

Copy same day
On its page 3, copy of tithes receipt (Rev. Richard Dickinson, Rector, to William Dale of Kelton Head), 1809.
Endorsed "To be put with Lamplugh Estate papers".

Terrier of Lamplugh  D DI/4/56  1771

Terrier (photostat from Lamplugh B.T.s)  D DI/4/57  1690

Terrier (photostat from Lamplugh B.T.s)  D DI/4/58  1693

Copy of judgment (King's Bench) in Lamplugh tithes lawsuit (Dale and others v. Rev. Joseph Gilbanks), 1819  D DI/4/59  Circa 1819


Copy of issue in same case (King's Bench), 1819, and forwarding letter (1819)  D DI/4/60  Circa 1819


Statement of expenses of making the Lamplugh Tithe Award, set out in a letter from William Dickinson, North Mosses, to John Dickinson, Red How  D DI/4/61  [1837]

"Sunday morning"

Tithe Commutation: Table showing the Value of Tithe Rent-Charges for the Year 1878, with tables of the changes in grain prices since 1838, by George Taylor  D DI/4/62  1878

(Booklet), London

Terms for building a churchyard wall at Lamplugh, to enclose the half-acre of land presented by WL Brooksbank, Esq., 1873  D DI/4/63  Circa 1873

The Committee of 8 included Mr Joseph Dickinson, Red How.

Builder's agreement for same (Martin Bewick, Arlecdon)  D DI/4/64  [1873]

Copy of subscription list for same, and for demolition of the old Rectory and preparation of the site for use as new burial ground, [1873]  D DI/4/65  Circa 1873


Letter from Walter Brooksbank to John Dickinson, Red How - strongly disapproves of Mr Hacon [the Rector's] project of building  D DI/4/66  17 August 1875

"Such a useless object as a vestry"; urges opposition to the faculty; agrees that the Dickinson burials should not again be disturbed, Ormidale House, Kyles of Bute
Inserted loose.

Leaflet inviting contributions for the restoration of Lamplugh Parish Church and its Mission Church at Kirkland  D DI/4/67  Not dated [circa 1950]

With photograph of each church.

Envelope marked "Photographs - Lamplugh Church Bell, 15th century; Gargoyles; Vestry Window"  D DI/4/68  Not dated

[But empty when list made of this deposit].

Drawing of Lamplugh School, marked "Lizzie Henderson Key, 1914"  D DI/4/69  1914

Pencil. Shows "1879" date on gable.
Inserted loose.

Packet marked "Letters and Evidence re boundary with Lamplugh on occasion of Arlecdon and Kelton Enclosure Award, 1819"  D DI/4/70  1818 - 19

Letters, evidence, deposed copy of boundary
Letters mainly from Joseph Steel & Son, [solicitors], Cockermouth, to Robert Smithson, [solicitor], York.
"Mainly concerns the line with Lamplugh over Middlefell, and right of Moorside to share of Arlecdon Fell - both lost" (label within).
Original bundle.

Cutting from the Whitehaven News, being three reports made to the Whitehaven Union Rural Sanitary Authority, Feb. 1876, on Arlecdon water and sewerage  D DI/4/71  2 March, 1876

Whitehaven News
Inserted loose.

Envelope marked "Lamplugh Club papers", containing  D DI/4/72  1826-1939

a) Verses recommendatory of the Dialogue between the Farmer and the Curate [a Whig broadside], n.d. [18th cent.]
Postmarked "Manchester". Printed.
b) Memorandum that the Trustees of the Lamplugh Friendly Society have left cash or promissory notes for one guinea to be cancelled by the bankruptcy commissioners for Johnston Adamson and Hope, 22 Aug. 1826
c) Lamplugh Friendly Society (established 1788) member's contribution card (blank), n.d. [20th cent.]
d) do. 151st Anniversary Sports & Gala programme, 9 June 1939
Printed booklet.
e) Photograph of brass band [leading a parade of the Society], n.d. [c.1939]

Schedule of Jackson family documents of Lamplugh, typescript  D DI/4/73  Not dated [circa 1950]

Lamplugh parish valuation book  D DI/5  1843

(Owner, occupier, no. on plan, location and name of property, acreage, gross estimated rental, rateable value, township)
Half unused.
Inside front cover has note of total rateable value of the tithes of each of the four townships of Lamplugh, Murton, Kelton, and Winder.

Papers inserted at front of item D DI/5, as follows  D DI/6  1824-1863

a) Lamplugh parish valuation, 1824
b) Lamplugh parish ratepayers list, their farms or properties, extent, and assessed values and rentals of same in 1862-63 and 1868 (booklet), 1863, updated in 1868
Endorsed "Valuation of the Parish of Lamplugh, 1863"

Lamplugh poor rate assessment book  D DI/7  1847

At back
do. for Salter and Esket (extra-parochial), [1847]
Front cover marked "Lamplugh. No. 17"

Envelope addressed to Mr Jackson, Cockley Gill, Lamplugh, containing Jackson of Felldyke family papers  D DI/8  1596-1857

[no title]  D DI/8/a  31 Dec. 1596

Quitclaim by John Bowman of Keswick, tailor, to John Jackson the younger of Whinnow p. Lamplugh, yeoman, of his interest or tenantright in the messuage tenement or farmhold called Bleerbank in Murton p. Lamplugh, now occupied by said John Jackson the younger and by John Foxe, rent 4s. p.a.
Mark of John Bowman above plain seal.

[no title]  D DI/8/b  16 May 1732

Inventory of the late John Jackson of Felldyke p. Lamplugh, yeoman, taken [for probate] by John Jackson of Smaithwaite, John Dickinson of Hightrees, John Dickinson of Felldike, and John Dickinson of Streetgate
Signed by the three John Dickinsons; mark of John Jackson.

Letter from John Drape (a Quaker) to Mr John Jackson, Great Broughton  D DI/8/c  7 Dec. 1759

Has received his queries on a problem in Laboissier's Almanac for 1760, but does not know his enquirer, and sees flaws "in thy bad Grammar and fallacious Method of reasoning"; then discusses the questions, on the Earth's rotation, measurements, and evolution - which he trusts is no real problem "in such a polite place as Broughton", Whitehaven

View of three farmhouses with their fells as background [Murton p. Lamplugh]  D DI/8/d  Not dated [later 18th cent.]

Pencil and ink
On back, writing exercises done by Matthew Jackson

Letter from John Falcon to Mr John Jackson, Fell-dike, Lamplugh  D DI/8/e  3 June 1803

Glad to hear from his old friend, but cannot send him much to help his project, as all has to be paid for" "in a town like this, in these times, when taxed, cessed [rated], and squeezed on all Hands", Gateshead

Verses on Biblical themes  D DI/8/f  Not dated [circa 1800]


Society of Friends' Yearly Meeting (Women's) Advice to the meetings of Women Friends in Great Britain and Ireland  D DI/8/g  1839

Sale poster, Fell Dyke, Schoolhouse Fields (with limekiln and lime quarry thereon), Walkmill Fields, all p. Lamplugh and Moorfield p. Arlecdon; 1 dale in Murton Ings; royalty of the Lamplugh properties; and common rights on Lamplugh Fell  D DI/8/h  July 1857

Related information: On this bundle see also D DI/4/73, above.
On Jackson's fell-gate at Kinniside, see Q/11/1746 Easter/81.

Printed by William Smith, "Herald" Office, Whitehaven.

[no title or date]  D DI/9

Source of acquisition: Further deposit by R F Dickinson, Esq., on 2 April 1980

Packet of deeds and papers, mainly relating to Ennerdale, and particularly to the Ennerdale and Kinnyside tithes (1833) and to the Ennerdale Inclosure (1866 and after).
The wrapper of these items D DI/9/1-16 was marked "Manor of Ennerdale.
1. Agreement between Landowners for carrying on suits about Tithes 1838.
2. Account of Tithes 1828-35.
3. Enclosure Award Correspondence etc. re. Gillerthwaite Road, Dale Male.
4. Ennerdale Afforestation newspaper cutting 1923"

Three extracts from earlier documents concerning the Lordship of Ennerdale  D DI/9/1  Watermarked 1824, 1827

[no title]  D DI/9/1/a  Original 14 May 10 Eliz

Inspeximus of Elizabeth I of commission for survey of the manor; with the findings of the survey
At end, valuation of Ennerdale and Kinniside, n.d.

[no title]  D DI/9/1/b  Not dated

Concise summary of the above and copy rental of the manor (fineable, stints, dalemail, Croasdale Pinfold payment)

[no title]  D DI/9/1/c  Copied 23 Jan. 1826

Survey of the Manor of Ennerdale [late Charles I's property], Nov. 1650

Agreement of the Landowners of Ennerdale and Kinniside, for defending and carrying on tithe lawsuits  D DI/9/2  21 August 1833

Recites that John Kirkhaugh of Aspatria, gent., was the present impropriator and "hath of late attempted to innovate ...", and that he had lately filed a bill in Exchequer against them.
Signed by 44 persons, including J Dickinson.

Ennerdale and Kinnyside tithe book for 1828-35  D DI/9/3  18 January 1837

Names tenant, farm, sum.

Customary conveyance for £6200 (The Trustees of Joseph Tiffin Senhouse to Henry Birley of Whitehaven, merchant)  D DI/9/4  26 Nov 1807

Customary and tenantright houses and farms in the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale, and 250 sheep

Mortgage of same for £4000 (Henry Birley of Whitehaven, merchant, to Mary Nicholson of Whitehaven, spinster) for 7 years  D DI/9/5  2 June 1808

Agreement of the landowners undersigned to conduct lawsuit against trespassers on their rights in the Manor and Forest of Ennerdale; signatories headed by Joseph Dickinson; provision for committee to act for them  D DI/9/6  13 June 1838

Including John Dickinson, Esq., of Red How and to appoint an attorney or solicitor
Signed by 17 persons.

Four sheets of acknowledgments of trespass signed by the individual offenders  D DI/9/7  6 - 12 July and 1 August 1838

Valuation and rate list (purpose not specified) of Ennerdale  D DI/9/8  Watermark 1825

Landowner, occupier, property's name, value, rate.

Notice that general fine is due (on death of the late Earl of Lonsdale) from John Dickinson, Red How, for his customary estate in the Manor of Ennerdale  D DI/9/9  2 September 1844

Ennerdale Railway (In Parliament: Session 1884) [deposited Parliamentary Plan's] book of reference  D DI/9/10  1884

Lacks plan; but includes the public notice of the powers sought.

Papers and plans relating to the Ennerdale Inclosure  D DI/9/11  1858 - 1896

The Award was made in 1872.

Power by 7 undersigned to Mr John Dickinson of Havencroft (sole trustee of the late Joseph Dickinson, Esq.) to act for them in the matter, for the benefit of the How Hall Estate, Anglers' Inn, and the land attached thereto, the property of the undersigned  D DI/9/11/a  29 March 1858

Signatories include Frances, Margaret and Mary Dickinson.

Sale particulars of allotments on Broadmoor (Ennerdale Inclosure), sale  D DI/9/11/b  9 Feb., 1865

Includes plan, and provisions for rights of way.

Plan of fencing liabilities for the Ennerdale allotments  D DI/9/11/c  Not dated

Correspondence on the new road over Broadmoor, and the stopping-up of the old road there  D DI/9/11/d  1866

Includes re the appeal to Quarter Sessions (Mich. 1866)

Schedule of total acreages of allotments awarded to each farm (Ennerdale)  D DI/9/11/e  Not dated [c.1872]

List of owners, their farms, their original tithe rent-charge, and the acreage of their tithe allotments; with note of purchase money ("about £1350") paid by Lord Lonsdale for Ennerdale Tithes, and other financial memoranda  D DI/9/11/f  Not dated [c.1866-70s.]

On back, list of "owners and properties not having given Common in lieu of Tithe R[en]t Charge, and which are still chargeable" (name, property, sum)

Notes on dale male payable in Ennerdale  D DI/9/11/g  1874 and not dated

Copy letter from John Dickinson, Red How, to C. Webster, Kendal, and the latter's reply  D DI/9/11/h  23 June and 5 July 1879

Status of certain roads in Ennerdale

Extract from the Ennerdale Inclosure Award (relating to the Lowther estate's allotments, and to the Brother's Stint; extract made by the Whitehaven Estate Office), with covering letter from J D[ickinson]  D DI/9/11/i  Extract: 30 April 1896; Letter: 30 April 1896

Also stating that "the Sewerage Plans for Distington are now approved", but fearing that their outlet onto "fields.. will pollute your river at Lowca": write to the Rural Sanitary Authority

Thirteen photographs and postcards of Ennerdale (lake, landing-stage, lakeside road, "Anglers' Hotel", also a small cannon at lakeside)  D DI/9/12  Early 20th cent

Three photographs in envelope marked "Char Dubs, Ennerdale"  D DI/9/13  Early 20th c

"Ennerdale Afforestation. The Scheme Explained. About 40 men to be employed. A Climatic Query  D DI/9/14  Cutting not dated [1923]

From a special correspondent)" (article in the Whitehaven News)
Includes details of the Forestry Commision's planting proposals and its predicted effect on the local wildlife.

Letters from R Littledale (Wokingham, Berks) - Ennerdale material noted in the [Public] Record Office: detailed notes and extracts re farms, tenants, etc  D DI/9/15  1928

Three memoranda and letter to "My dear Father" from "Fryer", re estate matters, particularly to public roads therein  D DI/9/16  1930

Eight envelopes marked DF/7/1-8 by the late Tom Gray as Archivist, Carlisle, deposited between 1955-58  D DI/10  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by R F Dickinson, Esq., J.P., on 3 March 1982

The above eight items were each put into an envelope by the late Mr Tom Gray, and marked "DF/7". This present list follows the DF/7 order, not the chronological order.

[no title]  D DI/10/1  30 Nov. 1637

Damaged along central horizontal fold.

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/1

Bargain and sale for £40 (John Jackson of Howgate to John Atkinson of Kirsgillhow, both in Frizington, yeomen) - moiety of "all his whole messuage and tenement the which is yeat unbuld or unmorgaged" (the other moiety being "all ready sould or morgaged unto the said John Atkinson"); quitclaims all rights including "clayme and demand of tenantright"; has licence of Henry Patrickson of Frizington, Esq., lord of the manor; yearly rent 2s. 9d.
Mark of vendor. Seal missing.

[no title]  D DI/10/2  5 Aug. 1706

Related information: Formerly DF/7/2 - See D DI/10/8 below.

