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Heavitree Parish, Exeter

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Reference 3004A
Covering dates 1516 - 1981
Held by Devon Record Office
Extent 1441 files
Conditions of access These records are available for research. Notice may be required to produce them in the searchroom
Creators Church of England, Heavitree Parish, Exeter, Devon
Arrangement The Heavitree parish records were sorted into some kind of order c.1921 by Miss E. Lega-Weeks, who parcelled the loose papers into categories, most of which have been retained. Each bundle was filed on thongs of string and wrapped in paper, but the documents have now been removed from these for better preservation.
A considerable amount of the material was deposited in the Devon Record Office in 1979, and listed then, but further extensive deposits in 1982-83 made necessary a re-listing of most sections of the catalogue. This revised catalogue incorporates all the records in the original deposit, as well as those in subsequent additions.

Registers (baptisms, marriages, banns, burials, confirmations, services); Incumbent, Benefice, Churchwardens', Overseers of the Poor, Vestry, Parochial Church Council, Constable, Surveyors of the Highways, Parish Council, Feoffees: Title Deeds, Administration, Miscellaneous; Education, Groups and Societies, Official, Military and Miscellaneous records

REGISTERS  [no ref. or date]

Baptisms, marriages, banns and burials  3004A/PR 7  1754-1879

[Several original registers bound together]

Baptisms 1843-1878
Marriages 1754-1812
Banns 1754-1823
Burials 1854-1879

Baptisms  3004A/PR 8  1878-1885

Baptisms  3004A/PR 9  1885-1891

Marriages  3004A/PR 10  1837-1865

Marriages  3004A/PR 11  1865-1885

Banns  3004A/PR 12  1856-1874

Banns  3004A/PR 13  1874-1884

Banns  3004A/PR 14  1884-1900

Banns  3004A/PR 15  1900-1909

Banns  3004A/PR 16  1909-1919

Banns  3004A/PR 17  1920-1928

Banns  3004A/PR 18  1928-1934

Banns  3004A/PR 19  1934-1942

Banns  3004A/PR 20  1942-1950

Banns  3004A/PR 21  1951-1956

Banns  3004A/PR 22  1956-1961

Banns  3004A/PR 23  1961-1966

Banns  3004A/PR 24  1966-1970

Confirmations  3004A/PR 25  1896-1921

Confirmations  3004A/PR 26  1922-1931

Confirmations  3004A/PR 27  1932-1958

Confirmations  3004A/PR 28  1958-1965

Bundle of lists of people confirmed, and related papers  3004A/PR 29  1932-1953

Burials  3004A/PR 30  1879-1885

Burials  3004A/PR 31  1885-1890

Burials  3004A/PR 32  1890-1894

Burials  3004A/PR 33  1894-1903

Burials  3004A/PR 34  1903-1910

Burials  3004A/PR 35  1911-1918

Burials  3004A/PR 36  1918-1926

Burials  3004A/PR 37  1926-1935

Services  3004A/PR 38  1922-1925

Services  3004A/PR 39  1925-1931

Services  3004A/PR 40  1931-1934

Services  3004A/PR 41  1934-1936

Services  3004A/PR 42  1936-1939

Services  3004A/PR 43  1939-1942

Services  3004A/PR 44  1942-1948

Services  3004A/PR 45  1948-1954

Services  3004A/PR 46  1954-1956

Services  3004A/PR 47  1956-1959

Services  3004A/PR 48  1959-1961

Services  3004A/PR 49  1961-1962

Services  3004A/PR 50  1962-1963

Services  3004A/PR 51  1964-1966

Services  3004A/PR 52  1966-1969

Services  3004A/PR 53  1969-1971

Services  3004A/PR 54  1971-1974

Services  3004A/PR 55  1974-1975

Services (St. Lawrence)  3004A/PR 56  1957-1964

Bundle of marriage licences  3004A/PR 57  1814-1831

Bundle of certificates of marriage and of calling of banns  3004A/PR 58  1849, 1898-1915

Bundle of Coroners' orders for burial and death certificates  3004A/PR 59  1822-1843

Certificate of christening  3004A/PR 60  1811

Two certificates of deaths of still-born children  3004A/PR 61, 62  1915, 1918

INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Curates' Licences  3004A/PI 1- 16  1822 - 1955

PI1 John Abbot 1822
PI 2 Cecil M. Hawker 1888
PI 3 John F. Peto 1891
PI 4 Alfred G. Langdon 1894
PI 5 George E.C. Rodwell 1894
PI 6 Frank Lillingston 1896
PI 7 William A.H. Parker 1898
PI 8 Cecil T. Mundy 1901
PI 9 Charles Y. Timbrell 1918
PI 10 Arthur Seymour 1922
PI 11 John W. Storey 1923
PI 12 John J. Stuttaford 1929
PI 13 Francis B. Dalby 1930
PI 14 Maurice V. Narracott 1930
PI 15 Andrew A.F. de Salis 1934
PI 16 John A. Benton 1955

Letter of resignation from the organist to the vicar  3004A/PI 17  1852

Bundle of letters concerning a gift of money by Miss Barker, 3 Baring Place, to the vicar, to use for parish purposes at his discretion  3004A/PI 18  1872

Printed list of duties of chaplain to Wonford House Hospital for the Insane  3004A/PI 19  1876

Letter to the vicar from the Census Office, requesting comments on parish population  3004A/PI 20  1881

Printed notice to clergy concerning the Bishop's Visitation  3004A/PI 21  1882

Letter of resignation by George Alsop as sexton and bellringer, with notes on the offices by the vicar  3004A/PI 22, 23  1883

Terms of appointment of sexton, with notes on burial rights and fees  3004A/PI 24- 26  1908

Bundle of letters from and memoranda by the Rev. T.J. Ponting on his leaving the parish; these deal with various aspects of parish administration  3004A/PI 27  1921

Estimates of vicar's net income  3004A/PI 28- 30  1943 - 1952

Draft letters from the vicar concerning his curate's stipend  3004A/PI 31, 32  1946 - 1947

Correspondence concerning the application of the curate, the Rev. G.V. James, for a chaplaincy in the R.A.F.  3004A/PI 33- 39  1950 - 1951

Letter from the Church of England's Society to the vicar concerning the seating of children in the church, with letter from the wardens and further letter from the Society about their bad behaviour  3004A/PI 40- 42  1951

Bundle of correspondence and copies between the vicar, the bishop, the diocesan registrar and Lord Clinton, over the chaplaincy of Livery Dole almshouses  3004A/PI 43- 50  1954 - 1962

Letter from the bishop to the vicar concerning assistance with the administration of communion  3004A/PI 51  1979

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access: until 1 Jan 2010

File of correspondence and papers concerning the institution and induction of the Rev. E.J. Illing  3004A/PI 52  1981

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access: until 1 Jan 2012

Bundle of weekly offering collection books  3004A/PI 53  1927 - 1947

Collection book  3004A/PI 54  1929 - 1934

[Includes Whipton, Wonford, St. Loyes and Livery Dole]

BENEFICE  [no ref. or date]

Graveyard  [no ref. or date]

Letter from the Dean's Official, directing a public path through the churchyard to be fenced off  3004A/PB 1  1827

Draft petition to the Bishop for permission to demolish the old Vicarage and use the land to extend the graveyard; with plan, solicitors' bills and related papers  3004A/PB 2- 9  1834 - 1835

Deeds of land given by Sir Thomas Baring for graveyard extension  3004A/PB 10- 18  1809 - 1844

PB 10, 11 Lease and counterpart 1809
1. John Baring of Mount Radford, Esq.
2. James Ponsford of Heavitree, butcher
Messuage, outbuildings and gardens called late Wrights, adjoining Heavitree churchyard
Term: 99 years or lives of 2. aged 38, and his sons James Ponsford, aged 13, and George Ponsford, aged 12
Fine: £157..10s., and surrender of a lease of 1781 granted to James Clark
Rent: £2..2s. p.a.
Heriot: £1..1s.
Plans attached
PB 12 Assignment of lease (mortgage) 1821
1. James Ponsford of Heavitree, butcher
2. Joseph Sanders, Edward Lloyd Sanders and Charles Rogers of Exeter, bankers
Messuage as in PB 10, 11, now converted into two
Consideration: £650
PB 13, 14 Lease for one year and release 1830
1. Sir Thomas Baring of Stratton Park, Hampshire, bart.
2. Joseph Barnes Sanders of Exeter, gent.
3. Ralph Sanders of Exeter, gent.
Wright's Tenement adjoining Heavitree churchyard, lately occupied by James Manning and [blank] Ponsford
Consideration: £400 2. to 1.
Marginal plans
PB 15 Lease for one year and release1840
[Sealed together]
1. Joseph Barnes Sanders, Edward Andrew Sanders and William Barnes of Exeter, bankers
2. Joseph Barnes Sanders
3. Henry Vatcher of Exeter, accountant
James Commin of Exeter, gent.
Wright's Tenement adjoining Heavitree churchyard, formerly occupied by James Manning and [blank] Ponsford, and lately by [blank] Godfrey and [blank], and house and stable attached, occupied by James Pitt, and another house
Consideration: £550 paid by Vatcher to 1.
PB 16 Abstract of Title1686 - 1822
Of Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., of Stratton Park, Hampshire, to the manor of Heavitree. [Recites descent of manor through the family of Kelly of Kelly, Devon, and sale to John Baring of Mount Radford in 1770; pedigree of Kelly family 17th & 18th cents. is attached]
PB 17 Authority 1843
Granted by Commissioners for Improvement of Churches for loan for purchase of land to extend churchyard. Recites sale in 1843 by Henry Vatcher of property known as late Wrights, consisting of seven houses occupied by Jane Piercy, Robert Godfrey, William Hunt, and James Barnes as tenants, containing 1r.5p.
PB 18 Letter relating to PB 17 1844

Instrument of Consent  3004A/PB 19  18th March, 1835

By which the Rev. Arthur Atherley agreed to the appropriation of the site of the old vicarage and gardens for an additional burial ground and a parochial school room
Marginal plan

Copy of PB 19, and solicitor's opinion on the deed  3004A/PB 20, 21  1835, 1922

Other graveyard papers  [no ref. or date]

Orders closing graveyard, with related letters and printed instructions  3004A/PB 22- 26  1855

Bundle of tables of fees for burials in the churchyard and other fees, with related papers  3004A/PB 27  1861 - 1938

Two letters concerning refusal by M.A. Farrington of Gosford House, Ottery St. Mary, to sell land for a burial ground  3004A/PB 28, 29  1881

Bundle of correspondence and related papers, including a poster and a tracing of part of the tithe map, concerning proposed extension to graveyard  3004A/PB 30  1883 - 1884

Subscription books for additional graveyard [very few entries] and letter from Geo. B. Pennell, 2 Heavitree Park, regretting that he was unable to undertake collecting  3004A/PB 31 - 36  1884

Bank book for churchyard account and two subscription books  3004A/PB 37- 39  1915 - 1919

Extracts from P.C.C. Minutes concerning graveyard extension  3004A/PB 40  1926 - 1928

four sheets

Plan of proposed extension [S. Dobell, Exeter, architect], with three tenders  3004A/PB 41a-d  1926

Record of consecration of additional ground [plan endorsed]  3004A/PB 42  1928

Bundle of letters and papers concerning bequests for upkeep of graves and requests for burial  3004A/PB 43  1934 - 1970

Subscription book for graveyard  3004A/PB 44  1939 - 1961

Register of subscriptions for maintenance of graves, giving grave positions  3004A/PB 45  1942 - 1962

Receipt for ironwork removed from graves, and letter concerning compensation  3004A/PB 46, 47  1943, 1950

Letter from City Engineer concerning grave digging  3004A/PB 48  1946

Bundle of papers on war graves  3004A/PB 49  1958 - 1971

Xerox copies of contract and specifications for levelling the lower churchyard, and of letters from those objecting  3004A/PB 50- 52  1977

Specification of work required in extending graveyard  3004A/PB 53  n.d.; 20th cent

Plan of new graveyard  3004A/PB 54  n.d.; 20th cent

Vicarage  [no ref. or date]

Mortgage of glebe and tithes to Commissioners of Queen Anne's Bounty, the money to be used for rebuilding the parsonage  3004A/PB 55  1839

Sale poster for St. James's Rectory  3004A/PB 56  1875

Tender by William Tothill, builder, of Fore Street, Heavitree, to undertake work on the Vicarage  3004A/PB 57  1887

[No specifications]

Plan of Vicarage by Harbottle Reed, F.R.I.B.A. 12 Castle Street, Exeter  3004A/PB 58  n.d.; c.1900

Mortgage of living to secure money for improving the Vicarage  3004A/PB 59  1922

[Redeemed 1932]

Notebook labelled "Vicarage Repairs", containing list of subscriptions  3004A/PB 60  1922

Certificate concerning redemption of Land Tax on the Vicarage, and covering letter  3004A/PB 61, 62  1931

Report on damage by the blitz to the Vicarage, Church, and other parish property  3004A/PB 63  1942

Report on the vicarage under the Dilapidations Measure, estimate for necessary work and related letter  3004A/PB 64- 66  1945

Tithes  [no ref. or date]

Map and copy of apportionment  3004A/PB 67a,b  1842, 1844

Order of exchange of tithe rent charges on lands in Heavitree and St. Sidwell  3004A/PB 68  1862

Bundle of redemption certificates  3004A/PB 69  1880 - 1936

Altered apportionments  3004A/PB 70- 74  1909 - 1936

Bundle of applications for tithe redemption, with related letters  3004A/PB 75  1920 - 1921

Bundle of correspondence concerning the return to the parish of the map and apportionment from the Tithe Collection Committee  3004A/PB 76  1932 - 1935

Letter from the Bounty Office concerning income tax payable to tithes  3004A/PB 77  1936

Letter concerning liability for chancel repairs attached to ownership of tithe rent charge  3004A/PB 78  1948

Letter from the Diocesan Board of Finance, and letter from the Dean to the Vicar, with the Vicar's draft reply, concerning the £60 p.a. paid to St. David's parish from the rent charge  3004A/PB 79- 81  1948

Schedule of annuities and securities under the Tithe Acts affected by the Benefices (Stabilisation of Incomes) Measure  3004A/PB 82, 83  1951

New Chapels and Churches  [no ref. or date]

Whipton  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of bills concerning building and furnishing of the chapel, including one from Edward Ashworth, architect  3004A/PB 84  1858 - 1862

Bundle of correspondence and other papers concerning the formation of the new parish  3004A/PB 85  1934 - 1938

With detailed discussion of the proposed new boundaries, and letters from the Bishop of Exeter and the Rev. W.H. Croft, the first Vicar

Copy of the London Gazette containing copy order assigning a chapelry to All Saints, and copy map of the new parish  3004A/PB 86, 87  1938

Map showing the line of the Whipton by-pass, and indicating the parts of the churchyard and school playground required for the scheme  3004A/PB 88  1930's

St. Paul, Burnthouse Lane (originally St. Loyes)  [no ref. or date]

Copy application for grant for new church (Challice and Son, Exeter, architects)  3004A/PB 89  1931

Two newspaper articles about funding the church  3004A/PB 90, 91  1931

Balance sheet for church building, with related notes  3004A/PB 92- 97  1931 - 1932

St. Lawrence Hall Church  [no ref. or date]

Final account for building, and certificate of architects (Lucas, Roberts and Brown of Exeter)  3004A/PB 98, 99  1958

Newspaper cutting reporting opening, and two photographs  3004A/PB 100-102  1958

Xerox copy of ground plan for proposed extension  3004A/PB 103  1970's

Xerox copy of Bishop's licence for celebration of divine service  3004A/PB 104  1978

Other properties  [no ref. or date]

Valuation by F.W. Dymond of Vicarage Meadow  3004A/PB 105  n.d.; c.1900

[Note on envelope states that it was made for Heavitree U.D.C. with a view to purchase as a public playground]

Bundle of letters, memoranda and other papers, including extract from conveyance and rules, relating to the Church Institute, West Homefield  3004A/PB 106  1924 - 1932

Bundle of letters and papers concerning proposed purchase of Sandhurst (bungalow and 1a.), Hope Road, for use as a hall-church, 1937, with copy letter from the vicar, 1939, to the Bishop about a hall-church for the new housing area of St. Loye's, Wonford, after the Sandhurst proposal fell through  3004A/PB 107  1937 - 1939

Copy conveyance to the parish of a strip of land adjoining the churchyard in Church Lane by the trustees of the will of the late Ludwig W.R. Wissmann  3004A/PB 108, 109  1938

[Plan attached; with letter from the Diocesan Registry acknowledging deposit there of the original]

Letter from Inland Revenue concerning tenancy of School House, South Lawn Terrace, with draft reply by the Vicar  3004A/PB 110, 111  1950

File of papers on proposed rating appeal concerning School House  3004A/PB 112  1981

Conditions of access: Thirty-year ban on access: until 1 Jan 2012

Sale catalogue for part of the vicarage lands fronting Church Lane, on which the Sherwood Close housing development subsequently took place  3004A/PB 113  1964

Draft lease, P.C.C. to South East District Exeter Girl Guides, of land near Ringswell Avenue  3004A/PB 114  1973

Conditions of access: Thirty-year ban on access: until 1 Jan 2004

[With plan]

Bundle of papers concerning rating and valuation of parish property  3004A/PB 115  1910 - 1934

Bundle of notices to landowners affected by the Exeter Corporation Bill  3004A/PB 116  1927

Printed letter explaining how the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947, would affect the benefice property  3004A/PB 117  1948

Parish Boundaries  [no ref. or date]

Order in Council creating the district of St. Mark, with related papers  3004A/PB 118-121  1930

[No map]

Alteration of boundaries, affecting Heavitree, Sowton, Farringdon, Clyst St. Mary, Woodbury Salterton and Topsham: petition, map, copy of London Gazette and related papers  3004A/PB 122-126  1930 - 1931

Alteration of boundaries of Countess Wear: preliminary correspondence, map, copy of London Gazette and related papers  3004A/PB 127-133  1934

Draft proposals, correspondence and related papers concerning re-organisation of parishes within and adjoining Exeter  3004A/PB 134-147  1945 - 1947

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Extract from the will of the Rev. Charles Tucker (d. 1852) leaving money for the building of a chapel at Whipton  3004A/PB 148  1852

Copy of the London Gazette containing Order in Council for transfer of the patronage of St. Sidwell and St. James from the Vicar of Heavitree to the Dean and Chapter, with covering letter  3004A/PB 149, 150  1876

Copy of the London Gazette containing a note of a grant of £60 p.a. by the Ecclesiastical Commission for a second curate, with covering letter  3004A/PB 151, 152  1903

Bundle of papers concerning dilapidations  3004A/PB 153  1928 - 1945

Table of city parishes with census figures, acreages and values of benefices, with press report relating to PB 156, 157  3004A/PB 154, 155  1930

Minutes of meetings of Commission appointed by the Bishop to consider the better distribution of clergy in Christianity Deanery  3004A/PB 156, 157  1930

Report of the Commission as in PB 156, 157  3004A/PB 158  1930

Papers concerning liability for chancel repairs, including a record of ascertainments  3004A/PB 159-162  1948 - 1949

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Rate books  [no ref. or date]

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/1  1845-1846

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/2  1848, 1852

And "Wills's Valuation, 1852"

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/3  1849

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/4  1850

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/5  1851

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/6  1852

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/7  1853

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/8  1854

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/9  1856

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/10  1857

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/11  1858

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/12  1859

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/13  1860

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/14  1861

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/15  1862

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/16  1863

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/17  1864

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/18  1865

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/19  1867

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/20  1871-1873

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/21  1874-[1877 ?]

Rate book  3004A/PW 1/22  1881

Lists of church rates paid  3004A/PW 1/23- 26  1906 - 1909

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Rules and orders for the good government of the parish  3004A/PW 2  1586

[Lays down procedure for keeping account of parish money, appointments of sidesmen and wardens, etc.; engrossed on parchment and signed by leading parishioners; printed in Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. 1, pp. 59-63]

Sidesmens' accounts  3004A/PW 3  1575 - 1685

[Note: the sidesmen, or four men, were made responsible by PW 2 for all the parish funds, and the churchwardens and wardens of St. Loyes were to submit their accounts to them. The St. Loyes wardens were responsible for collecting the rents of the St. Loyes estate, and laying it out for charity and maintenance of the church and the chapel at St. Loyes. This chapel was in use until the late 18th century]

Account book of the wardens of St. Loyes bound in part of a medieval illuminated manuscript  3004A/PW 4/1  1589 - 1651

Related information: [See scope field of 3004/PW 3]

Account book of the wardens of St. Loyes  3004A/PW 4/2  1651 - 1723

Related information: [See scope field of 3004/PW 3]
For other material on St. Loyes see PF section

Account book, with rates  3004A/PW 5  1776 - 1824

Account book, with rates to 1839  3004A/PW 6  1825 - 1918

Account book, including charities and schools  3004A/PW 7  1913 - 1922

Printed account sheets, including charities, schools and St. Mark's  3004A/PW 8  1921

Related information: For later accounts, see 3004 A/PP section

Bills and vouchers  [no ref. or date]

Arrangement: [Mostly in annual bundles]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 9  1823-1824

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 10  1825-1861

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 11  1825-1827

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 12  1826

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 13  1827-1828

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 14  1828-1829

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 15  1829-1830

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 16  1831-1832

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 17  1832-1833

[Includes bill from Andrew Patey for plans and estimates for rebuilding the church]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 18  1834-1835

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 19  1836-1837

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 20  1837-1838

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 21  1843-1844

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 22  1844-1846

[Includes blank application form for sittings in the new church, and letters from John Kenshole, contractor concerning building of the church]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 23  1836-1847

[Includes bill for fees at consecration of the church, and tenders for building a new wall round the burial ground]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 24  1847-1848

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 25  1848-1849

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 26  1849-1850

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 27  1850-1851

[Includes bill of David Mackintosh for specifications concerning erection of new organ, and alterations to the gallery to receive it]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 28  1851-1852

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 29  1853-1854

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 30  1854-1855

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 31  1855-1856

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 32  1856-1858

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 33  1856-1857

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 34  1858-1859

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 35  1859-1860

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 36  1860-1861

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 37  1861-1862

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 38  1862-1863

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 39  1865-1866

[Includes specification for painting interior of the church, printed charity accounts for 1865, and a circular from H.P. Dicker of Exeter, organ builder, listing organs installed and rebuilt]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 40  1873-1874

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 41  1875-1876

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 42  1878-1879

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PW 43  1917-1918

[Includes some feoffees' bills]

Receipt and bill of William Hooper for building a gallery over the North Aisle  3004A/PW 44, 45  1823, 1824

Receipt of William Hooper for building a gallery over the South Aisle, and a list of subscriptions "for the New Galery"  3004A/PW 46  1826

[Stuck on to a sheet of paper]

Letter from William Hooper to the churchwardens concerning bad workmanship in the pews and the galleries  3004A/PW 47  1827

Bundle of bills and other papers concerning church heating  3004A/PW 48  1838 - 1875

Papers concerning rebuilding of the church  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of rebuilding committee  3004A/PW 49  1841 - 1848

[Some correspondence with David Mackintosh, architect, is attached; at the back are minutes of the organ committee, 1844, and of the committee for preparing for consecration, 1846]

Extracts from vestry and committee minutes concerning rebuilding  3004A/PW 50- 53  1841 - 1844

Letter from Charles Hedgeland [architect] concerning enlargement of church  3004A/PW 54  1841

Specifications for rebuilding drawn up in 1841, "and referred to in Mr. John Kenshole's tender dated 27th April, 1844"  3004A/PW 55  1841

Contract with John Kenshole of Heavitree, builder, for rebuilding  3004A/PW 56  1844

[Endorsed with his receipts for instalments of money]

Two letters concerning the contract and tender  3004A/PW 57, 58  1844

Three letters concerning rebuilding, including one from Lord Courtenay concerning his coat of arms, which was to be carved on an arch on the south side of the aisle  3004A/PW 59- 62  1844 - 1846

Bills of John Kenshole, contractor, and David Mackintosh, architect  3004A/PW 63- 65  1844 - 1847

Specifications by David Mackintosh for restoration of church flooring  3004A/PW 66  1848

Printed account sheet of rebuilding  3004A/PW 67  1850

three copies

Two accounts of outstanding expenses  3004A/PW 68, 69  1852, 1858

Bundle of drafts and notes, including list of parishioners who had not subscribed  3004A/PW 70  c.1844 - 1850

Bill from John Kenshole for building work done to accommodate an organ  3004A/PW 71  1851

Memorandum of vestry meeting authorising the Vicar to alter the communion plate, with drafts  3004A/PW 72- 74  1852

Plans of chancel as existing, and with proposed alterations, by Charles Prinn, architect & surveyor, Queen Street Road, Exeter  3004A/PW 75a,b  1872

Rebuilding of Church Tower  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Note: the rebuilding was planned at the time of the construction of the new church, 1844-46, and was actively discussed for over twenty years before it was finally commenced in 1887

Letter from Edward A. Sanders, Stoke House, Exeter, to the Vicar, offering to donate £25 towards the rebuilding fund as a start  3004A/PW 76/1  16th Jan., 1865

Printed appeal for funds  3004A/PW 76/2  1st Feb., 1865

Letter from A.H.A. Hamilton, Millbrook House, Exeter, offering to subscribe £5 towards the fund  3004A/PW 76/3  1865

Report by Edward Ashworth, architect, on the state of the tower  3004A/PW 76/4  Sept. 1871

[Detailed survey of the history of the church since 1833, with proposals for enlarging it and rebuilding the tower]

Bundle of 3% Consols certificates and related receipts  3004A/PW 76/5  1871 - 1886

Newspaper report of Easter Vestry meeting, at which the tower wis discussed  3004A/PW 76/6  1876

Letter from Winslow Jones and draft reply by the Vicar about sale of stocks  3004A/PW 76/7, 8  October, 1876

Letter from Arthur Burch about necessity of obtaining a faculty  3004A/PW 76/9  9th Nov., 1876

Four bills paid by the Tower Committee  3004A/PW 76/10- 13  1876 - 1877

Four letters from Winslow Jones, Imperial Hotel, Exmouth, about Stocks and money-raising  3004A/PW 76/14- 17  1877 - 1882

Memorandum of a meeting of the Tower Committee, and letter of apology for absence from Edward A. Sanders, both endorsed with notes of subscriptions  3004A/PW 76/18- 19  Jan., 1882

Letters from Edward J. and Edward A. Sanders, J.H. Batten and Winslow Jones about subscriptions to the Tower Fund  3004A/PW 76/20- 25  March, 1882

Letter from E. Henry Edwards, 5 Clare Street, Bristol, requesting the commission for designing the Tower  3004A/PW 76/26  18th April, 1882

Claims that, as clerk to the late Joseph Neale, he in fact designed the plans previously selected; mentions other buildings which he had designed

Letter from R. Medley Fulford, requesting that as in the previous competition for a design for a new tower his plan came second to that of the late Mr. Neale, the Committee should now approve his plan, or at least allow him to submit a new design  3004A/PW 76/27  5th June, 1882

Two letters from Robert N.G. Baker, one of the trustees of the Tower Fund, on the terms of the trust  3004A/PW 76/28, 29  9th June, 1882, "24th Feb." [1882 or 3]

Letter from R.J. Crocker, East Street, Bristol, reminding the Vicar that his tender for "alterations to Heavitree Church" was accepted a long time ago, and that he was ready to commence  3004A/PW 76/30  16th June, 1882

Letter from the Exeter Bank stating that the Tower Fund had over £1200 in stocks  3004A/PW 76/31  7th Dec., 1883

Letters from Winslow Jones and one draft by the Vicar concerning the Tower Fund  3004A/PW 76/32- 34  1884 - 1885

As /32-34, with draft calculations about the Fund  3004A/PW 76/35- 37  1884 - 1885

3004 A/PW 76/37 mentions the history of the project, and refers to the competition in 1876, when Mr. Ashworth's plan came second, and discusses the design and type of stone; states that Ashworth is about his own age, which is almost 72, and thinks that a younger man is now needed

Draft financial calculations by Winslow Jones, small part of a letter, and printed note of meeting of ratepayers concerning rebuilding [undated]  3004A/PW 76/38- 42  1871 - 1882

Two written descriptions of proposed designs for a new tower, one by "Semper Fidelis", the other unsigned  3004A/PW 76/43, 44  ? 1876

[Undated, but "Semper Fidelis" is not among the surviving specifications for the 1887 competition, and these documents may possibly be from the 1876 competition]

Minute book of Building Committee  3004A/PW 77  1887 - 1893

Printed appeal for funds  3004A/PW 78  17th March, 1887

Letter from R. Medley Fulford, architect, Cathedral Yard, Exeter, enquiring about rules for the competition for the tower design  3004A/PW 79  1st April, 1887

Printed Report of the Competitions Committee of the R.I.B.A., with covering letter from Cole A. Adams  3004A/PW 80a,b  5, 6th April, 1887

Letter from Edmund D. Pickford, architect, 15 York Buildings, Adelphi, London, to accompany a sketch of his design for the Tower  3004A/PW 81  16th April, 1887

Letter from R. Medley Fulford, declining to compete as the competition did not meet conditions laid down by the R.I.B.A., with three relevant R.I.B.A. leaflets  3004A/PW 82/1- 4  28th April, 1887

Letter from R. Medley Fulford welcoming the decision to comply with R.I.B.A. conditions, but regretting that he now had insufficient time to compete  3004A/PW 82/5  7th May, 1887

Letter from William H. White, Secretary of the R.I.B.A., explaining procedure in organising the competition, with printed suggestions and list of architects who approved them  3004A/PW 83- 86  20th May, 1887

Letter from Edward I'Anson, president of the R.I.B.A., recommending Alfred Waterhouse and Arthur Blomfield of London and Thomas Worthington of Manchester as advisers in the competition, and also Aston Webb or Ewan Christian  3004A/PW 87  24th May, 1887

Letter from R.R. Relton, reporting that Mr. Waterhouse was in Milan  3004A/PW 88  26th May, 1887

Letter from the Vicar to Aston Webb, returned by the G.P.O. because wrongly addressed  3004A/PW 89  2nd June, 1887

Letter from Ewan Christian accepting as adviser at a fee of 25 guineas plus expenses if he came to Exeter  3004A/PW 90  13th June, 1887

Offers to inspect the plans at his house "where I can view them more privately and conveniently than here. I have taken in 90 sets at a time, so you may suppose I have room for such purposes." States that when last in Exeter he looked in the church briefly "in the hope of seeing something that might have been standing in Richard Hooker's day."

