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Heathcote family of Hursley

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Reference 63M84
Covering dates 1451-1938
Held by Hampshire Record Office
Extent 35 series
Creators Heathcote family of Hursley, Hampshire
Bibliography The Family of Heathcote by Evelyn D Heathcote, published by Warren and Son, 1899

Includes: records of the manor of Merdon, such as court rolls, rentals, surveys, accounts and legal papers, 1451-18th cent; papers re maintenance and building of Hursley Lodge, 1720s-1880s; plans and papers re Heathcote family London residence, 1730s; surveys, rentals and valuations of Heathcote properties in Hursley, Merdon and other parishes in Hampshire, 1718-1858; estate accounts, 1713-1858; leases, tenancy agreements and papers, 1674-1820s; papers re tithe, rectories and church livings, 1718-1872; sale catalogues and particulars, 1854-1938; agreements, 1740-1852, many relating to underwood on the estates; estate correspondence, 1718-1858; papers re Heathcote estates in Ireland, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland, 1737-19th century; papers re Heathcote family history, 18th-20th century.
Also includes personal, family, business and official papers of the following members of the Heathcote family: Samuel Heathcote of Hackney, 1656-1708; Sir William Heathcote, 1st Baronet Hursley, 1693-1751 and his wife Elizabeth, 1770-1747; Sir Thomas Heathcote, 1721-1787, including his diaries; Sir William Heathcote, 1746-1819; Sir Thomas Freeman Heathcote, 1769-1825; Sir William Heathcote, 1801-1881; Sir William Perceval Heathcote, 1826-1903; Revd Sir William Arthur Heathcote, 1853-1924; Sir Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, 1854-1937; the Dawsonne family, 17-18th centuries; and the Parker, Thorpe, Perceval and Malcolm families, 18th-19th centuries

MANOR  [no ref. or date]

List of lords of the manor of Merdon and their Stewards 1447-1863. With gaps 1580-1603 and 1618-1651  63M84/1  19th century


List of the lords of the manor of Merdon 1566-1651 with notes on customs of the manor  63M84/2  17th century

Court Rolls and Papers  [no ref. or date]

Court roll: manor of Bishopstoke  63M84/3  1456

Court roll: manor of Crawley  63M84/4  1456

Court roll: manors of Crawley, Merdon and Twyford  63M84/5  1458-1459

Court roll: manors of Crawley, Merdon and Twyford  63M84/6  1460-1461

Court roll: manors of [Bishops] Sutton, Alresford, Cheriton, Alresford Burgus  63M84/7  1531-1532

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/8  1451

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/9  1453

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/10  1453

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/11  1455-1456

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/12  1458-1459

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/13  1459

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/14  1460

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/15  1460-1461

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/16  1480

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/17  1495-1496

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/18  1497-1498

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/19  1502

Court roll: manor of Merdon  63M84/20  1559-1461

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/21  1604-1609

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/22  1610-1611

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/23  1650-1654

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/24  1687-1693

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/25  1693-1696

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/26  1697-1707

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge  63M84/27  1650-1691

Court book: manor of Merdon with view of frankpledge, 1692-1694, 1702  63M84/28  1692-1702

Book of presentments to the court leet and court baron of Merdon  63M84/29  1668-1811

Fragment of deed used to wrap court rolls  63M84/30  [18th century]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also item 75

Six compotus rolls of Merdon manor, undated  63M84/31-36  [15th-16th century]

Compotus roll of Merdon manor  63M84/37  [1582-1583]

Collector's and farmer's account for manor of Merdon 1514-1515. An 18th century copy  63M84/38  [1514-1515]

Reeve's and farmer's account for manor of Merdon 1555-1556. An 18th century copy  63M84/39  [1555-1556]

Extracts from Merdon manor court books showing income from fines, amercements etc., 1668, 1672, 1673, 1675, 1676 1687  63M84/40  1668-1687

6 items

Stewards' accounts of fines received 1718-1729, 1731-1740, 1756-1763, 1780-1785  63M84/41  1718-1785

10 items

An account of arrears of quit rents and custom money received from the manor of Merdon by John Brownjohn for the executors of Sir Thomas Heathcote  63M84/42  1787

Peramubulations  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also item 50

A copy made in 1722 of a perambulation of the manor of Merdon in 1699  63M84/43  1699

Perambulation of Hursley parish on 15 and 16 May 1699.  63M84/44  1699

Conditions of access: Not fit for production

Notice of a perambulation of the boundaries of the manor of Merdon to take place on 6 September 1847  63M84/45  1847

2 copies

Rentals and Surveys  [no ref. or date]

Survey of the manor of Merdon made by Raphe Treswell.  63M84/46  1588

This is the key to a map, a copy of which is available (Photocopy 390)
At the front: note of sheep kept on the demesne as extracted from the accounts 1471-1473
copy of an order to give a buck from the Bishop's Park at Bishops Waltham to T.C. [?Thomas Clerk] n.d.
list of goods bought by Mr. Hobyes executors in the house at Hursley by Thomas Clerk 1630
list of goods sent from Crichill 1630
At the back: list of deeds etc. concerning the manor 1600

Copy, probably late 17th century, of the 1588 survey of the manor of Merdon measured by the customary 18ft to the pole  63M84/47  [1588]

A rate for collecting the quit rents due to to the lord of the manor of Merdon for the year ending Michaelmas 1699  63M84/48  1699

Quit rental for Merdon manor.  63M84/49  1700

Conditions of access: Not fit for production

Survey of timber on the manor of Hursley (sic) taken by John White 1717  63M84/50  1717-1738

At the back: survey and valuation of Merdon Farm, Sep 1729
survey and valuation of the Lodge Farm taken Sep 1729
survey of lands in the manor of Stoke Charity surveyed by William Burgiss 1734
survey of the land at Stoke Charity taken from the mouth of Robert Cropp, James Edwards and Mr. Dicker Nov 1729
survey of the land of the Great Farm of Fullerton manor taken from the mouth of Nicholas Wickham July 1731
survey of lands in Compton Aug 1722
survey of glebe land belonging to Hursley parsonage from a glebe terrier of 1723
perambulation of the manor of Merdon 1699 according to the copy taken in 1722 (see item 43)
perambulation of the parish of Hursley June 1723
note of licences granted to copy-holders of the manor of Merdon to let their estates 1713-1738

Survey of coppices and rows on Merdon manor in statutory and customary acres, Sep 1718  63M84/51  1718

Survey of tenants owing poultry and plough work on the manor of Merdon  63M84/52  1718

Lists of egg rents owed to the lord of the manor of Merdon 1700, 1719-1720, 1724, 1763, 1787-1791, 1793, 1795, 1808 and nd  63M84/53  1700-1808

15 items

Survey of tenants of Merdon manor with their quit rents, custom monies, fines and heriots  63M84/54  1721

Dr. Dodson's bill to Sir Thomas Heathcote for surveying the manor of Merdon, for work on the terrier and on the accounts of the tenants  63M84/55  1752-1754

Survey of bondland on the estate, undated  63M84/56  [late 18th century]

Bundle containing lists of tenants of separate hamlets of the manor with a description of their holdings and payments due; location maps of Cranbury, Hawstead and Fieldhouse, Pucknall, Hiltingbury and Ratlake (extracted from estate map a copy of which is deposited as Photocopy 390); lists of numbered copyholds with descriptions of the holdings and names of tenants  63M84/57  18th century

27 items

Survey of tenants of the manor of Merdon and their holdings (indexed by person), undated  63M84/58  [late 18th century]

Survey of tenants and their holdings in the hamlets of the manor of Merdon, undated  63M84/59  [late 18th-early 19th century]

List of copyholds with their description and location, undated  63M84/60  [late 18th-early 19th century]

List of tenants and rents paid for bondland in Pitt, undated  63M84/61  [18th century]

Survey of bond land on which custom money is payable, by whom it was originally payable and to whom the land now belongs, undated  63M84/62  [Late 18th century]

Survey of land on which custom money was paid and by whom in 1650 and 1808  63M84/63  Early 19th century

Survey of land on which custom money is payable and by whom, undated  63M84/64  [late 18th-early 19th century]

Rate for quit rent and custom money, undated  63M84/65  [late 18th-early 19th century]

List of the copies and heriots of the late Joseph Whites  63M84/66  1854

Customs, licences  [no ref. or date]

Custumal of the manor of Merdon. undated  63M84/67  [15th century]
Language:  Latin

Custumal of ? manor of Merdon, undated  63M84/68  [17th century]


Customs of the manor of Merdon, undated  63M84/69  [17th century]

Articles of Agreement  63M84/70  1651

1. Richard Maiior Esq., Lord of the manor of Merdon
2. The tenants of the said manor
Articles as agreement for the payment by 2. to 1. of £50 p.a. in lieu of personal services called 'customs workes', to be apportioned among 2. according to the schedule annexed. Subscribed with the signatures or marks of 1. and 2. 3 Jan 1651

Copy of the brief for the plaintiffs in the case of Charles Wyndham and 80 copyholders v. Oliver Cromwell Esq., Ellis Mews, Steward of the manor of Merdon and others concerning the settling of the customs of the manor of Merdon, undated.  63M84/71  [1690s]

Two exemplifications of a verdict in the case of Wyndham v. Cromwell, 13 Feb 1699  63M84/72  1699

Copy brief and decree in the case of Wyndham v. Cromwell, 25 Feb 1699  63M84/73  1699

Statement of what the customary tenants of Hursley may not do without a licence, undated  63M84/74  [17th century]

Bundle of papers concerning the payment of herriots. Includes opinions on the custom of the manor concerning heriots, accounts of herriots due and paid, correspondence  63M84/75  [late 17th century], 1718-1788

10 items

Note that plough days were due from tenants in Slackstead and The Pelican in 1635 and 1664, undated  63M84/76  [Early 18th century]

A note of the customs which the tenants of Slackstead are bound to do for the Lord of the manor of Merdon, undated  63M84/77  [18th century]

Advice of Edward Foyle to Oliver Cromwell on whether the customary tenants of Merdon may let copyhold land on leases for more than a year, undated  63M84/78  [late 17th century]

A note of what fines should be demanded from the tenants of Merdon for licences to let their estates for 7, 14 and 21 years, undated  63M84/79  [Early 18th century]

Bundle of notes of licences to let copyhold land  63M84/80  1713-1788

5 items

Bundle of licences to grub up coppices  63M84/81  1651-1736

6 items

Bundle of papers relating to the custom of alienation of trees and licences required to fell them.  63M84/82  1647-1826

16 items

Includes extracts from manorial court books relating to the cutting of trees without licence, 17th century; notes from cashbook and journal relating to alienation of trees 1741-1770; lists of 'alienation trees' on tenants' holdings 1720-1826; correspondence 1647-1657, 1719-1741

Two letters from James Crosse of Winchester to William Heathcote at Hackney concerning the conduct of Mr. Forder in cutting timber on his copyhold estate and his being brought before the manorial court  63M84/83  1720

Case for the opinion of Mr. Borough concerning the respective rights of lords and tenants to commons and timber. Includes information on band and purpresture Land and the customs of the manor.  63M84/84  1808

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Two schedules of court books belonging to Merdon manor in the hands of John White  63M84/85  1741

Schedule of documents relating to the manor of Merdon, undated  63M84/86  [18th century]

ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

Agreement  63M84/87  1750

by 1 to 2 to convey 5½ acres called Breecham at North End, Hursley, 17 Jan 1750
1. Thomas Baker of Farnham, Surrey, gent
2. Sir William Heathcote of Hursley, bart

Lease  63M84/88  1810

for 20 years by 1 to 2 of the Pelican Inn at Hursley and lands adjoining, 10 Oct 1810
1. The President and Scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
2. Sir William Heathcote of Hursley Lodge

ESTATE: ADMINISTRATION  [no ref. or date]

Residences: Hursley Lodge  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also item 104

Estimate by Mr. Read of the cost of building Hursley Lodge, undated  63M84/89  [c1721]

List of building works to be carried out at Hursley Lodge, undated  63M84/90  [c1721]

Letter to William Heathcote from E. Dummer of Lincolns Inn recommending Mr. Grosesmith as glasier, 22 Apr 1720  63M84/91  1720

William Edward's agreement for carpentry work to be done at Hursley Lodge, undated  63M84/92  [c1721]

Notes concerning prices of building materials and on hiring craftsmen, 20 Jun 1721  63M84/93  1721

John Reading's agreement for joinery work at Hursley, 26 Apr 1722  63M84/94  1722

James Kirby's bill for wood for flooring at Hursley  63M84/95  1721

Bill of John Toltrop, Ezekiel Cook and James King for wainscotting  63M84/96  1722

Bills for wainscotting bought by John Reading for William Heathcote  63M84/97  1722

Account for plumber's work done by Robert Crane for William Heathcote at Hursley  63M84/98  1722

Copy account of mason's work done at Hursley by William Coules  63M84/99  1728

Letter from William Dawsonne to William Heathcote concerning building and decorating work at Hursley and family matters, 4 Apr 1724  63M84/100  1724

Thomas Thownshend's agreement on work to be done, and cost of alterations to the Steward's room, with sketch, 30 Apr 1740  63M84/101  1740

A note of window tax rated on Hursley Lodge and offices  63M84/102  1748

A note concerning the latitude of Hursley Lodge  63M84/103  1750

Photograph of Hursley Lodge (north side)  63M84/103a  1870s-1880s

Residences: St. James's Square  [no ref. or date]

Book of plans of Sir William Heathcote's new house in St.James's Square, London (showing the offices under the house, the parlour floor, chamber floor, attic storey, garrets, kitchen offices, stables and coach houses, front elevation and portico) and of Hursley Lodge (showing offices under the house, principal storey, front elevation), scale 20ft to the inch  63M84/104  1735

Plan of the chamber floor in a house to be built in St. James's Square for Sir William Heathcote, undated  63M84/105  [c1735]

Letter of George Dance to Sir Thomas Heathcote, incorporating coloured plan, referring to proposed kitchen in the house in St. James's Square, 31 Aug 1810  63M84/106  1810

Surveys, rentals, valuations  [no ref. or date]

Valuation of Hursley Park and manor of Merdon made for purchase of the same, undated  63M84/107  [c1718]

Volume entitled 'A Particular and Valuation of Several Farms in Hampshire', being a survey of Heathcote estate lands and tenants 1738-1750  63M84/108  1738-1750

At the back: notes on the prices of building materials; the price of labour in woods and coppices; prices of bricklayer's carpenter's and glasier's work; husbandry charges; prices of wheeler's and smith's work at Hursley; the proportion of Hampshire customary acres to the statute acre; land tax assessment on Sir William Heathcote's lands in Hursley, 1750; prices of collarmaker's work at Hursley; calculations re. the earth's orbit

A particular of William Heathcote's freehold estates in Hampshire with their value settled in accordance with his marriage articles of 1720  63M84/109  1733

Notes on the value of the estates of Sir William Heathcote including those intended to be passed to his son Thomas on reaching the age of 26 or 27  63M84/110  1722, 1740-1741

Note of the estates into possession of which Sir William Heathcote's son Thomas will come when he marries, 9 Jun 1740  63M84/111  1740

A note of leasehold estates held under the Dean and Chapter of Winchester for 21 years renewable every 7 years, undated  63M84/112  [Mid 18th century]

Survey of Merdon Farm, Standon Farm, and Pussers, Dowses and Waldrons at Ampfield, undated  63M84/113  [Late 18th century]

Rental of the freehold and leasehold estates belonging to Sir William Heathcote in Hampshire  63M84/114  1741

Rental of Sir Thomas Heathcote's estates in Hampshire  63M84/115  1751

Rental of Sir William Heathcote's estates in Hampshire  63M84/116  1811

Survey and valuation of Sir William Heathcote's freehold and leasehold estates  63M84/117  1825

Rental of the Hursley Estate and the tithes of Hursley and Sparsholt, 1845-46 and 1856-57  63M84/118  1845-57

Note of quarter farm of arable, wood and meadow of 5 tenants and proposed additions thereto, 28 Dec 1836  63M84/119  1836

Copy valuations of hay, sainfoin, fodder straw, caving and chaff on South Lynch Farm, Hursley, 7 Apr and 24 Sep 1858  63M84/120  1858

2 items

Accounts, vouchers  [no ref. or date]

Annual accounts of estate and business  63M84/121  1713-1750

37 items

Rough account in William Heathcote's hand dealing with estate and business matters, 23 Mar 1717  63M84/122  1717

Letter from Samuel Pineau of Hackney to William Heathcote concerning the state of his account, 25 Apr 1720  63M84/123  1720

Note of William Heathcote's outgoings on his estates, Christmas 1728  63M84/124  1728

Note of savings made out of the estate each year since William Heathcote began to keep his own books  63M84/125  1713-1740

Accounts of oats and beans used at Hursley (15 items) and of corn delivered to Hursley (7 items)  63M84/126  1739-1750

22 items

Richard Chappell's receipt to Sir Thomas Heathcote for a half year's rent of the house and offices in the possession of the late Mr William Hinton in Little Queen Street, 16 Feb 1785  63M84/127  1785

Account of bricks and lime purchased for Ford Ach, Ford Bridge and Ratlake Lane Bridge  63M84/127a  18th century

Agent's account with Sir William Heathcote as to £400 17s Od sent to Mr. Blake  63M84/128  1787

