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Reference FC 84
Covering dates 1490 - 1986
Held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch
Extent 48 series
Creators Church of England, Wingfield Parish, Suffolk

GENERAL  FC 84/A  [n.d.]

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1  [n.d.]

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/1  17th century

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/2  1701-1702

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/3  1704-1705

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/4  1705-1706

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/5  1706-1707

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/6  1707-1708

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/7  1708-1709

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/8  1714-1715

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/9  1717-1718

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/10  1730-1731

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/11  1735-1736

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/12  1755-1758

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/13  1759-1760

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/14  1769-1770

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/15  1770-1771

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/16  1771-1772

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/17  1772-1773

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/18  1773-1774

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/19  1774-1775

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/20  1775-1776

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/21  1777-1778

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/22  1778-1779

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/23  1779-1780

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/24  1780-1781

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/25  1781-1782

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/26  1782-1783

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/27  1784-1785

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/28  1785-1786

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/29  1786-1787

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/30  1787-1788

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/31  1788-1789

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/32  1789-1790

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/33  1798-1799

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/34  1799-1800

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/35  1800-1801

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/36  1801-1802

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/37  1802-1803

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/38  1803-1804

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/39  1804-1805

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/40  1805-1806

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/41  1806-1807

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/42  1807-1808

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/43  1808-1809

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/44  1809-1810

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/45  1810-1811

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/46  1811-1812

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/47  1812-1813

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/48  1813-1814

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/49  1814-1815

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/50  1815-1817

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/51  1816-1817

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/52  1817-1818

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/53  1818-1819

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/54  1819-1820

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/55  1820-1821

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/56  1821-1822

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/57  1822-1823

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/58  1823-1824

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/59  1825-1826

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/60  1826-1827

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/61  1831-1832

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/62  1834-1835

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/63  1835-1836

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/64  1848-1849

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/65  1866-1867

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/66  1867-1868

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/67  20th century

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/68  20th century

Bills and vouchers  FC 84/A1/69  n.d

Town meeting  FC 84/A2  [n.d.]

Book containing minutes of Town Meetings  FC 84/A2/1  1830-1835

Giving account of clothing distribution

Select Vestry  FC 84/A3  [n.d.]

Notebook containing proceedings of vestry meetings held to regulate the employment of labourers.  FC 84/A3/1  1832-1834

Visitors books  FC 84/A4  [n.d.]

Visitors book.  FC 84/A4/1  1904-1925

Visitors book.  FC 84/A4/2  1926-1936

Wingfield Study Circle  FC 84/A5  [n.d.]

Wingfield study circle minute book.  FC 84/A5/1  1915-1916

Parochial Church Council  FC 84/A6  [n.d.]

Parochial church meetings and parochial church council minute book.  FC 84/A6/1  1920-1943

CLERGY  FC 84/C  [n.d.]

Glebe  FC 84/C1  [n.d.]

Grant  FC 84/C1/1  1 February 1847

1. Rt. St. Hon. & Rev. Henry Lord Berners of Kirby Cane, Norfolk.
The Hon. Henry William Wilson of Keythorpe Hall, Leics.
2. The Rt. Rev. Edward, Bishop of Norwich.
Rev. John Edge Daniel, clerk, perpetual curate of Wingfield.
(1) to (2), a croft or parcel of land to be annexed to the glebe.

Conveyance  FC 84/C1/2  31 July 1856

1. Rt. Hon. Henry William Baron Berners of Keythorp Hall, Leics.
2. Rev. Hunting Jollye, perpetual curate of Wingfield.
(1) to (2), half an acre in Wingfield.

Terriers  FC 84/C2  [n.d.]

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/1  1777

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/2  1813

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/3  1845

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/4  1865

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/5  1845

(part torn away)

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/6  1872

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/7  1836

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/8  1894

Copy of terrier  FC 84/C2/9  1901

Terrier.  FC 84/C2/10  1908

Visitations  FC 84/C3  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/C3/1  1784

Printed copy of "Directions to the Clergy and churchwardens to be observed in the primary visitation of the Rt. Rev. Father in God, Lewis, lord Bishop of Norwich".

Tithe  FC 84/C4  [n.d.]

Printed copy of apportionment of tithe rent charge.  FC 84/C4/1  1840

Copy of part of the printed schedule of the apportionment of rent charge in lieu of tithes in Wingfield, made by H. Jollye, incumbent.  FC 84/C4/2  18 May 1865

Copy of form of receipt from Smith and Watkins to Mr. Bond for tithe rent charge  FC 84/C4/3  1st October 1866

On back of poster advertising S.P.C.K. publications

Extract from the summary of the schedule apportionment of the rent charge in lieu of tithes, taken from The London Gazette.  FC 84/C4/4  22 March 1867

Letter from Smith and Watkins, Whitehall Place, London, to Rev. Jollye enclosing account relative to commuted rent charge annexed to living of Wingfield.  FC 84/C4/5  6 May 1867

Four letters from Ecclesiastical Commission to Rev. H. Jollye  FC 84/C4/6  1867

Concerning annexation of tithe rent charge to benefice of Wingfield.

Letter from Robert Watkins to Rev. H. Jollye  FC 84/C4/7  4 September 1867

Concerning dinners in connection with Wingfield tithe rent charge negotiations.

Letter from Smith and Watkins, Whitehall Place, London to Rev. Jollye  FC 84/C4/8  1 November 1871

Stating that synodals were treated as an outgoing on the portion which went to the Dean and Chapter of Norwich in the valuations for the schemes assigning the rent charge annexed to the living of Wingfield.

Letter from tithe commission to Rev. H. Jollye  FC 84/C4/9  13 March 1874

Concerning the sealed copy of the Instrument of Apportionment.

Estimate for fair copy of tithe map on mounted drawing paper, from Tithe Commission to Rev. H. Jollye.  FC 84/C4/10  20 March 1874

Tracing of piece of land in Wingfield (from) tithe map?).  FC 84/C4/11  n.d

Printed copy of rules under the Tithe Act.  FC 84/C4/12  1891

Benefice papers  FC 84/C5  [n.d.]

Letter to incumbent of Wingfield from J. Kitson, stating that the Bishop is willing to augment the curacy of Wingfield.  FC 84/C5/1  9 November 1838

Copy (?) of letter from E. D. Bolton  FC 84/C5/2  27 August 1840

Concerning augmentation of curacy of Wingfield.

Copy of London Gazette  FC 84/C5/3  22 March 1867

Containing notice of conveyance by Ecclesiastical Commissioners to incumbent of perpetual curacy of Wingfield, all those tithes or rent charges listed in schedule.

Copy of The London Gazette  FC 84/C5/4  9 April 1867

Containing notice of grant from Queen Anne's Bounty to benefice of Wingfield for purposes of providing a parsonage there.

[no title]  FC 84/C5/5  8 January 1879

Faculty from Archbishop of Canterbury to Rev. William Salter Price to hold Vicarage or perpetual curacy of Wingfield and the Vicarage or perpetual curacy of Syleham in plurality during his lifetime.

Bundle of correspondence  FC 84/C5/6  1839-1840

Concerning augmentation of the curacy of Wingfield.

Report on the dilapidations in connection with the benefice of Wingfield with Syleham.  FC 84/C5/7  20 November 1940

Proclamation and Forms of Prayer  FC 84/C6  [n.d.]

Proclamation for a public thanksgiving for the end of the war against France and Spain.  FC 84/C6/1  16 March 1748

[no title]  FC 84/C6/2  July 1815

Printed copy of King's letter authorising the promotion of contributions for the relief and benefice of the families of those killed and wounded at Waterloo, to be read in the parish church.

Printed notice ordering amendments to be made in the prayers for the Royal Family contained in the prayer book.  FC 84/C6/3  1820

Form of prayer and thanksgiving for the preservation of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh from attack by an assassin in Australia.  FC 84/C6/4  1868

Letter from Whitehall to Rev. W. S. Price Wingfield vicarage  FC 84/C6/5  13 January 1879

Acknowledging the loyal and dutiful address of the inhabitants of Wingfield to the Queen, on the occasion of the death of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Hesse, Princess Alice of Great Britain and Ireland.

[no title]  FC 84/C6/6  1899

Printed copy of Queen's letter to Archbishop of Canterbury for a collection for the sick, wounded and disabled in the war in South Africa and for the relief for their families.