Letter from Aston Webb offering to act if Mr. Christian was unable  3004A/PW 91  13th June, 1887

Letter from Rolle Estate Office concerning planting of a Jubilee Tree  3004A/PW 92  15th June, 1887

Letter from W. Hargreaves Raffles commenting on the appointment of Ewan Christian as adviser "a man whom all the profession thoroughly trust in such a capacity."  3004A/PW 93  17th July, 1887

Four telegrams and part of a letter  3004A/PW 94- 98  1887

Specifications or reports accompanying plans (no plans having survived).  3004A/PW 99-100  c.1880s

Each report is signed with a nom-de-plume, and the architects identified themselves by writing their real names and nom-de-plumes in a separate envelope. All these envelopes have survived, except for that of the winner, E.H. Harbottle, who entered under the name The Chimes; envelopes and reports were numbered 1-33 for the convenience of the Committee, and these numbers have been retained here
PW 99/1- 33 Envelopes containing competitors' names [nom-de-plumes in square brackets]
PW 100/1- 33 Specifications or reports accompanying plans submitted for the competition by the architects listed in PW 99, except for PW 99/9, 10, 18, 27 and 28

Henry A. Cheers, Twickenham, London [Straight and True]  3004A/PW 99/1  n.d

R.A. Briggs, 2 Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate (Without) [Spero]  3004A/PW 99/2  n.d

James S.A. Mercer, 1 Arkley Road, Anfield, Liverpool [Fides]  3004A/PW 99/3  n.d

Hans Price and Wooler, Weston Super Mare [Ecce 1887]  3004A/PW 99/4  n.d

Robert C. Clarke, Tavistock Chambers, Market Place, Nottingham [Kearsley]  3004A/PW 99/5  n.d

G.H. Greatbach, 51 Moorgate Street, London E.C. [Detur Digniori]  3004A/PW 99/6  n.d

J. Standen Atkins, 6 Upcerne Road, King's Road, London SW. [Torre]  3004A/PW 99/7  n.d

E.H. Lingen Barker and A.W.S. Cross, 13 Station Road, Taunton, and 61 Regent Street, Weston Super Mare [Experience]  3004A/PW 99/8  n.d

Arthur R.G. Fenning, 10 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London W.C. [Truth]  3004A/PW 99/9  n.d

H.H.E. Woods, Baltic Chambers, Sunderland [Honor Virtutis Praemium]  3004A/PW 99/10  n.d

W.T.M. Mear, Rock, Nr. Wadebridge, Cornwall [Excalibur]  3004A/PW 99/11  n.d

Charles Cole, Queen Street Chambers, Exeter [Quis ?]  3004A/PW 99/12  n.d

Octavius Ralling, 17 Castle Street, Exeter [For Queen and Faith]  3004A/PW 99/13  n.d

Walter Scargill, Colchester [Salve]  3004A/PW 99/14  n.d

William F.D. Boswell, 120 Dartmouth Park Hill, London N. [Devon]  3004A/PW 99/15  n.d

T.D. Barry and Son, Commerce Court, Liverpool [Labore]  3004A/PW 99/16  n.d

William and Walter Basset; Smith, Drummond Chambers, 10 John Street, Adelphi, London [A.D.G.]  3004A/PW 99/17  n.d

W. Hargreaves Raffles, 34 Belsize Park Gardens, London N.W. [Antiqua Veneror]  3004A/PW 99/18  n.d

J. Johnson, 9 Queen Victoria Street, Mansion House, London E.C. [Well Considered]  3004A/PW 99/19  n.d

Fredric Miller, 7 Argyll Place, London W. [Amen]  3004A/PW 99/20  n.d

Arthur Billing, Bank Chambers, Tooley Street, London Bridge S.E. [Look!]  3004A/PW 99/21  n.d

Edmund D. Pickford, 15 York Buildings, Adelphi, London W.C. [Laus Deo]  3004A/PW 99/22  n.d

E. Lyne Parsons, 236 High Street, Exeter [Exeter]  3004A/PW 99/23  n.d

Packham, Croote and Stuart, 93 Paris Street, Exeter [Non Nobis Solum]  3004A/PW 99/24  n.d

H.D.P. Pritchett, 24 High Row, Darlington [Dura]  3004A/PW 99/25  n.d

Jabez Bynell, 12 Courthope, Walpole Road, Wimbledon, Surrey  3004A/PW 99/26  n.d

T.E. Lidiard James, Lonsdale Chambers, 27 Chancery Lane, London W.C. [Exe]  3004A/PW 99/27  n.d

In the series has not survived. It was the successful entry by E.H. Harbottle  3004A/PW 99/No.28  n.d

Richard J. Lovell and Walter J. Wood, 1 Finsbury Circus, London E.C. [Suitability]  3004A/PW 99/29  n.d

John M. Pinn, 3 East Southernhay, Exeter [Nota Bene]  3004A/PW 99/30  n.d

Afahel P. Bell, Winter's Building, 32 Saint Ann Street, Manchester [nom-de-plume is represented by a symbol of a cross enclosed within a circle]  3004A/PW 99/31  n.d

William Hesketh, Central Buildings, North John Street, Liverpool [In loco]  3004A/PW 99/32  n.d

Charles F. Hanson and Frederick Bligh Bond, 1 Claremont Place, Clifton, Bristol [Devonia]  3004A/PW 99/33  n.d

File of contractors' estimates for building  3004A/PW 101  1887

Letter from E.H. Harbottle, architect, concerning types of stone to be used in building the tower  3004A/PW 102  1888

Plan of part of the churchyard temporarily affected by the Tower rebuilding  3004A/PW 103  1888 - 1889

[Shows grave positions near west end of the church]

E.H. Harbottle's summary of accounts for new Tower  3004A/PW 104  [n.d.]

[Endorsed "All paid by March, 1893"]

Other work of E.H. Harbottle  [no ref. or date]

Specification of work to be done in building the chancel, and plans of E.H. Harbottle, architect.  3004A/PW 105-110  1891 - 1892

Related information: [For final plans, see 3004 A/PW 171a, b]

Bundle of receipts for sale of consols to finance the building of the new chancel, with related letters, including one from E.H. Harbottle on the state of the accounts  3004A/PW 111  1894 - 1897

Plan of proposed alterations to Western Inner Porch by E.H. Harbottle, architect  3004A/PW 167  1901

Elevation of new Parclose Screen in North Aisle, as part of the proposed rearrangement of organ and screens, by E.H. Harbottle and Son.  3004A/PW 168  1908

New bells, 1897  [no ref. or date]

Letter from John Taylor & Co., Loughborough, outlining cost of bells  3004A/PW 112  22nd Mar., 1897

List of promised subscriptions  3004A/PW 113  29th Apr., 1897

Detailed analysis of costs of the peal from estimates by several bellfounders [three copies] and of cost of a turret clock [two copies]  3004A/PW 114-118  1897

Programme for Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Heavitree [printed heading, MS. continuation] and letter from Col. Vaughan, Chairman of the Jubilee Committee, to Alfred Brooking, Fort Villa, S. Wonford, congratulating him on the celebration  3004A/PW 119, 120  May, June, 1897

Copy letter from Alfred Brooking, Sec. of the Jubilee Committee, to Taylors, ordering the peal of bells  3004A/PW 121  June, 1897

Letter from G. Randall Johnson, Portview, to Alfred Brooking concerning inscriptions on bells  3004A/PW 122  3rd July, 1897

Correspondence, copy letters, telegrams and memoranda between Alfred Brooking, Taylor's and E.H. Harbottle, architect, over Harbottle's prolonged dispute with Taylor's as to the best means of hanging the bells; including one letter from E.A. Sanders, Stoke House  3004A/PW 123-152  August - December, 1897

Final bill for bells from Taylor's, with statement and covering letter  3004A/PW 153-155  Dec., 1897

Printed list of subscribers to the bell fund, form of service for dedication, and circular advertising a celebration supper  3004A/PW 156-158  Dec., 1897

Draft letter of thanks, reporting on success of first ringing, from Alfred Brooking to Taylor's, with Taylor's reply and receipted bill  3004A/PW 159-161  Dec., 1897; Jan., 1898

Letter from Taylor's concerning their contribution of 1 gn. towards a "tablet"  3004A/PW 162  June 1898

Receipt of E.H. Harbottle for wages for clerk of the works when superintending bell-ringing  3004A/PW 163  1899

Taylor's catalogue of hand bells, 1887, and two drawings of bells, n.d.  3004A/PW 164-166  1887

Faculties  [no ref. or date]

For taking down a cottage called the Old Vicarage House built of cob and thatch, and using the site as part of the Vicarage garden  3004A/PW 169  1832

Citation and faculty for building new tower  3004A/PW 170a,b  1887

[Plan and elevation by E.H. Harbottle attached]

Citation and faculty for enlarging chancel  3004A/PW 171a,b  1893

[Ground plans of whole church as then existing, and of proposed alterations, and elevations of east end of Chancel and east end of South Choir Aisle, attached to faculty; [E.H. Harbottle, architect]

For performance of divine service in the new Chancel until consecration  3004A/PW 172  1894

Installation of peal of eight bells in the tower to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee  3004A/PW 173  1897

The bells had been re-cast by Taylor's of Loughborough from an old peal of four, three of which were useless

Petition and faculty for placing a stained glass window in the east end of the Chancel in memory of the Reverend Sackville Hamilton Berkeley  3004A/PW 174a,b  1898

For performance of divine service in the Polsloe Park Chapel, Manston Road  3004A/PW 175  1901

Petition and faculty for improvement of heating and alteration of position of the doors in the South Porch to prevent draughts  3004A/PW 176a,b  1901

Restoration of parclose screen, erecting a new screen adjoining, and providing a chancel screen  3004A/PW 177  1906

For installing a clock in the tower  3004A/PW 178  1910

For putting stained glass in the Side Chapel South Window to the memory of the Sampson family, and a plaque on the South Wall stating that the clock placed in the Tower in 1910 was the gift of John Sampson  3004A/PW 179  1912

Citation for faculty for an oak tablet as war memorial  3004A/PW 180  1920

For removal of galleries  3004A/PW 181  1924

For putting stained glass in a window in the north side of the North Aisle in memory of the Cartwright family  3004A/PW 182  1924

For putting stained glass in a window in the west side of the South Aisle in memory of Ellen M. Meade-King  3004A/PW 183  1924

Citation and faculty for placing a memorial tablet to the Cartwright family under the Cartwright window  3004A/PW 184a,b  1934

Citation and faculty for placing a third Holy Table behind the organ  3004A/PW 185a,b  1934

For hanging a memorial to the "Old Contemptibles" in the porch  3004A/PW 186  1936

Citation and faculty to erect the Cathedral Reredos in the church, with accompanying works  3004A/PW 187a,b  1939

Citation, faculty and related letter for reredos in the Lady Chapel  3004A/PW 188a-c  1947

Citation for removal of organ for repair and modernisation  3004A/PW 189  1955

For rehanging the bells  3004A/PW 190  1965

For interment of cremated remains of the late Rev. Arthur Johnston in the Sanctuary  3004A/PW 191  1966

For improvements in the chancel  3004A/PW 192  1968

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Bond of Thomas Isaack of Exeter, merchant, to John Isaack and George Glanvill, wardens, in £180  3004A/PW 193  20th Oct., 1663

[Endorsed with a note of 1678 that it was then regarded as a desperate debt]

Bank book of "St. Loyes Repair Fund", 1890-1893  3004A/PW 194  1890 - 1893

[Note states that the project was abandoned because of lack of cash; fund closed, 1922]

Plan of church made for heating purposes by John Grundy, heating engineer, London, N.  3004A/PW 195  1901

Insurance policy for employers' indemnity  3004A/PW 196  1907

Photograph of the men who installed the clock, with the clock  3004A/PW 197  1910

Organ  [no ref. or date]

Letters from Hele and Co., organ-builders, Plymouth, about cost of a blower and motor, with letters from Marianne Sanders, Stoke House, and Julia Were, Clystlands, offering contributions  3004A/PW 198-205  1913 - 1915

Letters from Hele's as above, and from J.H. Taylor, organ-blowing specialist, Leicester, with covering letter from Ferris Tozer, all concerning provision of a blower  3004A/PW 206-213  1920

Agreement with the John Compton Organ Co. Ltd. for repair and modernisation of the organ, as specified in detailed schedule, with organ-tuning contract and covering letter  3004A/PW 214-216  Jan., 1955

Xerox copies and one carbon copy of correspondence with Rushworth and Dreaper, successors to John Compton, as to tuning  3004A/PW 217-219  1976

Verger's receipt for a quarter's salary  3004A/PW 220  1914

Letter from Archdeacon Sanders to the wardens asking them to meet him to investigate a petition by the choir of St. Mark's  3004A/PW 221  1920

Sequestration order and related correspondence  3004A/PW 222  1921 - 1922

Bundle of papers concening removal of galleries, moving font, re-roofing church, and installing electricity  3004A/PW 223  1924-5

Bundle of papers concerning Free Will Offerings  3004A/PW 224  1927 - 1928

Letter from W. Anning, concerning provision of a Westminster clock by Mr. Franklin  3004A/PW 225  1927

Two estimates for re-roofing part of the church  3004A/PW 226a,b  1928

Letter concerning electrical work in the church  3004A/PW 227  1928

Letter from Preb. E. Hay, concerning loan of chalice and paten to St. Loye's  3004A/PW 228  1932

Specification for flagstaff, with plan and letter from Harbottle Reed, Exeter, architect, tenders for the flag pole and bill for the flag  3004A/PW 229-234  1933

Watercolour of children's altar in St. Gregory's Children's Chapel, by J. Wippell & Co.  3004A/PW 235  1935

Bundle of bills concerned with re-furnishing after the erection of the reredos  3004A/PW 236  1939

Plan of cathedral reredos by H.M.R. Drury, Cathedral Close, Exeter  3004A/PW 237  c.1939

Inventory of equipment in the churchyard tool shed  3004A/PW 238  1946

Two letters concerning inspection of church lightning conductor  3004A/PW 239, 240  1951, 1953

Bundle of correspondence and bills concerning church heating, with plans, and agreements for supply of oil  3004A/PW 241  1954 - 1979

Bundle of correspondence concerning the bequest of Mrs. L.E. Lee, 1963-1964, with miscellaneous wardens' bills and bank statements, 1964-1980  3004A/PW 242  1963 - 1980

Quinquennial report on church fabric  3004A/PW 243  1966

File containing sequestration order and related correspondence and bills  3004A/PW 244  1981

Notes on church plate  3004A/PW 245-257  20th cent

OVERSEERS OF THE POOR  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For other Overseers' records, see Exeter City Archives

Rate books  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For earlier rates, see 3004 A/PO 145, 146
For rate books 1878-1913, and a few earlier one, see E.C.A.

Rate book  3004A/PO 1  1822

Rate book  3004A/PO 2  1823

[Three rates, two incomplete]

Rate book  3004A/PO 3  1824 (September)

Rate book  3004A/PO 4  1824 (November)

Copies information: [Copy of first rate of 3004 A/PO 5]

Rate book  3004A/PO 5  Nov., 1824 - May, 1825

Rate book  3004A/PO 6  1825

Rate book  3004A/PO 7  May 1827 - May 1829

[At the back is a list of landowners and occupiers who had not yet taken apprentices]

Rate book  3004A/PO 8  1829-1831

Rate book  3004A/PO 9  April, 1832

Rate book  3004A/PO 10  October, 1832

Rate book  3004A/PO 11  April, 1833

Rate book  3004A/PO 12  May, 1834

Rate book  3004A/PO 13  Nov., 1834

Arrangement: Note: this is the first rate to list properties by streets; the earlier rates simply list alphabetically by owners' names

Rate book  3004A/PO 14  April, 1835

Rate book  3004A/PO 15  Sept., 1835

Rate book  3004A/PO 16  Jan., 1836

Rate book  3004A/PO 17  Aug., 1837

Rate book  3004A/PO 18  May, 1838

Rate book  3004A/PO 19  Nov., 1838

Rate book  3004A/PO 20  Dec. 1838

[Valuation, arranged alphabetically by owner]

Rate book  3004A/PO 21  Feb., 1839

Rate book  3004A/PO 22  June, 1839

Rate book  3004A/PO 23  Dec., 1839

Rate book  3004A/PO 24  April, 1840

Rate book  3004A/PO 25  July, 1840

Rate book  3004A/PO 26  Oct., 1840

Rate book  3004A/PO 27  March, 1841

Rate book  3004A/PO 28  June, 1841

Rate book  3004A/PO 29  Oct., 1841

Rate book  3004A/PO 30  March, 1842

Rate book  3004A/PO 31  June, 1842

Rate book  3004A/PO 32  Sept., 1842

Rate book  3004A/PO 33  Dec., 1842

Rate book  3004A/PO 34  April, 1843

Rate book  3004A/PO 35  Oct., 1843

Rate book  3004A/PO 36  Oct., 1844

Rate book  3004A/PO 37  April, 1845

Rate book  3004A/PO 38  Oct., 1845

Rate book  3004A/PO 39  June, 1846

Rate book  3004A/PO 40  Oct., 1846

Rate book  3004A/PO 41  Aug., 1847

Rate book  3004A/PO 42  March, 1848

Rate book  3004A/PO 43  July, 1848

Rate book  3004A/PO 44  April, 1849

Rate book  3004A/PO 45  Aug., 1849

Rate book  3004A/PO 46  Oct., 1849

Rate book  3004A/PO 47  March, 1850

Rate book  3004A/PO 48  July, 1851

Rate book  3004A/PO 49  Jan., 1852

Rate book  3004A/PO 50  June, 1852

Rate book  3004A/PO 51  July, 1852

[Valuation, houses arranged by streets]

Rate book  3004A/PO 52  July, 1852

[Valuation, lands, numbered as on tithe map]

Rate book  3004A/PO 53  Jan., 1854

Rate book  3004A/PO 54  April, 1854

Rate book  3004A/PO 55  July, 1854

Rate book  3004A/PO 56  Nov., 1854

Rate book  3004A/PO 57  Jan., 1855

Rate book  3004A/PO 58  Aug., 1855

Rate book  3004A/PO 59  Nov., 1855

Rate book  3004A/PO 60  April, 1856

Rate book  3004A/PO 61  June, 1856

Rate book  3004A/PO 62  Sept., 1856

Rate book  3004A/PO 63  Jan., 1857

Rate book  3004A/PO 64  April, 1857

Rate book  3004A/PO 65  July, 1857

Rate book  3004A/PO 66  Oct., 1857

Rate book  3004A/PO 67  Jan., 1858

Rate book  3004A/PO 68  April, 1858

Rate book  3004A/PO 69  Sept., 1858

Rate book  3004A/PO 70  Dec., 1858

Rate book  3004A/PO 71  April, 1859

Rate book  3004A/PO 72  July, 1859

Rate book  3004A/PO 73  Oct., 1859

Rate book  3004A/PO 74  Jan., 1860

Rate book  3004A/PO 75  July, 1860

Rate book  3004A/PO 76  Nov., 1860

Rate book  3004A/PO 77  April, 1861

Rate book  3004A/PO 78  August, 1861

Rate book  3004A/PO 79  Nov., 1861

Rate book  3004A/PO 80  Feb., 1862

Rate book  3004A/PO 81  May, 1862

Rate book  3004A/PO 82  Oct., 1862

Rate book  3004A/PO 83  Jan., 1863

Rate book  3004A/PO 84  May, 1863

Rate book  3004A/PO 85  Aug., 1863

Rate book  3004A/PO 86  Nov., 1863

Rate book  3004A/PO 87  Jan., 1864

Rate book  3004A/PO 88  April, 1864

Rate book  3004A/PO 89  July, 1864

Rate book  3004A/PO 90  Nov., 1864

Rate book  3004A/PO 91  Feb., 1865

Rate book  3004A/PO 92  May, 1865

Rate book  3004A/PO 93  August, 1865

Rate book  3004A/PO 94  October, 1865

Rate book  3004A/PO 95  Jan., 1866

Rate book  3004A/PO 96  May, 1866

Rate book  3004A/PO 97  July, 1866

Rate book  3004A/PO 98  Oct., 1866

Rate book  3004A/PO 99  Jan., 1867

Rate book  3004A/PO 100  April, 1867

Rate book  3004A/PO 101  July, 1867

Rate book  3004A/PO 102  Oct., 1867

Rate book  3004A/PO 103  Jan., 1868

Rate book  3004A/PO 104  April, 1868

Rate book  3004A/PO 105  July, 1868

Rate book  3004A/PO 106  Oct., 1868

Rate book  3004A/PO 107  Jan., 1869

Rate book  3004A/PO 108  May, 1869

Rate book  3004A/PO 109  July, 1869

Rate book  3004A/PO 110  Oct., 1869

Rate book  3004A/PO 111  Jan., 1870

Rate book  3004A/PO 112  April, 1870

Rate book  3004A/PO 113  July, 1870

Rate book  3004A/PO 114  Oct., 1870

Rate book  3004A/PO 115  April, 1871

Rate book  3004A/PO 116  July, 1871

Rate book  3004A/PO 117  Oct., 1871

Rate book  3004A/PO 118  Jan., 1872

Rate book  3004A/PO 119  April, 1872

Rate book  3004A/PO 120  July, 1872

Rate book  3004A/PO 121  Oct., 1872

Rate book  3004A/PO 122  Jan., 1873

Rate book  3004A/PO 123  April, 1873

Rate book  3004A/PO 124  July, 1873

Rate book  3004A/PO 125  Oct., 1873

Rate book  3004A/PO 126  Jan., 1874

Rate book  3004A/PO 127  April, 1874

Rate book  3004A/PO 128  July, 1874

Rate book  3004A/PO 129  Oct., 1874

Rate book  3004A/PO 130  Jan., 1875

Rate book  3004A/PO 131  April, 1875

Rate book  3004A/PO 132  July, 1875

Rate book  3004A/PO 133  Oct., 1875

Rate book  3004A/PO 134  Jan., 1876

Rate book  3004A/PO 135  April, 1876

Rate book  3004A/PO 136  July, 1876

Rate book  3004A/PO 137  Oct., 1876

Rate book  3004A/PO 138  Jan., 1877

Rate book  3004A/PO 139  April, 1877

Rate book  3004A/PO 140  July, 1877

Rate book  3004A/PO 141  Oct., 1877

Rating records  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of papers concerning collection of rates, chiefly precepts and receipts  3004A/PO 142  1829 - 1858

Bundle of papers concerning rate assessments, including complaints of high assessment  3004A/PO 143  1832 - 1836

Miscellaneous rating papers, including appeals and court orders  3004A/PO 144  1834 - 1877

Account books  [no ref. or date]

Account book, with rates  3004A/PO 145  1783 - 1798

Account book, with rates  3004A/PO 146  1815 - 1831

[No rates after 1822; accounts for 1829-31 at other end of volume, reversed]

Account book  3004A/PO 147  1831 - 1836

Lists of applicants [to the select vestry] for shoes, clothing and other relief, with accounts for items granted  3004A/PO 148  1821 - 1836

Volume containing lists of those in need of relief through sickness, and stating complaints, certified to the Select Vestry by Dr. E.P. Pridham  3004A/PO 149  1831 - 1833

Account book of casual relief approved by select vestry  3004A/PO 150  1831 - 1835

Account book of outdoor relief paid weekly  3004A/PO 151  1820 - 1827

[Recipients named]

As PO 151  3004A/PO 152  1827 - 1836

As PO 151  3004A/PO 153  1839

Receipts and payment book  3004A/PO 154  1836 - 1848

Receipt and payment book  3004A/PO 155  1848 - 1865

Receipt and payment book  3004A/PO 156  1865 - 1869

Collecting and deposit books  [no ref. or date]

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 157  1855-1861

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 158  1861-1864

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 159  1864-1866

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 160  1866-1868

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 161  1868-1869

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 162  1869-1870

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 163  1870-1871

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 164  1871

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 165  1871-1872

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 166  1872-1873

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 167  1873-1874

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 168  1874-1875

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 169  1875-1876

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 170  1876-1877

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 171  1877-1878

Collecting and deposit book  3004A/PO 172  1878-1879

Collectors' Monthly Statements  [no ref. or date]

