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Reference D1798; D5566; D5578
Covering dates 14th-20th Centuries
Held by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, Staffordshire Record Office
Extent 3 Sub-fonds
Archival history Transferred from the William Salt Library
Creators Hand, Morgan and Owen, Stafford and Lichfield, solicitors

[no title or date]  D1798

H M ANSON  [no ref. or date]

Survey List [deeds except where specified]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/1  1752


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/2  1736-bt. [1772]

ALREWAS - Hay estate, (Turton/Rider/Hemining/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/3  1780; [1705-1774]

ALREWAS - messuage, lands, (Dorset/Anson).
Abstracts of title, copy deeds concerning above.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/4  1780

ALREWAS, messuages, lands, (Dukes of Dorset/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/5  1811-1812

ALREWAS - 4a. prebendal copyhold and tithes of, (?Vyse/Tyson/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/6  1718-1783

ACTON TRUSSELL, closes, (Lane/Birch/Clarke/Anson).
Includes 1718 Exchange between Lane and Birch of the lands in ACTON for lands in RUSHALL.
1743 marriage settlement, Thomas Birch and Elizabeth Goodall, includes also SHELFIELD, RUSHALL, PENKRIDGE.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/7  1785


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/8  1735-1781

STAFFORDSHIRE, Earl of Spencer's estates in, abstract of title.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/9  1788

ACTON TRUSSELL, exchange, (Chetwynd and Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/10  1797-1801

ACTON and BEDNALL, (Ward/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/11  1711-1807

WALTON, p. BASWICH - Swallow Moor alias Walton Meadow, (Higginson, Tonge, Perry/Potts/Anson).
Includes: -
1711, marriage settlement, (John Higginson and Anne Nickin) above property and STAFFORD.
Abstract of title of Charles Potts, from 1711.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/1  1818-1823

ACTON TRUSSELL, (Barlow/Littleton's trustees [/Anson]) - Anson purchase includes water corn mill.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/2  1606-1788

ACTON TRUSSELL, (Perry/Dickenson). 1606
Assignment of lease of messuage from Earl of Oxford, (Clyffe/Hand). 1611
ACTON TRUSSELL - Depmore, (Southern/Adderley/Byrch/Holyoake/Barlow). 1667-1788

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/3  (1676-1804)

ACTON TRUSSELL - Depmore Flatt, abstract of title of John and Edward Barlow.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/4  (1753-1818)

ACTON TRUSSELL, abstract of title of John Barlow.

[no title or date]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/5

ACTON TRUSSELL - copy deeds relating to Barlow's estate including will of John Barlow 1804, and of Mrs Spicer (1775).
Abstract of title of Littleton's estates.
Abstract of title of lands purchased by Littleton's trustees of Barlow.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/12/6  1766-1818

M. ACTON TRUSSELL and capital messuage, ½ m. (1766) 1818
MILL MEECE and capital messuage and mills, copy assignment of Spicer's mortgage, (Egerton/Hayley, Spicer).
Copy wills of Thomas and John Egerton. (pr. 1764,1766)
Copy Hawley's (purchaser of MILL MEECE) covenant to produce deeds as relate to ACTON (purchased by Barlow). (1779) 1818

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/13  1861

ELLENHALL marsh - cottage, (Taylor, etc./Lichfield).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/14A-C  1623-1772

LITTLE HAYWOOD, messuage and closes, (Chedleton/Kinston, Wolseley, Lander, Nevile, Atkyns/Wootton/Wright/Anson).
Including: -
1712, post nuptial settlement, William Atkyns and Hannah Cliffe.
1679, marriage settlement, John Wootton, Margary Hurlbutt.
Abstract of title, (1623-1772).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/15  1777-1798

LITTLE HAYWOOD, Crow Meadow, (Salt/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/16/1  1798-1800; 1802

"Left as security for the money advanced by Mr. Haddersuch and Miss Buckley"
LITTLE HAYWOOD, lands, (Mottershaw/Anson) charged with 25/- for poor of COLWICH.
GREAT HAYWOOD, messuages late the inheritance of Thomas Lander, settlement on Trubshaw and Hall.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/16/2  (1712)

SHUGBOROUGH, GREAT HAYWOOD, copy marriage settlement, (Lander and Jones).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/17  1808

GREAT HAYWOOD, several messuages and lands; STOWE, part of Bridge Meadow, (Clifford/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/18  1754-1810

LITTLE HAYWOOD, messuage and lands, (Freer, etc./Atkins/Ottey, Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/19  1813

HAYWOOD, land near Little Haywood Ford, p. STOWE.
Exchange between Anson and trustees of Henry Crockett's Charity for poor of CHURCH EATON, also copy will Henry Crockett of Wheaton Aston (1730), copy purchase deed of land for the charity (1731), copy deed to create new trustees (1786).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/20  1770-1817 (abstract of title from 1750)

LITTLE HAYWOOD, lands in Best Meadow, (Hanbury/Sutton/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/21  1818

M. GREAT HAYWOOD, lands in exchange, (precentor of Lichfield Cathedral and Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/22  (1736)-1819

M. GREAT HAYWOOD, ps. STOWE and COLWICH, lands in, exchange, (Hickin and Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/23  1721-1833

HAYWOOD - miscellaneous purchase documents from Pooler Bagnall 1833
Johnson (Blacksmith's) 1808
Hanbury 1804
Sawyer 1802
Dickens/Ebb/Mottershaw[/Anson]. 1721-1798

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/24  (1800-1833)

GREAT HAYWOOD, abstract of title, Earl of Lichfield.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/25  1801-1820

LICHFIELD, messuages at Cross in Hand, (Cary/Jones/Anson, Stafford).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/26  1795-1822

LICHFIELD, close in Borrowcop, (Floyer,Sneyd/Fee/Willday/Anson, Stafford. Including abstract of title, (1728-94).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/27/1  1824

LICHFIELD, Butcher Row alias Dam & Conduit Street, lands in Gay Field (St. Chad's), Cross Field, Whissage, Landfield, Borrowcop Field, Tamworth Street, messuages at Cross in Hand, and land at PIPE CUM MEMBRIS, Thackers Barn Croft, (Stafford and Anson partition).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/27/2  1821

LICHFIELD, Thackers Barn Croft, (Bishton's devisees/Anson, Stafford).
Including: -
Extract will of John Bishton, senr. (1806).
Abstract will of John Bishton, junr. (1810).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/27/3  1792-1822

5 deeds

LICHFIELD, Stowe Street, (Buckeridge/Stafford and Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/27/4  1822

MOREDON, ps. STOWE and COLWICH, Swansmoor, [Harvey/Trubshaw/Collins/Salt, Keen, Keen/Moore]), defeasance to covenants in conveyance (including 1/- hay modus to Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/28  1808

? COLTON, exchange, (Anson and Godwin).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/29  1810

COLTON, Burt's covenant to produce deeds also relating to property purchased by Marsh.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/30  1810

RUGELEY, pews in church, (Birch/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/31  1832

RUGELEY, lands at Peas Nook and Ox Pasture, (Barker/Lichfield).
Abstract of title from 1736.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/32  1774-1779

SUFFOLK, COBHOLME (near Yarmouth), (Hitchman/Anson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/33/1  1755-1829

Attested copy marriage settlement, (William Chetwynd and Sarah Stratford), COS, WARWICK and STAFFORD. (1755) 1768
Sale particulars, annotated, lands in RUGELEY and COLTON, with agreements for sale and purchase, (sold by Anson). 1828-1829
RUGELEY, COLTON, MAVESYN RIDWARE, BLITHBURY, ARMITAGE, COLWICH, reputed manor of RUGELEY, RUGELEY Hall, messuages and lands, COLTON mill, COLTON Hall House, draft deed concerning land purchased of Chetwynd by Anson in 1767. 1829
Deed to discharge estates in RUGELEY and COLTON from rent charge payable to Dowager Viscountess Anson. 1829

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/33/2  1713

COS. WARWICK and STAFFORD including RUGELEY, COLTON, MAVESYN RIDWARE, (Chetwynd settlement).
[badly damaged].

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/33/3  (1768)

RUGELEY and COLTON, abstract of title of Anson.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/34  1828-1830

NORFOLK estates, letters, etc. concerning Anson sale of, also account of purchase monies 1826-8.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/35  1774-1819

NORFOLK and SUFFOLK, Anson settlements.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/36  1805

ARMITAGE, MAVESYN RIDWARE, HIXDON: ALREWAS, SHUGBOROUGH, exchange; (Thomas Anson and trustees of will of George Anson, deceased).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/37  c.1820

Extracts from burial registers, etc., concerning Anson's legatees.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/38  1823-1827

Ms. ACTON, BEDNALL, BENTLEY, (to Beech), mortgage. 1823
M. BENTLEY, (to Salt), mortgage. 1827
Schedule of deeds of estates in Co. STAFFORD in mortgage to Miss Harrison. (1827)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/39  (1637-1833)

KNIGHTLEY, draft schedule of deeds - in mortgage by Lichfield to Salt.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/40  1832-1837


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/41  1837; (1763-1835)

Abstract of title, Earl of Lichfield's STAFFORDSHIRE estates.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/42  1833

Draft contract and agreement between Birmingham and Liverpool Railroad Company and Lord Anson concerning Railway and Tunnel (not less than 250 yards): 2 letters relating.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/43  1779-1789

SUFFOLK, counterpart leases.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/44  1842

Ford v. Lord Lichfield, Under writ of Fieri Facias "Inventory and valuation of household furniture, books, statuary, Pier and Chimney glasses, pine houses, plants in conservatory, sheep etc. at Shugborough..." 1841.
Includes catalogue of Library.
Counterpart assignment of the effects at SHUGBOROUGH to satisfy debt.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/45A-B  1681-1768

CASTLE CHURCH, manor, etc., copy deeds of Stafford family.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/46  1818

Copy will of Brooke Crutchley, STAFFORD including (pr. 1777) High House.

[no title or date]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/47

M. CANDOCK and RUGELEY - statement of custom of manor as affecting copyhold - list of Anson's copyhold property.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ANSON/48  1821

M. BENTLEY, bounds of.

Copy instructions to Robert Lord Brooke, Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire about maintaining the peace.  D1798/H.M.ANSON/49  (1662) 17th cent

Related information: See C.S.P. Dom. 1661-2, p. 442]

H. M. ASTON  [no ref. or date]

The collection known as H. M. Aston consists largely of title deeds and leases of property that was at one time or another held by the Aston family. It should be noted, however, that the collection contains deeds relating to both the predecessors and the successors in title of the Astons. In addition, there are a number of documents which have no connection with the Aston family, so far as can be seen. Though the collection contains wills, family settlements, marriage settlements, and some personal documents, relating to the Aston, it seems to be rather an artificial grouping formed in a solicitors' office, rather than a collection of family muniments.
The collection contains some important documents connected with the Sadler family whose properties in HERTFORDSHIRE were inherited by the Astons. It also contains some deeds and papers relating to the Chetwynds of INGESTRE and GRENDON

TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/1  1316/17

ASHLEY. 2/3 ASHLEY manor, advowson of ASHLEY, and reversion of remaining 1/3 of ASHLEY manor. (Thomas son of John of EYTON/Thomas de Beissyn).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/2  1317

ASHLEY. Fine. 1/3 of ASHLEY manor, and adowson of ASHLEY. (Thomas de Beissyn, quer., Thomas son of John of EYTON, def.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/3  1316

ASHLEY. 2/3 of a messuage, a carucate of land 2 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture, 2 acres wood 52 s. rent, and 1/3 of ASHLEY advowson, and reversion of a further 1/3 of all the premises.
Feoffment. (Thomas son of John of EYTON/Thomas de Beissyn, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/4  1316

ASHLEY. 1/3 of ASHLEY manor and advowson. Feoffment. (Thomas son of John of EYTON/Thomas de Beissyn, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/5  1316/17

ASHLEY. All lands in ASHLEY that Thomas de Beissyn was granted by Thomas son of John of EYTON. Lease for life. Further provides that grant by Thomas de Beissyn to Thomas, son of John of EYTON of manor of DILNINTON (? DILLINGTON) shall be void.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/6  1316/17

ASHLEY. Quit claim of all lands in ASHLEY granted to John of BROMLEY by Thomas son of John of EYTON. (John, Lord of BROMLEY/Thomas de Beissyn, Knight.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/7  1338

ASHLEY. Quit claim of all lands late held by Thomas of EYTON. (Rose, widow of Thomas of EYTON, of ASHLEY/Walter de Beissyn, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/8  1350

ASHLEY. 2/3 of manor. Feoffment (John de Beissyn/Walter de Waleton, parson of BILLINGSLEY, and John of KNIGHTLEY.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/9  1350

ASHLEY. 2/3 of manor. Grant in frank marriage with Anne daughter of Thomas of SWYNNERTON, Knight. (Walter, parson of BILLINGSLEY, and John le Child/John de Beissyn).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/10  1479

ASHLEY. LONGNOR, WATER EATON. Letters of attorney, to give seisin of manors of ASHLEY, LONGNOR, and WATER EATON to John Huggeford and others (William Harewell/Roger Mawdeley).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/11  1486

Letters of attorney, to give seisin of manors of ASHLEY, LONGNOR, and WATER EATON, and lands at MICKLETON and EDESTON, to John Greene and others.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/12  1538

Premises quit claim to deforciants.
(Leonard Rede and Elizabeth his wife, James Clifford and Anne his wife, John Smith and Agnes his wife, quer./Thomas Aston and Brigit his wife, defs.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/13  1578

ASHLEY, WATER EATON, LONGNOR, and WALKERLOW (SALOP). Houses, lands, mills, etc. (not described). Pardon for alienation by John Aston to Arthur Mainwaring and others.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/14  1605

ASHLEY, ADBASTON, MUCKLESTONE. Licence to alienate 2/3 manor of ASHLEY, fishery at ASHLEY, and lands, etc., at ASHLEY, MUCKLESTONE, ALBASTON (?ADBASTON) and ANNELEY. (Alienation by Thomas Aston and wife Elizabeth, John Aston and Matilda his wife, to Will, and Rowland Cotton)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/15  1605

ASHLEY, MAER, ADBASTON. 2/3 of ASHLEY manor, advowson of ASHLEY, lands etc., in ASHLEY, MAER, ALBASTON (?ADBASTON) and ANNELEY. Fine.
(William and Rowland Cotton/Thomas Aston and wife Elizabeth, John Aston and wife Matilda)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/16  1605

ASHLEY. 2/3 of ASHLEY manor, 2/3 of advowson of ASHLEY, Bargain and sale. (Thomas Aston and wife Elizabeth, John Aston and wife Maude/William and Rowland Cotton). Schedule of leases in force upon premises.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/17  1608-33/34

ASHLEY. Tallies for respite of homage by Rowland Cotton, for 2/3 manor of ASHLEY.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/18  1634

ASHLEY. Licence to alienate 2/3 of ASHLEY manor (alienation by Rowland Cotton, Knight, and William Cotton, to Robert Vernon, knight, and Andrew Corbet, knight)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/19  1716

ASHLEY. 2/3 of manor and advowson, lands and chief rents (Tenants' names). Bargain and sale (Rowland Cotton and wife Mary/John Chetwynd of MAER).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/20  1711

ASHLEY. 2/3 of manor and advowson of ASHLEY and lands in ASHLEY (Tenants' names). Schedule of lease in force on the premises. Lease and release (Rowland Cotton of BELLAPORT and wife Mary/John Chetwynd of MAER).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/21  1711

ASHLEY. 2/3 of manor and advowson. (Rowland Cotton/John Chetwynd). Covenant to produce deeds.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/22  1711/2

ASHLEY. Lands, messuages, and rent in ASHLEY, fishery in ASHLEY Pool. Fine. (John Chetwynd, quer., Rowland Cotton and wife Mary, defs.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/1  No Date late 13th c

ASHLEY. 2½ "londes" (?strips) of land, in exchange (Field names). (Thomas de EYTON of ASHLEY/Hugh Rotar). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/2  No Date late 13th c

ASHLEY. 4 acres on ASHLEY Waste. (Thomas son of John of EYTON/Philip of MOOLITON) (Field names). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/3  No Date (c 1300)

ASHLEY. 4 acres on ASHLEY Waste (Philip de MOOLITON, clerk/Walter de Beissyn, knight). Feoffment. (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/4  1316

ASHLEY. Warren, with pool, spring, and watercourses, fishing rights, and 1/3 of ASHLEY mill. (Thomas son of John of EYTON/Thomas de Beissyn) Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/5  1330

ASHLEY. Henry of BY WARDUSLEYE confirms a rent from lands at ASHLEY to Walter de Beissyn, who undertakes to acquit Henry of suit to shire and hundred courts.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/6  1344

ASHLEY. One messuage (Juliana, widow of Walter de Senerley/Walter de Beissyn). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/7  1438

ASHLEY. Messuage and garden and two acres on the Hungerheath, (Part of ASHLEY Waste) and a plot in ASHLEY.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/8  1463

ASHLEY. 2/3 of a plot beside churchyard. (Field names) Feoffment. (William Harwell/David Kenrek of ASHLEY) Letter of attorney attached.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/9  1613/4

ASHLEY, MAER. Watercourse at MAER and ASHLEY diverted to a water mill at MAER. (Sir Rowland Cotton/John Kenricke). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/10  1658

ASHLEY. Articles of agreement for exchange of lands. (Field names) (William Cotton of BELLAPORT/Clayton Lee of CLAYTON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/11  1644

ASHLEY, WHITMORE. House in WHITMORE, and lands (not described) in WHITMORE and ASHLEY.
Post-nuptial settlement. (Edward Lowe the younger/Elizabeth, natural daughter of William Bromley).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/12  1675/6

ASHLEY, WHITMORE. Messuage and 2 cottages at ASHLEY, 2 cottages at WHITMORE. (Field names)
Deed to lead uses of fine. (Lowe, Bromley/Trustees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/13  1681/2

ASHLEY. Articles of agreement for exchange of 2 crofts. (Field names) (William Cotton of BELLAPORT/Rawlins, North)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/14  1691

ASHLEY. Articles of agreement for sale of lands. (Field names). (Cotton/Lowe).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/15  1692

ASHLEY. 2 messuages, and closes (Field names). Release in Trust. (Edward Lowe and wife Elizabeth/Mainwaring, Thompson, as trustees of Lowe).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/16  1692

ASHLEY. Closes, and chief rent from messuage (Field names). Lease, and release in trust.
(Edward Lowe senior/Oldfield).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/17  1692

ASHLEY. Quit claim to closes and chief rent. Declares that lease and release to Oldfield (2/16) were in trust for Cotton. (Oldfield/William Cotton).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/18  1714

ASHLEY. Lands formerly held by Edward Lowe (Field names). (John Chetwynd of MAER/Thompson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/2/19  1723

ASHLEY, BETLEY. Messuage and closes at ASHLEY, tenement at BETLEY. Exchange of lands (John Chetwynd/John Cradock of BETLEY).

ADVOWSON OF ASHLEY  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/3/1  1325/6

ASHLEY. Agreement as to rights to present in rotation to ASHLEY rectory.
(Walter de Beissyn/John of BROMLEY).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/3/2  1603

ASHLEY. Grant of next presentation to rectory. (Thomas Aston of ASTON/Thomas Gatlish, yeoman).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/3/3  1603

ASHLEY. Grant of presentation to rectory at second vacancy. (Sir Thomas Aston/Thomas Gatlish).

TIXALL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/4/1  1539

TIXALL, INGESTRE. Acceptance of arbitration award as to boundary of TIXALL and INGESTRE estates (Field names). Edward Aston, Knight/William Chetwynd, esq.,).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/4/2  1545

TIXALL. Acceptance of arbitration award of 1541 (recited), alloting part of TIXALL Heath to Roland, Bishop of COVENTRY and LICHFIELD, and his heir, Brian Fowler, for their abandonment of all common rights on rest of Heath. (Field names) (Edward Aston, Knight/Brian Fowler).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/4/3  1653

TIXALL. 50 acres meadow. Fine (Robotham, plt. Lord Aston, his wife Mary and Walter Aston defs.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/4/4  1655

TIXALL. Arable, meadow and pastures (Field names). (Lord Aston, wife Mary, Walter Aston/Potley, Rogers, Needham/Kershall, Robotham.

MAVESYN RIDWARE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/5/1  1631-1650

MAVESYN RIDWARE. Title deeds to Coppices and pastures. (Stanley/Aston/Watson).

ABBEY HULTON  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/1  1384/5

AUDLEY. Inspeximus by Richard II of letters papent of Edward III (1349) granting to HULTON ABBEY the advowson of AUDLEY, acquired by the ABBEY without licence. [Gt. Seal]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/2  1537

ABBEY HULTON. Letters patent licencing HULTON ABBEY to continue without dissolution. [Gt. Seal]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/3  No Date

Letters Patent, granting to Edward Aston the following properties, formerly monastic:-
Formerly of TUTBURY Priory: Manor of MAYFIELD, corn and fulling mill at MAYFIELD, rents at OKEOVER.
Formerly of CROXDEN ABBEY: Lands at LEEK and ONECOTE.
Formerly of GREAT MALVERN ABBEY: Manor of FULFORD, and lands at STOKE (field names).
Formerly of LILLESHALL: LILLESHALL rectory and advowson, and lands at LILLESHALL.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/4  1543/4

ABBEY HULTON. Exchange of parcels of meadow (Field names) (Sir Edward Aston, Knight/Hugh Ford).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/5  1611

ABBEY HULTON. Covenant to levy fine of HULTON manor. Schedule of leases in force. (Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Will Sneyd of KEELE).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/6/6  1611

ABBEY HULTON. Feoffment in trust of the manor (Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Shetwynd, Smithe).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/7/1  1440-1721

Related information: (See also D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/32, 10/33, for deeds relating to Goring family).

KINGSTON, UTTOXETER. Title deeds of CALLOWHILL estate, KINGSTON, lands in KINGSTON, UTTOXETER, and GREAT and LITTLE LOXLEY. (Norman/Ridgley/Tixall/Lovatt/Coates/Barton/Goring).
Title deeds and related documents.

KINGSTON TITLE DEEDS of MANOR  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/8/1  1593

Manor of KINGSTON (Tenants names). (Thomas Gresley of DRAKELOWE/Sir Edward Aston of TIXALL, bart) Bargain and Sale.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/8/2  1594

Manor of KINGSTON. Recovery. (Sheppard, Preston, dem. Edward Aston Knight, resp. Thomas Greisley vou.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/8/3  1614/5

Manor of KINGSTON. Bargain and Sale. (Sir Walter Aston, K.B./Joseph Jackson, Leonard Parker, of LONDON).

KINGSTON, LOXLEY  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/1  1623

KINGSTON. Manfield Farm. Reduction of chief rent due to lord of manor (Walter Aston, Bart./Rowland and Alexander Manlove).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/2  1628

KINGSTON. House, closes open field strips. (Field names), Feoffment. (Oswald Moseley of ANCOATS/Henry Goring of CROXDEN Abbey).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/3  1629

KINGSTON. 3 crofts (field names). Quit claim (William Tixall/Mathew Shelley).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/4  1637

KINGSTON. Pratt's Farm. Quit claim (John Barton/Henry Goring).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/5  1695/6

KINGSTON. Messuage and lands in ROLLESTON. Fine (Goring, Crosse, plaintiffs, Barton, Wright, defs.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/6  1623

LOXLEY. Croft. (Field names). Feoffment (Gamble/Tixall).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/9/7  1623

LOXLEY. Bond. (Gamble/Tixall).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/1  1542

MILWICH. The manor, a water mill, lands and rents. (Morton, Mynors, quers, Edward Aston Knight, def.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/2  1610

MILWICH. Messuage and tenement. (Walter Aston,Knight/Richard Bowyer). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/3  1610

MILWICH. Mansion called OULTON, closes, a cottage. (Field names). Feoffment. (Walter Aston,Knight/John Allen of MILWICH).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/4  1610

MILWICH. Houses and closes in MILWICH (Field names). Deed to declare uses of fine. (Aston/Phillipes,Hurdman, Allen).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/5  1497

LEIGH. Bond (William Sherard of LEIGH/John Aston of LEIGH). Conditional on (1) not alienating or leasing any land without consent of (2).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/6  1547

LEIGH. Arbitration award. Blounte to convey to convey all lands in LEIGH to Aston. (Edward Aston, Knight/George Blounte, Knight.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/7  1554

LEIGH. Cottage, meadow, pasture, woodland. Deed to lead uses of fine (Goerge Blounte, Knight/Edward Aston, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/8  1611

MAYFIELD, pardon for alienation of closes, by Walter Aston,Knight, to William Aston and Gregory Kent. (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/9  1624

MAYFIELD. Manor, rectory, advowson of vicarage messuages and lands. Fine. (Will Peshall, Reginald Parke, quers./Walter Aston, Bart., Wife Gertrude, Edward, Thomas, Robert, William and Bevereux Aston, defs.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/10  1626

MAYFIELD. The manor, closes (field names) a corn mill, fulling mill. (Walter Aston, Bart., and others/Rowland Haylin of LONDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/11  1593

CANNOCK, SHARESHILL. Closes at CANNOCK and GREAT SAREDON. (Field names). Bargain and Sale. (Edward Aston/John Hasulton).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/12  1575/6

LEIGH. Grant of free warren in BIRCHWOOD Park, to Walter Aston, Knight.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/13  1626

LEIGH, MILWICH. 700 acres in BIRCHWOOD Park. Feoffment (Walter Aston, Bart., and others/Sir John Kinge and Robert Kinge of IRELAND)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/14  1673

LEIGH, MILWICH. Quit claim of BIRCHWOOD Park. (Goring/Goring).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/15  1614

CHURCH EATON. 5 holdings in LITTLE ONN. (tenants names). Bargain and Sale. (Walter Aston, Bart.,/Edward James of LONDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/16  1614

CHURCH EATON. 5 holdings in LITTLE ONN (tenants names) Feoffment. (Aston/James).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/17  1673

HAYWOOD. Copy court roll of court baron of Lord Paget, held at WEEPING CROSS for HAYWOOD manor. Tenement (field names). Surrender and re-grant. (Thorne/Walter Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/18  1739

HAYWOOD. Covenant to stand seised in trust of copyhold lands in HAYWOOD manor. (John Robins/Walter, Lord Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/19  1740

HAYWOOD. Covenant to stand seised in trust of copyhold lands in HAYWOOD manor (Field names) (John Robins/Walter, Lord Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/20  1611

STOWE. Messuage and closes in HIXON, and tenement in DROINTON. (Field names). Feoffment and deed to lead uses of recovery. (Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Thomas Wolseley).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/21  1615

LAPLEY. A close (Field names). Bargain and Sale (Sir Walter Aston, Knight., Edward, Thomas, and Will Will Aston/Walter Brooke).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/22  1544/45

LONGDON. Land and houses (Field names). Bargain and Sale (John Stonywell, Bishop of ?Politeus/Edward Aston, Knight.,).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/23  1634

MARCHINGTON WOODLANDS. Messuage and lands. (Field names). Feoffment. (Walter, Lord Aston, and others/Jackson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/24  1609

RUGELEY. Closes and open and arable land. (Field names). (Sir Walter Aston, Knight., Edward Aston, Thomas Aston/Richard Weston). Bargain and Sale.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/25  1609

TAMWORTH. Two houses and two closes at BOLEHALL. (Field names). Feoffment. (Walter Aston, Knight, Lawrence Spooner).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/26  1614

TAMWORTH. 60 acres meadow and pasture. (Field names). Feoffment (Crompton,Aston, Biddulph/William Anson of Lincolns Inn).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/27  1487

UTTOXETER, MARCHINGTON, KINGSTON, MILWICH, HANBURY. Manor of WOLLESBRUGGE, and lands in UTTOXETER, MARCHINGTON, COTON ( ? COTON UNDER NEEDWOOD), KINGSTON, HUNTBACH, LOXLEY, MILWICH, NEWBOROUGH. (Field names). (Humphrey Swynnerton, Richard Draycote, Thomas Bludde, Robert Byddell vicar of ECCLESHALL/John Aston). Feoffment.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/28  1553/54

UTTOXETER. Reversion of 20 acres land, 20 acres pasture. Fine (John Aston quer., Will Rushton and Helen his wife defs.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/29  1631 or 1632

UTTOXETER, Messuage and closes (field names). Feoffment. (Walter, Lord Aston and others/Humphrey Hill).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/30  1631

UTTOXETER. One close (Field names). Feoffment. (Johnson/Henry Goring of CROXDEN).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/10/31  1641/2

UTTOXETER. Lees Hill Farm and a cottage. Deed of partition amongst co-heirs of Elizabeth Tixall, deceased, and to lead uses of fine. (Field names). (Perrie/Ensor/Manlove/Goring).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/11/1  1659

COLTON. Counterpart feoffments of parts of COLTON manor. (Field names). (Trustees of Walter, Lord Aston/divers purchasers).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/12/1  1659

COLTON. Counterpart asignments of leases for 1000 years, to attend freehold, of parts of COLTON manor. (Trustees of WALTER, Lord Aston/divers purchasers) (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/1  1609

2 documents.

COLTON. Messuages and tenements, Surrender of leases, to allow recovery of COLTON manor to be suffered. (Humphrey Marlor/Walter Aston,Knight; and Richard Beardall/Walter Aston, Knight)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/2  1609

COLTON. Messuage and tenement. Surrender of estate for life. (Thomas Yate/Walter Aston, Knight.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/3  1661/2

COLTON. Arbitration award. Aston to pay £100 to Degge. Degge to deliver up all title deeds of COLTON manor. (Herbert Aston/Simon Degge).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/4  1678

COLTON. Grant of rent charge. (Herbert Aston/Dorothy Clifton).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/5  1681 or 1682

COLTON. Plot of meadow. Feoffment. (Herbert Aston, Sir Thomas Whitgreave, Knight/George Lees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/13/6  1651

COLWICH. Plot of meadow and pasture. (Field names). Feoffment. (Herbert Aston and others/Thomas Degge.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/1  1605/6

WANLIP (LEICS.). Manor of WANLIP (Recovery) Sir Edward Coke, Thomas Sadler, dom. Will Aston, Gregory Kent. resp. Walter Aston, Knight, vou.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/2  1625

WANLIP BURSTALL (LEICS.) Manor and closes (Field names), advowson of WANLIP, tenement at BURSTALL. Feoffment. (Walter Aston, Bart.,/William Palmer of LONDON). Schedule of leases in force.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/3  1588

COLE ORTON (LEICS) Tenements, cottage, and chief rent in OVERTON SAUCEY. Bargain and Sale. (Edward Aston/Henry Beaumont).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/4  1580/1

Manor of BEAUDESERT (WARWICKS.), lands in WOOTTON WAVEN and HENLEY-IN-ARDEN (WARWICKS.) Recovery (John (Giffard and Robert Needham, dom. Walter Aston, Knight., Resp. Edward Aston, vou.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/5  1631/2

ARLEY (WARWICKS.) Grant of advowson of rectory. (Walter, Lord Aston/Ralph Sherrard of ARLEY, clerk.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/6  1627

AUSTREY (WARWICKS.) 2 messuages and lands. Feoffment. (Walter Aston, Bart., and others/Stury, Levinge, Browne).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/7  1611/2

SHUSTOKE (WARWICKS.) Messuage and lands in BLYTHE END and SHUSTOKE. Final concord. (Walter Aston, Bart., quer., Bagsley def.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/14/8  1625

SHUSTOKE (WARWICKS). Manor of BLYTHE. Feoffment (Walter Aston, Knight and wife Gertrude/William Dugdale of FILLONGLEY).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/15/1  1454

Manor of PINLEY (COVENTRY). Deed of partition amongst co-heirs of Baldwin Frevyle. Castle and manor of TAMWORTH, lands in WIGGINTON, manor of TADINGTON (HEREFORDSHIRE). Manors of MARSTON (WARWICKS.) LEE (WARWICKS.), HARLBOROUGH and STRETFORD (WARWICKS.), manor of STICHEDALE (COVENTRY), lands in DRAYTON (STAFFS.), WAVERTON (WARWICKS), rents in AUSTREY (WARWICKS.) MERIDEN (WARWICKS.) and COVENTRY, advowson of HARBOROUGH (WARWICKS.). Manors of ASHSTEAD and NEWDIGATE (SURREY), manors of BELERORE (WORCS.), YATESBURY (WILTS.). Manor of PINLEY (COVENTRY), a moiety of the manor of HENLEY-IN-ARDEN (WARWICKS.) advowson of ASHSTEAD (SURREY), lands in WILNCOTE (WARWICKS.), WHITLEY (WARWICKS.), manors of WHITNASH (WARWICKS.) MIDDLETON (WARWICKS.), WYKEN (WARWICKS.). GUNTHORP and LONDSHAM (NOTTS.), BRADFORD(HEREFORDSHIRE) MAWNE(HEREFORDSHIRE), advowsons of St. James Hospital, TAMWORTH, and of PRESTON(WARWICKS.). (Thomas Ferrers and Elizabeth his wife/Robert Bingham, Justice of Common Pleas, and Margaret his wife).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/15/2  1579/80

COVENTRY. Quit claim of reversion of PINLEY manor. (Robert Aston/Walter Aston, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/15/3  1591

COVENTRY. Quit claim of manor of PINLEY. (Robert Aston/Edward Aston, Knight) (2) covenants to convey PINLEY to (1) if (1) shall ever be lawfully evicted from PARKHALL manor (STAFFS.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/15/4  1605/6

COVENTRY. Manor of PINLEY. Recovery (Edward Coke, Attorney-General and Thomas Sadler dom., William Aston and Gregory Kent, resp., Walter Aston, Knight., vou.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/15/5  1610

COVENTRY. 2 closes and 2 meadows at PINLEY (field names). Feoffment (Sir Walter Aston and wife Gertrude/Christopher Owen of COVENTRY).

[no title or ref. or date]

The following documents relate to the Sadler family of STANDON (HERTS.). Walter Aston, first Lord Aston, married Gertrude, sister and heiress of Thomas Sadler.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/16/1  1655-77

HENBURY, WESTBURY, STOKE BISHOP (GLOUCS.) mortgage and title deeds of manors of HENBURY, WESTBURY, and STOKE BISHOP, and of lands at HENBURY (Sadler/Aston/Yate and Geering).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/1  1611

HERTS. GLOUCS. WORCS. Deed to lead uses of fine to be levied of all Ralph Sadler's lands (with counterpart). (Ralph Sadler/Willson, Morley).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/2  1612

Exemplification of fine. Manors of STANDON, PLASHES, DOOS (alias DOUCETT) and BRICKPLACE (alias STONEHOUSE), and lands in STANDON and BUNTINGFORD, STANDON rectory, advowson of STANDON Vicarage (Herts.) manors of WESTBURY, HENBURY, OLVESTON AYLEMONDESTRE, CLYSTON St. LAWRENCE, and TWYNING, the hundred of HENBURY, and advowson of HENBURY, (GLOUCS)., manor of ALLESBOROUGH, and lands in TWYNNING, PERSHORE, WADBOROUGH WIKE, BROUGHTON, WALCOT, PISTON, STOWTON, and DROITWICH (WORCS.) (Ralph Sadler/Morley, Wilson).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/3  1616

KINGS WALDEN, HITCHEN, OFFLEY, (HERTS). 40 acres woodland. (Anne Sadler/Walter Aston, Bart,.) Bargain and Sale.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/4  1616

KINGS WALDEN, HITCHEN, OFFLEY (HERTS.) 40 acres woodland. Deed to lead uses of bargain of bargain and sale. (Walter Aston, Bart.,/Thomas Sadler/Edward Aston, Anne Sadler).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/5  1670

Will of Anne Sadler of STANDON, widow. Schedule of testatux debts. Detailed bequests of Jewellery and clocks.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/6  1637

STANDON (HERTS.) Exemplification of judgement in King's Bench in Ralph Sadler v. John Hyatt. (Trespass on fishery at STANDON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/7  1640/41

STANDON (HERTS.) Second exemplification of above judgement.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/8  1645

STANDON (HERTS.) Fine 2 messuages and lands Robert Wilkinson, querant, Ralph Sadler and Anne his wife def. Premises conceded to qurant for 99 years.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/17/9  1684/5

STANDON (HERTS.) Revocation by Walter, Lord Aston, of lease of STANDON manor, made by him to trustees in 1684.

FAMILY SETTLEMENTS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/1  1415

Feoffment in trust, of all lands in STAFFS and SALOP of Roger of ASTON, son of Thomas of ASTON. (Roger of ASTON/Trustees.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/2  1566

Feoffment in trust, of all lands of Edward Aston, Knight., not held in chief, in LEICS., DERBYS., STAFFS., and WARWICKS., to be held to use of Edward Aston for life, then to use of his son Walter Aston, Knight. (Sir Edward Aston, Knight./Trustees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/3  1580/81

TIXALL, UTTOXETER, HIXON, LITTLE ONN, ADMASTON, WOOLASTON. Manors of TIXALL BRANCOTE, and HANYARD, and 5 mills, messuages, and lands in TIXALL, BRANCOTE, HANYARD, LITTLE ONN, OTTOXETER, HIXON, ADMASTON, and WOLLASTON. Recovery. (John Giffard, Robert Needham, dom., Walter Aston Knight., resp., Edward Aston, vou.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/4  1605/6

WANLIP, PINLEY, BOLEHALL. Manors of WANLIP (LEICS.) and PINLEY (COVENTRY) lands at MAYFIELD, and BOLEHALL (WARWICKS.) (Field names) Deed to lead uses of recovery (Walter Aston, K.B., and Gertrude his wife/Edward Coke (Attorney General), Thomas Sadler, Knight.,/William Aston of PARKHALL, Gregory Kent).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/5  1605/6

Premises as in 18/4. Bargain and Sale. (Walter Aston, K.B.,/William Aston of PARKHALL, Gregory Kent).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/6  1605/6

MAYFIELD, ELLASTONE. Messuage and lands Recovery. (Edward Coke, Attorney-General, Thomas Sadler, Knight., dom., William Aston, Gregory Kent, resp., Walter Aston, Knight., vou.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/7  1605/6

TAMWORTH, AUSTREY, GLASCOTE, WHATLEY (WARWICKS.) Messuage and lands. (Edward Coke, (Attorney General), Thomas Sadler, Knight., dom., Will Aston, Gregory Kent, resp, Walter Aston, Knight, vou.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/8  1613

HIXON, DROINTON, STOWE, COLWICH, LEIGH, RUGELEY. Lands (not described) Deed to lead uses of recovery. (Walter Aston, Bart., and wife Gertrude/Thomas and Robert Wolseley/Richard Weston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/9  1615

COLTON. Manor and advowson of COLTON closes and 2 water mills at COLTON, BIRCHWOOD PARK, in LEIGH and COLWICH parishes, meadow at MAYFIELD, manor of BLYTH, at SHUSTOKE (WARWICKS.) Revocation of conveyance in trust. (Walter Aston, Bart.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/10  1615

MAYFIELD, BRADNOP, ONECOTE, MIXON, ELLASTONE (DERBYS.) Grant of annuity. (Walter Aston, Bart., Thomas Crompton, Will Aston/Edward Aston) (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/11  1619

KINGSTON, BLYTHBURY, COLTON, WANLIP (LEICS.). Manors of KINGSTON, WANLIP, and COLTON, lands in BLYTHBURY and COLTON. Bargain and Sale (Walter Aston, Bart.,/Trustees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/12  1619

COLTON, KINGSTON, WANLIP (LEICS.). Deed to declare uses of bargain and sale (18/10) (Walter Aston, Bart.,/Trustees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/13  1619

WANLIP (LEICS). Surrender of leases to allow recovery of WANLIP manor to be suffered. (Richard Spencer and others, leasehold tenants of manor/Sadler, Crompton, Aston, Weston, trustee of Sir Walter Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/14  1608

WOLSELEY, ABBEY HULTON, SNEYD GREEN, BUCKNALL, MILTON. Licence to alienate a messuage, water mill, and lands (Walter Aston, Knight and Gertrude his wife to Edward and Thomas Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/15  1655

TIXALL. 100 acres land, 185 acres meadow, 100 acres pasture. Recovery. (Pershall, Robotham, dom./Rogers, Needham, resp./ Walter, Lord Aston first vouchee/Walter Aston second vouchee.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/16  1656

TIXALL, HAYWOOD, SHUGBOROUGH. Manors of TIXALL, HAYWOOD, and SHUGBOROUGH, advowson of TIXALL, 12 messuages, 12 cottages, and lands in TIXALL, HAYWOOD and SHUGBOROUGH. Final concord. (Pershall, Rowbotham, plaintiffs/Walter, Lord Aston, wife Mary, son Walter Aston, def.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/17  1656/7

TIXALL, HAYWOOD, SHUGBOROUGH. Premises as in proceeding deed. Recovery. (Blount, Browne Windsor, Knightley, dom./Pershall, Rowbotham, resp.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/18/18  1675/6

STANDON (HERTS.) Declaration of trust in respect of annuity of £600 issuing out of STANDON manor and other lands. (Walter Chetwynd, Simon Degge Knight, Walter Aston of MILWICH).


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/19/1  1625

BISHTON. Assignment of lease of Castle House, in trust. (Edward Aston/Sir Walter Heveningham, Richard Weston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/19/2  1664/5

Manors of TIXALL, HAYWOOD, BROCTON, SHUGBOROUGH, and BRADNOP and advowson of TIXALL. Lease for a year. (Walter, Lord Aston/Walter Aston, his son and heir).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/19/3  1664/5

Lease for life of lessor of manors of TIXALL, HAYWOOD, and SHUGBOROUGH, and advowson of TIXALL, and release of BRADNOP manor. (Walter, Lord Aston/Walter Aston, son and heir.)

MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/1  1488

Articles for marriage settlement. John Aston Jane, daughter of William Littleton, knight. Manor of TIXALL, lands at TIXALL and HANYARD, and other lands in STAFFS. With 100 marks a year.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/2  [?1469]

TIXALL. Deed poll by Rose, relict of John Merston, Knight, certifying that Thomas Littleton, justice of Common Pleas, purchased reversion of TIXALL manor, after deaths of John and Rose Merston. Undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/3  1511

Marriage settlement. Ellen Erdswycke, widow, daughter of John Aston of HAYWOOD/John, son of Robert Morgan of COMBERTON. Manor of COMBERTON (WORCS.), and lands in STAFFS, worth £20 a year.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/4  1524/5

Marriage settlement. Edward Aston/Jane, daughter of Thomas Bowles, Knight. Manor of HAYWOOD.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/5  1530

Marriage settlement. William, son of George Gresley of COLTON/Katherine, daughter of Edward Aston of TIXALL. Land in COLTON (not described).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/6  1537

Marriage settlement. Frances, daughter of Edward Aston of TIXALL, Knight/Richard, son of Thomas Bagot of BLITHFIELD. Lands in BLITHFIELD, COLTON, BAGOT BROMLEY, HAYWOOD, and STAFFORD.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/7  1573/4

Marriage settlement. Will Crompton of STONE/Jane, daughter of Sir Walter Aston. Lands in GREENWICH and LEIGH (KENT), houses in Grace Church Street, Fleet Street, and Gray's Inn Lane, LONDON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/8  1574

Marriage settlement. Edward Aston, son and heir of Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Mary, daughter of Sir John Spencer of EVERDEN. Manors of TIXALL, BRANCOTE, HANYARD, GREAT HAYWOOD, WOLLASTON, ABBEY HULTON, BRADNOP, MAYFIELD, BROCTON, one third of LEIGH manor, manors of WANLIP (LEICS.) and BEAUDESERT and PINLEY (WARWICKS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/9  1579

Marriage settlement. Edward Aston, son and heir of Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Ann, daughter of Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight of CHARLCOTE. Manors of HAVERSHAM (BUCKS) and BISHOP'S HAMPTON (WARWICKSHIRE), manors of TIXALL, BRANCOTE, and HANYARD, lands in WOLLASTON LITTLE ONN, HIXON, ADMASTON, BROCTON, and UTTOXETER WOODLAND, manors of HENLEY, and BEAUDESERT (WARWICKS.) and lands in HENLEY, BEAUDESERT, and WOOTEN WAVEN (WARWICKS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/10  1584

Marriage settlement. Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Aston, Knight/Basil Fielding, son and heir of William Fielding. Rent charge from MAISTROP manor (RUTLAND)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/11  1586

Marriage settlement. Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Aston, Knight/Basil Fielding, son and heir of William Fielding of NEWNHAM PADDOX. Manors of NEWNHAM, AGARS DICHFORD, MANCETTER, and DASTELL (alias DOSTELL) (WARWICKS.), lands in BITTESWELL, MISTERTON, CATTHORPE, BRUTINGTHORPE, CLAYBROOKE, and SHAWELL (LEICS.), manor of MAISTROP (RUTLAND), lands in MANTON and EYTON (RUTLAND). Lands in YELLOWTOFT, GUILLESBOROUGH, and CLAY COTON (NORTHANTS.), lands in HADENHAM, STAPLES, WENTWORTH, and MEPAL (CAMBS.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/12  1586

Deed to lead uses of fine, lands in UTTOXETER and HANBURY (Walter Aston, Knight, Edward Aston/Thomas Lucy, Knight/Trustees).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/13  1605/6

Manor of WANLIP (LEICS.), manor of PINLEY (COVENTRY), lands at MAYFIELD and BOLEHALL (WARWICKS.) (Field names). Deed to lead uses of recovery (for jointure of Gertrude, wife of Sir Walter Aston) (Sir Walter Aston, K.B. and wife Gertrude/Sir Edward Coke, Sir Thomas Sadler/Gregory Kent, William Aston of PARKEHALL).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/14  1629

Articles for marriage settlement of Constance, daughter of Walter, Lord Aston, and Walter Fowler. Money settlement only. (Walter, Lord Aston/John Draycott, Thomas Eyre of HASSOP, Dorothy Fowler of ST THOMAS, STAFFS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/15  1629

Marriage settlement. (Walter, son and heir of Walter, Lord Aston/Mary, daughter of Richard, Lord Weston) Manors of TIXALL, COLTON, HAYWOOD and BROCTON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/16  1635

Post nuptial settlement. Sir William Peshall of CANWALL/Frances his wife. Lands at EAST MAON. (HANTS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/17  1635

Lease for 60 years or joint lives of parties made in pursuance of marriage settlement. (Walter, Lord Aston/Walter Aston, son and heir).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/18  1638

Post nuptial settlement. Herbert, second son of Walter, Lord Aston/Katherine his wife, sister of Sir John Thimelbye of IRNHAM. Rent charge from manor of BULBYE, IRNHAM parish, LINCS.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/19  1641

Receipt from John Silverside and wife Abigail (daughter of Edward Aston of BISHTON) for sum due to Abigail under marriage settlement.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/20  1649

Deed to lead uses of recovery for post nuptial settlement. Walter Fowler and Constance his wife. (see 20/14). Site of St Thomas monastery, STAFFORD. Manors of COTON, DRAYTON, MAER, APETON, DROINTON, and BROCTON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/21  1662/3

Articles for marriage settlement. Henry Somerset, son and heir apparent of Lord John Somerset/Anne, daughter of Walter Lord Aston. Manors of PAWNTLEY (GLOUCS.), CLEATHAM (DURHAM) and ACTON (MIDDX).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/22  1663

Post nuptial settlement. Henry Somerset and Anne his wife (see 20/20). Manors of PAWNTLEY (GLOUCS.) ACTON (MIDDX) and CLEATHAM (DURHAM), and land at KIMERLEY DABITOT (WORCS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/23  1673

Agreement in pursuance of postnuptial settlement Sir John Southcott and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Walter, Lord Aston. Agreement for deliverance of deeds relating to land in TIXALL, COLTON, BRADNOP, SHUGBOROUGH, GREAT and LITTLE HAYWOOD, NEWLANDS, BLITHBURY, WOLSELEY, manors of PACKINGTON and WESTLEY.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/20/24  1727

Marriage settlement. Edward Weld of LULWORTH CASTLE / Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of Walter, Lord Aston. LULWORTH CASTLE and park, manors of EAST LULWORTH, WEST LULWORTH, COMBE KEINES, BINDON, EAST BURTON, WEST BURTON, WINFRITH, and BINDON rectory. (DORSET).

MORTGAGES  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/1  1585

Manor of PARK HALL. Mortgages of leasehold (Anthony Aston/Robert Aston, second son of Walter Aston, Knight.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/2  1610

COLTON. Manor and lands. Reconveyance of mortgage. (Jasson, Saunders/Walter Aston, Knight.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/3  1617/18

Messuages, dovecotes, and lands. (Field names) (Walter Aston, Bart., and wife Gertrude/Rowland Heylyn of LONDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/4  1609

KINGSTON. Mortgage of manor. (Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Thomas Crompton of STONE)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/5 + 5a  1610

KINGSTON. Deed of further charge of manor (Sir Walter Aston, Knight/Thomas Crompton).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/6  1613

KINGSTON. Mortgage of manor (Sir Walter Aston K.B./Sir Oliver St. John).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/7  1631

LEIGH. Messuages and closes in WITHINGTON, MIDDLETON GREEN, LEIGH, and DODDESTON (all in LEIGH parish). (Walter Lord Aston and others/Sprott,Dorrington/Marrom). (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/21/8  1622

WANLIP (LEICS.) Mortgage of manor. (Sir Walter Aston, Bart./Crompton,Aston,Weston/William Palmer of LONDON).

COPY DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/22/1  15th c

Copies of 5 deeds relating to ASHLEY, 13th and 14th century. For originals of two of these deeds, see D1798/H.M.ASTON/1/4, 1/6.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/22/2  1533/34

Copy deeds of partition of lands of Thomas Hanwell, dec., amongst his 4 sisters and their husbands. (Leonard Rede and wife Elizabeth/James Clifford and wife Anne/Thomas Aston and wife Briggitte/John Smith and wife Agnes). Lordship of BEESE CRACOMBE, CAPLAND. KNOLL, (SOMERSET), manors of BILLINGSLEY, BROSELEY, and MILLINSHIP lands in WALKESTOWE, WRYKTON, and WALKANWOODE (SALOP) lands in STURMINSTER MARSHALL (DORSET), manors of WOTTON and SHOTTERY, and lands in STRATFORD and HENLEY (WARWICKS.) manors of WATER EATON, ASHLEY, and LONGNOR (STAFFS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/22/3  1542

TIXALL, LEIGH. Quit claim of lands in HANYARD, and common rights in TIXALL, BRANCOTE, LEIGH, BROME, and HEYBYRCHE, (STAFFS.) (William and Thomas Chetwynd/Eward Aston, Knight).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/22/4  1542

Copy fine. ASHLEY, NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME, STOKE, PENKHULL, MUCKLESTONE, MAER, ANNELEY, ADBASTON, KNUTTON, WOLSTANTON. Lands and burgages Henry Bromley, John Coles, quers., William Cotton, def.

ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

Leases by Aston family, and by their predecessors and successors in title.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/23/1  1581-1674/5

BRADNOP. Leases and assignment of leases of cottages and closes in BRADNOP parish. Many leases are of lands newly enclosed from the waste called MORREDGE. 23 documents (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/24/1  1603-1725

COLTON. Lease of messuage. (Sir Thomas Grealey 1603 of DRAKELOWE/Richard Bradbury).
COLTON, COLWICH. Leases of messuages and closes 1632-1725 by Aston. (Field names) 9 documents.


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/1  [? 1316]

ASHLEY. Plot of land, wood, and marsh, with an assart. Lease for 4 years. (Thomas, son and heir of John de Eyton/John Lord of BROMLEY). Undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/2  [?1329-30]

ASHLEY, Messuage and curtilage in ASHLEY, and acres of "Terra regale" Lease for 20 years. (Walter de Boissyn, Knight/Hugh Carpern ? of ASHLEY.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/3  1673/4

ASHLEY. Lease of tenement. (Will Cotton/Thomas Jones, yeoman).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/4  1710

ASHLEY. Lease of Hangersheath tenement. (Rowland Cotton/Robert Grosvenor). (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/5  1711

ASHLEY. Lease of house and lands (Field names). (Rowland Cotton of BELLAPORT/Mary Yonge of CHARNES).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/25/6  1758

ASHLEY. Assignment of lease of Hungersheath Farm. (Thomas Grosvenor/Lord Chetwynd/Thomas Mills/Will Grosvenor). (Field names)


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/26/1  1647-70

3 documents

GREAT HAYWOOD. Leases of cottages and closes (Aston) (Field names)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/26/2  1590, 1618

2 documents

LEIGH. Leases of messuage (Aston)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/26/3  1581

CANNOCK Chase. Lease of a messuage, and rights of taking timber and firewood. (Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/26/4  1675

FORD. Lease of cottage and intake, with common rights on MORREDGE, except as already enclosed, or to be enclosed in future, providing enclosures do not exceed 2000 acres.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/26/5  1720

All lessor's fishery rights in TRENT and SOW. (Lord Aston/Whitby).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/27/1  1628/9-1698

Leases by Aston family of lands at TIXALL; including lease of TIXALL Hall. Some evidence as to inclosure of TIXALL Heath.


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/28/1  1552-1604; 1551/2

Lease of lands in BYTON, (LANCS.) (Field names) (Edward Aston, Knight, and Richard Edgecote, Knight/Thomas Wylde).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/28/2  1566

ELLASTONE. (DERBYS.) Lease of a close (Field names). (Aston/Woodward)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/28/3  1604

BOLEHALL (WARWICKS.) Case of messuages and lands in BOLEHALL Lordship. (Aston/Spooner).

Leases by Gresley and Goring families.  [no ref. or date]

The Gresley's of DRAKELOW were the predecessors in title of the Aston family in the manor of COLTON (see 13/1 above). The Goring family acquired land at KINGSTON and UTTOXETER which seems to have been held previously by the Aston family, (see D1798/H.M.ANSON/9/1-5 and 10/28-29 above)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/29/1  1606, 1609

2 documents

COLTON. Leases of messuage at NEWLAND (Gresley)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/29/2  1691-99

3 documents

KINGSTON. Leases of messuages and lands including KINGSTON Hall. (Field names) (Goring).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/29/3  1652/3

LOXLEY. Lease of closes (field names) (Goring)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/29/4  1694/5

UTTOXETER. Lease of a house (Goring, Marlowe/Clewes).


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/30/1  1393/4

LICHFIELD. Leases of land called ELLERONDICH, next to tenement of Cathedral Vicars. (Bishop of COVENTRY and LICHFIELD/Thomas de Aston, Knight)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/30/2  1587

BURTON ON TRENT, HEDNESFORD, SHUGBOROUGH. Lease of a grain water mill at SHUGBOROUGH, fishing in SHUGBOROUGH Pool, 3 closes at BURTON (Street names), waste land at HEDNESFORD (field names), pasture in CANNOCK Wood (field names). (Queen Elizabeth I/Plessington).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/30/3  1595/6

SHUGBOROUGH. Lease of fishery in SHUGBOROUGH Mill pool, late possessed by Thomas Lord Paget, attainted (Queen Elizabeth I /Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/30/4  1659

COLTON, COLWICH. Lease of closes. (Charles Stanley/Herbert Aston).

MANORIAL DOCUMENTS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/31/1  1660

ASHLEY. Court baron. William Cotton, lord of manor. Deaths and successions of free tenants. Pains laid, presentments of roods.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/31/2  1511

SHUSTOKE, BLITHE, BENTLEY (WARWICKS.) Court roll of view of frank pledge. John, Lord Clinton and Saye, Lord of manor. Presentments by tithings. Grants of copyhold tenements.


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/32/1  [16th c]

Rough note of the tenants in chief of ASHLEY manor in the 15th and 16th c. Undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/32/2  1626

ASHLEY. ?Valuation of MYNSHULL, a holding field by field. (Field names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/32/3  1770

ASHLEY. ? Two letters about disputed cart track. (Mills/Nicholas).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/32/4  [17th c]

ASHLEY. Plan of fields, showing timber. (Field names). Undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/32/5  1773

KINGSTON. Demand for procuration from KINGSTON parish, on occasion of Bishop's visitation.


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/33/1  1682-83

9 documents

Articles of agreement, marriage settlement, and Conveyances, for marriage settlement of Henry Lawson and Elizabeth Knightley. Manors of BROUGH, BYKER, CRAMLINGTON, lands in CATTERICK. (Field names at BYKER) YORKS. (Trustees of marriage settlement include Walter, Lord Aston).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/33/2  1708

Assignment by Sir Edward Southcott of WITHAM, Knight, to Walter Aston (son of Walter Lord Aston), of interest due from crown of FRANCE, for loans, in trust for Francis Southcott and Penelope Southcott, children of Sir Edward.


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/1  [?15th c]
Language:  French

CANNOCK Chase. Order to Thomas Aston, steward of CANNOCK Chase, (? from BISHOP of COVENTRY and LICHFIELD) to deliver to Robert Exton, clerk, 5 "foldes" in CANNOCK Chase. [Dated 9th year of King Henry]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/2  1538

CANNOCK Chase, HAYWOOD. Appointment by Roland, Bishop of COVENTRY and LICHFIELD, of Edward Aston as chief keeper of CANNOCK Chase, HAYWOOD Bailwick, and BEAUDESERT, with right to take deer.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/3  [1608-9]

Acquittance to Walter Aston, Knight, for lag subsidy collected in hundreds of PIREHILL and TOTMONSLOW. Undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/4  1639

Letters patent of Duchy LANCASTER, appointing Walter Lord Aston steward of the honour of TUTBURY and constable of TUTBURY Castle, during good pleasure.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/5  1660

Appointment by Walter, Lord Aston, Master of all Duchy of LANCASTER game and forests in STAFFS. and DERBYS., of his son Walter Aston as a deputy.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/6  1669-70

Appointment by Philip, Earl of CHESTERFIELD of Walter Aston, esq., as deputy master and governor of game in all Duchy of LANCASTER forests in STAFFS., and DERBYS., save HIGH PEAK Forest.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/7  1687

Commission as King's Lieutenant in STAFFS., to Walter, Lord Aston.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/34/8  1687/88

Commission of the Peace for STAFFS. Includes Walter, Lord Aston.

PERSONAL DOCUMENTS.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/35/1  1568/9

Covenant to satisfy Crown for full value of inheritance, of which special livery has been made. (Walter Aston, Knight/Sir William Cecil, Master of Court of Wards and Liveries, and Robert Kelwey, surveyor of the Court). With schedule and valuation of Aston's inheritance: Manors of MILWICH, HULTON, TIXALL, BRADNOP, MAYFIELD, one third of LEIGH manor, lands at BROCTON, BRANCOTE, WOLLASTON, LONGDON, RUGELEY, SHUGBOROUGH, HAYWOOD, KING'S BROMLEY, PACKINGTON, SHARESHILL, COLTON, STAFFORD, HIXON, KINGSTON, MARSTON, MUCKLESTON, ONECOTE, LICHFIELD, BAGOTS BROMLEY, manors of ELLASTON (DERBYS), and BEAUDESERT (WARWICKS.), lands at COVENTRY, manor of PINLEY (WARWICKS), manor of WANLIP (LEICS.) lands in SYSTON, ISLAY WALTON, OVERTON SAUCEY, BIRSTALL, ROTHLEY, and BARKBY (LEICS.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/35/2  1589

Grant to Edward Aston, son an heir of Walter Aston, Knight, deceased, of special livery of lands.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/35/3  1604

Grant to Walter Aston, son and heir of Edward Aston, Knight, deceased, of special livery of lands.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/35/4  1611

Patent of baronetcy to Walter Aston of TIXALL, Knight.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/35/5  1651

Passport to Walter Lord Aston, travelling to SPAIN, from Archduke Leopold William Lieutenant Governor and Captain General of the Low Countries.

PARDONS.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/36/1  1509

General pardon to John Aston of HAYWOOD, Knight, late of BEAUDESERT (WARWICKS).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/36/2  1553

General pardon to Edward Aston, of TIXALL, Knight.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/36/3  1558/9

General pardon to Edward Aston of TIXALL Knight, late of WANLIP.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/36/4  1625/26

General pardon to Walter Aston of TIXALL, Bart.)


[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/37/1  1418

Inspeximus and exemplification of De Banco Roll, Hilary, 25 Edward I. Richard de Draycote v. Philip de Draycote, action over LEIGH advowson. Recites descent of advowson for several generations.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/37/2  1558/9

MAYFIELD. Exemplification of evidence, Francis Rouleston v. Edward Aston, Knight. Concerns leases of MAYFIELD manor, granted by TUTBURY Priory.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/37/3  1683

Documents in Walter, Lord Aston and John Giffard v. Michael Gasey of DUBLIN and Magdalene his wife. Action in Chancery over will of Walter Fowler of St. Thomas, STAFFORD, deceased.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/37/4  1714

Summons to William Marshall to appear to answer Walter, Lord Aston. In chancery.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/38A-E  1735-53

TIXALL papers in Aston v, Rector of TIXALL in Chancery. (Action over TIXALL tithes).
Include terrier of TIXALL rectory, 1735 (copy), rental of TIXALL demesnes, 1697, briefs, depositions, draft answers.

WILLS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/1  1483

Probate copies will of John Aston of HAYWOOD.
Mentions advowson of ASHSTEAD (SURREY).
Proved 1483 in St. Blase's chapel, HAYWOOD.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/2  1508

Probate copy will of Margary Stanton of WANLIP widow. John Aston, Knight, residuary legatee, executor, and son-in-law of testatrix.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/3  1513

Will of John Aston, Knight, of WANLIP, about to go overseas in the King's army. Manors of MILWICH, UTTOXETER WOODLANDS, COTON and HIXON, manors of PARK HALL and PINLEY (COVENTRY), and lands at HENLEY-IN-ARDEN (WARWICKS.). Proved 1523

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/4  1587

Win of Edward Aston of WANLIP, esq. Manor of PARK HALL, (LEIGH parish), manors of BEAUDESERT and WOOTTON WAWEN (WARWICKS.), manor of WANLIP, lands in SYSTON, OVERTON SAUCEY, BIRSTALL and THURMASTON (LEICS.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/5  1596

Probate copy will of Edward Aston, of TIXALL.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/6  1625

Probate copy will of Edward Aston of BISHTON.
Proved 1625/6

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/39/7  1635

Probate copy will of Walter Lord Aston, made previous to going to SPAIN as Ambassador.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/1  1412

Grant by Thomas of ASTON, Knight, to John Bagot Knight, Roger of ASTON, John of COLWICH, and Thomas of WOLASTON, of all his chattels, except bedding, a sword, and a horse.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/2  1534/35

Bond for £100, John Yendon, William Craddock, yeomen/Edward Aston, Knight.
Conditional upon Aston being saved harmless for bailing Peyres Gudfreylowe, indicted for murder.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/3  1536

Arbitration award between Edward Aston, Knight, end his brother, William Aston, in dispute over 600 marks claimed by William from Edward.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/4  1553

Bond for £1,000. Edward Aston, Knight, Walter Aston. Thomas Chetwynd/Robert Needham of SHENTON (SALOP) Knight conditional on (1) paying 500 marks to (2), and £20 to wife of (2).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/5  1637

Bond for £200. Thomas Crompton, Richard Weston, Thomas Aston/John Spencer of BATTERSEA. Conditional on payment of £103.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/6  1651

General power of attorney, from Walter, Lord Aston (going to SPAIN) to Robert Rowbotham of Gray's Inn.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/7  1656

Covenant by Walter Aston not to intemeddle with certain chattels belonging to his wife Eleanor.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/40/8  1656

Arbitration award by Herbert Aston of BELLAMOUR, between his brothers, Walter Lord Aston and John Aston of NEWLAND. 8 Spanish pictures, a ruby ring set with diamonds, materials from a demolished house.


Walter, first Lord Aston, married Gertrude, sister and heiress of Thomas Sadler

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/1  1547

Acquitance to Ralph Sadler, Knight as treasurer to royal army against SCOTLAND in August to November 1547.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/2  1537

Acquitance to Ralph Sadler, Knight as keeper of the Great Wardrobe to Queen Mary, for 1553-54

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/3  [c.1548]

Duplicate account of Sir Ralph Sadler, as high treasurer of the army against SCOTLAND, I Edward VI. Receipts and payments. Gives rates of pay of various ranks. undated.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/4  1566

Duplicate account of Sir Ralph Sadler, for certain special affairs on SCOTS border.
Expenditure (about £9,000) mostly in payments to SCOTS (not named), in 1558-9.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/5  [c.1570]

Duplicate account (outer cover only) of Sir Ralph Sadler, northern rebellion, 16th November 1569 to 20th January, 1569/70. undated

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/6  1542

Licence to Ralph Sadler, Knight, P.O., to keep 40 gentlemen and yeomen as retainers, besides his household servants.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/7  1602

Will of Sir Thomas Sadler of STANDON (HERTS), Knight. Proved 1606/7.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/8  1660/61

Probate inventory of Ralph Sadler, esq., late of STANDON (HERTS) deceased. Lists furniture and fittings room by room.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/41/9  1727

Letter from Edward Sadler (apparently a school-boy studying abroad) to Lord Aston.

FOWLER FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

The presence of these documents in this collection is perhaps due to the marriage between Constance, daughter of the first Lord Aston, and Walter Fowler of St Thomas, STAFFORD. see D1768/H.M.ANSON/20/13.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/1  1676

Exemplification of will of Simon Fowler, dated 1663 and proved 1663. Bequeaths houses in STAFFORD (street names).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/2  1699

DROINTON. Assignment of mortgage of the manor. (Thomas Fowler/Fillney, Pitt/Munphrey Ferry.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/3  1699

DROINTON. Deed of further charge, on mortgage of manor. (Thomas Fowler/Swift/Humphrey Perry).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/4  1706

DROINTON. Deed of further charge, on mortgage of manor. (William and Thomas Fowler/Humphrey Perry).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/5  1710/11

DROINTON. Reconveyance of manor (Humphrey Perry/William and Charles Fowler).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/6  1707

Release of claims to sums due under will of Walter Fowler of St. Thomas, STAFFORD, deceased. (Michael Casey, as administrator of his wife Magalene daughter of Walter Fowler/Humphrey Perry, as mortgage of Fowler lands).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/42/7  1707/8

Release of claims to sums due under will of Walter Fowler, deceased (Humphrey Perry/Casey, Fowler/Giffard as Trustee)

[no title or ref. or date]

The following two deeds relate to the Perry family and may be connected with Bundle 42.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/43/1  1693

SANDON. Assignment of lease of 2 messuages, and closes (Field names) (Ward/Skinner,Perry/Dame Mary Treby).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/43/2  1699/1700

STAFFORD. Release of croft in FOREBRIDGE and messuage in CASTLE CHURCH (Cholmondeley,Slingsby,Bridgeman/Perry).


Barbara, daughter and co-heir of the last Lord Aston, 5th Lord Aston, married Clifford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/1  1788

Statement of case, on issues arising from will of Thomas Clifford, deceased. Will made 1786.
With counsel's opinion.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/2  1789

Account of Thomas Clifford the younger, as guardian of Henry Clifford (son of Thomas Clifford the elder). With release from Henry Clifford. Account is for personal expenses on behalf of Henry Clifford, and his education.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/3  1792

Probate copy of will of Barbara Elizabeth Clifford. Proved 1792.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/4  1795 or 1796

Release of sums due under will of Thomas Clifford the elder. (James Clifford/Thomas Clifford the younger).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/5  1798

Release of sums due under will of Thomas Clifford the elder. (Arthur Clifford/Thomas Clifford the younger).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/6  1800

Release of sums due under will of Thomas Clifford the elder. (Lewis Clifford/Thomas Clifford the younger).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/7  1800

Release of sums due under will of Thomas Clifford the elder. (Walter Clifford Thomas Clifford the younger).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/8  1804

Probate copy will of Walter Clifford of STONYHURST. Proved 1807.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/9  1809

Assignment of estate of Walter Clifford, deceased. (Rev. Marmaduke Stone of STONYHURST/Thomas Hugh Clifford).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/10  1786

COLWICH. Lease and release of close of meadow (Field names) (George Anson/Thomas Clifford the younger).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/44/11  1797

SHUGBOROUGH, TIXALL, COLWICH. Lease of house and closes, and fishery in TRENT. Right reserved to lessor to widen or divert road from HOLLYFORD to TIXALL. (Thomas Clifford of TIXALL/Thomas Anson of SHUGBOROUGH) (Much damaged).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/45/1  1543-1675

Papers relating to ASHLEY Church. Grants of presentation for one term, letters, etc., about disputes over pews, summary terrier of rectory lands (1612), institution of rector (1625). (Cotton family).


These documents do not appear to be connected with the rest of H. M. Aston, and should perhaps form part of H. M. Chetwynd

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/1  1601

KINGSTONE. Copy court roll of view of frankpledge with great court of Thomas Astley, Robert Eyre, and Edward Biddulph, joint lords. View by jurors of land forming inheritance of William Chetwynd. (Field names.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/2  1705/6

CHECKLEY. Mortgage of messuage and closes at NETHERFOLD. (Field names) (Edward Byrd of STAFFORD/Walter Chetwynd of INGESTRE).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/3  1829

RUGELEY, COLTON. Abstract of title (part only) of Lord Anson to lands at RUGELEY and COLTON (formerly of Sir George Chetwynd of GRENDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/4  1605-1720

ASHLEY, BETLEY. Copy deeds of ASHLEY and BETLEY manors, terrier of BETLEY manor (1720) terrier of a holding at ASHLEY (undated 17th century).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/5  1641-56

Papers of Walter Chetwynd of GRENDON and INGESTRE, as executor of Margaret Smith of St Giles in the Fields, MIDDLESEX. Includes detailed inventory (1641) priced list of chattels sold, funeral expenses, receipts for legacies.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/6  1717-20

Accounts of John Chetwynd, with agents and stockbrokers. Include accounts for sales and purchasers of EAST INDIA and SOUTH SEA stock, summary accounts for estate income for lands at LOCKERIDGE, FULLERTON, BLISIMORE, LONGSTOCK, and WALLOP. (WILTS and HANTS.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/7  1718

Bond for £100 to perform covenants in lease (Darcy/Hardy, Moore) (found amongst Chetwynd papers).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/8  1724

Release of sum due upon bond (as surety for a clerk in the Exchequer). (Thomas Smith/John Chetwynd)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/9  1741/2

Quit claim of all actions. (Anne Lady Paulet, Jane Egerton/John Chetwynd).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/10  1681/2

St Martin's parish (MIDDLESEX) Lease for 46 years of a plot in Greek Street. (Nutt, Hinton, Thomas, Frith/Hewes) Plan of premises.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/11  1737

Summary schedule of deeds (1729-35) delivered to Viscount Chetwynd by executor of Joseph Kendall, deceased. Leases and mortgages of a house in Greek Street, MIDDLESEX.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/46/12  1632 and undated

Two letters addressed to Walter Chetwynd of INGESTRE and GRENDON. Family affairs, and post commissary general of foot bands.

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/1  1336 or 1337

Lease for 20 years of a messuage and three and a half selions at BRAWINHONA (Hugh of MORTEN CORBET/John son of Richard de Pree).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/2  1376

Lands in PYLLEY (?PILLEY, HANTS.) and WEREBONE (? WARBONE, HANTS.). Feoffment (Richard de PYLLEY and wife Alice/John Pulgo and wife Alice).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/3  1499/1500

Lease for 20 years of a third of SANDON water mill (James Boteler of RAWCLIF, LANCS./Hugh Erdyswyck of SANDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/4  1507

Manor of BROOKLEY, and lands at BROCKENHURST (HANTS.) Bargain and sale. (Ralph Leigh of LONDON/John Calkens of WINCHESTER).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/5  1610

Lease of houses and closes at BATTRAMSLEY (HANTS.) (Field names) (Savage, Mundy/Hollyer)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/6  1614

Lease of close and arable land at BROCKENHURST (HANTS.) (Field names) (Lady Mary Mill/Gratam).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/7  1631

CANWELL. Lease of manor for 99 years (Sir William Peshall/Henry Beckett of CORNWALL, Thomas Comberford of WESTMINSTER, John Talbot of LONDON).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/8  1634

IPSTONES. Lease of land called the New Intake enclosed from the Waste (Field names). (Sir Thomas Brereton/James Massie).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/9  1654/5

COCKERHAM (LANCS) Lease of closes (Field names). (Calvert, Rogers/Thimelby, Newton).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/10  1668

BOLDRE (HANTS.) Lease of cottage at PILLEY, BOLDRE parish (Fitzjames/Simons)

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/11  1674

EAST STOUR (? KENT). Release of manor of ESTURE (? EAST STOUR). (Sir Thomas Moodyford, Bart., Thomas Moodyford his son/Roberts, Ducke).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/12  1674

EAST STOUR (?KENT). Lease for a year of manor of ESTURE (Release missing). (Sir Thomas Moodyford, Bart., Thomas Moodyford his son/Roberts, Ducke).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/13  1679/80

EAST STOUR (? KENT). Quit claim of manor of ESTURE (Thomas Yate/Sir Charles Moodyford, Bart.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/14  1686

Papers in SUTTON (on demise of Bishop of COVENTRY and LICHFIELD) v. Blest. Action of ejectment in Court of Exchequer 2 mills and 5 acres of land at ECCLESHALL, copyhold of ECCLESHALL manor. Draft bill of complaint, copy dependant's answer, copy of ECCLESHALL manor court roll. (1639). Presentments at Court leet of ECCLESHALL manor (much damaged).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/15  1753

Probate copy will of Charles Allen of Thorney Lanes, HASBURY. (proved 1753). Receipts for legacies under Charles Allen's will.

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/16  1736

GNOSALL, BRADLEY. Final concord. 2 messuages, 2 cottages, and lands at APETON, in GNOSALL and BRADLEY parishes. (James Clayton, George Trafford, plaintiffs, Robert Clowes and Christian his wife, defs.).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/17  1841, 1844

STONE. Correspondence about mortgage of Falcon Inn, STONE, and schedule of title deeds of Inn (1813-33). (Barlow/Bould).

[no title]  D1798/H.M.ASTON/47/18  1852

Schedule of deeds. Apparently a list of medieval deeds given away by Hand, Morgan, in 1852. The deeds (13th to 16th centuries), relate to ECCLESHALL, PERSHALL, BROCTON, LICHFIELD, LEIGH, HAYWOOD, LONGDON, MORETON, BRADNOP, WOLSELEY, TIXALL, and HENBURY and STOKE BISHOP.

H.M. BOURNE  [no ref. or date]

TITLE  [no ref. or date]

Land Acquired  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/1  1653-1758

6 deeds

NEWCASTLE. Martins Croft and 3 days work in Clayton Field. (Keeling/Harrison/Wooley/Williamson/Bourne)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/2  1719-1791

NEWCASTLE Brampton Field 5 day work of land (Machin/Bourne) 3 deeds 1719
Brampton Field 1 day work (Bagnall/Fernyhough) 1791

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/3  1704-1736

NEWCASTLE. Poolfield. All the day work and shooting in parcel of land down to the road, which belonged to John Hemings.
(Orme/Heming/Philips elder and younger/Bourne)
2 deeds Lease.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/4  1721-1724

NEWCASTLE. Rent charge of 6 messuages in Fryers Lane, Barnfold Meadow, Pinfold Croft, 1 day work in Clayton field. 1 day work in Pool field, 1 day work in Brampton Field and Ashfield Martins Croft. (Williamson/Bourne et al) 1 deed Sale.
NEWCASTLE. Messuage in Lower Street and 1 day work in Brampton and Poolfields. (Baddeley/Bourne)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/5  1742

1 deed

WOLSTANTON. 3 houses and a croft in Red Street (Adams/Bourne)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/6  1758

WOLSTANTON. Assignment of a lease for closes at the back of Luke Bennetts dwelling (Bennett/Bourne)

Land Sold and Leased  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/7  1764

CHESTERTON. Parish of WOLSTANTON. Lower Hayes farm. (Bourne/Mellor and Bostock). Sale. with Mellors mortgage to Cole.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/8  1795

NEWCASTLE. St. Williams Croft in Pool Field with 10 days work in the same in possession of Martin. Sale. (Fernyhough/Gercoley) 1 deed
NEWCASTLE. 12 day work in Ashfield, 11 day work in Brampton Field, 3 day work in Clayton Field, 3 day work in Pool Field, 1 day work in The Stubbs. Lease and release (Bourne Fernyhough/Griffin) 3 deeds.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/9  29 Sept 1769

1 deed.

MAER. Lease for 1 life of the Fernyhough estate (Fernyhough/Earl Gower)

Miscellaneous Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/10  1690-1721

2 deeds

NEWCASTLE. The Stubbs 1 day work (Mollons/Lovatt/Machin)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/11  1651-1767

NEWCASTLE. Pool Field, 1/5 share of 5 day work in tenure of William Cartwright. 1767
Simpson and wife, legatees of Cartwright/Bourne. 1 platt on West side (Boulton/Bell) 1660
½ of above platt (Boyle/Burroughs) 1661
2 days work (Burslem/Folkyn/Wetwood) 6 deeds. 1651-1699

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/12  1662-1721

NEWCASTLE. Messuage in Lower Street. (Bowker/Tatton). Lease and release 1672
NEWCASTLE. Kenwall Croft in Lower Street (Lowe/Burroughs) 1662
NEWCASTLE. House in Lower Street with 6 day work in Pool field (Burrows/Lawton) 1684
NEWCASTLE. Messuage in Park Hill Street, (Budworth/Williamson) 2 deeds 1721

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/13  1783

1 deed

NEWCASTLE. Lease of 24 acres in Brampton field. Part of the Wolstanton Glebe. (Rev. Edward Sneyd/Blest Hadderton)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/14  1745

3 deeds

STONE. 2 messuages in holding of Edward Biddulph. (Biddulph/Makin)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/15  1707-1715

3 deeds

FENTON CULVERT. Assignment of rent charge (Biddulph/Fenton/Smith)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/16  1739

VUNSTONE. Lease and release of cottage and tenement (Hickins/Strutt)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/17  1690-1712

2 deeds

KNUTTON. The Paddock (Brett/Lawton/Williams)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/18  1750

1 deed

AUDLEY and DILHORNE. Parcels of land belonging to Jonathan Dimmock. Settlement (Dimmock/Trustee)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/19  1792

1 deed.

RANTON. Messuage called The New House (Farrington/Leigh)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/20  1779

1 deed

Release of legacies. (Bagnall/Crockett) (SEE BLUE [...] 22)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/21/1  1713

CHECKLEY. Messuage late in possession of Thomas Smith (Wright/Smith)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/21/2  1811

CROXTON and GRATEWOOD. Release of an annuity of £30 on premises here.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/21/3  1627

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION

STAFFORD. Messuage in Foregate Street (Boyden/Eyton/Smith)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/21/4  No Date

MAER. Recovery of the advowson

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/1  1708

ECCLESHALL, HORSLEY, site of a messuage, another messuage and tenement and a field in the Great Church Field, (George Crockett and Elizabeth Hadderton), post nuptial settlement, and copy.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/2A-B  1732

2 parts

ECCLESHALL, 2 messuages and appurtenances, (Rother monetary clauses, (Robert Crockett and Mary Murhall), marriage settlement.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/3  1747

CROXTON, p. ECCLESHALL, closes called Wheat Croft, Green Piece, A Barn, a close out of Gratwood Heath, (Parton/Crockett), lease and release.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/4  1749

CROXTON, p. ECCLESHALL, [as above], (Robert Crockett and Ann Congreve), marriage settlement.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/5  1767

LITTLETONN, capital messuage called New Hall with closes belonging (named), (Henry and Mary Crockett), copy of post nuptial settlement, and recovery.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/6  1806

CROXTON, p. ECCLESHALL, lands, (Crockett/Taylor), grant of annuity.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/7A-R  1813

BROUGH HALL, manor of, messuage called Broughall, messuage called Park Nook and appurtenances in RANTON, BRADLEY and GNOSALL
In exchange for
Manor of WOLLASTON, with 300a. land in parish.
Correspondence, articles of agreement, etc., about an exchange of lands between Henry Crockett and Thos. Viscount Anson.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/8  1814

CROXTON, p. ECCLESHALL, release of legacies under will of Henry Crockett.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/9  1814

ALLSTONE, 20a. in New Leasow, Barn Meadow and Nine Acres, (Crockett/Lee).
CHURCH EATON, c.18a. in Hill Pit and Barton Way, (Lee/Crockett).
Exchange of lands under terms of Forebridge and Castle Church
Inclosure award. [Plan on deed]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/10  1774

GNOSALL and BRADLEY, messuage, tenement and fields (named), 140a., (Brooke et al/Higgs), lease for possession.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/11  1780

APETON, p. GNOSALL, messuage, malthouse and tenement and land adjoining it, (Lythall/Higgs), bargain and sale and covenant to produce deeds (listed).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/22/12  1742

FOREBRIDGE, messuages, New Hayes, (William, Earl of Stafford/Robins), lease for 21 years.

PUBLIC OFFICE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/23  1639-1740

Deeds concerning NEWCASTLE Corporation signed by John Bourne, town clerk.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/23/1A-B  1639

NEWCASTLE. Copies of sale of 2 day work in the Stubbs. House in Paddocks Lane End with land in Pool field. (Goldbourne/Corporation)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/23/2A-B  1730

NEWCASTLE. Grant of a rent charge of 2 messuages in the High Street. (Corporation/Lord Gower

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/23/3  1740

Papers concerning case in chancery over the above. (Gardner & others v Corporation and Lord Gower)

PRIVATE BUSINESS  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to The Clownam family  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/24/1  1760

Original copy of marriage settlement Thomas Clownam and Miss Fenton.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/24/2  1786

Articles of Robert Clownam to John Cruse.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/24/3  1760

Copy of mortgage for £1,000 on above marriage settlement (Bourne/Trustee)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/24/4/1-5  1760

NEWCASTLE, WOLSTANTON, and LEEK, lease of messuage at KNUTTON, Closes called The Old Orchard, The Bank, The Big Hall Croft, The Little Hall Croft, The Further Hall Croft, Keddles Hill, The Rellish Hill, The Barn Croft, The Smith's Hay etc.
15 day work in Ashfield WOLSTANTON The Canal Croft, NEWCASTLE, 6 day work in Brampton Field known as Priesthill Wells Croft. Messuage at CLOND parish of LEEK. (Clownam, Bourne and Whiteall/Mills and Fernyhough.

BURSLEM Charity School  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/25  1751; 1753-4

Lease of closes and parcels of land in IPSTONES held by Charles Fernyhough Trustees of School/Bickerstone Bourne's accounts for the school Memorandum on land owned by the trust

Orme's School  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/1  1704-1737

Account of Henry Hattrell, executor of William Orme containing inventory.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/2  No Date

Account of the charity 1704-15 March 1737 Statement of deeds sent to Richard Trowey.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/3  1741

NEWCASTLE. Copy of lease of messuage in Lower Street with 6 day work in Poolfield. (Trustees/Yates)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/4A-B  1690

2 deeds

NEWCASTLE. Sale of messuage in Lower Street with 6 day work in Poolfield (?same property as above) - Burrows/Orme

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/5  1710

1 deed

Assignment of mortgage of parcels of land (Colough/Halse)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/6A-B  1694-1705

NEWCASTLE Messuage in Lower Street called the Domincall Friars.
(Doody/Beech/Cumberledge et al (Trustees of Orme)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/7A-B  No Date

2 copies of Beech's bond to Doody

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/8A-B  1749

KNUTTON Survey of the estate belonging to the School, and account of quantity and value of the land.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/9A-B  1710

KNUTTON Parcel of land in the holding of J. Gibson. (Fenton/Gibson/Trust)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/9C-I  1710-1770

With assignment of mortgage for this land. (Fenton and Hattrell/Shaw/Lowe/Bate/Furnivall/Clows/Taylor/Mountford)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/10  1704

Copy of Orme's will.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/26/11  1747

Grant of a church pew to the charity children

WOLSTANTON school  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/27/1  1760

Deed of trust

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/27/2-4  1763

3 copies of deed relating to the school cottage

TALK SCHOOL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/28/1  1761

AUDLEY 4 acres in Park End
Assignment of mortgage to the trustees

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/28/2  1761

AUDLEY. Release in trust of 2 closes called the Longmore Fields

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/28/3  1766

AUDLEY. Little Meadow. Copy of lease (Fernyhough/Shufflebotham)

NEWCASTLE Hospital  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/29/1  24 June 1767

Copy of deed of trust

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/29/2  Before 1745

Building accounts of Hospital disbursements Comprehensive.