Receipt from John Muncaster to Mr John Dickinson for 32s.6d. for share of costs of "Suing out A Fine" (others included Joseph Porter)

Bond in £20 (Matthew Colman of Stubscales, Cumberland, yeoman, to William Frear of do., do.)  D DI/10/3  11 Jan. 1613/4

To perform covernants in agreement made that day "concerning admission of certione groundes in Stubskales"
Parchment item, seal (blob) on tongue.

Bond in £60 (William Towerson of Langmoorehead Cumberland, yeoman, to William Towerson of the Manor of Calder, yeoman)  D DI/10/4  2 Feb., 1628/9

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/4

To leave William Towerson his heirs and assigns in peaceable possession of the messuage and tenement called Langmoorehead in Kinniside
Parchment. Unsigned above "Signa Nicholai Towerson". [The Christian name of the above-bounden party in the bond proper is missing; named as "William" in the condition].
Plain seal. Some holes in this item; ink faint.

Two indentures of fine (John Dickinson, Thomas Lamplugh, Esq., and Francis his wife, deforciants)  D DI/10/5  [Late Jan. 1718/9]

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/5

64 houses, 73 gardens, 18 orchards, 605 acres land, 210 acres meadow, 275 acres pasture, £22. 9s. 0d. rent, and common of pasture and turbary, in Lamplugh and Arlecdon, Octave of St Hilary, 5 Geo I

Two indentures of fine (Thomas Wilkinson, querent; John Wilkinson and Ann his wife, deforciants)  D DI/10/6  5 Geo. I [1718]

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/6

1 house, 10 acres land, 10 acres meadow, and 30 acres pasture, in Lamplugh, also 2 houses, 30 acres land, 20 acres meadow, and 40 acres pasture in Ullock, Michaelmas
A modern summary of this item is included on back of blank Air Raid Damage Report Centres massage form for detailed reporting of damage, c. 1940.

Bargain and sale for £10 (Thomas Iredale of Armisyd, Cumberland, yeoman, to William Woode of Mockerkin, yeoman)  D DI/10/7  23 March 1625/6

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/7

Tenantright house and land commonly called Stubbe Tenement in "Harmisyd", in Cumberland, late in the tenure of Peter Iredale "my late Brother deceased", yearly rent 3d., held by custom of tenantright (Henry, Earl of Northumberland, lord)
Signature of vendor; seal missing. Parchment
No endorsements at all.
Modern summary included on separate sheet of paper.

[no title]  D DI/10/8  In the 15 Days after Trinity, 5 Anne [1706]

Archival history:
Formerly DF/7/8).

Related information: See also D DI/10/2 above.

Indenture of fine (John Rogers, Thomas Senhouse, Jacob Stephenson, John Dickinson, John Biglande, and Henry Brownrigg, querents; John Fisher and Jane his wife, Elizabeth Senhouse (widow), Henry Mirehouse and Alice his wife, Joseph Porter, John Smith (gent.) and Mary his wife, and Frances Scott (widow) deforciants - 11 houses, 40 acres land, 10 acres meadow, 40 acres pasture, and common of pasture, in Cockermouth, Whitehaven, and the parishes of "Deane, Skelton, Hutton and St John's"

Estate correspondence and accounts  D DI/11-20  [n.d.]

Mainly relates to colliery and iron ore

Copy conditions and agreement for letting the Red How coal royalty, with tracing plan re same  D DI/11  1870

The Royalty covered the Red How, Havercroft, Todhole, and Woodend estates in Lamplugh, "excepting the Allotments upon Lamplugh Fell, and the portions of ground on the boundary of the river Marron that were formerly in the Parish of Dean". Bundle comprises three copies of the letting conditions, one of which includes the memorandum of J & C Brown & Co.'s offer accepted, 4 June 1870.
The plan shows surface features; names each field, with the name of its estate; Red How; River Marron; Whitehaven Cleator & Egremont Railway, with "Proposed Tramway" from it into Low Moss (Havercroft) to "Proposed Coal Pit"; tracks; "Present Borehole 1872" in High Moss (Todhole); unnamed [Borehole] pencilled in (same field). Scale 1/2500. Ink and colour (red, grey). See also D DI/13, 14 below.
Original bundle.

Lamplugh Colliery correspondence, including letters and first report of J D Kendall, C.E. (59 Roper Street, Whitehaven)  D DI/12  1876 - 79

"Mr Kendall's first Report of his View of the Lamplugh Colliery" is dated 8 Jan. 1877; it includes sections (Top, Seam, Bottom Seam).
Original bundle, deposited as roll.

Further Lamplugh Colliery correspondence  D DI/13  1877-1878

Mainly with the Lessees as to proposed closure of the Colliery and ways of avoiding that, e.g. new clauses to improve working  D DI/13/1  1878

Original file on staple.

Envelope (now empty) addressed to John Dickinson Esq., 6 Percy Street, Liverpool, postmarked Cockermouth  D DI/13/2  29 Nov. 1877

Stray letter from the Lessees (J. & C. Brown) as to royalties on the Red How coal, Hazel Holme, Cleator, via Carnforth  D DI/13/3  31 May 1878

Copy letter to Mr Walker  D DI/13/4  18 Feb. 1878

Instructions for lease of Streetgate Royalty (Lamplugh) to J C Brown, Hazel Holme, Cleator, and John Moore, Ullcoats, Egremont, coal proprietors, term 21 years, with power to quit every 3 years on 6 months' notice; power "to raise [coal] from other Royalties"; damages clauses; royalty payment clauses

Letter from R W Moore (Whitehaven Castle Estate Office), returning the following items borrowed "a few weeks ago"  D DI/13/5  Not dated

"1. Tracing, Plan of the Lamplugh Colliery, 1879.
2. Printed description for advertising the same.
3. Book of Journals of Boreholes made in the Estates of Red How, Havercroft, Woodend, and Todhole.
4. Tracing of Lamplugh Colliery (small scale) torn"
Somerset House, Whitehaven, 14 August 1896

Three copies of printed description of Lamplugh Colliery "to be let, in full working order"  D DI/13/6  Not dated

States that "The Colliery has been worked since the year 1875... It is... close... to the Cleator Branch of the L.N.W.R., with which it is connected by a tramway; so that the wagons are brought to the pit-head".
(Printer not named).

Copy of arbitration award by Thomas Paisley of Overend House, Greysouthen, land valuer, and Isaac Hutchinson of Braystones near Egremont, land valuer, concerning land permanently damaged by the Colliery operations  D DI/13/7  [Circa 1881]

Assesses the damages payable, 30 June 1881, Contemporary copy
Also includes receipt for John Dickinson's share of costs of this Award; signed by William Paisley, 5 July 1881

Letter from Edmund Jackson, Mining and Civil Engineer, forwarding tracing plan "and book of Borehole Journals, also a very much decayed tracing", both tracings being "very much dilapidated"  D DI/13/8  14 Jan., 1908


Lamplugh Colliery account sheets (monthly) of coal sent (to whom and what sent); being a complete run  D DI/14  Dec. 1875 - July 1880

Includes also totals over varying periods.
Original bundle.

Iron Ores  D DI/15  1870, 1880-82

Related information: See also Plans (items D DI/35-39 below).

One copy conditions and agreement 1870, two copies conditions for letting the iron ore (hematite) royalty of Red How, Havercroft, Todhole, and Woodend 1881, correspondence and calculations re same 1880-82, small outline plan of unspecified two fields, annotated for minerals, n.d.
The iron ore was let to J & C Brown in 1870 (copy watermarked 1869).
Original bundle; contents also include envelope marked "Conditions of Letting and Journal of Borings Park Side" now only containing a letter from Henry Bowes (Clydesdale Bank, Workington) re progress of the borings, 27 Oct. 1881; envelope's back has detailed note on same.

Ennerdale Railway  D DI/16  1 Dec., 1882

Parliamentary Notice to Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers (Session 1883), intimating intended application to Parliament to bring in a Bill for a Railway from the Whitehaven Cleator & Egremont Railway in Arlecdon to the "easterly end of Lake Ennerdale"; overleaf, schedule of Ennerdale lands of John Dickinson Esq. which will be affected
In the original envelope, which also contains a small sheet of paper (memorandum as to "the River Lizza and other Fell becks" as "part and parcel of How Hall estate"), n.d.

"Dean Moor Rent Receipts - for 4 farm in Lamplugh" (original bundle)  D DI/17  1867 - 1908

Being collector's receipts (Cockermouth Castle) for annual Moor Rent due from the Dickinson family for their estates in Lamplugh, due to Lord Leconfield and Mr Curwen
Lacks: 1870, 1871, 1875*, 1877*, 1878, 1880, 1892*, 1896, 1897, 1905, 1906.
* year covered by receipt in January of the following year.

Two letters (Jan. 1867) and one receipt re Dean Moor Rent  D DI/18  1859-1867

Letter from Messrs Saul (Carlisle) on unpaid rent for 1866 due to William Walker  D DI/18/1  [n.d.]

John Dickinson's letter to Messrs. Brockbank & Helder, having received that letter from Messrs. Saul that morning (indignation)  D DI/18/2  [n.d.]

Receipt by William Walker for John Dickinson's Dean Moor Rent (for Gen. Sir Henry Wyndham)  D DI/18/3  8 Nov. 1859

File of estate correspondence marked "Ennerdale" - the Dickinson interest in Ennerdale Water; mainly relates to proposed water extraction by Whitehaven Corporation 1945-46, sale of the Lake and of the Anglers' Hotel to the Corporation 1951-2  D DI/19  1937-8, 1945-73

Related information: Note For the Anglers Hotel see also Item D DI/40 (Plans).

Case and opinion as to what interest Mr Dickinson may legally claim to the Lake  D DI/19/1  1946

Recites the history of the estate since the Dickinsons bought it in 1832.

Copy letter to and reply from the Town Clerk of Whitehaven summarising the story from February 1868  D DI/19/2  1938

Insurance policies for the Anglers' Hotel  D DI/19/3  1937, 1948

2 Items

Conveyancing papers and draft agreement for sale of the Anglers' Hotel  D DI/19/4  1951-52

Dickinson to Whitehaven Corporation 1951

Acknowledgement for production and safe custody of deeds  D DI/19/5  7 August 1952

Whitehaven Corporation to R F Dickinson
Seal of the Borough. Original deed.

Letter summarising the probate valuation of the Hotel etc. on the death of the late George Dickinson (1934)  D DI/19/6  11 April 1946

Whitehaven Corporation Waterworks Order 1946 correspondence; do. 1965 do  D DI/19/7  [n.d.]

Access to Ennerdale Lake: correspondence  D DI/19/8  1967-68

Includes letter from Mrs Susan Johnson to R F Dickinson concerning the South Cumberland Water Board's demolition and non-replacement of the Anglers' Hotel, 20 Dec. 1968.

Forestry Commission correspondence (scant) re Gillerthwaite Allotment  D DI/19/9  1956

English Lakes Counties Tourist Board's Submission to the Minister's Inspector  D DI/19/10  1973

Planning appeal re Hotel site
Original file

File marked "How Hall"  D DI/20  1936 - [1951/2]

University of Durham report on what ails the sheep there ("louping ill and tick fever")  D DI/20/1  1936

Tithe claims on Woodend (near Egrement), How Hall, and Gillerthwaite Allotment (Ennerdale)  D DI/20/2  1938

Estimates for new cooling-house and meal-house at How Hall  D DI/20/3  1940

Survey of How Hall  D DI/20/4  Not dated [circa 1940]

Field names, O.S. numbers, acreages

War Agricultural Executive Committee correspondence re shortcomings (and eventual removal) of Edward Harrington as How Hall's tenant  D DI/20/5  1941 - 48

Letters from Edward Harrington 1946-7, including complaint of Forestry Commission misuse of the road up Ennerdale, removal of his lambing-field gate just at lambingtime  D DI/20/6  1946 - 49

Includes copy remonstration with Forestry Commission by Mr Dickinson), 1947, and letter from farmer at Greysouthen hoping to get the tenancy of How Hall to employ his family fully (3rd Oct. 1949)

Contract for farm labour (War Agriculture Executive) and two worksheets for same  D DI/20/7  1946

Conveyancing correspondence re sale of How Hall to the National Trust  D DI/20/8  1948-50

Includes draft Statutory Declaration re title (Dickinson to National Trust), 1950; correspondence re private road in Ennerdale, 1949; War Agric. Exec. notice of de-requisition of How Hall Farm, 24 Jan. 1950.

Birk How and Gatra: withdrawal of negotiations  D DI/20/9  1949

Copy letter to Whitehaven News, "a few weeks before Ennerdale Lake and the Anglers' Hotel pass into the ownership of the Whitehaven Corporation": hoping that the spirit of the agreement will never "be lost sight of in the demands of expediency, in time to come"  D DI/20/10  Not dated [1951/2]

Original file

Public Office and County Business  [no ref. or date]

Whitehaven Roads: roll of papers re the call for abolition of the Whitehaven Turnpike Trust, and re its replacement by the Whitehaven Highway District, 1870-71; includes earlier material  D DI/21  1828, circa 1867-71

Whitehaven Turnpikes Act  D DI/21/1  1828

List of annual total sums spent on improvements by the Trust  D DI/21/2  1854-67

Correspondence 1869 and landowners' petitions for the abolition [1870]  D DI/21/3  1869-[1870]

Provisional and Final Quarter Sessions Order for formation of the Whitehaven Highway District 1871, and early official correspondence re same 1871  D DI/21/4  1871

Press cuttings on the matter  D DI/21/5  1870

Original roll

File marked "Lamplugh Parochial Church Council"  D DI/22  1944 - 65

Main topics:
Benefice, Advowson (appointments of incumbents), Lamplugh Rectory house, Ennerdale Vicarage house.