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 173  Jan. 1859 - Oct. 1860

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 174  Nov. 1860 - Oct. 1862

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 175  Nov. 1862 - Mar. 1864

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 176  Apr. 1864 - Jan. 1866

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 177  Feb. 1866 - Dec. 1867

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 178  Jan. 1868 - Sep. 1869

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 179  Oct. 1868 - Mar. 1870

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 180  Oct. 1869 - June 1871

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 181  July 1871 - Sep. 1873

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 182  Oct. 1873 - July 1875

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 183  Aug. 1875 - Sep. 1877

Collectors' Monthly Statements  3004A/PO 184  1860 - 1878

[Incomplete duplicates]

Miscellaneous accounts  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of miscellaneous balance and account sheets, and Poor Law Commissioners' sealed order in a dispute over auditing of accounts  3004A/PO 185/1-3  1838 - 1878

Settlement  [no ref. or date]


John Elliot, parish of Clist St George  3004A/PO 186  1779

Joseph Madge, parish of Ayles Beary  3004A/PO 187  1790

Settlement examinations  3004A/PO 188  1779 - 1863

[In two bundles; some have related papers attached]
/1 1779-1839
/2 1840-1863

EXAMINATION OF: John Elliott born in Sowton  3004A/PO 188/1/1  1779

EXAMINATION OF: Thomas Edwards born in Farrington  3004A/PO 188/1/2  1787

EXAMINATION OF: Elizabeth Mitchell born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/3  1795

EXAMINATION OF: William Hatherley born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/4  1796

EXAMINATION OF: Sarah Eastman born in Crewkerne  3004A/PO 188/1/5  1796

EXAMINATION OF: Edward Fennings born in Sowton  3004A/PO 188/1/6  1803

EXAMINATION OF: Robert Hillings born in Barrington  3004A/PO 188/1/7  1803

EXAMINATION OF: William Woodrough born in Wythecomb Rawleigh  3004A/PO 188/1/8  1818

EXAMINATION OF: George King born in Saint Marys Exeter  3004A/PO 188/1/9  1818

EXAMINATION OF: Elizabeth Hurley born in Therriston  3004A/PO 188/1/10  1819

EXAMINATION OF: Robert Chick resident in Axminster  3004A/PO 188/1/11  1821

EXAMINATION OF: James Willis born in Pinhoe  3004A/PO 188/1/12  1825

EXAMINATION OF: James Samson born in Monkton  3004A/PO 188/1/13  1829

EXAMINATION OF: Anne Moss born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/14-16  1832

EXAMINATION OF: Uriah Jenkins born in Buckland Brewer  3004A/PO 188/1/17  1832

EXAMINATION OF: William Reed born in Shapweek, Somerset  3004A/PO 188/1/18  1833

EXAMINATION OF: Grace Morrem born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/1/19  1833

EXAMINATION OF: Elizabeth Taylor born in Broadclist  3004A/PO 188/1/20  1833

EXAMINATION OF: Sarah Piles in Liverpool  3004A/PO 188/1/21  1834

EXAMINATION OF: Sarah Piles in Liverpool  3004A/PO 188/1/22  1834

EXAMINATION OF: Sarah Pile born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/23  1834

EXAMINATION OF: Harriet Norman born in Clist St George  3004A/PO 188/1/24  1834

EXAMINATION OF: Thomas Brinfield born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/25  1835

EXAMINATION OF: Thomas Kibby worked in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/1/26  1835

EXAMINATION OF: Mary Hunt born in Chittlehampton  3004A/PO 188/1/27-29  1835

EXAMINATION OF: Anne Aggett born in North Bovey  3004A/PO 188/1/30  1836

EXAMINATION OF: Charlotte Moore born in Kenton  3004A/PO 188/1/31  1837

EXAMINATION OF: William Marr born in Pinhoe  3004A/PO 188/1/32-33  1837

EXAMINATION OF: Elizabeth Tapley born in East Teignmouth  3004A/PO 188/1/34  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Edward Cobley born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/1/35  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Ann Cobley (mother of above)  3004A/PO 188/1/36  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Edward Cobley born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/1/37  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Edward Cobley born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/1/38  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Edward Cobley born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/1/39  1838

EXAMINATION OF: Mary Potter born in Shillingford  3004A/PO 188/1/40  1839

EXAMINATION OF: Elizabeth Rowe born in Broadhembury  3004A/PO 188/1/41  1839

EXAMINATION OF: Mary Anne Bucknell born in Sidmouth  3004A/PO 188/1/42  1839

EXAMINATION OF: Mary Anne Bucknell born in Sidmouth  3004A/PO 188/1/43  1839

EXAMINATION OF: Medical certificate relating to settlement of Charles Pagan  3004A/PO 188/1/44  1838

Examination of: Anne Baker born in Uffculm  3004A/PO 188/2/1  1840

Examination of: Sarah Clark born in Broadclist  3004A/PO 188/2/2  1840

Examination of: Robert Yeates born in East Budleigh  3004A/PO 188/2/3  1840

Examination of: George Pollard from Broadclist  3004A/PO 188/2/4  c.1840

Examination of: Richard Barton born in Broadclist  3004A/PO 188/2/5  1840

Examination of: William Sharpley born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/2/6  1840

Examination of: Medicate certifcate relating to settlement of Jane Bradford born in Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 188/2/7  1840

Examination of: Charles Squire born in Swimbridge  3004A/PO 188/2/8  1840

Examination of: William Willis born in Rockbeare  3004A/PO 188/2/9  1840

Examination of: John Clarke born in Topsham  3004A/PO 188/2/10  1840

Examination of: Thomasin Brewer born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/2/11  1841

Examination of: William Rudd born in St David, Exeter  3004A/PO 188/2/12  1841

Examination of: George West born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/2/13  1841

Examination of: George West born in Heavitree  3004A/PO 188/2/14  1841

Examination of: Matha Doble formerly Reynolds born in St St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 188/2/15  1841

Examination of: Abraham Homeyard from Shobrooke  3004A/PO 188/2/16  1842

Examination of: William Wilcocks relating to Eliza Homeyard's (alias Holmeyard) settlement  3004A/PO 188/2/17  1842

Examination of: William Wilcocks relating to Eliza Homeyard's (alias Holmeyard) settlement  3004A/PO 188/2/18  1843

Examination of: Samuel Frends relating to Sarah Frend's settlement  3004A/PO 188/2/19  1844

Examination of: George Henry Claydon relating to John Adminds settlement  3004A/PO 188/2/20  1844

Examination of: John Adams born in Northampton, Gloucester  3004A/PO 188/2/21-26  1844

Examination of: Mary Bragg of St. Paul, Exeter  3004A/PO 188/2/27  1845

Examination of: William Morren born in Alphington  3004A/PO 188/2/28  1854

Examination of: Robert Hawks born in Morchard Bishop  3004A/PO 188/2/29  1856

Examination of: Mary Chudley in St Anne, (Lumehouse), Middlesex  3004A/PO 188/2/30  1862

Examination of: Samuel, James, William, Robert, Charles and Bessie Russell  3004A/PO 188/2/31-35  1863

Examination of: William Major born in North Lew  3004A/PO 188/2/36-37  1863

Examination of: Mary Buttler alias Burns and child, Alfred  3004A/PO 188/2/38-39  1862

Removal orders  3004A/PO 189  1777 - 1863

[In four bundles; some have related papers attached]
/1 1777-1829
/2 1830-1839
/3 1840-1849
/4 1850-1863

Francis Burgess, Kasiah his wife, and Richard, Francis, and Mary his children to the parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/1  1777

Mary Trout to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/1/2  1789

William Dennicombe, his wife Martha, and his children James and Jemyina to the parish of Crediton  3004A/PO 189/1/3  1790

As 3 to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/1/4  1790

Ann Rondle to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/1/5  1790

John Cullings, his wife Mary and son John  3004A/PO 189/1/6  [n.d.]

Anna Bearne and daughters Anne and Fanny to the parish of Highweek  3004A/PO 189/1/7  1795

Elizabeth Mitchell to the parish of Ottery St Mary  3004A/PO 189/1/8  1795

Elizabeth Mitchell to the parish of Ottery St Mary  3004A/PO 189/1/9  1803

Richard Halfyard to the parish of Whimple  3004A/PO 189/1/10  1803

Sarah Arbary to the parish of Saint Paul, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/11  1817

Elizabeth Williams to the parish of Saint Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/12  1817

Elizabeth Channing to the parish of Exminster  3004A/PO 189/1/13  1817

Elias Forward to the parish of Exminster  3004A/PO 189/1/14  1818

Mary Winsley to the parish of Saint David, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/15  1818

Susanna Channing to the parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/16  1818

Charles Lowton, his wife Jane and sons, Isaac, Charles and George to the parish of Stoke Canon  3004A/PO 189/1/17  1819

Thomas Burgess and his wife Mary to the parish of Cadbury  3004A/PO 189/1/18  1819

Robert Hawkins, his wife Elizabeth and his children Issac and Fanny to the parish of Saint Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/19  1819

Ann Nogridge to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/1/20  1819

John Elsworthy to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/1/21  1819

Mary Davy to the parish of Stowgursey, Somerset  3004A/PO 189/1/22  1819

Ann Bowden to the parish of Saint Paul, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/23  1819

Edward Luxton to the parish of Saint Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/24  1829

Elianor Hoford to the parish of Farcombe  3004A/PO 189/1/25  1823

William Harris his wife Elizabeth, and his children William, John, George, Thomas & Rebecca to the parish of Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/26  1823

William Saunders and his wife Susan to the parish of Stoke-Damerel  3004A/PO 189/1/27  1823

William Winsley Wells to the parish of Saint Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/28  1825

Sarah Bale to the parish of Saint Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/29  1825

James Willis, his wife Sarah, and his children James, Mary and Rebecca to the parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/30  1825

John Gargett and his children Joseph and Philip to the parish of Saint Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/31  1825

Thomas Selford, his wife and child to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/1/32  1825

Ann Halse to the parish of Saint Edmund, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/33  1825

William Coleman and his wife Mary to the parish of Sidbury  3004A/PO 189/1/34  1826

Elizabeth Western and her children Elizabeth and James to the parish of Bradninch  3004A/PO 189/1/35  1826

Elizabeth Pinn, to the parish of East Stonehouse  3004A/PO 189/1/36  1827

Elizabeth Pinn to the parish of Saint Andrew  3004A/PO 189/1/37  1827

As above  3004A/PO 189/1/38  [n.d.]

Elizabeth Martin to the parish of St Mary-Le-Bone Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/1/39  1829

Sarah Denning to the parish of Lympstone  3004A/PO 189/1/40  1827

Ann Bull to the parish of St. Mary Steps, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/1/41  1827

Elizabeth Pinn to the parish of East Stonehouse  3004A/PO 189/1/42  1827

Richard Channing to the parish of Whitechurch  3004A/PO 189/1/43  1828

James Samsons, Mary and son Henry to the parish of Combe Rawleigh  3004A/PO 189/1/44  1829

Anne Moss and daughter Charlotte to the parish of Yealmpton  3004A/PO 189/1/45  1829

Charles Stone and his wife Ann to the parish of Exminster  3004A/PO 189/1/46  1829

Robert Pengilly, his wife Ann Sella, and his children Sophia, Francis, Anne Mary, and Robert Joseph to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/1/47  1829

Samuel Sanders, master and brewer, his wife Elizabeth and his children Mary Ann and John to the parish of St Andrew, Plymouth  3004A/PO 189/2/1  1830

Emma Cotton to the parish of St Mary Arches, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/2  1830

Hannah Crispen to the parish of Chepstow, Monmouth  3004A/PO 189/2/3  [n.d.]

Hannah Crispen to the parish of Chepstow, Monmouth  3004A/PO 189/2/4  1830

George Gardener Cocking, his wife Jane and his child Jane to the parish of Whitechurch Canonicorum, Dorset  3004A/PO 189/2/5  1830

Robert Loosemore, his wife Sarah and his children William and Frances Jane to the parish of Broadclist  3004A/PO 189/2/6  1830

William Mason, his wife Mary and Sophia their child to the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/7  1830

Judith Carter to the parish of St Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/8  1831

Mary Bigwell to the parish of St Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/9  1831

Emma Cotton to the parish of St Mary Arches, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/10  1831

Mary Bigwell to the parish of St Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/11  1831

Elizabeth Cooke to the parish of Honiton's Clist  3004A/PO 189/2/12  1831

Sarah Miller and children Frederick and William to the parish of Saint Pancras, Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/2/13  1831

Elizabeth Cooke to the parish of Honiton Clist  3004A/PO 189/2/14  1831

George Pollard and his wife Elizabeth to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/2/15  1831

William James Lawrence to the parish of St George, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/16  1831

John Pearce to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/2/17  1831

John Defrieze to the parish of Holcombe Burwell  3004A/PO 189/2/18  1831

Elizabeth Partridge to the parish of East Stonehouse  3004A/PO 189/2/19  1831

Mary Westcott to the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/20  1832

Thomas Phillips, his wife Sally and their child Sarah to the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter Exminster  3004A/PO 189/2/21  1832

Richard Bragg to the parish of St Pancras, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/22  1832

Samuel Bolt, his wife Ann, and their children Mary Ann and Margaret to the parish of St Edmund, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/23  1832

John Rudd, and his wife Sarah to the parish of St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/24  1832

Mary Napper to the parish of St David, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/25  1832

Betty Jelfe to the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/26  1832

Grace Cummins to the parish of St David, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/27  1832

Mary Anne Ellis to the parish of St Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/28  1832

Thomas Warren, his wife Joanna and Elizabeth and Joanna Eliza their children to the parish of St Sidwells, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/29  1832

Elizabeth Helyer and her child Mary to the parish of Saint Davids, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/30  1832

Jane Gay to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/2/31  1833

Uriah Jenkins, his wife Mary and their children Susan and John to the parish of Northam  3004A/PO 189/2/32  [n.d.]

Henry Cockram to the parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle  3004A/PO 189/2/33  1833

Mary Butcher to the parish of St Paul, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/34  1833

John Hatherley, and his wife Mary to the parish of Hennock  3004A/PO 189/2/35  1833

Sarah Shallis to the parish of St Mary Major Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/36  1833

Sarah Ann Leaward to the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/37  1833

Elizabeth Catherine Bennet, pregnant to the parish of St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/38  1833

Elizabeth Pope to the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/39  1833

John Collins, his wife Jane, and seven children to the parish of Newton St. Cyrus  3004A/PO 189/2/40  1833

Sarah Miller and child to the parish of Saint Pancras, Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/2/41  1834

Sarah Pile to the parish of Southampton  3004A/PO 189/2/42  1834

Sarah Pile to the parish of Southampton  3004A/PO 189/2/43  [n.d.]

William Clark to the parish of George Nympton  3004A/PO 189/2/44  1834

Charlotte Drewer to the parish of Ilminster, Somerset  3004A/PO 189/2/45  1834

Mary Gatscies to the parish of Ashprington  3004A/PO 189/2/46  1834

Henry Matthew, his wife Mary, and their child Jane to the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/47  1835

Thomas Brinfield, his wife Lydia and their children Sally and Elizabeth to the parish of Withycombe Raleigh  3004A/PO 189/2/48  1835

John Batter to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/2/49  1835

John Berry to the parish of St Thomas of the apostle  3004A/PO 189/2/50  1835

Mary Ashford to the parish of St Edmund, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/51  1835

Mary Hunt to the parish of Chittlehampton  3004A/PO 189/2/52  1835

Mary Ashford, and her children Mary and George to the parish of St Edmund Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/53  1835

Mary Perin to the parish of Tavistock  3004A/PO 189/2/54  1836

Mary Perin to the parish of Tavistock  3004A/PO 189/2/55  n.d

Daniel Gatcias to the parish of Paignton  3004A/PO 189/2/56  1836

Daniel Gatcias to the parish of Paignton  3004A/PO 189/2/57  n.d

Richard Taylor, his wife Elizabeth and their children Mary, Ann, Jane and John to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/2/58  1836

Richard Taylor, his wife Elizabeth and their children Mary, Ann, Jane and John to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/2/59  n.d

William Starr and his family to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/2/60  1837

William Starr and his family to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/2/61  n.d

Matilda and Louise Basliegh to the parish of Honiton  3004A/PO 189/2/62  1838

Joseph Basleigh to the parish of Church Stauton  3004A/PO 189/2/63  1838

Edward Cobley to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/2/64  1838

Charles Fagan to the parish of St Mary Steps, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/65  n.d

Charles Fagan to the parish of St Mary Steps, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/66  n.d

Mary Dotter and her children William, Eliza and Eleanor to the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/67  1839

Mary Anne Bucknell to the parish of Sidmouth  3004A/PO 189/2/68  1839

Elizabeth Rowes to the parish of St Stephen, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/2/69  1839

James Pengilley, his wife and children to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/2/70  [n.d.]

James Pengilley, his wife and children to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/2/71  n.d

James Pengilley, his wife and children to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/2/72  n.d

James Pengilley, his wife and children to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/2/73  n.d

John Coles, his wife Jane, and their children James, John, Richard, Sarah, Charles, to the parish of Alphington  3004A/PO 189/2/74  1839

John Coles, his wife Jane, and their children James, John, Richard, Sarah, Charles, to the parish of Alphington  3004A/PO 189/2/75  1839

Sarah Clarke to the parish of Huxham  3004A/PO 189/3/1-2  1840

Benjamin William his wife and three children to the parish of Bethnal Green, Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/3/3-7  1840

Thomasin Brewer, to the parish of St David, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/8  1840

Richard Batten, labourer to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/3/9  1840

William Shapley and his wife Agnes to the parish of St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/10-11  1840

William Bradford, his wife Jane and daughter to the parish of St. Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/12  1840

John Clarke to the parish of Saint Leonard  3004A/PO 189/3/13  1840

William Bradford, his wife Jane and daughter to the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/14  1840

Uriah Davey and his wife Hannah to the parish of Chudleigh  3004A/PO 189/3/15  1841

George West to the parish of West Teignmouth  3004A/PO 189/3/16-18  1841

William Rudd, his wife Ann and their seven children to the parish of Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/19  1841

William Frost, his wife Mary, and their children Harriett William George, and Charles Richard to the parish of Saint Leonard Shoreditch Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/3/20  1841

Mary Goldsworthy to the parish of Woodbury  3004A/PO 189/3/21  1841

Herman Bolt, his wife Maria and their children Henry John, George and Walter to the parish of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 189/3/22  1841

Jane Faricock to the parish of Brushford  3004A/PO 189/3/23  1842

Thomas Manning, his wife Mary Ann, and their children Harriet and Elizabeth to the parish of Chudleigh  3004A/PO 189/3/24  1843

Sarah Freud, and her children George, Robert Oliver and Alfred to the parish of Christchurch, Middlesex  3004A/PO 189/3/25  1843

Richard Pring, his wife and family to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/3/26  1844

John Adams and his wife Mary Ann to the parish of East Teignmouth  3004A/PO 189/3/27  1844

Mary Ann Sarman to the parish of Saint Thomas The Apostle  3004A/PO 189/3/28  1844

Thomas Ebbels to the parish of Sandford  3004A/PO 189/3/29  1844

John Fry and his wife Jane to the parish of Lambeth, Surry  3004A/PO 189/3/30  1845

George Gardener Cocking, his wife Jane and their daughter Elizabeth to the parish of Stanton Saint Gabriels Dorset  3004A/PO 189/3/31  1845

Thomas Wilcocks, Labourer to the parish of St. Olave, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/32  1845

Elizabeth Painter to the parish of Thorverton  3004A/PO 189/3/33  1845

John Adams, his wife Annd and their children George and Emily to the parish of Clist St. George  3004A/PO 189/3/34  1846

Mary Ann Osborn to the parish of Drewsteignton  3004A/PO 189/3/35  1846

Elizabeth Painter to the parish of Thorverton  3004A/PO 189/3/36  1847

Hannah Nott to the parish of East Teignmouth  3004A/PO 189/3/37  1847

Mary Ann Russell and her child Emma to the parish of Woodbury  3004A/PO 189/3/38  1848

Eliza Brannan, and her children Ann Maddick, William Brannan and a male infant unbaptised to the parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/3/39  1848

William Fort, labourer to the parish of Upton Pyne  3004A/PO 189/3/40  1848

Catherine Pengelly to the parish of Maristow  3004A/PO 189/3/41  1849

Elizabeth Sheppard (known as Betsy) to the parish of Berkshire  3004A/PO 189/3/42  1849

William Chudley, his wife Harriet and their children Sophia, William Richard and Samuel to the parish of Down Saint Mary  3004A/PO 189/3/43  1849

John Baker and his wife Mary to the parish of Lympstone  3004A/PO 189/3/44-45  1849

Mary Gillard and her seven children to the parish of Saint Leonard  3004A/PO 189/3/46  1849

Robert Hawkes, his wife Frances, and their children Eliza, William and Maria to the parish of Washford Pyne  3004A/PO 189/3/47  1849

Sarah Clarke and illegitimate child Mary Ann to the parish of Plymtree  3004A/PO 189/3/48-49  1849

Charlotte Bishop to the parish of Thorverton  3004A/PO 189/3/50  1849

James Evans, labourer to the parish of Ottery Saint Mary  3004A/PO 189/4/1  1850

James Wilson, his wife Elizabeth, and their children Mary Ann and Sarah to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/4/2  1850

Betty Elston (alias Elson) to the parish of Morchard Bishop  3004A/PO 189/4/3  1850

William Wilson, his wife Sarah and their five children to the parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 189/4/4  1850

John Boynes to the parish of Crediton  3004A/PO 189/4/5  1850

Mary Ireland and her children Mary Ann, William Henry, and Samuel to the parish of Kingsnympton  3004A/PO 189/4/6  1850

John Dingle, labourer to the parish of Dunsford  3004A/PO 189/4/7  1851

William White, labourer to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/4/8  1851

Agnes Bolt, and her children Ann, Jesse, Elizabeth and illegitimate child Agnes Alsop to the parish of Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/9-11b  1854

Mary Bishop to the parish of Thorverton  3004A/PO 189/4/12  1854

Mary Ann Bright and her children George and Albert to the parish of Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/13  1855

Elizabeth Yelland to the parish of Saint Andrews, Plymouth  3004A/PO 189/4/14-15  1855

Joseph Bambury, tailor, his wife Ann and their five children to the parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/16-19  1855

Eliza Harris, and her five children to the parish of Saint Nicholas  3004A/PO 189/4/20-23  1855

Mary Ann Bright and her children George and Albert to the parish of Saint Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/24  1855

Edward Dingle, his wife Maria and their child John Thomas to the parish of Saint Thomas The Apostle  3004A/PO 189/4/25  1856

George, Edward, Mary, and Louisa Hutchings to the parish of Lidford  3004A/PO 189/4/26  1856

George Ayres to the parish of Kentisbeare  3004A/PO 189/4/27  1856

Ann Goldsworth to the parish of Ottery St. Mary  3004A/PO 189/4/28  1856

William Bowden, his wife Mary Ann and their six children to the parish of St. George, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/29  1856

Ann Pasmore to the parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 189/4/30-31  1856

Sarah Ann Hall and her five children to the parish of Colaton Raleigh  3004A/PO 189/4/32  1856

Emma Stevens to the parish of Yarcombe  3004A/PO 189/4/33  1857

Kezia Vosper, and her children John, Sarah and Francis to the parish of Tormoham  3004A/PO 189/4/34-35  1857

Complaint to Josias Stevens of St Thomas that his daughter, Emma is chargeable to the parish of Heavitree  3004A/PO 189/4/36  1857

Sarah Vernon to the parish of St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/37  1857

Kezia Vosper and her three children to the parish of Tormoham  3004A/PO 189/4/38  1857

James Woodley, his wife Mary Ann and their children John, Ellen, Ann and Henry to the parish of Poltimore  3004A/PO 189/4/39-41  1857

George Steer, his wife Ann and their children Elizabeth and Miriam to the parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 189/4/42  1858

Mary Ann Longman to the parish of Tavistock  3004A/PO 189/4/43-44  1859

Charlotte Holney and child to the parish of St George, Hanover  3004A/PO 189/4/45  1859

Uriah Turner, his wife Sophia and their children Uriah William and Sophia Susan to the parish of Square, Middlesex; Gittisham  3004A/PO 189/4/46-47  1860

Robert Way, labourer to the parish of Colaton Raleigh  3004A/PO 189/4/48  1860

John Burridge to the parish of St Pancras, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/49  1860

Sarah Steveson and her five children to the parish of St James, Taunton Somerset  3004A/PO 189/4/50  1861

Ann Kennedy to the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 189/4/51-53  1862

Robert Price, his wife Mary and their children Elizabeth and Robert to the parish of Plymouth  3004A/PO 189/4/54  1863

Certificate of charability for Emily Chown  3004A/PO 189/4/55  1863

Samuel Gale, labourer to the parish of Bovey Tracey  3004A/PO 189/4/56  1863

Emily Chown to the parish of Woodbury  3004A/PO 189/4/57  1863

William Major to the parish of Okehampton  3004A/PO 189/4/58  1863

Miscellaneous Correspondence (Settlement papers)  3004A/PO 190  1822 - 1865


Bill for the removal of a pauper named Howell from All Hallows on the Walls, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/1  1821

Receipt for payment of above bill  3004A/PO 190/2  1822

Bill for the removal of a pauper to Tiverton  3004A/PO 190/3  1823

Certificate proving John Adams and Mary Ann Northcott's marriage in St. Mary Major, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/4  1824

Order for the payment of maintenance to Sidbury for William Hill  3004A/PO 190/5  1827

Summons for the appearance in Sidmouth of Overseers of the Poor from Heavitree to pay for the maintenance of William Hill  3004A/PO 190/6  1828

Complaint about the bill for Hannah Crispen  3004A/PO 190/7  1830

Notice of an appeal against the removal of William Back, his wife Priscilla and their children William and Priscilla to Woodbury  3004A/PO 190/8  1835

Demand for payment by the Royal Hospital at Chelsea for the maintenance of John Richards, his wife and family  3004A/PO 190/9  1835

Letter about the appeal for settlement by William Back, his wife & his children at Woodbury  3004A/PO 190/10  1835

Notice of appeal against the removal to Woodbury of William Back and his family  3004A/PO 190/11  1835

Receipt for payment of maintenance for William Hill to Sidbury  3004A/PO 190/12  1835

Letter from East Stonehouse regarding Susan Coombes  3004A/PO 190/13  1836

Record of route of William Perry from Cold Bath Fields, Middlesex to Helstone, Cornwall  3004A/PO 190/14  1837

Removal order for William Bradford his wife and child from St Mary Major Exeter  3004A/PO 190/15  1840

Removal order for Richard Batten from Topsham  3004A/PO 190/16  1840

Notice of an appeal against the removal of Robert Tethercott, his wife Mary and their children John & Charles to Aylesbeare  3004A/PO 190/17  1840

Removal order for John Clarke by St. Leonard  3004A/PO 190/18  1840

Demand for provision of clothes to Sarah Clarke in the Devon & Exeter Hospital  3004A/PO 190/19  1840

Removal order for Thomasin Brewer from St David, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/20  1840

Notice of an appeal against the removal of Joanna Warren and her five children to St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/21-22  1842

Removal order for Eliza Homeyard to Crediton  3004A/PO 190/23  1842

Notice of appeal against the removal & Eliza Brannam and her children to Holy Trinity, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/24  1848

Notice of appeal against the removal of Ann Beer and her children from St Sidwell, Exeter to Heavitree  3004A/PO 190/25  1845

Notice of appeal against the removal of George Gardener Cocking, his wife and child from Stanton St. Gabriels, Dorset  3004A/PO 190/26-28  1846

Payment for the relief of William Rudd, his wife and child to St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/29  1847