Queen Anne's Bounty  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/1A-B  11th Jan. 1738/9

Copy of the answers to the printed enquiries concerning the Bounty at HANLEY Chapel

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/2A-B  No Date

Copy of the answers to the printed enquiries concerning the Bounty at HANLEY Chapel for ONECOTE and TALK Chapels

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/3  No Date

Abstract of Bourne's title to the Halmerond estate in the parish of AUDLEY

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/4A-B  14th April 1768

Copy of the returns for HANLEY and TALK Chapels

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/5  4th Feb.1773

Copy of Bourne's gift of messuage and dwelling house in AUDLEY for TALK chapel.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/6  1769

Copy of Governors instrument

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/30/7  Nov. 1763

Sale of seat in Stowe Chapel (Bourne/Jeremiah/SMITH)

Papers concerning BEDWORTH Colliery co. WARWICK  [no ref. or date]

30 documents

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/1  No Date

Deed of declaration showing Bourne's share of the turnpike proceeds at BEDWORTH and SOUTHAM.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/2  No Date

Jury presentment concerning state of the roads at BEDWORTH.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/3  1731

Assignment of moiety of the mines (Parrott/Parrott)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/4  1747

Copy of the lease of the mines (Trustees/Parrot, Bourne and Whieldon)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/5  1778

Grant of mines in parish of FOLESHILL Burton/Parrott and Co.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/6A  18 Century

Survey (map) of lands in BEDWORTH and FOLESHILL belonging to Parrott, Bourne and Whieldon, BEDWORTH. No Date 18th c.
6B Lease of 2 closes occupied by Quazy [1761]
Porcy, widow. 1744

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/7A-C  1729

BEDWORTH. Mortgage of the Rough Close (Pickard/Downes)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/8  Nov. 1761

Survey of estate - no map.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/9  1752-7

EXHALL. 7 docs concerning transfer of closes in

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/10  1699

EXHALL to the BEDWORTH trustees. Richard Parrotts settlement.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/11  1757

BEDWORTH - Brickwall Close (Crynes/Parrott and Co.)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/12  1738

BEDWORTH - Holts meadow Assignment of mortgage (Bourne/Edensor)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/13  No Date

EXHALL Field - Copy of purchase deed of parcels of land with 3 leases. Wilson et al./Parrot and Bourne

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/14  1760

EXHALL Sidnal Close - lease. (Priory/Parrott)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/15  No Date

Account of the land held by Bourne and Parrott in GREAT SIDNALL and EXHALL FIELD.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/16  No Date

Bill for Iron Ore.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/17A-B  Feb. 1854

2 letters concerning land tax

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/18A-D  1761; 1803; 1806,8

Colliery Accounts 1761 1803 1806 1808.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/19A-B  1795, 1787

Hawksbury Colliery. Half yearly Accounts

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/20  1880 Aug. 16

EXHALL Colliery accounts - 2 weeks

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/21  1880 July 19

EXHALL Colliery 1880 - 2 weeks

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/22  1805

BEDWORTH Colliery accounts

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/23  Oct. 1740

Depositions in a case in chancery concerning FOLESHILL Colliery.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/31/24  3rd Aug 1747

30 docs

Grant of Richard Parrotts share of the moiety of The partnership to Bourne

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/32  c.1747

Papers relating to Ralph Beech

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/33  No Date

26 docs

Correspondence of John Bourne concerning the Finnemore estate at UTTOXETER.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/34  1754-1761

Election Costs mainly food etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/35  No Date

Papers concerning financial business including money owed and received. Misc. vouchers and bonds.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/36  1813

Deeds and papers relating to the assignment of the lease of land in HIXON from Bond to Shaw.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/37  6th May 1684

Papers concerning the ejection of the tenant in John Frosts cottage at GREENAY.

PRIVATE BUSINESS (Fernyhough)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/38  c. 1738-1844

Miscellaneous financial papers. Bonds and accounts.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/39  c. 1760-90

Miscellaneous financial correspondence and receipts including account of goods sold by Cartwright to Mrs Mary Horkenhulls.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/40  1765-7

Correspondence of Rev. John Fernyhough concerning the living of NUNEATON and the election of Dr Law to the Lady Margaret professorship of Divinty at CAMBRIDGE.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/41  1796

Papers relating to Fernyhough sale of NEWCASTLE land.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/42  No Date

Fernyhoughs certificate of ordination, institution, subscription, and presentation deeds. Livings of WOLSTANTON, WHITMORE and CHAPEL CHORLTON NEWCASTLE.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/43  1763

Papers relating to Thomas Hillman, with copy of his will.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/44  c. 1750-90

Miscellaneous draft deeds and bonds? for clients of the Bourne and Fernyhough firm.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/45  18th c

Miscellaneous write precipes etc. ? clients of the Bourne and Fernyhough firm.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/46  No Date

No bundle.

LEGAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/47  No Date

Brief for the defence.
Metcalfe et al v. Parrot et al
? BEDWORTH Colliery

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/48  13 June 1616

Decree in Chancery concerning copyhold of Brimsey Meadow.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/49  4 Oct. 1750

Court Leet and Court Baron Manor of HAYWOOD Surrender of messuage called Birches Hay by Samuel Mott.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/50  28 Nov. 1774

Marriage settlement Cartwright and Williams Articles of agreement. Financial - No property

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/51  1811

Bankruptcy deeds. Francis Dudley and John Savage of STAFFORD

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/52  1721-1746

Notes on Case concerning teaching without licence 1736
Case concerning will of John Viggins 1739
Letters of Administration of goods of Richard Wallhall late gaoler of CHESTER Castle 1746

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/53  1575

Pardon for Anthony Hill of LEIGH and others accused of burglary

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/54  1756

Articles of William Keen, articled to Thomas Fernyhough

[no title]  D1798/H.M. BOURNE/55  No Date

Ferrers pedigree

H.M. DICKENSON  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/1  1767-68

Account Book [? of Lewis Dickenson] payment to elections.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/2  1770-75

Prebendary of Prees: re renewal of leases

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/3  1755-59

Miscellaneous papers re Lewis Dickenson's Mayoralty including: re alehouse licences, re constables; court papers, chiefly information (references to Richard Drakeford and Thos. Salt)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/4  1736

Depositions in Dickenson v. Fowler & Tildesley

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/5  1691-1774

Miscellaneous bundle including:
Re Spicer affairs 1768-1774.
Agreement for lease of Walkmill, SUGNELL MAGNA [Blesk/Addison] No Date
Re cases Dickenson v. Parkes, and v. Brown, including inventory of goods of Wm. Dickenson of Newport. 1691.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/6  1731-1773

Papers re MILL MEECE, including rentals: 1748, 1769-73
Articles of agreement, Ed. Dickenson bound clerk to Samuel Dickenson. 1731

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/7  18th century

Miscellaneous bills, household, Drakeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/8  c.1762-1777

Account book of Lewis Dickenson, many enclosed papers chiefly receipts

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/9  1753-1760

Parcel of miscellaneous papers, Lewis Dickenson as executor of Richard Drakeford of Forebridge, correspondence, receipts etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/10  1761

Address of Mayor and Burgesses of Stafford to the King.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/11  c.1766-1774

Parcel docketed "Mr. Lewis Dickenson Letters and Accounts III: re estate of John Palmer of Aston Hall, STAFFORD dec. 1766, Chancery suit.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/12  1750-1761

Envelope containing papers re Drakeford affairs: 1750
Including bond of Richard Drakeford of Gosport re children of Richard Drakeford Town Clerk of Stafford: bills of costs etc. in Drakeford v. Drakeford. 1761

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/13  1766

Petition and other papers re UTTOXETER and STAFFORD turnpike: petition from ASHBOURNE, Co. Derby, trustees.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/14  1752-1760

Miscellaneous papers of Lewis Dickenson: 1753.
Including Sergeant at Mace's bond: as executor of Richard Drakeford of Gosport: 1752-60
Administration of goods of Samuel Faulkner 1752.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/15  c.1767

Arithmetic exercise book of Edward Dickenson.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/16a-b  1762-63; 1730-3

2 bills of legal costs

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/17  Settled 1755-8

Bills for schooling, malt, clothes, sadlery etc. c. 30-35.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/18  17th-18th century 1753

Notes and leases by Mayor and burgesses etc.
Bond of Sergeant of the Macer of STAFFORD

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/19  1754

Settlement examinations and ? other parish papers

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/20  1750s-1770s

c. 20 papers.

Baked goods prices [18th C.] No Date bills etc.
[William Dickenson was Churchwarden].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/21  1757-69. 1757-1775

29 papers in 2 bundles

Accounts (rents received, expenses) with letters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/22  Settled 1735-1736/7

Bills and receipts tailors; poor levy, painting, books, chemist rent.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/23  1743-1743/-4

Tailors bills, household rent receipts etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/24  Late 1740s-1761

Receipts, letters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/25  No Date

The Character of the Lord Howe, Governor of Barbadoes'
(d 1736)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/26  April 1688

Will of George Fowler of WALSALL. (in poor condition).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/27  20th August, 1740

ACTON, MILL MEECE, STAFFORD, rental of Edward Dickenson's estate.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/28  1771-2

MILL MEECE rental.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/29  No Date

PENKRIDGE Fisheries - papers in case Pickstocke v. Spicer.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/30  1770

Apprenticeship indenture - Surgeon and Apothecary

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/31  1768-9

Papers concerning execution of Spicer's will.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/32  1811

Letters concerning house.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/33  June, 1738

1 vol

Inventory of household goods and furniture of Mrs Mary Dickenson widow, decd.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/34  1759-1762

Household clothing estate bills.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/35  Settled 1765; [c. 35 papers]

Schooling, clothing XXXXX. ? house repairs, bills

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/36  Sept 1718

Dickenson settlement STAFFORD property [in bad condition]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/37  No Date [? c. 1767]

2 copies

Inventory of Edward Dickenson

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/38  (1747-8)

Lewis Dickenson as executor of Richard Drakeford of GOSPORT. Papers including correspondence rentals p. CASTLE [sic]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/39  1748; 1752

Deed concerning Forbridge Hall and other property in the p. CASTLE

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/40  c.1760-73

ECCLESHALL - re Walk Mill etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/41  c.1762-63

Dickenson v Clarke - trespass at COTON field, STAFFORD, allocation of "strips" etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/42  1753

Miscellaneous Dickenson - school bills

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/43  1767-68

Lewis Dickenson - vouchers

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/44  c.1735-36

Vouchers, dress, household, estate

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DICKENSON/45  c1720-1755

Lease in MILLMEECE 1731
Probate Inv. of Edw. Dickenson 1755
Letters, vouchers c.1720-4


As Captain Writer, Purser, Prize and Pay Agent

INSTRUCTIONS, ORDER, MEMORANDA (Printed, Manuscript).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/1  18th Century

Impressment of Seamen, printed instructions. No Date [18thC.]
"Table [of] advantages [to] Seamen [in] H.M. Ships". No Date [18thC.]
(Printed) - concerning payrights etc.
Rules for [naval] widows charity. No Date [18thC.]
Orders to Commanding Officer., Griffin, concerning above charity. No Date [18thC.]
Declaration of War (printed). 1739
Sailing Orders, Ruby. 1742
Navy List 1748.
Small Arms, Gun Drill and Grenade Manual (Manuscript). No Date [18th C.]
At rear: Household Inventory, place unstated also notes concerning prizes. No Date [18th C.]
Lieutenant's Seniority List 1734


[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/2  1726-40

Purser's letter and store book (1 vol.)
Purser in H.M.S. Lyon ? at JAMAICA 1726/7-1728
Letter book: mainly Captains direction to Purser
Then a few letters & accounts (?while on shore). 1728-30
Then in H.M.S. Tyger including lists of crew, notes, tables and surveys on victualling. 1732-33.
Then H.M.S. Windsor. [some items from 1328/9 (tables more elaborate than previously) 1733
Then H.M.S. Lennox 1738-40.
At rear. Disbursement Account, various ships (included pay advances 1728-29). 1727-39

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/3  1709-11

"Orders and Letters Sent"
? Captains Writer, Adventure, (1 vol.) being orders etc. sent to ships in company, Nore area and Irish Waters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/4  1719-1721

As writer to Captain Wade in Falmouth (1 vol.) c. 1721.
Letters and orders, victualling tables etc.
Includes also victualling instructions and calculating tables apparently used" models" - (late 17th - 18th C.)
Some letters (from rear of book) are 1719-24 and may not deal with the affairs of the Falmouth.
Remarkable Observation and Accidents on board the "Falmouth". (2 vols). May 1719-Sept 1721
(Copy) ? log-(navigational, weather, ships routine including Baltic expedition)
Order of fleet and signalling instructions. 1720.
(2 papers).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/5  1733-34

As purser H.M.S. Tiger.
Vouchers, personal and official expenses some during visit to Barbados.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/6  1739-c1752

As Purser H.M.S. Lennox.
Pay lists, including tobacco, slops, etc. issued to crew (2 vols). Oct 1739-Jan 1741.
Certificate as to Stores. No Date
Letters and Account Book 1740-42.
Some references to Princessa, Prize of Lennox.
In middle of book and loose are misc. letters and items concerning Capt Burrish and prizes. c. 1752.


Legal Papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/7  1744

Partnerships deed as Prize Agents.
Trevannion of PLYMOUTH, Jasper of LONDON, Drakeford of GOSPORT.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/8  1743-50

Legal Papers, concerning especially Powers of Attorney as agent, and Drakefords own service.

Prize Papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/9  1741

H.M.S. Lennox, in company Kent and Oxford Prize Princessa, taken 1739.
Conditions of Sale and priced Catalogue. (1 vol.)
Miscellaneous disbursement and receipt accounts. (1 vol.)
Ledger of product of prize money. (1 vol.)
Another Ledger, part rough copy of last above, but not identical; also used as letter book concerning prizes c. 1749.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/10  Dec. 1744

H.M.S. Eltham.
Prize: Del Carmino, taken 1739.
Copy commission to act as agent, Sale Accounts (with various vouchers concerning same).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/11  1744-1746

H.M.S. Kinsale. 1744.
Prize St Pierre.
Prize Correspondence, including Powers of Attorney, with formal appointments, sale bills, distribution lists. 1744-50
"Papers received from Lt.Thos. Foley" misc. vouchers but also concerning lading, mostly, and berthing dues of prize.
Account book and misc. accounts. 1744-45
Assignment of bonds, papers etc.
Sale List for cargo (priced, names of purchase).
Account of Sale Money between Agents. 1744-45
(Jasper, Trevannion, and Drakeford) 1744-45
Account for St Pierre; also relates to Angellica, prize of Inverness and Portland. 1746
Inside above vol: misc. vouchers etc. which may deal with either of above prizes

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/12a  1745

Lizard Prize L'Indomptable.
Distribution list;
Bundle containing Attorneys, Warrants, Inventories (sale priced), crew lists, (also 1 inventory concerning prize "Meduse").

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/12b  1743-44

H.M.S. Captain, prize Dauphine.
Agreements. Bonds, assignments etc. on behalf of lieutenant and Master of H.M.S. Biddeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/12c  1747-1751

H.M.S. Chester, with Kent, Hampton Court, Lyon, Eagle, Advice, Hector, Dolphin and Pluto in company. 1747
Prizes: 37 Sail of St Domingo ships.
Appointment of Agent (signed).
Distribution Lists (2 vols.)
Agents Accounts all prizes (summary for each vessel).
Bundle of Attorneys, letters etc. 1747-51

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/13  1744-1754

Prize Account and Letter Book, relating to following.
H.M.S. Kinsale. 1744
Prizes: St Catherine, St John the Baptist
H.M.S. Inverness and Portland. 1746
Prize: Angelica.
H.M.S. Arundel. 1747.
Prize: Elvira.
Henshawe v. Drakeford (concerning prize). No Date c.[1750].
Copy of legal papers; draft answer to interrogatory copy letters concerning prize accounts 1752-54.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/14  1741-1746

Account Book of Sundry Prizes.
H.M.S. Prize.
Lennox Princessa 1741.
Eltham Del Carmino 1744.
Lizard L'Indomptable 1745.
Inverness & Portland Angelica 1746.
At rear: Letter Jasper to Captain Robert Young, concerning St John the Baptist and St Catherine. (prizes). 1744.

Accounts, largely concerning prize and naval matters.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/15A  1737-1751

Richard Drakeford's Ledger Accounts with individual officers and others. (2 vols.). Some entries private

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/15B  c. 1740-53

Some entries deal with prizes, some entries relate to pay brokerage etc. some to bill brokers, others to GOSPORT Chapel.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/16  1738-1751

Account Book of ? Richard Drakeford.
Some private entries (personal, household, estate), others concerning prize, bill broking, pay agency. 1738-46.
At Back: copy letters
At front: account of ? prize money paid. 1751.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/17a  1735-42

Small Rough Account Book.
Personal and Naval, Prize Matters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/17b-18  c. 1742-45

Small books (2) of rough accounts, partly private, but mainly naval and relating to prize money, victualling etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/19  1748-1749

Rough Accounts of prize money paid and unpaid to "The Chester". 1748-48/9 payments for sundries (person, given but 'sundries' not specified,) prize money unpaid to 'Lizard sloop and the Inverness', 1748/9, buildings at STAFFORD, 1749.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/20  1742/3-45; 1746-47

2 Bundles of bills of exchange, also some letters between Drakeford and Edward Jasper.

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/21  1742-44

Letters mainly "from Edward Jasper" Drakeford's partner as prize agent.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/22  c1725-57

Correspondence, (several hundred letters) apparently once numerous bundles of letters now mixed in together; some are private, but may deal with naval affairs- the early letters (1725-39) reflect the peace time navy (both administrative and social); in war time, 1739-47 letters contain references about cruises, convoys etc. and also relate to prizes; the later letters deal with war prize matters and also affairs of friends like Faulkner (see. 33 below.) Throughout the bundle are letters relating to Edward Jasper. (see D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/21 above)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/23  1744-5

Miscellaneous papers concerning payment of prize money etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/24  c. 1745-46

Misc. Correspondence with GREENWICH Hospital, with purser of Woolwich, (in WEST INDIES and on convoy) and concerning prizes.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/25  c. 1746-51

Misc. vouchers etc. correspondence, mainly with Messrs. Bells & Harrison (? bill brokers); some concerning prizes (Lizard's prize forfeited to GREENWICH Hospital). Some letters reflect the administrative difficulties which the agents and brokers faced owing to current account keeping habits in ships.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/26  1747-52

Misc. papers including accounts (some with bill brokers) also correspondence (some about expedition to INDIA c. 1749). Some letters deal with persons connected with prizes which Drakeford handled.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/27  1746-8

Letters from Vaughan to Drakeford concerning prizes: Penelope, Angelica, Golden Pearl, San Domingo group; Mention of fire in Savage Gardens, Tower Hill; 1 letter from Faulkner 1752.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/28  c. 1749-55

Correspondence, bundle of letters, partly family affairs (including nephew Richard at STAFFORD), partly official concerning naval affairs, partly estate matters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/29  1744-6; 1747/8

Out Letter Book; naval and prize matters.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/30  1746-47

Copy Letters of Business between self and "Sundries"; Out Letter Book on prizes and other topics.
At rear-in a letter, account concerning prize Golden Pearl; order concerning Elvira

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/31  1747-49

Out Letter Book. Naval and prize matters; At front copy, Consecration Deed GOSPORT Chapel (1696), and case stated concerning same 1746. At rear, Orders and Accounts concerning Prize Elvira.


[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/32  c 1728-1751

Captain Julian Legge.
3 bundles of correspondence etc.
Relating to his naval career, to prizes
(Including, Lizard and Inverness):
A fleet signal order, to Britannia (1734): and proclamation concerning prize distribution (1756).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/33  1716-1755

Captain Samuel and Mrs Frances Faulkner. 5 bundles of papers arising from Drakeford's exorship (1752) of Mrs Faulkner, exix. of Captain Faulkner (will dated at sea c.1743.) Two bundles containing the probate papers of Mrs. Faulkner. c. 1716-55.
One containing naval appointments of Sam Faulkner. 1716-42.
Bd1: Correspondence and other papers chiefly concerning the financial affairs of the Faulkners especially in relation to Navy pay and pensions, and including copy of account for victualling a fireship, 'The Griffin' 1735-6, and a list of money ?due to the men of 'The Victory'. 1735-1755.
Also letter concerning provisioning and method of keeping muster and slop books. Letter concerning administration of James Murdock died on the Victory 1740. 1743.
Bd1: Orders(mainly) of Sir John Norris to H.M.S. Griffin (fireship) (1735), subsequently to, Britannia, (1736-37), but a few apparently Mediterranean Fleet c. 1743-44; about supplies, victuals etc. many while ship at LISBON;
Also evidence concerning fight [off TOULON, 1744].
One paper concerning accounts of Drakeford with Jasper: 1744/5.
[Bundle very fragile]. 1735-44.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/34  1745-1749

Rowland Frogmere, Late of the Boyne, (Drakeford was his exor.) Copy of will and probate. Papers in case Frogmere v. the executors of the will, 1747-9. including detailed account of Frogmere's personal estate. 1747-9.
Accounts of sale of elephants teeth, of the slave trade, the refining of gold dust no date, but before Frogmere's death.
Letter mentioning contact between British and French and Spanish fleets, pre March 1743/4. 1745/4

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/35  1729-1747

Letters from Captain Burrish, concerning Court Martial, TOULON engagement (1744), Naval, Political, and Family affairs. 1746-47.
1 letter concerning Georgia, with description. 1729.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/36  1732

Observation on Trade (including slaves) Coast of West AFRICA, with price of goods and slaves.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/37  1747

Articles against Admiral Fitzroy Lee, for inactivity etc. in LEEWARD ISLANDS etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/38  (1736/7-1745)

Copy of will of John Arnold Langley, (Lieutenant of the Windsor) (1736/7-7) of which Richard Drakeford was executor, with papers in case arising out of executorship, including inventories of Langley's good, bonds etc. accounts of executor (1737-41).

H.M. DRAKEFORD  [no ref. or date]

Family settlement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/39  1677

Marriage settlement: Richard Drakeford and Elizabeth Perrett: farm called Haseley Farm, Berkswich: 6 December.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/40  1738

Copy of pre-nuptial agreement: marriage of Richard Drakeford and Frances Wood: 20 November.

Stafford title  [no ref. or date]

Forebridge Hall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/41  1612

Feoffment: Whorwood/Lee: capital messuage in Forebridge: 19 May.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/42  1615/6

Feoffment: Lee/Drakeford: capital messuage in Forebridge: 9 March. [Damaged]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/43  1622

Lease: Richard Drakeford/Edward Drakeford of Congleton: Forebridge Hall: 14April

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/44  1746

Lease for possession: Drakeford/Drakeford: Forebridge Hall: 16 June.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/45  1746

Mortgage: Richard Drakeford of Gosport to Richard Drakeford of Stafford, for £1,000, of Forebridge Hall and lands: 14 October.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/46  1764

Assignment in trust: Adie/Chapman and Turner: Forebridge Hall and Drakeford Stafford estate: 3 November.

Various small parcels of land forming part of the Forebridge Hall estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/47  1614

Feoffment: Berisford/Drakeford: messuage in Forebridge late in the occupation of Robert Cheetham: 6 April.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/48  1613

Feoffment: Littleton/Lee: croft in Forebridge adjacent to Lee's house and land: 28 May.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/49-50  1610-1615

Deed to levy a fine and quitclaim: John/Drakeford: two selions or butts of arable land in Foregate Field.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/51  1619

Quitclaim: Littleton/Drakeford: croft in Forebridge: 20 September.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/52  1628

Feoffment: Chetwynd/Drakeford: parcel of land in Forebridge on which house formerly stood: 2 April.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/53  1647/8

Feoffment: Wolrich/Drakeford: parcel of land in Forebridge on which a house formerly stood: 2 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/54  1647

Feoffment: Wolrich/Drakeford: parcel of land in Forebridge on which a house formerly stood: 4 May.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/55  1656

Feoffment: Littleton/Drakeford: croft called Russells Croft in Forebridge: 31 October.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/56  1648

Feoffment: Renshawe/Drakeford: parcel of land in Forebridge on which a messuage or cottage formerly stood: 27 December.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/57  Early 18th cent. early 18th cent

Abstract of title of Edward Drakeford to a piece of meadow ground called The Holme p. Castle Church.

Gorse at Barlie Close  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/58  1629/30

Feoffment: Wolrich/Drakeford: close called Gorse Close al.Barlie Close near Stafford in p. Castle Church: 14 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/59  1629/30

Further deed as 58: 15 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/60  1630/1

Lease: Drakeford/Wolrich: Gorse al. Barlie Close: 20 February.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/61  1630

Feoffment: Wolrich/Drakeford: Gorse al. Barlie Close: 1 April: with fine.

House and closes in Forebridge  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/62  1734-[1770]

Bundle re messuage in Forebridge in the occupation of Oliver Green, close called Silvercroft enclosed out of the Greenfield, 11 selions of arable land in the Greenfield and 3 beast gates: Phillips/Drakeford.

Silkmore  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/63  1617

Feoffment: Cotes and Keelinge/Drakeford: close called Great Silkmore or Gallows Field p. Castle Church: 16 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/64  1617

Feoffment: Clarke/Drakeford: close called the Little Home, surrounded by the water of the R. Penk, adjacent to the road from Stafford to Radford Bridge and formerly part of the capital messuage called Silkmore: 12 December.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/65  1621/2

Exemplification of fine re messuage and land in Silkmore and Castle Church: Wolrich/Drakeford: 11 February.

Sale off  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/66  c.1810

Abstract of title to property in Forebridge sold to Earl Talbot.

Properties outside Stafford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/67  1683/4

Feoffment: Southall/Pooler: two doles of meadow called Long Doles in Acton Trussell: 1 February.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/68  1664/5

Feoffment: Drakeford/Baguley: close called Middlefield in Butterall p. Castle Church and ½ acre of arable in a field called The Toft in Dunston: 20 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/69  1617

Lease: Drakeford/Duncalfe: messuage and lands in Penkridge, Wolgarston and Pillaton Hall: 23 October.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/70  1618

Quitclaim: Drakeford/Walker: messuage and lands in Yarnfield: 20 July.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/71  1580

Gift by William Drakeford to Richard Drakeford of all his burgages etc., in Congleton: 18 July.

Gosport, Hants., estate  [no ref. or date]

Lease  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/72  1753

Lease: Drakeford/Pett: messuage in Middle Street, Gosport: 30 June.

Gosport Chapel  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/73  1745-1748

Papers relating to the enlargement of Gosport Chapel, principally several articles of agreement between Richard Drakeford and others, all of Gosport, and local craftsmen for work on the Chapel. Drakeford had a naval career of some 32 years in Gosport before retiring to his native Stafford having retired through ill health.

Estate correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/74  1808-1812

Bundle of estate correspondence: Edward Drakeford of Charnes Hall and Thomas Carter: mainly re timber but also refers to the acquisition by Lord Anson of the Ranton estate.

Personal papers  [no ref. or date]

Probate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/75  1756

Will (and copies) of Richard Drakeford: 17 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/76  1668-1813

Bundle of copy deeds including copy of the will of Edward Drakeford: 1 December 1813; agreement to sell messuage in Mucklestone called Pipegate 1790; receipt 1668.

Executorship of Richard Drakeford [d.1756]  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/77  [1756]

Notice re estate of Richard Drakeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/78-79  1757

Inventory of Richard Drakeford of Forebridge [2 copies - very detailed]: 20/21 January.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/80  1760

Bond re will of Richard Drakeford re bequest to Matthew Drakeford of Cannock, surgeon and apothecary: 31 May.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/81  1757-1763

Bundle of papers re executorship of Richard Drakeford including inventory of unsold goods, 1762, a catalogue of the books belonging to the late Richard Drakeford and a schedule of fixtures left at the Green.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/82  1757-1763

Bundle of bills and receipts associated with executorship of Richard Drakeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/83  1747-1748

Apothecary's bills to Drakeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/84  1751-1811

Bundle - mainly bills - relating to executorship by Lewis Dickenson of Drakeford's estate - reference in a letter from William Bedford at Gosport to Richard Drakeford, 16 July 1754, referring to a "bathing house" at Portsmouth, and smallpox at Southampton.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/85  1749

"An account between Uncle Drakeford and self" [Richard Drakeford, town clerk of Stafford, was nephew of Richard Drakeford, the naval officer, latterly of Forebridge Hall].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/86  1761

Writs: action of debt against Matthew Drakeford and Lewis Dickenson, 5 June 1761; plea of trespass, 19 May 1761.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/87  [1753]

Note of baptism of Richard son of Samuel and Frances Faulkner [Drakeford was Faulkner's executor], 26 September 1739.

Richard Drakeford the younger  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/88  No Date

Agreement by which Edward Drakeford is clerk to Henry Whateley of Walsall, attorney, for five years.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/89  1762

Drafts re schedules of deeds relating to the estates of Richard Drakeford the younger.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/90  1777

Letter: Richard Drakeford at Kendal to his mother: has the chance "to buy a majority" and wants her support: 16 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/91  1789

Inventory of the household goods and furniture of the late Richard Drakeford, 4 June.

General correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/92  1724-1753

Bundle of Drakeford letters many from Mrs. M. Barker at Broadwill and her son Thomas.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/93  1730-1751

Bundle of Drakeford correspondence mainly between Richard Drakeford, nephew, and Richard Drakeford, uncle, 1745-1751, being a mixture of personal and estate business.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/94  1732-1745

Bundle of correspondence and accounts: Samuel Gibbons, Stationer, of London and Richard Drakeford at Gosport.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/95  1734-1752

Small bundle of Drakeford correspondence: some concerning Thomas Barker, one from Chetwynd concerned with possibility of Drakeford being sheriff in 1751.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/96  1737-1748

Further personal correspondence.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/97  1740-1749

Original bundle of Drakeford correspondence much of it again between Richard Drakeford at Gosport and his nephew Richard, town clerk of Stafford; also some correspondence with Priscilla, sister of Richard Drakeford, senior.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/98  1747-1752

Bundle of Drakeford correspondence some concerned with Silkmore estate [reference to "manor of Silkmore"]; also contains apprenticeship indenture [husbandry] to Richard Drakeford, 1747.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/99  1749

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION.

Fragments of letter from Richard Drakeford.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/100  1749-1757

Bundle of miscellaneous Drakeford correspondence and estate papers including papers re purchase of Silkmore estate and correspondence re Drakeford's willingness to serve as high sheriff.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/101  1753

Correspondence with Heralds' Office re Drakeford coat-of-arms.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/102  1711

Bond: Drakeford/Drakeford: 28 November.

Public Office  [no ref. or date]

Richard Drakeford as High Sheriff 1753  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/103  1752

Letter: Chetwynd/Drakeford re Drakeford serving as sheriff: 5 December.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/104  1753

Appointment of Richard Drakeford as sheriff: 7 February.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/105  1753

Richard Drakeford's oaths as sheriff.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/106  1751-1752

Calendar of prisoners at Stafford Assizes, 24 July 1751 and 29 July 1752.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/107  1753

Appointment by Richard Drakeford of Thomas Hackett as Keeper of the County Gaol: 10 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/108  1753

Bond associated with Hackett's appointment: 10 March.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/109  1753

Bond with the bailiff of Pirehill Hundred: 9 November.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/110  1753

Further bailiffs' bonds for Drakeford's year as sheriff.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/111  1753

John Allen's bond to Drakeford as sheriff: bailiff for Pirehill South: 8 February.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/112-113  1753

Petitions by the debtors in Stafford Gaol to be given a piece of garden ground "for the better air and healthfullness".

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/114  1753

3 letters to Drakeford as sheriff.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/115  1753

Quietus roll of Richard Drakeford as sheriff.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/116  1754

Setting over of responsibility for prisoners in County Gaol from Richard Drakeford, former sheriff to Thomas Mills, the incoming sheriff: 22 June.

Navy  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/117  1745

Sir Joseph Hankey and Co. in account with Richard Drakeford and others on account of the St. Pierre.

Treasury  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/118  1713-1731

Papers re bond - and subsequent case papers and general release - by which Edward Drakeford, clerk to the Treasurer of H.M. Revenue was bound to the Treasurer for his fidelity.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Recipes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/119  No Date

Small bundle of medical remedies.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/120  18th cent

Medical recipe book.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/121  1717-1736

Rough memo book apparently originating with A. Langley 1717 - accounts, exercises, a few medical recipes.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/122  1724-1731

Receipts for "Daffy's elixir" supplied to Mrs. Grace Trubshaw.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. DRAKEFORD/123  1659

Small bundle of writs directed to the bailiff of the forest of Macclesfield.

H.M. Chetwynd  [no ref. or date]

This collection relates mainly to the Chetwynds of Ingestre, the main exceptions being one document relating to the Warwickshire estates of the Chetwynds of Grendon and Brocton (see Bundle 128) and a group of Welsh and Herefordshire deeds, whose presence here is unexplained. Very little material survives in this collection from the late 17th century onwards, but documents of this later period relating to the Chetwynds of Ingestre and their descendants, the Earls of Shrewsbury, can be found in the Staffordshire County Record Office (D 240).
The title deeds date from the early 13th century to the later 17th century, with a very few later deeds referring to purchases by the Chetwynds, Earls Talbot, and mainly relate to Staffordshire and Warwickshire. The chief places referred to by the Staffordshire deeds are as follows - Brereton, Gratwich, Ingestre, Salt, Hopton, Stafford and its neighbourhood, Bradley near Stafford, Rudge, Mitton, Rule, Church Eaton and Haselour. There are, however, references to numerous other places within the County, particularly in the Blithfield, Eccleshall, Lichfield and Stone areas. Deeds referring to Dordon, Warton, Grendon, Berkswell, Meriden and Alspath in Warwickshire, form a large proportion of the mediaeval title deeds, but, although there are (see below) leases as late as the early 17th century for the Warwickshire properties, there are no title deeds for these properties later than the 15th century, possibly because they passed out of the main, Ingestre, branch of the family in the late 17th or early 18th century. In addition to the Staffordshire and Warwickshire deeds, there are five mid-13th century deeds relating to Ireland, a few to Leicestershire, Shropshire and Derbyshire, a group relating to Monmouthshire (mostly the parish of Llanvihangel Crucorney) and Herefordshire.
There is a good series of settlements and similar material, in particular marriage settlements, from 1490 to 1703, with one earlier (1418) item and deeds relating to the marriage settlement of John Talbot and Catherine Chetwynd (1759, 1785).
The legal papers of the family are represented here by a number of papers relating to disputes over the title to, and status of, Salt Heath in the second half of the 16th century. In addition the legal papers include a petition regarding inclosure at Sandon, 17th century papers giving some information on the conduct of Pirehill Hundred Court, and an exemplification of part of a case arising out of a riot at Stafford at the 1747 election.
Manorial papers survive for several manors, those of Church Eaton, Hopton and Ingestre (with Salt), Forebridge, Barlaston, Tittensor and Blymhill. The last four manors, however, are only represented in a court book of 1561-1566. For Church Eaton there are two engrossed court rolls (1548, 1562), a few draft rolls (1582-1599 with many gaps) and a compotus roll (1467-8). The latter includes also the bad debts for Norton-in-the-Moors (1464). There are court rolls for Hopton manor (1639-50 (with gaps). Ingestre is the only manor for which fairly extensive manorial papers are to be found. The engrossed court rolls extend from 1505 to 1665, but there are only nine rolls, covering some 29 courts; the draft rolls (1469, 1504-1544, 1556, 1562, 1580-1601, 1640) are far more numerous, particularly for the late 16th century.
The estate material in this collection consists mainly of leases, and the majority of these are contained in files of the 16th or early 17th century, relating mainly to Hopton and Ingestre in Staffordshire, and Grendon and Dordon in Warwickshire. The Warwickshire leases contain some references to coal-mining. Some leases will be found in the files of mediaeval title deeds. The rentals and accounts are few: they include two 15th century rentals of Stafford property, some small paper rentals of various dates from the 15th to the 18th century, with no good series.
Between 1732 and 1740 there are accounts for repairs and building at Betley and [...] Hall. The only survey is for Hopton, 1669. Apart from the rentals noticed above, the most important papers of a financial nature are a number of early 17th century bonds to pay sums of money to various Londoners.
The Chetwynds acted as sheriff, deputy lieutenant and as commissioners under various acts (usually subsidy acts) and there are papers relating to these offices, including correspondence and other papers relating to the Staffordshire militia in the late 16th and early 17th century. In addition, there is an agreement between the King (probably Henry VI) and Sir Philip Chetewynde, mayor of Bayonne, concerning equipment of archers, etc., and some 18th century poll books. Certain papers relating to Stafford Borough and School possibly do not belong to this section. On the other hand they may have some connection with the Chetwynds private activities. However, the possibility of their being strays from some other section of the Hand Morgan deposit can not be overlooked.

TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/1  13-14th Century

IRELAND, ? COUNTY LOUTH, Town of 'Johis' Gerad', town of 'Gerad', 'Drumeskyn', the new town next Drumski', (Nicholas le Riche, lord Philip de Chetwynd; Adam and Walter Marescallus, lord Philip de Chetwind). No Date 13th cent], [c. 1271-2]
[5 deeds, No Date [13th c.], c.56 Hen.III[1271-2], including lease of c.56 Hen.III[1271-2] (lord Philip Chetewyn)].
MELEWYS or MULEWYZ [? MILWICH], homage and services of Henry of Hexstal et al. out of lands held of Nugent, land with tenement which Henry de Hextal held of Nugent's predecessors, (Philip Nugent, lord Philip de Chetewynde). No Date
[3 deeds, No Date].
BRERDON [? BRERETON], (John s. Wm. de Puteo, Ph. s. Ph. de Chetewinde; Henry s. Adam de Rugeley, Isabella de Chetewynde; Henry ? Damul, Wm. de Chetewynd kt. No Date,[1349, 1379/80]
[4 deeds, No Date, 23 Ed.III[1349], 3 Ric.II[1379-80], including Chetwynd lease].
INGESTRE, (Ph. de Chetewynd, lord of Ingestre, Mariot Toly; Marjory de Warwyk, lord Philip de Chetewind; Nicholas Toly, Philip de Chetewind; Ph. de Chetewynde, lord of Ingestre, Nich. s. Nich. de Ingestre, John Scot, Wm. de Chetewinde). No Date, [1299-1355]
[9 deeds, No Date, 27 Ed.[I][1299]-29 Ed.III[1355], including leases from Philip de Chetewind].
MITTON, lease from Philip de Chetewynde, lord of Mutton. [1303-4]
[1 deed, 32 Ed.I[1303-4]].
GRETEWIZ [? GRATWICH], leases from Philip de Chetewynd, lord of Gretewiz, of waste to be assarted at will. [c.1305-6]
[2 deeds, c.34 Ed.[I] [1305-6]].
INGESTRE, (Wm. s. Laurence le Spenser, Isabella once wife Ph. de Chetewynde; Hugh s. Robt Rouhhed, Isabell as above; Wm. de Caleghhull, Isabella de Chetewynd). [1316, 1342]
[3 deeds, 9 Ed.II[1316], 16 Ed.III[1342]].
Philip of Chetewynde agrees to serve Ralph lord of Drayton in peace and war against all men for year following, 12 Ed.II[1318/9]. [In French]. [1318/9]
BRADLEY, (Gnosall coll. church, Isabella once wife of Ph. de Chetewynde and her children). [1329]
[3 Ed. III [1329]].
Suspension of grant of rent out of DROINTON (Drengeton) and NEWTON properties (made by Richard de Wenlok to Isabella and Ralph Chetewynd) so long as Richard maintains Robert his son and Isabella d. Ph. de Chetewynd whom he (Richard) is to marry, 23 Ed.III [1349]. [1349]
FOREGATE, STAFFORD, (John Scot or Stot, Wm. de Chetewinde et al.). [1352, 1355]
[2 deeds, 26 Ed.III[1352], 29 Ed.III[1355]].
ECCLESHALL, (Felicia de Wotton, Wm. de Chetewynd, kt). [1389]
[12 Ric. II [1389].
HOPTON, SALT, (John Parkhalle, Wm. Chetewynde et al). [1389]
[13 Ric. II [1389].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/2  No Date and 13th Century

GRATWICH, (field names), (John s. Philip Miles and Margery de Mutton his wife, Derlingo de Woodenahy in free marriage with Matilda of Ingestre) No Date
BARLASTON, some field names (John s. and grandson of Philip lord of Barlaston, Adam, Eve and s. John de Chetwynd) 4 deeds No Date
KIBBLESTONE [p. Stone] (Rd. de Byrchall, John s. Adam de Chetewynd) No Date
CHURCH BIDDULPH (Robt. de Quikeshulle, clerk, Eve and her children) No Date
MIDDLE BIDDULPH, (Thomas s. of Henry of Middle Biddulph, Robt. de Stanlowe and Margery, Thomas' sister) ?marriage settlement No Date
Ten. in ¼ manor of MIDDLE BIDDULPH, (Robt. de Stanlowe, Eve and her children) No Date
BIDDULPH, (Thomas de Brodhok', Nicholas rector of church, Eve and her children; Roger s. Roger Biddulph, Adam de Chetewynd; Wm. de Biddulph, Eve of Oswaldustre [Oswestry], Wm. de Chetewynd) 5 deeds No Date
FULFORD, SAVERLEY [p. Stone] (Wm. s. Rd. Benetes, Wm. s. Adam de Chetewynd; Wm. de Chetewynd, Wm. s. Rd. s. Benedict of Saverley) 2 deeds No Date
ADMASTON [p. BLITHFIELD], (John s. Robt. de Ham'ton Wm. s. Adam of Chetewynd) No Date
COLTON, (field names) (Wm s. Wm. of Admaston, Adam de Pichford called Chetewind) 4 Ed.III [1330]
(Loose deed) DORDON, p.Polesworth, CO. WARKS. lordship of, (Hugh de Assteby, Joan his wife, Kaytwayt et al.) 3 Ric.II [1379/80]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/3  13th-17th Centuries

Memorandum 'The petegre of Alice Bradwell', No Date [15th cent.]
GRENDON, CO.WARKS, advowson, (Ralph lord of Grendon, Philip de Chetewynd), 4 Ed.III [1330]
GRENDON, CO. WARKS, Manor, (Rd. de Stafford,kt, lord of Clifton Campville, Ralph s. John de Recheford, kt) 31 Ed.III [1357]
GRENDON, CO. WARKS, power to collect fruits etc. of the church, (John de Bynbrook rector of Grendon, John Brette, John Knyght) 1382
AMINGTON, notarial instrument: notification of facts regarding property in Amington belonging to Henry Langdon who married Margaret Freford. Endorsed: 'Testimony d? discent Freford' 'who married one of the daughters & Coh: & Sir Ralph de Grendon Kt' 6 Ed.IV [1463]
WARTON, DORDON, CO. WARWICK, (Ralph of Grendon, qu., John, def.), No Date No Date
DORDON, CO. WARWICK, (Ralf, qu., John, def), (30 Ed.[I] [1302]). [1302]
WARTON, DORDON, CO. WARWICK, (Ralph de Grendon, qu., John de Clynton, def.), (23 Ed.[I] [1295]). [1295]
GRENDON, CO. WARWICK, part of manor, writ to deliver to Chatewynd et al. (2 Ric.[II] [1378-9]). [1378/9]
GRENDON, CO. WARWICK, agreement and exchange between abbot and convent of Merevale and Robert de Grendon. (Bounds of property described), 8 Ed.II[1314-5]. [1314-5]
Grant, confirmation and quitclaim from Robert and Ralph de Grendon of property to Abbey of Polesworth, No Date, 17 Ed.II[1323-4]. [3 deeds]. No Date [1323-4]
Tailor's bill, 1654, to Thomas Chetwynd. 1654
Letter, March 1656/7 to Walter Chetwynd, Grendon. 1656/7

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/4  13th-17th Centuries

GRENDON, CO. WARWICK; SHENSTON [?SHENSTONE, CO. STAFFORD, ?SHENTON, CO. LEICS], manors, (Chetewynd quitclaim to Robert de Grendon), Nov. 17 Ed.III [1343]. [1343]
GRENDON, CO. WARWICK, Hall and chanber with curtilage, built chamber of the chief hall, the lesser grange, (Rocheford ? lease to Chetewynde), 38 Ed.III[1364]. [1364]
1 deed (probably 2) concerning dowry of Isabella de Rocheford, 39 Ed.III[1365], ?also 9 Ric. [1385-6]. [1385-6]
GRENDON, church, account of advowson of and inductions, Mar. 1290-June 1369. 1290-1369
(Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield/Henry [IV]) exemplification of evidence in case of divorce between Isabella d. [...] Rd. (1345), 1403 Perers and Robert de Grendon, (1345), 1403.
OVERTON ON THE HILL, [ORTON ON THE HILL], CO. LEICS, all properties, (Milner, Chetewynd), 20 Hen.VI[1441/2]. [1441/2]
SWEPSTON, CO. LEICS, letters of attorney from Syers to take possession of cottage and close from attornies of Dudley and Chetwind of Grendon, Mar.1663/4. 1663/4

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/5  14th-15th Centuries

DORDON, CO. WARWICK, 2 deeds including lease, (de Rocheford, de Frynyll), 38 Ed.III, 39 Ed.III[1364, 1365]. [1364, 1365]
DORDON, WARTON, GRENDON, CO. WARWICK, 2 deeds tied together, (Bronne or Browne), 4 Hen.V[1416-7], 18 Hen. VI 24 May 1440. [1416-7], 1440
The later deed refers also to m. BRADLEY, properties in LICHFIELD, including capital messuage, CURBOROUGH, WICHNOR, EDINGALE, WHITTINGTON, FREEFORD, TAMWORTH; SEAL, CO. LEICS; LULLINGTON, CO. DERBY; in pasture called Edholme with advowson of church of GRENDON, inn in Sadelerstrete, Lichfield (the Lion) [several Lichfield street names are mentioned], (Browne, Ruggeley, Braace).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/6  14th-15th Centuries

DRAYTON IN HALES; SPOONLEY, CO. SALOP, (Toppyng, Chetwynd). 6 Ric.II[1383]
Money, [...] , (Wm. s. of John de Chetewynd, kt, Robt. de Grendon, kt.), (deed endorsed 'Grindon' 17th cent). (Wm. Chetewyn, Tho. Salter) 4 Ed.IV[1464/5]
Manor of 'DADDERLEY' [? ADDERLEY, CO. SALOP], Annuity out of (receipt from Wm.Chetwynd) 11 Ric.II[1387]
GRENDON (including manor), DORDON, CO. WARWICK, (Chetewynd, Palmere, Waleweyne, Som'sale, clerk, Wylughby/Lady [...] lina Chetewynd). 12 Hen.IV[1411]
WARTON, also lands in fee of NORBURY AND MERE (Croftes (vicar of Baswich), Chetwynd). [2 deeds] 3 Ric.II[1379]
WARTON, in fees of NORBURY AND MERE (Joan widow of Chetewynde de Calvynton/Thomas Cherie de Newport; Wm. s. and h. of Wm. Chetewynde de Calvinton/Thos. Cherie). [2 deeds] 7 Ric.II[1383/4]
NEWPORT, CO. SALOP, tenement, (Joan once wife of Wm. de Chetewynde/Roger Lovete rector of Bolas, William Salter, chaplain). 2 Hen.IV[1400-01]
NEWPORT, CO. SALOP, land once of Richard atte Halle, (John Chetewynd esq. h. of Wm. Chetewynd recently lord of Aston/Ric. Offeley). 38 Hen VI[1459]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/7  14th-15th Centuries

MITTON, messuage, (Chetewynd leases), (copies). [See also under INGESTRE Chetewynd leases]. 7 Ric.II[1383], 17 Hen.VI[1438]
RUDGE, [?p. STANDON], mess., land (Sibilla Fremon, Wm Chetewynd of Ingestre) 15, 16 Ric.II[1391-2, 1392]
RUDGE, [?p. STANDON] (Chetewynd ?settlement) [3 deeds]. 18 Ric.II-20 Ric.II [1394-1397]
BRERETON, cottage, etc., (Wm. Chorley, Wm. Chetewynd kt). 15 Ric.II[1391]
BRERETON, woods, (Jn. s. Wm. Baron, Wm. de Chetewynd kt). 16 Ric.II[1392/3]
GRENDON, DORDON, CO. WARWICK, advowson of Grendon, free and bond rents and services, (Chetewynd ?settlement). 12 Ric.II[1388]
GRENDON Mill, CO. WARWICK, lease, (Bradeley de Lychfeld and de Bachecote/Wm. de Chetewyn). 20 Ric.II[1396-7]
STAFFORD, tenements, dovecote in Eastgate Street, tenements in lane leading towards le Schirehall, tenements and cottages in Foregate Street, (Thomas de Frodesham, Wolde, Chetewynde). 21 Ric.II[1398]
STAFFORD, FOREGATE, FOREBRIDGE, TILLINGTON, COTON, (Goldsmyth and Broun, Chetewynd settlements). 9 Hen.V[1421]
(Chetewynd et al., ? settlement). 5 Hen.VI[1426/7]
Chetwynd lease. 5 Hen.V[1417]
STAFFORD, garden (mention of Olde Castell Hulle, ditch and walls of Stafford), mortgages, (Selnot/Chetwynd). [3 deeds]. 7 Hen.VI[1429-1438]
STAFFORD, exchange, Foregate Field (open field), (Chetewynd/Barbur alias Broun or Brown). [2 deeds]. 12 Hen.VI[1434]
FOREBRIDGE, parcel of land (bounds given), (Chetewynd lease). 16 Hen.VI[1437-8]
STAFFORD, tenement, (Chetwynd, Cotes et al.) 23 Hen.VI[1444]
All lands, ([Chetewynd], Fisher et al.) 28 Hen.VI[1449/50]
2 manor of GRENDON called Chetewynd manor, advowson of church of manor, all lands in GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, CO. WARWICK, manors of INGESTRE with advowson of the same and RULE, lands in BRERETON, MITTON, RUDGE GRATWICH, STAFFORD, PENKRIDGE, settlement. [2 deeds]. 20 Hen.VI[1442]
GRENDON, manor, fine, (Chetewynd qu., Stokle def.). 4 Hen. ?IV[?1402-3]
DORDON, GRENDON, messuage and lands (leases). 11, 12 Hen.IV[1409-10, 1411]
GRENDON, WARTON, manor, advowson of Grendon church, appurtenances in Warton and Grendon, (Chetwynd et al. ?settlement). 5 Hen.VI[1426/7]
As above but including (apparently) the town of WARTON. [4 deeds]. 14 Hen.VI[1435]
INGESTRE, RULE, GRATWICH, BRERETON, MITTON, RUDGE, manors of Ingestre and Rule, property in Gratwich, etc., advowsons of Gratwich, and chapel of Ingestre, (Chetwynd et al. ? settlement). [2 deeds]. 5 Hen.VI[1426/7]
As above except for Mitton and the advowsons. 14 Hen.VI[1435]
INGESTRE, release of tenement to Chetwynd by lessee. 7 Hen.VI[1423]
PENKRIDGE, tenement in Market Place, (Chetewynd lease). 14 Hen.VI[1435]
GREAT BARR, annuity out of manor, (Chetwynd to Whitgreve). 16 Hen.VI[1438]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/8  15th-17th Centuries

ALSPATH, account of descent of to Chetwynd. No Date[15th-16th c.]
Copy deeds relating to ALSPATH, BERKSWELL, co. Warwick, (Cokkus, Chetwynd). No Date
STAFFORD, (Rydewall, Chetwynd et al.).
ALSPATH, BERKSWELL, CO. WARWICK, (Chetwynd, Peyte, Lucy; Mountfort, Purefey, Chetwynd).18-33 Hen.VI[1440-1454]
GRENDON (manor), advowson of church of GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, CO. WARWICK; INGESTRE (manor), advowson of chapel of INGESTRE, GRATWICH, MITTON, RULE, RUDGE, BRERETON, (Chetwynd). 32 Hen.VI[1454]
STAFFORD, TILLINGTON, MARSTON, (Littelton, Chetwynd), lease. 17 Ed.IV[1476/7]
RUDGE, (Hondeforde, Chetwynd). 2 Ric.III[1484]
Manor of ALSPATH, BERKSWELL, manor of MERIDEN, CO. WARWICK, (Staneley, Clapham, Chetwynd). 2 Ric.III[1484-5]
MERIDEN, CO. WARWICK, ?lease, (Chetwynd). 4 Hen.VIII[1512/3]
FELD [?FIELD], lease, (Chetwynd). 5 Hen.VII[1489-90]
INGESTRE, rectory, church and glebe, etc., lease, (Counter the rector). 5 Hen.VII[1490]
MITTON, site of manor, properties in MITTON, RULE, (Chetwynd et al.). 2 Hen.VIII[1510]
Settlement of dispute between Wm. and Thos. Chetwynd, brothers. 10 Hen.VIII[1518/9]
STAFFORD, (Forgate within fee of Marston), lease. 25 Hen.VIII[1533]
SALT, ENSON, (Chetwynd lease). 33 Eliz.I[1591]
Delivery of prisoners (giving names and cause of imprisonment) etc., by Sir Edward Brabazon late high sheriff, co. Stafford, to Sir Walter Chetwynd high sheriff. 5 Jas.I[1607]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/9  13th-16th Centuries

Miscellaneous Early Deeds
GOPSULL [?GOPSALL, CO. LEICS], 3 virgates with tofts and crofts held of the abbot and convent of MEREVALE, CO. WARWICK, ?lease ? to 1300 (ad finem s[ae]c[u]l[ar]i), Richard/Robert lord of Grendon), mentions a capital house. c. 1245
MERTINTON, 2a. of his assart, which was had of William de Ferr[ers] Earl of Derby, (Robert Oweyn s. of Thomas Oweyn/Henry de Holinton), [? MARKEATON, CO. DERBY]. No Date [13th c. probably pre 1291]
M[ER]TINTON, [? MARKEATON, CO. DERBY], 12a. in, marriage settlement of Thomas, s. of Henry Oyen and Agnes d. John Mercator. No Date[13th cent]
NEWCASTLE, one piece of land in le Netherstrete, (Hugh s. of Godwin of Newcastle-under-Lyme/John Tholouse). No Date[13th cent]
SWYNFEN, all land, ([Wm. clerk de Hylu'/] Wm. de Aldithelog'/Church and Monks of Holy Mary of Hult'[Hulton]). No Date[?late 13th c.]
?Place, (Stephen s. of Richarde de Luttiwude/Peter s. Gerard de Leg'). No Date[late 13th c.]
SHENSTONE, 2½a. in Brandwode, (Wm. Wraddock of Shenston/Richard called Le Mon de le Lynde). 11 Ed.[?I] [1283]
LICHFIELD, CURBOROUGH, STICHBROOK, 'WORHWALL', 'CHILDURHAY', (Richard called Le Mortimer de Lich[field]/Nicholas del Hull of Bromley Abbots). 33 Ed.I[1305]
BERCHERTON [BARTON] next BRADELEY, messuage and all land, (John Alwerk de Bercherton/James s. of Richard Sweyn of Blithfield). 20 Ed.III[1346]
DRAYCOTT, [? County], messuage and lands, (field names), (Draycote lease). 43 Ed.III[1369]
GRINDLEY, DROINTON, messuage in gre'ley, ½a. in meadows of Drengoton, (John Parker of Chartley/Emma d. Robert of Gre'ley).
In exchange for ½a. meadow scattered [division] in his meadow at ?Gre'ley. 21 Ric.II[1398]
DRAYCOTT, [?CO. STAFFORD], messuage with buildings, 5a. adjoining, (William le Palefreymon/Thomas de Pipe, the former's lord, and Robert his son). Dec. [year missing]
Quitclaim from Edward de Walsyngham to William Chetewyn kt. for part of a rent. Oct. 41 Ed.III[1367]
'WRYMEFORD' [?CO.], manor, (John and Anibella Martyn/Wm. Chetewyn kt), lease, [fairly good heraldic seal]. Ric.II[1377-99]
ECCLESHALL, all lands in the town and fields [in the warranty clause one tenement is excepted], (John Lovotte or Lonotte/Richard Chetewynd, lord of Ingestre, Robert Swe'tor [Swenerton] of Eccleshall, Henry Delnus or Delvus, and Thomas son of John Lovotte). 10 Hen.IV[1408]
LINDLEY, CO. LEICESTER, all lands, rents, etc., once of John Bate, (Sampson Erdeswyk of Pylettonhall and wife/Hugh Erdeswyk and Ynet' Compton).
[2 deeds]. 35 Hen.VI[1456]
Questions in case of divorce between Isabella Perrers d. Richard de Perrers kt and Robert de Grendon s. Ralph de Grendon.
[See also Bundle 4]. No Date
LONDON, p. ST. BRIGITS, Exemplification of fine, (Bromley, Huyck et al. qu., Huyck def.). 16 Eliz.I[1574]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/10  13th-16th Centuries

Grant of free warren in demesne lands of Eaton, a weekly market to be held on Mondays at Eaton manor and an annual fair to be held on the eve and the feast of St. Edith the Virgin (15th and 16th September) (Crown/Adam of Brinton). 35 Hen.[III] [1250/1]
Church Eaton Hall, the property of Lord Stafford, (assignment of lease, Clarke, Wolrich/Sneyd). 39 Eliz.I[1597]
Site of the manor called the hall of Church Eaton and land, bond for enjoyment of assignment of lease, (Pictoe/Chetwynd), and for cancellation of Statute Merchant Recognisance by which the assignment is assured, (Chetwynd/Pictoe). [1 doc.] 41 Eliz.I[1598/9]
CHURCH EATON, WOOD EATON, manors of Church and Wood Eaton, advowson of Church Eaton, (1. The advowson is not explicitly mentioned in conveyance to Chetwynd, but is mentioned in Drake's license to alienate to Chetwynd. Deeds of 31 and 32 Eliz. I mention manors (or manor) of Eaton, Church Eaton and Wood Eaton.) (Lord Stafford/Lady Dorothy Stafford/Drake/Walter Chetwynd of Newport).
[7 documents]. 31 Eliz.I[1589]-38 Eliz.I[1596]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/11  13-17 centuries

Messuage with curtilage and croft adjoining, ½ virgate of land and meadow, (Robert de Bek Lord of Hopton/Richard, Nicholas sons of Wm. Nicol of Hopton). No Date [c.1200]
Land, (Alicia of Bec lady of Hopton/ Geoffrey of Bec her son). No Date [c.1200]
One bovate which Alan held, (Alice d. Robert s. Gilbert of Thene/Geoffrey of Bech her son). No Date [c.1200]
One bovate which Wm. s. Walter gave to Geoffrey in exchange for ½ virgate in ALBRIGHTON, (Lady Alice as above/Geoffrey of Bech, who is to hold it for same service etc. as Wm. rendered. No Date [c.1200]
½ virgate, 1a. next Lunputtel field, 30a. of demesne in same field, (Alice Lady of Hopton as above/Geoffrey of Bek her son). No Date [c.1200]
All land of lay fee, marriage settlement, (Geoffrey of Bec, Hisode or Isode De Leia). No Date [c.1200]
One bovate of demesne with messuage with ½a. in Benmede, (Alice Lady of Hopton widow of Robert of Bec/Geoffrey (s. Robert Rufus) her servant). No Date [c.1200]
Confirmation, all lands previously given, (Alice of Bec Lady of Hopton/Geoffrey of Bec her son). No Date [c.1200]
Piece of meadow and moor, quitclaim, (Nicholas le Bek/brother Robert of the Priory of St. Thomas next Stafford). 23 Ed.III[1349]
6a. on Holfordehull, lease for life of lessor, (Mary once wife of Robert of Bek s. of Lord Robert of Bek, kt). 10 Ed.III[1336]
All land the lessees held of Robert le Bek, lord of Hopton and Robert le Bek of Tene for a term of years, lease for life of lessor, (Mary once wife of Robert s. Robert of Bek). 10 Ed.III[1336]
3a. 1 rod, lease for 30 years, (Robert son of Lord Robert of Bek kt.). No Date[lease is to run from Dec.1327]
3a., piece of land, lease for 30 years, (Robert s. of lord Robert of Bek lord of Hopton). No Date[lease is to run from Mar. 1332/3]
All lands lying in Hethfeld, lease, [Henry Dawe, Chap./] Nicholas of Bek/Mary of Bek his mother). 23 Ed.III[1348/9-1349/50]
Manor or site of manor and all appurts., le Hay, lease, (Humfrey Peshall lord of Hopton). 1 Ric.III[1483/4]
Inpeximus of assize record of case concerning common of pasture belonging to free tenement of Philip Chetewynde in INGESTRE, between the latter and Robert of Bekes and others, (Trin. 18 Ed.II[1325]).
[Very good exchequer seal]. 2 Ed.VI[1548]
Hopton Hall, the Lakes once parcel of the Moore, letters of attorney, (Lacon to deliver a lease to Mountford). 5 Jas.I[1607]
Manor of Hopton, covenant to stand seised to uses ?Boukeley settlement.
Partly eaten away]. 10 Jas.I[1612]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/12  16-17 centuries

[9 deeds, all relating to mortgages of the property]. 10 Hen.VIII[1518/9], 9 Jas.I[1611/12]-11 Jas.I[1613]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/13  14-17 centuries

½ piece of land waste in fee of Salt lying next Fennywall, (Robert Bythewater of Salt/Philip s. Wm. of Smallrise). 10 Ed.s. Ed.[1317]
All lands, etc., in town and fee of Salt which Bold, Homersley and Porter had from Puleston, (quitclaim from Bold, Homersley and Porter/Puleston). 23 Hen.VI[1444]
SALT and ENSON, messuage and lands (unspecified). In the Cooke/Platt transaction all lands anciently of Cooke's inheritance are included, (Nickson/Pulesdon[/]Homerysley/Coke later Cooke/Platt).
[6 deeds]
N.B. It cannot be certain that the last transaction refers to the same property as the mediaeval deeds]. 32 Hen.VI[1454]-12 Ed.IV[1472], 22 Chas.II[1669/70]
SALT, land or butt in a closure called the Breyde (property of Chamber) lately inclosed out of the Trent Field, (Cooke/Chamber). In exchange for butt in Lee Field, (Chamber/Cooke).
[2 deeds]. Oct. 3 Eliz.I[1561]
Messuage, all arable land containing 30 days work with a plough, Bridge Meadow, Towne Croft, (marriage settlement of Thomas and Thomasina (nee Palmer) Cooke of Salt). 24 Eliz.I[1582]
Final Concord (Walter of Cooke alias Balie(d) 11 Jas I [c.1613]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/14  16-17 centuries

Marriage settlement of Robert Porter of Salt and Elizabeth Whitall of Birmingham, goods only. Schedule of Ralph (father of Robert) Porter's debts annexed. 39 Eliz.I[1596/7]
GREAT SAREDON, SALT, ½ messuage in each of these places, (marriage settlement of Robert Porter of Salt and Anne Meare of Wheaton Aston). 7 Chas.I[1631]
SALT, BRADLEY, ASTON, p. SEIGHFORD, RICKERSCOTE, BURTON, p. CASTLE CHURCH, MARSTON, ENSON, capital messuage in Salt, messuage in Bradley and lands, messuages, etc., in above named places, (post nuptial settlement of Thomas Robins and Mary (nee Bulkeley).
The portion probably included copyhold messuage in WHITCHURCH, CO. SALOP.
[2 deeds, 8 Chas.I[1632]-9 Chas.I[1633]]. 8 Chas.I[1632]
SALT, ENSON, recovery, (Unett, Robins pet., Hinde ten., Robins, vou.). 9 Chas.II[1667]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/15  14-17 centuries

Messuage, reserving a rent, quitclaim, (Nicholas de Beck/Thomas de Crowebarewe). 29 Ed.III[1355]
Tenement with stone chamber, 16 messuages, 7 curtilages, 1 toft, 2 pieces of land [positions described] in Eastgate Street, Foregate, the lane leading to the Shire Hall, a high place, Mulne Street, next the cemetery of St. Mary's, (Roger de Bowode/John Drwe et al.). 13 Ric.II[1390]
[2 deeds filed together]
2 burgages in the high street with parcel of land, (Chetwyn/Hom[er]sley). 1 Ed.VI[1547]
Messuage with croft, etc., in Foregate Street, lease, (Chetwyn/Whellock). 4 Eliz.I[1562]
Parcel of land between Crabbery Lane and Lewis his Lane (leading from Gaolgate Street to Broad Eye), barn on the land, all which premises once belonged to the Maidenhead Inn, (Lander/Morris).
[Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre is associated with Lander in the sale]. Sept.1674

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/16  15-16 centuries

All lands, etc., (Thomasina Whitegreve widow of Thomas Whitegreve/Thomas Gey, William Hanyate). 6 Ed.IV[1466]
Chapel of Saint Erasmus, ([The Crown/]Alford, Harryson, Burnett/Chetwyn).
Endorsed: purchase of the chapell Lesows and Erasmus Chapel.
[1 deed]. 2 Ed.VI[1549]
St. Erasmus Chapel, agreement to buy the old chapel yard for Thomas Chetwyn Esq. [?year] Ed.VI

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/17  16-17 centuries

HASELOUR, ½ manor of Haselour and lands belonging. [In one of the deeds the following properties are named, and there is some reason to believe that they are included in the more general terms of the other deeds: -] Poole Yardes or Poole Close, Town Meadow, Town Green, Thistley Ley Close, Little Ley Close, Great Field Close, Middle Field Close, Ashmoles Close, Great Ley Close, Smiths Close, Smiths Meadow, Sowe Meadow, Cote Close, Further Close, Grewes cottage and Close, Grewes Meadow, Choise his cottage, close and bigger close, 8 wain loads of furse and gorse annually to be taken within the other half of the manor, (Dawes; Harvey/Budde, Rowse/Cookes[/] Chetwind of Grendon).
[11 deeds including leases]. 16 Eliz.I[1564]-Mich. 1653
Included in this bundle are the following fine and recovery: -
HASELOUR, fine, (Dawes qu., Rudgeley def.).
HASELOUR, ELFORD, recovery, (Thicknes, Ashmole pet., Brooke, Fowke, ten., Dawes vou.). 6 Eliz.I[1564]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/18  16 century

All property late the inheritance of Thos. Whittington, decd., (deed to lead uses of fine, Whittington/Egerton. After the expiration of certain terms the fine is to the use of Egerton). 23 Eliz.I[1580/1]
Marriage settlement of Charles Egerton and Katherine Gate. 26 Eliz.I[1584]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/19  28 Eliz.I[1585/6]

OLDCOTT, BREREHURST, RANSCLIFF, messuage, 2 cottages, 42a. in hamlets of Oldcott and Brerehurst (1a. in Hodgfield excepted), Waltons Crofts, Delfe Field in Ranscliff, (copyhold of m. TUNSTALL), agreement to surrender in manor court, (Rowley, Unwyne/Robert Chetwyne of Lees Grange).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/20  17 century

Lands and tenements, pasture called Over Leasow, (marriage settlement, Robert Harryes/Sara Wyllat). 15 Jas.I[1618]
Messuage and buildings, lands, etc., (marriage settlement, Thomas Harris/Anne Hall). Feb. 1652/3
Fine, (Peake qu., Harris def.). 22 Chas.II[1670]
Fine, (Sneyd, Kynnersley qu., Harris def.).
[Both parts]. 25 Chas.II[1673]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/21  17 century

BROCTON, APETON, WHITGREAVE, BEDNALL, BRADLEY, RICKERSCOTE, MAER, BURTON p.CASTLE CHURCH, Manor of Brocton and all property in places above named, heretofore purchased of Fowler, lease for possession, (Jennings et al./Astley, Newman).
With fine and recovery, 1666. 18 Chas.II[1665/6]
ACT.. [End: ACTON], The Deepmoores and other land (details missing), lease for possession, (Lander/Broughton, Cavendish).
[1/3 of document torn away]. 24 Chas.II[1671/2]
BROCTON, messuage and pieces of land called le Backside, Stowehill, Woodfield and Byrch hills, (Launder/Hayward), mortgage. 1677
BROCTON, ACTON TRUSSELL, manor of Brocton, agreement to convey, (Lander/Chetwynd) and agreement to lease, (Chetwynd/Lander). Lander may redeem the premises if he continues to live upon them and pay the rent.
[2 deeds, 1682/3, 1683]. Oct. 1683

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/22  18 Chas.II[1665/6]

BRADLEY, APETON, all properties heretofore purchased of Fowler. Grant to create tenants to precipe in order to suffer recovery to uses of indentures of even date, (Gough, Fletcher, Congreve/Stanley, Brindley to use of Astley, Newman).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/23  1669-1670

MITTON, fine, (Walter Chetwynd qu., Whitmore et al. def.).
[Both parts]. 22 Chas.II[1669-70]
MITTON, manor of, fine, (Whitgreave, Sneyd qu., Walter Chetwynd, def.).
[Both parts]. 22 Chas.II[1670]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/24  July 1736

UPPER ELKSTONE, 2 parcels called Greeny Bank and Pikelow with all mines of lead, ore and copper oar and other metals out of which these metals may be extracted in these properties, (Mellor/Harris), lease.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/25  1629-1739

Miscellaneous Later Deeds
ALSTONE, BRADLEY, GNOSALL, MITTON, recovery, (Mallett, Wilson pet, Farrington ten., Howse vou.). 5 Chas.I[1629]
[Property missing], recovery, [mutilated],....... pet., Farrington ten., Howse vou.). 6 Chas.I[1630]
MARCHINGTON WOODLANDS, MARCHINGTON, quitclaim, (Woodrouffe/Coke). Oct.1634
Manors of Mancetter and Harbury, lands in all above places, (copy Cookes settlement). (14 Chas.I[1638])
Copy will of Henry Cookes. Note that proved 4 or 5 years later). (6 May 1637)
Bond to observe indentures of even date, Leete, et al./Walter Chetwind of Grendon). Dec. 1662
APEDALE, KNUTTON, STANDON, WOLSTANTON, HEATH END, fine, (Stubbs, et al. qu., Smith, et al.def.). 22 Chas.II[1672]
NEWSPRING, TALKE, p. AUDLEY, fine, (Walter Chetwynd qu., Dermott def.).
[Both parts]. 33 Chas.II[1681]
FULLERTON, CO. SOUTHAMPTON, manor of Fullerton, lands etc., in Whorewell, Weyhill, Nether Wallop, (?Samber qu., Chetwynd def.), fine. 3 Geo.I[1717]
NORTH SHOBBURY, [CO. ESSEX], including tithes, fine, (Mills qu., Viscount Chetwynd def.). 1 Geo.II[1739]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/26  1364-1709

WELSH and HEREFORDSHIRE LANDS ? the property of the Talbots, Earls of Shrewsbury.
LLANVINANGEL, ORUCORNEY, all lands held in great court of Bergeveny excepting 1 croft, (Jena ap Meur'/William ap Jak and Nest his wife and their heirs, in default to the grantor's heirs by blood). 38 Ed.III[1364]
CO. MONMOUTH, p. LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY, messuage [in Arnold lease called the Great House], parcel of meadow, (Price lease; Arnold lease; assignment of latter).
[3 deeds]. Aug.1669-Jan. 1677/8
Bonds, (Nicholas/Arnold), (1) to assure title of y Croft Voch in LLANVIHANGEL [CRUCORNEY] and (2) to observe covenants of even date. 1666, 1672
? LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY, lands called Caiesickerie, (marriage settlement of John Prichard and Martha Nicholas). May 1675
Bonds to observe covenants of even date, (John Nicholas, Thos. Jn. Prichard/Arnold). June 1676
Bond to observe covenants of even date, (Richard/Arnold). Oct. 1679
Meadow called Fryndy Croft y Wratch and Gworlodvach, cottage and garden, small parcel belonging, (receipt, Morgan to Arnold for consideration money for above properties). Dec.1681
'LAN(?U)LLOWE' [? LLANVEYNOE], ROWLSTONE, CO. HEREFORD, tithes of grain, lease, (Arnold/Pritchard et al.). July 1694
CO. MONMOUTH, p. ST. MICHAEL RUCORNEY [or LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY], 3 closes called the Crowith, parcel called Ynis y Jordge, 3 parcels called Nant goy, Maes Arddur Yeha and Maes, Arddur Ysha, all land in parish excepting 5 closes (named) in hamlet of Penbiddil [Penbiddle], ([Herbert, Parry/]Floyer/Arnold).
[2 deeds]. Mar. 1700
LLANTILIO PERTHOLEY, LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY, CO. MONMOUTH, capital messuage and lands (unspecified), being the site and demesne lands of the m. of TRILY, capital messuage in Llanavihangell Crucorney, all lands in latter parish, covenant to levy fine and lead uses, (Arnold).
[3 deeds]. Apr. 1709-Trin. 1709
STRETTON IUXTA WYE, CO. MONMOUTH, (advowson), (Arnold/?Huett).
[1 deed]. May 1600
LLANTHEWY SKIRRID, 'LLANFERREN' LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY, messuage and lands, (Prichard/Gudgin for Arnold).
[2 deeds, both mutilated and in 2 pieces]. May, Sep.1626
Fines: -
ST. MICHAEL CRUCORNEY, (Powell, Thomas, qu., Prichard, def.). 1623
LLANVIHANGEL CRUCORNEY, (Thomas Patick, qu., Parry, Hughes, Lloyd, def.). [both parts]. 1676

Purchases made by the Chetwynds, Earls Talbot  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/27  Oct.1788

2 deeds.

BRERETON in ps. RUGELEY, LONGDON, exchange of Hunger Hill, Nutslade, piece east of Hunger Hill in Brereton, (John Chetwynd, Earl Talbot/Phillips). For messuage with garden and croft, Brookefield or Brook Meadow, tithes belonging to the premises, (Phillips/E. Talbot).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/28  Apr. 1789

BRERETON, p. RUGELEY, piece of land upon which a barn stood, later converted into a shop, which was pulled down and the land laid open to road from Brereton to Cannock Wood, (Morecroft/Bird[/] Sharp/John Chetwynd Earl Talbot).
[3 deeds, Mar. 1749/50-Apr. 1789].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/29  1814-1817

WOOD EATON, p. CHURCH EATON, The Ridding, The Ridding Meadow, Birchfield, (acreages mentioned) purchased by E. Talbot from Crockett. Covenant to produce deeds, (Crockett/Earl Talbot). June 1814
BRERETON, and p. ARMITAGE, LONGDON, RUGELEY, messuage with malthouse, shop, stable, garden and backside, 2 closes once called Tylehouse Croft or Tylehouse Yard and Long Lees, but now called the Lousy and the Broomy Close, Upper Field Piece, Lower Field Piece, covenant to produce deeds relating to above properties, (conveyed by Birch to Talbot in exchange for other property).
[1 deed]. Mar.1817


[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/30  1418-1628

Elizabeth wife of ? Walter Chetwynd, assignment of dower to Elizabeth wife of ?Walter Chetwynd, in respect of a messuage, lands and water mill in RULE held of the Queen, (field names given). 6 Hen.V [1418]
William Chetwynd III, marriage agreement of Elizabeth d. Dame Maude, widow of Sir John Ferrers kt. and William Chetwynd [III], money, m. MERIDEN, CO. WARWICK. 5 Hen.VII[1490]
John Chetwyn, s. of Humfrey, marriage agreement on marriage of John Chetwyn and Elyn Wood, money. 15 Hen.VIII [1524]
Humfrey Chetwyn of Aston, marriage agreement of Humfrey Chetwyn [of Aston] and Cassendur Moreton, CALVINGTON in lordship of BOWLAS, CO. SALOP, lands in. 19 Hen.VII[1503]
Thomas Chetwyn, marriage settlement [and related deed] of Thomas Chetwyn and Jane Salter, MERIDEN, ALSPATH, CO. WARWICK, tenements.
The later deed mentions the manor of Meriden and Alspath.
[2 deeds]. 17-20 Hen.VIII [1525,1528/9]
William Chetwyn of Ingestre
Feoffment to uses of will of William Chetwyn of Ingestre, which is declared below the feoffment. COS. STAFFORD, WARWICK, Manor of Ingestre, advowson of Ingestre Church, and all lands in INGESTRE, BRERETON, STAFFORD, SALT, and 'HANYOTT' [? HANYARD], manor of GRENDON, advowson of Grendon, manor of MERIDEN, all lands etc. in DORDON, WARTON, CO. WARWICK.
[1 deed endorsed: 'Court role's de Ingestre' in probably contemporary hands]. 5 Hen.VIII[1514]
John Chetwynd, marriage settlement of John Chetwynd and Mary Maverell, [? draft incomplete].
Manor of GRATWICH, MITTON; manor of GRENDON, lands in DORDON, WARTON, WHATELEY, CO. WARWICK; manor of INGESTRE, BRERETON, lands in INGESTRE, BRERETON, RULE, RUDGE, MITTON and in GRENDON, CO. WARWICK. Capital messuage called the Bould, p. BLITHFIELD (Mary's inheritance), manor place of GRENDON. [some properties may be missing]. No Date [16th cent]
[The following documents may have come into the hands of the Chetwynds through the above marriage].
Award, division of inheritance between Thomas Rugeley, Simon his s. and h. by Mary, one of the d.'s. and coheiresses of Richard Norman of the Bold, and Johanna Meverell the other d. and coheiress of Richard Norman. DRAYCOTT, STAFFORD, HIXON, tenements called Cleremon Hayes, Price in Draycott, lands in Stafford, 'Hixton'. 21 Hen.VII[1505/6]
Schedule of deeds including will of Richard with note of marriage of Thomas Rugeley and Margery Norman [1422-3]. Concerns Norman family, partition of property between Rugeley and Meyverell who married the co-heirs of Richard Norman.
SHATTON, ?JOV...., CO. DERBY, marriage settlement of Thomas Meverell and Ellen Bagot. 22 Hen.VII[1506]
Agreement by which John Meyverell will pay a dower to Anne Meyverell widow of Lewis Meyverell decd, in exchange for a lease of all premises in SHATTON and the CHAPEL EN LE FRITH, CO. DERBY. 24 Hen.VIII[1532/3]
GREAT ASTON [CO. SALOP], fine, (John Chetwynd of Ingestre, qu., John Chetwynd of Great Aston, Robert Chetwynd, def.). 3 Eliz.I[1561]
Robert Chetwynd of Rugeley, Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre, release of all actions, etc., with respect to all properties mentioned in indentures of 8 July 15 Eliz. I[1573] for the terms specified in same deed, (Robert Chetwynd of Rugeley with the consent of John Chetwynd of Ingestre/Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre).
William Chetwynd, exemplification of fine, endorsed:marriage of William Chetwind.
Manors of INGESTRE, GRATWICH, BOLD, BRERETON, MITTON, RUDGE and lands in same and in RULE, APETON, GNOSALL, HAYWOOD, SALT, ENSON, KIBBLESTONE, HEATLEY, FIELD, KINGSTONE, LOXLEY, BROMLEY, HIXON, DROINTON, NEWTON, BROMLEY BAGOTS, LEIGH, RUGELEY, LONGDON, advowsons of Ingestre, Gratwich, free fishing in Trent and Blythe; manor of GRENDON, lands in Grendon, DORDON, WARTON, WHITTINGTON, WHATELEY, CO. WARWICK; advowson of Grendon, free fishing in Anker, co. Warwick; lands in NEWPORT, SANDEBROKE [?SAMBROOK], CO. SALOP, (Bromley Huyck et al., qu., John Chetwynd, def.).16 Eliz.I[1574]
William Chetwyn of Grendon, Walter Chetwynd of Rule, release of actions to reverse fines, etc., with respect to properties mentioned in deed of 5 June 43 Eliz.I[1601], (William Chetwyn of Grendon/Walter Chetwind of Rule). 43 Eliz.I[1600-1]
Walter Chetwynde of Newport, co. Salop, post-nuptial settlement of Walter Chetwynde of Newport and Mary his wife), RULE, APETON, GNOSALL, BRADLEY, all properties of inheritance. 36 Eliz.I[1593/4]
John Chetwynde, Inspeximus of inquisition post mortem of, (taken Jan 35 Eliz.I[1592/3]. 39 Eliz.I[1596/7]
William Chetwinde of Ingestre, marriage settlement of William Chetwinde of Ingestre and Katherine Slayney (nee Aston), BOLD, mansion house called the Boulde or Bouth Hall. 2 Jas.I[1604]
William Chetwynd of Grendon, Walter Chetwynd of Rule, fine, release of, (Egerton, Thicknes, qu., William Chetwin, def.), manors of INGESTRE, GRATWICH, BRERETON, MITTON with all lands etc. in the same and in BOLD, RUDGE, HAYWOOD, SALT, ENSON, KIBBLESTONE, FIELD, FLEETLEY, KINGSTONE, LOXLEY, GRINDLEY, HIXON, DROINTON, NEWTON, BROMLEY BAGOTS, HEATLEY, RUGELEY, LONGDON, LEIGH, advowsons of INGESTRE, GRATWICH, fishing in Trent and Blyth; manor of GRENDON, advowson of GRENDON, lands, etc., in GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, WHITTINGTON, WHATELEY, fishing in Anker, CO. WARWICK; manor of ASTON MAGNA alias CHETWYND ASTON, lands etc. in GREAT ASTON, LITTLE ASTON, STOCKTON, co. SALOP.
Exemplification of same 1 Jas.I[1603] with annexed a release of errors etc., (William Chetwynd of Grendon/Walter Chetwynd of Rule), 43 Eliz.I[1601]
Walter Chetwynd of Rule, mortgage, (Walter Chetwynd of Rule/Oliver Bugges), GREAT alias CHETWYND ASTON CO. SALOP, chief mansion, with appurtenances, the two Orchards, Shuttes Leasow, Heathy Leasow, Blas Wast, Hall Hill, the Worrall, Greene Plecke, the Hill Wast, Fogge Leasow, Hither Woodend, the Upper Copie, Lower Coppie, the Poole Place, 8 doles in the Long Meadow, Upper and Lower Deyhouse Leasow, Further Woodend, the Rises Meadow, commons in common fields etc. 44 Eliz.I[1601/2]
Sir Walter Chetwind of Rule, post-nupltial settlement of Sir Chetwind and Lady Katherine d. Dowager Countess of Huntingdon, CHURCH and WOOD EATON, RULE, APETON, manors of Church and Wood Eaton, capital messuage called Rewle House, all lands etc. in Church and Wood Eaton, Rule and Apeton. 3 Jas.I[1605]
Sir Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre, lease to trustees to perform his last will and testament, GRENDON, DORDON, CO. WARWICK; GRATWICH, GNOSALL, WOOD EATON, HOPTON, CHURCH EATON, Manor of Hopton purchased of Sir Francis Lakon and all messuages, lands, etc., in Hopton and elsewhere purchased of Thomas Crompton and Thomas Skrimshere, tithes of corn, grain or hay in Hopton with glebe lands and other tenths purchased of the same, manor of Church Eaton and all lands etc. in Church Eaton and Wood Eaton whereof he is seised in fee simple (except land limited to Walter's son Thomas), all lands in Gratwich whereof he is seised in fee simple from prebends of Sugershall Moorehall, Beverley Hall and Chilterne Hall in p. Gnosall, tithes of corn, grain and hay, glebe lands and other tenths belonging to them, all other tenths, rents, etc. held by demise or grant from Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, messuages, lands, etc., in Grendon and Dordon, co. Warwick, purchased of Ludford, Andres, Cope, Becke, Belfield, of the land late Bartleyes in Dordon, all other property in Grendon and Dordon whereof he has estate in fee simple, fee simple lands in BRERTON purchased of brother Thomas Chetwynd, lands or burgages in town and liberties of STAFFORD purchased of Godfrey Chetwind in fee simple, and all other estates in cos. STAFFORD and WARWICK held in fee simple. 17 Chas.I[1619]
Sir Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre. mortgage to Littleton, GNOSALL Church, prebends of Moorehall or Mordall, Benehall or Beverley Hall, Chiltornehall or Chilternehall and Suckherhall or Sukershall with all lands, rents, tithes, etc., belonging.
[1 deed cancelled, endorsed with receipt for mortgage money, May 1633].3 Chas.I[1627]
INGESTRE, GRATWICH, manors of quittance for a fine etc. for 2½ knights' fees. 3 Chas.I[1627-8]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/31  1632-1663

Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre, marriage settlement of Walter Chetwynd and Frances Haslerigg, manor and advowson of GRENDON, all properties etc. in GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, WHITTINGTON, WHATELEY, CO. WARWICK; manors and advowsons of GRATWICH, INGESTRE, Ingestre Park, manors of HOPTON, MITTON, BRERETON, BOLD or 'BOULDHALL'; all properties in INGESTRE, SALT, ENSON, KIBBLESTONE, HOPTON, MARSTON, HANYARD, COTON, LOXLEY, MITTON, BOLD, NEWTON, HAYWOOD, KINGSTONE, BAGOTS BROMLEY, CALLOW HILL, the LEA, STAFFORD, BRERETON, RUGELEY, RULE, LONGDON.
[2 deeds]. 8 Chas.I[1632]
CO. LEICESTER, value and extent of the lands, etc., once of Bartin Hasilrigge esq. and descended to his sister Frances (now Chetwind) with annexed deed. The property consisted of messuages, mill, lands, etc. in THEDDINGWORTH, rents out of benefice of same, advowson of three parts benefice of THEDDINGWORTH, three parts of the rectory. 8 Chas.I [1632]
Leases from Walter Chetwind the elder of Grendon to use of Frances Chetwind 'for the better accomodatingd' [?augmentation] of her jointure, DORDON, cottages, lands, etc., GRENDON, messuage and lands. July 1658, 14 Chas. II[1662/3]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/32  16-17 Centuries