Stipendiary curate's licence  FC 84/C7  [n.d.]

Thomas Randall Walne, receiving the whole profits of the perpetual curacy while they are under the yearly sum of £50.  FC 84/C7/1  20 September 1815

Personal  FC 84/C8  [n.d.]

Certificate from Bishop of Madras that he ordained William Saltar Price priest in the Cathedral in Bombay.  FC 84/C8/1  25 November 1850

With seal of Bishop of Madras.

Rev. John Bicker  FC 84/C9  [n.d.]

Book of sermons by the Rev. John Bicker, perpetual curate of Wingfield  FC 84/C9/1  1832-1836


Book of sermons by the Rev. John Bicker, perpetual curate of Wingfield  FC 84/C9/2  1832-1836


Registers of services  FC 84/C10  [n.d.]

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/1  1910-1914

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/2  1915-1918

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/3  1918-1923

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/4  1923-1929

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/5  1929-1935

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/6  1935-1951

Registers of services  FC 84/C10/7  1952-1964

Communicant's Guild  FC 84/C11  [n.d.]

Wingfield communicant's guild report book  FC 84/C11/1  1919-1921

Also containing list of members. 1919-1921

Wingfield communicant's guild report book.  FC 84/C11/2  1921-1924


Registers  FC 84/D1  [n.d.]


[no title]  FC 84/D1/1  1538-1724


Baptisms. 1538-1723/4
Marriages. 1539-1723
Burials. 1538-1724
Briefs. 1684- n.d. (late 17th c.)

[no title or date]  FC 84/D1/2

(volume) (cover broken).

Baptisms. 1724-1803
Marriages. 1725-1753
Burials. 1724-1803

[no title]  FC 84/D1/3  1803-1813


Baptisms. 1803-1813
Burials. 1803-1812
Various parish memoranda taken from early books and registers, and other MSS., including notes on De La Pole family, notes on church, list of perpetual curates and parish clerks.

[no title or date]  FC 84/D1/4

(volume - damp).

Marriages. 1755-1812
Banns. 1755-1812

Baptisms.  FC 84/D1/5  1813-1857

Marriages.  FC 84/D1/6  1813-1837

Burials.  FC 84/D1/7  1813-1904

Banns.  FC 84/D1/8  1824-1864

Banns.  FC 84/D1/9  1864-1956

Marriage Act  FC 84/D2  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/D2/1  22 July 1822

Printed copy of Act, 3 Geo. IV cap. LXXV, to amend certain provisions of Act. 26 Geo. II for better preventing clandestine marriages.

Depositions for marriage  FC 84/D3  [n.d.]

Bundle of depositions concerning names and ages of parties to be married.  FC 84/D3/1  1822-1823

[no title]  FC 84/D3/2  14 October 1822

Certificate from John Chevallier, J.P., that Mary Ann Warren is over twenty-one and residing in Wingfield, and Benjamin Bridges is over twenty-one and residing at Stradbrook.

[no title]  FC 84/D3/3  16 March 1823

Certificate from John Chevallier, J.P., that Abraham Girling has made oath that he has attained the age of twenty one and is residing in Wingfield and that William Stevenson has made oath that he is father and sole guardian of Susan Stevenson who is not twenty one and who is residing in Wingfield and that he doth not object to her marriage with Abraham Girling.

Marriage licences  FC 84/D4  [n.d.]

Bundle of marriage licences  FC 84/D4/1  1807-1831

1. William Hasell of Wilby and Elizabeth Wythe of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 26 May 1807
2. Joseph Fiott Hodgkin, and Lucy Shiming of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 23 July 1825
3. Alexander Rufus Marsden of Ufford, widower, and Priscilla Chandler of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 26 January 1814
4. William Ward of St. George's, Bloomsbury, Mddx., and Mary Ann Hallifax of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 18 June 1831
5. George Owles of St. Mary, Bungay and Mary Owles of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 23 June 1827
6. Robert Dunnett of Wingfield, widower and Mary Mutimer, at Wingfield. 22 January 1812
7. Samuel Chandler of Laxfield and Elizabeth Owles of Wingfield, at Wingfield. 27 October 1814

Certificates of burial  FC 84/D5  [n.d.]

Certificate that the body of Betty Barratt an infant was interred in the churchyard at Holton by Thomas Forster, Rector of Halesworth.  FC 84/D5/1  12 October 1751

Certificate that Elizabeth Saunders of Wingfield was buried in sheep's wool.  FC 84/D5/2  16 January 1754

Certificate that the body of Edward Ruddledge of Wingfield was buried in woollen  FC 84/D5/3  23 January 1756

Coroner's certificate for burial for Henry Sporle, an infant.  FC 84/D5/4  8 April 1817

List of burials  FC 84/D6  [n.d.]

List of burials  FC 84/D6/1  1763-1764

Register bills  FC 84/D7  [n.d.]

Bill indented of all christenings, marriages and burials in Wingfield for the year 1637  FC 84/D7/1  12 April 1638


Church restoration and organ fund accounts  FC 84/E1  [n.d.]

Notebook containing accounts of church restoration and organ fund.  FC 84/E1/1  1861-1876

Special account for restoration of church  FC 84/E1/2  1866-1868

With bill from Ewan Christian for services rendered as architect in the repair of the nave and north aisle roofs etc.

New organ fund accounts  FC 84/E1/3  1883-1900

Accounts  FC 84/E2  [n.d.]

Churchwardens accounts  FC 84/E2/1  1639-1641

(Loose sheets, joined together by leather thong).

Book  FC 84/E2/2  1640-1902

Containing: Churchwardens' annual accounts. 1687-1902
List of parish officers. 1640-1853
Valuation of parish. 1689

Churchwardens' account book.  FC 84/E2/3  1902-1963

Church accounts.  FC 84/E2/4  1931-1951

Church fund account book  FC 84/E2/5  1926-1986

Fabric  FC 84/E3  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/E3/1  1722

Memorandum that three pews were built by Mr, Richard Aldous, Thomas Gowing and Henry Connell, "Justly Appropriated to their Respective houses to Posterity".

Mortgage.  FC 84/E3/2  17 October 1866

1. Churchwardens and overseers of Wingfield.
2. Secretary of the Public Works Loan Commission.
(1) to (2), for loan of £300 to repair nave and windows of parish church.

Bundle containing accounts and correspondence relating to rehanging of bells.  FC 84/E3/3  1945-1948

Correspondence relating to the repair of vicarage due to war damage.  FC 84/E3/4  1948-1950

[no title]  FC 84/E3/5  1953-1954

Report by Mossops Ltd., of 22 Neville Street, Leeds 1., on the condition of the church roof, with recommendations for necessary repair.

Accounts relating to the building of memorial to the Late John Morley, Vicar of Wingfield  FC 84/E3/6  1965-1966

Bells  FC 84/E4  [n.d.]

Receipted bill from Benjamin Bishop for six new bell ropes.  FC 84/E4/1  22 January 1774

Non-attendance at church  FC 84/E5  [n.d.]

Letter from Tho. Dade of Weybread to John Cornwallis, Esq., of Wingfield  FC 84/E5/1  20 August 1673

Advising him to indict one Mr. Tubby for not attending church, and suggesting twelve pence per Sunday as penalty.

Faculties  FC 84/E6  [n.d.]

Faculty to make certain alterations in the parish church.  FC 84/E6/1  1 January 1925

[no title]  FC 84/E6/2  26 August 1936

Faculty to place in the Niche in the Lady Chapel of Wingfield parish church, a statue of the Virgin and Holy Child in memory of Ethel Margaret Aldwell, wife of the vicar.

[no title]  FC 84/E6/3  2 August 1939

Faculty to erect in the Niche in the north east corner of the Lady Chapel, a statue of St. Michael, in memory of the late vicar, Canon Aldwell.

Faculty to instal electric light.  FC 84/E6/4A  16 December 1953

Faculty to equip the church with tubular electric heating.  FC 84/E6/4B  16 January 1959

Faculty to erect wrought iron gates to the entrance of Wingfield churchyard.  FC 84/E6/5  2 November 1961

Faculty to erect memorial tablet in memory of John William Morley, vicar of Wingfield, 1963-1965.  FC 84/E6/6  22 December 1965

Faculty to instal electric central heating.  FC 84/E6/7  2 January 1967

OVERSEERS  FC 84/G  [n.d.]