Account of monies paid by John Brownjohn for sowing timber and for repairs carried out on several farms belonging to Sir William Heathcote  63M84/129  1788-1789

An account of monies paid by John Brownjohn for making and repairing coppice hedges and other works on the coppices  63M84/130  1788-1789

Bundle of estate vouchers  63M84/131  1785-1787

Agent's bill for estate business  63M84/132  1785-1787

Agent's accounts  63M84/133  1787

Agent's accounts  63M84/134  1788

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

General state of the account of John Brownjohn, 1 Mar 1788-1 Mar 1789  63M84/135  1788-1789

Agent's accounts  63M84/136  1789

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/137  1790

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/138  1791

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/139  1792

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/140  1793

Agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/141  1794

Agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/142  1795

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/143  1796

Vouchers enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/144  1797

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/145  1798

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/146  1799

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/147  1800

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

Agent's accounts  63M84/148  1801

Vouchers and agent's bill enclosed

State of account with the representatives of Mr. Charles Wade deceased for rents  63M84/149  1816-1817

Bundle of accounts of money received at the audits  63M84/150  1813-1820

17 items

Hursley audit book 1829-1849.  63M84/151  1829-1849

Includes tenants' names and rents due and received

Letter including two copy receipts from Charles Fielder of Sparsholt concerning payments made for valuing grass, hay, corn etc., 2 Sep 1853  63M84/152  1853

Note of firs sold in May and Jul 1858  63M84/153  1858

Tenancies, leases  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll: James Morley for two cottages and one curtilage of purpresture land in Hursley which came into the hands of the lord by the surrender of Jane Easton, 23 Oct 1674  63M84/154  1674

Copy of court roll: William Morley eldest son of James Morley and Jane his wife for property as in 154 on the surrender of James Morley, 23 Jan 1682  63M84/155  1682

Surveyor's calculations of what should be allowed for repairs to estate houses during a term of lease  63M84/156  1743

Memorandum concerning terms for the granting of leases, undated  63M84/157  [1790s]

List of cottages, to whom they are rented and the rent payable, 4 mar 1793  63M84/158  1793

Bundle of tenancy agreements  63M84/159  1803-1819

16 items

Bundle of papers concerning Mr. Thomas Elderfield's tenancy of Merdon Farm, Hursley. Includes tenancy agreement 1810, abstract of covenants concerning the lease, sketch map, survey of crops grown and comments thereon c.1820, correspondence and papers concerning dispute over cropping  63M84/160  1810-1820

20 items

Memoranda concerning Mr. Walton's lease, undated  63M84/161  [Mid 19th century]

Correspondence and papers concerning the distraint of Joseph Maughan's goods and chattles for arrears of rent due on his farm in Hursley  63M84/162  1827

9 items

Tithes, Rectories, Livings  [no ref. or date]

Note of what was owed by Hursley Lodge and Merdon Farm to the parish clerk of Hursley in 1640  63M84/163  [18th century]

Memorandum of conditions under which Sir William Heathcote was prepared to give William White the rectory of Otterbourne and vicarage of Hursley, 17 Aug 1746  63M84/164  1746

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from John Merrill of Portsmouth concerning the payment of rent on Coleham Modus and Sparsholt Parsonage, 18 Apr 1746  63M84/165  1746

Letter from William Pescod concerning payment due to him from Hursley Parsonage  63M84/166  1748

Bundle of papers concerning the value and leasing of Hursley Parsonage  63M84/167  1718-1803

Letter from the Winchester Chapter Clerk requesting poor and highway rate figures for Hursley Parsonage, and note of those figures  63M84/168  1852

Conveyance by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Sir William Heathcote of the reversion of tithe rent charge payable in respect of lands in the parish of Hursley, 21 Mar 1872  63M84/169  1872

Taxation  [no ref. or date]

Assessment for levying the sum of £66 8s 4d for one quarterly payment of the Royal Aid, Apr-Jun 1667, on Hursley, Merdon, Standon, Pitt, Silkstead, Cranbury and Longmoor, Hiltingbury, Hawstead, Ratlake, Ampfield and Pucknall  63M84/170  1667

Copy (1912) of certificate of contract for the redemption of land tax on glebe lands and tithes in Hursley and Otterbourne and a perpetual rent charge on the manor of Freefolk, 14 Jan 1800  63M84/171  1800

Assignment by Sir William Heathcote to the vicar and churchwardens of Hursley of land tax upon trust to keep the Heathcote family vault in repair and to pay a clergyman and clerk for performing divine service in Passion Week, 31 Dec 1816  63M84/172  1816

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from Hans Sloane concerning taxation on trees, 18 Mar 1811  63M84/173  1811

Notice of first assessment of William Fowlie under the Property and Income Tax Act for the year 1842, 28 Jan 1843  63M84/174  1843

Sale catalogues  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of sale catalogues, price lists and bills for guano, plants, nets and garden equipment  63M84/175  1854

Catalogue for the sale of south-down sheep, horses, Hursley pigs etc. belonging to Sir William Heathcote to be held at Home Farm, Hursley Park, on 22 Aug 1855  63M84/176  1855

Sale particulars of the Heathcote estates in Hursley, Stoke Charity, Compton, Farley Chamberlayne and Wherwell for auction in 33 lots, 9 July 1890.  63M84/177  1890

Includes 8 plans. Lots include, inter alia New Barn Farm, Upper Silkstead Farm, Pitt Farms 1 and 2, Enmill Farm, South Lynch Farm, Standon Farm, Merdon Farm, Berrydown Farm (Farley Chamberlayne), Wooley House, Pucknal Farm, Lower Ampfield Farm, Broadgate Farm, Cuckoo Bushes, parts of Hiltingbury and Chandlers Ford Farms, Pitmore Farm, Field House Farm, Stoke Farm (Stoke Charity), West Stoke Farm (Stoke Charity), Fullerton (Wherwell), and fishing rights in the River Itchen at Compton

Sale catalogue of the remaining contents of the mansion of Bighton Wood, Bighton, for sale by auction on 24 and 25 Jan 1938 by direction of the executors of Sir Gilbert Heathcote, deceased. The catalogue has been annotated with the price paid for each item  63M84/178  1938

Surveyor's account and letter to Lady Heathcote concerning the auction as in item 178  63M84/179  1938

Christie's catalogue for the sale of silver, the properties of the Rt.Hon. Baroness Zouche, Col. Sir Courtney Vyvyan, the late Leopold Albu and the late Lt.Col. Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Bighton Wood, 25 May 1938. Annotated to show sale price of the Heathcote items  63M84/180  1938

Christie's catalogue for the sale of porcelain, objects d'art, decorative furniture, tapestry and eastern rugs, the properties of Sir Ernest Herdman of Durford Glade, Petersfield, Percy Haddon Esq. and the late Lt.Col. Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Bighton Wood, 26 May 1938. Annotated to show sale price of Heathcote items  63M84/181  1938

Agreements  [no ref. or date]

Agreement between William Bower of Broughton, labourer, and Benjamin White the younger, on behalf of Sir William Heathcote, for the digging of a well at Pebblestone, Hursley, 25 Jun 1740  63M84/182  1740

Agreement between Stephen Bull of Dogmersfield, yeoman and Thomas Wingham of Hursley, sow gelder, by which Wingham is to teach John Bull, son of Stephen, the art of sow gelding and destroying rats and other vermin, 25 May 1748  63M84/183  1748

Bundle of agreements to purchase underwood on the Heathcote estates  63M84/184  1851-1852

18 items

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letter to William Heathcote from his uncle William Heathcote in London congratulating him upon his purchase of the Hursley estate and commending an addition to the estate (possibly Owslebury), 6 Dec 1718  63M84/185  1718

Letter to William Heathcote from Dr. K. Harward of London concerning money owed to him for a mortgage on Littleton manor, 15 Jun 1719  63M84/186  1719

Letters to William Heathcote from John Pretty of Winchester concerning the possible purchase of Farley House from Mr. St. John, Nov 1720-Jan 1721  63M84/187  1720-1721

3 items

Letter to William Heathcote from Robert Pescod of Winchester offering him an (unspecified) estate and informing him of its likely income per annum in rents, Jul 1720  63M84/188  1720

Letter to William Heathcote from John Conduitt of Cranbury Park requesting leave to enclose part of the common, 28 Nov 1720  63M84/189  1720

Letter to William Heathcote from John Conduitt as above concerning Mr. Switzer's wish to lay out Heathcote's gardens, 15 Dec 1720  63M84/190  1720

Letters to William Heathcote from John Lawrence of Salisbury concerning the purchase of fruit trees and methods of planting, 7 and 14 Nov 1721  63M84/191  1721

2 items

Letter to William Heathcote from Robert Pescod of Winchester concerning a copy of a survey of the estate of the late Sir Hugh Stewkely at Michelmersh, 6 Jan 1722  63M84/192  1722

Letter to William Dawsonne from Gilbert Horseman of Lincolns Inn concerning William Heathcote's proposed purchase of tithes of corn and grain in Totton and Testwood, 2 Aug 1722  63M84/193  1722

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from John White at Hursley concerning the value of Silvers estate at Pitt, 18 Mar 1736  63M84/194  1736

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from James Spearing of Winchester concerning articles for the sale of the estate at Hursley, 20 Dec 1747  63M84/195  1747

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from Dr. Gilbert Jackson at Titchfield concerning an exchange of glebe lands in the common fields of Stoke (Charity) for a consolidated parcel of land, 3 Aug 1749  63M84/196  1749

Letters to Sir William Heathcote from John and Benjamin White at Romsey concerning Thomas Baker's copyhold at North End, Hursley, which is offered for sale, 22 Dec 1750 and 1 Jan 1751  63M84/197  1750-1751

2 items

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from Nathaniel Brassey of Lombard Street, London, concerning reserved rent payable to the Prebend of Wherwell, 1 Feb 1751  63M84/198  1751

Letter to Sir Thomas Heathcote from the Duke of Hamilton at Somborne requesting leave to continue hunting in Sir Thomas's woods, 24 Sep 1751  63M84/199  1751

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from Joseph Tanner of Salisbury concerning the appointment of a new steward, 29 Aug 1803  63M84/200  1803

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from John Hodding concerning a yoke of oxen which he has bought for Sir William, 15 Nov 1803  63M84/201  1803

Letter to William Fowlie (the steward) from John Truss agreeing to bring musicians to play quadrilles and country dances at Hursley, and receipt for payment for the same, 5 and 6 Aug 1839  63M84/202  1839

Letters to William Fowlie from Robert Bridges of North Berwick foundry concerning the supply and performance of machine parts (16 items) and from Samuel Somerville of North Berwick concerning payment for coals  63M84/203  1842-1843

18 items

Correspondence concerning and estimates for the reconstruction of a barn destroyed by fire at Silkstead Down Farm, Hursley.  63M84/204  1848-1849

7 items

Includes estimates.

Letter from George Bailey of Stoke Farm concerning the purchase of 'half inch bones' and guano, 26 Feb 1851  63M84/205  1851

Correspondence concerning a railway rating dispute in Hursley parish  63M84/206  1851-1852

11 items

Bundle of miscellaneous estate correspondence (William Fowlie, Steward), Jan 1854-Jan 1855  63M84/207  1854-1855

Bundle of miscellaneous estate correspondence (William Fowlie, Steward), Jul-Sep 1857  63M84/208  1857

Letter to William Fowlie from Mr Ferrier of Powells Coal Office, Southampton, concerning the purchase of fir poles for pit props, 20 Mar 1858  63M84/209  1858

Out-County Estates  [no ref. or date]

A sketch map of part of Sir William Heathcote's estate in Lismore, Co.Kerry, Ireland, with notes as to its value  63M84/210  1737

A note by Sir William Heathcote on his yearly income and the effect on it of the purchase of estates in Ireland  63M84/211  1740

State of account of Sir Riggs Falkiner and Co., agents for estates in Cork and Waterford, Ireland, as at 23 Jan 1789  63M84/212  1788-1789

A note of income from the Irish estate over 10 years 1798-1808  63M84/213  c1808

Letters to Sir Thomas Heathcote from Lord Redesdale concerning the value and running of the Irish estates  63M84/214  1809-1823

4 items

Memoranda concerning William Heathcote's leasehold estate at Meux, near Hull, Yorks: rough note of value in 1705, 1723 and 1728; a note of the lands included in the estate, nd; a particular of the estate, including rents payable from it, 1739; notes concerning the nature and value of timber in Meux Wood, nd  63M84/215  1705-1739

4 items

An estimate of the value of the estate of Sir John Heathcote (cousin of the 1st Sir William Heathcote), including land in Rutland and Lincolnshire, stock, mortgages etc.  63M84/216  1745

A note of the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire estates of Mr. Wyndham (related by marriage to the Heathcotes) and their settlement  63M84/217  nd [19th century]

Scheme to avoid death duties  [no ref. or date]

File of correspondence, 1936-1939, concerning the possibility of forming a private company to buy up the life interests in the Heathcote will trust in order to avoid death duties. At the back are also miscellaneous bills 1934-1936, and a brochure for Holder's 6 h.p. small tractor,nd  63M84/218  1934-1939

Bundle of papers concerning scheme to avoid death duties as above. Includes counsels' opinions; memorandum and articles of association of Heathcote Life Estates Ltd; draft deed of assignment by Sir Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, William Charles Percival Heathcote, Francis Cooke Caulfield Heathcote and Leonard Vyvyan Heathcote to Heathcote Life Estates Ltd of their estates or life interests in the fund settled by the will of Sir William Heathcote, 5th baronet, and the resettlement of 1912; note of investments held by the trustees of the will of Sir William Heathcote subject to the will and settlement of 1912; and estimate of the value of the Sir William Heathcote will trust including the gain to be made by the avoidance of death duties  63M84/219  1936-1937

17 items

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Letter to Mrs Ann Bacon at Mr. Ramsey's in Bartholomew Close, London, from 'your affectionate Brother' William Dunn, Hull, concerning rents paid for named woods (location unknown) 13 Sep 1682  63M84/220  1682

Book of memoranda relating to the Hampshire estate (notes on leases, cutting timber, repairs, accounts etc)  63M84/221  1744-1751

Related information: See also 63M84/228

A list of deeds and papers relating to the estate kept in Sir William Heathcote's library table at Hursley, 6 Aug 1742  63M84/222  1742

FAMILY AND OFFICIAL  [no ref. or date]

Family History  [no ref. or date]

Note by William Heathcote (1st baronet) on Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Chesterfield (1625-1690) and his sons  63M84/223  [early 18th century]

Two manuscript pedigrees of the Heathcotes of Hursley, 1693-1858  63M84/224  [mid 19th century]

Notebook of Selina Heathcote, wife of the 5th baronet containing notes on the history of the Heathcote family, dated 1841  63M84/225  mid-19th century

Notebook of Selina Heathcote containing notes on the history of Hursley, the Heathcotes and related families, dated 1862  63M84/226  mid 19th century

Volume of notes on the history of the Heathcotes and related families  63M84/227  [mid 19th century]

Notebook of Selina Heathcote containing sketches of and notes on coats of arms of Heathcote branches and related families, some in colour, dated 1864  63M84/228  1864

Volume of notes on the Heathcote coat of arms and on the pedigrees of the families quartered with it (including Thorpe, Hersent, Bigg, Harris, Blachford, Shirley, Sturt, Wollaston, Byam, Stanhope, Thistlethwayte, Bathurst), probably by Evelyn D. Heathcote  63M84/229  early 20th century

Volume of manuscript addenda and corrigenda to The Family of Heathcote... by Evelyn D. Heathcote, published Oct 1899  63M84/230  early 20th century

Three coloured coats of arms of the Heathcote family. On the first, the Heathcote arms is quartered with that of the Parker family. The second, central shield, shows the Heathcote arms quartered with the Dawsonne, Thorpe, Hungerford, Heytesbury, Hussey, Peverell, Cornwall, Cobham, Courtenay, Sap, Redvers, Bellomonte, Mellent, Moels, Newmarch, Burnell and Hersent families. On the third, Heathcote is quartered with Percival  63M84/231  19th century

Scrap-books  [no ref. or date]

Scrap-book of notes and correspondence relating to the family history and coat of arms of the Heathcote and related families  63M84/232  1721-1877

Short history of the branch of the Heathcote family of Cutthope Hall, Derbyshire.  63M84/232/opp p1  18th century

George Heathcote of Staley, Derbyshire, was a good friend of Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury in Elizabeth I's reign. Through dealings with the Earl his estate was considerably reduced. His son Gilbert also squandered money on projects, as a result of which he had to sell part of his estate. He also left one son, Gilbert, who fought bravely in the Civil War. 7 (all sons) of his 9 children survived to become merchants with estates. Details of each son follow.

Short history continues with repetition of 1st page and then greater detail on Samuel, Gilbert's 3rd son.  63M84/232/p1  19th century

He set up a considerable estate in Danzig, and then returned to England. He became involved in many public affairs including the regulation of the country's currency. In 1708 he married Mary, the 2nd daughter of William Dawsomme of Hackney. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters. The eldest surviving son William was created baronet in 1733 and become MP for Buckingham and then Southampton. He married Lady Elizabeth, only daughter of the Earl of Macclesfield. They had 6 sons and 3 daughters.

blank  63M84/232/p2  [n.d.]