Fourth Quinquennial survey of Lamplugh Rectory, 1944; sub-division scheme for it, 1949; sale of it, 1957  D DI/22/1  1944-1957

Proposed union of the benefices of Lamplugh and Ennerdale: correspondence 1959-60, Order in Council uniting the benefices 1960  D DI/22/2  1959-1960

Plans, sections, elevations (2 large sheets) of improvements to Ennerdale Vicarage, Ronald P Gray, M.B.E., Whitehaven, architect  D DI/22/3  1959

Correspondence re electricity supply for Ennerdale Vicarage  D DI/22/4  1959

Draft layout of invitation card for Institution of incumbent  D DI/22/5  1955

Lamplugh Church repairs correspondence  D DI/22/6  Not dated and 1965

Church Commissioners booklet Benefice Property: A Handbook... for Provision & Maintenance  D DI/22/7  1953

File marked "Lamplugh Parish Council"  D DI/23  1900, 1929; 1916 - 1970

Rules... to be observed (for) the Hearse kept in the Parish of Lamplugh, Whitehaven: T Brakenridge & Co. Ltd  D DI/23/1  1900


Electricity supplies to farms in Lamplugh  D DI/23/2  1946

Provision of telephone kiosks in Lamplugh, Ennerdale, Dean, Loweswater, and Blindbothel  D DI/23/3  1946

Lamplugh Victory Celebrations  D DI/23/4  1946

Footbridge replacement at "Water Side"  D DI/23/5  1946

Bus services  D DI/23/6  1946, 1952

Footpath inquiry (Mossgill-near-Greengill and High Asby-Scallow paths)  D DI/23/7  1955

'Defective' hawthorns (for hedging)  D DI/23/8  1957

Lamplugh's electricity supplies  D DI/23/9  1958

Lamplugh Green houses' parking arrangements (with plan)  D DI/23/10  1968

Main roads improvements  D DI/23/11  Not dated

Crossgates (Egremont-Cockermouth road, A 5086 (with plan), 1969

Attempts to find new sub-postmaster or mistress for Lamplugh  D DI/23/12  1970

File marked "Lamplugh School Managers" [Lamplugh Parochial School]  D DI/24  1928 - 68

Lamplugh Parochial School bank book  D DI/24/1  1928-50

Reasons for closing Lamplugh County School and keeping Lamplugh Parochial School open  D DI/24/2  8 Nov. 1950

Memorandum by the County's Director of Education on the state of the buildings at Lamplugh Voluntary Controlled School and Ennerdale do. do  D DI/24/3  1951


Names and addresses of the Lamplugh Parochial School Trustees  D DI/24/4  20 Jan. 1955

Ministry of Education Instrument of Management No. 582 for this School, Cotehill C.E. School, Crosby on Eden C.E. School, and High Hesket C.E. School  D DI/24/5  1950

Booklet for parents to help them consider their children's careers (by the Director of Education, Gordon Bessey)  D DI/24/6  1956

Finding a site for the new Lamplugh Parochial School, and disposal of the old buildings  D DI/24/7  1955-1958

Plan of the School Playground, showing Igloo Frame, swings, space-ship, etc., (attached to specifications for same), These were introduced to "reduce the risk of road accidents" outside the School  D DI/24/8  1959

Fire Insurance policy for "The Voluntary School", Lamplugh  D DI/24/9  1943

Fire Insurance policy for "The Voluntary School", Lamplugh  D DI/24/10  1947

Tithe Act 1936: Compulsory Redemption of Annuities: certificate of completion of the redemption by Lamplugh School Managers  D DI/24/11  1947

Lease of "the premises known as the former Lamplugh County School" (Cumberland County Council to the Trustees of the Lamplugh Parochial School), for use as the Parochial School until the new Parochial School building is opened; rent 4d. a year; includes plan (scale 25") showing the School and Kirkland to east  D DI/24/12  1956

The Trustees were: The Rector of Lamplugh; Ronald Dickinson of Red How, Esq; Ernest Douglas of High Park, Lamplugh, retired farmer; William Batey of Cockan, Lamplugh, farmer; and Henry Wood of Whinnan, Lamplugh, farmer  D DI/24/13  [n.d.]

Original deed bearing the seal of the Cumberland County Council.

Proposal to transfer the non-grammar-school-qualifying senior children to Cockermouth Derwent and to Cleator Moor County Secondary Schools from September  D DI/24/14  1958

Applications for the post of Correspondent  D DI/24/15  1959

3 Items

Includes one from an ex-pupil, and one from an ex-teacher at Ennerdale School.

Improvements to the School scullery (with plan), "now that electricity has been installed"  D DI/24/16  1960

Further correspondence re sale of the old premises  D DI/24/17  1961 - 63

Proposed use of the School Fund for a School Excursion (as "Educational Outing") to Morecambe via the Lakes  D DI/24/18  1963

Re-routing the School Bus  D DI/24/19  1966

Choosing the next Correspondent  D DI/24/20  1967 - 68

The Lamplugh, Dean, and Ennerdale Nursing Association  D DI/25 - 28  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
From 1902-08, known as the Lamplugh & Dean Nursing Association.

Minute book  D DI/25  1902 - 1917

Joseph Dickinson, President; Mrs Dickinson, Representative to the Central Committee [of the Cumberland Nursing Association]. Elected at the first meeting, 1902 (minutes herein).
Octavo volume, 7/8 unused. The Rules follow the minutes for 24 Oct. 1902. Totals of cases (classified), visits, and nights on duty, 1903-08, follow the minutes for 11 June 1907. Cases classified as total, medical, surgical, maternity. Similar "Reports" for 1909-10 follow the minutes for 13 June 1908.
Joseph Dickinson died, 1909. New Trustees (minute n.d. inserted after 13 June 1908) elected including George Dickinson and George Fryer Dickinson.
No minutes for 1910-1912, though "the minutes of the last meeting" were read at the first 1913 minutes here. First mention of the Ladies Committee, 5 Nov. 1913 (scarlet fever epidemic in Lamplugh). Refunds to local miners whose wages were docked for "contributions on nursing account", 4 June 1915.

The Lamplugh, Dean, and Ennerdale Nursing Association  D DI/26  1926 - 42

Related information: See also Item D DI/29/1 below.

Cash Account book
Includes annual statements 1926-37.
Octavo volume.

The Lamplugh, Dean, and Ennerdale Nursing Association  D DI/27  1920 - 43

Postages book (daily entries)
Lacks covers. Notebook.

File of papers  D DI/28  1902 - 1920

Duplicated copies of the Rules, with names of that year's Committee  D DI/28/1  Not dated (circa 1902-17)

5 Copies

[no title]  D DI/28/2  25 Sept., 1905

Statement of financial position and list of current outgoings, signed by Mary C Dickinson (President and Hon. Secretary)
Outgoings include two water beds and named medicines, lint, etc.

[no title]  D DI/28/3  1918

Handwritten copy minutes of joint meeting of the Cumberland Nursing Association Executive Committee and the Presidents of the local affiliated Nursing Associations 5 Dec. 1917 with scale of fees fixed at that meeting; and agenda of the Ladies' Committee of the Lamplugh, Dean and Ennerdale Nursing Association (Item D DI/28/5: "To discuss the raising of the Fees:.. Should the Nurses have a share of midwifery fee?"), 12 April 1918

Midwives Act 1902 (2 Edw. VII, ch. 17)  D DI/28/4  1902

[no title]  D DI/28/5  1912

The Nurses' Insurance Society: printed Instructions Issued by the Insurance Commissioners, and insurance questionnaire to be completed by each nurse

[no title]  D DI/28/6  Not dated

Maternity and Child Welfare: printed report to the Midwives Act Committee (Cumberland County Council) by the County Medical Officer, putting forth his new scheme, 1917; typed [Cumberland County Council] minutes of the Joint Meeting of 5 Dec. 1917 (see Item D DI/28/3 above); detailed report (news cutting) re same, [1917]; "Treatment and Training: Amendments of Instructions and Notes" for Nurses (Correction Slip No. 8) - Sick-Nursing at Home, Schedule II, inscribed "from Lady Mabel Howard", 1918

[no title]  D DI/28/7  June 1918

Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses: price-list of forms and books used by the Q.V.J.I. for N., and supplied to Nursing Associations in the U.K. (Lowe Brothers, Printers, High Holborn, London), Revised price list

[no title]  D DI/28/8  1909

Letters to Archdeacon Sherwen (Dean Rectory)
Archdeacon Sherwen was then Chairman of the Lamplugh and Dean N.A.

Letters to Miss Margaret Sherwen (Dean)  D DI/28/9-10  1917

D DI/28/9. From her sister Grace E. Sherwen, Seascale, 1917
(2 items)
D DI/28/10. From others, including official correspondence 1917
(5 items)

Letter to Miss Grace Sherwen (at Dean), from George Dickinson  D DI/28/11  18 Feb., 1918

The new scale of fees is "absurd", far too high, 2 Sunnyside, Liverpool

Letters from the Distington Nursing Association (William Bell) to Miss Sherwen at Dean - forwarding cheques for workmen's half-yearly contributions at Oatlands Colliery (names each workman)  D DI/28/12  1916 - 20

9 Items

Health Insurance deductions receipt book  D DI/28/13  1913 - 17

Chequebook counterfoils  D DI/28/14  1913 - 19

3 Items

Envelope addressed to Mrs Sherwen, Dean Rectory, 1937, marked "Midwives Act - County Scheme"  D DI/29  [n.d.]

Treasurer's account book  D DI/29/1  1902 - 27

Related information: See also Items D DI/25-26 above.

With annual statements each year.
First payment, 1902, was "Bicycle, £4. 0s. 0d."
The accounts state weekly totals of visits.
Octavo volume.

Papers sent to the Sherwens as Hon. Secretary  D DI/29/2-15  [n.d.]

Driving Accidents' Insurance receipt for renewal of premium  D DI/29/2  1918

County Medical Officer of Health's printed suggestions to the Maternity & Child Welfare Committee  D DI/29/3  Sept. 1919

Calling for a Convalescent Home for county's use

Annual statement for 1924-5 (L.D. & E. N.A.)  D DI/29/4  1925

"Summary of Cumberland Ante-Natal Scheme for the Information of Nursing Associations"  D DI/29/5  14 July 1931

5 Copies.


[no title]  D DI/29/6  June 1934

County Medical Officer's report to the Cumberland Nursing Association on Amalgamation of Nursing Association Districts
Concerns the present finances of "home nursing" through the 57 local Nursing Associations in Cumberland; training the nurse-midwives; nurses' transport; proposed and actual amalgamations of districts.

[no title]  D DI/29/7  Not dated [1934]

Schedule of replies from District Nursing Associations on amalgamation of districts and on employment of fully-trained nurses, and also relating to unprovided areas

[no title]  D DI/29/8  1935

Queen's Institute of District Nursing: Suggested Rules and Information for Local Associations employing Village Midwives
Printed. With forwarding letter from the Cumberland Nursing Association, 2 Dec., 1935.

Midwives Act 1936  D DI/29/9  Not dated [circa 1936]

Heads of agreement between the Cumberland County Council (as the Local Supervising Authority), the Cumberland Nursing Association and affiliated District Nursing Associations, "Also conditions and amounts of grant", "based on the model form of agreement issued by the Ministry of Health"

Clerk of the County Council's letter to the District Nursing Associations re aims and effect of the new Midwives Act 1936  D DI/29/10  24 Feb. 1937

Typescript and printed versions (one copy of each).

County Treasurer's letter to secretaries of District Nursing Associations in Cumberland re Salaries of District Nurse/Midwives  D DI/29/11  24 Nov. 1937

[no title]  D DI/29/12  Not dated [circa 1937]

Cumberland County Council Financial Memorandum of Grant by County Council to Cumberland Nursing Association in consequence of Midwives Act 1936, with schedule of fees to be charged to patients (the fee depending on income and family circumstances - see this schedule)

Cumberland County Council: Midwives Act 1936: Scale of Remissions from Standard Fees in Maternity and Midwifery Cases  D DI/29/13  Not dated [circa 1937]

Printed card.

Charity of Dr John Sherwen (Chairman: Canon Curwen, The Rectory, Workington): application forms for assistance with forwarding letters sending them, one of which sets out the benefits available  D DI/29/14  Not dated

Canon Curwen was Rectory of Workington from 1905-47.

The Charity assisted those from the Ancient Parish of Workington and the Parishes of Clifton and Lamplugh in need of medical or surgical care  D DI/29/14  Not dated

Cumberland County Council  D DI/29/15  Not dated [circa 1946-49]

2 Copies

National Health Service Act 1946: circular re its effects on D.N.A.s. acting as agents for the County Council in home medical matters

Envelope addressed to "Mrs Martin, Greenbank, Lamplugh" (George VI stamp), containing the Lamplugh Dean and Ennerdale D.N.A. Statements of Receipts and Payments for the years ending  D DI/30  1936 - 49

On large printed sheets, completed in handwriting. Complete run. Signed at foot by the Hon. Secretary: J Sherwen 1936-43, E M Argyle 1944-46, Palmer M Dickinson 1947-48; unsigned, 1949.
Separate (additional) return for April-June 1948.

The Duddon Iron Furnace, Duddon Bridge: correspondence with the County Architect re persuading the Furnace's owner to undertake repairs for its preservation  D DI/31  1967

Includes County Architect's report on the Furnace's condition, with recommended repairs to be done, 4 April 1967; and the seven Drawings M1 - M7 accompanying the report:-
M1 Site and Layout Plans (1 item), Scales 16 ft. to 1 inch (layout) and 25" to 1 mile (site plan inset)
M2 Furnace's ground floor plan, Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch
M3 Plan at Charging Floor Level, Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch.
M4 South Elevation, Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch
M5 North Elevation Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch
M6 East and West Elevations, Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch
M7 Section A - A Scale 4 ft. to 1 inch
(The Section is through the Furnace's Chimney)
The owner was Major C H Cheetham of Windermere. The County Council had been requested by Millom R.D.C. to take the Furnace into their care to preserve it "it having a special relationship with the area". Trees were rooted in the masonry.
The Furnace opened in 1736, and closed in 1867.
Original file (no covers) comprising two letters, the report, and the seven drawings, all under one paperclip when deposited.

Miscellaneous  D DI/32-34  [n.d.]

Offprints of two articles by Mr R F Dickinson in Transactions Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society  D DI/32  Not dated

1. Tithing Customs in West Cumberland in the 18th Century
Trans. Vol: LX
2. The Friendly Society of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Lamplugh and its Neighbourhood
Trans. Vol: LXVI

Photograph of painting of "Cockermouth Old Hall shortly before abandonment"  D DI/33  "Circa 1930 (?)"

Shows the Hall's back yard, with ancient masonry and projecting tower). Painting is signed "F.S.S."

Carlisle Canal  D DI/34  1970

Letter from Tessa Robertson-Walker, Secretary to the Editor of Motor Boat & Yachting, looking for material for article, 1970; notes for same on dorse (local tradition of the Rocket's journey down the Canal en route from Newcastle to Liverpool for "the trials that made it famous", inf. Nigel Redfern Regional Manager, John Laing Construction Ltd.); typescript brief article on the Canal's origins and career, [1970]; photograph of [Opening of the Canal: painting of the scene at the Carlisle Basin, with the Cathedral and City in background] (intended illustration for the article]
In envelope marked "Carlisle Canal", with "Water-colours - alleged Sam Bough's: Ullswater" (4 named views) deleted.

Plans  D DI/35-41  [n.d.]

Related information: For Lamplugh mines see also Items D DI/29/11-15 above.