Appointment of overseers  FC 84/G1  [n.d.]

Robert Cooke and George Frances.  FC 84/G1/1  13 May 1641

James Clarke and Samuel Chandler.  FC 84/G1/2  29 March 1815

Joseph Barber and Thomas Taylor.  FC 84/G1/3  3 April 1816

James Fisher and James Clarke.  FC 84/G1/4  2 April 1817

Apprenticeship  FC 84/G2  [n.d.]

Thomas Kent a poor child, to John Bone, yeoman  FC 84/G2/1  3 July 1666

Elizabeth Witt, a poor child, to Samuel Bancroft, yeoman.  FC 84/G2/2  3 July 1666

Henry Witt, a poor child, to Benjamin Millson of Wortham to learn his trade of linen-weaver.  FC 84/G2/3  9 November 1666

Edward Lawes, a poor child, to John Scott of Redlingfield, cordwainer.  FC 84/G2/4  3 October 1650

[no title]  FC 84/G2/5  4 October 1690

Promise by John Scott of Redlingfield, cordwainer, in consideration of payment of £6 from inhabitants of Wingfield, to discharge Edward Lawes his apprentice after eight years service.

Elizabeth Fish, a poor child, to Thomas Lincolne of Wingfield, yeoman.  FC 84/G2/6  1 October 1638

William Fish a poor child placed apprentice to Thomas Baily of Dickleburgh, Norfolk, tailor.  FC 84/G2/7  15 December 1701

Memorandum that William Fish was bound apprentice to Thomas Baily of Dickleburgh, tailor, by indenture.  FC 84/G2/8  15 December 1701

Margaret Seaman, a poor child, to John Balls of Wingfield.  FC 84/G2/9  26 October 1704

William Martin, son of Susan Martin, widow, to John Collings of Needham, Norfolk.  FC 84/G2/10  8 June 1709

Hannah Marling a poor child to Arthur Cupper of Horham, farmer.  FC 84/G2/11  28 June 1709

Thomas Boast, son of John Boast of Wingfield to Robert Juby of Weybread, linen weaver.  FC 84/G2/12  24 June 1710

James Martin, a poor child, to Arthur Cowper of Horham.  FC 84/G2/13  7 October 1712

Michael Lawes, a poor child, to John Cotton of Wingfield, hatter.  FC 84/G2/14  28 September 1713

Daniel Lawes a poor child to John Lawes of Hoxne, weaver.  FC 84/G2/15  8 November 1717

Anna Maria Rope to George Norman of Cratfield, yeoman.  FC 84/G2/16  6 February 1719

Agreement that Joseph Canham to be discharged from his apprenticeship to John Dunnett, cordwainer.  FC 84/G2/17  30 November 1785

Thomas Harris, a poor child to Mary Havers of Bury St. Edmunds, widow.  FC 84/G2/18  14 May 1793

John Burton, a poor child to James Watson of Wingfield, cordwainer.  FC 84/G2/19  8 January 1803

James Barber, a poor boy to William Rivett, blacksmith.  FC 84/G2/20  2 April 1812

Certificate from J.P's that named pauper children may be bound apprentice to certain occupiers of land.  FC 84/G2/21  8 November 1819

List of persons authorized to have children bound apprentice to them.  FC 84/G2/22  23 October 1820

John Daves, a poor boy, bound apprentice to Sarah Briton, widow, of Wingfield.  FC 84/G2/23  24 November 1820

Thomas Spall, a poor boy, bound apprentice to Richard Alldas, farmer.  FC 84/G2/24  24 November 1820

Priscilla Warne, a poor girl, to Ann Catling of Wingfield.  FC 84/G2/25  24 November 1820

Mary Vincen a poor girl, bound apprentice to John Kerry, farmer.  FC 84/G2/26  24 November 1820

James Taylor, a poor boy, placed apprentice to John Skimming of Wingfield, farmer.  FC 84/G2/27  24 November 1820

Elizabeth Sowter, a poor child, placed apprentice-to James Clarke, farmer.  FC 84/G2/28  10 April 1822

Order from J.P's that Elizabeth Sowter may be bound apprentice to James Clarke.  FC 84/G2/29  10 April 1822

Order from J.P's that Mary Notley may be bound apprentice to James Scarlett.  FC 84/G2/30  10 April 1822

Bundle of apprenticeship indentures.  FC 84/G2/31  1822-1824

1. James Warn, poor boy, to William Spurling of Weybread, farmer. 11 November 1822
2. Robert Sowter, poor boy, to William Sumpter of Wingfield, farmer. 11 November 1822
3. William Spall, poor boy, to Robert Ward of Wingfield, farmer. 11 November 1822
4. George Blomfield, poor boy, to John Bullock Girling of Wingfield, farmer. 11 November 1822
5. James Warn, poor boy, to William Spurling of Weybread, farmer. 11 November 1822
6. Harriett Warn, poor girl, to John Cotton of Weybread, farmer. 11 November 1822
7. Martha Fox, poor child, to Henry Cornish of Wingfield, farmer. 22 March 1824
8. Jane Warren, poor child, to William Page of Wingfield, farmer. 22 March 1824
9. Ann Dunnet, poor child, to - Bardwell of Wingfield, widow. 22 March 1824
With certificate from J.P's that named children may be bound apprentice to certain occupiers. 11 November 1822

Settlement  FC 84/G3  [n.d.]

William, son of Richard Soane, St. James Southelmham.  FC 84/G3/1  21 October 1671

John Starke, his wife and children, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/2  20 November 1671

Letter from J. Cornwallis to Charles Whitacar of Ipswich asking for advice  FC 84/G3/3  December 1689

Concerning settlement of Samuel Chapman by hiring a house and lands in Hoxne; with reply.

John Crow, Wymondham, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/4  22 January 1696/97

John Lummis, his wife and children, Oakley.  FC 84/G3/5  18 March 1700

William Parsley and Elizabeth his wife, Mendham.  FC 84/G3/6  16 March 1700/01

Margaret Tyler, spinster, of Occold.  FC 84/G3/7  17 June 1702

Robert Leader, his wife and children, Syleham.  FC 84/G3/8  3 May 1703

Edward Mortimer and Mary his wife, Stradbrook.  FC 84/G3/9  17 November 1704

Letter from overseers of St. Andrew's, Holborn, Mddx., acknowledging settlement of Francis Brewitt, tobacco-pipe maker.  FC 84/G3/10  11 September 1709

John Balls, Frances, his wife and Elizabeth, Sarah and Easter their children, Syleham.  FC 84/G3/11  22 September 1710

John Bootman and Elizabeth his wife, Oakley.  FC 84/G3/12  29 May 1713

John Wilby and Mary his wife, Pulham St., Mary, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/13  10 January 1714

John Boast and Susan his wife, Beccles  FC 84/G3/14  6 July 1716

William Kipin and Ann his wife, Mettingham.  FC 84/G3/15  17 May 1725

Cornelius Reeve and Elizabeth his wife, Metfield.  FC 84/G3/16  19 December 1728

Thomas Fletcher and Mary his wife, Brockdish, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/17  27 March 1729

Thomas Eade and Hester his wife, Cookley.  FC 84/G3/18  16 September 1730

Richard Adams and Frances his wife, Syleham.  FC 84/G3/19  17 November 1730

George Warn, Elizabeth his wife, and their children, Hoxne.  FC 84/G3/20  19 September 1732

William Bridges, Frances his wife and their four children, Laxfield.  FC 84/G3/21  4 January 1736

Jonathan Hamblyn, and Jonathan and Davy his two sons, Withersdale.  FC 84/G3/22  31 March 1739

James Gobbit, Sarah his wife and family. WEYBREAD  FC 84/G3/23  22 July 1740

John Dewson, Margaret his wife, John their son and Margaret their daughter, Loddon, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/24  6 August 1740

Stephen Bridges, Sarah his wife and Sarah their daughter, Syleham.  FC 84/G3/25  26 March 1741

Giles Borrett, Ann his wife and family, Stradbrooke.  FC 84/G3/26  4 April 1742

William Flegg and Anne his wife, Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/27  29 May 1742

