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Reference DE5834
Covering dates 1759-1961
Held by Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Record Office
Extent 212 FILES
Source of acquisition Deposited: July 2000
Creators 17th Regiment of Foot, 1851 - 1881; Leicestershire Regiment, 1881 - 1946; Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 1946 - 1964

Seventeenth Regiment of Foot  DE5834/1-13  1759-1879

Engraving of the death of Major General James Wolfe at Quebec, 1759.  DE5834/1  1779

Wolfe is said to have received his mortal wound whilst at the head of the 'Louisburg Grenadiers'; a composite battalion made up from grenadier companies, including that of the 17th Foot.

Transcript of 'A Weekly Return of the XVII Regiment of Lake George 2nd July 1759'.  DE5834/2  1926 [1759]

With a covering letter from W.W. Townsend, of Washington D.C., U.S.A. The return names officers present at Lake George and lists the numbers of sergeants, drummers and rank and file.
N.B. The covering letter refers to a photostat of the original which is not present.

Photocopy of a weekly return of the XVII Regiment at Crown Point, 15 June 1760.  DE5834/3  n.d. [1760]

The return is signed by Richard Montgomery, later a Major General in the service of the rebel American Congress and killed leading their attack on Quebec in 1775.
N.B. This may be the photostat referred to in DE5834/2/1.

Snapshot photograph of New York, showing the site of the camp of the 17th Regiment in 1776 (marked 'X')  DE5834/4  1935

[B & w.; 3¼ x 4½ ins.]

Photograph of the site of the 17th Regiment's camp at New York in 1776.  DE5834/5  1915

[B & w.; 6 x 9¼ ins.]

"Von Krafft's Military Sketch from Laurel Hill, Manhatten Island, 1779", published sketch, printed with the journal of an officer of the regiment Von Bose, 1882.  DE5834/6  n.d. [c.1935]

With amendments by Mr. W. L. Calver of the New York Historical Society. The sketch identifies British military positions, including the camp of the 17th Regiment.

Photograph of an officer's gorget [c.1780], marked for the XVII R[egimen]T; the property of Mr. S.H.P. Pell of Fort Ticonderoga, New York, U.S.A.  DE5834/7  n.d. [c.1920]

Gale & Polden Ltd. postcard showing the Leicestershire Regiment badge, with smaller illustrations of an officer's belt slide, 1830, and a belt buckle, 1860.  DE5834/8  n.d. [c.1910]

Engraving of Kelat [Khelat etc.] in Afghanistan. Stormed during the First Afghan War by a force including elements of the 17th Foot.  DE5834/9  n.d. [c.1900]

[Removed from a publication?]

Engraving of the 'town and citadel of Ghazni'. [Ghazni (Ghuznee etc.) in Afghanistan, was stormed by forces including the 17th Foot during the First Afghan War, 1839].  DE5834/10  n.d. [c.1900]

Removed from a publication?

Photograph of officers of the 17th Regiment of Foot, with Brigadier General M'Pherson, at ease in the Crimea. Reproduced in Webb History...of the 17th (The Leicestershire) Regiment, plate 25.  DE5834/11  1855

[Albumen print, faded; c.6 x 8 ins.]

W.O. Form 267: Account Book of Charles Henry Boulter, 17th Regiment of Foot.  DE5834/12  1873 - 1885

Group photograph (& duplicate) of General Sir Samuel Browne, Brigadier General J.A. Tytler, V.C., C.B. and staff, with officers and men of the 17th Foot, 45th Sikhs and Gurkhas, resting at Safed Sung (Gundamuk) Afghanistan.  DE5834/13/1-2  1879

[Sepia, 9 x 11½ ins.; b. & w., 9½ x 11½ ins.]

1st Battalion: photographs and ephemera  DE5834/14-57  1867-1957

Photograph of the 1st Battalion on parade at Devonport.  DE5834/14  1867

Five companies (or parts of companies) are visible with the band (in white shell jackets).
[Albumen print?: 2¼ x 4 ins.]

Photograph of the 1st Battalion, 17th Regiment forming a square at Devonport.  DE5834/15  1867

[Albumen print? 2½ x 4 ins.]

Photograph of the 1st Battalion, 17th Regiment on parade at Lucknow, India.  DE5834/16  1872

Related information: For discharge papers from the 1st Battalion at Lucknow, India, in 1873, see DE5834/63.

[Albumen print? 8 x 12 ins.]

Group photograph of the officers of the 1st Battalion at Peshawar. The officers are in either 'undress' uniforms or civilian clothes.  DE5834/17  1875

[Sepia: 8 x 10¾ ins.]

Group photograph of the officers of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment at Peshawar, India. The officers in 'undress' or civilian clothes.  DE5834/18  1875

[Albumen print? 8 x 10½ ins.]

As DE5834/18; a different posed group of the same officers.  DE5834/19  1875

[Albumen print? 8¼ x 11½ ins.]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment band, at Aldershot.  DE5834/20  1885

[Sepia: 5 x 8½ ins.]

Group photographs of Col. A.H. Utterson and the officers of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment at Aldershot.  DE5834/21/1-2  1885

The two photographs differ slightly in the pose and disposition of the officers but were clearly taken on the same occasion.
[Sepia: 6½ x 9 and 5 x 8½ inches]

The Standing Orders of the 1st Battalion the Leicestershire Regiment (Late 17th).  DE5834/22  1886

Portrait photograph of Major [later Lt. Colonel] E.A.H.  DE5834/23  n.d. [c.1890]

Webb, 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. [Author of the 1912 A History of the Services of The 17th (The Leicestershire) Regiment].
[B. & w.; 9 x 13 ins.]