Lamplugh Colliery: Plan of Workings  D DI/35  1879

"Copied April 21st 1879 from Lessees Plan. F.W."
Shows the Underground workings, with certain surface features also (Pithead buildings, tramway to and line of the Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway, Todhole Farm).
Scale 1 chain to 1 inch.

Tracing in envelope marked "Lamplugh Colliery - Plan of Workings"  D DI/36  Not dated

Large, damaged, fragile

Glasgow Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.: roll of plans of Lamplugh Mines  D DI/36  1930

[no title]  D DI/36/1  Not dated [circa 1930]

Underground: Plan showing Old Dip, New Dip, New Haulage Road, Whinnah Pit, Dip Extension, Cross Drift, Cross Drift B, Cross Drift C, No. 3 Trial Shaft, 85 Fm. Level, 104 Fms. [Level], Faults, Proposed Extension of New Dip towards Coal Fault, Coal Fault (Approx. position underground); Section of same; Scale 60 ft. to 1 inch
States that at the time, Whinnah Pit's present bottom level was 67½ fathoms. Section includes "Coal Fault as per the D report 9.28" ("Position doubtful. W.D.J. added in pencil); "Dip Bottom 11.12.29"; "Leading Development at 15.8.30" (at end of 104 Fathoms [level]. Section includes O[rdnance] D[atum] line A-B; "MM Oct. 1926"

[Boring] section A-B, showing the strata; [Workings] sections N-O and P-Q, on the New Dip  D DI/36/2  Not dated [circa 1930]

Section A-B is across the New Dip at No. 9 U[nderground] B[ore] H[ole]. Shows the position (only) of "No. 10 Underground Bore Hole".
Scale 30 ft. to 1 inch.

Glasgow Iron & Steel Mines Ltd: Lamplugh Mines: Underground workings  D DI/37  1930s

Copied by W D Johnson from C53 plan in 1937; "Pit inspected by... L Highton Oct. 21 1930".
Marks: Coronation Pit (on right), Whinnah Pit (top left), Nos. 9-10 U.B.H. (bottom left)
Nos. 1, 3, 4 Levels
Bottom Level
"Jackson" Nos. 1, 3-6 (round Coronation Pit)
Nos. 1-3 Trial Pits
No. 8 U.B.H.
Hanging Cheek
Intermediate Level
Worked Out area 1927-8 (near Whinnah Pit)
Old Dip, Old Dip Top
New Dip, New Dip Top
Faults (various)
Cheeks (various)
M.M. Oct. 1926
Scale 30 ft. to 1 inch
Datum Line 1000 feet below Ordnance Datum
Royalty Owners names added in coloured crayons, with bounds shown (each in different colour) of each royalty:
Owner: Tinnion Royalty: Greensyke
Owner: Brooksbank Royalty: Greenbank
Owner: Adair Royalty: Hollins
Owner: Wood Royalty: Murton
Owner: Sisson Royalty: Whinnah
A few Surface features marked, of which only Greenbank (farmhouse) is named.

"A Plan of Gilgarron in the Parish of Dissington the Property of Mr W Walker"  D DI/38  1801

Surveyor not named.
Scale 4 chains to 1 inch.
Fields numbered; inset gives their names and acreages. Fencing liabilities shown.
Also shows: the house and its buildings, roads, bridle road, hedges, freestone quarry, limestone quarry and track to two limekilns, beck, abuttals (including Dean Common and Whillimoor). Ink and colour. Faint pencilled additions.
Measurements: 79 cms. by 59 cms.
Endorsed "Old Plan of Gilgarran 1801": and "Gilgarran Estate".

Rolled Ordnance Survey 25 inch 1st Edition Cumberland Sheets LX11.10 (Dean Parish), LX11.6 (Lamplugh Parish) (fragments), all with boreholes and other information added  D DI/39  1860s and after

Sheet LX11.6 is in two fragments
Sheet LX11.10 shows actual and proposed borehole sites as at 28 Dec. 1876, added by "J.D." (see his note at the sheet-foot: "The whole of the numbers of Borings in the Plan have this day been re-arranged to correspond with the Journals of Borings put in to the different parties having the land at the time ..."). The "land" is Red How, Woodend, Havercroft and Todhole.
Sheet LX11.10 is mounted on linen and endorsed "Red How" and "Lamplugh 1863".

"Anglers' Inn, Lake Ennerdale": three architect's drawings  D DI/40  4 May 1900

Ground Plan (names rooms; includes outbuildings 12-stall Stable). Scale 8 ft. to 1 inch  D DI/40/1  [n.d.]

First Floor Plan, Attic Plan. Rooms are not named. Scale 8 ft. to 1 inch  D DI/40/2  [n.d.]

Elevations: Facing Yard (with section of building at side); Facing Lake; Facing North-East. Marks levels of present and proposed weir, and of water on 4 May [1900]  D DI/40/3  [n.d.]

Each is signed by J Francis Doyle; "Survey Book 66".
No. 1 here forms the outermost item in the roll, and is endorsed "Plan & Elevation of Anglers Inn, Ennerdale, 1900".

Road Map of Cumberland, showing the Main Roads in different colours and the District Roads in black, also... the County Bridges, by George Joseph Bell, County Surveyor and Bridgemaster  D DI/41  Sept. 1892

Printed by Chas. Thurnam & Sons, Carlisle.
Mounted on linen.

Further deeds and papers  D DI/42 - 43  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Further deposit by R F Dickinson, Esq., on 19th March, 1982

Deeds and papers relating to Red How and Woodend, p. Lamplugh, Wilkinson, Dickinson, Wilson, Dickinson  D DI/42  1717 - 1938

Includes: deeds to Wilkinson's estates in Ullock (two houses and lands: Mains, and Back of Becklands alias Lancaster's Tenement) as well as the house and land "at a place called Red How", 1717-1757. Relates to John Wilkinson of Whitehaven, joiner, and Ann his wife (1717), and to Henry Wilkinson of Dumfries, joiner, from 1752, who (after several mortgages) sold it in 1758 at auction at the Black Bull, Cockermouth, abode of his most recent mortgagee Joseph Rook. Here it was "Struck" to John Dickinson of Woodend p. Lamplugh, yeoman, for £900. The schedule of deeds (c.1752) recites the title, beginning from the probate of Peter Robinson of Fellside (P1690), and covers 1690-1751. The sale particulars describe the estate as house, 60 acres of "improveable Land", grassing for 2 head of cattle on Woodmoor stinted pasture; all very convenient for Cockermouth, Egremont, Whitehaven, and Workington Markets; rights on "two good Commons called Lamplugh Fell and Whillymoor"; now let for £24 a year. The ensuing release to Dickinson recites the descent of Red How from the mid 17th century (pre-Wilkinson) and refers to its enfranchisement in the early 18th century. The fine levied describes it as 1 house, 15 acres land, 15 acres meadow, 30 acres pasture, and common of pasture for cattle.
Subsequent deeds include two mortgages by John Dickinson of Woodend, yeoman, 1761, 1773; copy will (1790) and codicil (1797) of Abigail Wilson of Southfield, Winscales (copy watermarked 1845) - estate at Woodend and Red How; Wilson mortgages of Woodend (1800, 1817) and Red How (1807, 1817) and sale of a 2 acre close of meadow near Red How called the Read Pot (Wilson to Isaac Dickinson of Workington, grocer), 1806; sale of Woodend and Red How by Wilson to John Dickinson of Workington, merchant, for £3700, Dec. 1817 (sale particulars printed by J Robinson, Lowther St, Whitehaven), described in the fine (1818) as 2 houses, 100 acres of arable meadow and pasture, common of pasture and turbary; exchange of parcels of the Holme (beside the River Marron) by Mrs Mary Boadle of Wright Green p. Dean with her neighbour there, Jos. Dickinson of Red How, gent., 1840 (small sketch plan on dorse).

Particular items  D DI/42/1  Dec. 1817

Conveyance of 17a. 2r. 10p. allotment on Wood Moor (Steward, and Dickinson of Gatra, to Wilson), reciting its recent inclosure by their "mutual Consent" - refers to various ancient and new roads, bounds given, is on the south-west side of the road from Lamplugh Cross to Workington; no map

Probate of Joseph Dickinson of Red How, gent., proved in York Prerogative Court  D DI/42/2  1852

Will 1837: freehold estate (houses and lands) at Redhow, Todhole, Woodend (p. Lamplugh); freehold and customary estates at Whitekeld and Low Moor (p. Dean): estate at Lee Gate (p. Dean), Havercroft (p. Lamplugh), shops etc. in Workington, lands called Todhole Highfield, and Hill Top or Highmoor (on Dean Moor); customary estate in the Forest of Ennerdale: the How Hall Estate, "lately purchased by me from John Birley".
Three codicils adjust, 1843-49.

Gift of Woodend (house and 216 acres) by John Dickinson to Joseph his son, both of Red How; schedule of field names, acreages, O.S. numbers, at end  D DI/42/3  1880

Four annual letting agreements (Joseph Dickinson of Red How to John K. Dickinson of Kidburngill p. Arlecdon) - the pasturage of The Park and The Great Meadow at Red How  D DI/42/4  1893 - 95

Clauses: No horses except occasionally in Great Meadow. Tenant to cut all thistles before they flower, and kill all moles.
Tenant not to plough or grow hay there.
Game, rabbits, and sport reserved.
Annual Rent: £60 (Jan. 1893). £65 thereafter.

Schedule of the bundle, signed by Ronald Dickinson  D DI/42/5  March 1938

Signed on its dorse, used as bundle's label.

Deeds and papers relating to Havercroft p. Lamplugh, including the Cottage there  D DI/43  1803 - 1939

Conveyances of their shares in Havercroft under the will of their father John Dickinson of Street Gate p. Lamplugh, gent. (will 1797) to their brother Isaac Dickinson of Workington, grocer and liquor merchant, July and Sept. 1803  D DI/43/1  [n.d.]

2 Items

Lease of Havercroft for 9 years (Isaac to John senior of Birks and John junior of Murton)  D DI/43/2  1807

Probate of Isaac Dickinson of Havercroft, gent  D DI/43/3  [n.d.]

(Estate: Havercroft, and Whitekeld and Lowmoor p. Dean), proved at Chester, 1836

Probate of Isaac Dickinson of Red How, yeoman (estate: Havercroft, Cottage, and Hill Top or Quarry Field in Dean), proved at Chester  D DI/43/4  1853

Duty returns for the following  D DI/43/5  1852 - 77

Joseph Dickinson of Red How (died 1852, probate at York), Isaac Dickinson of do. (died 1853), Mary Dickinson of Havercroft (died 1863; estate: Havercroft, Todhole High Field, and Cottage), Jane, wife of John Unsworth of Penrith (she died in 1869), Frances Dickinson of Whitehaven (died 1871), and Mary Dickinson of Oxton, Birkenhead (died 1877; her heir was John Dickinson late of Havercroft now of Red How)

[no title]  D DI/43/6  1911

Conveyance of Havercroft and reversion of The Cottage (John Dickinson now of 12 Newton Mansions, Queen's Club Gardens, London, civil engineer, to Ronald Francis Bickersteth Dickinson of 10 Water Street, Liverpool, solicitor), reciting the will (1882) of vendor's father John Dickinson the elder of Red How deceased

[no title]  D DI/43/7  1933

Vesting assent by Mrs Helen Mary Dickinson (widow of the late George Fryer Dickinson of New Barn, Winkfield, Berks, barrister), of New Barn aforesaid - to have the house and 20 acres of Havercroft vested in her
Endorsed with memorandum of deed of declaration dated 21 March 1933 that Mrs Helen Mary Dickinson and Turberville Smith were the present "Trustees of the Settlement for the purposes of the Settled Land Act 1925". (See further the probates and deeds recited in the 1939 abstract of title in this bundle, below)

[no title]  D DI/43/8  1935

Tenancy agreement for Havercroft (Mrs H M Dickinson of Red How to Alfred Lofthouse of Kano, Nigeria, civil engineer) - house and O S fields 74-76 only, with use of drive; includes inset plan

[no title]  D DI/43/9  1939

Statutory declaration of Cecil Hugh Eversley Jones Esq., partner in Hill, Dickinson, & Co., solicitors, 10 Water Street, Liverpool (the Dickinson family's solicitors) - as to family history and wishes concerning the family estates, and as to who acted as solicitor for whom
States that George Dickinson of Red How died in 1934, George Fryer Dickinson died in 1932, Ronald Francis Bickersteth Dickinson died in 1915, and Alan Peile Dickinson died in 1918

Abstract of title of the Trustees to Havercroft (covers 1882-1937)  D DI/43/10  1939

Recites the various family probates and settlements; also that Mrs Helen Mary Dickinson married George Griffith Thorpe on 22 Jan. 1937; and that Turberville Smith (her co-Trustee) was of Uxbridge, Middx., solicitor.
The probate of Isaac Dickinson (1836) includes minute of Consistory Court examination to verify the handwriting of the alterations in the will.
Original bundle; wrapper marked on present outer side "Havercroft Papers", and on present inner side "Tod-Hole Papers"

Deeds and papers relating principally to Todholw but also to Street Gate, Havercroft, and Whitekeld  D DI/44  1733 - 1910

[no title]  D DI/44/1  May and Sept., 1733

Mortgage followed soon after by bargain and sale of part of "Toadhole" (Daniel Branthwaite of 'Toadhole', millwright, to Daniel Dickinson of Street Gate, yeoman, both in Lamplugh parish)
Armorial seal under vendor's signature

[no title]  D DI/44/2  1734

Quitclaim in same by Elizabeth Tomson of Seaton p. Camerton, spinster, "to Daniel Branthwait, Anthony Branthwaite, or any other person"

[no title]  D DI/44/3  1799

Land Tax redemption certificate to Mr John Dickinson for Streetgate, Havercroft, and Todhole (houses and 180 acres total), and for house and land at Whillimoor Head

Two leases and releases, each of a quarter-share of Todhole, to Joseph Dickinson of Workington, liquor merchant  D DI/44/4  1803

1. By Thomas Dickinson, late of Workington, now of Sunderland, Co. Durham, mariner;
2. By Isaac Dickinson of Workington, liquor merchant, July and Sept. 1803

Exchange of fields by Isaac and Joseph Dickinson  D DI/44/5  1804

By Isaac to Joseph
Read Ing
Read Pot
By Joseph to Isaac
New Close
Marron Head

Exchange of property by Daniel to Isaac and Joseph Dickinson  D DI/44/6  1806

By Daniel to I and J
All the houses and lands (76 acres) of "the ancient tenement of Streetgate"
By I and J to Daniel
A quarter-share of the house and land (70 acres) of "the ancient tenement of Todhole"
For which, Daniel Dickinson will pay to Issac and Joseph such sum as shall be the appropriate rent, yearly for the next 16 years 8 months, and Isaac and Joseph will pay Daniel, within this year, a sum equal to 30 years' purchase of the quarter-share calculated on the rent that would be payable.