James Clarke, Judith his wife and Judith, Mary and James their three children, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/28  March 1744/45

Susan Mason, daughter of John Mason, and James Elvin, son of Thomas Elvin dec'd., Stradbrook.  FC 84/G3/29  20 July 1749

Thomas Easter, Sarah his wife and family, Lound.  FC 84/G3/30  24 September 1750

John Larter, Elizabeth his wife and their six children, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/31  25 September 1751

Edward Clark, Elizabeth his wife and family, Dickleburgh, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/32  11 March 1752

Benjamin Savage and Lydia his wife, Jemima and Lydia their children and Mary the mother of the said Benjamin Savage, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/33  14 March 1752

Francis Page, Elizabeth his wife and their four children, Hockham, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/34  2 March 1753

Daniel Lawes, Elizabeth his wife, Stephen and Mary their children, Hoxne.  FC 84/G3/35  4 April 1755

John Whiting and Elizabeth his wife, Gissing, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/36  12 November 1755

James Moore, Sarah his wife, Elizabeth and James their children, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/37  17 July 1756

Stephen Bridges, Tabitha his wife and family, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/38  9 October 1756

Barker Capper and Jane his wife, Dickleburgh.  FC 84/G3/39  23 November 1756

John Saunders, Ann his wife and their six children, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/40  23 November 1756

William Balls, Ann his wife and their three children, Denham.  FC 84/G3/41  5 January 1759

Thomas Snelling the younger, Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth and Thomas their children Hampall, Norfolk.  FC 84/G3/42  25 June 1759

John Garrard, Elizabeth his wife and John their child, Stradbroke.  FC 84/G3/43  11 April 1760

(Examination); George Robinson.  FC 84/G3/44  28 December 1775

John Curtis, cooper, and Elizabeth his wife, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/45  27 March 1777

Daniel Lacey and Sarah his wife, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/46  13 June 1778

Elizabeth Rewmitting, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/47  6 April 1779

(Examination); John Thurlow, husbandman, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/48  6 December 1779

(Directors and Acting Guardians of the Poor of Blything Hundred); Joseph Stimpson and Margaret his wife. RUMBURGH  FC 84/G3/49  6 April 1782

John Brown, Susanna his wife and John their son, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/50  1783

(Examination); James Quinton, husbandman, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/51  31 March 1785

(Examination); John Warn, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/52  28 November 1785

(Examination); John Goldspink of Brockdish, Norfolk, husbandman.  FC 84/G3/53  2 March 1786

John Spink and Sarah (? his wife), Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/54  7 March 1786

(Examination); Nathaniel Larter of Wingfield, carpenter.  FC 84/G3/55  13 March 1787

(Examination); James Reeve of Haddiscoe, Norfolk, linenweaver.  FC 84/G3/56  4 May 1789

(Examination); John Watling of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/57  30 May 1789

(Examination); James Moys of Wingfield, cordwainer.  FC 84/G3/58  13 October 1790

Robert Jefferies, Sarah his wife and their family, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/59  1790

(Examination); John Gardner of Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/60  26 April 1791

(Examination); Samuel Burleigh of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/61  26 April 1791

George Cornish and Elizabeth his wife, Fressingfield.  FC 84/G3/62  27 April 1793

(Examination); Mary Oakes residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/63  12 July 1794

John Chaplin, Ruth his wife, Hannah and George their children, Weybread.  FC 84/G3/64  27 September 1794

(Examination); Samuel Riches, carpenter, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/65  30 March 1796

(Examination); Robert Bridges, a private soldier "in an Independent Corps raising Lieutenant Colonel Sparrow".  FC 84/G3/66  5 January 1795

(Examination); William Transom Hart, blacksmith, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/67  16 January 1799

(Examination); William Ling of Wingfield, labourer  FC 84/G3/68  16 January 1799

(Examination); John Cutts, labourer, Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/69  16 January 1799

(Examination); Adam Riesborough, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/70  16 January 1799

(Examination); Anthony Michell of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/71  16 January 1799

(Examination); Phoebe Hunton, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/72  26 February 1799

(Examination); Jemima Berry residing in Wingfield, widow.  FC 84/G3/73  11 September 1799

(Examination); Jane Moyse, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/74  16 October 1799

(Examination); Jeffry Curtis, blacksmith, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/75  16 October 1799

(Examination); Henry Moyse of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/76  16 October 1799

(Examination); John Spurgeon of Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/77  16 October 1799

(Examination); George Warne of Wingfield, gardener.  FC 84/G3/78  16 October 1799

(Examination); Samuel Burroughs of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/79  16 October 1799

(Examination); Stephen Alexander of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/80  16 October 1799

(Examination); Sarah Moyse of Wingfield  FC 84/G3/81  16 October 1799

(Examination); William Revett of Wingfield, blacksmith.  FC 84/G3/82  16 October 1799

(Examination); Edward Chapman, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/83  8 January 1800

(Examination); Sarah Burges, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/84  8 January 1800

(Examination); Evan Mathews "whitester", residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/85  9 July 1800

(Examination); William Chandler of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/86  9 July 1800

(Examination); George Cornish, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/87  9 July 1800

(Examination); William Carrod of Wingfield, wheelwright.  FC 84/G3/88  8 July 1800

(Examination); John Chilver of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/89  9 July 1800

(Examination); Edmund Cable, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/90  15 October 1800

(Examination); Roger Green, carpenter, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/91  15 October 1800

(Examination); Mark Woolnough, residing in Wingfield, tailor.  FC 84/G3/92  15 April 1801

(Examination); James Emms, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/93  15 April 1801

(Examination); Elizabeth Chittock, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/94  15 April 1801

(Examination); John Barney of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/95  6 January 1802

(Examination); Edward Day of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/96  6 January 1802

(Examination); Robert Day of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/97  6 January 1802

(Examination); Charles Botwright of Wingfield, Labourer.  FC 84/G3/98  6 January 1802

(Examination); Joseph Cook, linen-weaver, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/99  7 July 1802

(Examination); Robert Shimmon, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/100  5 January 1803

(Examination); Edward Day, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/101  5 January 1803

(Examination); Elijah Smith, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/102  5 January 1803

(Examination); Robert Sillett, butcher, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/103  5 January 1803

(Examination); James Preston, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/104  4 January 1803

(Examination); John Durrant, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/105  5 January 1803

(Examination); Mary Blomfield, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/106  5 January 1803

(Examination); Adonijah Haggath, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/107  27 December 1803

(Examination); John Fokard of Wingfield, blacksmith.  FC 84/G3/108  26 June 1804

(Examination); Henry Connold, residing in Stradbroke.  FC 84/G3/109  17 July 1804

(Examination); John Taylor, sailor and labourer, residing in Withersdale.  FC 84/G3/110  8 January 1805

(Examination); William Reuben of St. Michael at Thorn, Norwich, cooper.  FC 84/G3/111  11 February 1805

(Examination); Stephen Knights, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/112  28 December 1808

(Examination); James Watson, residing in Wingfield, shoemaker.  FC 84/G3/113  4 September 1811

(Examination); Samuel [...] Mortomer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/114  11 May 1812

James Curtis, Mary his wife, and Jeffery, John, Elizabeth and James their children.  FC 84/G3/115  13 October 1812

(Examination); James Day, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/116  29 March 1815

(Examination); John Taylor, labourer, residing in Mendham.  FC 84/G3/117  18 May 1816

(Examination); William Emeny, residing in Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/118  3 July 1816

(Examination); Jemima Knights residing in Wingfield  FC 84/G3/119  8 January 1819

(Examination); Mary Ann Drane, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/120  13 September 1820

(Examination); Elizabeth Constable residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/121  8 January 1821

(Examination); Samuel Lefley residing in Diss, Norfolk, cordwainer.  FC 84/G3/122  12 February 1821

(Examination); Jane Spall, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/123  23 July 1821

(Examination); James Ward, labourer, residing in Wingfield.  FC 84/G3/124  3 March 1823

(Examination); David Feaveayer residing in Wingfield, blacksmith.  FC 84/G3/125  2 April 1823

[no title]  FC 84/G3/126  23 December 1823

(Examination); Isaac Witherley residing in Wingfield, being born in Bressingham, Norfolk, and hired as servant by James Kerry of Chickering Hall, situate partly in Wingfield and partly in Hoxne, and spent the rest of his life at sea.