Photograph of 1st Battalion colours and mess silver, taken at Halifax, Nova Scotia.  DE5834/24  1892

[Sepia; 8 x 9½ ins.]

Informal group photograph of soldiers of the 1st Battalion, with a local man (a servant?) in Jamaica.  DE5834/25  1893 (Easter Monday)

N.B. Badly soiled and faded.

Five of the group (of twelve) have musical instruments, inc. a banjo and concertina.
[Sepia: 7½ x 9 inches. Signed J.U.[?] Cleary of Kingston, Jamaica]

Group photograph of 'B' Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment at St. Lucia, West Indies.  DE5834/26  1893 - 1894

[One company of the battalion was in garrison on St. Lucia from March 1893. The company is shown with Martini Henry rifles, which were replaced in November 1894, so the photograph presumably was taken between those dates].
[B. & w., 7 x 9 ins.]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion corporals' football team, Barbados. Named.  DE5834/27  1895

[Sepia: 9 x 7 ins.]

Group photograph of one company of the Leicestershire Regiment. Possibly at Barbados.  DE5834/28  n.d. [c.1895]

[Originally mounted on the reverse of DE5834/23].
[Sepia: 9 x 8 ins.]

Group photograph of the warrant officers and sergeants of the 1st Battalion, Leics. Regt.  DE5834/29  n.d. [c.1905]

The w.o.s and n.c.o.s are wearing their South Africa War medals.
[Sepia; 8 x 11 ins.]

Photographs of the Army Rugby Cup final [?] and presentation by the Duke of Connaught of the cup to Walter Wilson, captain of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment team.  DE5834/30  1908 [?]

[B. & w.; c.4 x 6 and 3 x 6 ins.]

Cartoon celebrating the victory of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment XV in the Army Rugby Cup.  DE5834/31  1908

The cartoon depicts a green tiger sitting on a rabbit, surrounded by a wreath entwined with the names of the team. The Leicestershire Regiment team defeated that of the 1st Battalion Welsh Regiment at Aldershot on 29 April 1908.

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment musketry team (named).  DE5834/32  n.d. [c. 1908]

[B. & w.; 8 x 10 ins.]

Group photograph of officers and colour party of the 1st Battalion. Named.  DE5834/33  1909

[Sepia; 8½ x 11 ins.]

Photograph of the 'Young Soldiers Team' of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. [Musketry?]  DE5834/34  1909

[B. & w.; 4¼ x 6 ins.]

Group photograph of the officers, warrant officers, n.c.o.s and men of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment still serving, who were with the Battalion during the siege of Ladysmith (1899-1900). Taken on the tenth anniversary of the relief. (Named).  DE5834/35  1910

[Sepia; 8½ x 11½ ins.]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment rugby football XV; winners of the Army Rugby Cup.  DE5834/36  1910

[B. & w.; 8¼ x 11½ ins.]

Photographs of King George V, accompanied by General Sir Horace Smith Dorrien and staff, riding through Aldershot.  DE5834/37  1912

One labelled "The King riding through our Barracks".
[B. & w., c.4 x 6 ins.]

War Office map of North West Europe sheet 4. Scale 1 inch to 3.95 miles.  DE5834/38  1915

Endorsed 'Lt. H. B. Brown 1st Leicestershire Regt. B.E.F. August 1914'.

Private William Buckingham, V.C., in the Voluntary Aid Detachment waiting room, at London Road Station, Leicester [?].  DE5834/39  n.d. [c.1916]

[Copy. b & w.; 4 x 6 ins.]

Parade of the Leicestershire Regiment, with colours and band. [Possibly Cork?]  DE5834/40  n.d. [1920s?]

Group photograph of the 'drums', 1st Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment, Aldershot, Nov. 1924.  DE5834/41  1924

[Faded; sepia; 7½ x 11 ins.]

Group photograph of No. 4 Platoon, 'A' Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment. Signed on the mount; 'Pte. F. Pake 4849958'.  DE5834/42  n.d. [c.1925]

[Sepia: 6½ x 9 ins.]

Group photograph of 'A' Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment, at Ambala, India. [Named. Sepia: 8 x 11½, on mount].  DE5834/43  1930

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion boxing team with a display of cups and trophies. Some names given on back.  DE5834/44  n.d. [c.1930]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment Signals. With heliographs and lamps, at Ambala, India. Named.  DE5834/45  1933

[b. & w., 8 x 11 ins.]

Correspondence from Major Weyman, 2nd Bn. Leicestershire Regiment, to the editor of the Sunday Pictorial concerning a photograph reproduced in their series of excerpts from the 'Haig War Diaries'.  DE5834/46  1935

Weyman believed the photograph to show members of No. 5 Platoon, 'B' Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment on the Aisne in September 1914.
[Bundle includes a copy of the photograph and newspapers]

Group photograph of the 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment athletics team; runners up in the Lahore District Assault at Arms, 1935. Named.  DE5834/47  1935

[Sepia, 8 x 11 ins.]