Release of the quarter-share of Todholes (Daniel Dickinson of Ulverston, gent., to Joseph Dickinson of Workington, spirit merchant)  D DI/44/7  1807

Agreement for adjustment of their boundaries following the straightening of the River Marron through Street Gate estate (William Frears Daniel Dickinson of Ulverston, Esq., and John Dickinson of Havercroft, Esq.)  D DI/44/8  1853

Includes plan showing the old and new courses of the river, also Marron Meadow and Marron Moss.

Draft agreement for adjustments after the straightening of the Marron through Whitekeld and Havercroft estates; with plan inset  D DI/44/9  185[3]

Related information: See further D DI/46.

Memoranda re Todhole, its fields, tenants, etc  D DI/44/10  Late 19th cent. (mostly 1890s)

6 Sheets

Leave to take an outfall sewer to drain two fields of Street Gate (Joseph Dickinson of Red How, Esq., to John Dickinson of Sunnyside, Wimbledon, Middx. [sic. for Surrey] gent.), with plan  D DI/44/11  1902

Deed drawn up by Hart Jackson & Sons, solicitors, Ulverston.

Letter and sketch plan of fencing liabilities for Todhole and Woodend for Lamplugh Allotments near Lamplugh Hall Wood (letter is from John Dickinson, Hames Hall, Cockermouth, to George Dickinson, 2 Sunnyside, Liverpool)  D DI/44/12  1910

Original bundle, no wrapper or label

Deeds and papers relating to Woodend and Lackerton Wood, from 1920 combined under the name of Birk How  D DI/45  1719 - 1938

Settlement prior to marriage of John, son of William Sumpton of Wright Green p. Dean, yeoman, and Mary, eldest daughter of Henry Wood of Woodend, yeoman  D DI/45/1  1719

Put in by Sumpton: half the house and land at Wright Green and half its sheep, also 1 cow and 1 mare, and Nether Wood at Brackenthwaite p. Lorton.
Put in by Wood: half the house and land at Woodend, and two sums of £50, and the (as yet of sum unknown) legacy of his late brother George in London, but the couple forfeit the two sums of £50 if they claim the legacy.

Bargain and sale (Lancelot Dickinson of Cockan, p. Lamplugh, cooper, to Jonathan Taylor of Great Choptank in Talbot County, Maryland, merchant)  D DI/45/2  1733

Lackerton Wood (customary house and land) reckoned as one half-tenement of the Manor of Lamplugh, ancient customary rent of 6s. 2½d; rights include exemption from millstone-getting (details) for the Manor mill
Armorial seal (Dickinson)

Lease and release (John Dickinson of Woodend, yeoman, to Mary Sumpton of Branthwaite Hall p. Dean, widow)  D DI/45/3  1760

- Freehold parcels called Mar[r]ondale p. Lamplugh
Armorial seal (Dickinson)

Probate of Mary Sumpton of Branthwaite Hall p. Dean, widow  D DI/45/4  Proved at Chester 1761

In her will (1761) she states that she was the daughter of Henry Wood of Woodend deceased.
Sons-in-law: Jeremiah Head of Branthwaite Hall p. Dean, gent. (executor), and Thomas Jackson of Whitehaven, gent.
Estate: Woodend otherwise called Birkhow Tenement.

Copy will (1775) of Thomas Jackson of Whitehaven, mariner  D DI/45/5  1775 (copy watermarked 1806)

Estate: moiety of Woodend.

Copy will (1785) of James Dickinson of Talbot County, Maryland  D DI/45/6  1785 (copy circa 1806)

Estate: Lackerton Wood (in Cumberland) and all his freeholds in Maryland, to his nephew John Singleton on condition that he frees all testator's slaves' negro and mulatto children at legal age (males, 21 years; females, 16 years), and recommends him to bind them apprentice "to enable them to get their Living by honest Industry and becom usefull Members of Society".
Testator forbids his executor to set up any tombstone or monument to him.
Unusual script.

Unexecuted conveyance of Lackerton Wood (James Dickinson of Great Choptank, Maryland, to David Dickinson of Gatra p. Lamplugh, yeoman)  D DI/45/7  1786

Lease and release of one-fifth of a moiety [i.e. 1/10th] of Woodend (John Jackson of Petersham, Surrey, and Moscow in Russia, banker, to William Jackson and other Jacksons of Lowther, Westmorland, gent.)  D DI/45/8  1795

States that John Jackson is a devisee of the late Thomas Jackson of Whitehaven, mariner.

Copy will (1796) of William Jackson of Lowther, Westmorland, gent  D DI/45/9  Copy watermarked 1806

Estate: share of Woodend; mineral royalties of Brownrigg p. Arlecdon.
Memorandum of probate in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1803.

[no title]  D DI/45/10  1799

Land Tax redemption certificate and papers for Woodend, issued to the Jacksons' brother-in-law George Whittaker of Great Broughton, gent. and for the Lamplugh estate (unnamed) of Mary and Elizabeth Dickinson (Trustee: Richard Sherwen, gent.)
In packet postmarked 181[9?], "On His Majesty's Service".

[no title]  D DI/45/11  1807

Lease and release of Lackerton Wood (John Singleton of Great Choptank near Oxford, Maryland, merchant, to his aunts Elizabeth and Mary Dickinson of Whitehaven, spinsters, and Francis Dickinson of Coventry, Warwicks, riband manufacturer); states that John Singleton was devisee and sole executor of the late James Dickinson of Talbot County, merchant

[no title]  D DI/45/12  1811

Sale particulars of Woodend (house and 50 acres) and one-fifth of Wood Moor common ([total] c.50 acres) adjoining, and lease and release of same for £2325 (Whittaker and Jackson to John Steward of Whitehaven, merchant)
Sale particulars printed by T Wilson, King St., Whitehaven.

Fine re. Whittaker's moiety of Woodend  D DI/45/13  1811

Conveyance of the Wood Moor allotment (13a. 0r. 8p.) by Wilson and Dickinson to Steward  D DI/45/14  1817

No map. Endorsed "The Plan and Measurement of this Moor was left in the possession of Lancelot Dickinson of Gatra".

"Progress of Title" (i.e. schedule of deeds) of Lackerton Wood, 1733-1811, by John Steward, with notes on James Dickinson of Great Choptank ("married Jonathan Taylor's only Child") and John Singleton  D DI/45/15  1823

Agreement for purchase of Woodend Farm and the rough pasture allotment on Owsen Fell p. Lamplugh (Mount and Whigham to George Dickinson of Red How, Esq., J.P.), for £1300  D DI/45/16  1920

Schedule of fields, and two plans (O.S. 25"), bound in.

Schedule of the bundle's contents by Ronald Dickinson, Red How  D DI/45/17  March 1938

Outer side signed and dated and entitled "Birk How and Lackerton Wood. Title deeds, Mortgages etc."
Original bundle

Deeds relating to Whitekeld and Low Moor, customary houses and lands of the Manor of Dean and Whinfell enfranchised in 1858  D DI/46  1746 - 1916

In 1746, Whitekeld (p. Dean) was in three parts, and Low Moor (rent 2s.4d.) in one. By 1754 two of the three parts were united under Henry Fleming of Lanefoot p. Lamplugh, dyer, as customary tenant, while the other part continued in the Woodville family till 1803, when Sarah Priestman (née Woodville) of Cockermouth, widow, sold it to John Fleming of Wright Green, yeoman.
In 1804 Fleming conveyed it to John Dickinson of Kidburngill in trust; meanwhile, it was mortgaged to Mrs Eleanor Scott of Workington, widow, in 1852, and by her conveyed to Joseph Dickinson of Liverpool, doctor of medicine, in 1858, along with the Fleming part of the property.
Low Moor (in 1746, "a customary house and land" late Wilson's, rent 2s.4d.) was in the Woodville family till 1749, then Woodhall, Woodvill (1768); in 1810 it was conveyed to Isaac Dickinson of Whitekeld, gent., by Wilkinson Ostle of Maryport, mercer and draper.
The total customary rent of Whitekeld was 10s. 0d.
The bundle also includes deeds to

Common Allotment (12 acres) at Whitekeld (Mrs Margaret Dickinson of Ulverston, Lancs., widow, to Isaac Dickinson of Whitekeld, gent.)  D DI/46/1  1814

Freehold close (13a. 3r. 5p.) called High Moor, north of the Ullock-Cockermouth [...] road (John Walker of Ullock to the said Isaac Dickinson)  D DI/46/2  1817

Allotments 71, 72 on Ullock Low Moor (Dean Inclosure, 1814), area 15a. 2r. 0p. and 34a. 0r. 0p. respectively, Mortgaged in 1820 by Dalzell of Weddicar and his wife (John Fleming's daughter)  D DI/46/3  1820-58

Todhole Moor Field, a freehold close on Ullock Low Moor, formerly Common, "now 11a.1r.32p. including the plantation" (John Dickinson of Havercroft, Esq., to Dr Joseph Dickinson of Liverpool)  D DI/46/4  1852

Conveyance of sporting rights of Whitekeld (Lord Leconfield to John Dickinson of The Temple, London) for £117. 8s. 9d  D DI/46/5  1885

Also includes the agreement to convey.
Each has plan (25").
This large bundle also includes

Mention of "10s.0d. customary rent, and 8d. moulter-money, and 2s.8d. prescription-money to the Rector of Dean", conveyance  D DI/46/5/1  1754

Surrender of Whitekeld (Wood to Fleming) "except the Seat in the Church", surrender  D DI/46/5/2  1754

Copy of will (1787) of William Woodville of Whitekeld, yeoman  D DI/46/5/3  Watermark 1803

Estate: "Burnwhaite" To whom left: William his eldest son
Estate: One ½ Whitekeld To whom left: Isaac his son
Estate: The other ½ Whitekeld To whom left: Sarah his daughter [the later Mrs Priestman]
Estate: Low Moor To whom left: Jane his daughter
Estate: Gaterow p. Lamplugh [Gatra] To whom left: His Trustees, to uses

Mention of "the toft of houses" at Whitekeld, admittance  D DI/46/5/4  1788

Certified copy of will (1804) and codicil (1811) of John Fleming of Wrightgreen, yeomen, brother-in-law of John Dickinson of Kidburngill; with copy probate (Richmond Archdeaconry, 1811), certified copy  D DI/46/5/5  1851

Estate: houses and lands at Wrightgreen, Lanefoot and Walk Mill; lands called Whinnah and Low Field p. Lamplugh; and the lands late Sarah Priestman's.
Codicil: bequeaths the prospective allotment he should receive in the forthcoming Dean Inclosure.

Plan of Whitekeld, prepared for a lawsuit, coloured accordingly and with notes on fences, gaps, ownership and users of soil, rights of way, etc  D DI/46/5/6  Watermark 1808

Title: Plan of Whitekeld
Size: 49 x 37½ cms. Ink and colours.
Shows buildings (not in elevation), fields, field-names, roads and field-lanes, River Marron, abuttals.
No North point or scale.

Three notifications of Award of Allotments and fences to be made, signed by the three Dean Inclosure Commissioners and sent to  D DI/46/5/7  July 1814

Isaac Dickinson Location of Allotment: Ullock Low Moor
John Walker Location of Allotment: Ullock Low Moor
Jacob Walker Location of Allotment: Ullock Moor
Printed by T Bailey, Cockermouth.

Award concerning disputes as to ownership and fencing of the R Marron in the lands of Joseph Dickinson of Red How and Isaac Dodgson of Mockerkin (William Dickinson of North Mosses, Cumberland, gent. arbitrator) at Whitekeld and Lingcroft respectively - directs that the river be straightened, and then fenced  D DI/46/5/8  1849

The award defines the measurements of the "new Cut" of the river.
Small plan inset.

Note of enrolment in Chancery of conveyance of Whitekeld and Allotments 71, 72 (Dalzell to Mrs Eleanor Scott)  D DI/46/5/9  1852

Covenant (Mrs E Scott to John Dickinson) and executed conveyance (WFD Dickinson to Joseph Dickinson) to enable the straightening of the Marron  D DI/46/5/10  1853

Enfranchisement of the 2 houses and lands at Whitekeld, by General Wyndham  D DI/46/5/11  1858

Letters as to the Lamplugh Free and other Rents, their origins and whether John Dickinson was liable to pay them  D DI/46/5/12  1867

Copy 1867 conveyance for £1309 of land through Whitekeld for the Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway's Marron Branch, contemporary copy  D DI/46/5/13  (Watermark 1866)

No plan.

Wayleave lease for 18 years for waggonway in the Holmefield by the R Marron - (Dr EH Dickinson of Liverpool to the Lamplugh Colliery Co.)  D DI/46/5/14  1877

Marginal comments in pencil.

Epitome of title to Whitekeld, covers 1853-94, with notes on Dickinson & others v. Whitehaven Cleator and Egremont Railway Co. (n.d.)  D DI/46/5/15  Circa 1894

Release by members of the family, of the estate of Dr Joseph Dickinson deceased - as to division of proceeds of coming sale of Whitekeld amongst them  D DI/46/5/16  1894

Conveyance of Whitekeld and Lowmoor to John Dickinson of 10 Water St., Liverpool (Miss Mary Dickinson of Florence, Italy, and Mrs Jessie Hogg of Folkestone, Kent (parties to preceding item), vendors) for £2250  D DI/46/5/17  1895

Includes schedule of field names, acreages, O.S. numbers.
Plan: no title. 67 x 34 cms.
No scale
North point
Ink and colour. Abuttals. Trees.

Two letters 1914 and two 19th c. notes as to who repairs which length of the "Whitekeld Lonnin" (to clear the matter ahead of sale)  D DI/46/5/18  1914

Award of John Batey of Calderbridge, farmer, as to compensation for improvements etc. payable by Jonathan Mitchell (now of Birk Moss, Ennerdale), while at Whitekeld, and James Dickinson his landlord  D DI/46/5/19  1916

Schedules of heads of outlay.

Letting agreements for Whitekeld  D DI/46/5/20  1915, 1916

2 Items

Let to Benn Tinnion of Arlecdon Farm, 1915.
Messrs Bell, of Midtown Farm, "Hayton near Bullgill", 1916.
Printed form. Husbandry clauses. Yearly let. Schedule of field names, acreages, present cultivation.
Original bundle, the deeds of 1746-1789 forming an original sub-bundle, wrapper marked "Whitekeld Papers" c. 1800 on its present inner side. Rest of bundle has no wrapper.