(Examination); Richard Denny of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G3/127  8 January 1800

Bundle  FC 84/G3/128  1747, 1804

Copy of settlement examination; John Rivett, linen-weaver, residing in Palgrave, 10 December 1801, made, 1804
Certificate that Town and County Registers of Apprentices have been searched for indenture binding John Rivett to George Thurlow, but no entry found. 21 November 1804
Removal order; John Rivett, linen-weaver, Lucy his wife and John their son, Palgrave to Wingfield. 1804
Settlement certificate; William Revett, Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth his daughter, Finningham. 2 November 1747

Removal orders  FC 84/G4  [n.d.]

Elizabeth Beales and her child to Denton, Norfolk  FC 84/G4/1  27 April 1655

William Rudledge with his wife and child, Wingfield to Sternfield.  FC 84/G4/2  10 October 1693

Susan Jewell wife of John Jewell and her child, Wingfield to Hoxne.  FC 84/G4/3  7 September 1697

[no title]  FC 84/G4/4  3 April 1699

Elizabeth Spencer, child of Katherine Spencer a vagrant who "did place her..... with one John Hunt at board and after that did run away", Wetheringsett to Wingfield.

Honour Etridge, Stradbrook to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/5  12 July 1700

Thomas Wilde, Wingfield to Newarke-upon-Trent, Notts.  FC 84/G4/6  23 August 1700

Barneby Rider and his wife, Wingfield to Harleston.  FC 84/G4/7  26 November 1700

Elizabeth Colby, Wingfield to Burston, Norfolk.  FC 84/G4/8  25 July 1701

Francis Lemmon of Needham, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/9  9 April 1702

Robert Leader, his wife and children, Wingfield to Syleham.  FC 84/G4/10  19 June 1702

[no title]  FC 84/G4/11  22 June 1702

Note that Robert Leader his wife and family were removed by Richard Mercy, churchwarden, and Thomas Lincoln, constable, of Wingfield, to Syleham, where they were received by James Sarke, churchwarden and Robert Wellton, overseers of Syleham.

Robert Leader, his wife and children, Wingfield to Syleham.  FC 84/G4/12  22 May 1703

John Crow, his wife and child, Wingfield to Wymondham.  FC 84/G4/13  30 July 1703

John Worlne and Mary his wife, Wingfield to Syleham.  FC 84/G4/14  23 December 1706

Elizabeth Rope, Hoxne to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/15  14 November 1709

Robert Clarke and Hannah his wife; Loddon, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/16  1 December 1710

Elizabeth Tyler, Weybread to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/17  18 October 1714

Nathaniel Calver with Elizabeth his wife, Wingfield to Flixton.  FC 84/G4/18  23 October 1714

John Wilby with Mary his wife, Wingfield to Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk.  FC 84/G4/19  25 November 1714

John Boast and Susan his wife, Wingfield to Beccles.  FC 84/G4/20  9 February 1715/16

John Field, Margaret his wife and John their son, Woodbridge to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/21  27 June 1738

John Lincoln, Sarah his wife and their two children, Pulham St. Mary Magdalen, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/22  6 September 1738

Jonathan Hamblyn, with Jonathan and Davy his two sons, Wingfield to Withersdale.  FC 84/G4/23  30 March 1739

Jane Mills, Stradbrook to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/24  27 May 1741

Thomasin Lubbock, Wingfield to Upper Linstead.  FC 84/G4/25  15 October 1756

Elizabeth Whiting, Rushall, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/26  17 January 1770

Anne Warren, Wingfield to Brockdish, Norfolk  FC 84/G4/27  22 January 1770

George Robinson, shoemaker, and Sarah his wife, Wingfield to Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  FC 84/G4/28  28 December 1775

John Curtis, cooper, and Elizabeth his wife, Wingfield to Fressingfield.  FC 84/G4/29  13 March 1777

[no title]  FC 84/G4/30  20 March 1777

Honour Whiting, bastard child of Elizabeth now the wife of William Freston late Elizabeth Whiting, singlewoman, Redenhall (Nf.) to Wingfield.

[no title]  FC 84/G4/31  20 March 1777

Richard Whiting, bastard child of Elizabeth now wife of William Freston late Elizabeth Whiting, singlewoman, Redenhall with Harleston, Norfolk to Wingfield.

Samuel Steggal and Elizabeth his wife, Bromeswell to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/32  17 March 1778

James Danford, husbandman, Hannah his wife, and their three children, Beccles to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/33  29 May 1783

Sarah Andrews, singlewoman, Horham to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/34  28 July 1786

Mary Sheldrake, Wingfield to Fressingfield.  FC 84/G4/35  29 October 1788

Samuel Woods, labourer, Elizabeth his wife and William their son, Hoxne to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/36  6 January 1789

Thomas Warn, Mary his wife and Sarah their daughter, Hoxne to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/37  12 December 1791

William Burton, Mary his wife and John their child, Witton, Norfolk to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/38  27 December 1791

Mary Burton, Whitton, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/39  11 May 1802

Daniel Marjoram, labourer, Hannah his wife and Daniel their son, Wingfield to Garboldisham.  FC 84/G4/40  23 December 1805

Mary Folkard, singlewoman, Wingfield to Heveningham.  FC 84/G4/41  29 June 1808

Maria Leggett and George her son, Wingfield to Hoxne.  FC 84/G4/42  4 September 1811

William Revett and Mary his wife, Wingfield to Finningham.  FC 84/G4/43  22 February 1813

Robert Spall, Patience his wife and Susanna their child, Wingfield to Horham.  FC 84/G4/44  12 December 1814

William Roberts, labourer, and Hannah his wife, Woodbridge to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/45  18 January 1815

John Talbot, Susan his wife, John, Hannah and James their children, Wingfield to Bedfield.  FC 84/G4/46  13 February 1815

Sarah Glover, Denton, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/47  16 September 1815

Robert Hines, carpenter, Wingfield to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.  FC 84/G4/48  25 May 1818

Alfred Warne, Wingfield to Linstead Magna.  FC 84/G4/49  29 October 1818

James Barber, labourer, St. Andrew's, Norwich to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/50  5 July 1819

Sarah Spall, singlewoman, Wingfield to Hoxne  FC 84/G4/51  1 November 1819

James Spalding, labourer, Wingfield to Dickleburgh, Norfolk.  FC 84/G4/52  8 January 1821

Jane Spall, singlewoman, Wingfield to Bramfield.  FC 84/G4/53  23 July 1821

Isaac Fisher tailor, Wingfield to Mendham.  FC 84/G4/54  3 February 1823

Maria Warren, Wingfield to Eye.  FC 84/G4/55  3 March 1823

David Feaveayer, blacksmith, Wingfield to Syleham.  FC 84/G4/56  2 April 1823

Henry Vincent, labourer, and Mary his wife, Stradbrooke to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/57  7 January 1824

Samuel Woods, labourer, Brockdish, Norfolk, to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/58  19 March 1824

Martha Vincent, being now with child, Fressingfield to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/59  16 June 1825

John Sowter, labourer, Stradbrooke to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/60  28 December 1825

Samuel Notley Hannah his wife & their children, William 10, Hannah 7, Charles 5, Mary 4, Fanny 2, & Helen 6 mnths from Stradbroke to Wingfield.  FC 84/G4/61  14 Oct. 1812

Poor rates  FC 84/G5  [n.d.]

Poor rate book.  FC 84/G5/1  1749-1813

Poor rate book.  FC 84/G5/2  Oct. 1848-July 1852

Poor rate book.  FC 84/G5/3  Oct. 1852-Oct. 1863

Poor rate book.  FC 84/G5/4  Nov. 1877-Nov. 1880

Five notices of poor rates to be be levied.  FC 84/G5/5  1760-1766

1 April 1760
14 September 1761
27 September 1762
18 March 1766
7 April (?)

Notices of poor rates.  FC 84/G5/6  1762-1763

15 March 1762
21 March 1763

Agreement by occupiers of Wingfield to have valuation of all property in parish liable to be assessed to poor rates.  FC 84/G5/7  20 February 1835

List of paupers exempted from the poor rate.  FC 84/G5/8  n.d

Notice of a special sessions of Justices of the Peace to be held at Stradbroke, to hear appeals against poor rates.  FC 84/G5/9  13 June 1841

Book containing:- Account of money collected, and distributed for the relief of the poor.  FC 84/G5/10  1613-1659

(Very bad condition)

Accounts  FC 84/G6  [n.d.]