Group photograph of 'D' (S) Company, 1st Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/48  1937

Taken at Jubbulpore, December 1937. The company posed on tiered seats, with machine guns.
[Black & white; 8 x 11¼ inches]

Group photograph, named, of no. 14 platoon, 'D' (S) Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/49  1937

Taken at Jubbulpore, India, December 1937. With machine-guns and rangefinders.
[Black & white 11 x 8 inches]

Group photograph (named) of the football team, 'D' (S) Company, 1st Leicestershire Regiment; finalists, Wallace Cup, 1937.  DE5834/50  1937

[Black & white: 8 x 11¼ inches]

Photograph of the old colours of the 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, with the mess silver centrepiece.  DE5834/51  n.d. [c.1938]

[Black & white: 8 x 10¼ inches]

Photograph of the new colours, 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, with the mess-silver centrepiece.  DE5834/52  n.d. [c.1938]

[Black & white, 8 x 10¼ inches]

Order of Service for the Laying-Up of the King's Colour (1938) of the 1st Battalion The Royal Leicestershire Regiment at Leicester Cathedral.  DE5834/53  1948

Form and Order of Service for Service of Commemoration for those who served with the 1st Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment in Korea. The service held at Leicester Cathedral, on 1st October 1952.  DE5834/54  1952

Manchester Guardian cutting, with photograph of the 1st Battalion the [Royal] Leicestershire Regiment 'marching up Kowloon Street after disembarking at Hong Kong'.  DE5834/55  1949

The Sudan Diocesan Review, No. 24, Vol. 9, January - March, 1956. Including photographs of the departure of the 1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment from Khartoum.  DE5834/56  1956

File concerning the Singapore Second World War memorial. Containing the printed Order of Ceremony for its unveiling and a typescript register of officers and men of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment killed or died in the Malaya, Java and Sumatra campaigns or in captivity thereafter.  DE5834/57  1957

2nd Battalion: photographs and ephemera  DE5834/58-74  1894-1948

Group photograph of the 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment football team (named).  DE5834/58  1894

[Sepia, faded; 8¼ x 11 ins.]

Group photograph of the band of the 2nd Leicestershire Regiment, Egypt.  DE5834/59  1900

[B. & w.; 5½ x 9 ins.]

Group photograph of 'E' Company, 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment in Egypt.  DE5834/60  1900

[Faded. Sepia. 6¾ x 10½ ins.]

Photograph of unidentified group. Probably of 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, outside a brick barracks in Egypt.  DE5834/61  n.d. [c.1900]

[B. & w.; 7½ x 9½ ins.]

Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to the 2nd Battalion, the Leicestershire Regiment on Guernsey.  DE5834/62  1903 & 1932-36

The cuttings relate in the main to sporting fixtures; hockey, soccer, golf etc. Cuttings also relate to the South Africa War memorial in St. Martin's, Leicester, and other events affecting the battalion or soldiers from it. There are also numerous cartoons.
The scrapbook was reversed in 1932 and a number of discharge papers [sic.] pasted in. All were presented by Rev. G. Hawkesfield and relate to the 1st Battalion, 17th Regiment at Lucknow in 1873:
(i) Private Michael McInerny (of Kilkishen, Co. Clare)
(ii) Private Martin Sherlock (of Galway, Co. Galway)
(iii) Corporal Anthony O'Flaherty (of Causeway, Tralee)
(iv) Private Frederick Woodman (of Bristol)
(v) Private Lula Connor (of Sligo, Co. Sligo)
(vi) Drummer Thomas Smith (of Armagh, Co. Armagh)
(vii) Private Andrew Burlase (of St. Austell, Cornwall)
(viii) Corporal Michael Healy (of Bodyke, Scariff, Co. Clare)
(ix) Private Joseph Shibley (of Hempnall, Long Stratton, Norfolk)

Group photograph of 'G' Company, 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment football team (named). Winners of the 'R.A.T.A. Foot Ball Tournament 1911-12'. [Royal Army Temperance Association]  DE5834/63  1912

[Sepia: 6 x 8 ins.]

Group photograph of 'A' Company, 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment; in India or the Sudan (?).  DE5834/64  n.d. [1920s]

[B. & W., 8½ x 11 ins.]

Photograph of the interior of a barrack room at Ismalia, Egypt. [2nd Battalion, Leics. Regiment].  DE5834/65  1924

Endorsed: 'This is a snap of our Room I took one afternoon just to see if it would come out alright not too bad is it'.
[B. & w.; 5½ x 7½ ins.]

Group photograph, band and drums, 2nd Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment, at Colchester, 25 March 1927.  DE5834/66  1927

[B. & W., 7½ x 11 ins.]

Group photograph of the 2nd Battalion association football team. With the trophies as winners of the Army Cup, 1927.  DE5834/67  1927

Postcard photograph of part of the 2nd Battalion camp at Tierpark, Germany.  DE5834/68  1929

Photograph removed from the Green Tiger of "'A' Company pay parade, Givenchy Barracks, Konigstein".  DE5834/69  Nov. 1929

Photograph cut from the Green Tiger, showing the band and troops of the 2nd Leicestershire Regiment leaving Givenchy Barracks, Konigstein, 1929.  DE5834/70  n.d. [c.1929]

Newspaper cutting, with photographs of a North-West Intermediate League versus 2nd Leicestershire Regiment football match.  DE5834/71  n.d. [c.1930]

[Newspaper unidentified]

Group photograph of the rugby team, 2nd Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment; 'Finalists Army Rugby Cup, Aldershot, 1932'.  DE5834/72  1932

[B. & W.; 7½ x 11½ inches. Gale & Polden]

Sketch map of Japanese positions at Indaw, Burmah, with explanatory notes.  DE5834/73  1944

Prepared from information gathered by Lt. Robin Bush, Intelligence Officer, 17 Column, from interrogation of coolies. Indaw was the scene of 'a spirited action' between the 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment and Japanese forces on 26-29 March 1944.