Summons to Heavitree parish and Christopher Saunders to give evidence concerning the settlement of John Handcock  3004A/PO 190/30  1847

Removal order for Betty Elston (alias Elson) by Morchard Bishop  3004A/PO 190/31  1850

Order for payment to constables for apprehending William Bright  3004A/PO 190/32  1850

Order for payment of examining and keeping Elizabeth Elson at the Devon County Asylum for the insane  3004A/PO 190/33  1851

Certificate of chargability for Harriet Ponsford and her child  3004A/PO 190/34-35  1854

Certificate of chargability for Martha Aldridge and her chidren George, Mary Ann, John, Henry and Jemma  3004A/PO 190/36  1854

Summons to court regarding removal of Eliza Harris and her children from St Nicolas to St Davids, Exeter  3004A/PO 190/37  1855

Agreement by Pinhoe to accept Mary Anne Bull and her family  3004A/PO 190/38  1854

Summons for evidence concerning the settlement of William Bowden and his family  3004A/PO 190/39-40  1856

Summons for evidence concerning the settlement of Josias Stevens  3004A/PO 190/41  1857

Order to apprehend Bessy Heard for deserting her family  3004A/PO 190/42  1858

Letter asking for action against Bessy Heard  3004A/PO 190/43  1858

Summons for evidence concerning the settlement of Matilda Evans  3004A/PO 190/44-46  1859

Letter concerning the removal of the poor  3004A/PO 190/47  1859

Order for payment to the constable for apprehending Ellen Whiteside  3004A/PO 190/48  1860

Account of costs incurred to Heavitree  3004A/PO 190/49  1861

Account of costs incurred to Heavitree  3004A/PO 190/50  1862

Notice of an appeal against the removal of Mary Buttle alias Burns and her child Alfred from St Anne Westminster, Middlesex  3004A/PO 190/51  1862

Notice of an appeal against the removal of Elizabeth Battersby to Settle, York  3004A/PO 190/52  1862

Notice of an appeal against the removal of Elizabeth Channing from St Andrew Holborn and St George the Martyr, Middlesex  3004A/PO 190/53  1862

Order for payment to the constable for apprehending Aaron Davey  3004A/PO 190/54  1862

Bill for investigating Russel and his wife  3004A/PO 190/55-56  1863

Removal order for William Major by Okehampton  3004A/PO 190/57  1863

Bill for maintenance of Robert Price, his wife two children from Charles, Plymouth  3004A/PO 190/58  1863

Certificate of chargability for John Bishop  3004A/PO 190/59  1863

Certificate of chargability for Joseph Edmonds and his wife Deborah  3004A/PO 190/60  1863

Receipt for expenses concerning settlement of William Evans  3004A/PO 190/61  1863

Receipt of payment to Okehampton for maintenance of William Major  3004A/PO 190/62  1863

Summons to give evidence concerning the settlement of Penelope Jarman  3004A/PO 190/63  1858

Certificate of charagability for James Cann  3004A/PO 190/64  1864

Bill for investigating Bushill and family  3004A/PO 190/65  1864

Receipt for payment to Plymouth for the maintenance of the Pinn family  3004A/PO 190/66  1865

Papers concerning the apprehension of vagrants  3004A/PO 191  1819 - 1863


Bill for: Apprehending SAMUEL RUSSEL  3004A/PO 191/1  1863

Apprehending JOHN LOWDON  3004A/PO 191/2  1859

Apprehending MARY ATKINS  3004A/PO 191/3  1859

Apprehending PATRICK MURPHY  3004A/PO 191/4  1859

Apprehending THOMAS CARAFFA  3004A/PO 191/5  1859

Apprehending WILLIAM STEVENS  3004A/PO 191/6  1859

Apprehending JOHN BAKER  3004A/PO 191/7  1859

Apprehending MARY ANN GIBBS  3004A/PO 191/8  1859

Apprehending JOHN WILSON  3004A/PO 191/9  1858

Apprehending WILLIAM BLIGHT  3004A/PO 191/10  1858

Serving summonses and giving evidence  3004A/PO 191/11  1858

Apprehending JANE HUTCHINGS and ELLEN DEANIFORD  3004A/PO 191/12  1855

Apprehending vagrants  3004A/PO 191/13  1858

Apprehending GEORGE CLAMPITT  3004A/PO 191/14  1851

Apprehending WILLIAM BOLT  3004A/PO 191/15  1850

Apprehending JOHN SANDERS  3004A/PO 191/16  1850

Apprehending ANN BENNETT  3004A/PO 191/17  1847

Recept for apprenhending JOHN SANDERS  3004A/PO 191/18  1823

Receipt for body of JOHN HATHERLEY  3004A/PO 191/19-20  1823

Reward for apprehending JOHN HATHERLEY  3004A/PO 191/21-22  1823

Bill for constables expenses  3004A/PO 191/23  1823

Bill for apprenhending JAMES CHADWICK  3004A/PO 191/24  1823

Bill for apprenhending THOMAS IVORY  3004A/PO 191/25  1823

Bill for apprenhending THOMAS OCOCK  3004A/PO 191/26  1823

Bill for apprenhending SAMUEL CRAWFORD & JOHN FISHER  3004A/PO 191/27  1823

Receipt for body of JOSEPH PONSFORD  3004A/PO 191/28  1822

Bill for apprehending JOSEPH PONSFORD  3004A/PO 191/29  1822

Bill for constables expenses  3004A/PO 191/30  1823

Order for removal and examination of EDWARD LUXTON  3004A/PO 191/31  1820

Order for removal and examination of JAMES RUSSELL  3004A/PO 191/32-33  1820

Order for removal and examination of JEMIMA JOYCE  3004A/PO 191/34  1819

Letters to the Overseers  3004A/PO 192  1821 - 1868


With some bills, chiefly concerning settlement

Letter confirming Thomas Collins was at Devon & Exeter Hospital  3004A/PO 192/1  1821

Letter asking for poor relief from John Reed and family in Taunton  3004A/PO 192/2  1821

Letter asking for the payment of rent by the Overseers of the Poor for James Kent  3004A/PO 192/3  1821

Letter announcing Ann Alsop's death in Plymstock  3004A/PO 192/4  1825

Receipt of payment to Plymouth for Betty Pinn  3004A/PO 192/5  1827

Bills and receipts of payment to East Stonehouse for Elizabeth Pinn  3004A/PO 192/6a-e  1828

Letter ammounting vestry meeting at Yealmpton  3004A/PO 192/7  1829

Receipt for payments made to Heavitree  3004A/PO 192/8  1829

Letter certifying that James Sanson and family are recovered from fever  3004A/PO 192/9  1829

Bill for maintainance of James Sanson, his wife and child to Combe Rawleigh  3004A/PO 192/10  1829

Letter concerning relief of James Sanson  3004A/PO 192/11  1829

Payment for James Sanson  3004A/PO 192/12-21  1829

Payment for Mary Sanson  3004A/PO 192/22  1829

Letter for payment for a woman called Moss  3004A/PO 192/23  1830

Letter concerning examination of Hannah Crispin  3004A/PO 192/24-25  1830

Letter concerning death of Hannah Crispin from Chepstow  3004A/PO 192/26-29  1830

Letter for payment of medical expenses for Hannah Crispen  3004A/PO 192/30  1830

Letter concerning settlement of Sarah Miller and family  3004A/PO 192/31-34  1831

Letter for relief payment for Mary Bartlett  3004A/PO 192/35  1831

Letter for payment  3004A/PO 192/36  1832

Bill for payment to Plymouth Hospital for Samuel Saunders maintenance  3004A/PO 192/37-38  1832

Letter asking for payment to John Free in London  3004A/PO 192/39  1833

Letter agree to payment for pauper by Widdecombe  3004A/PO 192/40  1832

Letter about finding Ellen Morton  3004A/PO 192/41  1833

Letter concerning illness of Mrs Channey  3004A/PO 192/42  1832

Letter asking for payment for John Reid  3004A/PO 192/43  1833

Letter asking for payment for Harris  3004A/PO 192/44  1834

Letter concerning payment to Sarah Miller and family in London  3004A/PO 192/45  1833

Letter asking for payment to Clyst Honiton for sick man  3004A/PO 192/46  1833

Letter concerning Charles Falgar  3004A/PO 192/47  1833

Letter concerning illness of woman  3004A/PO 192/48  1833

Letter for payment to St James, Taunton for Reed family  3004A/PO 192/49  1833

Letter from Withycombe Raleigh requesting payment for pauper  3004A/PO 192/50  1834

Letter requesting payment  3004A/PO 192/51  1834

Letter concerning removal of Sarah Miller from St Pancras, Middlesex  3004A/PO 192/52  1834

Letter requesting payment  3004A/PO 192/53  1834

Letter requesting payment from Ilminster  3004A/PO 192/54  1834

Letter requesting payment for William Lymond from Sidbury  3004A/PO 192/55-56  1834

Request for payment for William Boalch in Beer  3004A/PO 192/57  1834

Letter concerning death of William Lymond  3004A/PO 192/58  1834

Letter concerning death of William Miller  3004A/PO 192/59  1834

Letter regarding a meeting  3004A/PO 192/60  1835

Letter requesting payment from Ilminster  3004A/PO 192/61  1835

Letter concerning John Richards, a Chelsea pensioner  3004A/PO 192/62  1835

Letter from Beer concerning pyament for William Boalch  3004A/PO 192/63  1835

Request for payment by Sarah Manly in Bridgewater  3004A/PO 192/64  1836

Letter concerning settlement of Samuel Evans  3004A/PO 192/65  1836

Letter asking for payment of rent arrears & Manley's widow  3004A/PO 192/66  1836

Letter concerning examination of Ann Hawkes  3004A/PO 192/67  1856

Bill concerning settlement of John Bogas  3004A/PO 192/68  1856

Letter for payment for William Hilt  3004A/PO 192/69  1834

Letter concerning settlement of Harriet Norman and child in Woodbury  3004A/PO 192/70-71  1834

Request for maintenance for a woman called Dufree  3004A/PO 192/72  1835

Removal of Thomas Brinfield, his wife Lydia and their children Sally and Elizabeth from Withycombe Rawleigh  3004A/PO 192/73-74  1835

Payment to Sidbury for William Hilt  3004A/PO 192/75  1835

Request for payment to Honiton for Elizabeth Pidgeon  3004A/PO 192/76  1835

Letter concerning the removal and examination of Thomas Thibby  3004A/PO 192/77  1835

Letter concerning the settlement of George Severon and his family in Broadclist  3004A/PO 192/78  1835

Notice of the hearing of Ashford's case  3004A/PO 192/79  1835

Request for payment for William Hunt  3004A/PO 192/80  1835

Letter concerning payments to John Richards a Chelsea pensioner  3004A/PO 192/81-82  1835

Request for payment for William Hilt in Sidbury  3004A/PO 192/83  1835

Letter concerning the examination of Thomas Brinfield in Withycombe Rawleigh  3004A/PO 192/84  1835

Letter from John Sowden requesting his wife and family be sent to him in Bristol  3004A/PO 192/85  1836

Request for maintenance for sick woman from Starcross  3004A/PO 192/86  1836

Letter concerning the removal of Sarah Pile from Southampton  3004A/PO 192/87  1836

Request for payment for Charlotte Drewer from Ilminster  3004A/PO 192/88  1836

Letter concerning settlement of Thomas Kibby & family  3004A/PO 192/89  1836

Letter concerning the removal of Sarah Pile  3004A/PO 192/90  1836

Letter concerning the removal of Richard Russel  3004A/PO 192/91  1836

Request for payment for Thomas Kibby from Tiverton  3004A/PO 192/92  1836

Request for payment for Charlotte Drewer from Ilminster  3004A/PO 192/93  1836

Request for payment for William Hilt from Sidbury  3004A/PO 192/94  1836

Bill for expenses in moving Emma Stevens to Yarcombe  3004A/PO 192/95  1837

Bill for apprenhending Mrs Penrose  3004A/PO 192/96  1839

Bill for costs in moving Uriah Davy and his wife  3004A/PO 192/97  1841

Bill for expenses of magistrates  3004A/PO 192/98  1841

Bill and receipt for removal of Uriah Davy  3004A/PO 192/99-100  1841

Receipts for payments  3004A/PO 192/101-102  1840

Receipt for payment to John Bolt of East Budleigh  3004A/PO 192/103  1841

Request for payment for the expenses of removing the Russell family from Torquay  3004A/PO 192/104  1843

Receipts of payment for William Wilcocks  3004A/PO 192/105-106  1843

Bills for settlement expenses  3004A/PO 192/107-109  1843

Bill for the expenses of the case of Thomas Ebbells  3004A/PO 192/110  1844

Receipts for payments made to William Toms  3004A/PO 192/111-112  1844

Receipts for payments for the settlement of Ann Beer  3004A/PO 192/113-114  1844

Receipt for payment concerning Giles Hilt  3004A/PO 192/115  1847

Letter concerning removal of Elizabeth Painter to Thorverton  3004A/PO 192/116  1847

Bill concerning the settlement of Mary Ann Russell  3004A/PO 192/117  1848

Bill for the removal of Brannam and Fort  3004A/PO 192/118  1849

Bill for the removal of Elizabeth Sheppard  3004A/PO 192/119  1849

Receipt for the settlement of William Ireland's family  3004A/PO 192/120-121  1850

Receipt for the removal of Catherine Pengelly  3004A/PO 192/122  1849

Receipts for removal orders  3004A/PO 192/123-124  1851

Letter concerning the removal of William Vinnicombe and his children from St Edmund, Exeter  3004A/PO 192/125  1854

Letter concerning the removal of George Ayres to Kentisbeare  3004A/PO 192/126  1856

Bill for removal of Agnes Bolt and her 4 children from St. Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 192/127  1854

Letter concerning the removal of Thomas Bamfield's wife and children from Withycombe Rawleigh  3004A/PO 192/128  1855

Receipt and bill for the removal of Ann Bright and her two children from St Sidwell, Exeter  3004A/PO 192/129  1855

Bill for giving notice of death of Holman  3004A/PO 192/130  1850

Letter concerning removal of Mrs Goldsworthy to Ottery St Mary  3004A/PO 192/131  1856

Letters concerning the removal of Edward, George, Mary and Richard Hutchings from Lidford  3004A/PO 192/132-133  1856

Letter concerning the maintenance of a man called Bowden at Hockley Pomeroy  3004A/PO 192/134  1856

Notes concerning the examination of Ann Passmore  3004A/PO 192/135-136  1856

Account for removal of the Hutchings children to Plymouth  3004A/PO 192/137  1856

Letter concerning the removal of Sarah Ann Hall and her five children  3004A/PO 192/138  1856

Letter concerning health of William Bowden's wife  3004A/PO 192/139  1856

Bill for removal of John Dingle  3004A/PO 192/140  1851

Bill concerning settlement of Emma Stevens  3004A/PO 192/141  1857

Bills concerning settlement of Josias Stevens  3004A/PO 192/142  1857

Bill for the removal of Kezia Vosper and her 3 children from Torquay  3004A/PO 192/143  1857

Bill concerning settlement of Beal and her two children  3004A/PO 192/144  1857

Bill for serving summons on Samuel Jarman in Dartmouth  3004A/PO 192/145  1858

Bill concerning the settlement of James Woodley  3004A/PO 192/146  1858

Bill for maintenance of George Steer and his family in Sowton  3004A/PO 192/147  1858

Bill for apprehending Elizabeth Chamberlain  3004A/PO 192/148  1858

Bill for maintenance of Charlott Holmy and child  3004A/PO 192/149  1859

Letter concerning examination of Mary Ann Langman  3004A/PO 192/150-151  1859

Letter concerning settlement of Jane Whitenhow  3004A/PO 192/152  1861

Request for payment for Mary Chudley from London  3004A/PO 192/153  1862

Papers concerning the admission of Elizabeth Battersby to the Settle Union  3004A/PO 192/154-155  1862

Letter concerning settlement of Mary Chudley  3004A/PO 192/156  1862

Letter concerning the settlement of Samuel Fern in Ottery St. Mary  3004A/PO 192/157  1863

Receipts of expenses  3004A/PO 192/158-159  1859

Deposition of Joseph Edwards  3004A/PO 192/160  1863

Letter concerning removal of Emily Choun to Woodbury  3004A/PO 192/161  1863

Receipt for maintenance paid to Tormoham for the Russell children  3004A/PO 192/162  1863

Bill for costs of apprehending Russell  3004A/PO 192/163  1864

Bill for moving Russel child to Torquay  3004A/PO 192/164  1865

Bill for removal of Mary Ann Medows  3004A/PO 192/165  1865

Bill for settlement of Aaron Davey  3004A/PO 192/166  1868

Letter concerning man's examination  3004A/PO 192/167  n.d

Bill for travelling to East Teignmouth  3004A/PO 192/168  n.d

Bill for moving Ann Richard and Family to Sowton  3004A/PO 192/169  n.d

Bill concerning the Neathercott settlement  3004A/PO 192/170  n.d

Bill for moving Thomas Bolt and family to East Budleigh  3004A/PO 192/171  1844

Bill concerning settlement of Phillip Davy  3004A/PO 192/172  n.d

Bill for expenses of abandoned childs death  3004A/PO 192/173  n.d

Bill for moving Susan Warren to Credition  3004A/PO 192/174  n.d

Deposition of Emily Chown  3004A/PO 192/175  n.d

Notes concerning William John Isaccs  3004A/PO 192/176-178  n.d

Apprenticeship  [no ref. or date]

Apprenticeship indentures  3004A/PO 193  1758 - 1837

[In five bundles; some with assignment orders attached]
/1 1758-1788
/2 1790-1802
/3 1803-1819
/4 1820-1829
/5 1830-1837

Apprenticeship Indentures  3004A/PO 193/1  1758 - 1788


Ann Webber apprenticed to John Rows  3004A/PO 193/1/1  1758

Joseph Soaper apprenticed to Thomas Parker, Gentleman  3004A/PO 193/1/2  1766

Mary Elsworthy apprenticed to Edward Manley  3004A/PO 193/1/3  1766

Grace Pascoe apprenticed to Richard Daw  3004A/PO 193/1/4  1767

William Borne apprenticed to Jonas Donnis Junior, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/5  1769

Hester Soper apprenticed to William Thurford  3004A/PO 193/1/6  1771

Jane Thapland apprenticed to Richard Chown  3004A/PO 193/1/7  1771

Sarah Wonton apprenticed to Nicholas Strong  3004A/PO 193/1/8  1771

William Charmon apprenticed to Harry Chapman, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/9  1772

Thomas Chapman apprenticed to George Moore, Minister  3004A/PO 193/1/10  1772

George Godfrey apprenticed to Ralph Swales, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/11  1772

Sarah Williams apprenticed to Hannah Wood, Weaver  3004A/PO 193/1/12  1772

Elizabeth Shapleigh apprenticed to Gaius Davy  3004A/PO 193/1/13  1772

Mary Born apprenticed to John Adams  3004A/PO 193/1/14  1773

James Stephens apprenticed to Isaac Follett, Merchant  3004A/PO 193/1/15  1772

Samuel Burnett apprenticed to William Thurford  3004A/PO 193/1/16  1773

Christopher Wills apprenticed to James Brinnan  3004A/PO 193/1/17  1773

William Soaper apprenticed to William Row, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/18  1773

Elizabeth Crees apprenticed to John Barhun  3004A/PO 193/1/19  1775

William Dodd apprenticed to John Friend  3004A/PO 193/1/20  1775

Mary Godfrey apprenticed to Micheal Davy  3004A/PO 193/1/21  1776

Elizabeth Symmons apprenticed to Henry Havill  3004A/PO 193/1/22  1777

Sussannah Moxey apprenticed to John Collar, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/23  1778

Issac Sheppard apprenticed to William Row, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/24  1778

Mary Sheppard apprenticed to Joseph Davy, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/25  1778

Hannah Burn apprenticed to Gaius Davy, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/26  1778

Mary Burnett apprenticed to William Lutley  3004A/PO 193/1/27  1778

John North Godfrey apprenticed to Joseph Sanders, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/28  1778

William Chapman apprenticed to William Pine, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/29  1778

Richard Burgess apprenticed to John Bartram, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/30  1778

Grace Simmons apprenticed to John Hemmins, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/31  1778

Richard Hickman apprenticed to William Spicer, Gentleman  3004A/PO 193/1/32  1778

Mary Stapleton apprenticed to John Mayne, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/33  1778

Sarah Coggin apprenticed to Thomas Dillon  3004A/PO 193/1/34  1778

Thomas Coggin apprenticed to Miles Grigg  3004A/PO 193/1/35  1778

John Hatherley apprenticed to Henry Chapman  3004A/PO 193/1/36  1779

Jane Elsworth apprenticed to William Row, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/37  1779

John Godfrey apprenticed to John Wolland Junior, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/38  1779

Robert Walrond apprenticed to John Bussell, Mister  3004A/PO 193/1/39  1779

Ester Shapleigh apprenticed to John Wilcocks, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/40  1779

John Warren apprenticed to Thomas Frood, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/41  1780

Samuel Phillips apprenticed to Thomas Salfer, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/42  1780

Francis Burges apprenticed to Richard Daw  3004A/PO 193/1/43  1780

Sarah Shepherd apprenticed to David Miller, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/44  1780

Robert Symons apprenticed to Henry Havil, Mister  3004A/PO 193/1/45  1781

Sarah Godfrey apprenticed to James Burrow, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/46  1781

John Waldron apprenticed to John Row, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/47  1781

Margaret Jewell apprenticed to John Fern  3004A/PO 193/1/48  1781

Sarah Creese apprenticed to John Adams  3004A/PO 193/1/49  1785

William Hatherley apprenticed to Samuel Badggery  3004A/PO 193/1/50  1785

Fanny Crees apprenticed to John Reeve, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/51  1785

Mary Burgess apprenticed to John Adams, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/52  1785

Susanna Addicott apprenticed to William Pidsley, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/53  1785

Mary Butterfield apprenticed to Richard Nethercott, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/54  1785

Agnes Hatherly apprenticed to Richard Darve  3004A/PO 193/1/55  [n.d.]

John Addicott apprenticed to Henry Beedle, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/56  1785

Sarah Warren apprenticed to Joseph Morrish  3004A/PO 193/1/57  1785

William Peter Coggan apprenticed to Joseph Grigg, Barber  3004A/PO 193/1/58  1785

John Burnett apprenticed to William Rew, Mister  3004A/PO 193/1/59  1785

Robert Godfrey apprenticed to John Hooper  3004A/PO 193/1/60  1786

Mary Chapman apprenticed to William Rew, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/61  1786

Elizabeth Francis apprenticed to Josias Lee, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/62  1786

Betty Selly apprenticed to George Stooke  3004A/PO 193/1/63  1786

Thomas Selly apprenticed to Thomas Dinnford  3004A/PO 193/1/64  1786

Henrietta Walrond apprenticed to John Barrell, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/65  1786

Richard Symmons apprenticed to John Fren, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/66  1787

Ann Thendle apprenticed to William Taylor, Yeoman  3004A/PO 193/1/67  1788

APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURES  3004A/PO 193/2  1790 - 1802


Robert Warren apprenticed to Robert Snow  3004A/PO 193/2/1  1790

William Halfyard apprenticed to John Densham  3004A/PO 193/2/2  1790

Ann Chapman apprenticed to Robert Wilcocks  3004A/PO 193/2/3  1790

Richard Alsept apprenticed to Robert Broocks  3004A/PO 193/2/4  1790

James Symons apprenticed to Josias Lee Junior  3004A/PO 193/2/5  1790

Henry Halfyard apprenticed to Richard Hart  3004A/PO 193/2/6  1790

Mary Gale apprenticed to Thomas Trood  3004A/PO 193/2/7  1790

Sarah Norman apprenticed to Robert Russell  3004A/PO 193/2/8  1790

Sarah Burnett apprenticed to James Paddon  3004A/PO 193/2/9  1790

Elizabeth Addicott apprenticed to Thomas Pearce  3004A/PO 193/2/10  1790

John Sanders apprenticed to William Elliot, Cordwainer, to be a Cordwainer  3004A/PO 193/2/11  1791

Elizabeth Maddicks apprenticed to James Clarke  3004A/PO 193/2/12  1791

Robert Gale apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/2/13-14  1794

Susanna Channon apprenticed to George Havill  3004A/PO 193/2/15  1794

Mary Morrish apprenticed to Joseph Davis  3004A/PO 193/2/16  1794

Mary Bull apprenticed to John Barrell  3004A/PO 193/2/17  1795

Mary Mogerage apprenticed to Elizabeth Davy  3004A/PO 193/2/18  1795

Samuel Westcombe apprenticed to Robert Wilcocks  3004A/PO 193/2/19  1795

George Godfrey apprenticed to Robert Nex  3004A/PO 193/2/20  1795

Richard Smith apprenticed to Thomas Salter  3004A/PO 193/2/21  1795

Elizabeth Tothill apprenticed to John Wilcocks  3004A/PO 193/2/22  1795

Samuel Shapley apprenticed to Thomas Daniel  3004A/PO 193/2/23  1795

Isaac Edwards apprenticed to Thomas Templer  3004A/PO 193/2/24  1795

William Mogerage apprenticed to John Densham  3004A/PO 193/2/25  1795

Ann Norman apprenticed to James Burrow  3004A/PO 193/2/26  1795

John Nayward apprenticed to William Pun  3004A/PO 193/2/27  1796

William Sillefant apprenticed to Steven Richardson  3004A/PO 193/2/28  1797

James Gifford apprenticed to Richard Yenn  3004A/PO 193/2/29  1797

Ann Dan apprenticed to Thomas Adams  3004A/PO 193/2/30  1797

William Baker apprenticed to Henry Ben  3004A/PO 193/2/31  1797

Robert Maddock apprenticed to Robert Nix  3004A/PO 193/2/32  1797

James Channon apprenticed to James Ponsford  3004A/PO 193/2/33  1797

John Bull apprenticed to Elizabeth Davey  3004A/PO 193/2/34  1797

Sarah Channon apprenticed to Robert Snow  3004A/PO 193/2/35  1797

George Tiddenham apprenticed to Robert Rooks  3004A/PO 193/2/36  1797

Ann Sully apprenticed to William Rew, Junior  3004A/PO 193/2/37  1800

Richard Channon apprenticed to Robert Nicks  3004A/PO 193/2/38  1800

Pitts - apprenticed to Robert Snow  3004A/PO 193/2/39  1800

Diana Haywood apprenticed to Abraham Morrifield  3004A/PO 193/2/40  1800

John Bradford apprenticed to George Haville  3004A/PO 193/2/41  1800

Gale - apprenticed to Robert Rookes  3004A/PO 193/2/42  1800

Maria Addicott apprenticed to Charles Hanne  3004A/PO 193/2/43  1800

John Lovill apprenticed to Thomas Adams  3004A/PO 193/2/44  1800

Grace Cox apprenticed to Samuel Banfield, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/45  1800

Jane Cox apprenticed to Samuel Banfield, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/46  1800