Lists of marriages, baptisms and burials in the Dawson family during the 16th and 17th centuries, compiled with accompanying letter for unidentified lady, perhaps Lady Heathcote by the Revd H R Bromley, vicar of Hull. 27 Oct 1845  63M84/232/p3  1845

Letter written possibly to Lady Heathcote by Rev H R Bromley relating to his research on the Dawson family. 2 Oct 1845  63M84/232/p4  1845

Note to Lady Heathcote from Revd John Scott of St. Mary's Hull, relating to his research for her into the Dawson family. 2 Oct 1845

Copy of marriage certificate of William Dawson and Elizabeth Newstead in Hull in April 1657. 2 Oct 1845  63M84/232/p5  1845, 1828

Copied extract of Register of Baptisms of Parish of St. John, Hackney, Middx. William, son of Samuel and Mary Heathcote, born 15th & baptised 29th March 1693. 26 March 1828

Copy by Gilbert Heathcote of memoranda taken from his father Sir Thomas Heathcote's Goldsmith's Almanack of 1748. Date of his marriage and dates of birth of his children, and passage expressing his grief at the death of his first wife in December 1749.  63M84/232/p6  1826

List of burials of members of the Heathcote family in the 18th and 19th centuries, taken from Hursley Parish Register and compiled by John Keble, curate.  63M84/232/p7  Early 19th century

Extracts from Parish Registers of Staveley, Derbys. relating to the Heathcote family, 16th, 17th & 18th centuries, taken by Revd. Macfarlane rector. Oct 1849  63M84/232/p8  1849

Note and letters  63M84/232/p9  1842-1849

Note from Mr. Moore, Staveley Rectory, to Sir William Heathcote relating to Staveley parish registers. 12 March 1842
Letter from Revd. Macfarlane, Staveley, to Sir William Heathcote, relating to extracts from parish registers. 10 Oct 1849
Letter from William Swifter to Revd. Macfarlane, relating to Sir William Heathcote's family history. 18 Sept 1849

blank  63M84/232/p10  [n.d.]

19th century copy of the Patent of Baronetcy granted to William Heathcote of Hursley in 1733  63M84/232/p11  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p12  [n.d.]

List of the extracts, mostly from baptism and marriage registers, required by Sir William Heathcote for his family history. Includes list of registers and other sources, all in London, that have already been used for research, but without success.  63M84/232/p13  19th century

List of 35 18th century inscriptions on Rings in the Cabinet at Stockin.  63M84/232/p14  19th century

List of inscriptions on monument in the parish church of Normanton, Rutland, relating to Sir Gilbert Heathcote in the 18th century. Also, statement that there is 'honourable mention' of Sir Gilbert Heathcote in the correspondence of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, published in 1838.  63M84/232/p15  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p16  [n.d.]

List of the children of John Heathcote and Mary Anne Thornhill, married in 1799. Details of whom the children married and also the children that they had.  63M84/232/p17  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p18  [n.d.]

Letter from Sir Thomas Heathcote, 2nd Baronet of Hursley, to his daughter Anne Sophia, from Hursley, giving details of his journey to and from Oxford, where his son Gilbert was to be admitted and matriculated. Contains a warning not to travel after dark, and gives details of a past journey when his coach broke down. 16 Dec 1783  63M84/232/p19  1783

blank  63M84/232/p20  [n.d.]

Letter from John Draper to Sir William Heathcote, giving details of progress being made on the building of Hursley Lodge, and the pulling down of the old garden walls. Contains urgent request to him to come home as soon as possible to direct operations. 15 Aug 1721 Letter from Edward Draper to the Right Hon. Edward Southwell to arrange a meeting in London the following week. 17 July 1721  63M84/232/p21  1721

blank  63M84/232/p22  [n.d.]

Letter from C G Young at College of Arms to Sir William Hethcote relating to Heathcote coat of arms. 27 May, year not given (possibly 1825)  63M84/232/p23  [?1825]

blank  63M84/232/p24  [n.d.]

Letter from C G young at College of Arms to Sir William Heathcote relating to Heathcote family tree and coat of arms. 16 June, year not given (possibly 1825)  63M84/232/p25  [?1825]

blank  63M84/232/p26  [n.d.]

Letter from C G young at College of Arms to Sir William Heathcote relating to Heathcote family tree and coat of arms. 17 Nov 1825  63M84/232/p27  1825

blank  63M84/232/p28  [n.d.]

Notes and diagrams relating to coat of arms attached to will of William Dawsonne, proved 1727. (loose) Separate paper showing extract of family tree of Dawson family in the 17th century.  63M84/232/p29  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p30  [n.d.]

Letter from C G Young at College of Arms to Sir William Heathcote relating to Heathcote coat of arms. July 1826  63M84/232/p31  1826

Letter from Thomas Gore possibly to Sir William Heathcote relating to history of the Gore and Thorpe families in the 18th century. July 1827  63M84/232/p32  1827

Letter from C G Young at College of Arms to Sir William Heathcote relating to Thorpe family history.  63M84/232/p33  19th century

List from Mr Griffiths of Oxford, showing attendance of Thorpe family at Oxford colleges in late 17th to mid 18th century. Nov 1861  63M84/232/p34  1861

2 letters from Mr Griffiths of Oxford, relating to above mentioned list. 27 and 30 Nov 1861  63M84/232/p35  1861

Newspaper cutting relating to the auction of the Cutthorpe estate, Derbyshire, formerly a residence of the Heathcote family.  63M84/232/p36  19th century

Extracts from parish registers of Hartington, Derbys, relating to Heathcote family in the 17th and 18th centuries. 19th century Letter relating to Heathcote family in Hartington and Chesterfield, 14 Dec 1833  63M84/232/p37  19th century, 1833

blank  63M84/232/p38  [n.d.]

Eyles family tree, with associated letter. Jan 1842  63M84/232/p39  1842

blank  63M84/232/p40  [n.d.]

Letter from cousin W.H. Heathcote to Sir William Heathcote, relating to Chesterfield and the Heathcote family. 13 Nov 1841  63M84/232/p41  1841

Rodes family tree.  63M84/232/p42  19th century

Letter from Godfrey Heathcote to Sir William Heathcote relating to Cutthorpe & the Heathcote family. 19 Nov 1849  63M84/232/p43  1849

Note from Mr de Rodes of Balbro' Hall, Chesterfield to Lady Heathcote relating to list on following page, 16 Apr 1837  63M84/232/p44  1837

List of all members of Heathcote and Clarke families appearing in the Chesterfield Church Registers from 1558 to 1790.  63M84/232/p45  1851

Letter from Joseph Hunter to Sir William Heathcote concerning Ebenezer Heathcote. 16 Nov 1843  63M84/232/p46  1843

Notes and family trees relating to the history of the Heathcote family, compiled by Joseph Hunter, probably for Lady Heathcote. 3 June 1843  63M84/232/p47  1843

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Sir William Heathcote relating to Heathcote family history. Includes copied extracts from 16th century Sheffield Parish Registers. Sept 1843  63M84/232/p48  1843

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Sir William Heathcote, relating to Heathcote family history. Includes copied extracts from 17th century diary of the Rev Oliver Heywood of Coley, Halifax, Yorks. 9 Sept 1843  63M84/232/p49  1843

Note from Joseph Hunter to Lady Heathcote, concerning Agnes Heathcote and Francis Heathcote. 17 Oct 1843  63M84/232/p50  1843

Letter from Joseph Hunter, possibly to Sir William Heathcote, relating to Robert Heathcote, Custos Cambri under Henry IV. 8 April 1848  63M84/232/p51  1848

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Lady Heathcote, relating to Heathcote entries in Staveley parish registers and to Ralph Hethcot the bell founder. 21 Feb 1850  63M84/232/p52  1850

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Lady Heathcote relating to the grandfather of the first Sir Gilbert Heathcote. 13 March 1850  63M84/232/p53  1850

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Lady Heathcote relating to Robert Hethcote, Keeper of the King's Exchequer under Henry IV, to the coat of arms and to the Heathcote family in Ireland. 15 April 1850  63M84/232/p54  1850

Letter from Joseph Hunter, probably to Lady Heathcote relating to 2 Chesterfield Heathcote wills. 4 August 1851  63M84/232/p55  1851

blank  63M84/232/p56  [n.d.]

Description of Wellow Church (Somerset), with details especially relating to the Hungerford family.  63M84/232/p57  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p58  [n.d.]

Copy of a paper written by the first Sir Gilbert Heathcote, relating to his family history, with 2 associated letters to Lady Heathcote from J M Heathcote. 30 Oct and 12 Nov 1877  63M84/232/p59  1877

blank  63M84/232/p60  [n.d.]

Letter from Evelyn M Shirley, to Sir William Heathcote, concerning the Goa stone and building of a monument to commemorate Sir John ?Mordaunt by his friends in Walton Church. 24 Dec 1845  63M84/232/p61  1845

blank  63M84/232/p62  [n.d.]

Letter from W Heathcote of Grimsthorpe, Bourne, to Lady Heathcote, concerning a photograph of Grimsthorpe; Sir William Heathcote's enquiries regarding Hogarth pictures. Also news of a bi-election in the area. 21 March 1880  63M84/232/p63  1880

blank  63M84/232/p64  [n.d.]

Part of envelope addressed to Sir William Heathcote, St James's Square London, from George Heathcote, Lord Mayor of London. 18th century. Part of envelope addressed to Lady Elizabeth Heathcote, St James's Square, London, from 1st Earl of Macclesfield.  63M84/232/p65  18th century

blank  63M84/232/p66  [n.d.]

Part of envelope addressed to Sir William Heathcote, Hursley, from Thomas Freeman Heathcote. May 1813  63M84/232/p67  1813

blank  63M84/232/p68-72  [n.d.]

Directions given to Francis Wheatley for Cloth, with 2 samples of cloth attached. 27 Feb 1743 Payments made to Lord Chancellor's servants. 1 Jan 1723 Payments made to Uncle Dawsonne's servants at Hackney. 1 Jan 1722 Payments made to Uncle Dawsonne's servants 1 Jan 1723  63M84/232/p73  1722-1743

blank  63M84/232/p74  [n.d.]

Mrs Sloane's instructions on how to make ink. 1746 Ingredients for Lady Heathcote's apple pudding. July 1849 Part of envelope addressed to William Heathcote, All Souls' College, Oxford. 23 Apr 1823  63M84/232/p75  1746-1849

blank  63M84/232/p76  [n.d.]

Unidentified accounts. 19th century Part of envelope addressed to Sir William Heathcote, Hursley Lodge, from Spencer (?).  63M84/232/p77  19th century

blank  63M84/232/p78  [n.d.]

Lemuel Kingdon's signature, with doodles.  63M84/232/p79  c1730s

blank  63M84/232/p80  [n.d.]

19th century copy of a letter from Sir Thomas Heathcote to unidentified gentleman relating to the appointment of Mr Edward Derby as a Stamper. 27 Jun 1762 Copy of a letter from Sir Thomas Heathcote, probably to Lord Bute, thanking him for securing a post of Stamper for Mr Edward Derby. 30 Jan 1763 Copy of a letter from Simeon Stuart and Sir Thomas Heathcote to Lord Bute, relating to the appointment of Mr Edward Derby to a post in either customs or the Stamp Office. 17 Sept 1762  63M84/232/p81  1762-1763

blank  63M84/232/p82  [n.d.]

Extracts concerning Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Normanton c.1720-1730 taken from Thomas Wale's pocket book (1701-96) by his grandson, the Revd. Henry John Wale MA, author of Sword and Surplice.  63M84/232/p83  1883

blank  63M84/232/p84-86  [n.d.]

(loose) envelope addressed to Mrs William Heathcote, Manydown, Basingstoke, from Thomas Freeman Heathcote. March 1800  63M84/232/p87  1800

blank  63M84/232/pps88-191  [n.d.]

Scrap-book of miscellaneous family papers, including letters and poems, compiled by Arthur M. Heathcote, 1926  63M84/233  1807-1933

Poem entitled 'Upon Mrs Ogle previous to her total blindness, desiring to be turn'd round to the setting sun'. The poem describes this episode in detail and extols the virtues of her character  63M84/233/p1  nd

Poem in eleven verses written by Lady Selina Heathcote on 9 March 1840 and sent to Mr Morris the vicar of Eatington. The poem tells of a vicar's encounter with six small, mischievous spirits  63M84/233/p2  1840

Sonnet by Lady Dacre on Loveliness. Copied out by Mrs Beaufoy, an old friend of Mrs Elizabeth Heathcote (Sir William Heathcote's mother). Arthur Heathcote adds a brief note about a Gainsborough painting which she left to his father  63M84/233/p3  nd

Poem entitled 'Monsieur Nong Tong Paw'. This name is 'John Bull's interpretation of the phrase 'Monsieur, je vous n'entend pas'. He is given this answer each time he asks a question during his travels through France and the poem tells of the results of his lack of comprehension  63M84/233/p4  nd

Poem written by John Keble on the death of Caroline Heathcote, Sir William Heathcote's first wife  63M84/233/p5  1835

Satirical poem entitled 'New Games in St. Stephen's Chapel' by E. Repton  63M84/233/p6-7  1807

Pencil drawing of several deer. The artist is supposed to have been Katherine Heathcote, about whom details are given beneath the picture  63M84/233/p8  c1826

Song entitled 'The Lass o' Carlisle'  63M84/233/p9a  [n.d.]

Epigram said to be by Sir Wilfred Lawson on Mr Biggar MP for Cavan Co. Given to Sir William Heathcote by Mr Bontern at Heckfield 20 Sept 1876  63M84/233/p9b  1876

Poem by J D Coleridge (later Lord Coleridge - Solicitor General) entitled 'In Memoriam FGR'. This was his brother Francis G Coleridge  63M84/233/p10  1854

Two comic verses, one in reply to the other, entitled 'Petition of the letter H to the inhabitants of Warwick Protesting' and 'Answer of the Inhabitants'. Includes a small ink illustration of 'A race to be first fiddle'  63M84/233/p11  nd

Two notes written by Sir William Heathcote. One concerns the Hope family motto, the other consists of lines written when Barry and Garrick were both acting King Lear in rival London theatres, 12 May 1862  63M84/233/p12  1862

A card listing the prizes won by two bull terriers 'Nelson and Dick' belonging to E S Shirley Esq of Eatington Park, Stratford-on-Avon. Underneath Lady Selina Heathcote has written out a problem concerned with calculating the weight of a fish  63M84/233/p13  nd

Five cards: Lord and Lady Arden's personal cards (they were the parents of William Heathcote's first wife, Caroline) an admission ticket to St. George's Chapel, an admission ticket to a ball at St. John's House and a Prayers card from the House of Commons  63M84/233/p14  nd

Copy of an inscription on a cross erected as a memorial to Thomas Richard F Cooke Trench (d.1902) of the parish of Clane, Co. Kildare. He was a son-in-law of Sir William Heathcote  63M84/233/p15a  nd

Primrose League Diploma issued to Jennetta A Heathcote, twin daughter of Sir William Heathcote, 15 May 1885  63M84/233/p15b  1885

Three brief extracts from the Churchwardens account book of Chelmsford, Essex, copied out by Lady Selina Heathcote  63M84/233/p16a  nd

Poem about the men who fought and died for Bonnie Prince Charlie by Agnes Macleod  63M84/233/p16b  nd

A notice from the Red Cross National Society for Aid to Sick and Wounded in War issued during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870-71. Includes a plaster of the type which Arthur Heathcote remembers making at Hursley  63M84/233/p17  1870/1

Letter from Thomas Cooke Trench to Helena Heathcote, his sister-in-law, concerning a cruise on the Liffey wrongly reported in a newspaper. Cutting attached 1 June 1868  63M84/233/p18a  1868

Copy made by Beatrice Heathcote from a copy of an original letter by E J Simons relating to his encounter with a female ghost at Megganie Castle, Perthshire, in 1869/70 (Letter in envelope)  63M84/233/p18b  1884

3 comic verses. One mocks the current vogue for Queen Anne Style, another ridicules imprecise translation from foreign languages and the third, written in pencil, is an epigram on Mr Sheepshanks of Jesus College, Cambridge by Mr Wedgewood  63M84/233/p19  nd

A few lines on Bemerton church near Salisbury and the poet George Herbert, a former rector  63M84/233/p20a  nd

Account of the Duke of Buccleuch's Lead Works at Wanlach Head in the Lake District, written by Sir William Heathcote 5 October 1857 (in envelope)  63M84/233/p20b  1857

Two epigrams originated by Paley and Dr Whewell Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and noted by Sir William Heathcote 24 Apr 1864  63M84/233/p21a  1864

A rule for testing the price of baker's bread given to Sir William Heathcote by Mr Charles  63M84/233/p21b  1864

A resume of a conversation between Lady Heathcote and a servant John Halfes concerning luggage headed 'Instructive Dialogue' 5 June 1873  63M84/233/p22a  1873

Three items copied by Sir William Heathcote: A song supposedly from the Beggar's Opera and two parodies by George Canning MP 12 April 1863  63M84/233/p22b  1863

Note of an exchange between Fergus O'connor and Sir Robert Peel in the House of Commons 21 Feb 1866 on the Act of Union  63M84/233/p23a  1866

A short verse from J D Coleridge but not written by him expressing a view on the 'Vestment Question' 2 Feb 1866  63M84/233/p23b  1866

A fragment dealing with Sir William Heathcote's relationship to the poet Robert Southey  63M84/233/p24a  nd