Maps of Burma, used by Brigadier C. J. Wilkinson D.S.O., whilst commanding the 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment on the Second Chindit Expedition, 1944  DE5834/74  1944

Joseph Hathaway  DE5834/75-94  [n.d.]

Certified Copy of Birth Certificate of Flora, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Fray, of 14 Court M, Oxford Street, Leicester. The birth was on 2 August 1871, registered on 4 August 1871.  DE5834/75  1884

Personal and other papers relative to the service of Colour Sergeant Joseph Hathaway, 2nd Battalion (1884-1903) and 10th Battalion (c.1914-1916), 1884-1955.

Marriage Certificate of Joseph Hathaway and Flora Fray, at St. Barnabus, Leicester, 1892.  DE5834/76  1892

The Navy and Army Illustrated, article on 'The Leicestershire Regiment'; with illustrations of the 2nd Battalion at The Curragh, Ireland.  DE5834/77  1899

Testimonial from Captain H. Gordon, 2nd Leicestershire Regiment, for Colour Serjeant J. Hathaway: 'a thoroughly trustworthy and honest man'.  DE5834/78  1900

Covering letter for DE5834/78.  DE5834/79  1900

Army Form B.128; discharge certificate of No.99, Colour Sergeant Joseph Hathaway, 2nd Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/80  1902

Army Form B.2077: certificate of character on discharge, issued to Colour Sergeant J. Hathaway. Signed by A. W. McKinstry, Lt. Colonel, 2nd Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/81  1902

Army Form A.14: cover for certificates. With the address of Clr. Sgt. J. Hathaway, at 48 Bassett St., off Woodgate, Leicester, added.  DE5834/82  n.d. [1902?]

Testimonial from Colonel A. W. McKinstry, commanding 2nd Leicestershire Regiment and 17th Regimental District etc., for Colour Sergeant Hathaway.  DE5834/83  n.d. [1903]

Testimonial from Captain H. Stoney Smith, Leicestershire Regiment, for Colour Sergeant Hathaway.  DE5834/84  1903

Testimonial from Captain B. C. Dwyer, Leicestershire Regiment, for Colour Sergeant Hathaway.  DE5834/85  n.d. [1903]

Letter to 'Hathaway' from A. Waters (on behalf of the officers' mess) at Fort George, Guernsey asking for his wishes in respect of a retirement gift.  DE5834/86  1903

Letter [as DE5834/86] enclosing a gold albert 'as a small token [to] remind you of old comrades'.  DE5834/87  1903

Testimonial for Joseph Hathaway, from J. Charlesworth, Head Teacher, Slater Street School, Leicester.  DE5834/88  1911

Army Form B.2079: Certificate of discharge of Colour Sergeant Joseph Hathaway, 10th (2nd Reserve) Bn., Leicestershire Regiment: 'being no longer physically fit for War Service'.  DE5834/89  1916

Covering letter for War Badge awarded to Joseph Hathaway.  DE5834/90  1917

Testimonial for Mr. J. Hathaway, from J. Gipson Clarke & Co. Ltd.  DE5834/91  18 Nov. 1918

Army Form W.3226: Particulars as to Character of a soldier with the Expeditionary Force sent home for discharge. Issued to '20409 Hathaway, Joseph Henry Victor'.  DE5834/92  1919

Certified Copy of the birth register entry of Joseph Hathaway, born in Willenhall, Staffs. In 1863.  DE5834/93  1925

Certificate, signed by Major General C. H. Colquhoun, covering the award of the Imperial Service Medal to Joseph Henry Victor Hathaway, Esq.  DE5834/94  n.d. [c.1955]

Leicestershire Militia  DE5834/95  [c.1870]

Newspaper cutting [unidentified] with photograph of the officers of the 1st Leicestershire Militia, c.1870.  DE5834/95  n.d. [c.1970]

1st (Volunteer Battalion). Photographs and printed ephemera  DE5834/96-100  1884-c.1930

Group photograph of the band of the Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. Taken at Willesley [?].  DE5834/96  1884

[Sepia; 7 x 11½ ins.]

G.H.P. Burne The Leicestershire Militia in South Africa (1902). With ms. address of 'Sergt. F. Shenton. No.7311 F Coy., 3rd Batt. Leicester. Regt. ..De Aar' added.  DE5834/97  1902

Postcard photograph of barbers in action at the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment's Camp.  DE5834/98  n.d. [c.1903]

'The First Volunteers (Now The Territorials)'; typescript account of the Leicestershire Rifle Volunteers and Volunteers.  DE5834/99  n.d. [c.1930?]

Written, anonymously, by a son of the Quartermaster. The account includes many personal memories, of target shooting and annual camps.