Related information: Also see FC 84/G5/10

Book  FC 84/G6/1  1640-1748

(Very bad condition; binding broken, pages loose).

Containing:- Overseer's annual accounts. 1670-1748
List of parish officers. 1640-1748
Poor rates. 1745-1748

Book  FC 84/G6/2  1749-1784

Containing:- Overseers' annual accounts. 1749-1784
Inventories. 1780, 1783, 1784.

Overseers' half-yearly account book.  FC 84/G6/3  1785-1803

Book containing:- Overseers' accounts.  FC 84/G6/4  1804-1819

Legal suits  FC 84/G7  [n.d.]

Case and opinion  FC 84/G7/1  1771

Concerning John Copley, whose settlement is decided to be at Eye, the question in dispute being whether payment to the poor gains a settlement unless the party is rated.

Orders in Council  FC 84/G8  [n.d.]

Eight printed copies of Orders in Council relating to distempered cattle.  FC 84/G8/1  1746-1747

Jan. 1746
March 1746
Dec. 1746
March 1747
April 1747
June 1747
Oct. 1747
Dec. 1747

Medical attention  FC 84/G9  [n.d.]

Agreement of Simon Girling, jun., with inhabitants, that he will amputate Ann Fleet's leg and look after her until the cure is completed.  FC 84/G9/1  7 April 1755

Memorandum of agreement that certain persons shall be supplied with physic and surgery by H. Girling.  FC 84/G9/2  6 May 1764

Workhouse  FC 84/G10  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/G10/1  4 July 1757

Memorandum of an agreement between James Fisher churchwarden, Thomas Thruston, overseer, William Agar, gent., John Stamford, Thomas Gowing, James Turner and Jonathan Hamblyn, principal inhabitants of Wingfield, and Thomas Card of Stradbrook concerning conversion of the Townhouse into a workhouse for the purpose of employing and maintaining the poor.
With estimate of the charge for doing this.

Lunatics  FC 84/G11  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/G11/1  12 August 1789

Order from J.P's to overseers and churchwardens of Wingfield, to receive and keep Thomas Clarke, a lunatic prisoner in the Sheriffs gaol at Ipswich, in a strong room already fitted up for that purpose in the workhouse at Wingfield.

Inventories  FC 84/G12  [n.d.]

Inventory of goods distrained for arrears of rent in the house of Henry Greene in Wingfield.  FC 84/G12/1  27 October 1698

Inventory of the goods of the widow Cackamoul, and an account of which goods were sold out of the inventory by John Sallenry, overseer.  FC 84/G12/2  12 February 1698/9; 18 September 1699

Inventory of the goods of Thomas Sanders that were late Jonathan Sanders and now bought of Thomas Sanders by the churchwardens and overseers of the parish of Wingfield.  FC 84/G12/3  28 May 1714

Inventory of the goods of John Rost, sen., taken by Joseph Woolnough and Henry Cage churchwardens and overseer.  FC 84/G12/4  24 September 1716

Inventory of the late Robert Clarke's goods.  FC 84/G12/5  7 February 1750/51

Account "of furniture lent S. Warn out of the house agreeable to the parish", made by Samuel Catling, overseer.  FC 84/G12/6  1 November 1814

Bastardy bonds  FC 84/G13  [n.d.]

John Warne of Bramfield, woolcomber, to churchwardens and overseers for £50 to indemnify the parish from bastard child of Mary Freeston.  FC 84/G13/1  24 November 1750

John Chilvers of Hoxne, husbandman, to churchwarden and overseer, for £40, to indemnify parish from male bastard child of Susan Bungay.  FC 84/G13/2  22 June 1751

William Lines, yeoman, to churchwarden and overseer for £40 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Elizabeth Goldsmith.  FC 84/G13/3  22 September 1755

Thomas Mathews of Weybread, carpenter to churchwarden and overseer for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child or children of Elizabeth Gibbons of Wingfield.  FC 84/G13/4  13 September 1757

[no title]  FC 84/G13/5  31 October 1759

William Lines the elder of Little Thorp Hall in Billingford, Norfolk, yeoman, and William Lines the younger of same place, yeoman, to churchwarden and overseers for £40 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Elizabeth Goldspink.

Robert Rodwell of Heveningham, bricklayer, to churchwardens and overseers for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Sarah Smyth.  FC 84/G13/6  10 June 1761

John Clarke of Wingfield, linenweaver to churchwarden and overseer for £40 to indemnify parish from female bastard child of Elizabeth Norman.  FC 84/G13/7  19 December 1763

Henry Fellgate of Laxfield, farmer, and Thomas Reade of same town, farmer, to churchwarden and overseer for £40 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Susanna Collins.  FC 84/G13/8  26 December 1763

Robert Connold of Wingfield, labourer, to churchwarden and overseer for £40 to indemnify parish from male bastard child of Ann Watts.  FC 84/G13/9  17 January 1765

Jonathan Vinson of Kelsale, farmer, and Thomas Vinson, his son, for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of ---- Gibson of Bedfield.  FC 84/G13/10  28 January 1766

Charles Cordy of Stradbrook, shopkeeper, and Illedge Davis of Stradbrook, innholder, to churchwarden and overseers, for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Margaret Dale.  FC 84/G13/11  31 July 1769

Agreement by Thomas Vincent or Vinson to pay to overseers of Wingfield all costs and charges incurred by parish on account of a female bastard child.  FC 84/G13/12  4 September 1769

Robert Plowman of Wingfield, farmer, and Denny Crab of Kesgrave, surgeon, to churchwarden and overseer for £40 to indemnify parish from any bastard children of Elizabeth Plowman of Wingfield.  FC 84/G13/13  12 July 1773

Samuel Blyth of Eaton, Norwich, farmer and Thomas Rump the elder of Coney, Norfolk, farmer, to churchwarden and overseer to indemnify parish from bastard child of Esther Price.  FC 84/G13/14  14 July 1773

Samuel Atmeare of Brockdish, Norfolk, farmer, to churchwarden and overseer for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Elizabeth Plummer, late of Mellis, and now of Wingfield.  FC 84/G13/15  12 April 1774

Thomas Woollnough the younger of Mettingham, Suffolk, labourer and Thomas Woollnough, the elder of All Saints in the aforesaid county, shoemaker to churchwarden and overseer, for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child or children of Sarah Rivet, late of Linstead now of Wingfield.  FC 84/G13/16  4 July 1774

Thomas Rudduck of Kenninghall, Norfolk, labourer to churchwarden and overseer for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child or children of Martha Sydamer.  FC 84/G13/17  13 September 1774

James Eade of Fressingfield, farmer, Philip Briant of same town, James Briant, labourer, and John Smyth shoemaker, both of Stradbrook, to churchwarden and overseer for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Elizabeth Smyth.  FC 84/G13/18  16 September 1774

Certificate from churchwardens and overseers of Wilby to indemnify parish of Wingfield from Elizabeth Warn and her bastard child.  FC 84/G13/19  18 May 1779

William Briggs of Laxfield, husbandman, to churchwardens and overseers for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Ann Knights.  FC 84/G13/20  17 July 1780

James Day of Wingfield, farmer, to churchwarden and overseer, for £40 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Mary Evans.  FC 84/G13/21  2 July 1781

John Riches of Mendham, Norfolk, heelmaker, to churchwarden and overseer for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Hannah Page of Wingfield.  FC 84/G13/22  6 May 1782

Jonathan Booty of Alburgh, Norfolk, farmer, and William Clarke of Southelmham St. Cross, farrier, to churchwardens and overseers, for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Susanna Marjoram.  FC 84/G13/23  19 Jan. 1790

Richard Priest of Harleston, Norfolk, surgeon, to churchwarden and overseer, for £100 to indemnify parish from male bastard child of Mary Paston.  FC 84/G13/24  29 May 1793

John Bunyon of Worlingham, yeoman, to churchwardens and overseers for £50 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Elizabeth Turrell.  FC 84/G13/25  3 July 1793

John Chapman of Metfield to churchwarden and overseer of Wingfield for £100 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Mary Punchard.  FC 84/G13/26  16 August 1793

James Crickmer of Wingfield, farmer, to churchwarden and overseers, for £100, to indemnify parish from bastard child of Mary Lincoln.  FC 84/G13/27  10 September 1794

Daniel Capps of Saxmundham to churchwardens and overseer of Wingfield for £100 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Mary Cattermole.  FC 84/G13/28  11 April 1795

Abraham Grinling of Stradbrook, surgeon to churchwarden and overseer for £100 to indemnify parish from bastard child of Sarah Betts.  FC 84/G13/29  February 1796

Bastardy maintenance orders  FC 84/G14  [n.d.]