The following papers relate to the Haselrigg family
Extract from probate (Sept.1654) and copy of will (Apr.1654) of Sarah Hasilrigge. Includes mention of lease of property in CO. LINCOLN, property in SEDGEFIELD part of m. BISHOPS MIDDLEHAM, CO. DURHAM.
Papers in case between Bartin Hesilrigge, a Royal ward v. Thos. Hesilrigge et al., including the following copy deeds and bonds.
THEDDINGWORTH, messuage, lands, etc. (copyhold), (Arden/Carter), copy. (Jan. 1575/6)
Messuage, land, etc. (copyhold), ?lease, (Arden/Hayford), copy. (Jan. 1575/6)
Release of action, (Twigden of Theddingworth/Brocas), (Twigden/Hazellrigg). 2 Jas. I[1604]
Royal Warrant to escha [...] 9 Charles I
3 cancelled bonds for payment of sums of money, (Hesilrigg, Staresmore, Luck/Bankes), (Hesilrigge, Siers, Luck/Gresham), (Heselrigg, Syers, Luck/Warren). 1628-1629
Rental, THEDDINGWORTH, gives tenant, property sometimes, rent. [1 sheet]. Mich.1625
Receipt for annuity given out of manor of THEDDINGWORTH for maintenance of Head Usher at LEICESTER Grammar School, (Chamberlain [of Leicester]/Hasellrigg). 1626/7
5 papers relating to ? Leicestershire Militia including letter to Captain Hesilrigg. No Date, 1625, 1625/6
Found also with these papers, letter, (Henry Hastings/wife).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/33  No Date

[No documents].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/34  1639-1703

Walter Chetwind of Ingestre, copy of will (Apr.1638 and probate of Walter Chetwind of Ingestre.
Includes mention of lands at NEWPORT and CHURCH ASTON, CO. SALOP. Aug.1639
Special livery to Walter Chetwind Esq., s. and h. of Walter Chetwind kt. deed. of property held by Walter the father at his death. 15 Chas.I[1639]
Walter, heir of Sir Walter Chetwind. Delivery to Master and Surveyor of Court of Wards and Liveries of extent of properties of Walter, heir of Sir Walter Chetwynd deed., previous to special livery from Crown.... Chas.1 [post Trin 15 Chas.I[1639]]
Margaret Smith alias Davis nee Chetwynd, probate of will (June 1640) of Margaret Smith alias Davis, nee Chetwynd. July 1647
Walter Chetwind of Ingestre, copy of will of Walter Chetwind (Nov. 1661) and probate, includes mention of DORDON and GRENDON, CO. WARWICK, property. May 1669
Inventory of goods and animals of Walter Chetwind late of Grindon, Apr. 1669.
[Inventory of goods is summary, but numbers of animals are given]. Enhibited Nov. 1669
Walter Chetwynd the Elder of Ingestre, deed to declare uses of fine, GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, WHITTINGTON, WHATELEY, CO. WARWICK; INGESTRE, GRATWICH, BRERETON, MITTON, KIBBLESTONE, COTON, CALLOW HILL, HANYARD, LONGDON, LEIGH, RULE, LOXLEY, NEWTON, BROMLEY BAGOTS, RUGELEY, manors of Grendon, Ingestre, Gratwich, Brereton, Mitton, Hopton, Bold, HASELOUR, fishing in River Anker, Trent, Blyth, advowsons of Grendon, Ingestre, Gratwich. June 1653
Frances Chetwind of Grendon, marriage settlement of Sir Wolstan Dixie and Frances Chetwind of Grendon, goods and chattels. Aug.1670
Marriage settlement of Sir Wolstan Dixie and Frances Chetwind, widow, manor of GRENDON, with advowson of church, all manors, lands, etc. in GRENDON, DORDON, WARTON, WHITTINGTON, WHATELEY, CO. WARWICK; manor of GRATWICH with advowson of church. Aug.1670
Deed to lead uses of recovery of manors of INGESTRE, BRERETON, MITTON, HOPTON, BOLD, HASELOUR and all properties in CO. STAFFORD (to use of Walter Chetwynd), manors of GRENDON, DORDON and all properties in GRENDON, DORDON and WARTON, CO. WARWICK, manor of GRATWICH, CO. STAFFORD (to use of Dame Frances Dixy for life, then to Walter Chetwynd).
[2 deeds] Mar. 1672
John Chetwynd of Ingestre, copy of probate (June 1703) and will (Ap. 1699) of John Chetwynd. Includes settlement of property at MERE, WOODSEAVES, DRAYTON, SUTTON, ADBASTON, LOYNTON, BRERETON, SALT, Roach Grange; TERNE HILL, CO. SALOP. (1703)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/35  1759-1785

John Talbot and Catherine Chetwynd. Assignment of leases [see below for details] and of a sum of money, John Talbot's share of the property of Lancelot, late Archbishop of York, of whom Talbot was a legatee, to the uses of the marriage settlement of John Talbot and Catherine Chetwynd (July 1748).
The leasehold property was as follows: - pasture of the forest with the lopping of hollys in THORNTON Woods and in the common pasture of THORNTON village, closes in THORNTON Woods, 3 vacaries, CO. YORK, (1756: lessor Matthew late Archbishop of York), 2 messuages and lands specified in BISHOPTON, RIPON, STUDLEY, CO. YORK (1757: lessor, Matthew Archbishop of York). Mar. 1759
John Chetwynd, Earl Talbot, conveyance of freehold property for year [see below for details] and assignment of leasehold property [as specified above in lease of 1757] from John Chetwynd, Earl Talbot etc. s. of John Talbot and Catherine Chetwynd in order to extinguish estates tall, with reconveyance and reassignments endorsed.
[3 deeds].
Property held for years is as follows: -
Mention of HOOK NORTON, CO. OXON, with lands specified, parsonage and rectory of HOOK NORTON and further lands specified with references to inclosures, both 'Old' and Parliamentary. June 1785

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/36  Apr 1689

Mortgage to Chetwynd. CHATCULL, PODMORE, LITTLE SUGNALL, messuage, etc., in Chatcull, lands there and in Podmore, Little Sugnall called the Barn Yard, the Croft of the Greene, the Neck of the Field, the Low Hill, the Nere Piece, Williams Yord, the Fennea Moore Meadow, Fenne Moore Lesue, the Ley Field, the Nearer New Lesue, Further New Lesue, Upper New Leasow, the Owslow, Marled Croft, the Owsley Marled Croft pit, the Dorsley Ley Field, the Timbridge Meadow, Mill Moore Meadow, Nearer Brook Croft, Further Brook Croft, the Holme alias Hom, Podmore Field, Lordsley Style, Nearer Long Flat, Further Long Flat, Long Flat Meadow, the Greene, Further and Nearer Byrley Crofts, cottage in Chatcull, (Jervis/Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre).

LEGAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/37  No Date [16th-17th cent]

CHETWYND, EDGMOND, CO. SALOP, copy of agreement (temp. Hen.III) before Justices in Eyre in dispute between Sir John of Chetwynde pl. and Sir James of Audley def. concerning Chetwynde Heath (bounds described). The heath was rendered to Sir John, with common of pasture in heath belonging to Edgmondon manor, Sir John granted the same in the disputed heath to Sir James.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/38  1552-1604

HOPTON. Bond to observe award in dispute between Sir George Blount and Thomas Chetwyn concerning title to parcel of common or pasturing in Hopton Outwood alias Hopton Short Wood, (Chetwyn/Blount). May 6 Ed.[VI] [1552]
Blount v. Thomas Chetwynd. Concerns arrest, allegedly at the defendant's instigation, of Blount's tenants, when ploughing, with his permission, Hopton Outwood, HOPTON, formerly common pasture. The defendant claims common of pasture belonging to Manor of Ingestre, in Hopton Outwoods.
[2 papers]. [c.1-2 Jan.[1603-4]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/39  1565-1566

Petition of Hunte, Robyns, Fowler in the name of the inhabitants and tenants of SALT against John Chettwyn for making burrows in the leet fields and waste of SALT, building a keeper's house on the waste, etc.
[2 papers] (14 Mar.8 Eliz.I [1565/6])
Chetwynd v. Hunt, Robyns and Fowler, case concerning the pulling down of a lodge.
[1 paper]. 3 Eliz.I[1566]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/40  21 Eliz I[1579]

Exemplification of verdict in plea of trespass in Queen's Bench, Coke v. Vygars, Rydyard concerning messuage and land in ENSON and SALT leased (Aug.9 Eliz.I[1567]) to Coke by Hevenyngham.
[See H.M. Chetwynd Bundle 41 to which this may refer and Bundle 60].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/41  22 Eliz I[1580] and No Date

Hunte v. Chetwind, Cooke (Chancery) concerning and title to a messuage etc. in SALT and ENSON, and waste of Salt.
[8 papers, 1 inspeximus of depositions].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/42  No Date [?post 22 Eliz I 1580]

2 papers.

Chetwynd v. Cook alias Paget, Dixe, Vigars, and Smythe (Star Chamber) concerning alleged perjury of latter in ? Hunte v. Chetwynd [and Cooke].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/43  21 Eliz -23 Eliz I [1579-80]-[1580/1]

Chetwynde v. Smythe, Robyns and Robyns, plea of trespass concerning part of SALT waste, claimed by defendants as the property of Hunte, Fowler and John Robyns.
[1 paper, 1 exemplification of case].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/44  23 Eliz I[1580/1]

Cooke v. Smyth and Porter concerning taking of cattle, etc. from the Birche in SALT and ENSON, land in GAYTON.
Endorsed: 'This accyon was recovered against Huntes Sarvantes'.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/45  23 Eliz I[1581]

1 paper.

Chetwyn v. Cooke alias Pagett. Concerning a tenement at ENSON leased by Arnold. Details not clear.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/46  23 Eliz I[1581]

4 papers.

Chetwynd v. Thursfeld. Concerning Black Myre Croft, Waterpytt Hedde, croft in the Lee Platte, Skeythe Flatt and Hawksewell or Hawkwell Flatt.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/47  1581-1583

Chetwynd v. Cocke or Cooke and Wryghte.
Concerning Hawkewell or Hanckwell Field, Corsty Leayes and Waterpyt Field at SALT and ENSON. 24 Eliz.I[1581/2]
SALT and ENSON, Hawkewell Field, Gorstey Leays, Water Pyttfield, exemplification of action of trespass, (John Chetwynd pl., Cooke, Wright def.). 25 Eliz.I[1582/3]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/48  1582-1583

Chetwynd v. Allen. Concerning Lee Field, SALT and Enson. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582]
Chetwynd v. Wryghte, SALT Heath. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582-3]
Chetwynd v. Offeley. The Bottom or Hackestowe Bottom, Pynfolde Lane, Richardes Hill in Lee Field, SALT and ENSON. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582]
[2 papers]. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582]
Chetwynd v. Porter and Brown, Blakelowe at SALT and ENSON in Trent Field. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/49  1581-1583

Chetwynd v. Robines. Trespass on Nearer Mosingedall and the Longe Stripes.
[1 paper]. No Date [post 23 Eliz.1581]
Chetwynd v. Robyns, Cartewryghte. Trespass on Mosingedall in Trent Field at SALT and ENSON.
Found for plaintiff at assizes.
[2 papers]. 24-25 Eliz.I[1582]
Chetwynde v. Wright. Plea of trespass, Rosyngdale, Salt Heath or waste, in SALT and Enson. [25 Eliz.I[1582-3])
[2 papers, each endorsed to be carried to the Assized].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/50  25 Eliz I[1583]

Chetwynd v. Sutton (? Walker's servant).
Concerning common of pasture in Hollymore, Lee Field, Salt Heath, SALT and ENSON.
[1 paper].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/51  No Date [post 25 Eliz I; [1583]

Chetwynd v. Robyns. Concerns alleged withdrawal of services by latter in respect of his messuage in SALT and ENSON. The latter has obtained various deeds relating to Ingestre manor and has ploughed the waste ground and inclosed, etc.
[7 papers to one of which is annexed jury list in Walker v. Spencer, Weston, see Bundle 57B].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/52A  No Date [post 1583]

1 paper, 1m.

Chetwynd v. ? Bayley alias Cocke. Concerning alleged perjury of latter in action of trespass, Chetwynd v. Sutton (22 Eliz.I[1580]), relating to Hollymore, Ley Field and Salt Heath, SALT and ENSON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/52B  1584

5 papers.

Chetwynd v. Walker, Thacker, Wright, Sutton and Hilton. Concerning alleged assault by Walker on finding Chetwynd's servants ferreting on Little Hills, SALT and ENSON.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/53  1584-1671

Chetwynd v. Walker (chancery). Papers concerning No Date, but one doc. non-payment of rent for tenement in SALT and ENSON, alleged to be held of the lord of INGESTRE by plaintiff. 26 Eliz.I[1584-5]
Exemplification of verdict. 37 Eliz.I[1594/5]
A second exemplification on later refusal to pay rent. 23 Chas.II[1671]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/54  27 Eliz I[1585], No Date

Chetwynd v. Thacker. Trespass on close called Salt Heath, SALT and ENSON.
[9 papers including the jury panel].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/55  No Date

Chetwynd v. Walker, ? Scragge alias Underwood. Interference with plaintiff's servants on Hollyhurst at SALT.
Endorsed: Entered in Hilary xxvii [1584/5].
[2 papers].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/56  33 Eliz I[1591] and No Date

Chetwynde v. Erswick, Price, Leyghe et al. Attack on plaintiff in churchyard of SANDON, (when certain justices of the peace were there 'taking order' for the repair of SANDON bridge).
[2 papers].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/57A  38, 39 Eliz I [1596]

Robyns v. Cooke, Norman (Chetwyn's bailiffe), ? in replevin. Concerning Humfrey Robyns Folde, SALT.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/57B  38-39 Eliz I[1596]

Walker v. Spencer, Weston (bailiffs to Chetwynd) concerning pasture rights on Newhaye or Newfield, HOPTON. Information on rotation of crops.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/58A  May 1598

2 papers.

Attorney to court of wards and liveries v. Walter Chetwynd Esq., concerning whether property belonging to Aston (a Royal ward) is held of the manor of CHURCH EATON and the title to the manor.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/58B  42-43 Eliz I[1600-1]; 2 Jas I[1604]

5 papers.

Margery Chetwynd widow v. Walker. Walker v. Holland (?Chetwynd's servant).
Cases concerning common pasture rights in Horton Woods and the Newfield, HOPTON, formerly in 3 fields called 'leets'. Contain information on crop rotation.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/59  No Date [16th cent]

Chetwynd v. Walker. Trespasses upon SALT Heath otherwise Salt waste, the title to which the parties dispute.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/60  No Date [late 16th c]; No Date [late 16th c]

Chetwynd v. Walker (Star Chamber). Perjury and procurement of perjury.
[2 papers].
Also one paper detailing Walker's actions in various cases.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/61  No Date [late 16th c]

3 papers.

Chetwynd v. Erdyswicke (chancery). Concerning title to SALT waste, claimed as parcel of the manor of INGESTRE. [Alleged that Erdyswicke has inclosed the commons in SANDON].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/62  No Date [late 16th c]

Three sketch maps, showing area bounded by HOPTON, SALT and WESTON, and including Hopton and Salt Heaths. 2 note inclosures.
Endorsed: One is 'These concerning Hunt et Cooke and Chetwind', another with notes on Chetwind v. Thursfield, the third with notes on ? Chetwind v. Thacker.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/63  No Date c 16th Century

12 legal papers relating to [probably] SALT Waste. Includes estreats of court baron of manor of INGESTRE, [with SALT], Ap. 9 Eliz.I[1567] and 1 document of 'remembrans' made upon the varyance between John Chetwynd and his freeholders dwelling in Salt, 1580.
Other documents are not dated and the case(s) to which they refer are not obvious, or, when obvious, an individual paper refers to more than one case. Include extracts from court rolls.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/64  1627/8

Needham pro Lord Gerrard, their ward v. Sir Walter Chetwynd (wards and liveries).
Concerns withdrawal of suit to the court of PIREHILL Hundred by the manors of INGESTRE and HOPTON.
[3 papers, containing information on the conduct of the hundred court, one was used as a wrapping and is endorsed: D Lord Chetwynd and freeholders of Salt Proceedings].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/65  1667-1668

Exemplification of verdict and paper in replevin (King's Bench), Robins v. Mynors (bailiff of Walter Chetwynd) concerning le Fould Yard in SALT; Chetwynd claims that the property is held as of the manor of Ingestre. 19 Chas.II[1667]
Exemplification of verdict of 25 Eliz.I[1583] in Chetwynd v. Sutton in plea of trespass concerning Holly More, Lee Field, Salt Heath and SALT and ENSON. 19 Chas.II[1667/8]
Exemplification of verdict in plea of trespass, Fowler v. Newton, Bolton concerning close at SALT, and free entry of Walter Chetwynd to Rookes Nest. 20 Chas.II[1667/8]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/66  1683/4

Walter Chetwynd, Lander v. Fitz Jame, Hoare and Travis.
2 papers concerning a mortgage of BROCTON property by Lander to Hoare in trust for Travis (1675).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/67  16 Century

Papers concerning attack by Smythe, Vigars et al. on the property of Roger Cooke at ENSON, and by Vigars on Harecourte alias Cooke and Rowley, with ? jury lists, May 20 Eliz.I[1578]. No Date [post 20 Eliz.I 1578]
Endorsed: Riotes de Saulte.
[4 papers, pinned together].
[See also Bundle 40].
Petition to the Justices of Assize (?copy) by the inhabitants and freeholders of Sandon complaining of the decay of tenements, their conversion from tillage to pasture, and the inclosure of commons and waste, etc. No Date [late 16th c]
In another paper, the decayed tenements and the area are specified.
[2 papers].
Interrogatories in case. Mainly concern inclosure, and decay of tenements in SANDON, but some seem to concern property of the defendant in SALT and right of common in SALT waste of inhabitants of SANDON.
Endorsed: 'Erdeswycke for his shepe in Salte'. No Date [16th cent]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/68  21 Geo II[1747/8]

Exemplification of legal record concerning incidents of 1 July 21 Geo.II, when William Chetwynd Esq.'s house in Greengate Street, STAFFORD was broken into by many people and Thomas Smallwood attacked.
Endorsed: Election of 1747 [19th-20th cents].

MANORIAL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/69  16-17 Centuries

CHURCH EATON. Engrossed Court Rolls. View of frankpledge with great court of Henry Lord Stafford and Lady Ursula his wife. 2mm. Ap.2 Ed.VI[1548]
Essoins, inquisition named, presentments by bailiffs of the town (burgo') breaking of assize of ale, and, in 1562, election of bailiffs ORSLOW presentments, defaults of suit of court, jurors presentments, (defaults in suit of court, breaking of assize of ale, agricultural matters, deaths of tenants, some orders. Oct.4 Eliz.I[1562]
CHURCH EATON. ? Draft Court Rolls. View of frankpledge with great court or with court baron of Henry Lord Stafford (Oct.1582), Dorothy Lady Stafford (Ap.1590), and Walter Chetwynd Esq. Oct.24 Eliz.I[1582], Ap.32 Eliz.I[1590], Oct.38 Eliz.I[1596], Ap.39 Eliz.I[1597], Oct.39 Eliz.I[1597], Oct.41 Eliz.I[1599]
Essoins, homage inquisition or jury named, presentments of same (defaults in suit of court, breaking of assize of ale, affrays, death of tenants, agricultural, illicit games), pains laid (mainly agricultural).
In addition, Ap. 1590 new built cottages built. ORLSOW presentments, 1582, Oct. 1597.
Presentment of bailiffs of the town, 1582, 1590, Oct.1597.
Election of bailiffs of town, constables, Oct.1596, Oct.1597, 1599.
Election of supervisor of scouring of ditches, water courses, Oct. 1597.
List of freeholders annexed to Oct.1597.
List of rents of assize, of demesne lands including the manor house held at will of lord, of property in WOOD EATON held at will of lord, giving name, property and rent. Presentments of property whose tenure [whether copyhold or freehold] is disputed, 1597.
CHURCH EATON, Court Paper: presentments of death of free tenant, heriot 1597. Ap.32 Eliz.I[1590], Ap. 1597, May 1 Jas. I [1603].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/70  Oct 3 Eliz I[1561]-Apr 8 Eliz I[1566]

CHURCH EATON, FOREBRIDGE, BARLASTON, TITTENSOR, BLYMHILL. Part of court book, 20 pp. (2 pp. blank) in good condition, but sewing loosened. First page had part only of a court probably for Forebridge, but heading is missing.
Bye-laws will be found occasionally throughout the book. Very few surrenders and admissions.
Church Eaton. View of frankpledge with great court of Henry Lord Stafford and Lady Ursula his wife, or of Lady Ursula alone.
6 courts, April or October, but both in 6 Eliz.I, and probably none for 7 Eliz.I.
Little leet business.
Barlaston. Great court. One court, 1561.
Tittensor, [Townships include Forebridge].
Great court. One court, Oct. 1561.
Barlaston and Tittensor. Great court of Ursula Lady Stafford etc. Two courts, Oct.1563, Ap.1566.
Forebridge [see note on Tittensor]. View of frankpledge with great court of Henry Lord Stafford and Lady Ursula or of Lady Ursula alone.
Five courts, bi-annual, Apr. and Oct. or Sept., Apr. 1563, Apr. 1565. [See also note regarding 1st page of this book.
Little leet business. Election of constable.
Blymhill. Court baron of Ursula Lady Stafford.
Two courts, Apr., Oct. 1564.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/71  15 Century

EATON. Compotus roll of William Warde collector of rents and farms. 7 Ed.IV[1467]-8 Ed.IV[1468]
Arrears, rents of assize, rents of tenants at will in Church Eaton, Wood Eaton, farm of demesne land, pannage, perquisites of court, moveables: repairs on hall and chamber of the manor.
NORTON IN THE MOORS. Compotus of bad debts of Richard Alcock bailiff and collector of rents and farms, year ending Mich.4 Ed.IV[1464]. 4 Ed. IV[1464]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/72  1639-1658

Engrossed Court Rolls - HOPTON.
HOPTON. Court baron of Walter Chetwind Esq. 3 rolls, all of 1m. and in good condition. 15 Chas.I[1639]; 23 Chas.I[1647]; May 1650; Ap.1658
Homage named, presentments including many for breaking soil of Hopton Heath, some bye-laws, presentments of tenants' deaths.

Engrossed Court Rolls - INGESTRE, SALT  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/73  1505-1531 with gaps

Great court or court, probably twice yearly. Roll of 5mm., in good condition.
16 courts. [The main gaps are 1507-1515-16, 1517-1521, 1524-1530].
Inquisition's presentments (defaults in suit of court, agriculture, death of tenants), pains laid. Presentment by tenants of SALT. Normally a separate inquisition for Salt.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/74  1580-1583

Great court, twice yearly. Roll of 7mm., in good condition.
6 courts. [The order of the 3, 4 and 5th courts is Aug.23 Eliz.I[1581], Oct.24 Eliz.I [1582], Apr. 24 Eliz.I[1532] unless the sewing is wrong, there may be a scribal error here].
Presentments of homage, essoins (deaths of free tenants, trespasses on Salt Waste (large number), defaults in suit of court, agricultural matters), pains laid, bye-laws (agircultural).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/75  1583

Great court of John Chetwynd Esq. 1m.
Essoins, recognition of free tenants, presentments of homage (defaults in suit of court, agricultural, trespasses on waste at Salt), pains laid, order by jury (agricultural).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/76  1584

Great court of John Chetwynd Esq. 1 roll of 2mm. [As for Bundle 74 but no deaths of free tenants].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/77  1597

Great court of William Chetwind Esq. 1m. with tab annexed.
[As Bundle 74].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/78  1639

Court baron of Walter Chetwind Esq. 1m. Essoins, presentments of homage (defaults of court), pains laid (agricultural).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/79  23 Chas.I[1647]

Court baron of Walter Chetwynd Esq. 1m., good, but much puckered.
Pains laid and defaults in suit of court the only business.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/80  1650

Court baron of Walter Chetwynd. 1m.
Presentment of defaults in suit of court and pains laid only.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/81  Sep.[1665]

Great court of Walter Chetwind Esq. 1m. Essoins, presentments of homage (defaults in suit of court, encroachments, etc. on Salt Heath, agricultural matters, death of tenants, alienations), depositions regarding descent, etc., certain property.

Draft Court Rolls  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/82  9 Ed.IV[1469], 19 Hen. VII[1504]-Oct.36 Hen.VIII[1544]

INGESTRE, with some estreats, normally includes SALT, but in one case there is probably a separate sheet for SALT i.e. May 3 Hen. VIII [1511], sometimes a separate entry is made for SALT. 32 papers including 3 papers of estreats of fines. Court of great court [from 1512/3 of William Chetwynd Esq].
Bi-annual courts, 9 Ed.IV[Ap. 1469], 19 Hen. VII[May 1504] - Oct.36 Hen.VIII[1544] with many gaps, the chief being between Oct. 17 Hen. VIII[1525] and May 22 Hen.VIII[1530], Dec.23 Hen.VIII[1531] and Dec.26 Hen.VIII[1534], Oct. 33 Hen.VIII[1541] and Oct. 36 Hen.VIII[1544].
Essoins, homage named, presentments of homage (defaults in suit of court, deaths of free tenants [not very frequent], agricultural matters), pains laid, presentments for Salt (defaults in suit of court), pains laid.
In addition: private suits in Oct.20 Hen. VII[1504]. Estreats for May 22 Hen.VIII[1530], AP.31 Hen.VIII [1540], Oct.33 Hen.VIII[1541] and Oct.... [year missing], including some for SALT.
The rolls appear to have been annotated in the 16th century, probably in connection with law-suits regarding SALT Heath.
Court of 23 Hen.VII[Nov. 1507] is stuck to sheet giving courts of GRATWICH and TIXALL held May 16 Ed.IV[1476], TIXALL held 16 Ed.IV[?Nov. 1476], and INGESTRE held Nov. 16 Ed. IV[1476].
Court of 23 Hen.VII[May 1508] is stuck to paper giving court of May 16 Ed.IV[1476], [place missing].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/83  3 & 4. P. [1556-7]-May 16 Chas.I[1640]

INGESTRE and SALT, with list of free tenants annexed, and loose sheets of pains laid,estreats]- Rolls are dated: 3 & 4 Ph. & M. [1556-7], Oct.4 Eliz.I[1562], Aug.22 Eliz.I[1580]-May 26 Eliz.I[1584, Ap.27 Eliz.I[1585], Mar.31 Eliz.I[1588/9], May 33 Eliz.I[1591], Oct.34 Eliz.I[1592], Mar.36 Eliz.I[1594], Oct.38 Eliz.I[1596], Oct.39 Eliz.I[1597], Sep.43 Eliz.I[1601], May 16 Chas.I[1640].
Essoins, homage, presentments of homage (defaults in suit of court, death of tenants, agricultural matters).
Orders, pains laid (agricultural matters including numerous trespasses on the waste at Salt).
In addition: Recognition of tenants of Ingestre and Salt Oct. 4 Eliz.I[1562].
Lists of free tenants (annexed to rolls), pains laid (separate sheets) and estreats (separate sheets) exist for most of the courts from Aug. 22 Eliz.I[1580]-Apr.27 Eliz.I[1585]. The lists of free tenants exist also until the court of Sep. 43 Eliz.I[1601], and cometimes contain list of homage.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/84  Ap.25 Eliz.I; 1582[sic] [1583]

SALT and ENSON, manor of INGESTRE. Humphrey Robins' acknowledgment that he is freeholder for his land to John Chetwynd on Ingestre Esq, held as of manor of Ingestre and promise to do suit of court etc.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/84B  1581-1583


ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

Leases, Staffordshire  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also Bundles 1, 2, 5, 7, 8.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/85  16th-18th Centuries

ALSTONE, p. GNOSALL, tithes, (lessor Waldo but is lessee of Bishop of Lichfield). May 1734, Sept.1755
BRADLEY, Rule Hall, (lessor Chetwind), [torn]. 15 Chas.I[1639]
CHURCH EATON, (lessor Chetwynd). Mar.1659/60
COTON, (lessor E. Talbot). May 1786
HOPTON, (lessor Fowler). 34 Eliz.I[1592]
INGESTRE, (lessor, Chetwynd). In exchange for lease of glebe land to Chetwynd, so that latter may inclose them. Feb.1723/4
KINGSTON, Callow Hill Hall, (lessor Chetwynd of Mere). Feb.1717/8,Jan. 1762
Property at Callow Hill, Lessor Dicken).
MARCHINGTON, Marchington Hall, (lessor Chetwynd). Mar.1744
MITTON, (lessor Chetwynd). Sep. 1687,Mar.
3 messuages including Felkins tenement and Houghtons Tenement. 1690/1; Apr. 1734
RUGELEY, especially PRERETON, (lessor Chetwynd). 15 Eliz.I[1573], Nov.1694
SALT, WESTON ON TRENT, Salt Hall, (lessor Chetwynd). Oct. 1727
SALT, ENSON, (lessor, Chetwynd). June 1741
STAFFORD, FOREBRIDGE,(lessor, Countess of Stafford). May 1689
RUGELEY, Rudge Farm, (lessor, Chetwynd). [2 parts]. May 1739
TYRLEY warren, (lessor, Lord Gearerd). 19 Jas.I[1621]
WOOTTON, p. ECCLESHALL, (lessor, Hickin). Feb. 1735/6
STAFFORD, parcel of land [bounds described by adjoining tenements and their occupants], (Wm. Chetwyn/Prior and Convent of St. Thomas near Stafford). 27 Hen.VIII[1535]
MITTON, messuage, Upper Croft, Lower Croft, Byrch Close, Nooke Close, New Piece, Shorthose Piece, Shorthose Flatt, Broody Meadow, Sweetable Piece, Little Intake, the two Levedale Meadows, (Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre/Fox). Mar.1684/5

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/86  34 Hen.VIII[1542]-Nov. 1745

Lessors: Blount, 34 Hen.VIII[1542].
Lacon, 33 Eliz.I[1591].
Chetwynd the remainder.
(Both Blount's and Lacon's were of Hopton Wood(s) and New Field and were to Chetwind).
In July 1720 and Sep.1732 leases of the Hall.
Earlier leases are for lives, later for years or lives.
[9 documents].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/87  3 & 4 Ph.& M.[1557]-Nov.11 Jas.I[1613]

HOPTON. File of 12 leases including one of Hopton Hall (Nov.11 Jas.I[1613]). Either by Blount (up to and including lease of 24 Mar. 12 Eliz.I) or Lacon.
Always a consideration, usually a heriot, suit of court. Usually for 3 lives, also 2 lives, 99 years or 3 lives.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/88  7 Eliz.I[1565]-44 Eliz.I[1602]

HOPTON. File of 12 leases and license to exchange in order to inclose (Dec. 42 Eliz.I[1600]). The lessor is either Blount (until and including lease of 24 Mar.12 Eliz.I[1569/70]) or Lacon.
There is normally a consideration, and heriot to pay in addition to rent, sometimes suit of court. Terms are for 1, 2 or 3 lives, once 80 years or 2 lives, also 21 years.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/89  7 Eliz.I[1565]-5 Jas.I[1607]

HOPTON. File of 11 documents i.e. 10 leases and copy leases, one licence to exchange lands in order to inclose, Jan.41 Eliz.I[1598/9]. One lease relates to SALT and ABBARTON [? APETON] as well as Hopton.
The lessor is Blount until and including Ap. 16 Eliz.I[1574], from and including Sep.36 Eliz.I[1594] it is Lacon. Deed of Jan.41 Eliz.I[1598/9] refers to conveyance of property from Blount to Lacon.
It refers also to inclosure at Hopton.
Amongst property leased was Hopton Hall, (Sept.36 Eliz.I[1594]).
Normally a consideration as well as rent, suit of court and heriot is paid by lessee, whether term is for years or 3 lives. The terms for years are 21 or more. One lease, Ap.16 Eliz.I[1574] also specifies war service.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/90  4-5 Chas.I[1628-1630]

INGESTRE, RUGELEY. 10 Chetwynd of Ingestre leases. All but one Ingestre. All are (or probably are) of a messuage and lands. Most are mutilated, some are fragments only.
Normally a consideration and 21 years term.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/91  1628,1649

File of 11 leases, 8 relating to INGESTRE, 2 to SALT and ENSON, 1 to ENSON.
[1 lease only relating to Salt and Enson is dated 1628].
All are leases of a messuage with appurtenances, lands, etc.; fine, rent, heriots, capon and services (not specified).

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/92  6 Chas.I[1630/1]-Oct.1739

ASHLEY, 8 leases, etc.
Lessors: Cotton, Chetwynd of Mere, or Viscount Chetwynd.
Terms: usually years or lives.
Capons, heriots, carriage of coals of tenant.
The earliest (Jan. 6 Chas.I[1630/1] exacts also costs towards military of Cotton, grinding at lessor's mill. One of 1726 exacts one day's work.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/93  Feb.4 Geo.I[1717/8, Feb.4 Geo.I[1718/9 [sic]

GRATWICH, (Chetwynd lessor). (4).
Terms: lives.
Capons, heriots.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/94  1723-1740

INGESTRE, 2 pieces in Lightwood Field, Feb. 1723/4 piece lately taken out of Lightwood Meadow, piece lately taken out of Cellar Field, (Chetwind/Milnes rector of Ingestre). The lease is in return for Milnes' lease to Chetwind of his glebe lands dispersed in Nearer and Further Cross Croft Fields, the Holme, Rye Croft, Brimsey and Lightwood Meadows, and the Rye Croft (inclosed) in order that they might be inclosed.
Draft renewal of Milnes' lease to Chetwind 1740 together with renewal of lease of tithes out of the two Cross Croft Fields, Holme Meadow, Five Holes and right of pasturage, and bit of month on death of Milnes.

Leases, Warwickshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/95  31 Hen.VIII[1539]-5 Jas.I[1607]

DORDON, GRENDON, POLESWORTH, CO. WARWICK. File of 18 leases and parts of leases.
6 are leases by Andruse (or variants), (Dec.4 Ed.VI[1550]-31 Eliz.I[1589]).
1 is Wingfield lease, (5 Eliz.I[1563]).
1 lessor's surname is missing, (... Eliz.I).
Remainder are Chetwynd leases, (31 Hen.VIII[1539]-5 Jas.I[1607].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/96  3 Ed.VI[1549]-37 Eliz.I[1595]

GRENDON, DORDON, CO.WARWICK. 3 Chetwynd leases, punctured at top left hand corner, possibly were part of one of the files.
2 ? draft leases, GRENDON, CO. WARWICK. No Date.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/97  16 Eliz.I[1573/4]-5 Chas.I[1629]

All relate to Warwickshire with 2 exceptions.
17 concerning Warwickshire are leases by Chetwynd, (Sep.27 Eliz.I[1585]-Dec.1625).
Include lease of coalmines, veins opened and to be opened on any of lessor's lands in DORDON with liberty to mine, (32 Eliz.I[1590]), lessee is Sylver.
Woods, mines and quarries are reserved in lease of property in POLESWORTH, Dec.1597.
Lease of messuage called the Nyne shillinges with other properties reserving coals with liberty to mine in DORDON is in consideration for surrender of lessee's (Gopsall's) interest in the messuage, (Mar.13 Jas.I[1614/5]).
5 are leases by Ludford(e), (Dec.30 Eliz.I[1587]-Ap.10 Jas.I[1612]).
1 is lease by Barkeley, Jesson, (Mar.4 Jas.I[1606/7]).
1 Grendon lease by Kent to Chetwynd is of tithes out of demesne lands of manor house of GRENDON, tithes of grain out of WHITTINGTON belonging to parsonage of Grendon.
? BLITHFIELD, lease by Chetwynd of manor house called Bouldehall and appurtenances, (Feb.16 Eliz.I[1573/4]).
RUGELEY, Chetwynd lease, (June 5 Chas.I[1629]).

Rentals, Bailiffs Accounts, etc.  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also Bundle 71

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/98  15-17 Centuries

Rental of Thomas Littylton and Joan his wife. Aug. 23
Sub-divided by street (Foregate, Eastgate and Forbridge) and area (fields of Tillington, Marston, within the walls of STAFFORD), gives tenant. Hen.VI[1444-5]
Endorsed:... being part of the joynture of Joane Littleton the widdow of Sir Philip Chetwynd Knight. No Date [16th or 17th cent]
Rental of Thomas Litilton and Joan his wife of their lordships, lands and tenements in town of STAFFORD. 4 Ed.IV [1464-5]
Headed rents of assize; gives tenant's name, previous tenant, property e.g. cottage, some times street name.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/99  15-17 Centuries

Rentals of HOPTON. [one side completely eaten away]. 35... (probably Hen.VI [Feb. or Mar. 1456/7]
Endorsed: Hopton [contemp.]
Tenant and property given.
Rental of Humphrey Peshall and Anne his wife. Tenant and property given. 25 Hen.VI [1447]
Gives tenant's name only. 1572
Rental of Roland Laucon Esq. Gives tenant only. Includes rent of the lords 'leasse'. 1589
Rent roll of Sir George Blount. Lady Day 1599, L.D. 1577 contemp.
? HOPTON. Gives tenants names only. Mich. 1601, payable 30 Nov.
[6 documents].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/100  1623-1667

Rentals, normally give name, property and sum.
BOLD, [p. BLITHFIELD]. Lady Day 1626, Mich. 1632
GNOSALL manor belonging to the four prebends. Lady Day 1623
BRERETON and RUGELEY. Include payments for nails, or to wheelwrights, etc. in 1624. Lady Day 1623, Lady Day 1624.
GRATWICH. Includes house, chief and other rents. Lady Day 1623-Lady Day 1624
HOPTON, chief and other rents (unspecified). Lady Day 1623, Mich. 1623
Small tithes except geese. [Does not give property]. Mich.1623
Note of sums [? rents]. Due 1666-1667

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/101  1628-1635

Rental, Sir Walter Chetwynd. HOPTON Manor. Names of tenants with a few holdings specified. Endorsed: 'Salte rentes chyffe and others'. Lady Day 1628
Bailiff's accounts, HOPTON, both receipts (rents including from tithes) and payments summarised. Sep. 1633-Ap. 1634
Bailiff's accounts, HOPTON Manor, SALT, BOLD manor. Receipts including tithes summarised. [2]. Mar. 1634-Sep. 1634, Lady Day 1635, Mich. 1635
Rental, HOPTON. Rents for small tithes. Mich.1635

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/102  12 ?Eliz.I [1569-70]

Bailiff's account of rents, sub-divided by freeholders, copyholders. Tenants names, lands with name, acreage and position in detail.
[8mm. sewn chancerywise, some mm. in good condition, others poor].

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/103  Mich. 1733

KINGSTON, NEWBOROUGH, RUGELEY, BRERETON, MARCHINGTON, SALT and ENSON, BIRCHWOOD PARK, UTTOXETER. Rental, gives tenant's name. Enclosed: loose pages of rentals, 1733-4.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/104  18 Century

Survey and valuation of Lord Chetwynd's Oct. 1745
Estate at HOPTON in lease to F. Lycett. Gives field names, acreages, value per acre and per annum.
Manor of BETLEY. Rentals. 1733-35, arrears due Lady Day 1736
Tenant's name, properties named only occasionally.
[3 endorsed nos. 1 to 3 and enclosed 8 vouchers and Willett's account with Hon. Jn. Chetwynd concerning Betley manor to Lady Day 1734, settled Mar. 1734/5].
Rentals [3]. Mich.1735-Lady Day 1738
Endorsed: Nos. 1 to 3.
Tenants names given, but not properties. All have summary at end.
Part of rental, UTTOXETER and BIRCHWOOD, MARCHINGTON, Roach Grange and LONGTON, RUGELEY and BRERETON, BETLEY, with part of summary concerning also ASHLEY, KINGSTON, NEWBOROUGH, WOODSEAVES, SALT, ENSON; TERN HILL, CO. SALOP. Sep. 1732-1733
Endorsed: No 19.
List of Chetwynd's leases in hands of Mr Byrd and Wm. Edwards. Endorsed: No. 12.
Gives place, tenant, term, date, rent, other dues. No date [18th cent]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/105  1732-1740

Rents received from ASHLEY tenants and payments made, by Giberne. [4 docs.] 1735-1736
Accounts of Willett with Lord Chetwynd. Receipts including rents from manor of Betley, bricks sold. [4 docs., one enclosed vouchers]. L.D. 1734-Mich. 1736 1739
C. 130 vouchers, largely relating to repairs and building done for Chetwynd especially building a new house at Betley. 1732-1740
Also work done at Maer Hall, the Old Hill Kiln, some agricultural payments (carriage of corn, marling etc.), and account of iron and brass work and timber for 2 6" engines (probably a mill of some kind). (mainly 1735-40)
Bond, (Chetwynd/Hinks), money. May 1736
Lease, (articles of agreement), messuage at TERN HILL, CO. SALOP, (Chetwynd of Meare/? Swinchall). Sep. 1734

Maps and Surveys  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/106  No Date [16th-17th c.]