Rules of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment [printed booklet].  DE5834/100  1896

Private Mark Mason, 1st (Volunteer) Battalion - and subsequent service in Pioneer Corps  DE5834/101-105  1896-c.1920

Circular letter, posted to Mason, with 'F' Company Orders for District Commanding Officer's inspection and annual camp.  DE5834/101  1897

"The Colour Sergeant will attend at the instruct those who cannot properly fit on the Valise Equipment or roll Great Coat..."
"It is forbidden to carry Spirits in the Water Bottle, which should be filled with Water or Cold Tea."

Postcards (pre-printed) sent by Colour Sergeant Barfield, at The Magazine, to Mason, with news, orders and invitations re the Volunteers (e.g. for company drill, annual camp, clothing inspections etc.).  DE5834/102/1-7  1897 - 1899

Letter from Mark Mason ('D' Coy., 1st Leicestershire Regiment) at Middleburg, South Africa.  DE5834/103  25 Dec. 1900

The only recognition of Christmas is the provision of beer at 4½d. a print; 'one yesterday, two today and two Boxing Day'. Mason has also bought cigars at 6d. each, 'so they are cheap', and tinned apple and plum puddings are available at the canteen. Mason refers to Boer attacks on the railway and to incidents on reconnaissance.

Protection Certificate and Certificate of Identity, issued to Pioneer Mark Mason, 6th Divisional Signal Company, Royal Engineers [on demobilisation].  DE5834/104  1919

Notes of Mason's [?] military service, 1896-1919.  DE5834/105  n.d. [c.1920]

Seventeenth Regimental District: staff photograph  DE5834/106  1908

Group photograph of the permanent staff, officers, warrant officers, n.c.o.s, and men, of the 17th Regiment District.  DE5834/106  1908

A photograph taken the day before their transfer to the Special Reserve. Named.
[Sepia: 8 x 11 ins.]

"Leicestershire Territorials" (4th & 5th Battalions): photographs of training  DE5834/107-124  1908-1912

Postcard photographs of the Leicestershire Territorials summer camp at Garendon, showing scenes of routine camp life. In an envelope addressed to 'Capt. Potter, 29 York Road, Leicester'.  DE5834/107/1-15  1908 [& 1912?]

Adams' Photo Series postcards (no.s 896-899): 'Leicestershire Territorials at Camp', scenes of the assembly at Magazine Square and departure.  DE5834/108  1909

Postcard photograph of supplies arranged by company at a tented camp.  DE5834/109  n.d. [c.1910]

Postcard photograph of a company of Leicestershire Regiment territorials at Hindlow Camp, Buxton [?] with a message to Mrs. J. W. Mears of 20, Magazine Square, Leicester, regarding her husband's washing.  DE5834/110  1910

Postcard photographs, 'With the Leicestershire Territorials at "High Tor", Whitwick'  DE5834/111  1911

(i) machine-gun section, with maxim guns on horse-drawn carriages
(ii) guard paraded outside guard-tent

4th Battalion (& descendants); photograph, and ephemera  DE5834/112-115  1911-1953

Postcard photograph of detachment of the 4th Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, paraded with full kit, at Magazine Square, The Newarke, Leicester before their departure to London.  DE5834/112  1911 [?]

Christmas card from Colonel A. Halkyard and the officers, 4th Battalion the Leicestershire Regiment (T.A.). with a coloured drawing of a unit of the 17th Foot c.1850, 'from an old print'.  DE5834/113  1935

With a note to Captain J. Milne (the recipient of the card) replying to his enquiry about the print's origins.

Christmas card from lt. Col. F. M. Mantle and the officers, '44th (The Leicestershire Regt.) Anti-Aircraft Battalion R.E. (T.A.)'.  DE5834/114  1937

The card has a ribbon in regimental colours with a coloured drawing of the Newarke Gate, Leicester, on the cover and regimental badges inside.

Typescript outline for the presentation of new colours to 579th (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (T.A.) by H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent, at De Montfort Hall, Leicester.  DE5834/115  1953 (1954)

Signed by the Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. C. D. Wain, MBE TD.

F. H. Edwards, temp. attached to 4th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment (1919): personal papers  DE5834/116-124  1898-1919

Commission of Francis Hyde Edwards as 2nd Lieutenant, Militia Forces.  DE5834/116  1898

Signed by Queen Victoria and the Marquess of Lansodowne [Secretary of State for War].

Commission of Francis Hyde Edwards, as 2nd Lieutenant in the Land Forces.  DE5834/117  1901

Signed by St. John Brodrick [Secretary of State for War] and King Edward VII.

Certificate recording the mention in a despatch of Capt. F. H. Edwards, Bedfordshire Regiment, on 31 May 1915.  DE5834/118  1919

Signed by Winston S. Churchill, Secretary of State for War.

Certificate recording the mention in a despatch of Capt. F. H. Edwards, Bedfordshire Regiment.  DE5834/119  1919

Signed by Winston S. Churchill.

Certificate recording the mention in a despatch of Capt. & Bt. Major F. H. Edwards, M.C., attached to the 51st Bn. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment.  DE5834/120  1919

Certificate recording the mention in a despatch of Bt. Major [Temporary Lt. Colonel] F. H. Edwards, M.C., Bedfordshire Regiment on 13 November 1916.  DE5834/121  1919

Signed by Winston S. Churchill.