Maria Addicott apprenticed to Stephen Winton  3004A/PO 193/2/47  1800

Argot Addicott apprenticed to John Hooper  3004A/PO 193/2/48  1800

Jane Mogridge apprenticed to Thomas Trood  3004A/PO 193/2/49  1800

Mary Norman apprenticed to Richard Dart  3004A/PO 193/2/50  1800

Mary Brunfield apprenticed to Eliza Davy  3004A/PO 193/2/51  1800

Mary Shepperd apprenticed to William Lane  3004A/PO 193/2/52  1800

Joat Hayward apprenticed to John Wolland  3004A/PO 193/2/53  1800

Sarah Sheperd apprenticed to Robert Howell  3004A/PO 193/2/54  1800

Henry Eastman apprenticed to Samuel Badgery  3004A/PO 193/2/55  1800

Mary Godfrey apprenticed to Thomas Thompson  3004A/PO 193/2/56  1800

William Reeves apprenticed to Thomas Frood  3004A/PO 193/2/57  1802

James Burnett apprenticed to John Mortimore  3004A/PO 193/2/58  1802

William Westcombe apprenticed to John Holman  3004A/PO 193/2/59  1802

Susanna Gale apprenticed to William Davy  3004A/PO 193/2/60  1802

Mary Siddenham apprenticed to John Land  3004A/PO 193/2/61  1802

John Godfrey apprenticed to Elizabeth Davis  3004A/PO 193/2/62  1802

James Willis apprenticed to Allice Templar  3004A/PO 193/2/63  1802

James Siddenham apprenticed to John Gaul  3004A/PO 193/2/64  1802

Mary Bradford apprenticed to Robert Willcocks  3004A/PO 193/2/65  1802

Mary Cox apprenticed to William Ren  3004A/PO 193/2/66  1802

Richard Pitts apprenticed to John Austin  3004A/PO 193/2/67  1802

Jane Channon apprenticed to Joseph Sanders, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/68  1802

Sarah Brenfield apprenticed to Daniel Sanders, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/69  1802

Susanna Flood apprenticed to Ambrose Rhodes, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/70  1802

Sarah Bradford apprenticed to John Dennis, Esquire  3004A/PO 193/2/71  1802

Mary Easton apprenticed to Joan Willcocks  3004A/PO 193/2/72  1802

Joseph Shepperd apprenticed to James Cunnett  3004A/PO 193/2/73  1802

James Sheppard apprenticed to Robert Rooke  3004A/PO 193/2/74  1802

Apprenticeship Indentures  3004A/PO 193/3  1803 - 1819

(From 3/46 onwards, mostly with binding orders)

Mathew Bunfield, 10, apprenticed to Thomas Salter for Windout Hill  3004A/PO 193/3/1  1803

Margaret Rew, 13, apprenticed to James Ponsford, butcher  3004A/PO 193/3/2  1803

William Cox, 8, apprenticed to Thomas Rew for his estates  3004A/PO 193/3/3  1863

Richard Channon apprenticed to John Land for Lower Ruxton  3004A/PO 193/3/4  1803

Susanna Channon, 11, apprenticed to Richard Venn for late Cocks called Osmonds estate  3004A/PO 193/3/5  1803

Sarah Winsley apprenticed to Giles Kerswill for Reynold estate  3004A/PO 193/3/6  1803

John Bragg, 8½, apprenticed to Elizabeth Davy for Pearces estate  3004A/PO 193/3/7  1803

George Sheppard, 8½, apprenticed to John Bussell of Exeter, gent., for the sheaf of Polesloe  3004A/PO 193/3/8  1803

Jane Maddick, 10½, apprenticed to William Wolland, junior, for his fathers estates in Heavitree  3004A/PO 193/3/9  1804

Margaret Sheppard, 9½, apprenticed to Edward Bartlett for his estate in Heavitree  3004A/PO 193/3/10  1804

Robert Godfrey, 10, apprenticed to John Burrell for Broad Parks  3004A/PO 193/3/11  1804

Thomas Bunfield, 9, apprenticed to William Rew for an estate called Heathfields  3004A/PO 193/3/12  1804

John Jewel, 9, apprenticed to John Bartlett for his estate  3004A/PO 193/3/13  1804

William Mattock, 10, apprenticed to William Wolland, junior for part of Denisses  3004A/PO 193/3/14  1805

Mary Windsley apprenticed to John Land of St David, Exeter, gent., for Knoles estate  3004A/PO 193/3/15  1809

Mary Shepperd, 10, apprenticed to Giles Kerswell, yeoman, for Higher Heath  3004A/PO 193/3/16  1805

Mary Gale, 10, apprenticed to William Davey, yeoman, for Wreys  3004A/PO 193/3/17  1805

Ann Shepherd, 13, apprenticed to George Havill, yeoman, for Comptons  3004A/PO 193/3/18  1805

Elizabeth Cox, 12, apprenticed to Francis Baker for all the land which he occupies in Heavitree  3004A/PO 193/3/19  1805

Sarah Channon, 10, apprenticed to Thomas Adams for Hares Ground  3004A/PO 193/3/20  1805

Elizabeth Bradford, 8, apprenticed to Thomas Salter for Clist Heath  3004A/PO 193/3/21  1805

Ann Smith, 11, apprenticed to William Rew for Elias Taylors estate  3004A/PO 193/3/22  1805

Robert Bull, 10, apprenticed to Robert Rookes  3004A/PO 193/3/23  1806

John Lethbridge, 11, apprenticed to William Davy, yeoman for the Barton  3004A/PO 193/3/24  1808

William Bragg, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman, for Gandys  3004A/PO 193/3/25  1808

Mary Arscott, 10, apprenticed to William Davey, yeoman, for Polslow Meadows  3004A/PO 193/3/26  1808

Sarah Brenfield apprenticed to assignment from Daniel Sanders of Pinhoe, decd. to Joan Sanders, widow  3004A/PO 193/3/27  1808

William Bull, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rookes, gent., for Harker's otherwise Ridway's  3004A/PO 193/3/28  1809

Elizabeth Smith, 10, apprenticed to James Rew, tanner, for part of Ducks  3004A/PO 193/3/29  1809

Ann Sanders, 10, apprenticed to Robert Russell of Exeter, for late Milfords  3004A/PO 193/3/30  1809

Susanna Mogridge, 10, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman, for Millhill estate  3004A/PO 193/3/31  1809

Isaac Bradford, 10, apprenticed to William Rew for Palmers estate  3004A/PO 193/3/32  1809

William Bradford, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Joslin, cordwainer, by consent  3004A/PO 193/3/33  1809

Margaret Crawford, 9, apprenticed to William Rew for Glanvilles  3004A/PO 193/3/34  1810

George Burnett, 10, apprenticed to William Willcocks for Hill Barton  3004A/PO 193/3/35  1810

Maria Gale, 13, apprenticed to John Payne, junior, for Poleslowe Mills  3004A/PO 193/3/36  1813

Robert Bragg, 8, apprenticed to John Payne, the elder, for Northcotts  3004A/PO 193/3/37  1813

James Sanders, 11, apprenticed to John Smith for Forwards  3004A/PO 193/3/38  1813

William Bussell, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman, for Marl (?)  3004A/PO 193/3/39  1813

William Arscott, 10, apprenticed to John Law of Exeter, innholder, for Higher Ruxton  3004A/PO 193/3/40  1814

Francis Mortimore, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Addems for David Coombes  3004A/PO 193/3/41  1817

Joseph Back, 12, apprenticed to John Hooper for part of Ducks  3004A/PO 193/3/42  1817

Joseph Channing, 9, apprenticed to Robert Snow for late Kelly's  3004A/PO 193/3/43  1817

James Wensley, 10, apprenticed to James Ponsford for Poleslow  3004A/PO 193/3/44  1817

William Sydenham, 14, apprenticed to Thomas Rew for late Pyne's overland  3004A/PO 193/3/45  1817

Edward Green, 11, apprenticed to Robert Russell of Exeter, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/46  1817

Edward Green, apprentice: assignment from Robert Russell to Benjamin Austin  3004A/PO 193/3/47-48  1817

Susan Burridge, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Burnett, gent.  3004A/PO 193/3/49  1817

William Willis, 10, apprenticed to Diderick Arnold Bulfeld esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/50  1817

Elizabeth Burridge, 10, apprenticed to Edward Brown [of Exeter]  3004A/PO 193/3/51  1817

Richard Alsop, 12, apprenticed to Richard Collins of Exeter, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/52  1817

Samuel Bartlett, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Smale of Exeter, victualler  3004A/PO 193/3/53  1817

Richard Bragg, 10, apprenticed to Charles Pierce, gent.  3004A/PO 193/3/54  1817

Richard Alsop, 12, apprenticed to Richard Collins of Exeter, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/55  [n.d.]

Charles Smith, 10, apprenticed to George Ambrose Rhodes of Exeter, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/56  1817

Mary Pike, 10, apprenticed to William Sanders  3004A/PO 193/3/57  1817

Sarah Manley apprenticed to William Brook, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/58  1817

Harriet Back, 9, apprenticed to The Rev. Ralph Barnes [of Exeter] vicar of Heavitree  3004A/PO 193/3/59  1817

John Manley, 9, apprenticed to William Lake [butcher]  3004A/PO 193/3/60  1817

William Back, apprentice: assignment by Richard Hayward to Peter Saunders  3004A/PO 193/3/61  1817

William Endiff, 10, apprenticed to William Hornsey  3004A/PO 193/3/62  1818

Assignment to John Smith, endorsed 1819

John Tucker, 13, apprenticed to William Rew, yeoman for Birchey  3004A/PO 193/3/63  1818

Sarah Bartlett apprenticed to Ann Massy  3004A/PO 193/3/64  1818

Elizabeth Alsept, 12, apprenticed to Mary Mason, widow  3004A/PO 193/3/65  1818

Richard Russell, 10, apprenticed to Ralph Swale of Topsham  3004A/PO 193/3/66  1818

George Radford, 12, apprenticed to William Morren, junior  3004A/PO 193/3/67  1818

Thomas Burnett, 13, apprenticed to John Fisher, captn ret.  3004A/PO 193/3/68  1818

Samuel Bartlett, 10, apprenticed to George Whitelock, gent.  3004A/PO 193/3/69  1818

Susan Lang, 10, apprenticed to The Rev. John Templer of Cullompton, clerk, for St James  3004A/PO 193/3/70  1818

Elizabeth Alsept, 11, apprenticed to James Salter, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/71  1818

Richard Back, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Hutchinson, esq.  3004A/PO 193/3/72  1818

Elizabeth Burridge, 9, apprenticed to Joseph Gould, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/3/73  1818

Assignment to Eliza Howe Bulley, endorsed 1819

Ann Bull, 10, apprenticed to Sarah Mitchell, widow  3004A/PO 193/3/74  1818

Robert Defries, 10, apprenticed to Catherine Bambury, spinster  3004A/PO 193/3/75  1818

As 3/62  3004A/PO 193/3/76  [n.d.]

Robert Bradford, 11, apprenticed to Eliza Howe Bulley, widow  3004A/PO 193/3/77  1818

Assignment to Joseph ould, endorsed 1819

Elizabeth Mortimore, 11, apprenticed to Nathaniel Hone, esq., for his house  3004A/PO 193/3/78  1819

Elizabeth Mortimore, apprentice: assignment to William Wotton the younger of Alphington  3004A/PO 193/3/79  1819

As 3/78  3004A/PO 193/3/80  [n.d.]

Sarah Lang, 9, apprenticed to Charlotte Stephens for Coaver  3004A/PO 193/3/81-82  1819

Mary Bartlett, 9, apprenticed to Ann Wolland, widow, for her house  3004A/PO 193/3/83  1819

Sarah Channing, 9, apprenticed to James Ponsford, butcher  3004A/PO 193/3/84  1819

Sarah Lang, 10, apprenticed to Christopher Saunders for his house  3004A/PO 193/3/85  1819

Apprenticeship Indentures  3004A/PO 193/4  1820 -1829

Most with binding orders

Samuel Channing, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/1  1820

Binding order has Thomas

Charles Winsley, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Salter  3004A/PO 193/4/2  1820

Thomas Lethbridge, 11, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/3  1820

William Mortimer, 10, apprenticed to Robert Snow, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/4  1820

John Yelland, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Addams, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/5  1820

Henry Defies, 11, apprenticed to William Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/6  1820

Samuel Channing, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/7  1820

Thomas Lethbridge, 11, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/8  1820

Henry Defies, 11, apprenticed to William Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/9  1820

John Russell, 10, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/4/10  1820

John Willis, 10, apprenticed to Henry Manston Teed, esq., for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/11  1820

William Brewer, 13, apprenticed to Jennetta Dawe, spinster, for her house  3004A/PO 193/4/12  1820

Philip Davy, 11, apprenticed to William Underhay, tanner, for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/13  1820

Rebecca Sutton, 9, apprenticed to John Gould, gardener  3004A/PO 193/4/14  1820

Eliza Snow, 14, apprenticed to William Snow, coal dealer, for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/15  1820

James Brewer, 11, apprenticed to James Tilyer Blunt, esq., for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/16  1820

Elizabeth Lile, 9, apprenticed to Andrew Young, esq., for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/17  1820

Robert Sowden, 10, apprenticed to James Potter, esq., for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/18  1820

John Dadd, 10, apprenticed to William Barrell, coal dealer for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/19  1820

Assignment to James Lang of Drewsteignton, endorsed 1820

Elizabeth Smith, 11, apprenticed to William Near, yeoman, for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/20  1820

Elizabeth Pike, 9, apprenticed to James Wise  3004A/PO 193/4/21  1820

Eliza Davy, 9, apprenticed to William Mugford  3004A/PO 193/4/22  1820

Elizabeth Parr, 9, apprenticed to Joseph Maddick  3004A/PO 193/4/23  1820

Joseph Green, 9, apprenticed to William Woolland the younger  3004A/PO 193/4/24  1820

John Squire, 10, apprenticed to Ann Hellier, widow  3004A/PO 193/4/25  1820

Assignment to Richard Beavis, junior, tailor, 1820 endorsed

Charles Green, 12, apprenticed to John Barrell, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/26  1821

Elizabeth Bragg, 9, apprenticed to William Underhay, farmer, for Mrs Drewe's house  3004A/PO 193/4/27  1821

Maria Newbery, 9, apprenticed to Alfred Dale for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/28  1821

William Newbery, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Dewdney  3004A/PO 193/4/29  1821

Maria Newbery, 9, assignment to William Reev  3004A/PO 193/4/30a  1821


Maria Newberry, apprentice: assignment from Alfred Dale to William Reeve, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/30b  1821

William Newbery, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Dewdney for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/31a  1821

Assignment to William Chown of Holcombe Burnell, endorsed 1821

William Newbery, apprentice: assignment to William Chown the younger of Holcombe Burnell  3004A/PO 193/4/31b  1821

George Yelland, 9, apprenticed to John Hooper, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/32  1821

John Brewer, 9, apprenticed to John Hooper, baker  3004A/PO 193/4/33  1821

Assignment to Robert Rew, endorsed 1821

Ann Burridge apprenticed to William Snow, coal dealer  3004A/PO 193/4/34  1821

William Treble, 9, apprenticed to Mary Wormsley  3004A/PO 193/4/35  1821

Letter to Mrs Pim concerning apprenticeship of Jemima Joyce  3004A/PO 193/4/36  1821

Legal bill  3004A/PO 193/4/37  1822

Robert Lile, 9, apprenticed to Richard Pidsley of Sowton, yeoman, for Bridgemans  3004A/PO 193/4/38  1822

Elizabeth Channing, 10 apprenticed to John Payne the younger, yeoman, for East West Woods  3004A/PO 193/4/39  1822

Francis Baker, 11 apprenticed to Thomas Rew, yeoman, for Athens  3004A/PO 193/4/40  1822

Assignment to John Diamond of Alphington, endorsed 1822

John Pike, 9, apprenticed to Arthur Moore, yeoman, for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/41  1822

Assignment to Simon Kelly of Moretonhampstead, endorsed 1822

William Wilcocks, 12, apprenticed to William Grabb, gent. for his house  3004A/PO 193/4/42  1822

Assignment to Thomas Rew, endorsed 1822

Thomas Russell, 9, apprenticed to William Morren, yeoman, for Boomores  3004A/PO 193/4/43  1822

Assignment to William Squire of Topsham, endorsed 1822

Robert Wilcocks, 13, apprenticed to Robert Snow, yeoman, for Winners Down  3004A/PO 193/4/44  1822

James Kent, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman, for Scotts Ground  3004A/PO 193/4/45  1822

William Lang, 9, apprenticed to John Rookes, yeoman, for Drakes Ground  3004A/PO 193/4/46  1822

Mary Ann Cooke, 9, apprenticed to Honour Branscombe for her house  3004A/PO 193/4/47  1822

Assignment to Simon Hore of St Thomas, endorsed 1822

John Mortimore, 9, apprenticed to John Smith for Govers  3004A/PO 193/4/48  1822

Ann Manley, 9, apprenticed to Ralph Swale of Topsham  3004A/PO 193/4/49  1822

Elizabeth Lethbridge, 13, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman, for Lower Heath  3004A/PO 193/4/50  1822

Ann Bartlett, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Capron  3004A/PO 193/4/51  1826

Assignment from Thomas Capron deceased to James Capron attached

Eliza Alsept, apprentice: assignment from Mary Mayson, widow to William Reed of Exeter, St Sidwell, scrivener  3004A/PO 193/4/52  1822

Ann Bartlett, 9, apprenticed to discharge for felony attached  3004A/PO 193/4/53  1830

Joseph Green, 12, apprenticed to Elizabeth Wolland, widow  3004A/PO 193/4/54  1823

James Wood, 9, apprenticed to Robert Snow, yeoman for Snells  3004A/PO 193/4/55  1823

Thomazine Yelland, 10, apprenticed to John Payne for East and West Wood  3004A/PO 193/4/56  1823

Robert Baker, 10, apprenticed to John Bray, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/57  1823

Mary Green, 9, apprenticed to Sarah Dyer for Barrills House, yeoman (sic)  3004A/PO 193/4/58  1823

Assignment to William Lake attached 1830

Sarah Hott apprenticed to George Heywood for Cox or Osmonds  3004A/PO 193/4/59-60  1823

Maria Bartlett, 9, apprenticed to Robert Davy for Winners Down  3004A/PO 193/4/61  1823

Assignment to Henry Symon of Clyst Hydon, endorsed

Henry Willis, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman, for Warrens  3004A/PO 193/4/62  1823

Mary Robertson, 9, apprenticed to Joan Wilcocks for part of Ducks  3004A/PO 193/4/63  1823

Sarah Dawe, 9, apprenticed to John Rookes, yeoman, for late Pineys  3004A/PO 193/4/64  1823

Thomas Sowden, 9, apprenticed to William Rew, yeoman, for [blank]  3004A/PO 193/4/65  1823

John Pain, 9, apprenticed to Sarah Biggs for the Ship Inn  3004A/PO 193/4/66  1823

Sarah Lang, apprentice: assignment from Charlotte Stephens to John Carter of Halberton, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/67  1824

Mary Green apprentice: assignment from Sarah Dyer to William Lake, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/68  1824

Eleanor Bragg daughter of Robert Bragg of Exeter, cordwainer Thomas Lowry of Exeter, straw hat maker, straw hat making (private)  3004A/PO 193/4/69  1824

George Yelland, apprentice: assignment from John Hooper decd., to John Hooper his son  3004A/PO 193/4/70  1824

Rough notes on settlement  3004A/PO 193/4/71  n.d

William Shapley, 10, apprenticed to Henry Manston Teed, esq.  3004A/PO 193/4/72  1824

Assignment to William Ridler of Broadclyst, endorsed 1824

George Brewer, 13, apprenticed to Sarah Jacobs of Exeter, St Leonard, dairy woman  3004A/PO 193/4/73  1824

William Beal, 9, apprenticed to Pitman Jones, esq.  3004A/PO 193/4/74  1824

Assignment to William Laskey, endorsed 1826

John Burridge, 10, apprenticed to Richard Venn, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/75  1824

Sophia Treble, 10, apprenticed to William Snow, coal dealer  3004A/PO 193/4/76  1824

Assignment to Abraham Gould of Topsham, endorsed 1824

John Ley apprenticed to William Western, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/77  1824

Jane Burridge, 9, apprenticed to John Barrell, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/78  1824

Charles Brewer, 10, apprenticed to James Ponsford, butcher  3004A/PO 193/4/79  1824

Izett Willcocks, 9, apprenticed to William Barrell, coal dealer  3004A/PO 193/4/80  1824

James Squire, 9, apprenticed to Aaron Davy, cordwainer, by consent, cordwaining  3004A/PO 193/4/81  1824

Maria Pike, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rookes, gent.  3004A/PO 193/4/82  1824

John Channing, 9, apprenticed to Francis Nicks, yeoman, of Alphington by consent  3004A/PO 193/4/83  1824

William Bradford, 10, apprenticed to John Hooper, yeoman, for [blank]  3004A/PO 193/4/84  1825

James Tree, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Salter, gent for Saint Lloyds  3004A/PO 193/4/85  1825

William Bradford, 10, apprenticed to John Hooper, yeoman, for his house and garden  3004A/PO 193/4/86  1825

Philip Yelland, 9, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/4/87  1825

John Defreize, 9, apprenticed to John Hawkins of Holcombe Burnell, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/88  1825

William Defreize, 11, apprenticed to John Short of Dunsford, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/89  1825

William Harris, 9, apprenticed to John Elicombe, yeoman, for Posloe Mills  3004A/PO 193/4/90  1825

John son of William Harris, labourer, apprenticed to William Wreford of Exeter, St David's, yeoman, (private)  3004A/PO 193/4/91  1826

Susanna Tucker, 9, apprenticed to William Rew, yeoman for [blank]  3004A/PO 193/4/92  1826

Richard Smith, 10, apprenticed to Thomas Rew  3004A/PO 193/4/93  1826

Mary Ann Brown, 9, apprenticed to John Hole of Bovey Tracey, yeoman, by consent  3004A/PO 193/4/94  1826

John Melhuish, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rew, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/95  1826

Richard Paine, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rewe, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/96  1826

James Wood, 12, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/4/97  1826

Martha Gargatt, 12, apprenticed to Christopher Cooke, yeoman, of Newton St Cyres  3004A/PO 193/4/98  1826

Jane Parr, 10, apprenticed to Richard Gibbings, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/99  1826

Assignment to Richard Gibbings his son, attached 1827

Henry Hawker, 12, apprenticed to Christopher Saunders  3004A/PO 193/4/100-101  1826

George Sowden, 9, apprenticed to William Lake, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/102  1826

John Reed, 9, apprenticed to John Townsend of Ide, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/103  1826

Robert Wilcocks, 17, apprenticed to David Swale  3004A/PO 193/4/104  1826

Jane Channing, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/105  1826

Henry Willis apprenticed to John Challice of Brampford Speke, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/106  1826

John Josclin apprenticed to Robert Nix of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 193/4/107  1827

Elizabeth Squire, 9, apprenticed to John Maunder  3004A/PO 193/4/108  1827

Susan Trebble, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Swale  3004A/PO 193/4/109  1827

Mary Ley, 9, apprenticed to William Goodrich  3004A/PO 193/4/110  1827

John Satterly, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rookes, gent.  3004A/PO 193/4/111  1827

Henry Hutton, 9, apprenticed to Henry Pidsley of Sowton, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/112  1827

Susanna Manley, 10, apprenticed to James Clarke, victualler  3004A/PO 193/4/113  1827

Assignment to George Poulton, endorsed 1827

Charlotte Cox, 9, apprenticed to Robert Kekewich, esq.  3004A/PO 193/4/114  1827

Charlotte Bragg, apprentice: assignment from Richard Gibbings, decd to his son Richard Gibbings  3004A/PO 193/4/115  1827

Charlotte Cox, apprentice: assignment from Robert Kekewich esq., to William Hooper  3004A/PO 193/4/116  1828

John Bull, 9, apprenticed to James Manley  3004A/PO 193/4/117  1828

John Jordan, 9, apprenticed to Edward Portbury, esq.  3004A/PO 193/4/118  1828

Joseph Gargett, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams, yeoman for Bilfeels  3004A/PO 193/4/119  1828

William Bull, 9, apprenticed to William Goodridge, yeoman  3004A/PO 193/4/120  1828

Mary Wood, 9, apprenticed to John Stevens, esq.,  3004A/PO 193/4/121  1828

Samuel Lee, 9, apprenticed to David Swale  3004A/PO 193/4/122  1828

Mary Channing, 9, apprenticed to John Stephens, gent.  3004A/PO 193/4/123  1828

William Tothill, 13, apprenticed to Edward Eardley, chinaman  3004A/PO 193/4/124  1829

Samuel Broom, 9, apprenticed to John Bussell, gent.  3004A/PO 193/4/125  1829

James Squire, 12, apprenticed to James Clarke for the Horse and Groom  3004A/PO 193/4/126  1829

Binding order has Horse and Jockey

Mary Ann Treble, 11, apprenticed to Thomas Bradford of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 193/4/127  1829

Ann Bowden, 9, apprenticed to John Cornish, yeoman, of Brampford Speke  3004A/PO 193/4/128  1829

Mary A Tucker, 10, apprenticed to William Sanders of Wotten  3004A/PO 193/4/129-130  1829

William Squire, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rookes  3004A/PO 193/4/131  1829

James Channin son of Henry Channin, shoemaker, apprenticed to William Jones of Exeter, Holy Trinity, tailor, tailoring (private)  3004A/PO 193/4/132  1829

The apprentice may attend school every evening between 6 and 8 pm for the first 2 years

William Sutton, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams for North Down  3004A/PO 193/4/133  1829

George Godfrey, 9, apprenticed to Richard Beavis, tailor, tailoring  3004A/PO 193/4/134  1829

George Squire, 12, apprenticed to William Lake  3004A/PO 193/4/135  1829

Apprenticeship Indentures  3004A/PO 193/5  1830 - 1837

Most with binding orders

George Davies son of Alice Davies apprenticed to William Saunders of Exeter, St Sidwell, baker, baking (private)  3004A/PO 193/5/1  1830

Mary Ann Quaintance, 9, apprenticed to Elizabeth Harris Butt, widow  3004A/PO 193/5/2a  1830

Mary Ann Quaintance, apprentice: assignment from Elizabeth Harris Butt to William Gibbings  3004A/PO 193/5/2b  1830

Henry Channing, 9, apprenticed to Harriet Davies  3004A/PO 193/5/3  1830

Henry Channing, 9, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/5/4  1830

Thomas Harris, 9, apprenticed to William Wreford of Exeter, St David [yeoman]  3004A/PO 193/5/5  1830

Robert Russell, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Smale [of Exeter, St David]  3004A/PO 193/5/6  1830

Charles Russell, 9, apprenticed to William Hooper  3004A/PO 193/5/7  1830

Assignment to William Gibbings, endorsed 1830

Maria Treble, 9, apprenticed to John Tolcher of Exeter, St Sidwell  3004A/PO 193/5/8  1830

Ann Quaintance, 9, apprenticed to John Holman of Exeter, St Edmund  3004A/PO 193/5/9  1830

Maria Cooper, 9, apprenticed to Frances Baker of Exeter, St Sidwell  3004A/PO 193/5/10  1830

Mary Channing, apprentice: assignment by John Stephens, gent. to John Moxey of Exeter, St Paul  3004A/PO 193/5/11  1830

Elizabeth Parr, apprentice: assignment from Joseph Maddick decd. to Elizabeth Maddick, widow  3004A/PO 193/5/12  1830

Richard Hayward, 15, apprenticed to William Rookes  3004A/PO 193/5/13  1831

John Potter, 12, son of John Potter, labourer, of Exeter, St Sidwell, apprenticed to John Mogridge of Exeter, St Sidwell, cordwainer, cordwaining (private)  3004A/PO 193/5/14  1831

Mary Payne, 9, apprenticed to James Taylor [of Exeter, St David] for part of Posloe  3004A/PO 193/5/15  1831