History of the dining and drawing room carpets at Hursley Park  63M84/233/p24b  nd

Note concerning the soft furnishings at Hursley Park.  63M84/233/p25a  nd

Includes a piece of red satin

Description of a harpsichord  63M84/233/p25b  nd

A poem from the American Girls Own Book published 1835-40, copied out by Beatrice or Jennetta Heathcote Feb 1881  63M84/233/p26a  1881

A postcard which was posted in Winchester to Sir William Heathcote at Hursley in 1879 but which did not reach its destination until 1897  63M84/233/p26b  1879-97

An analysis of the character of Helena Heathcote from an example of her handwriting  63M84/233/p26c  1885

Copy of a letter concerning the relationship between Greece and England and signed Jon D Kafala, presented at Mavromati to one of the gentlemen of the Argonaut party which travelled to Greece and Egypt and of which Beatrice Heathcote was a member 25 April 1903  63M84/233/p27a  1903

Copy of an inscription found in a Welsh church  63M84/233/p27b  nd

Lord Carnarvon's verse translation of an Horation Ode which he sent to Sir William Heathcote. The covering letter is included January 1863  63M84/233/p28a+b  1863

Poem by Lord Derby on an aspect of the 1865 election 24 June 1865  63M84/233/p29a  1865

Epigram from Dr Leighton, Warden of All Souls 1867  63M84/233/p29b  1867

A mnemonic for telling over a pack of cards  63M84/233/p29c  nd

Poem sent by Archbishop Trench of Dublin to Thomas Cooke Trench who had sent him some spectacles  63M84/233/p30a  nd

Anonymous poem on the Earl of Essex's grave 9 July 1879  63M84/233/p30b  1879

Comic poem entitled 'The Female Fern Mania by a male sufferer at Eridine N.B.' Arthur Heathcote supposes this to have been written at the expense of his mother and sister, Caroline  63M84/233/p31  nd

Copy of an old English song entitled 'Great without small makes a bad wall' quoted in Sir J Lubbock's 'Pleasure of Life'  63M84/233/p32a  nd

Anonymous poem entitled 'On a Cross' (out at sea off the coast of Guernsey)'  63M84/233/p32b  nd

Letter from Charlotte M Yonge to Helena Heathcote concerning the book she is writing about Keble's parishes 4 May 1898  63M84/233/p33a  1898

Notes on deer by a former head keeper at Hampton Court  63M84/233/p33b  nd

Letter from Rose Sherlock to Helena Heathcote which mentions the progress of the First World War and includes an anecdote about a poor woman buying an expensive piano. 11 April 1917  63M84/233/p34a  1917

Several pages bound together including a poem on Otterbourne Churchyard by Walter James, a pupil of Pr. Moberley and some jokes and riddles  63M84/233/p34b  nd

Two anecdotes: Concerning the Speaker and the Chancellor, Lord Westbury  63M84/233/p35a  March 1864

Two anecdotes: Concerning the Prince of Wales  63M84/233/p35b  9 Nov 1862

Notes on numbers  63M84/233/p36a  nd

A copy of a letter from Mrs & Miss Winford to Mr Cope requesting that they be permitted to borrow various articles. Headed at the top 'A true and genuine letter'  63M84/233/p36b  nd

A poem entitled 'Mrs John Prevost'  63M84/233/p37  nd

Copy of a comical letter headed 'From an Irish Lady to her son'  63M84/233/p38  nd

List of butlers at Hursley Park from 1840 to 1881  63M84/233/p39a  c1880s

Card announcing William Heathcote's forthcoming nomination as 'one of the Burgesses' to represent Oxford University in Parliament  63M84/233/p39b  1859

Two invitations to the Heathcotes to attend functions at Buckingham Palace  63M84/233/p40  1868 & 1875

A selection of witty epitaphs  63M84/233/p41  nd

A letter [?genuine] from a Mrs Pitt to a neighbour Miss C complaining about various matters, especially the volume of laundry  63M84/233/p42  nd

Three items dealing with Ruth Savage, a valued nursemaid at Hursley Park whose future life was predicted by a gipsy in 1826, when she was a young woman  63M84/233/p43  1925/6

Verse on the ending of life. Lines found in the desk of Mr David Watts Russell after his death  63M84/233/p44a  nd

Translation of the inscription under the portrait of Sir William Heathcote by George Richmond in the Grand Jury Room at Winchester  63M84/233/p44b  nd

Notes on the game of curling  63M84/233/p45a  nd

Prescription for a cure for distemper, 24 April 1865  63M84/233/p45b  1865

Invitation to the marriage of Agnes Ethel Hatcher and James Shirley Heathcote in Elkhorn, Manitoba, Canada 7 August 1912  63M84/233/p46a  1912

Copy of a letter from an emigre to a gentleman who had informed him of the death of his father [In French]  63M84/233/p46b  nd

Notes about schools at Hursley 31 March 1855  63M84/233/p47a  1855

Poem written by Frederick Blackstone for the 60th birthday of Sir William Heathcote (17 May 1861), which was also the day of a meeting to decide upon a memorial for two 'venerated' wardens of Winchester College 17 May 1861  63M84/233/p47b  1861

Notes on deer  63M84/233/p48a  nd

Directions for making a preparation to prevent or stop dry rot  63M84/233/p48b  nd

A recipe for small beer in the hand of Sir William Heathcote, the 1st baronet  63M84/233/p49  18th century

Receipes for winter salads by the Revd Sydney Smith. Copied out 4 Sept 1871 and 8 Jan 1866  63M84/233/p50-51  1866, 1871

Instructions on how to prepare medication to cure a horse's cold  63M84/233/p52a  nd

List of temperatures with boiling and freezing points noted in both centigrade and fahrenheit  63M84/233/p52b  c1889

Envelope containing pages from a journal kept by William Heathcote during his travels through Monmouthshire, 1818 Also a poem entitled 'Inkerman' 5 November 1854 by Cholmeley Leigh  63M84/233/p53a  1818-1854

Letter from the Bishop of Winchester to Mr Heathcote thanking him for sending the Conspectus of Bishop Sumner 25 Sept 1926  63M84/233/p53b  1926

Letter from A Shirley to his cousin Arthur Heathcote reminiscing about 'Uncle Ho' [General Horatio Shirley] 27 May 1927  63M84/233/p54  1927

Three items dealing with the Liver bird, the symbol of Liverpool  63M84/233/p55a-c  c1927

Part of circular presenting the compliments of Longman and Strongi'th'arm Ltd  63M84/233/p55d  nd

A sermon in verse by Frances, Lady Heathcote (1807) found among Tom Wyndham's papers after his death and sent to Arthur Heathcote by his widow  63M84/233/p56  1807

Discussion of a Raphael's Madonna and Child in the Electoral Gallery of Pictures at Dresden, signed Winkelman  63M84/233/p57  nd

Engraving of the Great Seal of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, made by T Simon  63M84/233/p58a  nd

Engraving of a shield, helmet, mailed glove, lance and cloak etc. draped over a tomb. Underneath is printed Thomas Edwards Freeman Esq.  63M84/233/p58b  nd

Verse entitled 'On Mr Greville's Memoirs' by Lord Rosslyn  63M84/233/p58c  1874

Memorandum signed by Sir William Heathcote concerning the similarity between a painting in the Speaker's collection and one hanging at Hursley 15 March 1841  63M84/233/p59a  1841

Extract from a letter from Mrs Charles Smith of Suttons, Essex, to her sister Mrs William Chute of the Vyne giving a glowing account of the manners and appearance of William Heathcote (13 August 1824). Copied out by her great grand-daughter Dorothea E Jenkyns and sent to Arthur Heathcote with a covering letter 8 April 1930  63M84/233/p59b  1824 & 1930

Colour print of Louisa, Countess of Gnoben Wedel (grand-daughter of Ralph Heathcote) Berlin  63M84/233/p60  1905

Sale catalogue of works of art of Gen. Sir Thomas MacMahon et al. 19 December 1896.  63M84/233/p61a  1896

Includes portraits of members of the Heathcote family

Letter to the Times proposing a solution to the word square puzzle 'Sator Arepo Tenet'  63M84/233/p61b  nd but c late 1920s

A newspaper cutting giving recollections of the 'old days in Salisbury Cathedral' The piece is unsigned but the name Margaret Hussey has been added in pencil 7 June 1929  63M84/233/p61c  1929

Two newsprint reproductions of paintings to be sold at Christies  63M84/233/p62  [n.d.]

Jane, second daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, bart and wife of the Rt. Hon Spencer Perceval who, as Prime Minister was assassinated in 1812. The artist is Hoppner  63M84/233/p62a  nd

Margaret Elizabeth, Baroness Arden, painted by Sir William Beechy RA in 1794. She was the elder sister of a.  63M84/233/p62b  nd

Description of a murder investigation carried out in India by an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr H G Young. The victim was the wife of a young Rajah. The excerpt was copied from 'Work and Sport in the old ICS' by Horne because the police officer involved was Harry Gavin Young, son of James Young, the vicar of Hursley and Arthur Heathcote's brother-in-law  63M84/233/p62c  1930

Certificate presented to the Revd E(velyn) D(awsonne) Heathcote by the parishioners of Sparsholt on his resignation 'as a small token of remembrance' after the eighteen years of his ministry  63M84/233/p63  nd

Sepia photograph showing the Revd & Mrs J Keble and Dr Moberley, headmaster of Winchester College, later Bishop of Salisbury. The photograph also shows a young woman who has not been identified. Hursley Vicarage and church are in the background  63M84/233/p64  1860s

Facsimile of edition LVIII (6 July 1730) of the Salisbury Journal, supplement to the Salisbury and Winchester Journal of 7 June 1929  63M84/233/p65  1929

Reproduction of a chalk drawing by Gardner of Frances, Lady Heathcote, and Harriet H Heathcote, afterwards Mrs Lovell  63M84/233/p66  late C18

Invitation to the wedding of Phyllis Mary Lee and Dr Charles Richard Croft in Winchester, 29 December (year not given but early 20th century)  63M84/233/p67a  early 20th century

Cutting from the Guardian of 4 August 1933 headed 'In Keble's Village. An Impression' by Olive Baring  63M84/233/p67b  1933

The history of the portrait of Mr William Heathcote, uncle of the first Sir William by E D Heathcote 23 Feb 1903  63M84/233/p67c  1903

Photographs from the Hampshire Chronicle showing scenes from a pageant at Merdon Castle 14 June 1930  63M84/233/p68-69  1930

Programme of a concert at Hursley Park 10 Jan 1860  63M84/233/p70a  1860

Extract from 'Marshall's Naval Biography' Vol II 1824 concerning Admiral Sir Henry Heathcote, his court martial and subsequent acquittal [in envelope]  63M84/233/p70b  [1824]

(loose) Note of the descendants of the third baronet and his brother Samuel and the relationship between them  63M84/233/p71a  nd

(loose) Cutting from the Sunday Times of 2 June 1929 quoting a verse submitted by Isabella Heathcote on the relative merits of King Lear played by Baring and Garrick  63M84/233/p71b  1929

Scrap-book of letters and miscellaneous papers relating to the Heathcote family, compiled by Arthur M. Heathcote, 1926  63M84/234  1771-1917

Album of letters compiled by Arthur M. Heathcote and inscribed 'old letters etc. connected with Hursley or the family, found among papers at the death of my sister Helena and arranged by me'. Letters are either pasted in, contained loose in envelopes or held by tapes, and are usually accompanied by A.M.H.'s identifications and editorial comments.

Mr. Williams of Compton to Mr. Lovelace Bigg-Wither  63M84/234/1  1771

Refers to his travels with Sir C. Watson in the north of England and Scotland, including Corby Castle, Drumlanrig, Inverary, Douglas Castle and Colloden Moor, where he found a skull.
Ends with a description of his squalid accommodation
Fort William, 26 Aug 1771

Revd. Wm. Heathcote to Thos. Heathcote [4th bt.], his brother  63M84/234/2  1798

Refers to a letter just received and asks for a signature to an order enabling his dividends to be paid to Mr. Wither's banker
[?Hartley] Wintney, 11 Feb.

Lady Frances Heathcote to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.], her grandson  63M84/234/3  nd

Refers to William's return to school and mentions health of Sir William [3rd bt.]
Hursley Lodge, 13 Feb.

Mary Manning to Sir Thos. Heathcote [4th bt.]  63M84/234/4  nd

Recommends a mixture of ox gall and hot water to restore the colours of a tapestry, thanks him for the 'most excellent Birds' and briefly mentions the weather and a child's illness

Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] aged 11, to Margaret Blackstone, his cousin  63M84/234/5  1812

Crossed letter giving general details of everyday life
Manydown, 4 July 1812

Lady Francis Heathcote to 'Wm. Heathcote'  63M84/234/6  nd

Fragment of letter beginning 'We are among friends my dear William'.
Hursley Lodge, 4 March

'The Mirror', being a home-made newspaper written by Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] aged 11, including birth and marriage announcements and news of Napoleon's Russian campaign 21 Dec. 1812  63M84/234/7  1812

Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] aged 12 to Margaret Blackstone, his cousin  63M84/234/8  1813

Related information: [For remainder of letter see 63M84/234/15 below]

Refers to 'a merry-making' at Steventon and describes the activities including donkey-racing in which Edward Austen [nephew of Jane Austen] was his jockey
Manydown, 19 July 1813

Wm. heathcote [5th bt.] to Margaret Blackstone, his cousin  63M84/234/9  nd

Poem in six four-line verses making excuses for not seeing her more often and assuring her of his continued devotion

Invoice from Thos. Freeman Heathcote [4th bt.] to Hugh Dalrymple for items of furniture  63M84/234/10  1815/16

Dr. Gabell, headmaster of Winchester College, to Mrs. Elizabeth Heathcote  63M84/234/11  1814

Praises her son's good conduct
Homeleigh Abbey, Warwicks, 7 Jan. 1814

Dr. Gabell to Mrs. Elizabeth Heathcote  63M84/234/12  1816

Contents similar to 63M84/234/11 above
Winchester, 18 Dec. 1816

H. Deane to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/13  nd

Refers to his travels in France, mentions the 3rd Division of the English army under Lord Combermere going into camp and a visit made by [Edward] Austen to Popham Lane

'Antigone', being a poem by Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] written as a Medal Task at Winchester College [Awarded the Gold Medal]  63M84/234/14  ?1817/18

End of letter as described in no. 63M84/234/8 above  63M84/234/15  [n.d.]

H. Deane to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/16  1818

Refers in detail to the rebellion at Winchester College
Winchester, 8 May 1818

Robt. Southey to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/17  1820

Refers to arrangements for his proposed visit to Oxford and mentions his nephew Hartley Coleridge
15 Queen Anne Street, 8 June 1820

Sir Thos. F. Heathcote [4th bt.] to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/18  1820

Refers to decision by W.H. to stand for a fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford, and offers to help by using his influence
Hursley Park, 12 Nov. 1820

John Keble and Sir John Coleridge to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/19  1821

Two short letters written on the same piece of writing paper. Keble gives news of his pupil, 'a relation of Southey's', and Coleridge mentions an extract he is enclosing
Winchester, 11 July 1821 [missing]

J.E. Tyler of Oriel College, Oxford to Mrs. E. Heathcote  63M84/234/20  1822

Refers to books presented by Oriel College to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]
Oriel College, 22 June 1822

Sir Thos. F. Heathcote [4th bt.] to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/21  1822

Congratulates W.H. on his election as a ?fellow of All Souls College, Oxford
Hurlsey Park, 6 Nov. 1822

Sir Thos. F. Heathcote [4th bt.] to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/22  1822

Refers to forthcoming 'Foreign Tour' of W.H. and offers him £200
Hursley Park, 7 May 1822

Robt. Southey to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/23  1823

Refers to his forthcoming travels around southern and eastern England
London, 2 Jan. 1823

Robt. Southey to Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/24  1826

Arranges a brief visit to Hursley Park. Also mentions his uncle's health
1 Harley Street, 19 May 1826
The following 5 items are all receipts for sums spent by Wm. Heathcote at his election as M.P. for South Hants

£6 for '16 musicians'. 19 June 1826  63M84/234/25  1826

£6 4s.3d. for the 'Band at the County Election'. 19 June 1826  63M84/234/26  1826

£15 for 'chairing Sir Wm. on the day of the election'. 17 June 1826  63M84/234/27  1826

£200 for the election agents. 3 July 1826  63M84/234/28  1826

£171 7s. for 'the Bands, chairing the Member and Sundries'. 3 July 1826  63M84/234/29  1826

Evelyn John Shirley to Selina [later Lady Heathcote], his daughter  63M84/234/30  1831

Family news and arrangements for her visit. Also describes an accident which befell Mr. Rennink, the master of the inn
Loughfea, Carrickmacross, Ireland, 7-9 June 1831

Lady Helena Trench to Lady Caroline Heathcote, her sister  63M84/234/31  1832

Refers to the unhappy state of affairs in Ireland and also mentions the Reform Bill
Kilmorony, Ireland, 10 Feb. 1832

The final page of letter described in 63M84/234/33 below  63M84/234/32  [n.d.]