3 stylised plans of the Midle Field, the Brooke Field and the Hoohil Field, ? parish, showing disposition of flats and strips which are numbered with holder. Some buildings and closes are shown. Annexed to plans of Midle and Brooke Fields are notes of exchanges.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/107  1669

Survey of HOPTON taken by the Perch of sixteen foot and a half for Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre. Gives tenants names, property, acreage, under sub-division of the Demesnes, and land in the occupation of several tenants. Measured by Thomas Nunnes.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/108  No Date [18th cent]

Plan of floor (probably ground floor) of large house. Endorsed: 'Plan of Mere'.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/109  No Date end 1592

HOPTON. Note of the 'lordes leasse'. Gives measurements and position. No Date
Agreement between tenants of Hopton and Robert Gryme [draft] concerning the Lords Lees and the red marl pits. 34 Eliz.I[1592]

FINANCIAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also Rentals Bailiffs Accounts above

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/110  1612-1653

List of bonds (entered into by Sir Walter Chetwynd and others) renewed with dates on which payment is due and memoranda of interest paid to Charles Bostock. 1612, 1613
Bond to pay debts, (Thos Chetwynd of Ridgeley, John his son/Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre, Walter his son). 18 May 1625
Bonds, nearly all cancelled, for payment of sum of money, from Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre and Thos Chetwind of Rugeley:
7 to William Palmer of London. 1626-1632
8 to members of Elwes family of London. 1624-1636/7
4 to Richard Crowshaw of London. 1626-1631
And to the following - James (1614), Coteel (1626), Combe (1626), Coteel (1628), Harte (1628), Monox (1629), Coteel (1629) all of London.
5 bonds for payment of sums due on bond to Bankworth (1611), Edwards and Smith (1621), Monox (1622), Harte (1627), Palmer (1631), Paget (1634), all except Edwards and Smith and Paget of London.
3 receipts pinned together. To Sir Walter Chetwind, one for rent, 2 probably for interest paid. May 1629, Nov.1631
1 sheet parchment headed 'Grindon levies 1646'. Appears to be payments made by individual or family to overseers, headboroughs (including for repair of bridge) and churchwardens of Grendon, and, in 1652 only, of Dordon. 1646, 1648-9, 1652-3

PERSONAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Office  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/111  15-16 Centuries

Agreement between the King and Sir Philip Chetewynde, mayor of Bayonne. The latter is to equip archers out of a certain sum, for relief of Bayonne, and if Bristol supplies 100 archers, these Sir Philip is to take with him in addition. [English]. [c. 1/3 of the seal is left, but that is good and shows the Prince of Wales' feather(s)]. July 20 ...[?Hen. VI]
Quittance to collectors of first 15th and 10th in Staffordshire of the two 15ths and 10ths granted by the laity. 9 Hen.VII[1493-4]
Writ of general assistance for William Chetwynd Esq. as escheator of cos. Warwick and Leicester. Mar, 32 Eliz. I [1589/90]
Quittance for same office. Mar.32 Eliz.I-Mar. 33 Eliz.I [1589/90]-90/1

Sheriff  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/112  1578-1685

Staffordshire: -
John Chetwynd Esq. Nov.21 Eliz.I[1578]
Walter Chetwynd, kt. Nov.5 Jas.I[1607]
Walter Chetwynd Esq. Nov.23 Chas.I[1647], Feb. 1648/9
Thomas Chetwind Esq. Nov.1656
Warwickshire: -
Walter Chetwind Esq. Nov.15 Chas.II[1663], Nov.36 Chas.II[1684], Feb.1 Jas.II[1684/5], Nov.1 Jas.II[1685]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/113  1600-1601

Bond from Lee (gaoler) et al. to Wm. Chetwynd Esq., sheriff for safe-keeping of prisoners in co. STAFFORD county gaol, etc. Feb.43 Eliz.I[1600/1]
Appointment by William Chetwyn of Bold, sheriff of co. Stafford, of William Iremonger of Chatcull as under sheriff. 43 Eliz.I[1600]

Militia  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/114  1600-1628

File of mainly militia papers, Ap.43 Eliz.I-Oct.43 Eliz.I[1601] relate to forces to be raised for Ireland; May 1607, 1626-1628. [15 papers]. 1601-1628
Notice of appointment of Walter Chetwynd Esq. to the Commission to take the general musters together with sheriff and others. 22 Feb.1600/1
3 papers pinned together.
1. Account of coat and conduct money paid and unpaid by each hundred. Aug.1627
2. Account of receipts and disbursements for repair of tenement late in Lady Crompton's holding. 1 May 1626
3. Account of coat and conduct money collected and disbursed. [?early 17th c.]
File of militia papers, mainly letters to Sir Walter Chetwynd kt, deputy lieutenant for co. Stafford.
[15 papers]. Feb.1627/8-July 1628

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/115  1615-1625

Paper roll containing: -
Muster roll call taken 9 Oct. 1615. Each hundred is sub-divided under pistoliers for demie lances and carbines formerly light horse.
Copy of muster roll of horse (heading) 14 Feb.1627/8 [but no names].
List of additions' for further supplye of horses' made upon trained horse being found 'defective of appearance' at the call of 14 Feb. 1627/8.
Proclamation prohibiting the buying and selling of any of his Majesty's Arms or Munitions and to reform abuses committed at Musters by borrowing of arms. 9 Mar. 3.. 1627/8
Muster roll - soldiers in Totmonslow parts of Pirehill and Cuttleston under command of Capt. Bagot.
Soldiers under command of Capt. Erdswicke. 1625

Commissioner for various purposes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/116  1619-1671

Commission to (int. al.) Sir Walter Chetwinde to act as commissioners under Act of Oct. 43 Eliz. to investigate employment of gifts for charitable uses in co. STAFFORD and City of LICHFIELD.
[good seal]. Dec. 19 Jas.I[1619]
Commission to Walter Chetwinde Kt. et. al. to collect subsidy. Jan. 22 Jas.I[1624/5]
Appointment of commissioners for Staffordshire amongst them William Chetwinde, under an Act of 22 and 23 Chas.II[1670-1] for granting a subsidy. Ap.23 Chas.II[1671]

Deputy Lieutenant  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/117  1662-1689

Commissions of Walter Chetwynd (with others) as Deputy Lieutenant.
Co. Stafford:
20 Aug. 1662.- Apr.1677, 26 Dec.1681, 29 May 1685, 14 May 1689.
Co. Warwick:
20 ? June 1685, 10 Sep. 1686, 15 July 1689. The copy of the commission to the Lord Lieutenant is always annexed.
Warrant to assess a week's tax for the service of the militia. 1680

Parliamentary Elections.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/118  17th century

Return of election of Hon. John Gray Esq. and Sir Walter Bagot, Bart as knights for the County. 14 Jan. 1688/9
[Walter Chetwynd Esq. is one of the parties to the deed].
Edward Littleton, Sheriff, Thomas Whitgreave Walter Chetwynd and others choose Sir Walter Bagot and Sir John Bowyer members of Parliament for the County. 10 Mar. Chas.II [year omitted]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/119  End 19 Nov 1724

Book endorsed: Copy of poll taken at Stafford by W. H?adskyns, Ld Chetwynd and Francis Eld Esq., candidates. Majority 40.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/120  1734-1765

Poll Books, STAFFORD.
Parliamentary election: burgesses. 25 Ap.1734
Candidates Thomas Foley, William Chetwynd, Thomas Parker, John Dolphin Esqs. (2).
Election not specified. Candidates Hon. 15 Ap.1754
Wm. Rd. Chetwynd Esq., John Robins, John Hodgetts. 4 March 1765

Trusteeships, etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/121  1597-1691

Bond for payment of sum into the Exchequer by Thomas Walker, clerk, (Walter Chetwind of Grendon, Barkleye/the Queen). Mar.40 Eliz.I[1597/8]
STAFFORD. Assignment of lease, (Boulde/Chetwind) as security for payment of sum to John Cotton for which Boulde and Chetwind stand bound, or the discharge of Chetwind from his obligation. Messuage, tenements and gardens near St. Mary's Church, with garden near the Old school house adjoining to churchyard, ¼ of the Lammerscotes, (all Lord Stafford's property). May 7 Jas.I[1609]
Bond for payment of money, (Harcourt, Craddock/Walter Chetwind of Ingestre) for children of Ed. Harcourt, decd. 13 Jas.I[1615]
Cancelled bond for the payment of £525 to Bolde to the use of the latter's three daughters, (Chetwynd/Smale). 21 Jas.I[1623]
FROLESWORTH, CO. LEICESTER. Assignment of annuity out of lands in Frolesworth (named) devised to Chetwynd by Staresmore in trust, (Walter Chetwind of Ingestre/Bourne in trust for Staresmore). June 1669
Appointment of Edward Bagot made in accordance with the powers given him in marriage settlement of Walter Bagot and Jane Salesbury. [The settlement is recited in part]. Chetwynd is trustee in respect of one of the appointments. [mutilated]. ...23 Chas.II '1671'

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/122  1631 -1647

Bond, agreement, 8 letter, file of 21 receipts, 3 loose receipts and release, (Marriot/Walter Chetwinde of Grendon) in respect of money placed in hands of Godfrey Chetwind (later Walter Chetwind) in trust for Francis and Mary Marriott and their children.

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/123  1698

Revocation by Edward Byrd of the estates appointed in deed of Dec.19 Chas.II[1667].
Endorsed: 'settlement of Mr Edward Byrd upon the marriage of Mrs Ellen Farmer'. Ap.1698
Marriage settlement, (Edward Byrd the younger and Lucy Askew (d. of Eliz., wife of Walter Chetwynd of Brewarton [?Brereton]. All property in FIELD, WITHINGTON, LEIGH, BASWICH, BROCTON, WALTON, HEDNESFORD, STAFFORD, STOCKTON, and in ps. LEIGH, UTTOXETER, BASWICH, STAFFORD (excepting malthouse and garden adjoining in Eastgate Street, Stafford). May 1698
[3 deeds].


[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/124  17-19 Centuries

Agreement of borough with carvisons craft. 1475/6
Borough of STAFFORD.
Assessment for poll tax (under Act of 9 Wm. III c. 38): the third payment. No Date [1698/9]
Sub-division by wards.
Gives head of household's name, sometimes occupation or status, wife, number of children, other relatives, apprentices, servants.
Manuscript Burgess list. Deaths are noted. 23 Oct. 1721
Manuscript list of burgesses. 27 Sept. 1753
Manuscripts list of burgesses called at the court leet. Enclosed: 2 lists of names, one having dates from 1744-1747. 4 March 1765
Printed list of Mayor, aldermen and burgesses. No Date [1733-34]
Gives Recorder also occasionally notes, occupation. [Mayor was Christopher Ward]
List of persons proposed to be burgesses. sworn 3 Apr. 1734
Delivered to Chris. Ward. 5 sheets pinned together.
List of those who came to Mayor's office and claimed to be sworn burgesses, endorsed with further list of claimants. [?contemp.] "Mr Chetwynds List". 9 Apr. 1734
List of claimants to burgessships with grounds of claim, whether or not allowed. 27 Oct.1737
Account of money paid for Poor Burgesses and how used. Claimants refused and why. 1744-1748
Poor burgesses paid in 1748.
[1 doc.].
List of (1) persons in suit roll at court leet that are left out of Mayors Poll; (2) persons added to Mayors Poll since the court. 25 Oct.1753
[The following documents are enclosed in an envelope endorsed 'Miss F. Dickenson'.]
Account of school rents received by J. Hickin, with receipt for same. [2 docs.] Nov.-Dec.1739
Account of tythes belonging to the school. Mich.1725
Gives property.; also [...]
Herbage due to the school. Gives name, property, amount.
Half year's rental of rents and revenues belonging to the school. Gives name, property, sum. [1 doc.]. 1739
Note of sums due to Mr Corne up to his death, [A Mr Corne was 2nd master 1721-1753], to the corporation and rents due from Mrs Corne. 22 Nov. 1753
Note that Mr Thos. Dudley came into be under Schoolmaster. Feb. 6 1754
[1 doc. 1753-4].
Draft petition to ? Mayor by some of the aldermen and capital burgesses for postponement of choice of new usher or underschoolmaster and reader for St. Mary's, made necessary by death of William Corne Clerk. No Date [1753]
Endorsed: with list of ?burgess claims 26 Dec. 1753.
School rents due at Lady Day. Names and sum only. 1754
Bill for glazing etc. at the school. 1754
Payments made to Peake and Dudley. 1754
Apprenticeship indenture, William Walmesley to Thomas Crow, feltmaker, both of Stafford. 10 Mar.1746/7
Copy of baptismal entries, St. Mary's, Stafford. 16 Mar.1758
Wm. Hubart (9 Dec.1716), Joseph Hubart (28 Jan. 1739/40).
[1 doc.].
List of names. No Date
Register of Electors - STAFFORD Borough 1834-1835

MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title or date]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/125

Roll of Privy Sessions held at Olseley [Wolseley] Bridge. Jury panel, writ, indictments. Jan. 1 Ed.VI[1547/8]
Discharge of Humphrey Henn of Hopton for his recusancy. 9 Chas.I[1633-4]-13 Chas.I[1637-8]
HILLINGDON, CO. MIDDX, parcel of meadow containing ½a. and adjoining copyhold close called Halfe Shide. Assignment of 1,500 years lease by Bellinger to Turner. The original lessor was Treswallen. Jan. 1682/3
Endorsed with assignment to Carteret, Feb. 1709/10.
Printed act for the rebuilding of STONE Church. No Date
Copy of will of William Rowley of Lichfield, surgeon. No Date(28 Dec. 1797)

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/126  17 Century

Draft grant of pasture etc. within forest to Savag and Mundy. Endorsed 'A note out of the ?Pattent for Common In the Forrest'. No Date
Copy of injunction in case concerning manors of Nursling, Milbrook, Langley, Bartramley, Warborne, Pilley, Brookeley, Sway, Heywood, property in town and co. SOUTHAMPTON, manor and grange of Haseby, property in ISLE OF WIGHT. (14 Jas.I[1617])
Title of Thomas Mill to capital messuage and farm at DEVINGTON, KENT, manor of FULLERTON, CO. SOUTHAMPTON, 4 Chas.I[1628]-1653/4, farm and mills at NURSELING, CO. SOUTHAMPTON, 22 Jas.I[1624]-1632 (note of annual value), houses and lands in SOUTHAMPTON. 1627-1653/4
CO. SOUTHAMPTON, mansion house called Nurslinge alias Nutshalling Pryer, all lands etc. belonging, a pasture, (lease from Myll to Fitzjames). June 1657-1662
With miscellaneous papers.
Bonds to pay sums, (Mill/Fitzjames). 1659,1662/3
Memorandum of will of Thomas Mill the younger Esq. of Nutshalling. 5 Ap.1659
Note of sum borrowed by Mill from Thos. 1660/1
Receipt from Powell and Warter for principal and interest lent on mortgage of manor of FULLERTON, CO. SOUTHAMPTON by Thos. Fitzjames (1663). 1665
Paper concerning alleged illegal fishing on property of Fitzjames. post Mar.1 W.& M.
Letter mainly concerning a suit in Chancery. 1664/5
Fitzjames to his brother.
Receipt for consideration money, (Phipps/Perkins, Edmondes, Kelsey?). 1680
Case and opinion concerning money settled on Katherine Fitzjames by Joan Goddard in 1685. 1690/1
CO. SOUTHAMPTON, Kent leases: -
NETHER WALLOP, tenement etc. 6 Chas.I[1630]
WAYHILL, part of parcel lately taken out of the great down to Blissmer Hall. Mar. 1650
NETHER WALLOP, messuage etc. and pasture. June 1696
PILLEY, tenement called John Elmes att Gate and land. Nov.1698
CLANVILLE, messuage etc. Dec.1698
NETHER WALLOP, messuage called Girles etc. Oct.1700

SCHEDULE OF DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/127  1609-19th cent

Schedule of deeds, books and papers relative to manors of MARCHINGTON and AGARDSLEY, KINGSTON and CHURCH EATON, delivered to agent of Earl Talbot, 26 Aug. 1833. 1609-19th cent
Also include note of bundle of papers concerning BRERETON Manor.

CHETWYND OF BROCTON  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/H.M. Chetwynd/128  No Date

Draft inclosure award for POLESWORTH, DORDON and GRENDON, CO. WARWICK.
Endorsed: 1821

D1798/HM1-51  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Hand Morgan and Owen, Solicitors, Stafford

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM1-3  1301-1624

33 documents

Deeds to property at Little Haywood and Great Haywood, p. Colwich
(Grim. 1624 Wolseley)

[no title]  D1798/HM4  1369-1399

6 documents

Deeds to property at "Achesal" [?Yatesall in Abbots Bromley]
John ate Wode to Wm. Wymor to Thomas le Smyth

[no title]  D1798/HM5  1418

Deeds to property at "Calwehull" and miscellaneous papers Guy Smith to Henry de Hynkeley

[no title]  D1798/HM6  1624-1679

Condition poor

Papers relating to the Wootton family and property in Haywood, p. Colwich Contains :
Post-nuptial settlement, Jan 1623/24, including property at Newport, Shropshire Wootton and Nowell Damaged.
Assignment of lease of property at Haywood, as in D1798/HM3, 1624
Wootton to Launder
Property at Wootton, 1647
Wootton to Kellet
Marriage settlement, 1679, includes furniture and farm goods at Haywood Wootton to Hurlbutt

[no title]  D1798/HM7  [early 14th cent.]

Attornment for property at Audley, Chesterton, Balterley, Newcastle under Lyme, Cold Norton [p. Chebsey], Endon [See S.H.C. 1941 pp. 171-81]
For 17 cent, copy (tickets) see Chetwynd MSS.IIA f.145 (now S.R.O D649)

[no title]  D1798/HM8  1583-1849

Deeds to Astbury family property mainly in Aston, p. Stone, but also in Barlaston Contains :
Astbury family liveries, settlements etc [10 deeds], 1583-1661
Assignment of Astbury's mortgage of Overwaste House alias Little Hartwell and lands in Barlaston, 1849

[no title]  D1798/HM9  c.1765

Bills for hotels in Cheshire and Leek (mounted)

[no title]  D1798/HM10  No Date [18th cent.]

"A... Map of the.... circuit of this lordship" [Oakley, p. Mucklestone]
Shows boundary marks, and fields on boundary.

[no title]  D1798/HM11  No Date [late 18th cent.]

Copy custumal of the manor of "Meer" [Mere and Forton]
Original from which copy taken dated 1583.

[no title]  D1798/HM12  1788-1791

Papers relating to the Dudley family, lords Dudley and Ward
Letters from Mary, widow of Lord Dudley and Ward to Thomas Burne attorney, at Himley, 1789-1790. Schedule of Writings, 1791.
Survey of Breach Farm, Halesowen, c.1788, giving field names, acreage.
Tenants names and rents of estates of late Lord Dudley vested in trustees in Dudley, Tipton, Wednesbury, Himley, Kingswinford (2 only), Wolverhampton (2), Halesowen(2), nd.
Property in Tipton of late Lord Dudley and Ward tenants names, buildings. Half year rental of Dowager Lady Dudley and Ward's jointure lands in Himley and Sedgley, 1788-1791

[no title]  D1798/HM13  1671

Particular of the manor of Tyrley by Gregory King
Gives tenants names, dates of leases, lives, heriots, services etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM14  1756-1765

Suit rolls and court papers for the manor of Audley
The court papers include presentments of constables, townships, largely encroachments, but a number of bye laws and pains laid, etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM15  1574

1 parchment roll in box

Terrier of the arable lands and meadow of Robert Cowper of Aston on Trent, p. Stone
Gives position, acreage, many field names.

Court rolls for the manor of Eccleshall Borough and Foreign, and related papers  [no ref.]  1568-1823

Related information: [For D1798/HM16/10 see 100/41] - also manorial documents file A-H

The Foreign includes Chatcull, Cold Meece, Wootton, Podmore, Charnes, Broughton, Brockton, Badonhal ('Badnall'), Ankerton ('Enkerdyne'), Cotes, Flashbrook, Great and Little Sugnall, Bishops Offley, Walton, Croxton, Pershall, Horsley, Tunstall, Mill Meece, Knighton, Aston and Doxey, Slindon, Aspley, Hill Chorlton and Chapel Chorlton

[no title]  D1798/HM16/01, 1-9, 11-27, 28a-b, 29a-b, 30-32, 33a-b, 34-38  1568-1823

Court rolls
Containing - view of frankpledge and great courts, special courts, jury presentments (until 18th cent.) and (in the early rolls) breach of franchisal right; surrenders and admissions, election of officers.
Rolls for 1568-1588, 1599-1602; 1671-1823 (a few missing)

[no title]  D1798/HM16/38  1649-1747

Surrenders and admissions

[no title]  D1798/HM16/39  1716-1771

Miscellaneous papers including appointments of attorneys, Wybunbury, 1716; papers concerning disputes Eccleshall on encroachments in Eccleshall, 1746; and manor of Adbaston's liability for suit, 1768-1771

Records of the manor of Horton  [no ref.]  1549-1553

[no title]  D1798/HM17/1  1549-1553

Court rolls (mixture of paper and parchment).
[See also main series in D 1490].
Rolls for 1549-1553, 1549-1550, 1550-1551.

[no title]  D1798/HM17/2  1547-1551

3 files or rolls

Court papers
Papers for 1547, 1550-1551

[no title]  D1798/HM17/3  1549-50

Court papers.

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM18  (1747)

Fragment of poll book
Names arranged under candidates, Bagott, Crewe, Leveson and Wrottesley, North Staffordshire only; abode of freeholder, premises for which he votes, occupier.

[no title]  D1798/HM19  1790

Printed, illustrated, coloured.
Backed with part of valuation or rate assessment for Ireland, occupiers or owners (M. only, n.d).

[no title]  D1798/HM20  1623

Notarial instrument - Edinburgh.

[no title]  D1798/HM21  1742-1750

Hicken papers relating to various legal cases
Rex v. Peake, Stafford Assizes, 1750 - assault on Smith for wearing a red and white pink - describes disorders when soldiers assaulted people in Stafford wearing white roses (Jacobite)
Shirley v. Hand, 1744 - ejectment, Weston on Trent, Staffordshire
Rex v. Hand, 1742 - for receiving stolen salt.

Practice papers of Collins and Keen, solicitors  [no ref.]  1693-1836

[no title]  D1798/HM22/1  1792-1793

Day book of Mr Collins
Includes references to Colton and Normacot inclosures.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/2  1789-1790

Day book of J.C. Collins

[no title]  D1798/HM22/3  1800-1802

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)
Includes references to Staffordshire
Volunteer Cavalry and Forebridge, p. Castle
Church, inclosure.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/4  1806-1808

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)
Includes references to Knightley, Grendon and Napeley, Warwickshire, inclosures, Bedworth Colliery, Warwickshire, and Henry Smith's Charity for Lichfield, Stafford, Newcastle, and Tamworth

[no title]  D1798/HM22/5  1808-1810

Day book of Collins and Keen.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/6  1810-1813

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)
Includes proceedings at Penkridge manor court, 1811

[no title]  D1798/HM22/7  1816-1817

Day book of Collins and Keen

[no title]  D1798/HM22/8  1820

Day book of J.C. Collins
Apparently personal notebook, with rough notes of legal work, and charges for it.
Noted at end: "On the morning of 6 Oct.
1820 John Collins died. G.K".

[no title]  D1798/HM22/9  1821-1822

Day book of Collins and Keen.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/10  Jan-Oct 1823

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)

[no title]  D1798/HM22/11  1823-1825

Day book of G. Keen
Includes many entries about Quarter Sessions and Lieutenancy business.
Enclosed is an account of payments for Sir John Wrottesley's election, Jul, 1823.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/12  1824-1825

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)

[no title]  D1798/HM22/13  1825-1826

Day book (? of Collins and Keen)

[no title]  D1798/HM22/14  1827

Day book of Collins and Keen

[no title]  D1798/HM22/15  1777-1783

W. Keen's account book
Index of debtors in front

[no title]  D1798/HM22/16  1789-1792

J. Collins' account book
Includes account of Normacot inclosure

[no title]  D1798/HM22/17  1799-1802

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Index of debtors in front

[no title]  D1798/HM22/18  1794-1835

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes accounts for the fund for raising Staffordshire Volunteer Cavalry, 1794-1797, for undersheriffs' expenses for Staffordshire elections, 1796-1835, and for Commissioners for building Staffordshire Shire Hall. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/19  1800-1803

Former reference: Formerly D 1798/322

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes account of Thomas Hinckley, as Clerk of the Peace, for county and militia business. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/20  1800-1808

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes account of Thomas Hinckley as Clerk of the Peace, for county and militia business, and as clerk of the Lieutenancy. Also charges for game certificates.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/21  1803-1805

Former reference: Formerly D 1798/323

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes account of Thomas Hinckley as Clerk of the Peace, for county and militia business, and as clerk to the Lieutenancy, and sheriff's account. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/22  1805-1807

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Includes account of Arthur Hinckley, as Clerk of the Peace. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/23  1805-1806

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes accounts for Cannock Wood, Knightley, and Standon inclosures.
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/24  1806-1816

Account book of Collins and Kent
Includes militia account, 1808-9, and account for purchase of house for judges' lodgings.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/25  1807-1813

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/26  1808-1811

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Partial index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/27  1810

Account book of Collins and Keen.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/28  1810-1813

Account book of Collins and Keen
Includes accounts for cost of judges' lodgings, 1809, and accounts with sheriffs, 1809-1812. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/29  1816-1817

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Accounts include Grendon, Warwickshire, Teddesley, and Salt Heath inclosures. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/30  1817-1818

Solicitors' account book (? of Collins and Keen)
Includes accounts of trustees of Church Bridge Turnpike, Salt Heath inclosure, and of Humphrey Perry. Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/31  1829-1830

Account book of Keen and Porter
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM22/32  Jan-Jun 1816

Partnership account book of Collins and Keen
Account of receipts and payments, arranged chronologically

[no title]  D1798/HM22/33  1805-1807

Account of J. Smith with Collins and Keen
Accounts are for legal charges by both parties

[no title]  D1798/HM22/34  1834-1836

Account book of Edward Jenkinson with George Keen
Accounts are for legal charges by both parties

Miscellaneous legal records  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM23/1  1693-1697

Notebook listing persons apprehended, and writs served
Some forms of writs, and memoranda of legal business, entered at back.

[no title]  D1798/HM23/2  1776

Alphabetical list of defendants against whom warrants have been issued from the sheriff's office

[no title]  D1798/HM23/3  1763-1806

Fines and issues of the Court of Exchequer, for Staffordshire, extracted from the Exchequer, writs of Geo III, with the returns to the same writs.

[no title]  D1798/HM23/4  No Date [18th cent.]

Book of legal forms

[no title]  D1798/HM23/5  No Date [18th cent.]

Book containing rough notes on legal subjects
Arranged in alphabetical order of subjects.
Apparently compiled by Robert Jones.

[no title]  D1798/HM23/6  No Date [c. 1800]

Book containing copies of specimen deeds

[no title]  D1798/HM23/7  No Date [c. 1800]

Book with notes on legal subjects, with references to statutes and cases. Subjects in alphabetical order.

Sneyd family account books  [no ref.]  1716-1785

[no title]  D1798/HM24/1  1716-1727

Account book of Edward Sneyd, apparently for a drapery or textile business.

[no title]  D1798/HM24/2  1727-1752

Account book of Mistress Sneyd, as executrix of Edward Sneyd, d. 1727.

[no title]  D1798/HM24/3  1765-1785

Domestic accounts of Mrs Anne Sneyd
Listing purchases of food and clothes, expenses at plays and races at Shrewsbury and Lichfield, etc., 1765-1782. Also some accounts of her executor, Edward Sneyd, 1763-1785. Receipts by servants for wages paid by Anne Sneyd written in back.
Enclosed: copy will of Anne Sneyd, 21 Oct 1782

Littleton family account books  [no ref.]  1793-1813

[no title]  D1798/HM25/1  1793-1813

Steward's account book for Sir Edward Littleton, bart, d.1812, and his executors Stewards John Hall, then William Brewe.

Perry family papers  [no ref.]  1678-1733

[no title]  D1798/HM26/1  1703-1705

Humphrey Perry's note book
Autobiographical notes; abstracts of deeds of Perry's property at Stafford (Greengate Street) and Forebridge, p. Castle Church, Acton, Cresswell, Tithrington, Cheshire, Sandon, Silkmore, Bilston, Hardwick, and Hilderstone; lists of Perry's plate and linen; abstract of a survey of Tillington made temp. Elizabeth I; copy of survey of lands of Trinity College, Cambridge, at Tillington, made 1612; rental of Lord Gerard's lands at Tillington (?1703); survey of lands at Tillington leased by Perry from Trinity College (1705); survey of Lord Gerard's lands at Tillington (1705).

[no title]  D1798/HM26/2  c 1700

Book containing Humphrey Perry's copies of documents relating to Stafford Corporation, and notes on its affairs
At back are copies of late 17th cent. deeds of Perry's property at Stafford.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/3  1687-1689

Humphrey Perry's pocket note book
Contains notes on legal and estate business.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/4  1682-1689

Humphrey Perry's note book
Contains rough notes on his legal affairs.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/5  1709-1716

Humphrey Perry's note book
Contains rough notes on legal and private affairs. Contains a printed calendar for 1710.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/6  1687-1696

Humphrey Perry's account book
Containing his receipts and disbursements for Sir Edward and Lady Hungerford, for their lands at Drayton, Sandon, Tillington, Tyrley, Winnington and Willoughbridge

[no title]  D1798/HM26/7  1693-1694

Humphrey Perry's account book
Containing his receipts and disbursements for Sir Edward and Lady Hungerford, for their lands at Drayton, Tyrley, Winnington and Willoughbridge.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/8  1682-1700

Humphrey Perry's account book
Containing accounts with clients for legal work done.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/9  1697-1704

Humphrey Perry's account book
Containing his accounts as mayor of Stafford, 1698-1699, and as chamberlain of Stafford, 1699-1702. Also his accounts with Sir Edward Hamilton and the Duke of Hamilton, and others. Account of rents from Perry's lands at Stafford, Cresswell, Marston, Milwich, Tillington, Drayton, Tyrley, Winnington Rickerscote, and Northwood, Shropshire, 1697-1700

[no title]  D1798/HM26/10  1704-1716

Humphrey Perry's account book
Containing accounts with clients, and also rentals, 1704, for his lands at Stafford, Cresswell, Marston, Milwich, Tillington; Tithrington, Cheshire, Northwood, Shropshire, and Hardwick.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/11  1682-1696

Humphrey Perry's rent book
Containing accounts with his tenants, 1682-96, for lands in Bilston, Silkmore, Cresswell, Marston, Milwich, and Hilderstone, and rentals 1690-96 (tenants' names only).

[no title]  D1798/HM26/12  1704-1707

Humphrey Perry's rent book
Containing rentals (tenants' names only), and accounts with individual tenants for lands in Stafford (Salters' Lane, Forebridge, Silkmore), Hardwick, Cresswell, Marston, Milwich, Tillington; Titherington, Cheshire; Newton (Salop)
Stone, Meadowhurst, and Admaston, and interest on mortgages for Whitgreave and Walton. Also accounts of Perry's estate expenses.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/13  1701-1707

Day book of Humphrey Perry
Containing notes of legal and estate business, including copies of letters.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/14  1678-1703

Day book of John Perry of Bilston
Containing rough accounts of his personal, household, and family expenses.

[no title]  D1798/HM26/15  1727-1733

Account book, apparently one of Perry family
Contains accounts for personal, household, and estate purposes, and for rents from lands at Bilston, Hilderstone, Hardwick, Silkmore, Milwich, Stafford and Titherington, Cheshire

Miscellaneous accounts  [no ref.]  1669-1894

[no title]  D1798/HM27/1  1669-1702

Stafford account book of Fowler's charity
Listing recipients of charity, and other expenditure. Also deeds appointing Benjamin Fowler (1671), and Edward Bird (1683), trustees of the charity. With copy of Simon Fowler's will, 1663.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/2  1692-1710

Edward James' farm accounts
Listing wages and rates paid, household expenses, and farming expenses, [Kinvaston]

[no title]  D1798/HM27/3  1707-1722

Account book of a Stafford chemist, for drugs supplied to customers
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/4  1736-1755

Account book of a Stafford chemist, for drugs supplied to customers
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/5  1740-1750

Account book of Samuel Characase of Worcester, grocer
Index of debtors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/6  1748-1750

Gentleman and Citizen's Almanack, by John Watson, for 1750
With some rough manuscript notes by John Cartwright.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/7  1763

Complete Pocket Book, or, Gentleman and Trademan's Daily Journal, for 1763
With rough manuscript notes by John Cartwright, as Sir Nicholas Bailey's agent.
Largely notes of appointments and cash payments.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/8  1767

Complete Pocket Book, or, Gentleman and Trademan's Daily Journal, for 1767
With rough manuscript notes by John Cartwright, as agent to Sir Nicholas Bailey, mostly about estate matters.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/9  No Date [c. 1750]

Reference book to a series of estate maps, of property of Lord Talbot of Hensol
Gives tenants' names and details of holdings. Land at St Andrew, Coychurch, St Donat's, St Fagan's, Lanridian, Llancarfan, Marcross, Llandaff, Llantrissent, Llanblethlian, Penoylon, Hensol, and Paviland, Glamorgan

[no title]  D1798/HM27/10  1872-1894

Day book of Arthur Shenstone, beer seller
Contains day book, 1872-1874, listing licences supplied, with names of their inns (mostly in or near Stafford). Also fragmentary accounts, 1884-94.

[no title]  D1798/HM27/11  1726-1751

Account book for household expenses
There is no indication of whose accounts these are.

Hickin family papers  [no ref.]  1731-1766

[no title]  D1798/HM28/1  1731-1752

John Hickin's account book
Accounts for legal work done, with index of debtors in front.
On loose sheet is account of executors of John Hickin (? senior), 1743-1757

[no title]  D1798/HM28/2  1751-1761

John Hickin's account book
Accounts for legal work done.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/3  1745-1766

Account book of John Hickin, 1745-52, with account of Lewis Dickenson, apothecary, of Stafford, as executor of John Hickin, deceased, 1762-66

[no title]  D1798/HM28/4  1735-1739

John Hickin's rough note book
Contains legal and financial business.
[Much decayed, the earlier pages being largely illegible]. Unfit for production.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/5  1742-1744

John Hickin's rough note book
Contains legal business.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/6  1742-1753

Papers relating to the affairs of John Robins, for whom John Hickin acted as attorney
Accounts, letters, copy deeds. Largely concerning the validity of Robins' marriage, and legal proceedings thereon.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/7  1739-1740

Notebook of Walter Robins
Containing notes and accounts connected with the shrievalty, and notes of minor legal expenses.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/8  1745-1746

Militia accounts, for supply of clothes and money to individual soldiers
Apparently relating to Captain Robins' company. Also contains forms of writs and conveyances.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/9  No Date [1740s]

Account of John Hickin, as executor of Mrs Dorothy Jervis, died 23 Oct 1742
Includes receipts (for rents, sale of furniture, and of theological books, listed in detail), and disbursements for legacies paid, and for funeral and probate expenses.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/10  1738-1744

Account book of John Webb of Stafford, mercer
Contains details of goods supplied and prices. Index of debtors in front.
Enclosed: account of William Hickin, who apparently cleared up Webb's accounts.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/11  1738-1742

Account book of John Webb
Index of creditors in front.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/12  1745

Note book (of John Hickin)
Containing account of legal expenses. An account of rents received at back.

[no title]  D1798/HM28/13  1749-1755

Solicitors' day book (of John Hickin)

Dickenson family papers  [no ref.]  1707-1771

[no title]  D1798/HM29/1  1740-1749

Account book of Thomas Dickenson of Worcester, grocer
Enclosed: two loose sheets listing bale marks.

[no title]  D1798/HM29/2  1740-1747

Day book of a Worcester grocer, probably Thomas Dickenson

[no title]  D1798/HM29/3  1746-1749

Day book of a Worcester grocer, probably Thomas Dickenson

[no title]  D1798/HM29/4  1749-1751

Day book of Thomas Dickenson of Worcester, groce

[no title]  D1798/HM29/5  1744-1751

Purchasing book of Thomas Dickenson of Worcester, grocer

[no title]  D1798/HM29/6  1707-1764

Account book of Lewis Dickenson
Listing rents received (tenants' names only), 1707-1764, and estate expenditure, 1753-1764.

[no title]  D1798/HM29/7  1741-1753

Account book for household expenditure, probably Lewis Dickenson's
At back: a few apothecary's accounts. 1736

[no title]  D1798/HM29/8  1715-1740

Day book of Mr (? Lewis) Dickenson, apothecary

[no title]  D1798/HM29/9  1728-1758

Day book of Mr (? Lewis) Dickenson, apothecary
At front: Stafford overseers of poor accounts, 1728, and brief notes of vestry meetings, 1728.
Accounts of Dickenson, 1753-1758.

[no title]  D1798/HM29/10  1737-1761

Account book
(a) Accounts of John Arnold Langley's executors (not named), 1737.
(b) Accounts of Lewis Dickenson, as executor of Richard Drakeford, 1757-1761.
(c) Inventory of chattels of John Arnold Langley, sold on H.M.S Windsor. Also "Inventory of Plate in the box" (undated).

[no title]  D1798/HM29/11  1757-1762

Inventory of the household goods and apparel of Richard Drakeford, deceased
Gives price of each article and names of purchasers.
Enclosed: rough accounts of Lewis Dickenson, as executor of Richard Drakeford, 1757-1762

[no title]  D1798/HM29/12  No Date [c.1769]

Account of Sarah Palmer, as widow and administratrix of John Palmer, gent., deceased

[no title]  D1798/HM29/13  1767

Letter from W. Buckeridge to Lewis Dickenson of Stafford
Concerning the administration of John Palmer's goods.

[no title]  D1798/HM29/14  1768-1771

3 documents

Letters from Robert Pardoe to Lewis Dickenson
Concerning John Palmer's estate, and the action of Palmer v Palmer, arising on it.

[no title]  D1798/HM29/15  1769

Draft of two depositions in Palmer v Palmer, and of a notice that William Walker is prepared to lease certain property in the case at a higher rent than is being paid.

Miscellaneous Staffordshire Shrievalty records  [no ref.]  1772-1862

[no title]  D1798/HM30/1  1772-1843

Inquisitions and related papers
Contains: inquisitions ad quod damnum 1772-30 (highway diversion); inquisitions on writs of diem clausit extremum, extent, capias utlagatum fieri facias, etc. (1778-1796), (include inquisitions on Lord Vane of Caverswall Castle, 1781, 1783); inquisitions as to damages and costs, 1785-1786, 1812-1814, and 1843.

[no title]  D1798/HM30/2  1812-1861

Papers relating to assumption of office by new sheriffs
Papers for sheriffs appointed in 1812, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1851 1853, 1855, 1859, 1861; instructions for Staffordshire elections 1812, 1832; fines and issues of the Exchequer for Staffordshire, 29 Geo. III, Easter term; cravings for allowances by sheriff, No Date [18th cent.].

[no title]  D1798/HM30/3  1812-1813

Writs to sheriff of Staffordshire

[no title]  D1798/HM30/4  1812-1862

Papers concerning writs to the Sheriff of Staffordshire
Contains: peremptory orders to the sheriff of Staffordshire to return writs, 1812; writs of liberate, 1812-3; capias, 1821; venire facias, 1827; writs of fieri facias, and capias and satisfaciendum, 1861-2.


Related information: The relevant Quarter Sessions classification is indicated in square brackets.

Administrative history:
The following documents, though found separate from the rest of the collection, are believed to have come from Messrs. Hand, Morgan and Owen.

[no title]  D1798/HM31/1  1572

Related information: See also [Q/JC]

Justices of the Peace Commissions

[no title]  D1798/HM31/2  1861-1889

Related information: See also [Q/SOp]

Sessions Order Book
Printed Orders in bound volume

Process, Recognisance and Cognate records  [no ref. or date]

Process Books  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/SPb]

Give names of accused, usually abode, status or occupation, crime (brief, sometimes only class of e.g. felony), often with process note or punishment where guilty

[no title]  D1798/HM31/3  1583-1584

Process Book

[no title]  D1798/HM31/4  [1661]-1728

Process Book
As D1798/HM31/3 but more consistently gives details of accusation and process; also gives town where court held. Partial index at rear.

[no title]  D1798/HM31/5  1728-1743

Process Book
As D1798/HM31/4

Estreats of Fines  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/SPe]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/6  1572

Fine Book
Estreats of fine for Epiphany Session 1571/72, Easter Session 1572, Translation Session 1572 and Michaelmas Session 1572.
Gives name, abode, trade of convicted; crime normally in general terms only (e.g. a certain affray or tresspass) although certain additional information in marginal notes (e.g. riot, affray, rescue). Also gives communal fines for non-repair of highways, etc (name of road, bridge etc.) Also states town where court held, justices present and number of days of sitting.

[no title]  D1798/HM31/7  1574

Fine Book
Estreats of fine for Epiphany Session 1573/74, Easter Session 1574, Translation Session 1574 and Michaelmas Session 1574

[no title]  D1798/HM31/8  1576

Fine Book
Estreats of fine for Epiphany Session 1575/76, Easter Session 1576, Translation Session 1576 and Michaelmas Session 1576

[no title]  D1798/HM31/9  1581

Fine Book
Estreats of fine for Epiphany Session 1580/81, Easter Session 1581, Translation Session 1581 and Michaelmas Session 1581

Fine Rolls  [no ref. or date]

Give name, class of crime, fine

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/1  Jan 1723

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/2  Jul 1835

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/3  Apr 1837

Fine roll
(Writ missing)

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/4  Oct 1837

Fine roll
(Writ missing)

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/5  Jun 1840

Condition bad

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/6  Jun 1841

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/7  [Jan] 1843

Top membrane condition very poor

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/8  Apr 1843

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/9  Jun 1843

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/10  Oct 1844

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/11  Dec 1844

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/12  Jun 1845

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/13  Apr 1847

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/14  Jun 1847

Condition poor

Fine roll

[no title or date]  D1798/HM31/10/15

No document

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/16  Jan 1848

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/17  Mar 1848

Conditions of access: Missing

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/18  Apr 1848

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/19  Jun 1848

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/20  Oct 1848

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/21  Oct 1849

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/22  Dec 1849

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/23  Apr 1850

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/24  Oct 1850

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/25  Jun 1852

Fine roll

[no title]  D1798/HM31/10/26  Jun 1852

Fine roll

Minutes of Evidence  [no ref. or date]

See also [Q/SPm]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/11  1826

Minutes of Evidence

[no title]  D1798/HM31/12  1827

Minutes of Evidence

[no title]  D1798/HM31/13  1828

Minutes of Evidence

Quarter Sessions Rolls  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/SR]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/14  1800

Quarter Sessions Rolls
All Sessions

Administration - Bridges etc.  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/AB]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/15  1875-1878

County Surveyor's rough note book with sketches
At front; printed list and description of bridges in county of Staffordshire which inhabitants thereof are bound to maintain and repair, Apr 1864
[for 1870-1874 see Q/APs]
See also [Q/SBm]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/16  1790-1791

Alphabetical list of Game Certificates and of Keepers
Gives printed list from Advertiser for July and September with gamekeepers

Quarter Sessions - Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/SBm]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/17/1-17  18 cent-19 cent

Stray Quarter Sessions documents
Lists of jurors, nomina ministrorum, resignation of chairman, 1825, etc.