Deeds and papers relating to the Harrington estate of the Key family; also relating to their Distington estate  D DI/47  1672 - 1945

This bundle is in two parts

Original sub-bundle marked (c.1800) "Miss Peile. Deeds of Houses at Rodgeress Head, Harrington", "4", comprising  D DI/47/1  1672-1772

Deeds of customary or tenantright property at Rodgerashead (Manor of Harrington) of the ancient customary rent of 4d.
Customary tenants: Gilliot(t) till 1772, when sold to Key.
Property named "Rogerhuse" 1673, "Rogershead" 1682, "Rogeress Head" 1750, "Rodgeras Head" 1772 and described as "messuage and tenement" 1673, "cottage" 1725, "2 dwelling houses, 1 byre, 1 garth or garden, in all 1 rood of land 1750, "3 houses, 3 gardens, and a new Field or Inclosure lately Common" 1772

Enfranchisement (Henry Curwen Esq. to William Gilliott of Distington, clogger), described as above  D DI/47/1/1  1750

Printed on parchment.

Sale particulars (very detailed) with list of bids, and sale receipts  D DI/47/1/2  1772


Lease and release following the auction (William Gilliot of Workington, clogger, to Robert Key of Harrington, mariner), described as above  D DI/47/1/3  1772

Stray admittance - Bridget, wife of Edward Croxdale, to messuage and tenement in the Manor of Moresby and Distington of the yearly customary fineable rent of 4d., 1760  D DI/47/1/4  1760

Deeds put up into large envelope (postmarked 1945) by [Ronald Dickinson] who wrote a schedule of them onto its front  D DI/47/2  1750 - 1945

Comprising:- Deeds and papers of the Harrington and Distington estates of the Key family, which passed through Jane Peile to John Dickinson (her husband) of Red How

Enfranchisement (Curwen to Henry Drape of Harrington, yeoman) - customary or tenantright tenements Nos. 47 (rent 4s.0d.) and 69 (rent 7s.4d.)  D DI/47/2/1  1750

No. 47: 1 house, 2 barns etc., 7 closes (named), total 18 acres, in Harrington, of the ancient customary rent of 4d.
No. 69: 1 house and barn, 2 gardens, 9 closes (named) total 19 acres, plus several parcels of waste (named) in Lowca, formerly Anthony Towersons, 1750
Printed on parchment.

Enfranchisement (same to same) - Bridge End messuage and tenement in the Manor of Harrington (house, barn, etc., garden, croft called the Holme behind the byre, other closes (named), total 2 acres), rent 2s. 2d  D DI/47/2/2  1759

MS deed on parchment.

Attested contemporary copy of the will (1772) of Henry Drape of Harrington, yeoman, "being of perfect Mind and Memory but in a bad State of Health"  D DI/47/2/3  Copy circa 1772

Daughters: Isabella Burns, Jane [Drape]
Son: Joseph (executor)
Estate not specified
Proved at Lancaster (no date given)

Release of three closes in Distington called Wescows, Haverigg, and Little Close, all part of Wells Tenement (Joseph Fisher of Distington, yeoman, and others to Anthony Hodgson of do., yeoman)  D DI/47/2/4  1773

Admittances (2) to the "front house" and "back house" of messuage and tenement in Whitehaven Old Town, register nos. 45a, b, Manor of St Bees, rent 4d. (Rose Woofe as creditor of John Hodgson)  D DI/47/2/5  1776

Copy of will (1778) of John Peile of Whitehaven, yeoman  D DI/47/2/6  1778 (copy circa 1800)

Sons: Thomas, John, Peter (executor).
Estate: Houses and gardens in Queen Street, Whitehaven

Original will of Sarah Bacon of Harrington widow  D DI/47/2/7  1796

Son: Thomas Littledale
Estate: freehold house and land called Horsegills in Kirklinton, presently mortgaged to Joseph Greenhow and to John Key of Harrington, mariner.
Executor: the said John Key.
Endorsed "Copy - Sarah Burns Will".
Note Joseph Greenhow's abode is not stated.

Contemporary copy of will (1797) of William Lonsdale of Harrington, senior, 1797  D DI/47/2/8  (Copy circa 1797)

Daughters: Sarah Young, Jane Plasket, Mary McKee.
Grandson: John Plasket.
Son: William Lonsdale
Granddaughters: Mary Lonsdale, Sarah Lonsdale (daughters of his son William)
Estate: House and land in Harrington (where Sarah Young lives); house and garden at Distington
Ship shares: 1/8 of the snow Venus
1/8 outstanding of "the late Brig Happy", still unpaid.

Contemporary copy of the will (1800) of Henry Robinson of Greysouthen, weaver  D DI/47/2/9  1800 (copy circa 1800)

Estate: house and land in "Greysouthen Town", to Joseph Drape of Harrington, gent. (executor).

Mortgage (George Key of Whitehaven, wine and spirit merchant, to William Lewthwaite of Broadgate p. Millom, Esq.)  D DI/47/2/10  Sept. 1817

House and land (field names) in Harrington, total 49a.1r.5p., formerly the estate of William Drape deceased, thence his heir Joseph Drape's, thence George Key's (Joseph Drape's nephew and heir)

Fine re same - 13 messuages, 3 barns, 4 stables, 3 cowhouses, 3 gardens, 2 orchards, 80 acres land, 20 acres meadow, in the parish of Harrington  D DI/47/2/11  Nov. 1817

Lease and release (Mary Key of Harrington, widow and devisee of George Key of Whitehaven, spirit merchant, to John Key of Harrington, gent., with William Lewthwaite of Broadgate p.Millom, gent., 2nd party  D DI/47/2/12  1820s

1) House and land (49a. 1r. 5p.) called Grayson Green, occupied by "Messrs. Rigg, Hodgson, and Company", the estate of the late William Drape, then of Joseph Drape his heir; and 2) freehold close at Harrington called El[l]erigg, "lately" sold to George Key by the Rev. John Bacon, and now occupied by Patrick Burns.
Reciting deeds from the 1820 mortgage to the said William Lewthwaite, 1824.

Letters of administration of Robert Key of Harrington, mariner, granted to John Key his son  D DI/47/2/13  24th March 1825

Seal of James Thomas Law, M.A., Commissary of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, 1822.

Lease and release as assignment by way of settlement (John Key of Harrington, gent., to Jane Peile of Harrington, widow, his daughter) - settles on her his interest as mortgagee of the following properties  D DI/47/2/14  1826

Mortgagor: James Hayston of Harrington Harbour, yeoman
Property: 7 freehold messuages and tenements on the south side of Harrington Harbour
Date(s) of Mortgage(s): 1791, 1794
Mortgagor: John Wilson of Distington, yeoman, and Ann his wife
Property: Wescows, Haverigg, and Little Close, total 8a. 1r. 38p., part of Wells Tenement in Distington
Date(s) of Mortgage(s): 1810
Mortgagor: William Skelton of Harrington Harbour, ropemaker
Property: Two closes (ex Harrington Common) called Moorfields, total 4½ acres; one of them, called High Moorfield, was originally allotted to Henry Bacon, and the other close was originally allotted to George Richardson, and conveys the houses, buildings "and the Windmill for grinding Corn and machinery thereon Erected".
Date(s) of Mortgage(s): 1825
Mortgagor: Henry Thompson of Whitehaven, grocer, and Joseph Thompson of London, gent.
Property: £200 at 5% (loan)
Date(s) of Mortgage(s): 1809 (bond)
Consideration: his natural love for Jane Peile his daughter.
Premises now settled upon her: the above-described properties, and four turnpike bonds (Whitehaven Turnpike), total £450, 1807-08, numbered 32, 33, 34, 38 under the Act of 46 Geo. III

Attested copy of probate (1829) of John Key of Harrington, gent. (will 1824, codicil 1828), proved in Richmond Archdeaconry  D DI/47/2/15  1829 (attested copy 1849)

Late son George's children: John, Mary, Jane.
Daughter: Jane Peile
Left to: Jane Peile
Estate: Houses and lands called Scaw and Smithy Green in Harrington
How acquired: Not stated
Left to: Jane Peile
Estate: 14 houses and lands in Harrington
How acquired: Bought by him from his daughter-in-law Mary Key, widow
Left to: Jane Peile., (then on her death) John Key
Estate: Houses and tenements in George Street and Queen Street, Whitehaven
How acquired: Not stated
Left to: Mary Key
Estate: 7 houses and lands on the south side of Harrington Harbour
How acquired: Bought by him "from her Mother Mary Key"
Left to: Jane Key
Estate: Several other houses and lands "at the low or north side" of the foregoing, being "the remainder of the houses which I purchased from her mother Mary Key"
How acquired: Bought by him "from her Mother Mary Key"
Left to: Jane Peile
Estate: Houses and lands in Harrington called Grayson Green and Low Houses
How acquired: Not stated

Contemporary copy of same  D DI/47/2/16  Copy circa 1829

Endorsed "Proved 10 June 1829"

Certificates of examinations of married women under the Act of 3 & 4 William IV  D DI/47/2/17-19  1834-1838

3 Items

No: 17.
Woman's name: Margaret, wife of Henry Crakeplace of Workington, cabinet maker
Parties of Deed Concerned: Henry and Margaret Crakeplace to Jane Peile of Harrington, spinster.
Date of Deed: 1834
No: 18.
Woman's name: Margaret, wife of William Ditchburn, and Jane, wife of Wilfred Ditchburn
Parties of Deed Concerned: Ditchburn to Jane Peile of Harrington, spinster.
Date of Deed: 1837
No: 19.
Woman's name: Ann, wife of Henry Dryden
Parties of Deed Concerned: Dryden to Jane Peile of Harrington, spinster.
Date of Deed: 1838

Declaration by Jane Davis of Godferhead p. Loweswater, widow of William Davis, solicitor, who was a trustee of the marriage settlement "of my Cousin Jane formerly Jane Peile of Harrington spinster the wife of John Dickinson formerly of Havercroft but now of Red How, Esq."  D DI/47/2/20  1876

States that her husband William Davis was a solicitor in the City of Dublin till 1861, when he went to Buenos Aires and lived there (and she with him) till his death on 4 May 1864; that he was buried in the English Cemetery in Buenos Aires on 5 May 1864; that she was present at his death.

Letting agreement for Drape's Meadow (John Dickinson of Red How, Esq., to George Wright of William Street, Harrington, grocer)  D DI/47/2/21  1887

Yearly let. Pasturage only. Rent £4 p.a. Lessor reserves right to take, and of allowing to be taken, water from a spring in the field "for the use of the new Brewery by a closed drain", and of repairing and examining the same. £10 extra rent payable if any part of the field be mown, ploughed, or tilled. No sub-letting without written leave.

List of [Joseph] Dickinson's Harrington properties, their tenants and rents  D DI/47/2/22  [1893]

Mentions "Key's Brow" and "Pat Burns' cottages"; also that "the above houses have separate gardens of their own".
Written in Joseph Dickinson's handwriting. Dated from the entry on the 1945 envelope's schedule by [Ronald Dickinson].

Letter from Mrs Sarah Sheridan, Harrington, admitting awareness at the time of having no right to put a sewer from her houses in Henry Street, Harrington, through the passage of Joseph Dickinson's houses there, and agreeing to pay 1s.0d. a year rent for it, and to remove it on request; and copy of Joseph Dickinson's receipt for same  D DI/47/2/23  1894

2 Items.

"Copy of my agreement with Mr Plaskett about the sewer at Keys brow, High Harrington": being a copy of a letter from Joseph Dickinson to Mr Plaskett of Blacketholme Gate concerning 1s.0d. rent as condition for the latter's putting in a sewer at Key's Brow  D DI/47/2/24  1899

In Joseph Dickinson's handwriting

Envelope inscribed with schedule of the deeds (listed here as D DI/47/2) by [Ronald Dickinson]  D DI/47/2/25  Postmarked 1945

Bundle relating to Woodend and Crossgates p. Lamplugh  D DI/48  1765 - 1927

[no title]  D DI/48/1  1765

"Mr Dickinson's Settlement": marriage settlement of John Dickinson of Woodend, yeoman, and Elizabeth Johnston of do., spinster (David Dickinson of Lackerton Wood, yeoman, being the second party) - house and land called Woodend; settled prior to marriage

[no title]  D DI/48/2  1818

Lease (release missing) of freehold house and land called Woodend, total 56 acres, and allotment of the late Wood Moor, 17a. 2r. 10p., occupied by John Dickinson, on the north-east of the Lamplugh Cross-Workington road, and south-east of John Branthwaite's ancient inclosures (John Wilson late of East Town End now of Southfield both in Winscales p. Workington, yeoman, and John Benson of Egremont, yeoman, to Joseph Dickinson of Workington, merchant)

[no title]  D DI/48/3  1874

Sale of 226 square yards inclosure called Cross Gates Wood (John Dickinson of Red How to John Branthwaite of Whinnah p. Lamplugh, miner): contemporary copy declaration by vendor re title 1874; draft contract for the sale, 1874; contemporary copy of the conveyance 1874; memoranda and very small site-plan of same [1874]

[no title]  D DI/48/4  1875

Conveyance of the southern part of Cross Gates Wood (John Dickinson of Red How, Esq., to Tom Walker of Cockermouth, builder, and George Hodgson of do., banker's clerk), minerals excepted; nothing to be built there before vendor approves the design, nor of less than £140 minimum value each, or that is not "equal in size and construction to those lately erected by Messieurs Baird & Company situate at Kirkland in the said parish" [Lamplugh]; no beerhouse or pub to be built or set up there
For a plan of what was built, see the 1927-28 correspondence (this bundle, below).
This site was sold for £123. 15s. 0d.
Note Tom Walker, of Main Street, Cockermouth, went into liquidation in 1882 (Penrith Observer, 4 April 1882, p.8)

[no title]  D DI/48/5  1891

6 Letters

Correspondence with John Walker of 86 Main Street, Cockermouth, builder, as to pipe etc. put in for his cottages at Crossgates without Joseph Dickinson's leave; and summary by George Dickinson of the affair and its outcome
"Father" objected "and Walker had to remove it."