Lady Helena Trench to Lady Caroline Heathcote, her sister  63M84/234/33  1832

Related information: [For final page of this letter see 63M84/234/32 above]

Describes in detail incident when armed men broke into her house demanding 'the arms that were in the house'
Kilmorony, Ireland, 18 Jan. 1832

John Keble to Mrs. Wm. Heathcote  63M84/234/34  1832

Enquires about the progress of Sir Wm. Heathcote's recovery [presumably from the accident when he was thrown from his horse] and gives news of his own family
Fairford, Gloucs., 2 Oct. 1832

Mrs. Charles Wyndham [nee Maria Heathcote] to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.], her nephew  63M84/234/35  1832

Discusses contents of wine cellar [?at Hursley] and sends best wishes for W.H.'s recovery from his 'severe accident'
Donhead Hall, Wilts., 10 Dec. 1832

Arthur Stanhope to Selina Shirley [later Lady Heathcote], his grand-daughter  63M84/234/36  1833

Hopes she had an enjoyable Twelfth Night celebration, makes derogatory remakrs about 'The Tape Worm Crawls' behaviour at an election and gives family news
Tilney Street, 12 Jan. 1833

Edward Austen Leigh [Jane Austen's nephew] to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/37  1841

Refers to election for the Oxford poetry professorship and declares himself to be a supporter of Mr. Williams despite the controversy regarding his support for 'Dr. Pusey and Co.' Gives his own views on the Tractarians
Scarlets, Berks., 29 Nov. 1841

Jane Gardiner [a servant at Eatington] to Selina, Lady Heathcote  63M84/234/38  1843

Describes her wedding
Newbold, 16 Dec. 1843

Arthur M. Heathcote [aged 9] to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.], his father  63M84/234/39  1856

Letter home from school in Twyford, including report by G.W. Kitchen, headmaster [afterwards Dean of Winchester and later of Durham]
Twyford, 13 June 1856

Arthur M. Heathcote [aged 9], to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/40  1856

Contents similar to 63M84/234/39 above
Twyford, 4 Oct. 1856

R. Barter, Warden of Winchester College to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/41  nd

Refers to a fire at Hursley. [There was a fire in Aug 1847 when a shed adjoining the stables was accidentally set alight]
College, Saturday

Margaret Blackstone to Sir Wm. Heathcote, her cousin  63M84/234/42  1863

Refers to her examination of old letters and papers.
The Friary, 16 May 1863

Jn. Keble to Helena Heathcote, his god-daughter  63M84/234/43  1863

Acceptance of an invitation [written in verse] to a performance of Dick Whittington with Helena in the title role
Hursley Vicarage, 22 Dec. 1863

Poem addressed 'To William' [Heathcote ?5th bt.]  63M84/234/44  ?1812

Congratulates him on his uncle's 'successful election'

Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] to Arthur Perceval, brother of his first wife  63M84/234/45  1844

Refers to his appointment to a secret committee formed 'to investigate the roles and practice of the Government and Post Office as to opening letters'
43 Eaton Place, 4 July 1844

Extracts from the biography of Lord Geo. Bentinck by Benjamin Disraeli  63M84/234/46  1852

Two passages praising Sir Wm. Heathcote's abilities and his performance in the debate on the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846

Sir Wm. Heathcote to Sir Jn. Coleridge [the elder]  63M84/234/47  1867

Gives a detailed account of his early association with Jn. Keble
Hursley Park, 7 Oct. 1867

Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.] to Jennetta Heathcote, his daughter  63M84/234/48  1874

Refers to a meeting with Dr. Newman whom he considers 'so different from many of those converts - from that odious Archbishop Manning, for example'
Chelmsford Rectory, 6 June 1874

Charlotte Yonge to Caroline Heathcote  63M84/234/49  1881

Letter of condolence on the death of her father, Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 21 Aug. 1881

Mrs. Samuel G. Walcott [a ?gt. grand-daughter of Bp. Delancey] to Selina, Lady Heathcote  63M84/234/50  1882

Family news
99 Chancellor Square, Utica, New York, 15 Jan. 1882

Invitation to the marriage of Alice Walcott and William J. Millard at Utica, New York, on 8 June 1881  63M84/234/51  1881

Invitation to the marriage of Sarah Gardner Walcott and Rev. C.J. Clausen at Utica, New York, on 26 May 1886  63M84/234/52  1886

Mourning envelope addressed to Mrs. S.G. Walcott, nee Miss Pierrepont, 99 Chancellor Square  63M84/234/53  nd

Charles Heathcote and Mrs. L. Malcolm to Selina Heathcote jun.  63M84/234/54  1887

Two letters, written on the same piece of writing paper giving accounts of the celebrations for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee and family news

Thomas Cooke-Trench to Helena Heathcote, his sister-in-law  63M84/234/55  1888

Gives a detailed account of a visit to a telescope works in Dublin and includes an illustration
Kingsbridge, 3 Mar. 1888

Ethel M. Portal to Selina, Lady Heathcote  63M84/234/56  1892

Refers to a portrait by Van Loo supposedly of a member of the Walpole family, of which she is unable to make a definite identification
3 Wilmot St., Bethnal Green, London, 30 Sept. 1892

Sepia photograph of portrait referred to in 63M84/234/56 above  63M84/234/57  [n.d.]

Arthur Heathcote to Selina, Lady Heathcote, his mother  63M84/234/58  1897

Refers to the celebrations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
40 Cranley Gardens, S.W., 27 June 1897

Charlotte Yonge to Helena Heathcote  63M84/234/59  1897

Refers to the celebrations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 21 June 1897

Charlotte Yonge to Helena Heathcote  63M84/234/60  1897

Refers to Richard Cromwell's monument and a story concerning a dog belonging to Queen Charlotte
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 5 Aug. 1897

Charlotte Yonge to Beatrice Heathcote  63M84/234/61  1897

Refers to a sighting of a sword said to have belonged to Oliver Cromwell
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 22 Aug. 1897

Charlotte Yonge to Beatrice Heathcote  63M84/234/62  1898

Refers to the Great Seal of the Commonwealth
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 29 Jan. 1898

Charlotte Yonge to Beatrice Heathcote  63M84/234/63  1898

Refers to the Great Seal of the Commonwealth
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 11 Feb. 1898

Evelyn Heathcote to Helena Heathcote, his sister  63M84/234/64  1900

Refers to a volume of sermons from the library at Hursley
56 Oakley St., Chelsea, S.W.

Charlotte Yonge to Helena Heathcote  63M84/234/65  ?1898

Concerns water divining
Elderfield, Otterbourne, 5 May ?1898

Arthur Heathcote to Helena Heathcote, his sister  63M84/234/66  1917

Refers to John Evans [author of 'The Escaping Club'], America's presumed declaration of war and family news
Horris Hill School, Newbury, Berks., 4 Feb. 1917

General Horatio Shirley to Selina, Lady Heathcote, his niece  63M84/234/67  1855

Written from the Crimea. Refers to the appalling winter, the courage of the soldiers, the severe casualties, the provision of hospitals and the mismanagement of supply lines. Praises General Codrington's report of the 'deficiencies... of the various departments' but agrees with criticism of 'poor Lord Raglan' who is too old and whose staff do not keep him fully informed
Camp before Sebastopol, 14 Jan. 1855

Evelyn J. Shirley to Selina, Lady Heathcote, his daughter  63M84/234/68  1855

Returns the letter described in 63M84/234/67 above and refers to a 'more cheery account' subsequently received which states 'the Times attacks on Lord Raglan are infamous'; he is concerned and valiant although his staff are 'worthless'. Includes envelope
Loughfea, Ireland, 12 Feb. 1855

Revd. Walter Farquhar Hook to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/69  1825

Congratulates him on his marriage [to Caroline Perceval], comments favourably on the character of his brother-in-law Arthur Perceval and wishes him success in his forthcoming political career
Whippingham, Cowes, I of W, 6 Dec. 1825

Frances Delancey [wife of Bishop Delancey] to Selina, Lady Heathcote  63M84/234/70  1852

Refers to an enjoyable visit to Hursley and extends an invitation to visit the USA
Geneva, 1 Nov. 1852

Richard Dana to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/71  1856

Refers to his enjoyable visit to Hursley and chronicles the rest of his travels around the southern counties
London, 17 Aug. 1856

Richard Dana to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/72  1856

Refers to the Shirley family's ancestry, the Oxford Movement and the current position of the Anglican Church
Boston, 22 Sept. 1856

Bishop Delancey to Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]  63M84/234/73  1859

Letter bidding the family 'adieu' as his return to America is imminent
11 June 1859

G.W. Richmond to ?Mr. Heathcote  63M84/234/74  1881

Letter of condolence on the death of Sir Wm. Heathcote [5th bt.]
United Services Club, Pall Mall, S.W., 23 Aug. 1881

Bishop of Moray and Ross to Sir Wm. Heathcote  63M84/234/75  1864

Thanks him for his 'generous exertions in behalf of our Church, obtaining for her the restoration of priveleges... and removing a ban from her Orders'
Hedgefield House, Inverness, 23 July 1864

John Callcott Horsley R.A. to 'Mrs. Heathcote'  63M84/234/76  1891

Refers to her 'carvings' and any possible market for them
1 High Row, Kensington, W., 19 Dec. 1891

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale to 'Mr. Heathcote'  63M84/234/77  nd

Regretfully declines an invitation to attend a rehersal
11 Holland Park Road, 2 Apr.

Octavia Hill to ?  63M84/234/78  1884

Gives her opinion of the type of play likely to interest 'the poor'
14 Nottingham Place, W., 23 July 1884

Samuel Heathcote of Hackney  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Samuel Heathcote (1656-1708) the third son of Gilbert Heathcote of Chesterfield, was a successful London merchant. He was a director of the East India Company and the Eastland Company. He purchased the lease of Clapton House, Hackney in 1700

Notebook of Samuel Heathcote, continued after his death in 1708 by his son William (q.v.)  63M84/235  1692-1716

Items noted include:
(At the front)
Diary of family and business matters, travels and current events 1694-1696
Advice to Leonard Gill before being sent to Danzig, 1695
Copy letters to John Locke and custom duties 1695
Diary of servants employed 1712-1716 (and passim)
Receipe for small beer
An abstract of the Portugal trade, 1713
List of addresses of shopkeepers
Notes on coinage, weights and trade at Leghorn
Account of brewing done in 1714
Genealogical notes from the time of George
Heathcote of Staley, Derbys, to 1719
(At the back)
List of debtors 1692-1695
Copy letters on business matters, including one to John Locke, 1695,1698
Diary of family, household, gardening and business matters 1696-1714
A recipe to cure a horse's cold
A note on the price of glass 1699
A list of trees and wall fruit at Clapton House
Lists of East India Company Bonds 1699-1704, 1708-1710
Account of the purchase of the lease of Clapton House in 1700 and work carried out on it
A recipe for chocolate
Note of work to be done in the garden in each month of the year
Notes on coinage of foreign countries
Accounts of the death of Samuel Heathcote's mother, Ann, 1705, and mother-in-law, Elizabeth Dawsonne, 1707
Recipe to cure a horse's strained back sinew

Appointment of Samuel Heathcote as Deputy Lieutenant of Tower Hamlets, 1 Oct 1707  63M84/236  1707

A particular of expenses incurred by Samuel Heathcote on a journey from Danzig, through Hamburg, Holland, Flanders and France to London, undated  63M84/237  1690s

Settlement of accounts in a dispute between Samuel Heathcote and Gilbert Ash, his former servant, concerning money owed by Ash, 18 Jan 1699  63M84/238  1699

Account of expenses incurred at New Inn Lane Epson, May-Jun 1708, and receipts for money paid for a silver jewelled watch Sept 1708, and for the salary of Samuel Pineau, Oct 1708  63M84/239  1708

Three bonds of John Lofting to Samuel Heathcote for £350, £500 and £1100  63M84/240  1698

An abstract of Lord Treasurer Godolphin's award concerning the union of the Old and New East India Companies to form the United East India Company, 29 Sep 1708  63M84/241  1708

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Copy letters from Samuel Heathcote in Barbados to Mr. Ransom and to his parents concerning his sea travels  63M84/242  1675-1676

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote in London to his brother, 10 Nov 1692, concerning his lack of success in trade with Jamaica  63M84/243  1692

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote in Hackney to his mother, 15 Sep 1694, advising her to leave her house to live with her children  63M84/244  1694

Copy letter (addressee and signature not given) from Hackney, 18 Feb 1695, concerning trade and economic policy  63M84/245  1695

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote (addressee not given), 24 Feb 1697, concerning methods of restoring credit (? of the Bank of England)  63M84/246  1697

Letter from John Locke, Little Lincoln Inn Fields, to Samuel Heathcote, 30 July 1697, requesting a meeting  63M84/247  1697

Letter from John Locke to Samuel Heathcote, 19 Oct [1697], hoping to discuss Heathcote's paper on the Romney Marsh wool trade  63M84/248  [1697]

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote to John Locke, 19 Oct 1697, concerning Locke's objections to Heathcote's proposals for the establishing of certain companies of merchants by act of parliament  63M84/249  1697

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote in London to his 'cousin', 18 Oct 1698, concerning the bad company kept by the latter's son and his failure in the West Indies  63M84/250  1698

Letter to Samuel Heathcote from his brother, Caleb Heathcote, New York, 16 July 1702, thanking him for forgetting the past and asking him to urge his appointment as Collector for the Province of New York  63M84/251  1702

Letter from Samuel Heathcote in London to Daniel Houghton at Chesterfield, 25 July 1704, agreeing to take Houghton's son Daniel into his service as a footman. Houghton father and son have signed to indicate agreement with the conditions  63M84/252  1704

Letter to Samuel Heathcote from R. de la Treille, London, 12 Mar 1708 concerning Heathcote's request for a character reference for an unnamed person. On the dorse are notes on action to be taken with relation to the Old and United East India Companies  63M84/253  1708

Copy letter from Samuel Heathcote (addressee not given) concerning the estate of 'your Brother Morton', undated  63M84/254  late 17th century

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Agreement with Jasper Wakefield, coach maker and coach harness maker of London, for the repair of Samuel Heathcote's coach, 15 Nov 1705  63M84/255  1705

Bill to Samuel Heathcote for repairs to an Indian cabinet, 11 Mar 1708  63M84/256  1708

Extracts from Biblical texts and comments thereon, undated  63M84/257  late 17th century

Sir William Heathcote, 1st baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
William Heathcote (1693-1751) was the second son of Samuel Heathcote (q.v.). He was at first a successful merchant like his father but in 1715 decided to give up foreign trade and to live on his funds in England. He purchased the Hursley estate in 1718 and was responsible for the demolition of the Old Lodge and the construction of the new house at Hursley Park. In 1720 he married Elizabeth Parker (Lady Betty), daughter of Thomas Parker, Earl of Macclesfield and Lord High Chancellor of England. Heathcote was created a baronet in 1733. He represented Buckingham in Parliament 1722-27 and Southampton 1729-41.

Official  [no ref. or date]

Appointment by Lord Macclesfield of William Heathcote to enter commissions etc of bankruptcy on record and to receive the approved fees, 13 Nov 1723  63M84/258  1723

Appointment of William Heathcote as deputy lieutenant of Hampshire, 4 Mar 1723  63M84/259  1723

Appointment of William Heathcote as deputy lieutenant of Hampshire, 14 Nov 1727  63M84/260  1727

Appointment of William Heathcote as deputy lieutenant of Hampshire, 25 Jul 1734  63M84/261  1734

Letters patent creating William Heathcote a baronet, 16 Aug 1733  63M84/262  1733

Copy from the Great Roll concerning Sir William Heathcote's discharge of the fine due to the King for the support of 30 foot soldiers in Ireland on his being made a baronet, 4 Oct 1733  63M84/263  1733

Sir William Heathcote's oath as Justice of the Peace for the liberty of the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St.Peter, Westminster and St.Martin Le Grand, London, 7 Feb 1743  63M84/264  1743

Notice of the election of Sir William Heathcote as vestryman of the parish of St.James, Westminster, 18 Feb 1743  63M84/265  1743

Appointment of Sir William Heathcote as trustee for repairing the road from St.Giles's pound to Kilburn Bridge, Middlesex, and for paving Oxford Street, 4 July 1745  63M84/266  1745

Business  [no ref. or date]

Account of Messrs Heathcote and Dawsonne with Leonard Gill at Danzig  63M84/267  1708

William Heathcote's bonds to Sir John Heathcote of Normanton, Rutland, for £8000, £3000 and £12,000, 1738,1741,1749  63M84/268  1738-1749

3 items

Sir William Heathcotes bond to the Earl of Macclesfield for £12,000  63M84/269  1749

Bond of John Elcock of Hursley to Sir William Heathcote not to poach upon his lands  63M84/270  1747

Business: correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters to William Heathcote

From Jacob Jacobsen, London, 16 Apr 1720, regretting his inability to serve Heathcote and to attend the Court of Directors due to illness  63M84/271  1720

From John Freke, 22 Apr 1720, thanking him for past help and hoping for better times in the future  63M84/272  1720

From Jacob Jacobsen, Steelyard, 30 Apr 1720, concerning the purchase of South Sea Stock  63M84/273  1720

From John Morton, London, 6 May 1720, concerning the best way to obtain payment from Mr. Freake  63M84/274  1720

From Charles Bere, London, 17 Jun 1720, requesting a loan for a subscription to the South Sea Company  63M84/275  1720

From Lord Parker, Kensington, 19 Jun 1720, requesting a loan on behalf of Mr.Wykes in order to subscribe to the South Sea Company  63M84/276  1720