Ann Brown, 9, apprenticed to John Challice [of Brampford Speke, yeoman] for part of Rolestone  3004A/PO 193/5/16  1831

James Squire, 9, apprenticed to Henry Pidsley of Sowton  3004A/PO 193/5/17  1831

Jane Squire, 9, apprenticed to John Harris for House in the Town, shopkeeper  3004A/PO 193/5/18  1831

Francis Melhuish, 9, apprenticed to James Petherbridge [cheese dealer]  3004A/PO 193/5/19  1831

John Woodrow, apprentice: assignment from Robert Rookes to John Gove of Exeter  3004A/PO 193/5/20  1831

Charlotte Manley, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams for Stoke Hill [yeoman]  3004A/PO 193/5/21  1831

Betsy Defries, 9, apprenticed to John Holman of Exeter, St Edmund for Black Boy Ground  3004A/PO 193/5/22  1831

Mary Yelland, 10, apprenticed to William Rew for Burchy  3004A/PO 193/5/23  1831

John Woodrow, 12, apprenticed to Robert Rookes for Tollands  3004A/PO 193/5/24  1831

John Bradford, 9, apprenticed to Robert Rew for Wilcocks  3004A/PO 193/5/25  1831

Francis Tonkins, 9, apprenticed to Francis Baker [of Exeter, St Sidwell] for Northcotts  3004A/PO 193/5/26  1831

Assignment to James Pethybridge, endorsed 1832

George Smith, 9, apprenticed to James Darke of Exeter  3004A/PO 193/5/27  1832

John Godfrey, 9, apprenticed to Henry Manning  3004A/PO 193/5/28  1832

Assignment to William Lake 1832

John Robertson, 9, apprenticed to William Taylor Pike Short  3004A/PO 193/5/29  1832

Assignment to Samuel Haydon 1832

Sarah Sowdon, 14, apprenticed to Thomas Hart  3004A/PO 193/5/30  1832

Assignment to John Haydon of Cheriton Bishop 1832

Mary Ann Heard, 9, apprenticed to John Bussell  3004A/PO 193/5/31  1832

Ann Defruize, 9, apprenticed to Robert Sparkes [of Exeter]  3004A/PO 193/5/32  1832

George Squire, 14, apprenticed to Richard Moon  3004A/PO 193/5/33  1832

Mary Ann Mogridge, 11, apprenticed to David Swale  3004A/PO 193/5/34-5  1832

Maria Broom, 9, apprenticed to William Sanders  3004A/PO 193/5/36  1832

James Willis, 9, apprenticed to Richard Tothill  3004A/PO 193/5/37  1832

John Parr, 11, apprenticed to Robert Rew by consent  3004A/PO 193/5/38  1832

Rebecca Harris, 9, apprenticed to Joseph Salter of Woodbury  3004A/PO 193/5/39  1832

Thomas Melhuish, 9, apprenticed to Richard Hayward  3004A/PO 193/5/40  1832

Hannah Cooper, 9, apprenticed to Jane Dyot  3004A/PO 193/5/41  1832

Thomas Bull, 9, apprenticed to Henry Pidsley  3004A/PO 193/5/42  1832

William Channing, 11, apprenticed to William Sanders  3004A/PO 193/5/43-4  1832

Elizabeth Robertson apprenticed to G H Melhuish of Topsham  3004A/PO 193/5/45  1833

William Broom, 9, apprenticed to Rev George Terry Carwithen of Newton St Cyres  3004A/PO 193/5/46  1833

Mary Ann Bull, 13, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/5/47  1833

John Lake, 9, apprenticed to John Harris  3004A/PO 193/5/48  1833

Walter Hooper, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Swale  3004A/PO 193/5/49  1833

John Richards, 9, apprenticed to William Hooper [of the City of Exeter]  3004A/PO 193/5/50  1833

Assignment to Richard Coles 1833

Samuel Woodrow, 9, apprenticed to Thomas Adams  3004A/PO 193/5/51  1833

Charles Alsop, 10, apprenticed to Robert Rookes  3004A/PO 193/5/52  1833

Eliza Borrough Squire, 10, apprenticed to The Rev. Jonas Dennis  3004A/PO 193/5/53  1833

Ann Squire, 9, apprenticed to Arthur Goulett  3004A/PO 193/5/54-5  1834

John Giles, 10, apprenticed to Richard Beavis, tailoring  3004A/PO 193/5/56  1834

Richard Beavis, receipt for £5 for taking John Giles  3004A/PO 193/5/57  1835

Letter from John Harris, he is going to assign his apprentice to Mr Rennold  3004A/PO 193/5/58  1836

Related information: (See 3004 A/PO 193/5/48)

Sarah Broom, 11, apprenticed to William Rew  3004A/PO 193/5/59  1837

John Lethbridge apprenticed to Thomas Adams by consent  3004A/PO 193/5/60  1837

Thomas Channing apprenticed to Thomas Adams  3004A/PO 193/5/61  1837

Register of apprentices  3004A/PO 194  1803 - 1838

Bill of W. Reed for preparing lists of apprentices, and lists of occupiers who had and had not taken apprentices  3004A/PO 195  1827

Letter concerning apprenticeship  3004A/PO 196  1834

Bastardy  [no ref.]  1789 - 1826

BASTARDY EXAMINATION  [no ref. or date]

Mother: Sarah Denning (now in parish of Lympstone). Putative Father: John Dew of Jersey, Cordwainer  3004A/PO 197  1827

Warrant for the apprehension of: John Dew of Jersey, putative father of female child of Sarah Denning of Lympstone.  3004A/PO 198  1827

BASTARDY ORDERS  [no ref. or date]

Mother: Ann Giles. Father: John Major of St Olave, Exeter. Sum for Payment: £5/4/6 & 2/6 per wk  3004A/PO 199  1823

Mother: Emma Cotton Father: Francis Harris of St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter Sum for Payment: £3/13/- 2/- per wk  3004A/PO 200  1823

Mother: Joanna Westron Father: John Hunt of Topsham Sum for Payment: £4/4/- & 2/6 per wk  3004A/PO 201  1824

Mother: Elizabeth Hunt Father: William Hunt of St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter Sum for Payment: £1/10/- 18d per wk  3004A/PO 202  1824

Mother: Susan Sanders Father: Robert Antony of St Mary Major, Exeter Sum for Payment: £2/10/- & 16d per wk  3004A/PO 203  1824

Mother: Mary Willis Father: James Hull of Heavitree Sum for Payment: £1/7/- & 16d per wk  3004A/PO 204  1826

Mother: Mary Hitt Father: William Coleman of Broadclyst Sum for Payment: £1/7/- & 16d per wk  3004A/PO 205  1826

Duplicate of PO205  3004A/PO 206  1826

Mother: Jane Lile Father: John Turner of Holy Trinity, Exeter Sum for Payment: £2/7/-  3004A/PO 207  1827

Mother: Sarah Harr Father: Michael Franklin of St David, Exeter Sum for Payment: 4/- per wk  3004A/PO 208  1830

Mother: Mary Norman Father: Edward Wrey of Tawstock Sum for Payment: 10/- and £1/10/- & 3/- per wk  3004A/PO 209  1832

Mother: Jane Gay Father: John Woodrow of Bridstow Sum for Payment: 23/- and £2/3/- & 18d per wk  3004A/PO 210  1833

BASTARDY BONDS  [no ref. or date]

Mother: Joanna Morrifield. Parties Bound: Sydenham Peppin and Richard Eales of Exeter, for the sum of £100  3004A/PO 211  1789

Mother: Dinah Ewins. Parties Bound: John Hall and Joseph Hall of Exeter, for the sum of £100  3004A/PO 212  1795

Mother: Jemima Seadding. Parties Bound: William Hornsey of Exeter and John Drew of Topsham, for the sum of £1,000  3004A/PO 213  1802

Mother: Sarah Pook. Parties Bound: Charles Hamilton of St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter, for the sum of £100  3004A/PO 214  1819

Mother: Mary Brailey. Parties Bound: John Geare of Exeter, for the sum of £300  3004A/PO 215  1822

Mother: Elizabeth Meech. Parties Bound: Henry Newman of Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset, for the sum of £300  3004A/PO 216  1824

Mother: Mary Ann Fowkes. Parties Bound: Thomas Sowdon of Whitestone, for the sum of £300  3004A/PO 217  1826

Mother: Elizabeth Ennor. Parties Bound: William Prater of Tavistock, for the sum of £300  3004A/PO 218  1826

Pauper Lunacy  3004A/PO 219  1823 - 1862

Bundle of papers, including examinations, correspondence and bills, some from the "Lunatic Asylum near Exeter" [Bowhill, St. Thomas]

Bills for the maintenance of Samual Jordan in the Lunatic Asylum  3004A/PO 219/1-6  1823-1825

Bill for settlement and maintenance of John Cross  3004A/PO 219/7  1830

Letter confirming insane a female pauper  3004A/PO 219/8  1835

Receipt for payment to Asylum  3004A/PO 219/9-10  1835

Bills for maintenances Henry Hammett and Sarah Miller  3004A/PO 219/11-12  1835

Receipts for payments to lunatic asylum  3004A/PO 219/13-19  1836-1845

Papers concerning the settlement of Sarah Chamberlain at the County Asylum  3004A/PO 219/20  1846

Certificate of chargability for Ann Beavis at the St. Thomas Union  3004A/PO 219/21  1849

Certificate of chargability for Margaret Wilson at the St. Thomas Union  3004A/PO 219/22  1850

Receipts for maintenance paid for Margaret Wilson  3004A/PO 219/23-25  1850

Certificate of chargability for Richard Kelland at the St Thomas Union  3004A/PO 219/26  1851

Bond binding John Lavington of Paddington, Middlesex for Caroline Lock's maintainance in the asylum  3004A/PO 219/27  1857

Settlement order for Richard Kelland from Lapford  3004A/PO 219/28-29  1858

Settlement order for William Henry Lock from Paddington, Middlesex  3004A/PO 219/30  1859

Certificate of chargability for Matilda Evans at the County Asylum  3004A/PO 219/31  1859

Certificate of chargability for William Henry Lock in the Asylum at Hanwell  3004A/PO 219/32  1859

Examinations concerning the settlement of Frances Maria Woodley at the County Asylum  3004A/PO 219/33-34  1861

Receipt for payments to Lunatic asylum  3004A/PO 219/35  1862

Ale-house licensing  [no ref. or date]

(Victualler licence transfers)

Notice to the overseers by Robert Ryall of his application to assign his licence to Thomas Kingdon  3004A/PO 220  1837

Similar notice, Thomas Kingdon to Henry Symons of Farringdon  3004A/PO 221  1837

Notice to the overseers by George Johns to assign his licence for the Country House to Henry Dennis late of Rockbeare  3004A/PO 222  1855

Elections of Guardians for Heavitree parish  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of papers concerning nominations and preparations for election  3004A/PO 223  1836

Election pledge by W. S. Tucker  3004A/PO 223/1  1836

List of votes paid and not paid  3004A/PO 223/2  1836

Request for nomination papers  3004A/PO 223/3  1836

Nomination paper for Reverend Arthur Atherley and Thomas Upham Salter  3004A/PO 223/4  1837

Notice that Arthur Atherley and Thomas Upham Salter were elected  3004A/PO 223/5  1836

Notice of election dates  3004A/PO 223/6  1836

Direction for voting  3004A/PO 223/7  1836

Bundle of applications for voting, with some voting papers attached  3004A/PO 224  1836

(Naming property and parish, if resident in other)

Elliy T Sanders. Property: Hile Hill  3004A/PO 224/1  1836

Charles Tucker. Property: Baring Crescent  3004A/PO 224/2  1836

William Pidlsey. Property: Land. Parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 224/3  1836

John Pidsley. Property: Land. Parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 224/4  1836

Thomas Adams. Property: Polsloe  3004A/PO 224/5  1836

Thomas Hart. Property: Tuckers  3004A/PO 224/6  1836

Gilbert Dyer. Property: Midway Terrain  3004A/PO 224/7  1836

Richard Vernon. Property: Whipton  3004A/PO 224/8  1836

C Colter. Property: Two Houses  3004A/PO 224/9  1836

John Sommers Gaul. Property: North Place. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/10  1836

William Heaper. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/11  1836

David Swale. Property: Houses & Land  3004A/PO 224/12  1836

John Hewett. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/13  1836

William Snow. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/14  1836

Robert Davy. Property: Hayward's Marsh. Parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 224/15  1836

James Clarke. Property: Groom Inn  3004A/PO 224/16  1836

William Rew. Property: Heathfield Estate  3004A/PO 224/17  1836

Joseph Davy. Property: Hornifield Place  3004A/PO 224/18  1836

James Waile. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/19  1836

Samuel South. Property: Southlands  3004A/PO 224/20  1836

J Worthy. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/21  1836

William Bickee. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/22  1836

Thomas Coffin. Property: Salutary Mount  3004A/PO 224/23  1836

F. Norman.  3004A/PO 224/24  1836

William Goodwife. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/25  1836

Thomas Salter. Property: Park Terrace  3004A/PO 224/26  1836

Philip Wyatt Cronther. Property: Baring Lodge  3004A/PO 224/27  1836

Joseph White. Property: Shop & Houses, Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/28  1836

Thomas B. Wolland. Property: Church Street  3004A/PO 224/29  1836

Elizabeth Hayward. Property: Pynes. Parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 224/30  1836

Benjamin Austin. Property: Albion Place  3004A/PO 224/31  1836

Susanna Farrington. Property: Spirey Lawn  3004A/PO 224/32  1836

L. Bolt  3004A/PO 224/33  1836

D. A. Bidfeld. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/34  1836

Joseph Wilmar Craft. Property: East Wonford  3004A/PO 224/35  1836

Philip Wright.  3004A/PO 224/36  1836

Robert Hooper. Property: Midway Terrace  3004A/PO 224/37  1836

Richard Ford. Property: House. Parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 224/38  1836

John J. B. Duckworth. Property: Land  3004A/PO 224/39  1836

George Havill. Property: South Wonford  3004A/PO 224/40  1836

John Gould. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/41  1836

Helen Fraser. Property: Barring Crescent  3004A/PO 224/42  1836

George Hunt. Property: South Wonford  3004A/PO 224/43  1836

Sarah Biggs. Property: Ship Inn  3004A/PO 224/44  1836

John Barrell. Property: South Wonford  3004A/PO 224/45  1836

Ann Wolland. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/46  1836

John Beer. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/47  1836

Susanna Hayward. Property: Land. Parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 224/48  1836

Thomas Wood. Property: Baring Place  3004A/PO 224/49  1836

George Ferris. Property: Whipton. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/50  1836

Christopher Arden. Property: Creeks Estate. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/51  1836

William Harker Pepperell. Property: New Buildings. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/52  1836

John Stogdon. Property: House & Land. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/53  1836

John Milford. Property: House & Land  3004A/PO 224/54  1836

William Sanders. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/55  1836

Edward Swale Port Bury. Property: Stafford Terrace  3004A/PO 224/56  1836

George Channing. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/57  1836

Arthur Moore. Property: Post Office Row  3004A/PO 224/58  1836

John Seaward. Property: Oakfield Street  3004A/PO 224/59  1836

Peter Boyd. Property: Barring Crescent  3004A/PO 224/60  1836

Margaret Blunt. Property: Barring Place  3004A/PO 224/61  1836

Charlotte Blunt. Property: Barring Place  3004A/PO 224/62  1836

Christopher Saunders. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/63  1836

William Parsons. Property: Salutary Mount  3004A/PO 224/64  1836

James Ford. Property: South Lands  3004A/PO 224/65  1836

Pitman Jones. Property: House & Lands  3004A/PO 224/66  1836

William Barnell. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/67  1836

George Yarde. Property: Creers. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/68  1836

John Hodder. Property: Houses. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/69  1836

Henry Hooper. Property: North Place. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/70  1836

Samuel Haydon. Property: Houses & Land  3004A/PO 224/71  1836

John Beane. Property: Houses. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/72  1836

William Taylor, Peter North. Property: Midway Terrace  3004A/PO 224/73  1836

James Cadron. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/74  1836

John Pill. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/75  1836

Henry Swill. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/76  1836

Cornelius Bennett. Property: South Wonford. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/77  1836

Mary Neells. Property: Whipton  3004A/PO 224/78  1836

Miss Bambery. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/79  1836

Eliza Blunt. Property: Barring Place  3004A/PO 224/80  1836

Edward Talbolt. Property: Oakfield Place  3004A/PO 224/81  1836

Thomas Salter. Property: Windant Hill  3004A/PO 224/82  1836

Richard Pidsley. Property: New Park, Waywards, Bridgmans. Parish of Sowton  3004A/PO 224/83  1836

Jane Bisset. Property: Stafford Terrace  3004A/PO 224/84  1836

James Malachi Madden. Property: Stafford Terrace  3004A/PO 224/85  1836

E L Sanders. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/86  1836

Sarah Marigold. Property: Chillock House  3004A/PO 224/87  1836

Arthur Atherly. Property: Vicarage House  3004A/PO 224/88  1836

John Thenshole. Property: Church Street  3004A/PO 224/89  1836

Thomas Yarde. Property: Higher Polisor  3004A/PO 224/90  1836

Willim Yarde. Property: Land. Parish of Topsham  3004A/PO 224/91  1836

John Madgarich Wilcocks. Property: Midway Terrace  3004A/PO 224/92  1836

George Channing. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/93  1836

Zacharias Mogridge. Property: Swill Place  3004A/PO 224/94  1836

John Channing  3004A/PO 224/95  1836

John Beal. Property: Church St  3004A/PO 224/96  1836

Mary Blunt. Property: Wonford Hill  3004A/PO 224/97  1836

George Ponsford. Property: Ducks, Barrack Road. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/98  1836

Richard Taplay. Property: North Place  3004A/PO 224/99  1836

John Reynolds. Property: House & Land. Parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 224/100  1836

William Paterson. Property: Barring Place  3004A/PO 224/101  1836

William Underhay. Property: East Wonford  3004A/PO 224/102  1836

Charles Davy. Property: Whipton  3004A/PO 224/103  1836

John Bassell. Property: Honey Lands, Penny's, Great Tithes  3004A/PO 224/104  1836

William May. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/105  1836

James Ivory Holmes. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/106  1836

Edward Lloyd Sanders. Property: Stoke Hill  3004A/PO 224/107  1836

Mary Hooper. Property: Midway Terrace & Barring Close. Parish of Pinhoe  3004A/PO 224/108  1836

William Slocombe Ticker. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/109  1836

Elizabeth Stabback. Property: House  3004A/PO 224/110  1836

Joseph Barney Sanders, Howard Arthur Sanders, Edward Lloyd Sanders, and Charles Roger Sanders. Property: Houses  3004A/PO 224/111  1836

Francis Barney Short. Property: Land  3004A/PO 224/112  1836

George Ambrose Rhodes. Property: Bellair  3004A/PO 224/113  1836

John Hewett. Property: Church Street  3004A/PO 224/114  1836

Thomas Herbert. Property: Houses. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/115  1836

Charles Roger Sanders. Property: Polsloe Mills. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/116  1836

James Veilcle. Property: Nursery Ground. Parish of Broadclist  3004A/PO 224/117  1836

Edward Yarde. Property: Land. Parish of Crediton  3004A/PO 224/118  1836

Charles Roger Sanders. Property: Polsloe Mills. Parish of Exeter  3004A/PO 224/119  1836

Bundle of voting forms, each signed by the voter  3004A/PO 225  1836

Applications for proxy votes, with some voting papers attached  3004A/PO 226  1836

Bundle of papers on elections, including two copies of a blank voting form for the parish of Bradninch  3004A/PO 227  1859 - 1863 and n.d

St. Thomas Poor Law Union (Heavitree parish)  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of half-yearly lists of indoor poor  3004A/PO 228  1850 - 1865

Bundle of half-yearly lists of outdoor poor  3004A/PO 229  1850 - 1865

Other bodies  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of precepts to Heavitree Overseers to contribute to the Wonford District Highway Board  3004A/PO 230  1864 - 1878

Bundle of precepts to contribute to St. Thomas Rural Sanitary Authority  3004A/PO 231  1873 - 1878

Bills and receipts  [no ref. or date]

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 232  1822

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 233  1823

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 234  1824

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 235  1825

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 236  1827

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 237  1828

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 238  1829

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 239  1830

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 240  1831

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 241  1832

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 242  1833

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 243  1834

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 244  1835

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 245  1836

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 246  1837

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 247  1838

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 248  1839

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 249  1820 - 1875

For boarding and clothing the poor

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 250  1822 - 1876

For stationery and printing

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 251  1823 - 1865

For legal charges

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 252  1829 - 1835

Notices from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital of clothes required for patients

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 253  1829 - 1878

For salaries, rate collections and office hire

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 254  1834 - 1836

For repairs to the poor house

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 255  1835 - 1870


Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 256  1836 - 1878

For contributions to St. Thomas Union

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 257  1840 - 1845

For cleaning room and paying poor

Bills and receipts  3004A/PO 258  1843 - 1878

For expenses at appointment of overseers

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Printed notice of rewards payable on conviction of persons stealing from or breaking into premises of any Heavitree parishioner, 1831, with attached receipt for reward, 1832  3004A/PO 259  1831, 1832

Volume containing copy letters of overseers, on the formation of the Poor Law Union, rating revaluation and individual cases of relief  3004A/PO 260  1835 - 1837

Includes note of loan to and return by Henry Rew, waywarden, of the highway rate books 1859-1864, in 1869

Bundle of circulars and other printed material concerning the poor, including a sealed order amalgamating a detached part of St. Leonard (part of the Barracks) with Heavitree, 1879  3004A/PO 261  1833 - 1879

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Minute books and rates  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of select vestry  3004A/PV 1  1819 - 1834

Minute book of full vestry  3004A/PV 2  1828 - 1845

Minute book of select vestry, 1834-1836, and of full vestry 1845-1857  3004A/PV 3  1834 - 1857

At other end are minutes of vestry committees, 1848-1857, chiefly the sanitary, later nuisances removal, committee

Minute book of Nuisances Removal committee  3004A/PV 4  1857 - 1872

Present book under the Nuisances Removal Act  3004A/PV 5  1856 - 1865

Inspector's report book under the Nuisances Removal Act  3004A/PV 6  1856 - 1872

Minute book of the Parochial Sanitary Committee  3004A/PV 7  1883 - 1889

Sewage rate book  3004A/PV 8  Jan., 1871

Sewage rate book  3004A/PV 9  July, 1872

Lighting rate book  3004A/PV 10  April, 1875 - July, 1876

Lighting rate book  3004A/PV 11  Nov., 1876 - Jan. 1877

Lighting rate book  3004A/PV 12  April, 1877 - July, 1877

Lighting rate book  3004A/PV 13  Jan., 1878 - July, 1878

Sewage rate collecting and deposit book  3004A/PV 14  1871 - 1872

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of a meeting held to discuss seating in the North Aisle  3004A/PV 15  1790

Minutes of a meeting held to consider celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of King George III's accession to the throne  3004A/PV 16  1809

Notice of vestry resolution concerning payments to the poor  3004A/PV 17  1821

Two subscription lists for a Coronation dinner for the poor, with three receipts, one from the Ship Inn, Heavitree, where the dinner was held  3004A/PV 18-22  1821

Authorisations by magistrates for holding select vestries  3004A/PV 23-27  1827 - 1836

Draft vestry resolution  3004A/PV 28  c.1835

Minutes of meetings concerning rebuilding of the Church House  3004A/PV 29  1838

Notice of meeting to consent to raise money to enable the poor to emigrate  3004A/PV 30  1852

Bundle of papers concerning the Sanitary Committee  3004A/PV 31  1867 - 1889

Including bills, receipts, balance sheet, lists of members, and a notice to remove a nuisance

Bundle of correspondence and bills concerning the celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee  3004A/PV 32  1887

Printed order investing St. Thomas Rural Sanitary Authority with urban powers in Heavitree  3004A/PV 33  1887

Detailed notes on vestry procedure  3004A/PV 34  1891

Draft letter from the vestry to the Local Government Board about a dispute between Heavitree and St. Thomas Rural Sanitary Authority over the cost of a sewage scheme, with two related letters  3004A/PV 35-37  1893

Printed copy of Vestry Act  3004A/PV 38  1818


Minute book  3004A/PP 1  1919 - 1927

Minute book  3004A/PP 2  1928 - 1949

Minute book of finance committee  3004A/PP 3  1916 - 1928

Statements of accounts  3004A/PP 4-6  1922 - 1924

Account book, 1931-1934  3004A/PP 7  1926 - 1934

With printed statements 1926-1930 stuck in

Ledger  3004A/PP 8  1950 - 1967

Account book  3004A/PP 9  1957 - 1965

Account book  3004A/PP 10  1965 - 1978

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2009

Bundle of account sheets and draft budget notes  3004A/PP 11  1918 - 1929

Bundle of insurance policies and related correspondence, relating to the church and contents, staff, vicarage, schools, institute and some charity property  3004A/PP 12  1923 - 1944

Letter from H.G. Rew concerning church finances  3004A/PP 13  1926

File of letters of application for post of grave-digger  3004A/PP 14  1928

Bundle of duplicate forms recording parochial statistics, sent to the Church Assembly  3004A/PP 15  1933 - 1940

File containing correspondence and other papers relating to leasing the School House, repairs to St. Lawrence Church Hall, and the quinquennial inspection of 1973  3004A/PP 16  1972 - 1975

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access to these, items, until 1 Jan 2006

File of minutes concerning use of the School House as a group activity centre  3004A/PP 17  1977 - 1979

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2010

Files of correspondence, accounts and memoranda concerning the building of the parish hall  3004A/PP 18-21  1977 - 1981

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access to File PW21, until 1 Jan 2012. Files PW 18-20 have been permanently withdrawn.

File of plans and elevations of parish hall, Church Street, with two extra plans, one with coloured elevation  3004A/PP 22-24  1977

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2008

P.C.C. electoral roll  3004A/PP 25  1978

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2009

Files containing: correspondence and memoranda on all aspects of parish affairs, including schools and charities; copies of P.C.C. minutes, accounts and balance sheets; copies of the parish magazine; and some original documents such as faculties, curates' licences and quinquennial reports on the fabric  3004A/PP 26/I-XIX  1975 - 1981

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access to these files

[Compiled by one of the churchwardens, and numbered by him as follows]:
I July, 1975 - June, 1976
II April, 1976 - Feb. 1977
III Dec., 1976 - May, 1977
IV May - July, 1977
V July - Oct., 1977
VI Oct. - Dec., 1977
VII Dec., 1977 - Feb., 1978
VIII Feb. - May, 1978
IX May - July, 1978
X July - Sept., 1978
XI Sept. - Nov., 1978
XII Dec., 1978 - April, 1979
XIII April - Aug., 1979
XIV Aug., 1979 - Feb., 1980
XV March - July, 1980
XVI July - Dec., 1980
XVII Dec., 1980 - March, 1981
XVIII March - July, 1981
XIX July - Sept., 1981

CONSTABLE  [no ref. or date]

Notices of appointment of constables  3004A/PC 1- 4  1857 - 1860

Two bundles of receipts  3004A/PC 5, 6  1830 - 1872

Constable's bill for expenses at inquest on Roger May, drowned at Old Abbey, Heavitree  3004A/PC 7  n.d.; c.1830 ?