Certificate recording the mention in a despatch of Brevet Major (Acting Lt. Colonel) F. H. Edwards, M.C., 6th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment.  DE5834/122  1919

Signed by Winston S. Churchill.

Appointment to the Distinguished Service Order, granted to Captain and Brevet Major (acting Lieutenant Colonel) F. H. Edwards, M.C., Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, attached the 4th Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/123  1919

Signed [stamped?] by George V and Winston S. Churchill.

The Statutes of the Distinguished Service Order.  DE5834/124  n.d. [c.1920]

Not allocated.  DE5834/125  [n.d.]

7th Battalion: extracts from war diary  DE5834/126  c.1920

Extracts from the war diary of the 7th Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/126  n.d. [c.1920]

The notes are entered in ink into an army Field message book. No indication is given of their purpose or transcriber.

10th Battalion: photographs  DE5834/127-128  1915

Group photograph of officers and non-commissioned officers, of 'A' company, 10th Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/127  1915

Some named.
[Sepia; 6 x 11 ins.]

Group photograph of officers of the 10th Battalion, Leics. Regt.  DE5834/128  1915

[Sepia: 7 x 11 ins.]

51st (Young Soldiers) Battalion: photographs of the band  DE5834/129-130  c.1920

Group photograph of the band of [?] the 51st (Young Soldiers) Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment. By Schilling of Königstein.  DE5834/129  n.d. [c.1920]

[Sepia: 10½ x 9 ins.]

Postcard photograph of bandsmen at ease, with their instruments. Possibly the 51st (Young Soldiers) Battalion?  DE5834/130  n.d. [1920s]

Photographs of Leicestershire Regiment - battalion unidentified  DE5834/131-143  1890-1960s

Cartoon sketches by 'Marcel' of Leicestershire Regiment officers [and others?] reproduced photographically & mounted as cabinet photographs.  DE5834/131/1-26  1890 - 1894

Subjects unidentified.

Group photograph of unidentified football team, with trophy and ball marked '1909-10'.  DE5834/132  n.d. [1910]

With fragment of name panel.
[Sepia: 8 x 11¼ ins.]

Gale & Polden Ltd. postcard, reproducing a Harry Payne painting of a private of the Leicestershire Regiment outside his sentry-box.  DE5834/133  n.d. [c.1910]

Postcard photograph of 'Lesters Route Marching'.  DE5834/134  1912

With a message from G. Lee to his brother in South Africa, with the Royal Dragoons.

Snapshot photograph of a Leicestershire Regiment group at ease beside wooden barracks. Private G. Lee identified.  DE5834/135  n.d. [1912]

Related information: [See DE5834/134].

[B. & W.; 2½ x 4 ins.]

Postcard photograph of an unidentified sergeant (Leicestershire Regiment).  DE5834/136  n.d. [c.1914]

Postcard photograph of cooks.  DE5834/137  n.d. [c.1925]

Postcard photograph of the Leicestershire Regiment corps of drums.  DE5834/138  n.d. [c.1925]

Postcard photograph of Leicestershire Regiment bandsmen; an informal group outside a wooden plank building.  DE5834/139  n.d. [c.1925]

Leicestershire Regiment band, marching through crowds in Leicester [?].  DE5834/140  n.d. [c.1930]

Group photograph of Leicestershire Regiment Headquarters Company, taken at Knighton. Battalion unknown.  DE5834/141  1940

[B. & w.; 6 x 8 ins.]

Group photograph of officers of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/142  n.d. [c.1950]

[B. & w.; 5½ x 9½ins.]

Press photograph of conference, at Glen Parva [?] between Leicestershire Regiment officers and R.S.M. and senior police officers.  DE5834/143  n.d. [1960s?]

Personal papers of Captain R.H. Everard (c.1940-1949) and Private A.A. Humberston (1945).  DE5834/144-155  [n.d.]

Captain Richard Henry Everard (5th Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment)  [no ref. or date]

Envelope embossed with the badge of the 14th Punjab. Regiment, containing (and labelled) "Tiger o[sic] panther whiskers'.  DE5834/144  n.d. [c.1940]

Le Courrier de l'Air, Allied propoganda newsheet 'Apporté par vos amis de la R.A.F.' [French]  DE5834/145  1942

Publicity photographs of Leicestershire Regiment troops on manoeuvres: bayonet charge, motorcyclists with sub-machine guns etc.  DE5834/146/1-4  n.d. [c.1942]

Photograph of B.26 bomber and crew; of the 443rd Squadron, 320th Bomb Group. Signed by the crew ('1st flight in B26').  DE5834/147  1943

British Military Identity Document.  DE5834/148  1943

[Water damaged].

Allied Officers' Club, Algiers; temporary membership card no. A.4519.  DE5834/149  n.d. [c.1943]

Letters from Captain H. E. Dann (Essex Scottish) to Everard, in response to Everard's 'airgraphs'.  DE5834/150/1-2  1944

[Water damaged]

Dann refers to the regiment "officially" 'doing well' and asks that he say 'hullo' to the 'lads'.