From William Parker, London, 25 Jul 1720, asking to postpone his repayment of £500  63M84/277  1720

From William Parker, Park Hall, 27 Aug 1720, requesting a loan in order to subscribe to the South Sea Company  63M84/278  1720

From H. Hattrell, 10 Oct 1720, concerning payment for his South Sea subscription  63M84/279  1720

2 letters from Benjamin Blundell junior, Derby, 28 Dec 1720 and 9 Jan 1721, concerning the satisfactory completion of his securities and requesting the return of a rental of the Sale Estate, Cheshire  63M84/280  1720-1721

2 letters from Henry Heathcote, London, 28 Sep and 1 Oct 1721 concerning the acceptance of bills of exchange  63M84/281  1721

From Thomas Cherington, London, 3 Oct 1721, concerning stocks and bonds sold  63M84/282  1721

Letters from Matthew Holworthy, Hackney, 23 Oct and 1 Nov 1721, requesting meetings  63M84/283  1721

2 items

From Henry Walker, Stafford, 15 Jan 1722, concerning the payment of bills  63M84/284  1722

Copy letter from Sir John and Sir William Heathcote, St. James' Square, to James Colebrook, 28 Mar 1746, asking him to fix a price of shares in the New River Company  63M84/285  1746

Letter to Sir John and Sir William Heathcote from James Colebooke, New Broad Street, fixing the price of New River Shares at £5250, nd  63M84/286  c1746

Memorandum books  [no ref. or date]

Memorandum book of William Heathcote 1716-1749. Includes family events, notes on household employees, accounts of the lives of Thomas Parker, Earl of Macclesfield (father-in-law), Gilbert Heathcote (uncle) and Lady Elizabeth Heathcote  63M84/287  1716-1749

Inserted is a letter from Caleb Heathcote New York, to his sister-in-law, Mary Heathcote, 5 Jan 1720, containing family news

Memorandum book of William Heathcote, 1724-1739. The contents are very miscellaneous and cover estate business, family and household matters  63M84/288  1724-1739

Related information: See also 63M84/221

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For business accounts see also 63M84/121

Expenses account book of William Heathcote for a journey from London to Bath, May-Jul 1713  63M84/289  1713

Expenses account books of William Heathcote for journeys from London to Devon Aug-Nov 1716 and May-Jun 1717  63M84/290  1716-1717

2 items

Expenses account book of William Heathcote for a journey from London to Hursley, Aug-Sep 1719  63M84/291  1719

Household and general expenses account book of William Heathcote  63M84/292  1718-1726

William Heathcote's accounts for his mother's expenses, Dec 1704-Jan 1705  63M84/293  1704-1705

Samuel Pineau's account of money owed to him by Madam Heathcote for expenses at Worcester, Jun-Aug 1710  63M84/294  1710-1711

Copy receipt (amount not entered) for legacies paid under the will of William Heathcote, uncle of the 1st Sir William Heathcote, 19 Jun 1719  63M84/295  1719

William Heathcote's accounts of monies owed to and by his family in 1715 and 1719  63M84/296  1715-1719

2 items

Account of expenses for wig powder  63M84/297  1723

Note of expenses incurred for innoculating children  63M84/298  1728

Account of 3% annuities (1731 and 1744) which William Heathcote has in his name and to whom they belong  63M84/299  nd [18th century]

Robert Vernon's account for a loan of £100 and for the supply of port to Sir William Heathcote  63M84/300  1732-1733

Accounts with Dr. Newton of Hertford College, Oxford, for expenses of Sir William's sons, Thomas and William  63M84/301  1738-1744

3 items

Rough notes on annual income and expenditure  63M84/302  1727-1750

2 items

Note of balance of Sir William Heathcote's accounts at the time of his decease and extracts from his will  63M84/303  c1751

Note on the amount of compound interest on £100 at 3% and 4% per annum  63M84/304  nd [18th century]

Settlements and allowances  [no ref. or date]

Copy memoranda from Sir William Heathcote to his sons Thomas and Samuel concerning the allowance they will be given  63M84/305  1742-1750

2 items

Account for Sir William Heathcote's son Gilbert for his £40 annual allowance  63M84/306  1750-1751

Receipts from Samuel Heathcote (brother) and Samuel Heathcote (son) for their annual allowances  63M84/307  1759-1751

2 items

Papers concerning Sir William Heathcote's proposals to assist his brother Samuel with his financial problems, and to provide Samuel's daughter, Mary, with an adequate dowry  63M84/308  1745-1747

5 items

Papers concerning the settlement to be made upon Sir William's daughter Mary on her marriage to Lord Parker, son of the Earl of Macclesfield. Includes rental of Croxden, Rudyard and Grindon, Staffs  63M84/309  1749

4 items

Employees, tradesmen  [no ref. or date]

Agreements with employees: Edward Bishop, keeper, 1725; Josiah Cannon, gardener, 1742-1743, for making a coach road from the stable yard to the paving before the house and from the paving to the causeway; James Colson, postilion, 1750  63M84/310  1725-1750

Notes of payments and articles given to servants  63M84/311  1722-1725

7 items

Accounts of wages paid per annum to servants of Lord M(acclesfield ?) and P(arker ?)  63M84/312  1726

Accounts of salaries and wages paid in 1724, 1726, 1732 and 1745  63M84/313  1724-1745

2 items

Notes of wages given to park keepers on other estates  63M84/314  1740

2 items

A note of clothes and wigs given to Caleb Potts  63M84/315  1745

A note of equipment given to Richard Fielder on coming into the service of Sir William Heathcote as coachman  63M84/316  1748

Accounts of Christmas boxes given to tradesmen etc  63M84/317  1720-1725

3 items

Estimates of the cost of keeping coaches and horses in town 1724, 1729, 1742, and accounts of stable expenses 1725-1747  63M84/318  1724-1747

3 items

Agreements with coachmakers for coach repairs and the supply of a new coach 1749-1750; and accounts for coach repairs 1734-1749  63M84/319  1749-1750

5 items

Itemized bill for coach repairs and for the supply of a new coach  63M84/320  1750

Notes on the prices of tradesmen, materials and workmanship in London (bricklayer, plumber, mason, painter, plasterer, paver, carpenter, tailor, glazier, stables)  63M84/321  1750

Correspondence: patronage  [no ref. or date]

Letters to William Heathcote

From John Chetwyne of London, 29 Jun 1720, requesting Heathcote to recommend him to the Lord Chancellor (his father-in-law) for the living of Binfield (Berks)  63M84/322  1720

From William Barlow of Hursley, 26 Nov 1720, requesting Heathcote to recommend him to the Lord Chancellor concerning a living in Suffolk  63M84/323  1720

From Henry Newcome of Hackney, 16 Jan 1721, asking Heathcote to recommend his kinsman to the Lord Chancellor for an unspecified living  63M84/324  1721

From John Conduitt, 24 Jun 1721, soliciting parliamentary support  63M84/325  1721

From Simon Degge of Cambridge, 23 Mar 1721, concerning Heathcote's efforts in support of Mr. Lynch for a Cambridge appointment  63M84/326  1721

From Moses Raper of London, 8 Nov 1721, requesting Heathcote's influence with the Lord Chancellor to remove him from the Exchequer list so that he may avoid serving as sheriff  63M84/327  1721

From William Barlow of Hursley, 1 Jul and 23 Dec 1721, requesting Heathcote to recommend him to the Lord Chancellor for the living of Dudley, Salop, and thanking him for doing so  63M84/328  1721

2 items

From George Heathcote (cousin) 1721-1722 requesting Heathcote to recommend Mr. Green to the benefices of Devizes and the Poultry  63M84/329  1721-1722

4 items

From H and N Powlett, Winchester, 21 Feb 1722, asking for Heathcote's vote in the forth-coming election  63M84/330  1722

From R. Ring of Cheriton, 13 Sep 1744, concerning the presentation of his nephew to the vicarage of Wherwell and a dispute over tithes there  63M84/331  1744

Copy letter from Sir William Heathcote to Thomas Molyneux, 22 May 1750, concerning the value of the advowson of the rectory of Walton  63M84/332  1750

Correspondence: family and general  [no ref. or date]

From William Heathcote at Bath to his brothers and sisters at Hackney with news of his stay in Bath, 16 Oct 1708  63M84/333  1708

Number not used  63M84/334  [n.d.]

From William Heathcote at Hursley to his mother, 10 Dec 1718, concerning his health, events on the estate, and South Sea Stocks  63M84/335  1718

From William Heathcote to Mr. Griffeth enquiring about the family background of Mistress Parker (probably Elizabeth Parker whom he married in 1720) (copy)  63M84/336  1719

To William Heathcote from Nicholas Cary of Hackney whose wife is in labour, 19 Apr 1720  63M84/337  1720

To William Heathcote from George Parker (brother-in-law), Venice 7 Jun 1720, expressing pleasure at Heathcote's marriage to his sister  63M84/338  1720

To William Heathcote from George Parker, Bologna, 12 Nov 1720, expressing his desire to meet Heathcote on his return to England and his opinion of Italians  63M84/339  1720

To William Heathcote from Mary Vanbrugh, Southampton 12 and 28 Jun 1720, offering Heathcote Spanish wine bought by her husband  63M84/340  1720

2 items

To William Heathcote from Joseph Bishop, Wallingford, 27 Oct 1720. He has sent the lame coach horse home and has given the steward instructions to look after it  63M84/341  1720

To William Heathcote from Sir Robert Nightingale, London, 14 Oct 1721, wishing him to accept a piece of silk for his wife  63M84/342  1721

To William Heathcote from Martha Heathcote (widow of his uncle Caleb), New York 2 Dec 1721, begging him to use his influence with Sir Gilbert Heathcote on her behalf; and from John Morris 6 Jan 1722 enclosing Martha Heathcote's letter and urging William Heathcote to put her case to Sir Gilbert and John Heathcote  63M84/343  1721

2 items

Bundle of letters to William Heathcote from Sir Francis Henry Drake (brother-in-law) 1720-1721 concerning news of the family and events in Devon  63M84/344  1720-1721

9 items

Bundle of letters to William Heathcote from Samuel Heathcote (brother), 1721-1722, requesting money  63M84/345  1721-1722

20 items

Bundle of letters to William Heathcote from Lord Parker, the Lord Chancellor, (father-in-law) 1720-1722 concerning family matters and the election at Wallingford  63M84/346  1720-1722

3 items

Bundle of letters to William Heathcote from Mary Yonge of Hackney (sister) 1720-1721 concerning family matters, particularly the birth of Heathcote's son  63M84/347  1720-1721

8 items

To William Heathcote from George Drake, Fort St.George 1 Feb 1722, thanking him for the favours shown him by the family  63M84/348  1722

From Sir William Heathcote to his son Samuel before the departure of the latter to Lisbon, 31 Jan 1746 (copy)  63M84/349  1746

From Sir William Heathcote to his son Thomas on the death of Thomas's wife, 30 Dec 1749 (copy)  63M84/350  1749

To Sir William Heathcote from Francis Welles, London, 2 Aug 1750, concerning the settling of Lady Drake's accounts  63M84/351  1750

Illness and death of William Heathcote  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Second son of Sir William Heathcote, 1st baronet.
William Heathcote was born in 1723, was ordained priest in 1747 and died on 22 Dec 1748

An account of the illness of William Heathcote 18 Oct 1748  63M84/352  1748

A catalogue of the books of William Heathcote, 17 March 1749  63M84/353  1749

Illness of Sir William Heathcote  [no ref. or date]

Dr.Wilmot's account of Sir William Heathcote's illness, 3 Sep 1749  63M84/354  1749

Dr.Wilmot's prescription for Sir William Heathcote and instructions to follow on his arrival at Bath to take the waters, 3 Sep 1749  63M84/355  1749

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

'Thalia Triumphans: A Congratulatory Poem to the Honoured William Heathcote, Esquire on his Happy Marriage' by E.Settle  63M84/356  c1720

A note on the state of the Georgia Trust and what is thought necessary in Parliament to enable it to obtain money in case of need for further settling and improving the colony  63M84/357  1738-1739

Note on amount of malt and hops needed to make beer and on beer and coal measurements  63M84/358  nd [18th century]

Lady Elizabeth (Betty) Heathcote  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Elizabeth Heathcote (1700-1747) was the only daughter of Thomas Parker, Baron Parker of Macclesfield, the Lord Chancellor (later Viscount Parker of Ewelme and Earl of Macclesfield). She married William Heathcote on 7 April 1720

Letters from Lady Betty Heathcote  [no ref. or date]

To her second son, William, 9 Oct 1743, concerning a disagreement between them over advice given to him as to conduct and allowance (copy)  63M84/359  1743

To her third son, Samuel, before his departure for Lisbon, 31 Jan 1746, including advice on religion and the choice of a wife (copy)  63M84/360  1746

Letters to Lady Betty Heathcote  [no ref. or date]

From her father, Lord Macclesfield, Sherborne, 22 Mar 1722 concerning the health of her son Thomas and the Wallingford election  63M84/361  1722

From George, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield (brother)  63M84/362  1740-1743

50 items

From Mary, Lady Macclesfield (sister-in-law)  63M84/363  1740-1743

46 items

From her son Thomas Heathcote (b.1721) at Oxford University  63M84/364  1740-1742

28 items

From her son William Heathcote (b.1723) at school in Hackney and at Oxford University  63M84/365  1740-1743

17 items

From her son Samuel Heathcote (b.1725) at school in Hackney  63M84/366  1740-1742

26 items

From her daughter Mary Heathcote (b.1726) at Hursley  63M84/367  1741

4 items

From her daughter Elizabeth Heathcote (b.1730) at London, 13 Nov 1742, concerning her journey to London  63M84/368  1742

From her son Gilbert Heathcote (b.1732) at school in Hackney 1742, writing his first letter and making arrangements for the end of term  63M84/369  1742

2 items

From Maria, wife of George Heathcote, a cousin of Sir William Heathcote and Lord Mayor of London in 1742  63M84/370  1741-1742

4 items

From Samuel Heathcote, brother of William Heathcote, London, 23 Aug 1742. His wife has left for Lord Bute's and sends her thanks for the venison. She is concerned for Mrs Penton's loss. Mrs Spicer is very ill  63M84/371  1742

From Frances, wife of Samuel Heathcote (as above), London 21 Nov 1738. She apologises for not writing and hopes to see Lady Betty when she is in London  63M84/372  1738

From Mrs Isabella Anson, Shugborough, Staffs, 1740-1742. Isabella was a sister of George, Lord Anson, admiral of the fleet (1697-1762). She was connected to the Heathcote family through the marriage of her aunt to Thomas Parker, Earl of Macclesfield, father-in-law of William Heathcote  63M84/373  1740-1742

17 items

From Mrs Ann Spicer, London  63M84/374  1740-1742

13 items

From Mrs Edel Engel Verpoorten, London  63M84/375  1740-1741

4 items

From John Francis Beauvais, London, 16 Aug 1740  63M84/376  1740

He is writing on behalf of his wife, who is ill, requesting permission to move into the steward's room

From Mrs Sarah Beauvais, London and Watlington  63M84/377  1740-1742

9 items

From Mrs M. Bampton, Bath and Southampton  63M84/378  1740-1742

6 items

From Henry Newcome, Hackney  63M84/379  1740-1742

5 items

Newcombe was the master of a school at Hackney attended by Lady Betty's sons, Thomas and William

From Revd Peter Newcome, vicar of Hackney, 3 Aug 1742  63M84/380  1742

He asks Lady Betty's instructions concerning her son Gilbert's toothache

From Richard Newcome, Hursley, 11 May 1740  63M84/381  1740

He mentions the removal of soldiers and the unseasonable weather

From Richard Newcome, Rheims, France, 11 Dec 1740  63M84/382  1740

He describes his travels in France, the condition of the French people, and the threat of war

From Mrs Lydia Newcome, Rheims, France, 3 Feb 1741  63M84/383  1741

She describes the town and cathedral of Rheims, the taking of the veil by a young nun, the service of Candlemas, and the threat of war

From Miss A. Jacobsen, Steelyard, Feb 1742  63M84/384  1742

She inquires after Lady Heathcote's health

From Miss A. Jacobsen, London, 2 Nov 1742  63M84/385  1742

She hopes that Lady Betty has recovered from her illness. She gives news of George Heathcote and his family and of building works planned at Watlington by Mr. Sloane

From Mrs Janetta Adams, sister of admiral George Anson (see 63M84/373), Sambrooke and Shugborough, 1741-1742. She gives news of her family  63M84/386  1741-1742

3 items

From Mrs A. Burrell, London, 11 Sep 1740 She is grateful for a character reference for one of Lady Heathcote's former servants  63M84/387  1740

From John Dappe, surgeon, Pall Mall, London 24 Jul 1742  63M84/388  1742

He gives advice concerning the treatment of her son's back problems

From Mrs Sarah Eyles, London, 25 Sep 1742 Her sister has given birth to a girl  63M84/389  1742

From Mrs Falkener, Hurstbourne, 8 Sep 1740 She gives a character reference for Nanny Humber  63M84/390  1740

From Lady Betty Germain, 12 Jan 1743, she has opened a letter in error and apologises  63M84/391  1743

From Col. J. Lee, Chester, 1 Jun 1741. He writes concerning an unpaid bill  63M84/392  1741

From Mrs Mary Mesnil, London, 9 Oct 1742 She apologises for not thanking her and Sir William for all their favours  63M84/393  1742