SURVEYORS OF THE HIGHWAYS  [no ref. or date]

Rate books  3004A/PS 1/1-13  1836 - 1863

1/1 1836-1838
1/2 1839-1840
1/3 Nov., 1846
1/4 May, 1851
1/5 Oct., 1854
1/6 May, 1856
1/7 July, 1857
1/8 July, 1858
1/9 June, 1859
1/10 June, 1860
1/11 May, 1861
1/12 May, 1862
1/13 May, 1863

Account books  3004A/PS 2/1-18  1849 - 1850

2/1 1836-1837
2/2 1837-1839
2/3 1840-1841
2/4 1841-1842
2/5 1842-1843
2/6 1843-1844
2/7 1844-1845
2/8 1845-1846
2/9 1856-1847
2/10 1847-1848
2/11 1848-1849
2/12 1849-1850
2/13 1850-1851
2/14 1851-1852
2/15 1852-1853
2/16 1854-1855
2/17 1856-1857
2/18 1859-1860

Demise  3004A/PS 3a  1826

1. John Payne of Heavitree, labourer
2. James Butt of Pinhoe, labourer
Plot of land called Leadwill, adjoining Hilly Ridgway and containing about 30 yards, between Leadwill Lane and Hilly Ridgway
Consideration: £6

Receipt of James Butt for money received for land sold in PS 3a to the Surveyors, who cut a new road through it  3004A/PS 3b  1829

Receipt of Henry Manning for a piece of land to allow diversion of Lidwill Lane  3004A/PS 4a  1829

Receipted solicitor's bill for Lidwill Lane diversion  3004A/PS 4b  1829

Letter from John Coldridge on behalf of Exeter Improvement Commissioners to the Surveyor of Heavitree, offering to maintain most of what is now Polsloe Road, which was until then maintained by Heavitree parish, in exchange for Heavitree's maintenance of part of Rows Barn Lane; with letter from the Surveyor to the Vestry  3004A/PS 5a,b  1830

Letter concerning a drain near the Barracks, on land in dispute between Heavitree and Topsham  3004A/PS 6  1832

Notice of holding of adjourned Special Sessions for Highways  3004A/PS 7  1833

Printed abstract of Highway Acts  3004A/PS 8  1833

Correspondence about Gravel Pit Field, leased to the Surveyors by R.P. Campion  3004A/PS 9- 13  1834 - 1835

Complaint about the state of a footpath between St. Leonard and Topsham bounds  3004A/PS 14  1834

Tender by William Street to repair all parish highways for £150 p.a.  3004A/PS 15  1834

Specifications for paving a gutter  3004A/PS 16  1834

Notice of a vestry meeting to consider an exchange of road maintenance [presumably with Exeter Improvement Commissioners] between parts of Rows Barn Lane and Black Boy Lane  3004A/PS 17  1836

Minutes of vestry meeting concerning widening of Quarry Lane, 1838, and receipt of Henry Manning for sale of lands for widening, 1840  3004A/PS 18, 19  1838, 1840

Licence allowing surveyor to dig for gravel on private ground  3004A/PS 20  1838

Notices to Surveyors concerning lands required for the Exeter, Yeovil and Dorchester Railway  3004A/PS 21, 22  1845

Notices to Surveyors concerning lands required for the Exeter and Exmouth Railway, with covering letter  3004A/PS 23- 26  1845

Bills and vouchers  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also Highway Board payment orders, 3004 A/PO 230

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 27  1823-1824


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 28  1824-1825


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 29  1827-1828


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 30  1828-1829


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 31, 32  1829-1830

2 bundles

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 33  1830-1831


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 34  1831-1832


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 35  1832-1833


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 36  1833-1834


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 37  1834-1835


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 38  1835-1836


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 39  1836-1846


[Includes agreement, 1837, about parish pound, and agreement, 1836, about road widening]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 40  1843-1846


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 41  1846-1847


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 42  1847-1848


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 43  1852-1853


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 44  1853-1854


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 45  1855-1856

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 46  1860-1861


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 47  1861-1862


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 48  1862-1863


[Includes some correspondence]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PS 49  1863-1864


Miscellaneous bills  3004A/PS 50  1831-1877


PARISH COUNCIL  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For other records, including minutes 1894-1896, see Exeter City Archives

Bundle of notes, draft minutes and newspaper cuttings concerning the formation of the parish council, including petition signed by 85 parishioners requesting a public meeting, and letter from John Kenshole, Secretary to Exeter Trade and Labour Council, recommending two trade unionists for election to the council  3004A/PX 1  1894

FEOFFEES  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds and Leases  [no ref. or date]

Arrangement: The deeds were arranged in bundles c.1800 and labelled A-I apparently by the Reverend John Simons, a trustee since 1770. Miss Ethel Lega-Weekes noted that bundle C was missing in 1921, but one deed is abstracted in PFT 116
The old letters and new numbers are as follows:
Bundle A PFT 1-14 (St. Loyes, 1587-1678)
Bundle B PFT 15-22 (Moore, 1587-1659)
Bundle D PFT 23, 24 (Clist Marsh, 1603, 1655)
Bundle E PFT 25-29 (Ducke's Alms houses, 1590-1686)
Bundle F PFT 30-35 (Church House, 1516-1658)
Bundle G PFT 36-49 (General feoffments, 1689-1811)
Bundle H PFT 50-63 (St. Loyes, 1481-1618)
Bundle I PFT 64-71 (Moore, Sowton, 1568-1693)
"Not in abstract" PFT 72-74 (Miscellaneous, 1571-1587)
The remaining deeds date mainly from after the sorting by John Simons, and are arranged in chronological order
PFT 117-146 were deposited in 1982 after all the above had been listed

St. Loyes, Heavitree (1587 - 1678)  [no ref. or date]

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 1  28 April, 1587

1. Roger Aysheforde of Aysheforde in Burlescombe
2. John Lye of Heavitree, yeoman
William Glanfeilde of Sowton
Fourth part of the manor of East Wonford and fourth part of one messuage and tenement and of 100 a. of land in Heavitree and Sowton, now in the tenure of Roger Minifye; the fourth part of messuage and tenement and lands called Sancte Loys, belonging to the aforesaid messuage and tenement, and containing 12 a., in Heavitree, occupied by Richard Ducke; the fourth part of lands called Cliste Grounds, 32 a., in Sowton, occupied by John Ley as in 2.; the fourth part of messuage and tenement called More and of 46 a. in Sowton, occupied by William Glanfeilde as in 2.; the fourth part of messuage and tenement called More and of 66 a. in Sowton, occupied by John Clement alias Fishe; the fourth part of messuage or tenement and 66 a. in Sowton, occupied by Richard Ley; the fourth part of messuage and tenement and 4 a. in Sowton, occupied by Joan Yearde, widow; all part of the manor of East Wonford
1. appoints William Eaton and John Pynde as his attorneys to deliver seisin
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 15 July, 1587

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 2  19 January, 1588

1. John Lye of Heavitree, yeoman
William Glanfeylde of Sowton, yeoman
2. Andrew Gere, gent., John Isake, Richard Ducke, John Pyne, William Oake, John Leyghe att Weyre the younger, William Leyghe, Richard Tayllor, Roger Menyfye, John Ducke, George Glanfeylde and Richard Rowe, parishioners of Heavitree
Fourth part of messuages, tenements and lands called St. Loyes, occupied by Richard Ducke, lately purchased from Roger Aysheforde as in PFT 1, to the use of the poor of the parish and the repair of the parish church
Consideration: £38
Rent: 1d. per annum, in discharge of high rents due to the chief lord of the fee
1. appoint William Payne and Philip Mounstephen attornies

Feoffment and counterpart  3004A/PFT 3, 4  15 September, 1615

1. John Isacke, William Leigh, Richard Taylor and George Glanfield, all of Heavitree
2. Thomas Isacke, Thomas Leighe the elder, John Payne the elder, George Hole, Richard Leigh of Meere, John German, Thomas Pyne the elder, Walter Moore, John Pyne the elder, William Pyne the elder, John Glanfield and Philip Ducke
Fourth part of messuages, tenement and lands called St. Loyes, lately occupied by Richard Ducke, on trusts as in PFT 2

Bargain and sale  3004A/PFT 5  1 March, 1636

1. John Clement alias Fish of Crediton, yeoman
2. Roger Isacke of Heavitree, gent., & Philip Ducke of Heavitree, gent.
Fourth part of messuage and chapel with lands called St. Lowes
Consideration: £52

Bargain and sale  3004A/PFT 6  10 July, 1636

1. Philip Duck of Heavitree, gent.
2. George Glanvill, John Pyne the younger, William Leigh the younger, Roger Leigh, Nathaniel Pyne, Richard Leigh the younger, George Ford, Thomas Jeffery, Thomas Wild, William Taylor, Thomas Ford the younger, John Isacke, John Martyn the younger, and James Pyne, all of Heavitree
1. to 2. property as in PFT 5, which 1. bought on behalf of the parish, the annual profits to be used for the parish at the direction of the sidesmen

Bargain and sale  3004A/PFT 7  10 May, 1658

1. Robert Shapcott of Bradninch, Esq.
2. Nathaniel Pyne of Heavitree, gent.
Richard Duck and Richard Taylor of Heavitree
Recites will of Henry Walrond late of Bradfield, Esq., 1649, of which 1. was an executor
Moiety of three messuages and 9 a. of land called St. Loyes, part of the manor of Wonford, lately occupied by Thomas Isacke, Esq., Richard Lee and John Mynefee, yeoman
1. appoints Francis Giels of Pinhoe, gent., and Philip Duck of Heavitree, gent., as attornies
Consideration: £140
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 24 May, 1658

Final concord  3004A/PFT 8a,b  1658

Nathaniel Pyne Richard Duck, Richard Tayler plaintiffs
Robert Shapcott deforciant
Moiety of three messuages, four gardens, 4 a. of land and 5 a. of pasture in St. Loyes, Heavitree

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 9, 10  30 November, 15 Dec., 1658

1. Nathaniel Pyne of Heavitree, gent.
Richard Duck of Heavitree, gent.
Richard Taylor of Heavitree, yeoman
2. Philip Duck of Heavitree, gent.
Property as in PFT 7
Consideration: £145..7s..3d.

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 11, 12  7, 8 Feb., 1665

1. Philip Ducke of Heavitree, gent.
2. John Isacke, George Glanvill, Nathaniel Pyne and Richard Ducke, gents., and Richard Tayler, James Pyne, Philip Thomas, Thomas Wilde the younger, Thomas Jeffery, Richard Lee the younger, Thomas Pyne and Robert Smith, all of Heavitree
Property as PFT 7, on trust for the parish
Consideration: £125..7s..3d.
Endorsed with note that 10s. p.a. was to be allowed for repair of almshouses erected by 1.'s grandfather, Richard Duck

Feoffment and counterpart  3004A/PFT 13, 14  22 October, 1678

1. George Glanvill, Nathaniel Pyne, Thomas Wilde and John Isacke, surviving feoffees
2. William Isacke, Christopher Payne, Philip Ducke, Robert Smyth, Richard Ducke, Radford Wild, Richard Pyne, Richard Taylor, Thomas Glanvill, Robert Wilcocks, Robert Penny, Digory Buckett and Roger Thomas, all of Heavitree
1. appoint 2. as new feoffees of property in PFT 5

Moore, Sowton (1587 - 1659)  [no ref. or date]

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 15  6 September, 1587

1. John Lye of Est Wonforde, Heavitree, yeoman
2. William Glanfylde of Sowton, yeoman
Moiety of fourth part of the manor of Est Wonforde; moiety of fourth part of messuage or tenement called Moore and of 46 a. belonging in Sowton, lately occupied by 2.; moiety of fourth part of messuage or tenement called Moore and of 66 a. of land, lately occupied by John Clement alias Fyshe; moiety of fourth part of messuage and 4 a. in Sowton, lately occupied by Joan Yarde, widow
Appoints William Eaton and John Pyne as attorneys
Consideration: "a certen some of money"
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 13 January, 1588

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 16  3 November, 1609

1. William Glanfylde of Wunesford
2. Raymond Wyslake of Topsham, yeoman
Fourth part of messuage or tenement called Moore and of 46 a. belonging, in Sowton
1. appoints John Wislake of Topsham and John Wythall as attornies Consideration: £40, and 1.'s affection towards 2.'s wife Cicily
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 23 June, 1610

Bargain and Sale  3004A/PFT 17  22 September, 1610

1. Raymond Wyslake of Topsham, yeoman
2. Richard Leighe of Meere, Heavitree, yeoman
Property as in PFT 16
Consideration: £40
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 26 September, 1610

Bargain and sale and counterpart  3004A/PFT 18, 19  17 Aug., 1614

1. Richard Leighe of Meere, Heavitree, yeoman
2. Thomas Isacke of Heavitree, gent.
John Payne of Heavitree, yeoman
Property as in PFT 16, lately occupied by William Glanfield
Consideration: £126

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 20, 21  15 September, 1615

1. Thomas Isacke of Heavitree, gent.
John Payne of Heavitree, yeoman
2. Thomas Leighe the elder, George Hole, Walter Moore, Thomas Pyne the elder, William Forde, John Pyne the elder, William Pyne the elder, William Taylor the elder, Richard Taylor the younger, John Pytt, Philip Ducke and Charles Ducke of Heavitree
Recites previous bequests of money for the "aged impotent + poore people" of Heavitree, and agreement among the parishioners that 1. should use the sums for purchase of lands, which they did by PFT 18, 19
1. now conveys to 3. the property on trust, two thirds of the rents for the sidesmen to use for the benefit of the parish, and one third for the relief of the aged, impotent and poor
Recites lease of the premises to John Glanfield, his wife Rebecca and son George for their lives, by a deed of 9th September, 1614

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 22  20 September, 1659

1. Philip Ducke of Heavitree, gent.
2. John Isacke, George Glanvill and Richard Ducke of Heavitree, gents., and Nathaniel Pyne, Philip Thomas, Richard Pyne, James Pyne, William Lee the elder, Richard Taylor, John Smyth the younger, Thomas Jeffrey, and Thomas Wilde the younger of Heavitree, yeoman
Property in PFT 18, 19

Annuity from Clist Marsh, Clyst St. Mary  [no ref. or date]

Grant  3004A/PFT 23  25 November, 1603

1. Richard Ducke of Heavitree, gent.
2. Thomas Isaac, Thomas Lee, John German, Thomas Mountstephen. Richard Ducke the younger, John Pyne the younger, Peter Taylor and Richard Taylor, all of Heavitree
An annuity or rent charge of 26/- issuing from Clist Marshe in Clyst St. Mary, the trustees to pay 4/- quarterly to the inhabitants of Ducke's almshouses, and use the rest for repairing the houses

Grant  3004A/PFT 24  20 October, 1655

1. Thomas Isacke of Pollesloe, Heavitree, esq.
Richard Ducke of Ide, gent., grandchild of Richard Ducke of Heavitree, gent., deceased
2. Richard Ducke, son of Philip Ducke, George Glanvill, John Isacke, Nathaniel Pyne, William Lee, son of Richard Lee, Thomas Wild, son of Thomas Wild, James Pyne and Richard Taylor, all of Heavitree
1. grant to 2. the annuity in PFT 23

Ducke's Almshouses, Heavitree  [no ref. or date]

Bargain and sale  3004A/PFT 25  13 February, 1590

1. William Hurst of Oxton, esq.
2. Richard Ducke of Heavitree, yeoman
Piece of land, 24 perches, in the north end of close called Longe acre, between the road from Exeter to Honiton on the north and Butts Lane on the east, with lands of Oliver Kelly, Esq., on the west and the rest of Longe acre on the south, now occupied by Joan Pyne, widow, and on which 1. had begun to erect almshouses
Consideration: 40s.

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 26  25 November, 1603

1. Richard Ducke of Heavitree, gent.
2. Thomas Isaac, Thomas Lee, John German, Thomas Mounstephen, Arthur Ducke, John Pyne the younger, Peter Taylor, and Richard Taylor, all of Heavitree
Four almshouses built on the land in PFT 25
1. to nominate inhabitants of the houses for his life and after his death his heirs to nominate; nominees to have spent most of their life working in Heavitree; no children allowed to dwell in the houses, and no unmarried woman under 50
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 7 December, 1603

Grant  3004A/PFT 27  16 December, 1610

1. Walter Skinner of Heavitree, labourer
2. George Glanfill, Thomas Leigh, John Payne, John German, Richard Leigh at Meare, John Glanfild son of George Glanfill, John Pyne, minor, William Pyne, John Mynify, son of Roger Mynify, Philip Ducke son of Philip Ducke, and Roger Leigh son of Thomas Leigh: all of Heavitree
1. to 2. £10 on trust for the poor in the almshouses

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 28  20 October, 1655

Parties as in PFT 24
1. appoint 2. as new feoffees of Ducke's Almshouses
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 24 March, 1655/6

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 29  17 July, 1686

1. George Glanvill, Nathaniel Pyne and Thomas Wilde of Heavitree, yeoman
2. Philip Ducke, Richard Ducke and William Isacke, gents., and Christopher Payne, Robert Smyth, Abraham Payne, Richard Pyne and Robert Wilcock, yeomen, all of Heavitree
Ducke's Almshouses
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 6 October, 1686

The Church House, Heavitree  [no ref. or date]

Grant  3004A/PFT 30  11 September, 1516

1. John Kelly, esq., son of Oliver Kelly and lord of the manor of Heavitree
2. Thomas Valence, vicar of Heavitree, John Gere, John Eton, Philip Grenewode, William Legh, John Parson, John Farewell John Coke, senior, Henry Farewell, Thomas Pynde, John West, Walter Legh, Thomas Wattys, John Ford, Hugh Legh, Peter Coke, and John Sowdon
Piece of land, part of the manor, containing 66 feet in length and 26 feet in width, between land held by Joan Farewell on the east, and land held by Henry Farewell on the west, the royal highway leading from Exeter to Wonford on the south, and land held by Henry Farewell on the north, on which is to be built a house to be called the Church House
Rent: 1d.
Appoints Robert Benet and Thomas Taillor as attornies

Grant  3004A/PFT 31  10 October, 1548

1. John Cheke, esq., and Walter Moyle of Boughton Aluff in Kent, esq.
2. John Predeaux of the Inner Temple, London, gent.
The Church House of Heavitree, an eighth part of a tin mine called Nunne, and a twelfth part of a tin mine called Knack in Buckfastleigh, for the maintenance of a priest in the Gild of St. Katherine, Buckfastleigh Appoints Robert Predeaux and Edward Bodleigh as attornies
Consideration: 100s.
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 27 December, 1548

Grant  3004A/PFT 32  13 January, 1550

1. John Predyaux of Upton Pyne, esq.
2. Thomas Charelton, Richard Wylls, Richard Mounstevyn at Wyndeyeat, Philip Duck, John Lee at Mare and John Pyne, all husbandmen of Heavitree
The Church House, Heavitree

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 33  20 January, 1573

1. John Lee at Mere, husbandman
John Pyne of Heavitree, husbandman
2. John Lee of Wonford, John Ducke, Philip Mounsteven, John Pyne, William Lee of Whipton and Richard Ducke
Property as in PFT 32

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 34  20 November, 1608

1. John Pyne the elder, William Leigh of Whipton, Philip Mountstephen and Thomas Leigh of Heavitree
2. John Isaacke, Roger Mynefye, George Glandfeilde, Thomas Isacke, John Payne, Richard Taylor the elder, Peter Cove, John German, George Hole, William Payne, John Lange, Richard Leigh att Meere, William Pyne, son of John Pyne above, John Glandfield, son of above George, John Pyne the younger, John Mynefye, son of above Roger, William Taylor son of Edward, deceased, John Payne, son of above John, Richard Taylor, son of above Richard and Roger Leigh, son of above Thomas, all of Heavitree
The Parish House
Appoints Thomas Pyne and William Carpenter as attornies
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 18 December, 1608

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 35  30 April, 1658

1. Richard Leigh att Meere
Roger Leigh of Woniford, son of Thomas Leigh, deceased
2. George Glanvill, Richard Ducke, son of Philip Ducke, Thomas Wilde the younger, William Leigh, son of above Richard, Richard Tayler, James Pyne, Roger Pyne, John Smyth the younger, William Isaacke, son of John Isacke, Richard Pyne, son of Richard Pyne, Thomas Pyne, son of Nathaniel Pyne, and Roger Thomas, son of Philip Thomas, all of Heavitree
The Parish House
Appoints Philip Ducke and Thomas Wilde the elder as attornies
Endorsed with note of livery of seisin, 2 June, 1658

General feoffments of parish lands (Heavitree and Sowton)  [no ref. or date]

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 36, 37  1, 2 May, 1689

1. Nathaniel Pyne, Philip Thomas, Thomas Wilde, William Isacke, Philip Ducke, Christopher Payne, John Pearce, Robert Smyth, Thomas Pyne, Abraham Payne, Radford Wilde, Richard Pyne, Richard Ducke, Thomas Glanvill, Robert Wilcocks, Robert Penny and Roger Thomas, surviving feoffees of lands belonging to the parish, church and poor of Heavitree
2. Jonathan Carter of Exeter, scrivener
Andrew Knight of Heavitree, husbandman
Recites inconveniences caused by the existence of different groups of feoffees for the different parish properties; 1. therefore convey to 2. in order to create a new trust, messuage called the Parish House, three messuages or tenements and 12 a. called St. Loyes, once part of the manor of East Wonford, fourth part of messuage or tenement and 46 a. called Moore at Sowton, formerly occupied by William Glanvill, a third part of closes called the Langlands, part of the manor of East Wonford, and a third part of a house, orchard and garden near Wonford Bridge, part of the manor of East Wonford, occupied by Mary Penny, widow

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 38, 39  27, 28 May, 1689

1. Jonathan Carter of Exeter, scrivener
Andrew Knight of Heavitree, husbandman
2. Nathaniel Pyne, Philip Ducke, William Isacke, Christopher Payne, John Pearse, Robert Smith, Richard Ducke, Abraham Payne, Richard Pyne, Robert Wilcoks, Robert Penny, Roger Thomas and William Taylor, all of Heavitree
Reconveys property in PFT 36, 37 on following trusts: Parish House, ¾ of St. Loyes and 2/3 of the ¼ of Moore's Tenement for the common good of the parish; the other ¼ of St. Loyes for the use of the church and poor people; the other 1/3 of the ¼ of Moore's, the 1/3 of Langlands and the house etc. near Wonford Bridge to be used for maintenance of the poor, except for 8/- for the poor of Ducke's Almshouses: all at discretion of 2.

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 40, 41  28, 29 September, 1724

1. Robert Smith and Abraham Payne, surviving trustees of PFT 38, 39
2. John Hickman of Heavitree, yeoman
Samuel Martyn, parish clerk of Heavitree
Property as in PFT 36, 37

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 42, 43  29, 30 October, 1724

1. John Hickman of Heavitree, yeoman
Samuel Martyn, parish clerk of Heavitree
2. Abraham Payne, Roger Cheeke, Thomas Wright, Henry Stone, George Glanville, Abraham Payne the younger, Humphry Wilcocks, Robert Penny, John Wilcocks, Robert Palmer, Nathaniel Pyne, Richard Payne and John Isaack, all of Heavitree
Property as in PFT 36, 37 on trusts as in PFT 38, 39

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 44, 45  7, 8 October, 1770

1. Richard Payne, late of Heavitree but now of St. David, Exeter, gent., only surviving feoffee of PFT 42, 43
2. Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde, bart., John Baring, Amrbose Rhodes, Philip Drake and William Spicer, Esquires, the Reverend John Simons, and John Dally, John Abbott and Jonas Denis the younger, gents., and Radford Pyne and Thomas Salter, yeoman
Property as in PFT 36, 37 on trusts as in PFT 38, 39

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 46, 47  1, 2 July, 1800

1. John Baring of Mount Radford, Esq., the Reverend George Moore of Heavitree, Archdeacon of Cornwall and the Reverend John Simons of Heavitree
2. Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde, bart., Edward Cotsford, John Baring the younger, John Jeffery Short, Ambrose Andrew Rhodes, and William Francis Spicer, esquires, the Reverend George Moore the younger, Thomas Salter and William Rew, yeoman, and John Wolland, maltster, all of Heavitree
Property as in PFT 36, 37 on trusts as in PFT 38, 39

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 48, 49  4, 5 November, 1811

1. John Baring of Mount Radford, Esq., Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde of Poltimore House, bart., John Baring the younger of Mount Radford, Esq., William Francis Spicer late of Wear, Devon, and now of London, Esq., the Reverend George Moore of Sowton and Thomas Salter of Heavitree, yeoman, the only surviving trustees of PFT 46, 47
2. John Jones of Exeter, attorney
3. George Warwick Bampfylde of Poltimore House, Esq., William Brock and Thomas Hutchinson the younger of Heavitree, esquires, the Reverend William Hutchinson of Heavitree, Pitman Jones of Heavitree, attorney, Thomas Rewe of Heavitree, gent., George Ambrose Rhodes of Bellair, Heavitree, esq., and William Wolland the younger of Heavitree, gent.
Property as in PFT 36, 37, on trusts as in PFT 38, 39
Attached is a list noting deaths and places of burial of trustees who died before next trust deed, 1836

St. Loyes, Heavitree (1481 - 1618)  [no ref. or date]

Lease  3004A/PFT 50  28 September, 1481

1. Robert Whityng and Otto Gilbert, esquires
2. Robert Cose, John Pynde at Pale, John Baker, and Richard Lancaster
Capital messuage and lands at Wonford called Seynt Lows, which John Wodeland, clerk, recently held
Term: 80 years
Rent: 40s.
Witnesses: Walter Gere, John Coke, and Henry Faux

Lease  3004A/PFT 51  4 April, 1551

1. John Rayne of Compton Paunseford, Somerset, Esq.
2. John Drewe, esquire
Fourth part of Seynt Lowes, Heavitree
Term: 33 years
Rent: 10s.

Feoffment  3004A/PFT 52  14 October, 1557

1. John Drewe, Esq.,
2. Richard Mounstephyn, John Pyne, John Legh of Whipton, Philip Ducke, William Tayllor and John Legh of Wonford
Messuage or tenement called St. Lowes

Lease  3004A/PFT 53  10 October, 1577

1. John Clement alias Fyshe of Sowton alias Clyst Fomison, yeoman
2. Richard Ducke, William Taylor, John Pynde, John Isacke, and Philip Mounstephen
Fourth part of tenement called St. Lowes
Term: 21 years
Rent: 10s.

Lease  3004A/PFT 54  10 April, 1583

1. Roger Ayshforde of Tale, Payhembury, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife
2. William Taylor of Heavitree
Fourth part of capital messuage called St. Loyes at Wonford, now leased to William Taylor, John Leighe, Philip Mountestephen and John Duck under a lease of 8 October, 1567
Term: 21 years, to commence after the lease recited above expired
Fine: £12
Rent: 10s.