Programme for 'St. Martins Races'; with humorous comments.  DE5834/151  1944

Medal ribbons: 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army bar, Italy Star and Defence Medal.  DE5834/152  n.d. [c.1945]

Officers' Release Book.  DE5834/153  1946

Programme and menu card for the 5th Battalion, The Royal Leicestershire Regiment (T.A.) Regimental Dinner, at the County Rooms, Leicester.  DE5834/154  1949

Private A. A. Humberston  [no ref. or date]

'Inventory of Kit (Peace & War)', form, completed for no. 14816784 Humberston A.A., Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/155  1945

Remembrance: photographs of memorials and of commemorative events  DE5834/156-161  c.1930-1961

Postcard photographs of the Arch of Remembrance, Victoria Park, Leicester.  DE5834/156  n.d. [c.1930]

Leicester Cathedral seating plan. Printed on card.  DE5834/157  1934

[C.23 x 14¼ inches]

Photograph of the Second World War memorial window, St. George's Chapel, Leicester Cathedral.  DE5834/158  n.d. [c.1950]

[B. & w.; 5½ x 10 in.]

Stony Point  [no ref.]  1960-1961

Administrative history:
Stony [or Stoney] Point was a fortified post on the River Hudson garrisoned by the 17th Regiment, the grenadier company of the 71st Regiment, a company of loyal Americans and a detachment of artillery. On 16 July 1779 the post was stormed by the rebels and captured. Some 19 officers and men of the 17th Regiment were killed, 45 wounded and 284 missing or captured.
Stony Point was recaptured by the British in October 1779.

Photographs of the wreath-laying at Stony Point.  DE5834/159/1-3  1960

[B. & w.; 8 x 10 ins.]

Photographs of the memorial plaque and wreaths-laying at Stony Point.  DE5834/160/1-2  1961

[B. & w.; 8 x 10 ins.]

Order of Service for the 'Sixth Annual Memorial Service' to the members of the 17th Regiment of Foot killed at Stony Point, on 15-16 July 1779.  DE5834/161  1961

250th Anniversary, 1938 and other regimental celebrations  DE5834/161-165  1938 - c.1945

The Leicestershire Regiment 250th Anniversary Celebrations, souvenir programme and historical notes inc. lists of battalions and affiliated units, brief history of the regiment, and notes on Victoria Cross winners.  DE5834/162  1938

File of correspondence, duplicated orders, ephemera etc., concerning the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Leicestershire Regiment.  DE5834/163  1938

Gale & Polden Ltd., set of picture postcards of The Tattoo, Aldershot, 1938.  DE5834/164/1-7  1938

Including the storming of Fort Moro (Cuba) by a brigade including 17th Foot (1762).

Programme for A Special Meeting of the Council of the City of Leicester....honouring....The Leicestershire Regiment, at De Montfort Hall, Leicester.  DE5834/165  1944

Newspaper cuttings promoting "The Leicesters' Week', called by the Leicester Savings Committee to raise £3,500,000 in 'Salute the Soldiers Week'.  DE5834/166/1-2  n.d. [c.1945]

The adverts. Have a drawing of the Leicestershire Regiment cap badge and collar badge respectively.

Medals: photographs  DE5834/167-168  c.1950s-1961

Papers re medals awarded to officers and men of the Leicestershire Regiment; inc. a newspaper cutting recording the donation of Crimean War medals of private T. Truckle and lists of Coronation and Jubilee medals awarded.  DE5834/167  n.d. [c.1950s]

Photograph of Crimean War medals with a Victoria Cross.  DE5834/168  1961

Possibly the medals of Corporal Philip Smith?
[B., & w.; 6½ x 8½ ins.]

Regimental Museum  DE5834/169  c.1930

Label [from the regimental museum?]: "This Needlework was done by Sgt. A. E. Gregory....1918-19".  DE5834/169  n.d. [c.1930]

Old Comrades  DE5834/170-171  1950 & 1970

Photograph taken at the Royal Tigers Association Annual General Meeting.  DE5834/170  1970

Snapshot photograph taken at a formal occasion, showing three pensioners of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, with other guests.  DE5834/171  1950

Endorsed: 'Dalgliesh & Chelsea Pensioner of the 17th Regt. 1950'.

Miscellaneous: letter to Col. A. Weyman  DE5834/172  1955

Letter from E. H. Garner-Evans M.P. (?) thanking Colonel A. Weyman for his efforts towards 'the return of Sir Anthony Eden's Government'.  DE5834/172  1955

Other regiments/organisations: photographs  DE5834/173-178  c.1910 - c.1950

Postcard photograph of a fatigue party with picks and shovels. Possible Derbyshire Yeomanry.  DE5834/173  n.d. [c.1910]

Photograph of a party of the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment at the Midland Railway Station, Leicester, during the railway strike: 19-21 August 1911.  DE5834/174  1911

Postcard photograph of the 'City of London Camp Lutterworth'.  DE5834/175  1913

Possibly City of London Imperial Yeomanry? The photograph shows civilian visitors to the camp of a mounted unit.

Postcard photograph of a Belgian soldier and lady collecting for refugee relief in London Road, Leicester. [Sepia]  DE5834/176  1915

Postcard photograph showing French troops aboard a lighter being carried ashore from the "Provence" [troopship?].  DE5834/177  n.d. [c.1916]

Part of the "In the Balkans" series. [With the papers of Mark Mason, DE5834/102-107].