For bastard child of Mary Rainer by Thomas Cooke of Hoxne.  FC 84/G14/1  28 April 1673

For male child of Grace Greene by James Goodrum of Heveningham.  FC 84/G14/2  2 June 1685

James Hall of Wingfield, reputed father of female bastard child of Ann Branch.  FC 84/G14/3  27 November 1736

For male child of Mary Warn by Robert Stannard.  FC 84/G14/4  19 July 1738

For child of Mary Freeston of Wingfield, John Warn of Bramfield being the reputed father.  FC 84/G14/5  22 November 1750

For male child of Susan Bungay by John Chilvers of Hoxne, husbandman.  FC 84/G14/6  21 June 1751

For male child of Rose Dunmark by Simon Brunwin of Wingfield.  FC 84/G14/7  18 April 1785

For male child of Rose Dunmark by Simon Brunwin.  FC 84/G14/8  18 April 1785

Copy of FC 84/G14/7

For male child of Amy Fleg by John Girling of Weybread, labourer.  FC 84/G14/9  13 October 1785

For male child of Amy Flag by John Girling of Weybread, labourer.  FC 84/G14/10  13 October 1785

Copy of FC 84/G14/9

For female child of Sarah Gibson by John Read of Tannington, labourer.  FC 84/G14/11  26 December 1785

For female child of Ann Martin by William Keable, jun., labourer of Stradbroke.  FC 84/G14/12  18 April 1786

For male child of Elizabeth Booty by Abraham Stannard of Brockdish, labourer.  FC 84/G14/13  4 July 1786

For male child of Elizabeth Roper by James Dunn, labourer.  FC 84/G14/14  3 July 1787

For female child of Elizabeth Wythe by William Smith of Cratfield, labourer.  FC 84/G14/15  7 April 1790

For male child of Elizabeth Wythe by John Thurston of Stradbrooke.  FC 84/G14/16  6 July 1796

For female child of Susanna Warn by James Shibley.  FC 84/G14/17  5 July 1797

For female child of Mary Baxter by William Bootman of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G14/18  16 April 1800

For female child of Sarah Davies and Robert Waller of Alburgh, Norfolk, yeoman.  FC 84/G14/19  15 October 1800

For female child of Susan Foulger by Francis Cossey of Syleham, yeoman.  FC 84/G14/20  15 October 1800

For male child of Frances Kerry by Robert Cook the younger of Oakley.  FC 84/G14/21  8 September 1802

For female child of Sarah Davies by John Durrant of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G14/22  10 July 1805

For female child of Mary Rose by Jonathan Poppy.  FC 84/G14/23  28 June 1809

For female child of Sarah Glover by George Woollterton of Denton, Norfolk, labourer. With Sarah Glover's examination.  FC 84/G14/24  3 January 1816

For female child of Elizabeth Rumsby by George Cross of Starston, Norfolk.  FC 84/G14/25  5 January 1816

For male child of Jemima Knights by William Goddard of Wortham, labourer.  FC 84/G14/26  24 May 1819

For female child of Mary Ann Drane, by Samuel Dawson of St. Martin at the Palane, Norwich, tailor.  FC 84/G14/27  20 December 1820

For male child of Frances Drane alias Chittock by Henry Briggs of Wingfield, labourer.  FC 84/G14/28  27 June 1825

Bastardy examinations  FC 84/G15  [n.d.]

Margaret Dale of Wingfield, Charles Cordy of Stradbrook being the father.  FC 84/G15/1  31 July 1769

Jemima Rous by Allan Fisher of Wingfield, yeoman.  FC 84/G15/2  11 November 1822

Jemima Rous of Wingfield, Allan Fisher, labourer, being the father.  FC 84/G15/3  28 April 1823

Poor relief  FC 84/G16  [n.d.]

Related information: also see FC 84/G5/10

[no title]  FC 84/G16/1  5 April 1697

Memorandum that James Hammond of Thorndon agrees to keep and to teach to read and write, William Fish, a poor child of Wingfield in consideration of £10 to be paid in two instalments.

Agreement that Thomas Lincolne, linen-weaver of Wingfield will maintain Francis Fish, a poor boy.  FC 84/G16/2  13 May 1697

Agreement that Richard Leader, labourer of Wingfield will maintain Elizabeth Fish, a poor child.  FC 84/G16/3  20 September 1697

Memorandum of agreement that John Johnson linen weaver of Stradbrook will maintain Ann Green, a poor child.  FC 84/G16/4  23 June 1701

Discharge for William Cunningham from service of William Cowper of Wingfield.  FC 84/G16/5  20 May 1707

Deborah Gall "spinster wife of Stephen Gall" of Denton, Norfolk, to Robert Sheppard of Wingfield, gent., for £20.  FC 84/G16/6  27 January 1710/11

Agreement by William Aldred of Denham with churchwardens and overseers of Wingfield that he maintain Elizabeth Morten "a childe of his wives".  FC 84/G16/7  14 June 1714

Discharge of Rose Branch from service of Joseph Woolnough of Wingfield.  FC 84/G16/8  10 March 1718

Memorandum of agreement between Jonathan Tebenham and churchwardens and overseers  FC 84/G16/9  6 August 1753

Concerning maintenance of John Boast.

Memorandum of agreement between churchwardens and overseers of Wingfield with James Turner  FC 84/G16/10  9 June 1755

Concerning maintenance of Elizabeth Bungay.

Memorandum of agreement between churchwarden and overseer, and Mr. John Stanford  FC 84/G16/11  4 July 1757

Concerning the care of Samuel Friston.

Memorandum of agreement between churchwardens and overseers, and George Warn, sen.  FC 84/G16/12  1 August 1757

Concerning maintenance of Titus Field.

Letter from Nicholas Tindamon, Lambsconduit Passage, Holborn, to Mr. Pretyman  FC 84/G16/13  3 March 1784

Concerning a poor boy.

Memorandum by Stephen Cook that he has hired Jonathan Meason "to go and live with Thomas Palmer at Wingfield".  FC 84/G16/14  12 October 1790

List of two children placed out to service in Wingfield.  FC 84/G16/15  3 October 1821

[no title]  FC 84/G16/16  12 February 1801

Printed notice from J.P's to overseers stating that one third of the parochial relief joined with the earnings (now earnings) now given in money, be distributed in articles of provision, wheaten bread excepted, provided the earnings are untouched.

[no title]  FC 84/G16/17  24 April 1826

Information and complaint of John Clarke, overseer, that George Souter, labourer, is "an idle and disorderly person and having work doth nevertheless refuse to go to the same" and is therefore chargeable to the parish.

Book containing "Needs Account", i.e. distribution to poor.  FC 84/G16/18  1830-1835

Book containing account of coal distributed.  FC 84/G16/19  1830-1835


Agreements  FC 84/H1  [n.d.]

Articles of agreement between Samuel Leman, Jefferey Pearle, Joseph Chilver, jun. and John Roper, jun. highway surveyors of Hoxne, and John Ayton and Richard Berry, highway surveyors for Wingfield  FC 84/H1/1  1 October 1759

Concerning maintenance of part of road from Hoxne to Wingfield, between Chickering Pound westward to corner of piece of land called the Slades, eastward, being the common boundary between the two parishes.

Accounts  FC 84/H2  [n.d.]

Highway account book. With highway rates.  FC 84/H2/1  1841-1864

CONSTABLES  FC 84/I  [n.d.]

Warrants  FC 84/I1  [n.d.]