Jury Books  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also [Q/RJb]

[no title]  D1798/HM31/18  c1782-1789

Jury Book
Lists of persons liable for jury service, with their trades or occupations

[no title]  D1798/HM32  1694-1758

Records of Stafford Corporation
Papers concerning Coton field rents
Give name, number of acres, rent.
Papers for 1699, 1706, 1709, 1710, 1721, No Date 1702, 1708, 1758
(7 documents), Chamberlains accounts, No Date [early 18th cent]
Court paper, Brook v Perry, ejectment, 1726
Notes on Corporation charities and their property, 1694-1699. (1 paper).
Apprenticeship indenture, weaver, Coventry, No Date [18th cent.]
Bye-laws, 1702 (1 paper)
Miscellaneous notes and extracts from Corporation Books. (3 papers).
Letter, (Dolphin/?) concerning petition on burgess-ship.

[no title]  D1798/HM33  1812

Militia return for the half hundred of Pirehill North
Return by parish, etc., of numbers of men liable for and exempt from service, classified.
Made by the Clerk to the Sub-division.

[no title]  D1798/HM34  1800s

Papers of the Inclosure Commissioners for Knightley, Mill Meece and Standon

[no title]  D1798/HM34/1  1806

Inclosure Commissioners minutes with copy act, 46 Geo. III
(Part of this book may be missing).

[no title]  D1798/HM34/2  No Date [c1806]

Description of roads, allotments and common.

[no title]  D1798/HM35  No Date [late 19th cent]

Reference to a plan of the lately disafforested forest..... of Needwood...... extracted from awards of 1805 and 1811 by Joseph Bennett, assistant surveyor.
At front: tracing of plan, estate of late Miss Emma Sneyd at Byrkley Lodge.

[no title]  D1798/HM36  No Date [c1693]

Valor or speculum of the Diocese of Lichfield
By Bishop Lloyd. Giving under each parish its ecclesiastical status, county, deanery, value in King's Book, tenths, rent received, real value (? Henry VIII), incumbent, number of souls names), impropriate tithes (names, and sometimes value, T.R Henry VIII?), patron, lord of the manor - other gentleman - with at times estimate of income.
Covers parishes (alphabetically arranged) in Stafford, Salop, Derby, Warwick Archdeaconries and includes peculiars (or some of them), together with (at front of book) prebends, archdeaconries.
Shorthand is used extensively; it is believed that Shelton's "Tachygraphy" is the basis; a key is kept with the document.
[See C.B. Eccleshall: Notes on a survey of Eccleshall written by the same scribe]

Sneyd family papers  [no ref. or date]

Wills and probate papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/1  1731

Probate will of Ralph Sneyd of Shenstone

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/2  1747

Probate will of Joseph Greaves, senior, of Aston-upon-Trent, p. Stone

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/3  1751

Probate will of Susannah Edmonds

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/4  1778

Probate will of Joseph Greaves, junior

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/5  1793

Probate will of Revd. William Sneyd of Fulham, Middlesex

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/6  1784

Probate will of Mrs Ann Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/7  1794

Probate will of Edward Sneyd of Lichfield.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/8  1830

Probate will of Edward Sneyd of Byrkley Lodge.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/9  1830

Administration de bonis non of Edward Sneyd of Byrkley Lodge

[no title]  D1798/HM37/1/10  1741

Probate will of William Sneyd of Bishton

Marriage settlements and title deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/1  1724

Settlement on the marriage of William Sneyd of Bishton, and Susannah, dau. of John and Susannah Edmonds of London

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/2  1741

Settlement on the marriage of George Shearman of Bishop Middleton, Durham, and Anne Sneyd of Lichfield
Property includes the impropriate rectory of Bishop Middleton, Durham.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/3  1752

Settlement on the marriage of Henry Powys and Susannah Sneyd of Bishton
Property includes lands in Shropshire (not described).

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/4  1755

Settlement for jointure of Mrs Susannah Powys
Property includes Underhill Hall and closes in Smethcott and Pulverbatch, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/5  1757

Draft settlement on the marriages of Rev William Lloyd of Aston, p. Stone, and Elizabeth Sneyd of Aston, p. Stone
Property includes rent charge from manors of Whittington and Middleton, and lands in Oswestry, all Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/6  1786

Lease of house in Gaolgate Street, Stafford
Fowler and Swinfen to Wickstead

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/7  1792

Lease of Sergeant's Inn, with gatehouse, London
Dean and Chapter of York to Greaves, Sneyd, Statham

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/8  1727/8

Account of receipts and payments for Sergeant's Inn, London

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/9  1724

Mortgage of closes in Hodnell, Nether Radbourne, Upper Radbourne, Warwickshire
Field names given
Ralph Sneyd and William Sneyd to Trustees of Susannah Edmonds

[no title]  D1798/HM37/2/10  1851

Conveyance of barn and lands called the Garstone, and closes at Ancot, p. Leek
Devisees of Tatton to Sillitoe

Documents relating to the property of Edward Sneyd, of Byrkley Lodge, and Mary Emma Sneyd, his daughter  [no ref.]  1762-1859

[no title]  D1798/HM37/3  1799-1826

Papers relating to properties at Castle Hedingham, Sible Hedingham, Essex; Great Bradley, Suffolk; Kirtling, Dullingham, Cambridgeshire
Includes particulars for sale of lands, 1802, 1813; schedule of deeds relating to, 1826; land tax redemption certificate, 1799, (Edward Sneyd) (field names).

[no title]  D1798/HM37/4  1822

Correspondence from Broadhurst to Sneyd relating to lands (not described) at Tutbury and Scropton, Derbyshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/5  1787-1829

Miscellaneous papers relating to Cross Plains Farm, Tutbury, and houses at Lichfield
Edward Sneyd and Ann Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/6  1821-1828

Accounts rendered for building work, repairs, and installing fittings, at Byrkley Lodge, Tutbury

[no title]  D1798/HM37/7  No Date 19th cent

Catalogue of books (? at Byrkley Lodge). No Date

[no title]  D1798/HM37/8  1798-1832

Accounts, inventories, etc., relating to Byrkley Lodge:
Contains :
Inventory of glass, 1802
Inventories of plate, 1802-1822
Book of servants, 1798-1822
Wine book, 1802
Account of fish caught, 1819-1828
Dairy account 1824-1828
Brewing account, 1802-1829
Household bills paid (yearly bundles), 1829-1832
Accounts for expenses at Tunbridge Wells and Cheltenham, 1825-1829

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/1  1850

Draft lease of Byrkley Lodge, with 258a., shooting and fishing rights
Mary Emma Sneyd to Michael T. Bass

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/2  1852

Counterpart lease of Byrkley Lodge, 258a. land, shooting and fishing rights, for 8 years
Mary Emma Sneyd to Michael T. Bass

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/3  1852

Copy of counterpart lease as D1798/HM37/9/2.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/4  1859

Abstract of lease for 99 years of lands in Yoxall, Tutbury and Tatenhill, formerly part of Needwood Forest, 1806
Duchy of Lancaster to Edward Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/5  1852

Lease for 55 years of a dwelling house and garden, Blackheath, Kent
James Traill to Mary Emma Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/6  1859

Draft conveyance of unspecified lands inherited from Mary Emma Sneyd
Thomas Grove of Hobart, Tasmania to Charles Grove of Portsmouth

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/7  1769

Will of Honora Byrd (nee Sneyd).

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/8  1805

Settlement on the marriage of Thomas Lister and Mary Grove
Property includes the sum of £13,000

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/9  1809; 1806-1810

Needwood Forest, arbitration award in dispute over farm, farm leased by Edward Sneyd to William and Richard Wilson.
Counterpart of lease and agreement for sale of land in Needwood

[no title]  D1798/HM37/9/10  1762-1763

Papers relating to William Greaves and Ann his wife v Brooke Boothby and others
Action in Chancery over the rights of Ann Greaves, daughter of Brooke Boothby, under Brooke Boothby's marriage settlement

[no title]  D1798/HM37/10  1834-1859

Papers relating to sale of Byrkley Lodge, Tutbury
Plan of Byrkley Lodge, with reference book, 1834
Draft lease of Byrkley Lodge, 1850
Miss M.E. Sneyd to M.T. Bass
Inventory of furniture at Byrkley Lodge, 1850

Correspondence of Edward Sneyd, of Byrkley Lodge  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM37/11  1796-1830

Letters from J.N Lister of Armitage to Edward Sneyd
Contain personal affairs, with some references to Staffordshire parliamentary politics.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/12  1817-1834

Letters to Edward Sneyd, his wife, and others of his family
Include letters from George Reen, family affairs and estate business.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/13  1824-1828

Letters to Edward Sneyd from Charles Sneyd
Family affairs.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/14  No Date c. 1810-1830

Unsigned letters to Edward Sneyd, apparently from his wife

[no title]  D1798/HM37/15  1820-1827

Diaries of Edward Sneyd
Sparse entries about personal and family affairs.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/16  1740-1818

Prescriptions for Edward Sneyd (? for piles), 1795-1818
Copy will of William Sneyd, 1740
Miscellaneous remedies and recipes.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/17  1772-1827

Contains :
Printed leaflets on the Corn Laws, 1827
Prescriptions., No Date.
Sneyd pedigrees and arms, No Date 19th cent
Rules of Barton Reading Society, 1821
Miscellaneous correspondence of Edward Sneyd, with bills paid, 1772-1826

[no title]  D1798/HM37/18  1809-1830

Edward Sneyd's account books. (4). Mostly accounts with relatives for executorships, payments of legacies, etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/19  1776-1832

Miscellaneous business papers of Edward Sneyd, mostly relating to canal shares
Act for making a canal form Riders' Green to Broadwater, and from Birmingham to Fazeley, 1783.
Accounts for legacy duty for legacies from estate of Edward Sneyd, deceased, 1832
Correspondence about letting Sergeant's Inn, London, 1826
Annual reports of Trent and Mersey canal, 1776-1792
Act for making a canal from Harecastle to Froghall, 1776
Statement of account of the Clergy Widows Charity (Inst 3 July 1771) with subscribers names, 1785

[no title]  D1798/HM37/20  1832-1837

Letters from George Keen to Mrs Sneyd (relict of Edward Sneyd) and Miss M.E Sneyd
Concerning the letting of Byrkley Lodge, and to renting from Lord Dartmouth a house at Blackheath, Kent

[no title]  D1798/HM37/21  1834

Letters from George Keen to Miss M.E Sneyd
Concerning a copyhold tenement at Barwick Hall, Essex, and Sergeant's Inn, London

[no title]  D1798/HM37/22  1838-1858

Correspondence and related papers, of Miss Mary Emma Sneyd
Personal affairs and charitable donations.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/23  1851-1858

Letters from Miss M.E. Sneyd to Robert Hand
Relating to Byrkley Lodge, and her financial affairs.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/24  1846 1846, 1847

Two reports of Macclesfield Canal Committee.
Two reports of the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/25  1848

Papers relating to probate of the will of Maria Sneyd, widow of Edward Sneyd
Including receipts for legacies, and an inventory of Maria Sneyd's clothing.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/26  1858-1859

Letters to Robert Hand concerning the estate of Miss M.E. Sneyd, deceased

[no title]  D1798/HM37/27  1822-1824

Accounts and papers of Edward Sneyd, as executor of his sister Charlotte Sneyd, deceased

[no title]  D1798/HM37/28  1821-1824

Accounts of Edward Sneyd, as Charlotte Sneyd's executor, with Messrs. Hoare, bankers

[no title]  D1798/HM37/29  1832

Receipts for legacies bequeathed by Edward Sneyd to his servants

Documents concerning Edward Sneyd, mercer, of Stafford, and Elizabeth, his widow  [no ref.]  1707-1753

[no title]  D1798/HM37/30  1725-1730

Accounts rendered to Edward and Elizabeth Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/31  1726-1730

Accounts rendered to Edward and Elizabeth Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/32  1727-1751

Correspondence and accounts of Elizabeth Sneyd
Including accounts for personal expenses for her daughter, Sally Sneyd.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/33  1728-1745

Accounts and vouchers for Mrs Elizabeth Sneyd, as administrator of her deceased husband

[no title]  D1798/HM37/34  1729-1748

Miscellaneous papers
Letters addressed to Elizabeth Sneyd, about her late husband's estate, 1729 Bills for groceries supplied to Thomas Dickenson, 1745-1748.
Inventory of household goods, no indication of place or owner of house, No Date [18 cent.].

[no title]  D1798/HM37/35  1744

Release by children of Edward Sneyd, deceased, to executors of William Sneyd, deceased (executor of Edward Sneyd), for moneys due under Edward Sneyd's will
Including copy bond by Robert Gaffer, to allow the trustee of his wife Honora (formerly Honora Sneyd) to receive sums due to her.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/36  1707-1752

Accounts and correspondence of Elizabeth Sneyd of Stafford, for drapery business, 1713-1752.
Also contains: lease of a house in Market Place, Stafford, with inventory of furniture and fittings, 1707.
From Edward Byrd to William Wilson

Documents concerning Edward Sneyd, of Lichfield, died c.1785  [no ref.]  1707-1753

[no title]  D1798/HM37/37  1742-1785

Financial correspondence of William and Edward Sneyd, 1742-1785
Including letter from Josiah Wedgwood about china supplied, (1773); and copy wills of Edward Sneyd of Lichfield (cancelled), (1780), and Ralph Sneyd of Shenstone Park (formerly of Bishton), 1729.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/38  1757-1781

Accounts between Edward Sneyd of Lichfield and his daughter, Mrs Edgeworth, for sums due to her under bequests

[no title]  D1798/HM37/39  1745-1755

Accounts of Edward Sneyd as executor
Including as executor of his brother William Sneyd, 1745-1755, and of Mrs Edmonds, 1751.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/40  1749-1783

Personal diaries (? of Edward Sneyd of Lichfield)
Diaries for 1749, 1777, 1782 and 1783.
Entries mostly about investments, chiefly shares in Trent and Mersey Canal.

Documents concerning Mrs. Anne Sneyd  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM37/41  (1774)-[c.1780]

Accounts of Mrs Anne Sneyd, as executrix of her sister, Mrs Lloyd of Acton, 1775
Partial copy of Mrs Lloyd's will, (1774)
Notes by Mrs Anne Sneyd for guidance of her executor, 1775
Extracts from will of Mrs Anne Sneyd. n.d [c.1780]

Documents concerning the Park Hall estate, Scarsdale, p. North Wingfield, Derbyshire  [no ref.]  1611-1827

The estate was jointly owned by Edward Sneyd of Byrkley Lodge, p. Tutbury, and Miss Ann Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/1  1611-1613

Draft court rolls of the Court Baron of the manor of North Wingfield

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/1a  1611

Estreats of court rolls (?Court Baron) of North Wingfield
Francis Leek, bart, lord of the manor

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/2  1612

Draft court roll of the Great Court of the manor of Park Hall

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/3  1611-1614

Draft court rolls of the Court Baron of manor of Park Hall, Morton and Pillesley

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/4  1611-1722

Pains laid at court baron of the manor of Park Hall, Morton and Pillesley
Documents for 1611-1612, 1722

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/5  1786-1796

Lease and release of a moiety of an estate in or near Sergeant's Inn, Fleet Street, London
Richard Fitzherbert and Robert Greaves, and Ann Greaves, senior, to Ann Greaves, junior.
Endorsed with an assignment of lease of one-third of the property, from James Clegg to Ann Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/6  1670

Exemplification of Chancery decree concerning common rights at Ayn Moor, North Wingfield.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/7  1757-1811

Correspondence concerning the Scarsdale (park Hall) estate
Subjects include colliery royalties at Park Hall (Greaves family), game, agricultural management.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/8  1813-1816

Correspondence about disputed road at North Wingfield (Greaves)

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/9  1777-1780

Correspondence concerning the Park Hall estate
John Reynolds (? agent) to Joseph Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/10  1759-1780

Papers concerning mines at Eyam, Winster, Birchover and elsewhere in Derbyshire.
Including summary mineral accounts of Joseph Greaves, and correspondence to Joseph Greaves.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/11  1781-1798

Papers concerning the Scarsdale estate
Including papers about timber sales, 1798, 1785, and repairs, 1781, 1784, 1785, 1786, (Mrs Greaves).

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/12  1779-1780

Correspondence in Greaves v Clay
Case of trespass on Scarsdale estate

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/13  1785-1811

Correspondence concerning the Park Hall estate, North Wingfield
Letters to Mrs Greaves about estate business, game and fish preserving.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/14  1812-1826

Annual statements of rents from the Park Hall estate
Including statement of accounts after sale of estate, 1826
(Edward Sneyd and Miss Greaves joint owners).

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/15  1771-1779

Letters to Joseph Greaves, concerning common rights at North Wingfield, with legal arguments and precedents

[no title]  D1798/HM37/42/16  1819-1827

Letters to Edward. Sneyd re title of Derbyshire property.

Documents relating to the Greaves family  [no ref.]  1717-1808

Edward Sneyd of Byrkley Lodge, Tutbury married Anne Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/43/1  1808

Correspondence (mostly copies) between Lord Vernon, Mrs A. Greaves, and Edward Sneyd, concerning a trust fund of £4,000.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/43/2  1717-1730

Accounts of Mr Reynolds (? a draper) of Atherstone, Warwickshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/43/3  1734

Lease of a house in Market Place, Stafford Byrd to Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM37/43/4  1737-1739

Title deeds and leases of property, the estate of Geo. Greaves, deceased.
Includes houses in Broad Street and Fleet Street, London, and closes at Rocester, Staffordshire.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/43/5  1738

Settlement in trust of estate of Sarah Greaves.

Documents concerning the estate of Miss Anne greaves, deceased  [no ref.]  1819-1864

[no title]  D1798/HM37/44  1819-1827

Papers concerning the estate of Anne Greaves, deceased
Inventories of plate, 1821, 1822, 1827 1827
Probate copy of Anne Greaves's will (will executed 1787, proved 1827).
Rough accounts, personal and household, of Anne Greaves, 1822-1824
Anne Greaves' household account books, 1819-1825
Account of Anne Greaves' personal estate, for legacy duty, 1819

[no title]  D1798/HM37/45  1827

Household bills of Anne Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/46  1859-1864

Receipts and letters to Robert and Henry Hand, concerning estates of Miss M.E Sneyd and Joseph Greaves

[no title]  D1798/HM37/47  1858-1862

Correspondence of Robert Hand, concerning estate of Joseph Greaves, deceased

Miscellaneous papers having no apparent connection with the Sneyd family  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM37/48  1803-1834

Papers concerning the Lycett family
Letters to George Keen about the estate of William Lycett, 1803-1806
Letters to George Keen about the wardship of Frances Lycett, 1828-1834

[no title]  D1798/HM37/49  1712-1829

Title deeds to Lycett family property in p. Seighford, Coton, p. Stafford St Mary, and Hilderstone, p. Stone
Deeds to lands at Seighford, 1712
Aston and Lycett to Bell
Lease and release of lands at Coton and house in Foregate Street, Stafford, 1829
Haddersich and Lycett to Porter
Lease of farm at Hilderstone, 1770
Lycett to Knight

[no title]  D1798/HM37/50  1472-1779

Miscellaneous title deeds
Title deeds to a house and lands at Aston on Trent, Derbyshire, 1647-1687
Field names given.
Buckley to Bull to Clarke
Lease of house and lands at Aston on Trent, Derbyshire, 1779
Greaves to Hunt
Feoffment of a house and 12a land at Napton, Derbyshire, 1472
Field names given.
Newnam to Badby

[no title]  D1798/HM37/51  1736

Mortgage of manor of Hungry Bentley, Derbyshire, and lands there
Trustees of Francis Browne to Borrow

[no title]  D1798/HM37/52  1639-1763

Miscellaneous deeds and leases
Leases of lands at Abbey Hulton, p. Stoke upon Trent, 1648-1715
Sneyd to Brett to Checkley to Shoobotham
Lease for 1 year of farm at Odstone, Leicestershire, and farm at Church Langley, Derbyshire, 1763
Miss Boothby to Trustees
Recovery of lands in Wilbarston, Ashley, Middleton, Easton, Northamptonshire, 1639 Knight to Palmer

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/1  1701

Power of attorney from Charles Norris of Liverpool, to three King's Bench attornies

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/2  1738

Final concord concerning two messuages, 3a of land in Stafford
Wedgwood and Perry, plaintiffs, and Robins and Frith, deforciants

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/3  No Date [?18th cent.]

Mutilated lease.

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/4  (1740)

Copy release of lands in Bulkington, Wolvershill alias Wolvershall, Warwickshire
Field names given.
George Wright to Abstinence Paugher

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/5  1745

Lease and release of closes at Aston, p. Seighford
Lycett to Flewell

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/6  1804

Draft exchange of lands in Hodnet and Stoke on Tern, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/53/7  1807

Charlton to Vickers
Notice for sale of common lands in Polesworth and Grendon, Warwickshire

[no title]  D1798/HM37/54  1812

Letters from Sir Walter Scott
One to Edgeworth concerning Erasmus Darwin, Anna Seward and Maria Edgeworth
The other to Marie Edgeworth on Byron's Childe Harold, and on Scott's proposed cottage and its garden
[See Notes and Queries, New Series 40, no.4, Dec 1993]

[no title]  D1798/HM/38  1621

Related information: See also H.M 37/42/2

"The Platt of Park Hall, co. Derby, belonging to..... Sir Francis Leeke.... taken by William Senior"
Closes only, gives acreages and field names, buildings, furnaces, etc., in ¾ perpective; general shape accurate.
Scale: ?
Paper, edges of fields coloured.

Documents relating to John Winter, mercer, of Stafford  [no ref.]  1718-1729

[no title]  D1798/HM39/1/1  1722

Assignments of leases of lands at Silkmore, p. Castle Church, and in Coton Fields, p. Stafford St Mary
Field names given Higginson to Okes to Winter
(2 documents)

[no title]  D1798/HM39/1/2  1723

Mortgage of a farm at Ipstones
Winter to Hodgetts

[no title]  D1798/HM39/1/3  1729

Assignment of chattels of John Winter, bankrupt, with schedule of his stock in trade, household goods (room by room) and debts owing to him
Commissioners in bankruptcy to Lloyd and Browne

[no title]  D1798/HM39/1/4  1718

STAFFORD, Lease of mercer's shop and warehouse, Stafford
Abnet to Winter

[no title]  D1798/HM39/1/5  1728

Documents relating to bankruptcy of John Winter
Contains: affidavits, inventories of Winter's chattels, petitions to Chancery, correspondence

Leases.  [no ref. or date]

Some of these documents appear to belong to other parts of the Hand Morgan Collection

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/1  1618

Lease of a messuage in Mill Lane (or Earle's Street), Stafford Anthony Bagot to Wouldiech

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/2  1716

STAFFORD, Lease of a messuage in Stafford
Fowler of St Thomas to Sutton

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/3  1723/4

Lease of a messuage in St Mary's Street, Stafford
Smyth to Keene

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/4  1739

Lease of a messuage in Green Gate Street, Stafford
Viscount Fauconberg to Shawcross

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/5  1741

Lease of closes and meadows at Broad Eye Bridge, Stafford
Field names given
Ward to Godwin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/6  1741

Lease of lands in Coton Fields, Stafford
Southall to Hickin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/7  1734

Leases of closes in Uttoxeter
Field names given
Charles Bagot to Gretton, and Charles Bagot to Bennett

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/8  1753

Lease of land at Aston, p. Stone
Coleclough to Jackson

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/9  1727

Lease of Brancote Farm and part of Tixall Heath, Tixall
Lord Aston to Tranter

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/10  1641

Lease of tithes and tithe barn of Stapenhill
Lord Paget to Cocke

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/11  1735

Lease of a cottage in Little Haywood, p. Colwich
Lord Uxbridge to Atkins

[no title]  D1798/HM39/2/12  1749

Lease of land in Cannock Wood, p. Rugeley
Lord Uxbridge to Startin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/3  1687-1717

28 documents

Deeds relating to the Pelmer family of Hardewick, p. Sandon, and of Steeple Barton, Oxfordshire
Mortgages, family settlements and draft deeds for two messuages and lands at Hardewick, p. Sandon, and of a messuage and lands at Hiderstone, p. Stone (field names given)
(Humphrey Perry appears as trustee).
Also includes: lease for 6 months of the manor of Tithrington, Cheshire, 1695/6 (Heath, Perry, Abnett, Stokesberry and Green to Maisterson, Dod)

[no title]  D1798/HM39/4  1652-1678

7 documents; 2 documents

Title deeds of two messuages and three ridges of arable in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
(Conny/Coates/Davies/Dennett), (field names).
Lease and assignment of lease of two messuages and three ridges of arable in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, 1676-1678 (Coates/Prime/Dennett)

[no title]  D1798/HM39/5  1681-1740

5 documents

Marriage settlement, lease for 1 year, assignment of mortgage, and agreement for sale of messuages, shops and lands in Whitgreave, p. Stafford St. Mary (Deane/Jordan, Dearle). 1681-1740
Survey of lands of John Deane in Whitgreave, p. Stafford St. Mary (field names). Common rights detailed. [c 1700], n.d

[no title]  D1798/HM39/6  1656-1780

19 documents

Documents relating to the Congreve family of Wheaton Aston
Exchange of lands in Apeton, p. Bradley for lands in Little Chatwell, p. Sheriffhales, 1656
Congreve to Congreve
Title deeds, post nuptial settlement, mortgage to messuage and lands in Bradley and Apeton, p. Bradley, 1720-1780
Field names given.
Congreve to Lythall
Copy will of Thomas Congreve of Wolverhampton, M.D., (1719/20)
Copy will of John Congreve, (1748).
Property includes lands at Gnosall, Apeton, p. Bradley, and Stottesdon, Shropshire, and plate (described in detail).
Administration of goods of William Taylor of Blymhill, deceased, 1779
Mortgage of lands in Pentreheylin, Montgomeryshire, 1745
Congreve to Kendrick

[no title]  D1798/HM39/7  1671-1746

Documents relating to the Stanley family of Preston, p. Penkridge
Release of lands in Moddershall, p. Stone, 1671
Sherratt to Cotton
Probate copy of will of Revd. John Cotton of Sandon, (1742) pr. 1745
Probate inventory of Robert Standley, deceased, 1743
Survey of Cotton estate in Cheshire [no parish given].
Gives tenants names, acreages, field names.
Settlement on the marriage of Standley and Cotton, 1738. No real property included.
Documents in Cotton v Standley - action in Chancery over marriage settlement.
Contains: Copy bill of complaint, vouchers, arbitration bonds, arbitration award, 1744-1746

[no title]  D1798/HM39/8  1709-1746

9 documents

Documents relating to the Critchley family of Penkridge
Lease and assignments of lease of two farms at Walton, p. Eccleshall, with implements and livestock (listed), assigned with farms, 1728-1741
Giffard of Chillington to Critchley to/Cliff and Hall
Lease of land in the Wergs, p. Tettenhall, 1746
Critchley to Blakeman
Conveyances of tithes, p. Tettenhall, (1709-1741
Field names given
Cresswell to Critchley to Trustees
Copy will of Isaac Critchley, (1741)
Two unexecuted leases of a messuage and tenement, in Walton, p. Eccleshall, 1745
Critchley to Preston Moor

[no title]  D1798/HM39/9  1732-1758

Documents relating to Philip Turner of Cheddleton, yeoman
Two leases of Basford Farm, p. Cheddleton, 1732, 1753
Field names given.
Viscount Vane to Philip Turner
Papers in Turner v Whitehall, 1756-1758 - action re trespass on Basford Farm, Cheddleton. Includes: copies of plea, attorney's correspondence (John Hickin an attorney for defendant), terrier of Basford Farm.
Probate will of Thomas Turner of Stafford, 1749

[no title]  D1798/HM39/10  1737-1761

Three leases and assignment of lease of a house and lands in Yarlett, 1737-1755
Peake to Woolf to Woolf
Papers in Peake v Woolfe - action over repairs due to farm at Yarlett, 1760-1761
Includes: writ, arbitration bonds, arbitration award, bills for repairs to premises (including glass, timber and ironwork supplied), rough accounts of sums owed by lessee to lessor.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/11  1716-1731

4 documents

Title deeds to lands at Audlem, Cheshire
Sparrow to Jervis

[no title]  D1798/HM39/12  1704-1719

Documents relating to the estate of William Wilson of St. Georges, Jamaica, and its division between his legatees, 1712-1719.
Includes: letters of attorney, articles of agreement; release for sums due from Mellor to Thompson
Copy will of William Wilson, (1711).
Bond by William Thompson not to ill-treat his wife, 1704

[no title]  D1798/HM39/13  (1722)-1737

Documents relating to the Southall family of Brocton
Settlement on the marriage of Southall to Hinkes, 1730. Property includes houses in Stafford (street names given) and house at Uttoxeter, closes at Acton Trussell and Bednall
Copy will of Henry Norman of Stafford, bookseller, (1722)
Mortgage by Southall of lands at Brocton Gate, p. Berkswich, 1737
Account of Richard Southall, as administrator of estate of William Fowler of St Thomas', deceased, 1732-1733

[no title]  D1798/HM39/14  1608-1694

Miscellaneous leases of properties in Austrey, Warwickshire, Milwich, Stapenhill and Stafford
Lease of tithes from certain lands in Stapenhill, with counterpart, 1666
Cocks to Taylor
Two leases of arable lands (open field) and meadow, (field names given) in Austrey, Warwickshire, with terrier of premises.
Taylor to/Reade, Taylor to Mowsley
Assignment of lease of a tenement at Garshall, Milwich
Taylor to Taberner
Lease of a barn in Tipping Street, Stafford
Mayor and Burgesses of Stafford to Deakyne
Lease of a plot of land in Eastgate Street, Stafford
Freepound to Deaken
Lease of a messuage in p. Stafford St. Chad
Churchwardens of Stafford St. Chad to Webb

Papers of the Watson family  [no ref.]  1628-1760

[no title]  D1798/HM39/15/1  1628

Marriage settlement of Robert Watson of Burton Extra and Elizabeth Cowper of Pipe Ridware

[no title]  D1798/HM39/15/2  1656

Mortgage of Houlditch House, Holditch, p. Wolstanton
Baddiley to Thomas Watson, citizen and clothier of London)

[no title]  D1798/HM39/15/3  1676

Articles of agreement for marriage between Thomas Watson of Holditch and Katherine Abnett of Audley.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/15/4  1744

Articles of agreement for marriage between Lovegood Watson and Anne Pipe of Stafford.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/15/5  1754-1760

1 bundle

Accounts paid by Ann Watson as administratrix of William Watson, deceased, and two inventories of the goods of William Watson, 1754 (detailed).

Miscellaneous Staffordshire Shrievalty papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM39/16/1  1730

Appointment by William Robbins, High Sheriff of Staffordshire, of Richard Drakeford as under sheriff with all fees and profits.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/16/2  1745

Indenture of appointment by Charles Bosville, High Sheriff of Staffordshire, of Thomas Hatchett as Gaoler at Stafford; with counterpart.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/16/3  1729

Presentment of Grand Jury against St. John Burnett of Eccleshall for forging an indenture purporting to be a marriage settlement dated 1697 between William Cotton of Brocton and Elizabeth his wife.

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/1  1549

Lease of a water mill called Raynall Mill, Rainow, Cheshire
Term: three lives
Sutton to Hadesed

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/2  1621

Mortgage of a messuage and a dole of meadow in Fleet Meadow, Little Haywood Launder to Launder and Aston

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/3  1652

Lease of a messuage or burgage tenement and one croft between Rithings Lane and Mill Lane, Stafford
Term: 16 years
Allsopp of Ingestre to Tanner

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/4  1660

Lease of Aston Hall, Aston, Shropshire, with schedule of moveables in the Hall
Term: 12 years
Brinley to Saunders

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/5  1678/9

Lease of a house and tenement in stone
Term: 90 years
King to Gritton

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/6  1687

Assignment of mortgage on a messuage and tenement and tithes in Roche Grange, p. Leek
Perry to Chetwynd

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/7  1688

Lease of a messuage in Castle Street, Eccleshall
Term: 7 years
Barker to Addison

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/8  1689

Lease of a messuage and tenement in Oulton, with 14 days work in the common field of Stone
Term: 21 years
Short to Shelley

[no title]  D1798/HM39/17/9  1696

Lease of a messuage, farm and tenement in Shuttington, Warwickshire
Term: 3 years
Wetenhall, M.D of Stafford to Symonds

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/1  1718

Admission of John Wright to a messuage and 3 holdings in Wootton fields, manor of Eccleshall

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/2  1727

Lease of a messuage and tenement, Derrington
Term: 1 life
Oldfield to Tagg

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/3  1728

Lease of a messuage in Moddershall
Term: 20 years
Addison to/Sparrow

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/4  1732

Mortgage of a messuage, tenement or shop and croft adjoining, in Abbots Bromley
Wright to Clark and Hancocke

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/5  1734

Lease of closes called Broad Hay, Kinsey Gap, New Piece, Flax Butt and The Field End, in Bednall, [p.Berkswich]
Term: 3 lives
Nicklin to Peploe

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/6  1734

Release of 30a. in Marchfields, a cottage and garden, in Dunston, [p. Penkridge] Millwar to/Shutt

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/7  1737

Unexecuted lease of a messuage in Burton, and two further messuages in Hyde Lea, and various closes (named), all p. Castle Church
Stott to Stubbs

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/8  1739

Assignment of term of 500 years on a moiety of Reules Meadow, Fleet Meadow, Pasture Piece, in Little Haywood, [p. Colwich]
Turton to Chambers

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/9  1741

Lease of all tithes in knightley, p. Gnosall,
Term: 20 years
Waldo to Moor of Knightley Hall

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/10  1742

Lease of three cottages and a stable on the freehold waste in Hot Lane, Burslem
Term: 99 years
Sherratt to Warburton and Keeling, whiteware potters

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/11  1742

Articles of agreement concerning sum to be paid for purchase of a messuage and two lands called The Falling Slades, in Hednesford, p. Cannock
Grateley to Thomas

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/12  1743

Lease of a messuage, barn and buildings, 2½a. on north side of the house, two sittings in a pew in Kingsley Church, all p. Kingsley
Term: 21 years
Locker to Wardle

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/13  1745

Lease of a messuage and tenement, Blithbury
Term: 7 years
Hodgson to Ball

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/14  1752

Assignment of a mortgage on a messuage and burgage tenement in Sandford Street, barn of 6 bays in Bacon Street, 6a arable in Munksley Field, Lichfield
Crynes to Spencer in trust for Dunn

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/15  1753

Lease and release of a messuage, formerly a barn of 5 bays in Bacon Street, pieces of land enclosed out of Monksley Field and Sandfield, Lichfield
Hollyer to Dunn

[no title]  D1798/HM39/18/16  1756

Mortgage of a messuage and tenement in Abbots Bromley
Godwin to Jorden

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/1  1715

Lease of a burgage tenement called The Paintice House in Market Street, Eccleshall
Term: 21 years
Hickin to Wedge

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/2  1720/1

Lease of a messuage and a number of closes (named), certain parts of the house reserved, in Pershall
Term: 3 years
Hickin to Dawson

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/3  1739

Assignment of lease of a messuage in Eastgate Street, Stafford, with bond
Till to Hickin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/4  1722-1741

Deeds, and other papers concerning the mortgage, for three houses in Eastgate Street, Stafford.
Includes marriage settlement of Thomas Heath and Ann Nevill, 1722.
Heath to Hickin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/5  1748

Bargain and sale of a messuage divided into three dwellings in Eastgate Street, and a messuage in Backwalls, Stafford
Hickin to Harvey

[no title]  D1798/HM39/19/6  1740

Mortgage of a a house called The Knowle Living and several closes (named) in Hixon, ps. Colwich and Stowe
Mortgage of a moiety of a messuage and appurtenances, p. Tibberton, Shropshire
Lease, release and bond
Webb to Hickin

[no title]  D1798/HM39/20  1751-1756

Documents concerning John Hickin of Stafford
Deeds and other papers concerning a complicated series of transactions in the lands of Thomas Broad of Fenton Vivian, a bankrupt.
John Hickin was one of his Trustees. The deeds concern land in LITTLE FENTON, BOTTESLOW and FENTON VIVIAN and arrange for a fire engine and a bricked pit to be made at the mines of Wood Farm, Little Fenton, so that coal can be got out at a lower level.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/1  1577-1723

14 documents

Title deeds, including copies and drafts, of the manor of Tytherington, Cheshire Worth to Heath to Abnet to Humphrey to Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM40/2  1567-1727

8 documents

Title deeds, including drafts, with assignment of mortgage, of messuages and lands in Tytherington, Cheshire Worth to Abnet to Perry to Jenson to Robins

[no title]  D1798/HM0/3  1557-1714

31 documents

Leases, assignments of leases, and agreements to lease, of lands and messuages in Tytherington, Cheshire Worth to Birckenough, Perry, Jolley, Jenson, Pownall

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/1  1707

TYTHERINGTON. Agreement to erect a barn in Tytherington, Cheshire, with plan and elevation of farm, list of timbers to be used, and full details of barn Humphrey Perry to John Fetherston

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/2  (1734)

Copy will of William Heath, yeoman, of Stoke on Tern, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/3  1754-1767

3 documents

Rent rolls of estate in Cheshire belonging to John Hicken
Rolls for 1754, 1755, 1766/7

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/4  1725

Mortgage of a burgage in Batchbridge Twallen to Shaw

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/5  1761

Draft advertisement for sale of manor of Tytherington, Cheshire, including Tytherington Hall and water corn mills; with valuation of the various lots

[no title]  D1798/HM40/4/6  No Date [?1761]

Valuation of an estate in Tytherington, Cheshire
Gives tenant's names, field names, acreages, and yearly values. With a rough draft valuation of the same estate.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/1  1499

Arbitration award on disputes as to the partition of the estates of John Okethorpe, deceased, between Nicholas Bakewell, John Worth, and Humphrey Columbell Lands in Ulkerthorpe (including the manor), Derbyshire, Nettleworth and Sulkam, Nottinghamshire
Arbitrator: George, Earl of Shrewsbury
Much damaged

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/2  1592/3

Agreement for partition of lands - manor of Nettleworth, and lands in Sulkam, Nottinghamshire, Palterton (including the manor), Skarcliffe, Derbyshire Jasper Worth of Tytherington, Cheshire, to Edward Columbell of Banwell, Leicestershire

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/3  1611-1612

2 documents

Leases of lands in Glossop, Derbyshire (Worth)

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/4  1620

Feoffment of a tenement called the Hirchenhalghe, Glossop, Derbyshire Jasper Worth to Ralph Bowden

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/5  1602

Bargain and sale of tenement, chief rents, and moiety of another tenement in Kingsley Jasper Worth to John Draycott

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/6  1597

Lease of a tenement in Kingsley Jasper Worth to William Jenkinson

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/7  1568

Deed relating to one-third of Grenes Hall, and one-third of five messuages in Dishley, Cheshire
Thomas Yerdeley to Philip Worth, son of Jasper Worth

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/8  1638

Lease of a moiety of Lee Hall tenement in Mottram Andrew, Cheshire
Peter Worth to Edmund Wassie and Sara Yeates

[no title]  D1798/HM40/5/9  1561

Quitclaim of two messuages and chief rents in Sale and Smethwick, Cheshire
Worth to Newton

[no title]  D1798/HM40/6  1548-1710

10 documents

Title deeds of mills at Rainow, Whalley and Pott Shrigley, and lands at Rainow, Pott Shrigley, and Bollington, all copyhold of the royal manor and forest of Macclesfield, Cheshire
Sutton to Worth to Raymond

[no title]  D1798/HM40/7/1  1700

2 copies

Copy grant by William III to Thomas Bray, D.D., of part of a debt owed to the Crown by Ralph Holinshed, deceased
The grant is made to re-imburse Bray for his expenses for providing libraries for clergy in Maryland, [North America], and to pay for further books

[no title]  D1798/HM40/7/2  1698

Letter from Humphrey Yates to Humphrey Perry
Business matters

[no title]  D1798/HM40/7/3  1703/4

Letter from Humphrey Perry to his mother, family affairs.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/8  1800-1802

Title deeds, abstract of title, and mortgages of a piece of land called Helsmore, Lichfield Buckeridge to Bayled to Leveson Gower to Lord Anson

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9  1728-1792

Deeds concerning the Warburton family, and their business relations with Humphrey Perry.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/1  1606

Fine of the manor and barony of Malpas, manors of Shocklach and Wigland, lands and mills, and houses in Malpas, Cuddington, Oldcastle, Wigland, ? Over Fulwicke Bradley, Chidlow, Tushingham, Masfen, Hampton, Larton Magna, Edg, Overton, Chorlton, Buckton, Broxton, Cawarden, Tilston, Horton, Barton, Aldersley, Crooke Aldersley, Coddington, Holywell, Lea Newbold, Christleton, Shocklach, Church Shocklach, Caldecott, Church on the Heath, Rowton, Wicaugh, and Acton, and advowsons of Malpas and Tilston, Cheshire
Peter Warburton, kt, and others, querents, and Randle Brereton, kt, deforciant

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/2  No Date (c.1720)

Act (copy) to allow Sir George Warburton to sell the manor of Pulford, Cheshire

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/3  1697

Agreement to produce title deeds of the manor of Cresswell, and other deeds Peter Warburton, kt, to Humphrey Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/4  1697

Lease and release, in trust, of the manor of Cresswell
Peter Warburton, kt, to Humphrey Perry to William Abnet

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/5  1697

Assignment of mortgage, of lands (not described) late of Ralph Egerton, deceased, in Holt, Denbighshire
Humphrey Perry to Peter Warburton, kt, heir of Ralph Egerton

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/6  1697

Assignment of bonds.
Humphrey Perry to trustees of Peter Warburton, kt

[no title]  D1798/HM40/9/7  1697

Accounts, agreements and memoranda regarding debts owed by Ralph Egerton to Humphrey Perry
Include rental of Egerton's estate in Allerston, Yorkshire

[no title]  D1798/HM40/10/1  May 1807

Poll Book for York County Election
Gives electors' occupations, and candidate for which each voted.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/10/2  [1768]

Act for vesting the estates of William, Earl of Stafford deceased, in Staffordshire and Shropshire, in trustees.
(Manuscript copy) 9 Geo III, c.205

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/1  1745

Lease and release of a dwelling house at Brosmore, Penkridge
Bayley to Bayley of Tixall

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/2  1727

Release in trust of house and lands in Haughton
Field names given
Hayley to Trustees

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/3  1819

Release of four messuages and four closes in Weston on Trent
Field names given.
John Hal to Charles, Earl Talbot

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/4  1732

Release of lands and messuages at Weir Davenport to Browne

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/5  1723

Lease and release in trust of a house and lands at Bednall, and lands at Acton Trussell, [p.Berkswich], and Butterhall [p.Penkridge]
Field names given
Joseph Nicklyn to Lewis Dickenson

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/6  1730

Mortgage of closes in Bradley
Field names given
Payne to Payne

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/7  1676

Release of four closes in Barlaston
Field names given
Boothby and Colclough to Hall

[no title or date]  D1798/HM40/11/8

Lease of a house and closes at Burston, p. Stone
Field names given
Term: 21 years
Turner and Hurlbutt to Brough

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/9  1747

Lease and release, in trust for payment of debts, of the manor of Fenton Vivian, with houses, and lands; with schedule of Broade's debts attached, and valuation of his estate
Field names given
Thomas Broade to John Ford, John Hickin and George Greatbach

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/10  1678

Fine of lands, tithes, and messuages in Seighford, Ellenhall, Ranton, Aston, Coton Clanford and Hexall, and the rectory of Ranton
John Turton, Walter Aston, Samuel Hunt, querents, and Frances Elde senior, Elizabeth Elde, Frances Elde junior, deforciants

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/11  1719

Agreement as to stock held in trust Blunt and Butler

[no title]  D1798/HM40/11/12  1736

Assignment of moneys, in trust Blunt to John Hickin

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/1  1752

Inventory of household goods of William Willington, esq, deceased, at Hurley Hall, Warwickshire
A long inventory, room by room.