Postcard photograph of three regimental bands combined; probably a rehearsal of a tattoo or other event.  DE5834/178  n.d. [c. 1935]

Printed Ephemera; inc. uniforms prints c.1790, divisional charts, 1919 army newsheets, 1945 and obituaries  DE5834/179-200  1944-48

Hand-coloured prints of British Army uniforms  DE5834/179/1-3  n.d. [c.1790]

(i) An officer, Corps of Riflemen
An officer of Marines
(ii) 10th Light Dragoons
8th Light Dragoons
(iii) 7th Light Dragoons
16th Light Dragoons

Newspaper cutting, from the Natal Witness, reporting the change in command in South Africa, from Lord Roberts to Lord Kitchener.  DE5834/180  1900

The cutting reports Lord Roberts' Special Army Order on his depature.

The Burton Advertiser; inc. "Our Soldiers' Page", given personal news of local soldiers.  DE5834/181  8 Nov. 1917

Trench map of the Loos area. Central portion only of the map.  DE5834/182  n.d. [c.1917]

'Divisional Distribution Chart', showing the time spent on each war front by British Infantry divisions, 1914-1918.  DE5834/183  n.d. [c.1919]

Prepared by the Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence.

As DE5834/183 for cavalry, mounted and cyclist divisions.  DE5834/184  n.d. [c.1919]

As DE5834/183 for Dominion and Indian infantry divisions.  DE5834/185  n.d. [c.1919]

British Battles during 1918, printed map showing the area of the battles and their effects, e.g. area captured, prisoners taken etc.  DE5834/186  n.d. [c.1919]

A View of the Volunteer Army of Great Britain, chart showing all volunteer units, by county, listing their titles, strength, and commander's name.  DE5834/187  1807

A diagram also indicates the colours of uniform facings and lace worn. With an illustration showing King George III reviewing his forces.

Derby Express, announcing 'Peace?' with Germany's acceptance of armistice terms under 'Latest News'.  DE5834/188  10-11 Nov.1918

"Victory over Germany - 8 May 1945": special order of the day by Lt. Col. A. N. Browning.  DE5834/189  [n.d.]

With humorous race card for 'Chiri Victory Meeting': inc.
3rd Race. 1530 hrs. VICTORY POINT TO POINT (Owner Riders)
3. SWEET FANNY ADAMS by Q.M. out of STOCK....

"Corsigs News Bulletin" [Royal Corps of Signals] special issue for Victory Day in Europe: "THIS IS IT 'V'".  DE5834/190  1945

Spear Head: 'Special Victory Number", recording the surrender of Germany and news from the world.  DE5834/191  1945

E.N.S.A. Garrison Theatre, Calcutta, programme for 'Without the Prince', comedy, by Philip King.  DE5834/192  22 Oct. 1945

E.N.S.A. Garrison Theatre, Calcutta, programme for 'To Your Liking' (review).  DE5834/193  12 Nov. 1945

Rangoon Liberator (newsheet)  DE5834/194  23 Nov. 1945

"The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Montgomery', part one, serialised in the South Wales Echo.  DE5834/195  1958

The London Evening-Post, reproduced as an advert by The Equitable Life Assurance Society. The newspaper included a return of casualties from the 17th Regiment on Cuba.  DE5834/196  1962

The Army Benevolent Fund (Leicestershire) Prize Draw counterfoils and tickets.  DE5834/197  1990

Newspaper cutting (unidentified) obituary of Major General G. J. Younghusband.  DE5834/198  n.d. [c.1944]

[He was gazetted to the 17th Foot in 1878.]

Times obituary of Sir Iain Colquhoun.  DE5834/199  1948

Newspaper cutting (unidentified) letter from 'a friend' concerning Iain Colquhoun and Leicester Mercury cutting, obituary (13 Nov. 1948).  DE5834/200/1-2  Nov. 1948

Miscellaneous Photographs  DE5834/201-211  1867-c.1955

Photographic view of 'Kilkenny. From the Butts'.  DE5834/201  1867

[Albumen print? 4¾ x 6½ ins.]

Photographic view of Saint's Bay, Jersey.  DE5834/202  1870

[Albumen print?; 4½ x 7½ ins.]

Photograph of an Indian gardener [?] with native trees.  DE5834/203  n.d. [c.1875]

Photograph of Port Said harbour.  DE5834/204  n.d. [c.1890]

Postcard photograph of 'The Bridge, Khartoum'.  DE5834/205  n.d. [c.1920]

Postcard photograph of the 'New Roman Catholic Church, Catterick Camp'.  DE5834/206  n.d. [c.1925]

Postcard photograph of the Chateau, Pas-en-Artois, Somme, France.  DE5834/207  n.d. [c.1925]

Postcard photograph of the interior of the church, Pas-en-Artois, Somme, France.  DE5834/208  n.d. [c.1925]

Front d'Artois - Cimetières Militaires, printed booklet of postcards of British military cemeteries.  DE5834/209  n.d. [c.1925]

Press photograph [?] of Lord Gowrie, Governor General of Australia, with Captain H. Schuldt, Lt. General E. K. Squires, Lt. Col. J. L. Herrin and Brigadier F. Derham, at Bittern Camp.  DE5834/210  1939

Leicester Evening Mail photograph of Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein and Lt. General Sir Colin Callander (Colonel of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment) on the steps of the officers' mess at Glen Parva [?].  DE5834/211  n.d. c.1960

[B. & w.; 6 x 8 ins.]

Group photograph of the Standard Motors Band.  DE5834/212  n.d. [c.1950]

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