Yearly letting agreements (copies, mostly on sheets of notepaper), for grazing cattle and sheep only  D DI/48/6  Not dated

Ground, rent: Crossgates Field, Middle High Field, Cottage Field, Wellclose £38.
Tenant: John Yates of the Hollins p. Lamplugh
Special clauses: Cut allthistles before they flower; destroy all moles; have use of part of the buildings at Woodend (specified); use of these fields for tenant's old mare, she to go if damages the gates and fences. 1893
Ground, rent: Crossgates Field, Middle High Field, Cottage Field, Wellclose £38.
Tenant: John Yates of the Hollins p. Lamplugh
Special clauses: Cut allthistles before they flower; destroy all moles; have use of part of the buildings at Woodend (specified); use of these fields for tenant's old mare, she to go if damages the gates and fences. 1896
Ground rent: Wizenholme Head Allotment
Tenant: George Bowe of Fangs p. Loweswater
Special clauses: Provision for fencing "if the iron in the fence gives way" 1898
Ground rent: Well Closefield (Woodend)
Tenant: John Sloan of Millgillhead p. Lamplugh
Special clauses: "Meadow in N.E. corner may be mown if well manured afterwards" 1901
Ground rent: High Field, Crossgates Field, & Middlehighfield (parts of Red How & Woodend farms)
Tenant: James Fox Mawson of Dean Cross
Special clauses: Thistles to be cut by July 1907
Ground rent: Wizenholme Head Allotment
Tenant: William Fox Mawson of Todhole
Special clauses: As in 1898's 1907
The above were let by Joseph Dickinson; game and rabbits reserved.

Report and survey of Woodend Farm by GD Stanley Dodgson, to form an opinion on "restoring the farm buildings so as to enable you to let the holding", Somerset House, Whitehaven  D DI/48/7  May 1909

Detailed careful comments on the farm's buildings and prospects, with suggestions on its future management, and estimate for minimum repairs needed.

Letting agreement for Woodend Farm (George Dickinson to Joseph Edgar of Low Southfield in Winscales) - house and 212a. 2r.36p  D DI/48/8  1910

No poultry to be kept in the fields.
Printed form. Schedule of fields with cultivation details as at Autumn 1910, with that at Autumn 1925 added in pencil.

Letting agreement for Red How Park and Great Meadow (GD to George Edgar of Woodend); "Stock and carts not to be taken along Red How Avenue"; all thistles to be cut by 15 August  D DI/48/9  1917

Letting agreement for Woodend Farm (GD to William Sherwen of Rough House, Asby p. Arlecdon); tenant "to protect trees from being barked by horses"; no goats to be kept, nor horses in the Park  D DI/48/10  1925

Printed form. Schedule of fields and cultivation in Autumn 1925.

Correspondence of George Dickinson with Whitehaven R.D.C. concerning "Wood Moor road alterations" (="Crossgates-Lamplugh Station Road", to R.D.C.), including plan  D DI/48/11  1927-28

Concerns straightening corner north west of Woodend, widening the road at Woodend itself, and blunting the north-west corner at Crossgates. Plan shows the cottages [built by Walker] at Crossgates, and the "Main County Road" (and its bend) to Crossgates Bridge.
Original bundle; no wrapper or label.

Bundle of wills and copy wills involving the Dickinson family  D DI/49  1811 - 1906

Contemporary copy will (1811) of Mary Baxter of Workington, widow  D DI/49/1  1811 (contemp. copy)

Nephews: Daniel Dickinson* of Ulverston, gent.; William Dickinson the elder* of Workington, surgeon; Richard, Isaac, Joseph Dickinson.
Nieces: Frances and Jane Dickinson
Son: John
Deceased son: Frears
Bequest also to William Dickinson the younger of Workington, surgeon.
* = Trustees of the will.
Estate: Salter Hall, occupied by John Jackson.

Probate of William Crone of Workington, grocer (will 1831), Proved in the Prerogative Court of York  D DI/49/2  1832

Wife Jane*
Mother Mary
Friends John Dickinson* of Red How, and James Dare* of Workington.
* = Executors.
Estate: none specified.

William Crone deceased  D DI/49/3  1835

Probate papers 1835; release and indemnity by the beneficiaries to the executors (George Crone of Gilcrux, labourer, Robert Lucock of Langrigg p. "Bromfield" [Bromfield], draining-tile maker, and John Moffit of Tallentire p. Bridekirk, labourer, and Ann his wife, to Isaiah Crossley of Newton p. Manchester, Lancs., farmer, and Jane his wife (lately Jane Crone, widow), John Dickinson of Red How, gent., and James Dare of Workington, draper); recites that William Crone died soon after making his will; and that Jane his widow married Isaiah Crossley on 3 March 1834

Copy of wills of various Dickinsons, to accompany abstract of title to an Allonby estate bought by Mr Thomas Williamson  D DI/49/4  1862

Copies wills as follows:
Thomas Dickinson of Allonby, yeoman
7 February 1840, proved in the Prerogative Court of York on 31 May 1842: brothers Richard and Jonathan Dickinson; sisters Elizabeth and Dinah Dickinson, Susanna wife of Hudson Scott; estate not named; effects under £450.
Jonathan Dickinson of Allonby, yeoman
9 Mo. 27th 1846, proved in the Prerogative Court of York on 2 February 1847: brother, Richard; sisters Elizabeth and Dinah Dickinson; estate: house and garden at Allonby (Judith Simpson, tenant); effects under £100.
Richard Dickinson of Allonby, yeoman
31 December 1846, proved at Carlisle on 23 November 1850; sisters Elizabeth and Dinah Dickinson; nieces Susannah Scott, Mary Dickinson wife of David Blain of the City of Carlisle (one of his trustees), and Hannah wife of Richard Nicholson of Liverpool (another of his trustees, the third and last trustee being Thomas Williamson the younger of Allonby); estate not specified; effects under £100.
Dinah Dickinson of Allonby, spinster
1 March 1848, and codicil 3 Aug. 1850, proved at Carlisle on 6 February 1852: brother Richard*; sister Elizabeth*; same trustees as Richard's above; same nieces as do.'s; codicil provides for her sister Elizabeth's pre-deceasing her
*Executors (reserve: Susannah Scott); estate unspecified; effects under £450
Elizabeth Dickinson of Allonby, spinster
23 July 1861, proved at Carlisle on 27 February 1862: same executors as Richard's above; nieces: Susannah (wife of John Walker of Maryport), Mary (wife of David Blain of the City of Carlisle, painter), and Hannah (wife of Richard Nicholson of South Castle Street, Liverpool, merchant); estate not specified; effects under £1500.

Typed copy will (1890), codicils (1894, 1899), and probate (1904, at Carlisle) of Jane Key of Oakbank p. Loweswater, spinster, cousin of Jane Dickinson of Red How  D DI/49/5  Copy circa 1904

Cousins: Alice de Candia ("daughter of my Cousin Mary Leyland"), Charles Henry Lowry, Amy Frances Lowry, Eva Mary Lowry, Catherine Wilson Lowry, Jane Dickinson of Red How.
Sister-in-law: Ann Jane Key
Bequests to various other Lowrys and to Zoe de Candia; also to various charities.
Estate: ship shares, namely, 1/64 of the John Gambles, 1/16 of the Michael Hutchinson. 1st codicil bequest to cousin Joseph Dickinson of Red How (her "four plated Candlesticks and branches") provided that he gets "the curb stones round my dear sister's grave enlarged"; 2nd codicil adjusts other bequests.
Testatrix died 10 October 1903. Gross estate £5,186. 3s. 0d.

Typed copy will (1906) of John Dickinson of Liverpool, solicitor  D DI/49/6  Copy circa 1906

Brothers: Joseph, George (Trustees)
Daughters: Marjorie, Mary, Jane, Phyllis, Vera
Sons: John, James
Bequest also to Jane Peile Dickinson.
Estate: His freehold house and garden Left to: Daughters Mary and Jane Dickinson
Estate: Whitekeld p. Dean Left to: Son James
Also various sums of money, to named children.

Summary notes of income from Whitekeld, and to whom payable, also of deceased's shares, prepared for Succession Duty return, by John Dickinson and others  D DI/49/7  [1906]

Original bundle

Further records re minerals  D DI/50 - 53  [n.d.]

Journals of borings for iron-ore by J Dickinson  D DI/50  Circa 1854-1860 and not dated [mid 19th c.]

5 Notebooks

Borings Nos. 1-20  D DI/50/1  Circa 1854

In "Almanack for 1854" notebook marked "Borings by J Dickinson". References also to "Robertson's [Boring] Journal"

"Borings by the Coltness Company and 1 by Alec Egan" (pocket-book, brown cover), n.d  D DI/50/2  (Mid 19th c.)

Boring journal, Crossgates and Woodend, also Todhole croft  D DI/50/3  1860

"Journal of Iron Ore Borings" in Red How, Havercroft, Woodend, and Todhole estates, n.d  D DI/50/4  1860s

"Journal of Coal and Iron Ore Borings" in same, n.d  D DI/50/5  1860s

Lamplugh Colliery  D DI/51  [n.d.]

Monthly returns of coal raised  D DI/51/1  1875 - 1881

Preceded by date of first sod (1873) and first waggonload of coal (1875).
Followed by
Half-yearly returns of dead rent paid for iron ore, 1870-1879.
Notebook kept by John Dickinson, Red How (signed inside front cover, 1875).
Three-quarters of book is unused.
Cover is marked "Lamplugh Colliery".

"Papers relating to Lamplugh Colliery": boring memoranda, letters, calculations, rent receipt 1870, rent returns 1873-80  D DI/51/2  1870 - 80

Includes boring journal for No. 1 Borehole in Hodyoad Meadow at the foot of Scalesmoor Meadow, 1876.

Bundle of deeds and papers concerning iron ore royalties  D DI/52  [n.d.]

Tracing plan (surface)  D DI/52/1  Circa 1860

Annotated but fragile.

Conditions of letting the iron ore or hematite royalty in Red How, Havercroft, Todhole, and Woodend  D DI/52/2  1870

Copy of JD's letter re trespass into Streetgate Royalty  D DI/52/3  Nov. 1877

Gives details of JD's terms for coal royalties ("the lowest in the area")

Iron ore lease, Red How royalty (Henry Bowes of Workington and others, lessees)  D DI/52/4  May 1881

Original deed, headed by the Conditions of Letting.

Conditions of letting the iron ore or hematite royalty of the four estates  D DI/52/5  1882

Royalty correspondence  D DI/52/6  1909 - 1916

Including copy proposals (1909); copy letter re Streetgate Royalty 1878 (copy 1878 enclosed in 1909 letter); copy letter from Ulverston discussing the terms for Streetgate Royalty (sets these out; great detail), 3 Feb. 1910; section of strata at Parkside Mining Co.'s No. 3 Pit, Frizington Mines, 29 Oct. 1880 (in the 1914 correspondence); letter from William Dixon (Park House, Bigrigg) discussing terms for lease of Crossgates Royalty, 18 March 1916; tracing plan of the four estates, centred on Todhole-[Crossgates], n.d., enclosed in the 1916 correspondence.

Lease of iron ore and coal under the Red How estate (North Lonsdale Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., lessees), 1923, with two letters (attached) from the lessees giving notice of termination of lease, 1933  D DI/52/7  1923, 1933

Term: 42 years, terminable every three years. Detailed clauses and covenants.
Plan sewn in half-way through the text.
Original bundle.

Envelope marked "Correspondence etc. Relating to Clay Royalty"  D DI/53  [n.d.]

Letter from the proprietor of Troutbeck Tilery, giving prices of draining tiles  D DI/53/1  1 May 1869

Page 1 only

Letter breaks off.

Whitehaven District Highway Board notice of meeting  D DI/53/2  4 Oct. 1873

On back, draining calculations (with prices of tiles, their measurements, and effect on rental), ending "The above is Lord Leconfield's terms to Mr Naisbitt in 1865 - (Worth now double)".

Letter to John Dickinson, 10 Water Street, Liverpool - advice on terms to ask for clay, fireclay etc. (details)  D DI/53/3  29 Nov. 1873

Copy of J.D.'s letter to prospective lessees, re terms for lease  D DI/53/4  8 June 1875

Includes royalty figures for clay draining-pipes.
Written on back of letter to the Lamplugh Colliery Co. as to royalty rent to be paid, n.d

Letter from the West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Workington - price of firebricks from Clifton Brick Works, collected there, or to include delivery at Wright Green Station  D DI/53/5  15 June 1875

"We make neither Tiles nor Troughs"

Letter from the Lamplugh Colliery Co., 14 Tangier St., Whitehaven - proposal for working the clay at Red How  D DI/53/6  7 Sept., 1875

Conditions for letting the royalty of gravel and common clay in that part of Low Moss east of the R. Marron, and for letting the fireclay and ironstone royalty in the four estates (Red How etc.) except the Lamplugh Fell allotments and the parts by the Marron formerly in Dean parish)  D DI/53/7  Circa 1876

D DI/53/8-9 attached to it

Price-list of Joseph Lucock's troughs and baths  D DI/53/8  Not dated

Broughton Moor BrickWorks, Maryport

Sheet showing the various kinds of chimney-pots produced by J. Lucock, Broughton-Moor FireBrick Works, near Maryport (printed; prices added by hand beneath)  D DI/53/9  Not dated

Cutting - advertisement of the letting of the royalty "close to the Lamplugh Colliery"; describes the clay seams and their quality  D DI/53/10  Not dated

Offprints of articles by RF Dickinson in the Transactions Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, New Series  D DI/54  [n.d.]

Tithing Customs in West Cumberland in the 18th Century (New Series Vol. LX)  D DI/54/1  1960

18 Copies.

The Friendly Society of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Lamplugh and its Neighbourhood (New Series Vol. LXVI)  D DI/54/2  1966

11 Copies.

Related information: Note For the Lucocks of Broughton Moor Brick/Tile Works, see D DI/49/3 and D DI/53/8,9.

Valuations of the Red How estate  D DI/55  1847, 1869, 1875 - 1876, 1879 - 1881, not dated

Source of acquisition: Deposited 5th July 1982

Records relating to the Ennerdale estate, particularly How Hall farm and the Anglers' Inn  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Deposited 10th November, 1982

Cash book  D DI/56  1852 - 1884

Papers relating to the letting of How Hall farm  D DI/57  1895

Letter relating to the cost of purchasing land for Cleator Moor waterworks  D DI/58/1  1885

Letter requesting examination of a title deed  D DI/58/2  1888

Press cuttings relating to public rights over lakes in the Lake District  D DI/58/3  1898, not dated

3 Items

Petition of Joseph and George Dickinson against the Whitehaven Corporation Bill (copy enclosed) which proposed to construct new waterworks at Ennerdale  D DI/58/4  1899

How Hall farm vouchers  D DI/59/1  1889 - 1890, 1894 - 1895

Papers relating to How Hall farm  D DI/59/2  1895 - 1899

Agreement to arbitrate with outgoing tenants; re-letting of the farm; repairs and improvements etc.