Order to constables, churchwardens and overseers to deliver Mary Tubby, a poor child to her master Henry Eaton.  FC 84/I1/1  10 September 1667

Order to constables of Wingfield to warn, one or more of the churchwardens and overseers to appear at next Quarter Sessions to settle complaint of John Harper an aged man resident in Halesworth  FC 84/I1/2  15 April 1669

Concerning £6 due to him for keeping a poor child

Order to constables and overseers to cause Mary Rayner to appear before J.P's to be examined concerning her bastard child.  FC 84/I1/3  24 April 1673

Order to constables to bring Grace Greene before J.P's to be examined  FC 84/I1/4  30 May 1685

Concerning father of her bastard child, and to give notice to Margaret, wife of John Aldous, Ann, wife of John Crowfoote, Mary, wife of Richard Knapp and Sarah, wife of Robert Southker.

[no title]  FC 84/I1/5  23 November 1750

Order from J.P's to constables of Bramfield to deliver John Warn, father of bastard child of Mary Freeston of Wingfield to the Keeper of the Gaol in Ipswich for non-performance of bastardy maintenance order.

[no title]  FC 84/I1/6  19 January 1770

Warrant to constable to apprehend Richard Scudamore of Redenhall, Norfolk, tailor, reputed father of bastard child of Elizabeth Whiting
With examination of Elizabeth Whiting.

Order to constables to apprehend Joseph Hugman, late of parish of Brockdish, Norfolk, tanner, reputed father of bastard child of Charity Andrews.  FC 84/I1/7  12 November 1812

Order to constable to summon Jonathan Poppy to appear before J.P's to answer  FC 84/I1/8  7 July 1819

Concerning neglect of bastardy maintenance order.

Order to constable to apprehend Samuel Dawson to find security to indemnify parish from bastard child of Mary Ann Drane.  FC 84/I1/9  13 September 1820

Order to constable to bring John Bootman before J.P's for non-payment of bastardy maintenance order for female child of Elizabeth Vincent.  FC 84/I1/10  11 March 1822

Order to constable to apprehend Alban Fisher to find security to indemnify parish from bastard child of Jemima Rous.  FC 84/I1/11  11 November 1822

Order for apprehension of Alban Fisher, late of Wingfield, labourer, to find security to indemnify parish from male bastard child of Jemima Rous.  FC 84/I1/12  28 April 1823

Vagrant's pass  FC 84/I2  [n.d.]

Part of vagrant's pass; from St. Giles, Cambridge to Wingfield.  FC 84/I2/1  1726

Vagrant's pass; Jane Mills, with her child, Tushingham, Cheshire to Wingfield.  FC 84/I2/2  26 May 1726

CHARITIES  FC 84/L  [n.d.]

Town Estate  FC 84/L1  [n.d.]

Transcript and translation of deed of feoffment.  FC 84/L1/1  21 January 1450/91

1. Thomas Trower of Aylesham (Nf.) mercer, one of the executors of Robert Trower, father of the said Thomas.
2. John Trower of Wingfield, brother of the said Thomas.
John Gandy of Wingfield.
Richard Ketylle of Wingfield.
(1) to (2) a tenement with appurtenances lying in Wingfield, beside Estham Street on the east, and other lands in Wingfield.

Plan of lands and tenements belonging to town of Wingfield, taken by John Rix  FC 84/L1/2  1732


Lease.  FC 84/L1/3  24 March 1761

1. Lambe Barry esq feoffees of a messuage and lands in Wingfield.
Thomas Gowing feoffees of a messuage and lands in Wingfield.
2. John Stannard.
(1) agree to lease to (2) messuage and lands in Wingfield for 7 years at £6 per annum.
(Part missing)

[no title]  FC 84/L1/4  30 September 1807

Acknowledgement by John Tempest of Cranbrook, Kent, to churchwardens and overseers of Wingfield that he has received payment for purchase and extinguishment of free farm rent issuing out of certain lands and tenements in Wingfield, "formerly parcel of the late monastery of Butley".

Bill from Messrs. Clubbe for legal expenses to feoffees of Wingfield Town Lands.  FC 84/L1/5  1815-1816

Receipted bill from Messrs. Clubbe to feoffees of Wingfield Town Lands.  FC 84/L1/6  11 March 1820

[no title]  FC 84/L1/7  1844; 1513

Note giving opinion of Mr. Lawton, solicitor of Eye, that the salary of the parish clerk might be paid out of the Town Farm, as also might the bill for the iron chest and for copying of the registers.
With extract from will of John Thrower of Wingfield, bequeathing the farm to the parish.

Grant.  FC 84/L1/8  27 December 1854

1. Hon. Charles Alexande Gore, Commissioner of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests and Land Revenues.
2. Churchwardens of Wingfield.
In consideration of £2. 2s. (1) to (2) fee farm rent of 1s. 5d. on lands in Wingfield, No. 388 on the Crown Receivers rental for the County of Suffolk.

Bundle of correspondence concerning John Trower's Charity, i.e. the Town Farm.  FC 84/L1/9  1864-1867

Letter from Charity Commissioner to Rev. W. Salter Rice, Wingfield, enclosing a copy of a communication to Parish Council concerning certain Charity Land.  FC 84/L1/10  25 June 1895

Feavearyear Charity  FC 84/L2  [n.d.]

Correspondence  FC 84/L2/1  January-April 1949

Concerning the legacy of A.W. Feavearyear, deceased, given to the Parochial Church Council, for the benefit of the poor of the parish or for repairing and maintaining the fabric of parish church.

SCHOOLS  FC 84/M  [n.d.]

Wingfield School  FC 84/M1  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/M1/1  12 June 1875

Grant of a piece of land for the purpose of building a school in Wingfield. The Dean and Chapter of Norwich and Robert Gowing of Wingfield to the Archdeacon of Suffolk.

Draft of the conveyance of a piece of land for the construction of Wingfield school.  FC 84/M1/2  12 June 1875

Book  FC 84/M1/3  1878-1950

Containing: School committee minutes 1878-1902
School managers minutes 1903-1950

Wingfield school cash book.  FC 84/M1/4  1877-1890

Wingfield school cash book.  FC 84/M1/5  1891-1897

Wingfield night school account book.  FC 84/M1/6(1)  1898-1901

Wingfield night school account book.  FC 84/M1/6(2)  1939-1950

Bundle containing annual reports of School Inspector, and documents relating to school correspondence.  FC 84/M1/7  1897-1901

Bundle containing Annual Reports of School Inspector for the years  FC 84/M1/8  1902-1925

1902, 1911-12 and 1925

Bundle containing Wingfield School Correspondence  FC 84/M1/9  1939-1944

Bundle containing Wingfield School Correspondence  FC 84/M1/10  1945-1948

Bundle containing Wingfield School Correspondence  FC 84/M1/11  1950

Bundle containing reports on Religious Instruction given in the school for the years  FC 84/M1/12  1895-1922

1895-99, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1910-14, 1916-17 and 1922

Report on Religious Instruction given in the school for the year  FC 84/M1/13  1907

Report on Religious Instruction given in the school for the year  FC 84/M1/14  1927

Wingfield school returns submitted to the Board of Education for the years  FC 84/M1/15  [n.d.]

1902-05, 1907, 1909-14, 1916-18 and 1920-21

Fire Insurance Policy of Wingfield school, taken with the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd.  FC 84/M1/16  10 May 1909

Agreement concerning the appointment of Mrs. Ada L. Johnson as teacher to the Wingfield school.  FC 84/M1/17  29 December 1933

Bundle containing agreements relating to the appointment of teachers.  FC 84/M1/18  1901-1931


Property  FC 84/N1  [n.d.]

[no title]  FC 84/N1/1  1856

Sale particulars for property comprising remains of the Castle and its adjacent lands, Wingfield Hall and Farrow's Farms, Manors of Old Wingfield Hall and Wingfield Frumbalds with various small-holdings and woods, and beneficial interest in a lease of the tithes of Wingfield parish.

Syleham Documents  FC 84/N2  [n.d.]

Copy of Enclosure Award for Syleham Greens.  FC 84/N2/1  1854

Syleham faculty to pull down four small tenements near the vicarage house.  FC 84/N2/2  6 November 1880

Inquisition post mortem  FC 84/N3  [n.d.]

Abstract dated 6th April 1612 of an inquisition post mortem on Sir Thomas Wingfield including part of his will. Inquisition dated  FC 84/N3/1  26 February 1610

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