From Mrs M. Molyneux, Winchester, 23 Dec 1740  63M84/394  1740

She thanks Sir William and Lady Betty for the venison which they sent her

From George Nix, London, 30 Jun 1741  63M84/395  1741

He requests directions on the size of tables which Lady Heathcote wishes him to make

From John Parker, Westburn Green, 26 Dec 1742  63M84/396  1742

He thanks Lady Betty for allowing his wife and nephews to visit her

From Mrs Dorothy Penton, Winchester, 13 Oct 1740  63M84/397  1740

She thanks Lady Betty for finding her a pair of cats

From Revd. J. Saunders, Hertford College, Oxford, 2 Oct 1741  63M84/398  1741

He has hired a bed and bedding for her son William in preparation for his arrival

From Richard Taunton, Southampton, 7 Jul 1740 He comments on the arrival of his Spanish goods, his wife's illness and the illness of Mrs Sherer  63M84/399  1740

From Mrs Frances Taunton, Ramridge, 3 Sep 1740  63M84/400  1740

She would be very pleased to see Lady Betty

From Mrs B. Trevanion, Charles Street, Westminster, 18 Feb 1741  63M84/401  1741

She requests permission to innoculate her children against smallpox from Lady Betty's son, who has the disease

From Thomas Wagg, London, 26 Sep 1741  63M84/402  1741

He requests measurements in order to make the fender, shovel and tongs to her liking

From E. Watts, Woodspeen nr. Newbury, 16 Apr 1741  63M84/403  1741

He suggests a treatment for swollen eyes

From Thomas Young, Hare Hatch, Berks, 4 May 1740  63M84/404  1740

He informs Lady Betty of the death of Lady Biddulph

From Thomas Young as above, 13 and 17 Jun 1742  63M84/405  1742

2 items

He writes concerning the forwarding of bank notes to him and his receipt of the same

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Thoughts by Elizabeth Heathcote on reading Dr. Barrow's sermon on submission to the Divine Will  63M84/406  nd [1740s]

An account of rings to be given on the death of Lady Betty Heathcote, 21 Feb 1747  63M84/407  1747

An account of payments made for mourning for the family and household on Lady Betty Heathcote's death, 21 Feb 1746  63M84/408  1746

Sir Thomas Heathcote, 2nd baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Sir Thomas Heathcote (1721-1787) was the eldest son of Sir William Heathcote, the 1st baronet, and succeeded his father to the title in 1751. He married firstly in 1742 Elizabeth Hinton, who died in 1749, and secondly in 1754 Anne, daughter of the Revd. Tollett

Official  [no ref. or date]

Copy pipe roll entry of the account of Sir Thomas Heathcote, sheriff of Hampshire for the year ending Michaelmas 1754  63M84/409  1754

Appointment by Sir Thomas Heathcote, Sheriff, of John James Mansfield as Under Sheriff of Hampshire, and bond to perform covenants, 13 Feb 1754  63M84/410  1754

2 items

Appointment of Sir Thomas Heathcote as Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire, 29 Nov 1754  63M84/411  1754

Appointment of Sir Thomas Heathcote as Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire, 30 Dec 1758  63M84/412  1758

Appointment of Sir Thomas Heathcote as Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire, 19 Mar 1761  63M84/413  1761

Appointment of Sir Thomas Heathcote as colonel of the regiment of foot raised within the Fawley and Andover Divisions, 18 Feb 1755  63M84/414  1755

Correspondence between Sir Thomas Heathcote and Lord North concerning the possibility of Sir Thomas or his son standing for parliament, Aug 1780  63M84/415  1780

4 items

Correspondence between Sir Thomas Heathcote and Lord Northington concerning support for Mr. Herbert as a candidate in the county election and the likelihood of Sir Thomas standing for parliament, Aug-Sep 1780  63M84/416  1780

3 items

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Rough expenses account book  63M84/417  1754-1759

Notebook of rough accounting notes. At the back is a recipe to prevent rust  63M84/418  1761-1762

Coachmaker's bill with detailed break down of work carried out 1766-1768  63M84/419  1766-1769

Diaries  [no ref.]  1757-1775

Volumes of The Gentleman's and Tradesman's Pocket Assistant or Daily Journal. They contain printed notes on numerous subjects including inter alia, money tables, people of note, acts of parliament, fairs, stage coaches and carriers, the rules of cricket, geographical tables, how to live frugally etc.
They have been used by Sir Thomas Heathcote to record appointments, receipts and payments, memoranda, the weather etc

Diary  63M84/420  1757

8 items

At the front is a recipe for the fret
Enclosed are vouchers and notes

Diary  63M84/421  1758

9 items

Enclosed are vouchers and notes

Diary  63M84/422  1759

7 items

Enclosed are vouchers and copy letter from Sir Thomas declining a commission in the militia, 5 Aug 1759

Diary  63M84/423  1760

13 items

Enclosed are vouchers (including one for books and magazines), notes, and letter to Sir Thomas from Benjamin Leasingby of Sherborne, 26 Nov 1759, concerning the apprenticing of a boy

Diary  63M84/424  1761

12 items

Enclosed are vouchers and notes

Diary  63M84/425  1762

12 items

Enclosed are vouchers

Diary  63M84/426  1763

Diary  63M84/427  1764

Diary  63M84/428  1765

Diary  63M84/429  1766

Diary  63M84/430  1767

Diary  63M84/431  1768

Diary  63M84/432  1769

Diary  63M84/433  1770

Diary  63M84/434  1771

Diary  63M84/435  1772

Diary  63M84/436  1773

Diary  63M84/437  1774

Diary  63M84/438  1775

Correspondence  [no ref.]  1740s-1778

Letters to Sir Thomas Heathcote

From Lady Elizabeth (Betty) Heathcote to 'My Unhappy Son' (probably Thomas Heathcote) concerning differences which have arisen between them (probably Thomas's marriage to Elizabeth Hinton in 1742). The date is lacking  63M84/439  [1740s]

From 'E.W.' (?Sir Edward Wilson), 17 Mar 1753, concerning the status and rank of baronet  63M84/440  1753

From Thomas Stamford, Newmarket, 7 Jan 1756, concerning a horse and the odds to stand in a bet on it  63M84/441  1756

From his brother, Henry Heathcote, Oxford, 2 Jul (year not given but c.1759-1760) He has taken a curacy at Farnborough and would like £200  63M84/442  [1759-1760]

From Mary Charter, London, 26 Jan 1763, requesting money in advance to be deducted from payment of Mrs Heart's board  63M84/443  1763

From Henton Brown, London, 21 Sep 1765, concerning the costs of apprenticeship  63M84/444  1765

From his brother, Revd. Henry Heathcote, Walton (on-the-Hill, Lancs), 30 Jun 1777, concerning his dealings with Samuel Ryley, a wandering lunatic.  63M84/445  1777

Administrative history:
Ryley was the husband of Mary, daughter of Samuel Heathcote, brother of William Heathcote, 1st baronet

From Robert Willis senior, Dorchester, 23 May 1778, concerning payment for the schooling of Sir Thomas's son George by Robert Willis junior in 1765  63M84/446  1778

From Henry Penton, 2 Mar (year not stated), requesting Sir Thomas's presence in Winchester on a special jury  63M84/447  nd [mid 18th century]

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Sir Thomas Heathcote's case concerning the lack of provision for his younger children under the will of his father, Sir William, and the possibility of obtaining an act of parliament to enable him to change the estate with portions for the younger children  63M84/448  [1750s]

Release to Sir Thomas Heathcote by Samuel William Ryley (son of Mary Ryley see item 445 above) of any claim to further payments under the will of Sir William Heathcote, 16 Mar 1778  63M84/449  1778

Pedigree of a four-year-old mare bred by Henry Smart of Pepper Harrow, 3 Aug 1754  63M84/450  1754

Alternative plans to improve Hursley Vicarage and access to it  63M84/451  nd

Sir William Heathcote, 3rd baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Sir William Heathcote (1746-1819) was the eldest son of Sir Thomas Heathcote whom he succeeded in 1787. In 1768 he married Frances daughter and co-heiress of John Thorpe of Embley (1742-1816)

John Birt's account for wages, equipment and timber, 25 May 1795  63M84/452  1795

Description of the duties and allowances of the butler, 17 Nov 1797  63M84/453  1797

Sir Thomas Freeman Heathcote, 4th baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Sir Thomas Heathcote (1769-1825) was the eldest son of Sir William Heathcote the 3rd baronet, whom he succeeded in 1819. In 1799 he married Elizabeth (d.1808) daughter of Thomas Edwards Freeman, of Batsford, Glos., and took the name of Freeman-Heathcote. He was M.P. for Bletchingley 1807-1808 and for Hampshire 1808-1820. He died childless

Inventory of plate belonging to Thomas Freeman Heathcote, taken 22 Jun 1812  63M84/454  1812

Letter from Lord Fitzharris, 20 Feb 1820, concerning the resignation of Mr. Chute as M.P. and the need to call a county meeting  63M84/455  1820

Letter from Lord Macclesfield, Conduitt Street, London, 5 May 1824, to arrange a meeting  63M84/456  1824

Letter from Lord Macclesfield, Sherborne Castle, 25 Aug (year not stated) concerning arrangements for payment of dividends  63M84/457  1820s

Sir William Heathcote, 5th baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Sir William Heathcote (1801-1881) was the only son of the Revd. William Heathcote, 2nd son of Sir William, the 3rd baronet. He was educated at a private school at Ramsbury, at Winchester College and at Oriel College, Oxford, where his tutor was John Keble. He succeeded to Hursley on the death of his uncle Thomas in 1825. He married twice, firstly in 1825 to Caroline Frances Perceval, daughter of Charles George, Baron Arden (c.1835) and secondly in 1841 to Selina, daughter of Evelyn John Shirley of Ettington Park, Warwks. He was M.P. for Hampshire 1826-1832, for North Hampshire 1837-1849 and for Oxford University 1854-1868

Succession to title  [no ref. or date]

Copies of Heathcote family baptism, marriage and burial certificates 1742-1825 and solicitor's declaration that Sir William Heathcote succeeded the childless Sir Thomas Freeman Heathcote as his paternal nephew in 1825  63M84/458  1742-1825

9 items

Official  [no ref. or date]

William Heathcote's commission as captain in the North Hants corps of yeomanry cavalry, 9 Dec 1823  63M84/459  1823

Sir William Heathcote's commission as captain in the North Hants regiment of yeomanry cavalry, 29 Dec 1830  63M84/460  1830

Sir William Heathcote's commission as major in the North Hants regiment of yeomanry cavalry, 19 Feb 1831  63M84/461  1831

Appointment of Sir William Heathcote as a deputy lieutenant of Hampshire, 11 May 1826  63M84/462  1826

Note by Sir William Heathcote that the above items (459-462) bear the signature of the Duke of Wellington  63M84/463  1851

Political  [no ref. or date]

Reprint from Hansard: The Speech of Sir William Heathcote, Bart., M.P. in Favour of Mr. Miles's Motion, and in Opposition to the Measures of the Government. In the House of Commons, Monday, February 9, 1846. The government measure referred to was the bill to repeal the Corn Laws  63M84/464  1846

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from the Duke of Wellington, London, 6 May 1846, to arrange a meeting  63M84/465  1846

Letter to Sir William Heathcote from W.E. Gladstone, Hawarden, 6-7 Jan 1853, concerning his Oxford University constituency  63M84/466  1853

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters from William Heathcote  [no ref.]  1811-1815

To his mother from Ramsbury, 3 Mar 1811, giving news of school  63M84/467  1811

To his mother from Ramsbury, 3 Dec 1812. He has been to Wickham and has been riding  63M84/468  1812

To his mother, from Winchester, 19 May 1815, concerning the ill-fit of his trousers and general news  63M84/469  1815

Letters to (Sir) William Heathcote  [no ref.]  1816-c1867

From his mother, Elizabeth Heathcote, Streatham, 27 Feb 1916. She has visited London and seen Bonaparte's carriage. She hopes to see Edmund Kean as Sir Giles Overreach. She asks for (Winchester) College news. She talks of the latest works of Southey and Walter Scott  63M84/470  1816

From Arthur Philip Perceval  63M84/471  1818

9 items

Administrative history:
5th son of Charles George, 1st Baron Arden (1799-1853). His sister married William Heathcote in 1818

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/472  1819

6 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/473  1820

12 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/474  1821

32 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/475  1822

22 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/476  1823

12 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/477  1824

29 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/478  1825

13 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/479  1826

12 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/480  1827-1830

12 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/481  1831

16 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/482  1832

10 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/483  1833-1834

14 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/484  1835

15 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/485  1836-1837

14 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/486  1838-1839

7 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/487  1840-1841

9 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/488  1842

9 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/489  1843

32 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/490  1844

8 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/491  1845

11 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/492  1846-1848

13 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/493  1848-1850

14 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/494  1851-1853

14 items

From Arthur Perceval  63M84/495  nd [mid 19th century]

Letters concerning the possible date of a portrait by W. Owen of William Heathcote as a child with 3 female cousins  63M84/496  1865-c1867

3 items

Testamentary Papers  [no ref. or date]

Counsel's opinion on a draft trust for accumulation and on a draft will, probably of Sir William Heathcote, 24 Jan 1849  63M84/497  1849

Copy wills and codicils of Sir William Heathcote 1861-1870 (all revoked) and counsel's opinions on Sir William Heathcote's will, undated  63M84/498  1861-1870

5 items

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Report of Messrs Rawlence and Squarey on Sir William Heathcote's proposed security for a mortgage of £65,000  63M84/499  1874

Printed text of two speeches in memory of Sir William Heathcote  63M84/500  1881-1882

Page from a diary for 1880 on which Sir William Heathcote has noted the dates of his election to Parliament as M.P. for Oxford University and methods for obtaining the volume of a cylinder and and the strength of a beam  63M84/501  1880

The Sayings of the Great Forty Days, between the Resurrection and Ascension, regarded as the Outlines of the Kingdom of God: in Five Sermons, by George Moberly, D.C.L., headmaster of Winchester College, London 1844 Inscribed: William Heathcote Hursley Park and From the Author  63M84/502  1844

Sir William Perceval Heathcote, 6th baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Sir William Perceval Heathcote (1826-1903), the eldest son of Sir William Heathcote, 5th baronet, succeeded his father in 1881. He married Letitia Maria, daughter of David Daly of Dublin, in 1849

Appointment of William Perceval Heathcote as 2nd Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade from 22 May 1846, 27 Nov 1847  63M84/503  1847

Appointment of William Perceval Heathcote as cornet in the 7th Regiment of Light Dragoons from 1 Oct 1847, 29 Jul 1848  63M84/504  1848

Appointment of William Perceval Heathcote as ensign in the 1st Regiment of Foot from 20 Apr 1849, 9 Jun 1849  63M84/505  1849

Commission of William Perceval Heathcote as captain in the North or 1st Regiment of Militia, 18 Dec 1852  63M84/506  1852

Photograph of a mounted cavalry officer, (?) Sir W.P. Heathcote  63M84/507  nd [19th century]

Revd Sir William Arthur Heathcote, 7th baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
William Arthur Heathcote (1853-1924) succeeded his father, Sir William Perceval Heathcote, to the baronetcy in 1903. He was a Roman Catholic priest and a member of the Jesuit order

Photograph of William Arthur and Gilbert Redvers Heathcote (q.v.) in 1866 when they were 13 and 12 respectively  63M84/508  1866

Photograph of William Arthur Heathcote in clerical attire  63M84/509  nd [19th century]

Sir Gilbert Redvers Heathcote, 8th baronet  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Gilbert Redvers Heathcote (1854-1937) succeeded his brother, William Arthur Heathcote, to the baronetcy in 1924. He served in the South African war 1877-1879 and reached the rank of lieut-col in the 1st battalion Cameronians. He married firstly Pauline, daughter of Sir Alfred Trevelyan, 7th bart, in 1891; and secondly Mabel, daughter of Henry Charles Silvertop, in 1901. He had no children

Small book of notes and sketches by the young Gilbert Redvers Heathcote.  63M84/510  1860s-1870s

The contents include notes on regiments, militia, the navy and the relative ranks of officers in the army and navy, perspective sketches of soldiers in formation, plans of a bastioned fort, sketches of weapons of war and defences, plans of the battles of Waterloo and Salamanca, and sailing ships

Ink drawings and doodles, probably by Gilbert Redvers Heathcote  63M84/511  [1860-1870s]

8 items

huntsman jumping a fence
Mr. Punch
elephant hunting
sailing ships
caricatures of family and servants
witch and soldier with bow and arrow
goblins dancing
coats of arms

Letter from G.R. Heathcote to his brother William Arthur Heathcote, from Stonyhurst School. He describes the swimming facilities (with sketches) and other school activities, 8 Jun (year not given)  63M84/512  [1860s]

Appointment of G.R. Heathcote as sub-lieutenant in the Land Forces from 13 Jun 1874, 4 Jun 1874  63M84/513  1874

Commission of G.R. Heathcote as lieutenant in the Land Forces from 13 Jun 1874, 14 Sep 1876  63M84/514  1876

2 belt buckles of G.R. Heathcote (Cameronians)  63M84/515  nd [1870s]

Letters from G.R. Heathcote to his mother, brother and sister, 1881. They include letters written from Fort William, Calcutta, Paris, Venice and on board ship, and contain much news of army life and travel  63M84/516  1881