Papers relating to the letting of How Hall farm  D DI/60  1899

Papers relating to JB Bland's tenancy of How Hall farm particularly  D DI/61  1896, 1898-1900, not dated

Bland's claims under the Agricultural Holdings Act and Dickinsons' claim against Bland for breaches of the tenancy agreement

Papers relating to claims for compensation made under the Agricultural Holdings Act of 1883 by the outgoing tenants of How Hall farm  D DI/62  1897, 1899-1900

Deeds and papers relating to the lease of the 'Anglers Inn' and Ennerdale lake  D DI/63  1880 - 1902

6 Items

Copy of Ennerdale enclosure map  D DI/64/1  1869

Agreement, accounts and papers relating to the erection of an iron fence on the How Hall farm allotment following Ennerdale enclosure  D DI/64/2  1874 - 1875

Plans, estimate, tender, accounts and papers relating to JB Bland's tenancy of How Hall farm  D DI/64/3  1896 - 1902

Including: repairs to the farmhouse; Bland's insistence on a boundary fence on the watershed adjoining Ennerdale and Buttermere (Red Pike); Bland's inability and reluctance to cart material to Red Pike and his claim for payment: lawsuit Dickinson v. Bland for breaches of tenancy agreement

Papers relating to the repair of the fence on Red Pike  D DI/64/4  1910 - 1911

Letter relating to the valuation of property in Gillerthwaite Road  D DI/65/1  1879

Papers relating to the letting of and improvements to How Hall farm  D DI/65/2  1896 - 1897

Plan and papers relating to permission to build a well on Flosh farm and to carry water to How Side  D DI/65/3  1897

List of properties in Ennerdale exonerated from paying land tax  D DI/65/4  1898

Letter relating to storm damage at How Hall farm  D DI/65/5  1899

Papers relating to the letting of and repairs to How Hall farm and Anglers' Inn  D DI/65/6  1909 - 1911

Photograph, voucher and papers relating to the letting of the Anglers' Inn  D DI/66  1909 - 1911

Including: insurance; repairs; rent and rates

Vouchers relating to the Anglers' Inn and How Hall farm  D DI/67  1909 - 1911

Award and papers relating to JB Bland's tenancy of How Hall farm  D DI/68/1  1897 - 1900

Fencing at Ennerdale and Buttermere (Red Pike); Bland's claim under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883 for improvements made to the farm; lawsuit Dickinson v. Bland to recover the costs of carting fencing to Red Pike

Letters relating to the rental of the 'Anglers' Inn  D DI/68/2  1912, not dated

2 Items

Letter relating to Tyson's admission of trespass  D DI/69/1  1848

Notice of a toll of 2d payable on the road from the Boat House to How Hall  D DI/69/2  1857

Correspondence relating to the repair of a footbridge over the river on the Cragg estate  D DI/69/3  1870

Press cutting relating to the dangerous state of the road around Ennerdale lake  D DI/69/4  1882

Acknowledgement by owners of various estates in Ennerdale that they had no legal right to use the road past How Hall to Anglers' Inn  D DI/69/5  1888

Correspondence relating to a disputed right of way through How Hall farm to Anglers' Inn  D DI/69/6  1889

Papers relating to the erection of a fence on the watershed between Ennerdale and Buttermere (Red Pike)  D DI/69/7  1897 - 1899

Letter relating to the terms required for removing gravel from the bed of Ennerdale lake  D DI/69/8  1900

Letter relating to (sewage) outlets into Ennerdale lake  D DI/69/9  1901

Correspondence mainly relating to disputed rights of way to and around Ennerdale lake  D DI/69/10  1904 - 1905

Papers relating to the use of the road by Anglers' Inn to cart timber etc  D DI/69/11  1922

Papers relating to the disputed right of way to Ennerdale lake through How Hall farm; notice closing the How Hall road forbidding the removal of gravel etc. from the shore of the lake  D DI/69/12  1925

Draft letter to the Forestry Commission complaining that heavy lorries were using the peivate road through How Hall farm  D DI/69/13  1928

Notice forbidding the removal of gravel etc. from the shores of Ennerdale lake and closing the private road past How Hall farm to the Anglers' Inn  D DI/69/14  1930

Correspondence with the Forestry Commission relating to  D DI/69/15  1930 - 1933

The use of gravel from Ennerdale lake for repairing roads and the use of the private road past How Hall farm to Anglers' Inn

Miscellaneous  D DI/69/16  Not dated late C19th

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to Laws & Gilbert's scales of manure value of cattle foods  D DI/70  1900

Ennerdale estate  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Deposited 24th November 1982

Estate and family correspondence and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/71  1890 - 1892

Offers to purchase the Boat House; Anglers' Inn; How Hall farm etc.

Press cuttings and papers relating to proposals by the West Cumberland Fishery Board to include Ennerdale lake in its district  D DI/72  1892

Stray papers relating to proposed tenants  D DI/73  1893

Estate and family correspondence, vouchers and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/74  1892 - 1894

The Anglers' Inn; the lake and How Hall farm

Estate and family correspondence and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/75  1895 - 1896

The Anglers' Inn; How Hall farm; Boat House meadow

Estate and family correspondence, accounts, vouchers and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/76  1896 - 1898

How Hall farm; the Anglers' Hotel and the lake

Estate and family correspondence, vouchers and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/77  1898 - 1899

Land tax; the Anglers' Hotel; fencing; How Hall farm and the lake

Papers mainly relating to the passage through Parliament of the Whitehaven Corporation Bill which included amongst its provisions the extension of the waterworks and the use of water from lake Ennerdale  D DI/78  1898 - 1899

Estate and family correspondence, vouchers and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/79  1900 - 1902

The Anglers' Inn; sporting rights; How Hall farm and the lake

Correspondence, accounts, vouchers, draft deeds and papers relating to the Ennerdale estate and particularly to the Whitehaven Corporation's proposals to raise the water level in lake Ennerdale  D DI/80  1902 - 1905

Vouchers and papers relating to the management of the Ennerdale estate including  D DI/81  1900 - 1909

The lake; the Anglers' Inn; How Hall farm etc.

Beneficiaries' receipts of their shares of the profits from the Ennerdale estate  D DI/82  1852 - 1891

Papers relating to a trespass on the private road between How Hall farm and the Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale  D DI/83/1  1861

Beneficiaries' quarterly receipts of their shares of the profits from the Ennerdale estate  D DI/83/2  1890 - 1910

Agreement to let How Hall farm, Ennerdale  D DI/84  1923

[no title]  D DI/85  1934 - 1938

Solicitors' correspondence relating to RF Dickinson's estate and personal affairs including: How Hall farm, Ennerdale; the sale and lease of allotments to the Forestry Commission; personal allowances; the proposed purchase of Gatra farm; the trust deed for Papcastle Reading Room; property insurance; shares and investments; income tax; the Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale; Ennerdale water rights; the registration of coal ownership etc.

Solicitors' correspondence relating to RF Dickinson's personal and estate affairs  D DI/86  1944 - 1946

Shareholdings and investments; the lease of the Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale; will (copy included) and codicil; Ennerdale charity; Red How and Havercroft mineral rights; the estate of George Dickinson deceased; the proposed sale of property at Lowca

[no title]  D DI/87  1935 - 1947, 1949 - 1951

Estate correspondence relating to: How Hall farm, Ennerdale; the Red How estate, Lamplugh; Todhole farm, Lamplugh; the Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale; water rights on Ennerdale lake; Whitekeld farm, etc.

Estate and some personal correspondence  D DI/88  1937 - 1941, 1943 - 1946, 1950 - 1951

Relating to: the letting of the Anglers' Hotel, Ennerdale; the lease of Gillerthwaite allotment, Ennerdale to the Forestry Commission; How Hall farm road; investments; the compulsory purchase of Ennerdale lake for use as a water supply

Solicitors' correspondence relating to RF Dickinson's estate and personal affairs  D DI/89/1  1939 - 1942

Including: lease of Gillerthwaite allotment, Ennerdale to the Forestry Commission; the Anglers' Hotel, Ennerdale; the registration of coal ownership; the estate of George Dickinson deceased; the Red How estate, Lamplugh; Whitekeld farm; property insurance; mineral rights at Red How and Havercroft; income tax; will and codicil; Ennerdale lake

Papers relating to the proposed sale of Ennerdale lake to the Whitehaven Corporation  D DI/89/2  1951

Lamplugh estate  [no ref. or date]

Copy letter-book (indexed) of George Dickinson of Liverpool  D DI/90  1890 - 1902

Relating to his estate at Lamplugh and Lowca; the estate of Jane Dickinson deceased; etc.

Copy letter-book (indexed) of George Dickinson of Liverpool relating to his estate at Lamplugh  D DI/91  1904 - 1910

Vouchers; mostly estate  D DI/92  1909 - 1910

Papers relating to the management of the Red How estate, Lamplugh  D DI/93  1910 - 1911

Estate: general  [no ref. or date]

Probate will, accounts, title deeds and papers relating to the estate of Barbara Lowry deceased, widow of Crosby-on-Eden  D DI/94  1845 - 1855

Including: the mortgaging of property at Distington and Seaton by John Dickinson, and the release of property at Haithwaite, Kirkandrews-on-Esk

Title deeds relating to a messuage and tenement at Windyhill, Greysouthen  D DI/95/1  1662, 1667, 1691

5 Items

Letter and receipt relating to the purchase of an estate at Warwick, Carlisle; John Dickinson was a trustee  D DI/95/2  1856

Schedule of title deeds relating to an estate at Litherland, Lancashire  D DI/95/3  1872

Copy conveyance and schedules of title deeds relating to the Barrock End estate at Hesket and Wetheral  D DI/95/4  1856, 1873

2 Items

Family  [no ref. or date]

Copy will and papers relating to the estate of Ruth Ann Skelton deceased, spinster of Foulsyke, Loweswater; John Dickinson of Havercroft, Lamplugh was executor  D DI/96/1  1864

Accounts relating to the estate of Mary Todd deceased, spinster; John Dickinson was executor and trustee  D DI/96/2  1870

Declaration as to the death of William Davis, solicitor of Dublin one of the trustees of Mrs John Dickinson's marriage settlement  D DI/96/3  1876

Copy will of Mary Robley Huddart, spinster of The Hill, Harrington; Joseph Dickinson of Red How was executor and legatee  D DI/96/4  1907

Papers relating to the estate of Joseph Dickinson deceased of Red How, Lamplugh particularly shares and investments  D DI/97  1909

Probate will and account relating to the estate of William Stamper deceased, gentleman of Freeland Place, Irthington  D DI/98/1  1806

Account of George Dickinson's inheritance of The Cottage, Lowca; account of John Dickinson's inheritance of the Freeland estate, Irthington  D DI/98/2  1892

Papers relating to the disposition of the Freeland estate on the death of John Dickinson  D DI/98/3  1907 - 1910

Inland Revenue accounts relating to the estate of Jane Dickinson deceased of Red How, Lamplugh  D DI/99/1  1892, 1896

Accounts, death certificate and papers relating to the estate of Joseph Dickinson deceased of Red How  D DI/99/2  1909 - 1911

Copy letter book (indexed) relating to the estate of Joseph Dickinson deceased  D DI/100  1909 - 1911

Draft will, accounts and papers relating to the estate of Isaac Dickinson deceased, gentleman, of Havercroft, Lamplugh  D DI/101/1  1836 - 1837

Probate will, bank book, accounts, vouchers and papers relating to the estate of Frances Dickinson deceased, spinster of The Cottage, Lamplugh  D DI/101/2  1852 - 1854

Residuary account of the estate of Eleanor Scott deceased, widow of Workington  D DI/101/3  1864

Accounts, including the sale of library books, relating to the estate of Joseph Dickinson deceased, physician of Liverpool  D DI/101/4  1867 - 1868

Copy will of Ann Dickinson, spinster of The Cottage, Lamplugh  D DI/101/5  Post-1871

Probate will, codicil of Mary Scott, accounts, vouchers, deed and papers relating to the estate of Jane Dickinson deceased, spinster of The Cottage, Lamplugh  D DI/101/6  1859, 1892

Release relating to Dr Joseph and Mrs AM Dickinson's marriage settlement  D DI/101/7  1894

Copy administration of the estate of RFB Dickinson deceased, army captain and solicitor of Liverpool  D DI/101/8  1916

Accounts relating to the estate of Jane Peile Dickinson deceased of Red How, Lamplugh  D DI/101/9  1914, 1921

Duplicate conveyance (George Dickinson of Red How, Esq., to the Harrington and Distington Joint Water Committee, with George Fryer Dickinson of Red How, barrister, as family Trustee)  D DI/102  31 July 1922

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 30 June 1983

Part of Wizenholme (8.9 acres) and a parcel of land (75 square yards) nearby, with right to pipe the springs therein, and convey their water away, and to build inspection chambers; reserving all game rabbits wild fowl and fish, and all shooting and sporting over the said lands and any future reservoir; and reserving to the owners of all Wizenholme Fell, the Common adjoining thereto, and the Quarry thereon, and all persons going to or from the said fell, common, or quarry, a perpetual right of way for all purposes; consideration, £353 total; covenants include provision and maintenance by the Joint Water Committee of five drinking places for stock; plan bound in
Booklet, format; handwritten on parchment within.
The Committee's members are each named at the start of the deed.

Memorandum of agreement relating to the appointment of W A C Morton as head teacher at Lamplugh School  D DI/103  1946

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 5 March 1984

Sale plan of How Hall Farm by Ennerdale Water  D DI/104  Not dated (circa 1950)

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 28th March, 1984

Related information: See also D DI/4/20

(Including the Anglers' Hotel and Landing Stage), prepared for conveyance by R F Dickinson Esq. to the National Trust
MS plan based on O.S. 25" sheets; field numbers and acreages; two inset plans. Scale 1/2500.
Paper, rolled

Maps  [no ref. or date]

The following outsize items, 105-108, are fragile and unfit for photocopying

Conditions of access: The following outsize items, 105-108, are fragile and unfit for photocopying

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Mrs Dickinson, 7 August 1992

Ordnance Survey sheet LXII, showing Red How and surrounding land (annotated)  D DI/105  Circa 1865

Details of acreages at Woodend South attached
Scale 6" to 1 mile

Ordnance Survey sheet LXII.10, showing Red How and surrounding land (marked)  D DI/106  Circa 1865

Scale 25" to 1 mile

Ordnance Survey sheet LXII.14 (Lamplugh parish), showing land around Murton and Lamplugh Cross  D DI/107  Circa 1865

Scale 25" to 1 mile

Map of Salter and Eskett, Arlecdon and surrounding parishes marked with numbers from the Lamplugh Tithe Award  D DI/108  Not dated [mid C20th]

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