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/2  1606

Confirmation of lease of a house and two yard lands in Aston, Derbyshire
Lord Paget and Charles Paget to Hugh Bukley

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/3  1648

Assignment of lease of a house and two yard lands in Aston, Derbyshire
Buckley to Brooke

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/4  1687

Lease of a messuage at Larkton, Bitterton, Cheshire
Term: 1 year
Fitzwilliam to Hilton

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/5  1758

Mortgage of messuages and closes at Lestwith, Cheshire
Wynne to Downes

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/6  1674

Lease of closes of land and meadow in Claverley, Shropshire
Field names given
Term: 21 years
Skinner to Barnely

[no title]  D1798/HM40/12/7  No Date [c. 1580]

Admission of Bromhall to three burgages in Werne, Shropshire
Earl of Arundel, lord of manor

[no title]  D1798/HM40/13/1  1725

Acquittance for recognizances forfeited at Stafford Borough Quarter Sessions to William Underwood, shoemaker, William Perry, innholder, and William Brookes, yeoman, all of Stafford

[no title]  D1798/HM40/13/2  1848

Summons to inhabitants of Wednesfield, to appear at the Staffordshire Quarter Sessions, to answer an indictment (cause not stated).

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1  1836-1840

Papers relating to the railway interests of Miss Jane Yardley

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1/1  1836

An Act for making a railway between London and Cambridge, with a view to its being extended hereafter to the Northern and Eastern Counties of England, (6 & 7 William IV, cap ciii)
Has schedule of lands to be taken for railway with names of owners, lessees, and occupiers

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1/2  1839

A Bill to amend the powers of the North and Eastern Railway Act.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1/3  1839

A Bill to enable the Northern and Southern Railway to alter the Line of their Railway, by forming a junction with the Eastern Counties Railway

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1/4  1840

Printed circular giving warning of intention to provide a Bill for changing the line of the Northern and Eastern Railway in HANTS and ESSEX.
With a covering letter to George Keene, stating that the Miss Yardley's wish to know how far their interests are affected.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/1/5  1840

Printed Circular, addressed to Miss Jane Yardley, giving warning of intention to provide a bill to alter the line of the Northern and Eastern Railway.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/1  No Date [c.1828]

Brief for plaintiff
Recites terms of lease of salt works by plaintiff to defendant's. Includes defendant's reply, plaintiffs replication, and defendants rejoinder, and plaintiffs case. Gives details of management of salt works, and financial manipulations. Also summary of evidence for plaintiff.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/2  No Date [c.1828]

Draft case for plaintiff

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/3  1827

Case for plaintiff submitted for counsels opinion
With opinion of J. Campbell

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/4  1824-1826

15 documents

Draft and copy deeds relating to agreement between plaintiff and defendants to operate Shirleywich salt works

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/5  1825

Copy licence to assign lease of land and salt works at Weston
Earl Ferrers to William Moore

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/6  1825

Draft bond, conditional payment of yearly rent for land at Weston upon Trent William Moore to Earl Ferrers

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/7  No Date [c.1825]

Tabulated statement of salt sold, and drawback received on customs duty, for salt works at Weston for 1819-1824.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/8  1828

Counsel's opinion about a lease (? of salt works) involved in Moore v. Broughton et al.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/9  No Date [c.1825]

Draft statement by George Keen, for counsel, about a lease made by Earl Ferrers to Charles Moore, deceased, with counsel's opinion on it

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/10  No Date

Draft statement about sale of Shirleywich salt works, for £25,000.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/11  No Date [c.1825]

2 copies

Names of special jurors in Moore v. Broughton et al., with addresses and occupations.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/12  No Date [c.1828]

Rough memorandum, listing course of events in Shirleywich salt works dispute.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/13  No Date [c.1828]

Draft statement about financial affairs of British Rock and Patent Salt Co., in 1826-1827

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/14  No Date

List of documents to be produced in evidence for plaintiff in Moore v. Broughton et al, with depositions and draft depositions of witnesses, giving details of process of salt extraction
Give details of salt extraction processes, and of costs and profits of Shirleywich salt works for 1821-24.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/15  1828 and No Date

Writ, receipts by witnesses for payments and rough accounts of legal expenses, witnesses charges etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/16  No Date c. 1828]

Letters (copies) between William Moore, Messrs Broughton and Salton, and the British Rock, and Patent Salt Comp., about the rent of Shirleywich salt works, and copies of receipts for rent of the works. 1825-7

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/17  1824-1825

Letters from James Sutton and William Furnival to William Moore, about Shirleywich salt works.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/18  1824-1828

Letters and copy letters between the parties Moore v. Broughton et al., and between their solicitors
Mostly dealing with the progress of the action, and with negotiations before the action began. Some information about finances of Shirleywich salt works.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/19  1824-1828

Letters from Will Wills of Birmingham, [Warwickshire], attorney, to George Keen and Will Moore, relating to the Shirleywich salt works.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/20  1828

Letters and copy letters between George Keens and C.L. Hogart of London about Shirleywich salt works
Hogart was apparently interested in the British Rock and Patent Steel Company

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/21  1826

Related information: See D1798/HM41/2/22

Manuscript copy of a newspaper report about the British Rock and Patent Salt Co.,

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/22  1826-1827

3 issues

Courier newspaper, containing articles on the British Rock and Patent Salt Co.,

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/23  1825

2 copies

Handbill, advertizing Salt for sale at Shirleywich, at 5s. a ton.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/24  1825

Reciept for five bushels of salt, bought at Shirleywich

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/25  No Date [c.1825]

Prospectus of the British Rock and Patent Salt Co.
With map showing salt works in West Midlands.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/26  1826

Circular, from William Furnival, to the shareholders of the British Rock and Patent Salt Co.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/2/27  1826

List of shareholders in the British Rock and Patent Salt Co.

[no title]  D1798/HM41/3/1  1789

Copy release of advowson and rectorial tithes of certain lands in Bradley Trustees of Charles and Martha Vere to George Anson of Shugborough

[no title]  D1798/HM41/3/2  1824

Instructions by Messrs Keen of Stafford for drafting a bill in Chancery, in the case of Sir George Chetwynd, bart., v. Assignees of William and John Fowler, bankrupts
The action relates to land at Polesworth and Grendon, Warwickshire, and a colliery at Grendon

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/1  1741-1744

Accounts of monies levied for the poor rate in the parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester, apparently by Thomas Dickenson as churchwarden.
Accounts for May 1741, Nov 1741, Mar 1743, May 1743, Mar 1744, Apr 1744, and Sep 1744.
Give names of ratepayers, amounts levied and, in a few cases, occupations.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/2  1744-1745

Churchwarden's rough account, for receipts and payments, parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester
Apparently an account of Thomas Dickenson as churchwarden.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/3  1741-1743

Accounts of money expended for the poor, parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester
Accounts for May 1741 (2 copies), Nov 1741 (2 copies), May 1743.
List sums spent on individual poor, and on the workhouse (? for the City of Worcester).

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/4  1743 and No Date

Lists of poor persons relieved, parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester
Gives sums paid and names of beneficiaries.
List for May, 1743, and 2 undated lists

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/5  1741-1745

Vouchers for expenditure of Thomas Dickenson, as overseer of the poor and churchwarden, parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester.
Include vouchers for food supplied to workhouse, bread and coal given to poor, burials of poor, repairs to St Nicholas' clock

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/6  No Date [c.1740]

Three lists of persons to whom small sums were paid, probably poor relieved in p. St. Nicholas, Worcester

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/7  1744

Abstract of sums paid in 1704-1710 by the parish of St. Nicholas, Worcester to the Worcester City Workhouse.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/8  1738-1748 & No Date

Letters to Thomas Dickenson, Worcester, from relatives and friends
Mostly about family affairs. Some references to financial transactions and to the grocery business.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/9  1741

Election address of John Ravenhill, parliamentary candidate for Worcester

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/10  No Date [?1741]

"The Names of the Managers for Sir H.H." Lists a committee for each ward of the city of Worcester

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/11  No Date [c.1746]

Copy of Lord Bal-m-no's [Balmerino] speech to the Lords, on his conviction.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/12  1743

Circular from the Worcester guardians to the city parishes
Giving account of income and expenditure, printed 1730-1743.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/13  1742

Appeal from the Bishop of Worcester for subscriptions to relieve the sufferers from a fire at Stony Stratford

[no title]  D1798/HM42/1/14  1745

Articles of enquiry at the primary visitation of Isaac [Maddox], Bishop of Worcester

[no title]  D1798/HM42/2  No Date

Papers of Joseph Greaves of Aston, Derbyshire, relating to the sale of the Derbyshire estates of the Earl of Scarsdale, deceased
Contains: letters, rough accounts, rough notes as to title, bonds, copies of agreements for sale, etc. Also includes presentation by Earl of Scarsdale to Alfreton Vicarage, 1661; Bill for enclosure of open fields and wastes of Palterton and Scarcliffe, No Date.
Greaves was a purchaser.
Relates to property in North Wingfield, Sutton, Ault Hucknall, Scarcliffe, Alfreton, Normanton, Brampton, Duckmanton, Birley, ? Marksfield, Palterton, Staveley, Derbyshire

[no title]  D1798/HM42/3  1831-1835

3 documents

Related information: See also H.M. Sneyd

Lease and assignments of lease of a house and land in Blackheath, Kent
Lord Dartmouth to Bailey to Green to Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM42/4/1  1568

Deed to lead the uses of a recovery of a messuage and lands in Knighton William Sambrooke of Sambrook, Shropshire to /John Parker

[no title]  D1798/HM42/4/2  1677

Appointment by Francis Sambrooke of Sambrook, Shropshire, of certain sums specified in his marriage settlement.

[no title]  D1798/HM42/4/3  1649-1668

3 documents

Leases of a house and lands in Knighton Sambrook to Martin

[no title]  D1798/HM42/5/1  1684

Settlement on the marriage of Mary Barke and John Maulton
Property: House and closes at Dalbury
Lees, Derbyshire
Field names given

[no title]  D1798/HM42/5/2  1720

Lease and release, and deed to lead uses of a recovery of a house and closes at Dalbury Lees, Derbyshire
Field names given
Maulton to Fawles

[no title]  D1798/HM42/6  1674/5

2 documents

Leases of closes in Claverley, Shropshire
Field names given
John Skinner of London to Knowles and Chapman

[no title]  D1798/HM42/7/1  1724

Lease of a close and common rights in Church Langley, Derbyshire
Field names given
John Byard of Derby to Richard Harrison of Church Langley, Derbyshire

[no title]  D1798/HM42/7/2  1724

Assignment of mortgage of closes in Shirland, Derbyshire
Field names given

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/1  1564

Lease of the tithes of the township of Macclesfield, p. Prestbury
Trustees of Dame Mary Egerton to Jasper Worth

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/2  1663

Articles of agreement as to a lease made in trust of the prebendal estate of Cropedy, Oxfordshire
Field names given
Chamberlayne to Taylor to Boothby to Lawrence to Allen to Raleigh to Ladkins to Beecher to Yates to Field to Savage to Danvers

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/3  1658/9

Articles of agreement for lease for farm and mansion house of Nursling, Hampshire Mill to FitzJames

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/4  1681

Damaged by mould

Articles of agreement for docking the entail on the manor of Bethamsley, Yorkshire Clapham family

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/5  1824

Draft release of the Red Lion Inn and a plot of land in Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire Copson to Alcock

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/6  1635

Feoffment of a messuage and 30 acres of land, St Andrews, Glamorgan John to Jenkins

[no title]  D1798/HM42/8/7  1751

Copy licence to take down the Hospital of St. Andrew, ? Denwall, Cheshire Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry to Sneyd Davies, Master of St John's Hospital, Lichfield

[no title]  D1798/HM43/1/1  1688-1715

Draft family settlements, wills and legal notes, about affairs of Maisterson family of Nantwich
The Maistersons were apparently clients and relatives of Humphrey Perry.
Property mentioned includes: malt mill, houses, and closes in Nantwich, Cheshire, farm at Stapeley, p. Wybunbury, Cheshire, land at Wem, Shropshire (field names given)
Documents include :
Copy will of Thomas Maisterson the elder, made 1688/9
Copy will of Thomas Maisterson the younger, made 1711
Articles of agreement for a settlement on the marriage of Thomas Maisterson and Katherine Bromley, 1688

[no title]  D1798/HM43/1/2  No Date [1705-1706]

Draft petition to Lord Keeper of Great Seal by Dame Mary Treby, widow, and her son Brinley Treby.
Relates to funds in the hands of her trustees.

[no title]  D1798/HM43/1/3  No Date [c. 1752]

Account of sums due to Mrs Ridge on a bond given by John Wicksted

[no title]  D1798/HM43/2/1  1710

Lease and release of the manor and the advowson of Cresswell
Humphrey Perry of STAFFORD to John Addenbrooke, fellow of St. Katherine's Hall, Cambridge, and nephew of Humphrey Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM43/2/2  1718

Assignment of mortgage of the manor and the advowson of Cresswell
William Dawes, Archbishop of York to trustees of Humphrey Perry's will and Addenbrooke).

[no title]  D1798/HM43/3/1  1686-7

3 documents

Title deeds of manor of Stanthorpe, Cheshire, with lands and houses in the same
Palmer to Whalley to Trustees (including Humphrey Perry)

[no title]  D1798/HM43/3/2  1687

Mortgage of a moiety of houses, cottages, and lands in Bednall, Acton Trussell, Salt and Enson, Stafford (Broad Eye, Eastgate Street, Foregate), and Tillington Whalley to Greene and Milton to Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/1  1341

Feoffment of all lands and messuages formerly of John of Westwell in "Moresborgh",? Derbyshire Richard of Hakmichor, clerk, to Cecilia, wife of William of Lynacre

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/2  1335

Feoffment of four messuages (positions described) in Stafford
Alice Boner, widow to Thomas of Twyford, priest

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/3  1591

Bargain and sale of 30 acres woodland at Hardwick, p. Sandon
Samuel Walkden of Walton to Gilbert
Gerrard, kt, Master of Rolls

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/4  1696

Lease of a house called Tart Hall, Middlesex, sequestrated for recusancy of Lord Stafford
King's Receiver General for Middlesex to William Pierrepoint of Tong, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/5  1702

Abstract from settlement on the marriage of Robert Bromley and Joan, his wife
Property included: closes in Great and Little Bridgford, p. Seighford
Field names given

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/6  1750

Settlement, with counterpart, on the marriage of Thomas Salt and Ann, daughter of Francis Lycett
Property included: Moiety of the Lees House, with gardens, etc., in p. Castle Church

[no title]  D1798/HM43/4/7  No Date [c.1800]

Abstract of title of Lord Talbot to messuages, tofts, mills, and lands (not described) in Coton, p. Stafford St Mary Recites deeds 1744-1800.

[no title]  D1798/HM43/5/1  1662

Letter from Scudamore to his uncle Henry Milbourne, concerning assessments on property for arms.

[no title]  D1798/HM43/5/2  No Date [1684]

Letter (unsigned) to Mrs Neldon, at Earley Court, Berkshire, apparently from a lover. Includes some remarks about Duke of Monmouth.

[no title]  D1798/HM43/5/3  No Date [1684]

Copy of London Gazette (No. 5038) contains petitions to Queen in favour of peace with Frace, from Northamptonshire, Anglesey, Cardigan, Suffolk, Kent, Boroughbridge, and Pershore, also news of war in Flanders.

[no title]  D1798/HM43/5/4  No Date [1587]

Draft presentment for riotous assembly and assault at Baddeley Edge, Staffordshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/1  1698-1731

Papers relating to the property of William Hackett, mercer, of Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, at Ashby etc
Deed to copyhold land in Earl Shilton, 1698 Bunny to Hacket.
Abstract of Title, 1605-1717
Probate will and inventory of Robert Hackett, 1706
Probate will and inventory of William Hackett, 1715-1717, with quittances to 1731 for legacies

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/1  1724

Deeds to properties in South Wingfield, Derbyshire
Properties: 1/3 messuage and closes-Croft, Patch, Narr Middle and Farr Moor, Kiln Croft, Robin's Piece New Breck, Heeley Piece, Rye Close, Croft Acre, Cow Pasture, Wood Piece, Somer Nook, 2/3 of Edward Parkes settlement.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/2  1724

Memorandum of agreement to sell New Laundes, p. Kirk Langley Richard Harrison to John Byard

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/3  1714

Settlement on the marriage of of John Monk of Burton and Elizabeth Brown of Nether Thurvaston
Byard was a trustee

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/4  1716

Deed to a messuage and farm, Longford John Byard to Edward Coke

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/5  1725

Copy assignment of a mortgage of a house, crofts, Sansall Meadow, in Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire
Cooper to Lambert by Byard.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/6  1726

Lease of Darby's Nithins, Spondon, Derbyshire
Byard to Byrch

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/7  1739

2 document

Receipts for legacies under will of Mary Byard

[no title]  D1798/HM44/2/8  (1672-1720)

Abstract of Title of Broad Sytch meadow, Swinesmoor and ½ farm in Dalbury, Derbyshire, and other property.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/1  1552

Deed to garden, p. Derby St. Werburgh Babyington to Campion.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/2  1589

Deed to house in Branthwaite, Marston Bromley to Bonce

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/3  1613

Deed to property in Brookside alias Nether Waldwieke
Derby Campion, tanner, to Tabener.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/4  [1611]

Settlement of property in Great and Little Appleby, Derbyshire and Leicestershire Wolley

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/5  1638

Settlement on the marriage of Binckley and Cowper
Property in Aston on Trent - farm implements

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/6  1649

Lease of two yard lands in Aston on Trent Brooke to Mooreley

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/7  1646

Lease of messuage near Church Lane, Chesterfield
Brough to Westbie

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/8  1647

Quitclaim of a close near Nun Green, Derby Eyre to Walton

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/9  1651

Quitclaim of a close in Friar Gate, derby Allestry and Chambers to Bennet

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/10  1658

Followes family settlement of open field land in Aston on Trent - with bounds

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/11  1661

Mortgage of open field land in Aston on Trent - with bounds
Fallowes to Harrison

[no title]  D1798/HM44/3/12  1679

Lease of closes in Sutton in the Hill Roe to Moriss

[no title]  D1798/HM44/4/1  1853

Correspondence between Partington and Soulby about shares in the Alford to Boston Turnpike, Lincolnshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/4/2  1845-1874

Conveyances and abstracts of title (from 1784) for a close in Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire
Skelton to /Pudby; Thimbley to Soulby

[no title]  D1798/HM44/4/3  1797

Assignment of an annuity, Boston, Lincolnshire
Rinder a party

[no title]  D1798/HM44/4/4  c.1761-1765

Legal papers re will of Robert Rinder, of Chapel Allerton, ? Yorkshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/5  c.1819

Case papers re Peirson v. Garnett in Chancery
Includes opinions by Romilly; arising from will of John Parter, ? Bishop of Clogher.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/1-3  c.1668-1686

Deeds relating to property of the Bromhall family of Northwood Hill, Wem, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/4  c.1688-1693

Correspondence and papers concerning sale of office of gaoler of the Fleet Prison, London, held by Thomas Bromhall
Including proposed Act of Parliament; list of incumbrances.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/5  c.1602-1664

Transactions of Bromhall and Balterley families, concerning lands in Newton and Horton

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/6  1667-1686

Bromhall family leases of properties in Newtown

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/7  c.1641-1685

Miscellaneous bonds to observe covenants, pay money etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/8  c.1685-1687

Letters to and from H[umphrey] Perry at Stafford re Bromhall affairs (mostly)

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/9  c. 1680-1688

Accounts and acknowledgment of debts by Bromhall; appointment of attorneys, agreement of creditors, legal papers.
Farndon v. Bromhall.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/10  No Date [c.1690]

Abstract of title of Bromhall's lands with a survey of part of the same

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/11  No Date [c.1660-1685]

Calculations and accounts of Bromhall indebtedness

[no title]  D1798/HM44/6/12  1679-1685

Bromhall agreement with Morgan of Shrewsbury for mortgage (?) and copy will.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/1  1592

Lease of water course, Cudington.
Brereton/ap Edward lease.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/2  1634

Lease of Dolvesacre, etc., Iscoyd, Flintshire Brereton to Fitzwilliams & Brereton

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/3  1691

Mortgage of cottage and Oates Croft, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire
Mainwaring to Hodgkins

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/4  1717

Assignment of mortgage of Newhouse and Deasy Bank, Hulme Walfield, Cheshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/5  1739

Copy of will of Mrs Wynn of Congleton, Cheshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/6  1785

Copy of the settlement on the marriage of Miss Green and Martin Lloyd
Property in Coventry, Warwickshire, Sandon and Bilston, Staffordshire included

[no title]  D1798/HM44/7/7  No Date [c.1700]

Rental of the Crewe Hall estate, Cheshire - owner John Crewe (abstract).

[no title]  D1798/HM44/8/1  1674

Deeds to land in Claverley, Shropshire, including Aston Hall.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/8/2  1648

Lockett family settlement
Property included: tenement in Shropshire Street, Market Drayton, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/8/3  1739

Curate's licence - Clunbury, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/8/4  1728-1730

Rent roll for property in Cleobury North, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/8/5  No Date [c1770]

Abstract of title of heir of John Beetenson to property in Edgmond, Shropshire
Covers period 1652-1768

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/1  1610

Wolley family settlement
Property included: Capital messuage etc., in Newton in the Thistles

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/2  1739

Will of Jane Taylor of Worcester

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/3  1743

Recovery of messuage etc. in Burton, p. Castle Church
Thacker to Vaughan?

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/4  1743

Recovery of messuage in Eastgate Street, Stafford
Bromley to Vaughan

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/5  1833

List of publicans and inn Bolton Division (and one other?), ? Lancashire

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/6  1743

Document concerning tithes of ? Langaran Reeve of Willenhall
Too fragile to examine

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/7  c.1757-c.1785

Share certificates, accounts and miscellaneous papers apparently concerned with shares of John Cartwright in Sir Nicholas Bayley's mineral workings, ? Anglesey

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/8  1696

Settlement on the marriage of Francis Jones and Cecil Richards of Cardiff.

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/9  1696

Bond of Francis Jones

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/10  1696

Too fragile to examine

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/11  No Date

Settlement on the marriage of Francis Jones and Cecil Richards of Cardiff.
Properties in Llantrissant

[no title]  D1798/HM44/9/12  1731-1733

Deeds to property at Gwain Taly Bont, Pendiscon
Llewellin to Morgan; Carne to Talbot of Hensol.

[no title]  D1798/HM45  No Date

Reference originally allocated to a box of Dickinson and Drakeford material, but the documents were amalgamated with other Dickinson and Drakeford documents listed at time under HM Dickinson and HM Drakeford (civil)

[no title]  D1798/HM46  18 Century

Turnpike Trust Act.
Stone - Wordsley Geren Gate; Wolverhampton -Dudley; Dudley - Birmingham; Wolverhampton - Cannock. No Date
Deeds to salt workings in Lawton, Cheshire [Lawton] to Sparrow to Loundes 1725
Papers re case of Castley v. Birch, Stafordshire, 1818
Miscellaneous depositions, mostly in Chancery cases
Metcalfe & Fellow (re will of John Maklin, fishmonger of London) v. Stonier Parrott late of "Bignell Hill" (Co. Staffs) and Coventry (co. Warwicks); or Wyndham. depositions, petitions etc.; c. 1736-1740
Lease of lands and mineral rights in Foleshill, Bedworth and Hawkesbury.
Eld v. Palmer, Smallwood & Wood re tithes in Seighford; c. 1747-1748
? Herefordshire or Monmouthshire Langley v. Earl of Oxford; 1745
Case re Ferrers marriage settlement of 1741; 1787

[no title]  D1798/HM47/1  1675

Admission and surrender of Pear Tree Croft, Agardsley
Whitehead to Broughton

[no title]  D1798/HM47/2  1672

Deeds to messuage and lands in Armitage, Handsacre and kings Bromley
Broughton to Orme

[no title]  D1798/HM47/3  1718

Deeds to closes in Barlaston
Hall to Williamson

[no title]  D1798/HM47/4  1773-1829

Papers re personalty in Billington, p. Castle Church
Bentley settlement, 1829
Will of Thomas Deakin, 1773

[no title]  D1798/HM47/5  No Date [c.1667]

Deeds to copyhold land in Paddock
Meadow, Bilston, manor of Stowheath
Moseley to Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM47/6  1736

Mortgage of closes in Bradeley, near Stafford

[no title]  D1798/HM47/7  1813

Conveyance of messuage and land in Castle Church and Rowley
Brookes to Trustees for sale.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/8  No Date [c.1670]

Adderley family settlement
Includes property in Cubbleston

[no title]  D1798/HM47/9  1815

Ward family settlement
Includes Maddergale, Cross flatt closes etc in Dilhorne

[no title]  D1798/HM47/10  1734

Deed to Marchfield, Dunston
Millward to Short

[no title]  D1798/HM47/11  1747

Mortgage of the prebend of Eccleshall Davison

[no title]  D1798/HM47/12  1715

Conveyance of messuage in Gnosall
Collins to Collins

[no title]  D1798/HM47/13  1769

Deeds to Alstone tithes
Waldoes to Talbot

[no title]  D1798/HM47/14  1814

Mortgages of properties in Gnosall and Bradeley
Crockett to Higgins

[no title]  D1798/HM47/15  1768

Assignment of mortgage on properties in Hardwick, Hilderstone, Milwich and Silkmore, p. Castle Church
Forester to Dickinson

[no title]  D1798/HM47/16  1669

Deeds to messuage, land etc. on the Perry-Birmingham road, Handsworth

[no title]  D1798/HM47/17  1741

(? Deed to) Knowle Close, Hixon

[no title]  D1798/HM47/18  1802

Webb settlement

[no title]  D1798/HM47/19  1736

Clifford deed

[no title or date]  D1798/HM47/20

Transferred to S D Pearson 644?

[no title]  D1798/HM47/21  1675

Lease of Hall Orchard, Longdon
Horton to Hurt

[no title]  D1798/HM47/22  1699

Recognizance under Statute Staple Orme

[no title]  D1798/HM47/23  No Date [c.1750]

Papers re bankruptcy of Higgins, Loynton

[no title]  D1798/HM47/24  1823

Agreement concerning Linbrook farm, Needwood
Adams to Hunt

[no title]  D1798/HM47/25  1692-1695


[no title]  D1798/HM47/26  1665

Lease of Lyme ground in Milwich
Foden to Whilton

[no title]  D1798/HM47/27  c.1679

Final concord of lands in Milwich, Leigh and Bridgeford

[no title]  D1798/HM47/28  1690

Deed to lands in Milwich and Stafford Crompton's Charity - uncompleted.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/29  1792

Mortgage of Rushton family property in Milwich

[no title]  D1798/HM47/30  1793

Draft will of Hoult, mentioning house in milwich

[no title]  D1798/HM47/31  1811

Deed to manor of Little Onn and farms
Crockett to Parkes

[no title]  D1798/HM47/32  1804

Papers concerning Queen Anne's Bounty and the living of Coppenhall

[no title]  D1798/HM47/33/1-2  1759-1787

Bentley and Hall settlements, property including copyhold lands in Penkridge, etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/34  1733

Hickin family settlement concerning Elizabeth and Thomas of New House, Penkridge.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/35  No Date [c.1597]

Bond concerning land in Salt
Robyns to Chetwynd

[no title]  D1798/HM47/36  1670

Covenants concerning various messuages etc in Stafford, Bushbury, Perry Barr, Darlaston, Handsworth
(Foxall, Willis, Fanshawe)

[no title]  D1798/HM47/37  1708

Lease of a messuage in Greengate Street, Stafford
Fowler to Perry

[no title]  D1798/HM47/38  1777

Papers re the bankruptcy of Savage, a threadmaster.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/39  1807

Papers re the bankruptcy of Hall, banker

[no title]  D1798/HM47/40  c.1538

Lease of a ? farm, Burton, ?p. Castle Church
(? Grosvenor/Frost)

[no title]  D1798/HM47/41  1812

Lease of land in Stafford Wynne to Bane

[no title]  D1798/HM47/42  1773

Division of estate of George Harris, p.Stone

[no title]  D1798/HM47/43  [1681]

Inquisition on Fitzherbert of Swynnerton - recusant.
Dated 33 Car II

[no title]  D1798/HM47/44  1773

Mortgage of a croft in the Gutter, Tutbury Slatham to Beardsley

[no title]  D1798/HM47/45  1751

Assigned lease of a cottage, Walton [on the Hill], Berkswich
Sutton to Bobd

[no title]  D1798/HM47/46  1671-1682

Deeds to the Clough, etc., Waterfall Allcocks Howarth; Beresford to Parks;

[no title]  D1798/HM47/47/1-24  1730

Assignment of lease on the Inn, Wolseley Sharples to Hollyer of Coventry, vintner, to Dunn

[no title]  D1798/HM47/48  No Date [c.1757]

Final concord on property in Wotton, p. Eccleshall
Hadderton to Fieldhouse

[no title]  D1798/HM47/48/2  No Date [c.1735]

Deeds to property in Kings Bromley, Handsacre etc
Parkhurst to Lock

[no title]  D1798/HM47/49  1648-1693

Deeds to Whitehead family property in Aston

[no title]  D1798/HM47/50  1713

Conveyance of land at Longford, [p. Penkridge]
Cote to Byard

[no title or date]  D1798/HM47/51

Byard deed
Mouldy and unfit to examine

[no title]  D1798/HM47/52  1725

Kings Newton and Melbourne, [Derbyshire] Copper to Hatden

[no title]  D1798/HM47/53  1725

Conveyance of land in Pendoycon John to Robert

[no title]  D1798/HM47/54  c.1720-c.1739

Fines of lands in Canterbury, [Kent]

[no title]  D1798/HM47/55  No Date [c.1719]

Fines of lands in Thanet, [Kent]

[no title]  D1798/HM47/56  1733

Conveyance of land in Corvedale, [Shropshire]
Stafford to Branthwaite

[no title]  D1798/HM47/57  1755

Lease of land in Sambrooke, [Shropshire] Gardlett

[no title]  D1798/HM47/58  1681


[no title]  D1798/HM47/59  1740

Conveyance of the Knowle, Tibberton, [Shropshire]
Webb to Feepound

[no title]  D1798/HM47/60/1-4  1729-1738

Mortgage and leases of lands in Moniash, Odson, Dalbury Lees, Overburrow, [Derbyshire]

[no title]  D1798/HM47/61  1810-1833

Leases of Sneyd property in Tutbury, Needwood, Hanbury

[no title]  D1798/HM47/62  1814

Burgage in Conduit St. and land in Berryhill field (17th cent - 1814)

[no title]  D1798/HM47/63  1819

Wood - Lloyd.
Messuage in St. Michaels

[no title]  D1798/HM47/64  1703-1815

Land in Gay field.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/65  ? (post 1807)

Land in Sandfield.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/66  1819

Croxall et al
Land in Spearhill (1759-1819)

[no title]  D1798/HM47/67  1800

Messuage in Lichfield St. Michael

[no title]  D1798/HM47/68  1820; 1830

Exchange etc. of Anson with Marquess of Stafford also deed of covenant

[no title]  D1798/HM47/69  1815

Land in Lichfield St. Michael Harding/Corve.

[no title or ref.]  1753

- Burgage in Bacon St.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/70  1753


[no title]  D1798/HM47/71  1820

Also; Knightley: indemnity re Sambrook deeds etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/72  1780

Wirksworth, Derbyshire
(Bundled with * Deakin)

[no title]  D1798/HM47/73  1826

Quarter Session ? Nisi Prius court (QSMC)
Calendar of Criminal Business

[no title]  D1798/HM47/74  1830

Brief for Prosecution.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/75  No Date [19 cent.]

Turnpike - unused tickets various gates for Cheadle roads

[no title]  D1798/HM47/76  1850-1851

List of tax defaulters - Cuttlestone Hundred Calculated list for various taxes.

[no title]  D1798/HM47/77  No Date [17 cent.]

Fragment of unknown document

[no title]  D1798/HM48/1  1804-1805

? Account of Collins and Keen possibly with Stephen Yates.
Includes farm and colliery at unstated places

[no title]  D1798/HM48/2  No Date [c.1700]

Case papers re H. Perry gent v. John Perry, locksmith and wife Anne, and John Perry, father of H. Perry
The case concerned the marriage settlement of John Perry and Anne
Includes surveys of property in Bilston; papers deal with administration of manor of Stowheath

[no title]  D1798/HM48/3/1/2  1822-1825

Farm accounts? of executor or Trustee, property in Sutton, [? p. Forton]

[no title]  D1798/HM48/4/1/2  1821-1828

Deeds to Lower Market Place, Hanley Carmichael

[no title]  D1798/HM48/5  1822

Abstract of title (1733-early 19 cent.) of Robert Tildesley of Thomas Harris to property in Milwich

[no title]  D1798/HM48/6  1721-19th century

Deeds, abstract of title (from 1686) of Jellicose and Stubbs, with miscellaneous papers, relating to property in Howle, Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM48/7  1736

Leases of pastures called Near and Far New Piece, Corbets ditch, etc., in Wellington, Shropshire
St John Charlton to Locke

[no title]  D1798/HM48/8  1738-1798

Miscellaneous Probates and Copies
Thomas Addison of Ellenhall, 1771
John Hodgetts of Shuttend, Kingswinford, 1738
Mary Durant of Tong, Shropshire, No Date [draft]
John Nicholls of Pershall, 1798
Mary Fairchild of Burlawton, ? Shropshire

[no title]  D1798/HM48/9  1699

Lease, for release, of a messuage in Stone Austyn to Eggington
Endorsed "Presented by Harriss"

[no title]  D1798/HM48/10  1799

Conveyance of land in Sambrooke, Shropshire
Barrows to Anson

[no title]  D1798/HM48/11  1681

Conveyance of Winterlands and other pasture etc., Sheriffhales Quid to Jones

[no title]  D1798/HM48/12  1542

Surrender and admission to lands in Stretton, manor of Church Eyton, Shropshire
Kylford to Ball

[no title]  D1798/HM48/13  1855

Map of Hill Hall Estate, p. High Offley

[no title]  D1798/HM49/1  1711-1820

Title deeds, copy title deeds, mortgages, and abstracts of title, for burgage and house (sometimes referred to as the Ball Public House), Tamworth Street, Lichfield Holmes to Shaw to Crosland to Harding to Sandles to Floyer to Bolton to Edwards to Melvin to Cooper to Marquis of Stafford and Lord Anson.

Papers in the case of Henry Crockett and others v. Sir George Jerningham Action in Chancery over the estate of Lady Maria de Rohan Chabot, deceased  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM49/2/1  No Date [c.1810]

Bill and answer for the plaintiffs.

[no title]  D1798/HM49/2/2  1772

Copy articles of agreement for settlement on the marriage of George Jerningham and Mary Plowden

[no title]  D1798/HM49/2/3  1772

2 copies

Will of William, Earl of Stafford, made 1733

Papers relating to Lewis Dickenson of Stafford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D1798/HM49/3/1  1715

Assignment of lease, made in satisfaction of debt, of messuages, cottages and lands in Baswich, Castle Church and Acton Trussell Parker to Dickenson to Williamson

[no title]  D1798/HM49/3/2  1758

Draft assignment of lease, premises not described.
Dickenson to Inge

[no title]  D1798/HM49/3/3  1773

Draft assignment of mortgage of farms, closes and messuages in Sandon, Castle Church, Bilston, Sedgley, Hilderstone and Milwich
Tenants' names given
Dickenson to Robbins

[no title or date]  D1798/HM49/3/4

Draft release of one third of farms and closes in Sandon, Castle Church, Bilston, Hilderstone and Milwich
Dickenson to Robbins

[no title]  D1798/HM49/3/5  No Date [c1775]

Notice of a dwelling house to let in Forebridge, Stafford
Drakeford to Dickenson

[no title]  D1798/HM49/3/6  1761

Letter, D. Dickenson to Lewis Dickenson, about money paid for Lewis in London.

[no title]  D1798/HM49/4/1  1798

Draft deed to lead uses of a recovery of closes in Little Haywood and Colwich Field names given
Thomas Mottershaw to Benjamin Price

[no title]  D1798/HM49/4/2  1700

Letter from Henry Walker to Humphrey Perry, about sale of a close in Draycott and tithes due on it

[no title]  D1798/HM49/4/3  1756-1757

Bill and receipt

[no title]  D1798/HM50/1  1598-1652

8 documents

Salmon family settlements and marriage settlements for lands and messuages in Coole Pilate, Cheshire

[no title]  D1798/HM50/2  1665-1671

10 documents

Title deeds, mortgage, assignment of mortgage, for lands and closes in Coole
Pilate, Cheshire
Field names given
Astell to Salmon to Ridgway

[no title]  D1798/HM50/3  1574-1667

4 documents

Title deeds to a messuage, garden, etc., in Coole Pilate, Cheshire
Barker to Salmon to Massie

[no title]  D1798/HM50/4  1643

Lease of a cottage in Old Coole Lane, Coole Pilate, Cheshire
Salmon to Hassall

[no title]  D1798/HM50/5  1554

Lease of a moiety of the Hall at Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire
Reed to Massie

[no title]  D1798/HM50/6/1  1699-1721

4 documents

Title deeds to a moiety of Stoke Park, Stoke upon Tern, Shropshire
Pulteney to Guy to Collins

[no title]  D1798/HM50/6/2  1700

Mortgage of a moiety of Stoke Park, Stoke upon Tern, Shropshire
Collins to Clive of Styche

[no title]  D1798/HM50/6/3  1672-1754

Leases and assignments of leases of a moiety of Stoke Park, Stoke upon Tern, Shropshire
Pulteney to Collins

[no title or date]  D1798/HM50/6/4

Probate copy will of John Collins of Baswich, yeoman

[no title]  D1798/HM50/6/5  No Date [18th cent]

Sketch map of Stoke Park, Stoke upon Tern, Shropshire
Giving field names and acreages, with drawings of two buildings.

[no title]  D1798/HM50/6/6  1751

Bill for legal charges due to Samuel Dickenson from Mr Collins.

[no title]  D1798/HM50/7/1  1617

2 documents

Title deeds to Long Close at end of Tutbury Bridge, Hatton, Derbyshire
Matthew to Bagnold

[no title]  D1798/HM50/7/2  1615-1617

2 documents

Lease and assignment of lease of Long Close at Hatton, Derbyshire, and a messuage at Tutbury
Matthew to Powell to Aston

[no title]  D1798/HM50/7/3  1610-1618

3 documents

Title deeds to arable land and closes, Hatton, Derbyshire
Field names given Smethwick to Bagnold

[no title]  D1798/HM50/7/4  1648,1668

2 documents

Leases of demesne lands and closes, Marston, Derbyshire
Field names given Earl of Devonshire to Bagnold

[no title]  D1798/HM50/7/5  1615

Letter of attorney
Bond to Bagnold

[no title]  D1798/HM50/8  1836

Assignment of stocks and monies Wasey to Day to Sneyd

[no title]  D1798/HM50/9  1658

Feoffment in trust, house called Marsh Hall, Bowdon, Derbyshire
Broune to Murhall

[no title]  D1798/HM50/10  1787

Assignment and admission of a copyhold close in Easingwold, Yorkshire
Field names given Featherstone to Armistead

[no title]  D1798/HM50/11  1758

Lease of a house in Albermarle Street, Clerkenwell, ?London
Bromley to Booth

[no title]  D1798/HM50/12  1821

Abstract of title of William Houlbrook to messuages and closes, Scropton, Derbyshire
Field names given

[no title]  D1798/HM50/13  No Date [mid 17th cent]

List of landowners, with sums of money paid, for Hundreds of Wirksworth, Repington and Greasley, and Scarsdale, with fragment of another hundred, Derbyshire.
Probably a tax assessment

[no title]  D1798/HM50/14  1699-1702

3 documents

Releases for legacies received under will of Frances, wife of Alexander Shirburne of Chipping, Lancashire

[no title]  D1798/HM50/15  1824, No Date

Letters to George Keen of Stafford, about unsuccessful searches for wills, etc.

[no title]  D1798/HM51  1486-1712

Papers relating to the Keepership of Game on Cannock Chase
Grants of keepership to Astons by Paget, [1609]
Arbitrations between an Aston and Bishop of Lichfield and Paget, 1593/94 and [1496]
Agreement between Bishop of Lichfield and Sir Edward Aston concerning claim of Aston to timber, also rights in Sowe; and mill at Haywood, and mill at Shugborough, 1538
Certificate by neighbours that Aston is keeper, signed, 1594
Warrant to deliver game to Pelby of Stafford, 2 Hen VII or Hen VIII, [1486 or 1510]
Copy pleadings in case re. Aston v. Bishop of Lichfield, n.d. [c. 1500]
Legal papers in case re fees for keepership, 1712.
Deposition Paget v. Aston in connection with above, 1712
Bond to abide by arbitration, concerning property in Little Onn
Reynolds and Wolriche, Jan 24 Hen VII

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