16 items

Letters from G.R. Heathcote to his mother, brother and sister from India, Aden and Sicily. They contain mainly news of army life and opinions as to the future of the Hursley estate  63M84/517  1882

14 items

Account book of G.R. Heathcote. Includes expenditure on the estate and house (Bighton Wood) 1906-1930, on foreign tours 1891-1936 and on various specified subjects (pilgrimage, car, clothes, amusements, wine, church and charities, schooling, doctor, subscriptions, garden), 1924 and 1934-1935  63M84/518  1891-1936

Account and memorandum book of G.R. Heathcote Contents include notes on subscriptions to charities, clubs etc., agricultural return 1924, servants, income tax, investments, travels at home and abroad, garden, clothes  63M84/519  1923-1937

The Following of Christ in Four Books. A New Translation, anon, nd c.1851. This volume was given to G.R. Heathcote by his mother in 1865  63M84/520  [c1851]

Other members of the Heathcote Family  [no ref. or date]

Translation of the will of Robert Heathcote, 1404, and two letters to Lady Selina Heathcote concerning it  63M84/521  1875-1876

3 items

Letter to Sir Gilbert Heathcote (uncle of Sir William Heathcote, 1st baronet) from George Clifford, Amsterdam, enclosing the fourth payment on the Silesia Loan, with account, 3 Mar 1720  63M84/522  1720

Certificate of ordination as priest of William Heathcote of Hertford College, Oxford, 21 Dec 1747.  63M84/523  1747

Administrative history:
William Heathcote was the second son of Sir William Heathcote, 1st baronet, and died unmarried in 1748

Published Letter to George Heathcote, Esq., on His Late Resignation, as Alderman of the City of London, London 1749.  63M84/524  1749

Administrative history:
George Heathcote was a cousin of Sir William Heathcote, 1st baronet of Hursley. He was Lord Mayor of London in 1742 and died in 1768

Published Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Worshipful Aldermen, and Common Council, the Merchants, Citizens, and Inhabitants, of the City of London. From and Old Servant and A Reply to Mr. Heathcote's Letter from an Honest Man. In which the Arguments are proved to be delusive; and the Facts untrue. London 2nd edition, 1762. The writer of the letter is George Heathcote and the letter concerns relations with the French  63M84/525  1762

Related information: See item 524

Instructions written by Samuel Heathcote of Redhouse, Hursley (brother of Sir Thomas Heathcote, and baronet), as to his burial arrangements, 5 March 1789 with addition made on 23 May 1792  63M84/526  1789-1792

2 copies

Testimonial of William Beadon Heathcote (nephew of Sir William Heathcote, 3rd baronet) from David Williams of Winchester College, 9 Jul 1831  63M84/527  1831

Letter to Miss Heathcote from J. Derby asking her to intercede with Sir Thomas Heathcote century concerning Mrs Priscilla Smith's distressed circumstances, undated  63M84/528  [early 19th century]

Photograph of George Parker Heathcote (brother of Sir William Perceval Heathcote, 6th baronet) sitting in a carriage with his wife, Isabella Margaretta Elizabeth, standing beside him, undated but c.1869-1871  63M84/529  [1869-1871]

Letter to 'My dear Arthur' (possibly Arthur Malcolm Heathcote, 6th son of Sir William Heathcote, 5th baronet) from Charlotte Yonge, Elderfield, Otterbourne, concerning his 'Dea', publication and copyright, 16 March (year lacking)  63M84/530  [late 19th century]

Letter to Mr.Heathcote from Octavia Hill thanking him for the success of the play 'The Honoured Guest', 10 Apr 1901  63M84/531  1901

Letter to Sir Michael Heathcote from Oliver Arkell concerning the value of stamps, 29 Feb 1964  63M84/531a  1964

The Dawsonne Family  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
The Dawsonnes and Heathcotes were connected by the marriage in 1691 of Samuel Heathcote of Hackney (q.v.) to Mary the daughter and eventual heiress of William Dawsonne of Hackney (1633-1698) who was Treasurer of the Excise. His son, also named William (1660-1727) was in partnership with Samuel Heathcote

Memoranda of Dawsonne family births, marriages and activities, compiled by William Dawsonne senior  63M84/532  1657-1693

William Dawsonne's commission as captain in Col. Robert Overton's company of foot, issued by the Parliament of the Commonwealth, 30 Jul 1659  63M84/533  1659

Business: William Dawsonne senior and junior  [no ref. or date]

Articles of agreement for co-partnership between Sir John James of Westminster, Robert Huntingdon of Hackney, Richard Kingdone of Hackney, William Dawsonne of London, merchant, and Lemuel Kingdone of London, merchant, 1 Jan 1675  63M84/534  1675

Bonds of Sir John James and partners to Thomas Lewes of London (1675), Henry Harington of London, merchant (1678), and William Bridges of London, merchant (1680). Items 1-2 and 4-6 are annotated to the effect that they have been produced in the case of William Bridges V.Jane Kingdon  63M84/535  1675-1680

6 items

Declaration by Thomas Lewes of London that the bonds of Sir John James and partners taken by him are for the use of Jane Kingdon of Hackney, widow, 3 Aug 1676  63M84/536  1676

Note of bonds entered into 1675-1681  63M84/537  1675-1681

Receipt of Jane Kingdon for money received from Sir John James and partner in full interest on bonds due to William Bridges and Thomas Lewis, 4 Dec 1682  63M84/538  1682

Bonds to William Dawsonne of Lemuel Kingdon (1682), Jane Kingdon of St Andrews Holborn (1690, 1697), Mary and Sarah Kingdon of St Andrews Holborn (1699)  63M84/539  1682-1699

4 items

A statement of account between Lemuel Kingdon and Sir John James and partners, undated  63M84/540  [c1780s]

Copy letter from William Dawsonne to unspecified recipient concerning the failure to meet their bonds and obligations, 28 Sep 1692  63M84/541  1692

Declaration by Matthew Cadwell the elder of London, merchant, that William Dawsonne is the owner of a sixth part of the Ship 'Returne' whose cargo of negroes was taken or destroyed by the Spanish and that he, as trustee for the sixth part, will pay to William Dawsonne any proceeds that come to him from it, 18 Feb 1686  63M84/542  1686

Release by Lancaster Syms, commander of the ship 'Charity', of all actions, bills, bonds, debts etc., which he ever had against William Dawsonne, 24 Sep 1696  63M84/543  1696

Receipts for sums borrowed from William Dawsonne by Mary and Sarah Kingdon  63M84/544  1701

3 items

Release by William Grahame of London, merchant, of all actions, bonds, debts etc. which he may have had against the estate of Samuel Heathcote or against William Dawsonne, his executor, 8 Apr 1710  63M84/545  1710

Business: Lemuel Dawsonne  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Lemuel Dawsonne (1667-1669) was a younger son of William Dawsonne the elder

Letter to Samuel Heathcote from Lemuel Dawsonne in Danzig concerning a proposed business agreement between Leonard Gill and Bryan Benson, 15 Dec 1696  63M84/546  1696

Copy articles of agreement and partnership made at Danzig on 19 Feb 1698 between Leonard Gill and Bryan Benson with letter from Lemuel Dawsonne and Leonard Gill to (?) Samuel Heathcote concerning the agreement and asking for his approval, 20 Feb 1698  63M84/547  1698

Copy letter to Lemuel Dawsonne from his brother William Dawsonne regretting the fact that 'our friends' have not made the payments which Lemuel promised would be made, 18 Jul 1699  63M84/548  1699

Letter from Lemuel Dawsonne to William Dawsonne regretting the receipt of his 'angry lines' and enclosing a letter of June 1699 from 'S.C.' concerning the payment of bills. William Dawsonne has annotated the letter with his reply in which he sympathises with Lemuel's poor health  63M84/549  1699

Notes of items supplied for Lemuel Dawsonne during his last illness and accounts paid for them 1698-1699  63M84/550  c1699

2 items

Renunciation by Leonard Gill and Bryan Benson of their executorship of the will of Lemuel Dawsonne, 8 Dec 1699  63M84/551  1699

Releases by James Grant, of Margate, Kent, mariner, Edward Cost of London, packer, and Richard Bayley of London, painter and stainer, of all actions, bills, bonds, debts etc which they may have had against Lemuel Dawsonne or against Leonard Gill as his executor  63M84/552  1700

3 items

Release by Leonard Gill of all accounts, debits etc. against Samuel Heathcote as administrator of the will of Lemuel Dawsonne in the absence of Leonard Gill and the will in Danzig, 12 Feb 1705. A list of debts and credits of Lemuel Dawsonne, 1700, is attached  63M84/553  1700-1705

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Mr. Azariah Raynold's account for the funeral expenses of Mr. William Dawsonne, senior  63M84/554  1698

Sir Gilbert Heathcote's account with William Dawsonne the younger to 1 May 1722  63M84/555  1719-1722

John Fawsitt's accounts with William Dawsonne 1722 and 1723  63M84/556  1722-1723

2 items

Receipts for payments made by William Dawsonne for household supplies and a machine organ  63M84/557  1723-1726

7 items

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

To Elinour Dawsonne from M.K. (Mary Kingdon) asking for trunks to be sent on. Sir W.K. is dangerously ill; undated  63M84/558  [early 18th century]

To 'Nelle' Dawsonne from Mary Kingdon asking her not to give up any will, release or marriage article without her written consent, 8 Jun 1702  63M84/559  1702

To Elinour Dawsonne from Mary Kingdon in 'Alachy' concerning her brother's financial troubles and other family news, 5 Aug 1702  63M84/560  1702

To William Dawsonne from Gilbert Heathcote (eldest son of Samuel Heathcote) concerning his love for Anne Woolfe and the disapproval of his family, 18 Mar 1710  63M84/561  1710

To William Dawsonne from Benjamin Hoadley, Bishop of Bangor, on behalf of a Mr. Morton for whom he requests favour in the shipping company, 1716-1721 and undated  63M84/562  1716-1721

8 items

To Sir Francis Henry Drake from William Dawsonne concerning his intention to retire, 18 Jan 1722 (copy)  63M84/563  1722

To William Dawsonne from Robert Brisco, London, requesting a passage for his son on one of Dawsonne's ships, with copy letter from Brisco to Governor Harrison asking him to be released from debt, 6 Jun 1723  63M84/564  1723

Hackney churchyard and vicarage  [no ref. or date]

Account of subscriptions received and payments made for the building of a new vicarage at Hackney  63M84/565  1705

Agreement between Peter Newcome, vicar of Hackney, and William Dawsonne for the appropriation of land within the churchyard of Hackney for the construction of a burial vault, and for burial fees  63M84/566  1711

Plan of vaults in Hackney churchyard with notes as to whom they are assigned, undated  63M84/567  [early 18th century]

Workmen's accounts for the construction of of a vault in Hackney churchyard for Revd. Peter Newcome  63M84/568  1711

4 items

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Religious poem endorsed 'this is my Dear Nellys paper'  63M84/569  [early 18th century]

The Families of Parker, Thorpe, Perceval and Malcolm  [no ref. or date]

Letters patent granting Thomas Parker the title of Viscount Parker of Ewelme, 15 Nov 1721  63M84/570  1721
Language:  Latin

Opinion by Gilbert Horseman to a sale of a lease by a mortgagor, the deceased mortgagee having left two imperfect wills. No names mentioned but the paper is endorsed 'Parker', 29 May 1723  63M84/571  1723

Certificate of entry of John Hersent Thorpe (1745-1780), to Lincoln's Inn as a barrister, 27 Jun 1776  63M84/572  1776

Administrative history:
J.H. Thorpe was the brother-in-law of Sir William Heathcote, 3rd baronet

Inventory of silver articles of the late Mr. Hersent Thorpe, giving weights, 16 Apr 1783  63M84/573  1783

Inventory of silver articles of the late Mr. Hersent Thorpe, giving valuations, undated but probably 1783  63M84/574  [1783]

Packet of papers relating to an appeal before the House of Lords in the case of William Bouchier and William Denison v. George Taylor to overturn an order establishing the next of kin of Mrs Ann Millington, who died intestate in 1743. The packet is annotated 'illustrating the Maternal Pedigree of the Thorpe family'  63M84/575  1776

3 items

Scrapbook containing press cuttings relating to the Perceval family, earls of Egmont, undated but circa late 19th century. At the back is a collection of verse by 'C.P' (possibly Charles John Perceval, the 9th earl), undated  63M84/576  [late 19th century]

Copy of a statement by J. Williams recounting his dream in 1811 of the murder of prime minister Spencer Perceval, undated, and two letters concerning it, 1899 and undated  63M84/577  1899

3 items

Letter to Mrs Malcolm from Lord Raglan offering help to her brother if he should go to Turkey, 21 Feb 1854. The recipient is probably Mrs Louisa Malcolm, sister of Laetitia, wife of Sir William Perceval Heathcote, 6th baronet  63M84/578  1854

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Note concerning the powers of John Ormsby to raise money against land settled on him  63M84/579  [late 17th century]

Receipt signed by John Ormsby for part of the marriage portion of his wife, the sister of Lemuel Kingdon, 2 May 1685  63M84/580  1685

Related information: See also 63M84/534

Release by John Ormsby of any rights to benefit under the will of Richard Kingdon, father of his wife Elizabeth, 15 Dec 1694  63M84/581  1694

Related information: See also 63M84/534

Letter to Mrs Aytoun from Walter Scott, Abbotsford, concerning the painting 'The Braes of Yarrow', 30 Apr 1826  63M84/582  1826

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Paper book with parchment cover containing notes of the following taxes and levies  63M84/583  c1593-1650

the proportion of monies charged upon the several counties of England and Wales for levying (?£) 400,000 according to an act of 35 Elizabeth I, c1593
£6232.5s.10d distributed on the county of Southampton, May 4 1642
a rate for the weekly assessment of £750 upon the county of Southampton, the Isle of Wight, town and county of Southampton and the City of Winchester, 11 May 1643
a rate for a weekly assessment of £710 upon the county of Southampton (except the Isle of Wight) for the maintenance of 350 horse and 800 foot for the defence of Kent, Surrey and Sussex by virtue of an ordinance of Parliament, from 15 Jun 1644
a rate for the weekly assessment of £125 upon the county of Southampton, the Isle of Wight, town and county of Southampton and city of Winchester for relief of the British forces in Ireland, 10 Jan 1645
a rate and assessment made for the county of Southampton for collecting and levying of ship money 1636, 1636, 1639 (by division, hundred and vill)
a rate made for the repair of Ringwood bridge and Redbridge, being £500 distributed on the county, 19 May 1647
the monthly charge of the contribution laid upon the county of Southampton, undated but 17th century
£1514 4s 5¼d monthly tax for maintenance of forces in England and carrying on the war in Ireland by ordinance dated 7 Jul 1647
£2203 11s monthly tax as above, 6 Jul
£2938 O1s O4d monthly tax as above, 26 Nov 1650
the charge upon the county for the Marshalsea, undated but 17th century

Duplicate assessments of the 'monthly tax' on the hundreds of Andover Extra, Andover Infra, Barton Stacey, Kings Somborne, Thorngate and Wherwell, undated but 17th century. These are detailed assessments stating names of persons assessed within each place  63M84/584  [17th century]

6 items

Bond for payment of 20s by Christopher Greaves of York, being a half year's rent upon composition formerly made with his majesty's commissioners for compounding recusants' lands and goods by Richard Sherdburne of Twistleton, Yorks, gent., for a lease of 2/3 of his lands due to the king because of his recusancy and that of his wife Margaret, 15 Dec 1639. Endorsed 'The method of Raiseing mony by the King in the Reign of King Charles the first'  63M84/585  1639

7 articles of a treaty between the kings of France and England whereby the king of England is to break his treaty with the Dutch and declare war on the Netherlands with the aid of France, undated, but c.1670  63M84/586  [c1670]

7 points entitled 'All Protestants ought to consider the Consequence of a Bill should chance to be found by the Grand Jury for Treason against any Protestant upon Gadburies and Celliers or any other Papist Evidence', followed by a list of 21 names, undated but probably late 17th century  63M84/587  [late 17th century]

Notes on 'The business of a Foreman of the Grand jury in Hants' by Richard Norton of Southwick, 15 Mar 1712  63M84/588  1712

Note of the 'Proceedings of the Commissioners to prepare Matters for the approaching Convocation' concerning the alteration of words of church services, undated but c.18th century  63M84/589  [18th century]

A paragraph from Mr Hoadley's sermon before the Lord Mayor undated but mid 18th century  63M84/590  [mid-18th century]

A note of the price of things in Londonderry when it was beseiged, undated, but probably 17th century  63M84/591  [17th century]

Appointment of Sir Henry Paulet St.John Mildmay as Lieut.Col. of the provincial force of cavalry for Hampshire, 10 Jun 1797  63M84/592  1797

Printed 'Form of prayer and thanksgiving for the signal victory obtained through the Blessing of Almighty God by His Majesty's Ships of War, under the Command of Admiral Nelson, over the French Fleet on Wednesday, the First of August 1798'  63M84/593  1798

Book of old recipes for the cure of ailments and illnesses, not dated  63M84/594/1  [17th Century]

Conditions of access: Not fit for production

Related information: See 63M84/594/2 for transcript

Modern transcript of 63M84/594/1 by Norman Barber  63M84/594/2  20th century

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