Lease  3004A/PFT 55  26 March, 1582

1. Thomas Turberville of Beere Regis, Dorset, Esq., and Thomasyn his wife
2. Philip Mounstephen of Heavitree, husbandman
Fourth part of capital messuage called St. Loies in Wonford
Term: 21 years
Fine: £12
Rent: 10s.
Suit of court to 1. for their part of the manor of Wonford

Assignment  3004A/PFT 56  17 June, 1586

1. Richard Taylor of Heavitree, husbandman, executor of the will of William Taylor of Heavitree, deceased
2. John Isacke, John Leighe of Wonford, John Pyne, John Leighe att Meyre, William Leighe of Whipton and Richard Ducke, all parishioners of Heavitree
Recites PFT 54; 1. now assigns the lease to 2.
Consideration: not stated

Lease  3004A/PFT 57  23 June, 1598

1. William Walrond of Woodde, Devon, Esq.
2. Richard Ducke, John Pyne and Roger Menefye of Heavitree, yeomen
Moiety of capital messuage called St. Loies and 5 a. in the manor of East Wonford
Fine: £70
Rent: 20s.
Term: lives of John Menefye, son of Roger, Thomas Isacke son of Thomas, and Richard Leighe all of Heavitree
Endorsed with livery of seisin, 17 September, 1598

Agreement  3004A/PFT 58  27 July, 1598

1. Richard Ducke, John Pyne and Roger Menyfye of Heavitree, yeoman
2. William Walrond of Woode, Devon, Esq.
Concerning maintenance of buildings in lease PFT 57

Lease  3004A/PFT 59  29 September, 1498

1. Roger Leighe of Sowton, yeoman
2. Richard Ducke of Heavitree, yeoman
1. in right of his wife Elizabeth and wardship of her son John Clemente alias Fishe is seised of a fourth part of St. Loyes, which he leases to 2.
Fine: £33
Rent: 10s.
Term: 17 years from 1 June

Bond to observe covenants in PFT 59  3004A/PFT 60  29 September, 1598

Assignment  3004A/PFT 61  7 June, 1600

1. Richard Ducke of Heavitree, yeoman
2. William Bruton, gent., Philip Ducke, John German, Thomas Leighe, John Payne, Ralph Paidge and John Pyne the younger, all of Heavitree, yeoman
1. assigns to 2. the profits of his lease PFT 59 to be used for the benefit of the parish

Assignment  3004A/PFT 62  29 December, 1599

1. Richard Ducke, John Pyne and Roger Mynefie of Heavitree, yeomen
2. William Bruton, gent., Philip Ducke, John German, Thomas Leighe, John Payne, Ralph Paidge and John Pyne the younger, all of Heavitree, yeomen
1. assign to 2. the profits of their lease PFT 57, to be used for the benefit of the parish

Lease  3004A/PFT 63  5 June, 1618

1. John Clement alias Fishe, of Sowton, yeoman
Roger Lee and his wife Elizabeth, mother of John above
2. George Glanveilde and John Payne of Heavitree, yeomen
Fourth part of tenement called St. Loies
Fine: £60
Term: 99 years or lives of Philip Ducke, Roger Leigh, son of Thomas Leigh, and John Pyne, son of John Pyne, all of Heavitree
Rent: 10s.

Moore, Sowton (1568 - 1693)  [no ref. or date]

Lease and counterpart  3004A/PFT 64, 65  10 November, 1568

1. Nicholas Asheford of Asheford, Esq.
2. Roger Asheford, son of 1.
Fourth part of a tenement called Moore in the tything of Ringswell in Sowton, occupied by William Glanfild

Lease and counterpart  3004A/PFT 66, 67  20 November, 1572

1. Roger Aysheford, gent.
2. William Glampfilde of Sowton, husbandman, Agnes his wife and Ceceley his daughter
Property as in PFT 64, 65
Terms: lives of 2.
Rent: 2s..6d.

Lease  3004A/PFT 68  20 July, 1614

1. Richard Leigh of Heavitree, yeoman
2. William Glanfild of Sowton, yeoman
Fourth part of tenement and lands in Sowton, lately occupied by 2.
Term: 99 years or life of 2.
Rent: 12d.
Heriot: value of fourth part of best beast

Lease  3004A/PFT 69  29 May, 1617

1. Thomas Lee the elder, George Hole, Walter Moore, Thomas Pyne the elder, William Forde, John Pyne the elder, William Pyne the elder, William Tayler the elder, Richard Tayler the younger, John Pitte, Philip Ducke and Charles Duck of Heavitree, yeoman
2. Fitzwilliam Southcote of Clyst St. Mary, gent.
Property as in PFT 64, 65 lately occupied by John Glandfill of Heavitree
Term: 99 years or lives of 2. and his sons Thomas and Richard
Rent: £8

Lease  3004A/PFT 70  1 March, 1636

1. Roger Isacke, gent., Thomas Leigh, Thomas Pyne, William Taylor, Philip Ducke, Richard Taylor, and William Glanvill of Heavitree, yeomen
2. John Leigh of Sowton, yeoman
Fourth part of messuage and land called More in Sowton, occupied by 2.
Rent: £8
Term: 99 years or lives of 2., his wife Sarah and son John Endorsed with note of surrender of lease by Sarah Lee of Sowton, widow, to feoffees in PFT 71, in favour of her grandson, John Lee

Lease  3004A/PFT 71  22 February, 1693

1. Nathaniel Pyne, Philip Duck, William Isacke, Christopher Payne, John Pearce, Richard Duck, Abraham Payne, Robert Smyth, Robert Wilcox, Richard Pyne, gent., Roger Thomas and William Taylor of Heavitree, yeomen
2. John Leigh of Sowton, gent.
Property as in PFT 70
Fine: £22
Rent: £8
Term: 99 years or lives of 2. Roger son of Roger Lee of Sowton and John son of John Daily of Braodclyst

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

(Heavitree, Honiton, Sowton)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  3004A/PFT 72  4 July, 1571

Copy enrolment of judgement in a case of trespass, John Clement alias Fyshe v. John Ducke, Richard Roger, Philip Mountsteven, John Pyne, John Leghe of Whipton, William Taylor, John Legh of Wonford, William Mountsteven, John Wheaton and John Pyne, Easter 1567

Final Concord  3004A/PFT 73  Trinity, 26 Eliz. 1584

Roger Warre, Esq., and Edward Cottell, querents Roger Asheforde, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants
Moiety of two messuages, two gardens, two orchards, 18 a. of land, 10 a. of meadow, and 50 a. of pasture in Honiton and Upton Prodeham, and the fourth part of a messuage, garden orchard, 10 a. of land, and 1 a. of meadow in St. Loyes

Final Concord  3004A/PFT 74  Easter, 29 Eliz. 1587

John Lye and William Glanfeild, querents Roger Ayshford, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants
Fourth part of the manor of East Wonford and ten messuages, eleven gardens, ten orchards, 40 a. of land, 40 a. of meadow, 20 a. of woods, 20 a. of heath and furze, and rent charge of £30..6s..8d. in Heavitree and Sowton

(Heavitree and Sowton)  [no ref. or date]

Bond  3004A/PFT 75  17 August, 1614

Richard Leighe of Meere, Heavitree, yeoman to Thomas Isacke, gent., and John Payne, yeoman, of Heavitree
To observe covenants, fourth part of Moore lately occupied by William Clanfield

Lease  3004A/PFT 76  25 March, 1725

1. Abraham Payne, Roger Cheeke, Thomas Wright, Henry Stone, George Glanville, Abraham Payne, junior, Humphry Wilcocks, Robert Penny, John Wilcocks, Robert Palmer, Nathaniel Pyne, Richard Payne and John Isaack, feoffees of Heavitree parish
2. Richard Collings of Heavitree, yeoman
Third part of two closes called Langlands, late in the possession of John Thomas, deceased, in Heavitree
Term: 7 years
Rent: £4

Counterpart lease  3004A/PFT 77  1 July, 1772

1. Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde, bart., John Baring, Ambrose Rhodes, Philip Drake and William Spicer, Esquires, the Reverend George Moore and the Reverend John Simons, John Dally, John Abbott and Jonas Dennis, gents., and Radford Pyne and Richard Payne feoffees of Heavitree parish
2. Thomas Salter of Heavitree, yeoman
Messuage and five closes called St. Loyes (10 a.) formerly held by Thomas Harding as tenant, except for the chapel and chamber over the kitchen, used by the feoffees and inhabitants for parish business
Term: 21 years
Rent: £32

Lease and counterpart  3004A/PFT 78, 79  24 March, 1794

1. John Baring of Mount Radford, St. Leonard, Esq., the Reverend George Moore, Vicar of Heavitree, Archdeacon of Cornwall and a canon of the Cathedral, the Reverend John Simons of Heavitree and Thomas Salter of Heavitree, yeoman
2. John Jones of Exeter, gent.
Field called The Acre (1 a.), part of St. Loyes, lately occupied by Thomas Harding and now by Thomas Salter and 2. as under-tenant, adjoining a field belonging to 2. lately purchased of the Reverend John Simons and William Luscombe of Exeter, apothecary
Term: 500 years from 25 March, 1806, when Salter's lease would expire
Rent: £3
Lease endorsed with note of surrender by Pitman Jones, 20 July, 1823

Counterpart lease  3004A/PFT 80  20 May, 1807

1. John Baring the elder of Mount Radford, esq., Edward Colsford of Clist House, esq., John Baring the younger of London, esq., William Francis Spicer of London, esq., George Moore of Sowton, clerk, and John Wolland of Heavitree, maltster, feoffees of Heavitree parish
2. Thomas Salter of Heavitree, gent.
Messuage and four closes called St. Loyes (8 a.), occupied by 2.
Term: 21 years
Rent: £29

Copy of PFT 49, and receipt for original deeds  3004A/PFT 81, 82  5 November, 1811

Lease  3004A/PFT 83  20 July, 1823

1. John Baring of Queen Square, London, Esq., William Francis Spicer of London, Esq., Thomas Salter of Heavitree, gent., Sir George Warwick Bampfylde of Poltimore, bart., William Brock of Heavitree, Esq., Thomas Hutchinson of Exeter, barrister, Pitman Jones of Heavitree, Esq., Thomas Rewe of Heavitree, gent., and George Ambrose Rhodes of Bellair, Heavitree, Esq., feoffees of Heavitree parish
2. John Carew of Exeter, Esq.
Property as in PFT 79
Term: 21 years
Rent: £4

Lease  3004A/PFT 84  1 February, 1828

1. John Baring of Bath, Esq., William Francis Spicer of London, Esq., Thomas Salter of Heavitree, yeoman, Sir George Warwick Bampfylde of Poltimore House, bart., William Brock of Heavitree, esq., Thomas Hutchinson of Exeter, barrister, Pitman Jones of Exeter, attorney, Thomas Rewe of Heavitree, gent., and George Ambrose Rhodes of Bellair, Heavitree, Esq., feoffees of Heavitree parish
2. William Vickary of Heavitree, yeoman
Messuage and four closes called St. Loyes (9 a.)
Term: 7 years
Rent: £55

Conveyance (copy)  3004A/PFT 85  12 February, 1830

1. Edmund Pusey Lyon of Staplake House, Devon
James Pitman of Dunchideock House, Devon
John Sillifant of Coombe House, Devon; Trustees of Exeter Turnpike
2. Hugh Myddleton Ellicombe of Exeter, Treasurer to Trustees
3. The Reverend Arthur Atherley of Heavitree
James Tillyer Blunt of Heavitree, Esq.
1. and 2. to 3., pieces of land near former Daniels' and Woollands' Tenements in the Middle Row, now demolished, measuring 64' 6 inches from east to west, and 17' 6 inches from north to south, on trust for the parishioners of Heavitree
Consideration: £68

Covenant  3004A/PFT 86  12 February, 1830

1. Arthur Atherley, vicar of Heavitree
James Tillyer Blount of Heavitree, Esq.
2. Edward Eardley of Heavitree, china-man
3. Richard Strong of St. Leonard, gent.
4. Thomas Beal of Heavitree, butcher
5. William Hooper of Heavitree, gent.
6. Christopher Saunders of Heavitree, baker
7. John Maers of Heavitree, butcher
8. Thomas Herbert of Exeter, cordwainer
9. William Hooper the younger, and Henry Hooper both of Exeter, builders
10. Hugh Myddelton Ellicombe of Exeter, Treasurer to Exeter Turnpike Trustees
Recites demolition of Middle Row and making of a new footpath
1. covenant to 2.-9. not to build on the land

Lease for a year and copy release  3004A/PFT 87, 88  8, 9 June, 1836

1. John Baring of Queen Street, May Fair, Middlesex, Esq., William Francis Spicer of Courtlands, Littleham, Devon, Esq., Thomas Salter of Heavitree, gent., George Warwick, Baron Poltimore of Poltimore, Thomas Hutchinson of Exeter, Esq., Pitman Jones of Heavitree, gent., and George Ambrose Rhodes of Bellair, Heavitree, Esq.
2. William Slocombe Tucker of Heavitree, gent.
3. The Reverend Arthur Atherley, Edward Hewish Adams, gent., James Salter, Esq., John Bussell, gent., the Reverend Charles Tucker, James Salter, Esq., Edward Lloyd Saunders, Esq., John Milford, Esq., Joseph William Crabb, Esq., Robert Rew, yeoman, James Wake, Esq., Robert Rookes, yeoman, Thomas Upham Salter, yeoman, and the Reverend John Warren, D.D.
All the trust property as in PFT 36, 37, plus the South-field (1 a. 1 r. 1 p.) and the Lapthorne (1 a. 2 r. 26 p.) both in the manor and parish of Heavitree

Copy Lease  3004A/PFT 89  20 March, 1838

1. Feoffees as in PFT 88 3.
2. Elizabeth Hayward of Sowton, spinster
One fourth of messuage and 42 a. called Moor or Little Moor in Sowton, formerly occupied by Richard Hayward, deceased, and of two messuages in Sowton adjoining the Exeter-Sidmouth road, occupied by William Langsford, wheel-wright, and William Richards, labourer
Term: 7 years
Rent: £25 p.a.

Lease  3004A/PFT 90  2 May, 1838

1. Feoffees as in PFT 88 3.
2. John Cloade Maeers of Heavitree, butcher
Tenement called St. Loyes (9 a.), lately occupied by William Vickery
Term: 7 years
Rent: £63

Lease  3004A/PFT 91  11 March, 1845

1. The Reverend Arthur Atherley, Edward Hewish Adams and John Bussell, esquires, the Reverend Charles Tucker, James Salter, John Milford and Joseph William Crabb, esquires, Robert Rew, yeoman, Thomas Upham Salter, gent., and the Reverend John Warren, D.D., all of Heavitree
2. John Salter of Heavitree, gent.
Tenement called St. Loyes (9 a.) occupied by John Cloade Maeers
Term: 7 years
Rent: £50

Lease  3004A/PFT 92  23 March, 1852

1. The Reverend Arthur Atherley, Edward Hewish Adams, John Bussell, James Salter, John Milford and Joseph William Crabb, esquires, Robert Rew, yeoman and Thomas Upham Salter, gent., all of Heavitree
2. James Sclater of Heavitree, gardener
3. Richard Gould of Heavitree, yeoman
St. Loyes Tenement (9 a. 1 4. 8 p.), to 2.
Term: 7 years
Rent: £41 p.a.

Draft lease  3004A/PFT 93  1853

1. The Reverend Arthur Atherley, Edward Hewish Adams, John Bussell, James Salter, John Milford and Joseph William Crabb, esquires, Robert Rew, yeoman and Thomas Upham Salter, gent., all of Heavitree
2. Elizabeth Hayward of Sowton, spinster
Fourth part of messuage and lands called Moor or Little Moor (42 a.) and of two messuages in Sowton
Term: 7 years
Rent: [blank]

Lease  3004A/PFT 94  21 March, 1859

1. Edward Hewish Adams, John Milford and Joseph William Crabb, esquires, Robert Rew, yeoman, and Thomas Upham Salter, gent., all of Heavitree
2. James Sclater of Heavitree, nurseryman
3. Charles Gould of Heavitree, gent.
Field, part of St. Loyes Meadow (4 a. 1 r. 29 p.) and field or garden called Pound of Chapel Park (2 a. 1 r. 8 p.) in Heavitree, occupied by 2., and a barn
Term: 7 years
Rent: £42

Copies of PFT 1-14, 38-47  3004A/PFT 95-115  1587 - 1800

Volume containing abstract ot title to parish lands, made c. 1814, abstracting many of the deeds PFT 1-49 and also one deed from Bundle C, (which was missing in 1921) concerning Langlands and Tan Yard, 1686.  3004A/PFT 116  (1516) - 1874

Volume also contains:
Inside front cover:
Memoranda of conveyances of parish lands, 1828-1874, and map of parish lands, 1809, by Alexr. Law and assistants
p. 1 rental of parish lands, 1814
p.79 oath of William Gate of Heavitree, labourer, concerning the parish field, 1824
p.81 covenant of Dorothy Davy of Heavitree, spinster, concerning rent for one third of the Tan Yard, 1823
At back: plan of fields at Whipton by John Pascoe, 1829
In folder at back: four plans of parish lands in Heavitree and Sowton, c.1820

The Parish Field  [no ref. or date]

Lease and counterpart  3004A/PFT 117a,b  29 September, 1767

1. George Glanville and Richard Payne of Heavitree, yeomen, surviving feoffees
2. Thomas Harding and Thomas Salter of Heavitree, gents., churchwardens
3. John Baring of Mount Radford, esq.
The Parish Field (1½ a.), bounded by the lands of 3. on the east, north and south, and by the Exeter-Topsham Road on the west
Term: 1,000 years
Rent: £1..6s..8d.

Lease  3004A/PFT 118  20 July, 1823

1. Feoffees as in PFT 83
2. David Swale, yeoman, and Christopher Saunders, baker, both of Heavitree, churchwardens
3. David Swale and John Hooper, baker, overseers of the poor
4. Peter Pare Travers of Fair Field Lodge, Topsham, esq.
Recites surrender of PFT 117a,b
Term: 21 years
Rent: £2 p.a.

Foremost Park  [no ref. or date]

Abstract of Title  3004A/PFT 119  1788

Of John Mitchell to a messuage and three closes called Foremost Park, the Barnhay and the Little Field in South Wonford, and close (2 a.) near the church
Recites deeds from 1665

Attested copies, lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 120, 121  26, 27 September, 1788

1. John Stoodly of Exeter, gent.
2. William Taylor of Cruwys Morchard, yeoman
3. John Mitchell of Heavitree, carpenter, eldest grandson and heir of Thomas Avery of Heavitree, yeoman
4. Joseph Burrow of Exeter, gent.
5. Ralph Swale of Heavitree, yeoman
6. John Swale of Exeter, vintner
1. with approval of 2. to 4. in trust for 5.
Premises as in PFT 119
Consideration: £471..14s. 5. to 1.
£188.. 6s. 5. to 3.

Attested copy, marriage settlement  3004A/PFT 122  2 March, 1791

1. Ralph Swale of Heavitree, yeoman
2. Prudence Copplestone of Heavitree, spinster
3. The Rev. John Simons of Heavitree
Zachariah Kingdon of Exeter, lace and fringe weaver
1. to 3. premises as in PFT 119
2. to 3. tenement in Ottery St. Mary called Tanford or Talford, near Knightstone capital messuage

Plan of property in PFT 119  3004A/PFT 123  n.d

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 124, 125  13 August, 1793

1. The Rev. John Simons of Heavitree Zachariah Kingdon of Exeter, lace and fringe weaver
2. Ralph Swale of Heavitree, yeoman and Prudence his wife
3. John Swale of Exeter, vintner
4. John Jones of Exeter, gent.
5. William Cutcliffe of Exeter surgeon
And 6. William Gater of Exeter, apothecary; trustees for 4.
1. with consent of 2. to 4., field called Foremost Park, adjoining the lane from Heavitree Bridge to South Wonford [other abuttals stated]
Consideration: £307..10s.

Abstract of title; of Pitman Jones to Foremost Park  3004A/PFT 126  1855

[Recites PFT 122, 124, 125 and subsequent title]

Schedule of deeds; relating to the property  3004A/PFT 127  1855

Valuation; of Foremost Park and part of St. Loyes Meadow, with application to Charity Commissioners to exchange, exchange order, with plan, and copy certificate of redemption of Land Tax  3004A/PFT 128-131  1855

Southfield and Lapthorne  [no ref. or date]

Lease for one year and release  3004A/PFT 132, 133  24, 25 December, 1827

1. Sir Thomas Baring of Stratton Park, Hampshire, bart.
2. Henry Baring of Somerley House, Hampshire, esq.
3. Peter Pare Travers of Fairfield Lodge, Topsham, esq.
Lapthorne Field (1 a. 1 r. 2 p.)
Consideration: £200 3. to 1.
Covenants: production by 1. of deeds back to 1733, survey of the manor by W. Wapshare in 1740 (Z 17/3/10), and "a map or plan of the same Manor made by the same person in 1742"
Marginal plan

Lease for a year and release  3004A/PFT 134, 135  24, 25 December, 1827

1. Sir Thomas Baring of Stratton Park, Hampshire, bart.
2. Henry Baring of Somerley House, Hampshire, esq.
3. Pitman Jones, of Heavitree, attorney
4. John Warren of Exeter, attorney
The Southfield (1 a. 1 r. 1 p.) and part of Lapthorne Field
Consideration: £250 3. to 1.
Covenants as in PFT 133
Marginal plan

Deed of Exchange  3004A/PFT 136  16 December, 1828

1. John Baring, late of Mount Radford, but not of Brighthelmpstone, Sussex, esq., William Francis Spicer of Courtlands, Devon, esq., Thomas Salter of Heavitree, yeoman, Sir George Warwick Bampfylde of Poltimore, bart., William Brock of Heavitree, esq., Thomas Hutchinson, late of Heavitree but now of Exeter, barrister, Pitman Jones of Heavitree, attorney, Thomas Rew of Heavitree, gent., and George Ambrose Rhodes of Bellair, esq., surviving feoffees
2. Thomas Upham Salter of Heavitree, churchwarden, and John Hooper and John Ellicombe, overseers of the poor
3. Peter Pare Travers of Fairfield Lodge, Topsham, esq.
1. and 2. to 3. the Parish Field (1¼ a.), in return for part of Lapthorne Field
Marginal plans

Deed of Exchange  3004A/PFT 137  16 December, 1828

1. Pitman Jones of Heavitree, attorney
2. John Warren of Exeter, attorney
3. Feoffees, as in 1. in PFT 136
4. William Rew of Heavitree, a temporary trustee in place of Pitman Jones
5. Parties as in 3.
3. to 1. their close called Acre Close (1 a. 1 r. 4 p.), in exchange for the South Field (1 a. 1 r. 1 p.) and part of a field called Lapthorne
Marginal plans

Plans; of lands exchanged in PFT 136, 137 with some correspondence  3004A/PFT 138-140  1827 - 1832

Lease  3004A/PFT 141  20 March, 1829

1. Feoffees, as in 1. PFT 136
2. John Clarke and William Goodridge, churchwardens
3. James Tillyer Blunt and Thomas Upham Salter, overseers of the poor
4. William Barrell of Heavitree, coal merchant
South Field and Lapthorne
Terms: South Field 6½ years, Lapthorne 7 years
Rents: £7 and £7
Marginal plans

Lease  3004A/PFT 142  2 May, 1838

1. Feoffees as in PFT 88 3.
2. John Alford, cowkeeper, of Heavitree
The South Field, lately occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth Barrell
Term: 7 years
Rent: £11..10s.

Lease  3004A/PFT 143  2 May, 1838

1. Feoffees as in PFT 88 3.
2. William Thomas of Heavitree, cheesemonger
Lapthorne Field
Term: 7 years
Rent: £13..10s.

Lease  3004A/PFT 144  4 March, 1845

1. Feoffees as in PFT 91
2. Francis Hooke of Heavitree, gardener
The South Field
Term: 7 years
Rent: £7..10s.

Lease  3004A/PFT 145  4 March, 1845

1. Feoffees as in PFT 91
2. Robert Pengilley of Heavitree, brickmaker
Lapthorne Field
Term: 7 years
Rent: £9..10s.

Deed of Exchange  3004A/PFT 146  1935

Copies information: [D 5/17/6a]

Note that original deed of exchange of 19th July, 1855, was handed to the City Council when they purchased St. Loyes in 1932

Administration  [no ref. or date]

Accounts and minutes  [no ref. or date]

Loose account sheets of wardens of St. Loyes  3004A/PFA 1  1741 - 1651

Related information: [For earlier accounts see 3004 A/PW 4/1, 2 and scope field of PW3]

The accounts of the wardens of St. Loyes in the eighteenth century, included little churchwarden material and became more like usual feoffees' accounts. The accounts in PFA 1 are of a mixed nature, sometimes headed "Warden of St. Loyes", on one occasion "St. Loyes and other Estates", but often unheaded. A note at the front of PFA 2 states that by 1770 the number of feoffees was reduced to one, and a new set were appointed. "At the request of his Co-Trustees, John Simons was prevailed upon to undertake the Office of Treasurer + acting Feoffee under the Trust; or (as it had heretofore been called) the Office of 'Warden of St. Loyes'." Under Simons the accounts are purely of a charity kind.]

Feoffees' account book, with some minutes  3004A/PFA 2  1770 - 1830

Related information: [See scope field of 3004 A/PFA 1]

Feoffees' minute book, with accounts  3004A/PFA 3  1836 - 1888

[At the front is a description of the actions in Chancery 1830-1836 which resulted in the appointment of new feoffees, and new rules for the administration of the parish charities]

Draft minutes and notices of meetings  3004A/PFA 4- 14  1836 - 1838

Ledger, with statements of accounts  3004A/PFA 15  1909 - 1929

Volume used to record allotment rents, 1910-1914, and as ledger, 1922-1927  3004A/PFA 16  1910 - 1927

Allotment rent book  3004A/PFA 17  1926 - 1930

Account book  3004A/PFA 18  1925 - 1981

Account sheets  3004A/PFA 19- 38  1829 - 1979

[Some drafts; large gaps in series; those for 1878-1885 are printed and include balance sheets for the day and Sunday schools]

Volume listing collections of alms by district visitors, and recording distribution of alms to poor; also lists contributions to and distributions by the Coal Club  3004A/PFA 39  1863 - 1870

As PFA 39  3004A/PFA 40  1871 - 1886

Book containing annual notes of the balances of the various parish charities  3004A/PFA 41  1898 - 1924

Bundles of bills and vouchers  [no ref. or date]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 42  1825-1826


[Includes bills for churchwardens and constables]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 43  1837-1838


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 44  1838-1839


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 45  1840-1841


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 46  1841-1842


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 47  1842-1843


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 48  1844-1845


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 49  1845-1846


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 50  1846-1847


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 51  1847-1848


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 52  1848-1849


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 53  1849-1850


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 54  1850-1851


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 55  1851-1852


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 56  1852-1853


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 57  1853-1854


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 58  1854-1869


[Includes two bank books, 1837-1859]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 59  1854-1855


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 60  1855-1863


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 61  1855-1857


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 62  1855-1856


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 63  1856-1857


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 64  1857-1866


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 65  1857-1858


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 66  1858-1859


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 67  1859-1861


[Includes account sheet for 1859-60, a bill 1863, and letter re a privy 1854]

Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 68  1861-1862


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 69  1863-1864


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 70  1864-1865


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 71  1865-1866


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 72  1866-1867


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 73  1867-1868


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 74  1868-1869


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 75  1869-1870


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 76  1897-1898, 1901-1902, 1902-1903


Bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 77  1830-1869


[Mostly 1860's]

Miscellaneous bills and vouchers  3004A/PFA 78  1925 - 1979


Legal papers  [no ref. or date]

Case for opinion concerning premises in Heavitree, Exeter St. Sidwell and Bradninch, which Charity Trapnell mortgaged to the parish overseers in 1733  3004A/PFA 79- 86  1772

With copy mortgage and two copies of the will of the Rev. John Ellis of Chudleigh, 1710, who bequeathed part of the property to her, writs for ejectment, and statement of monies paid to her by the parish 1725-1752

Case for the feoffees and opinion of Thomas Arthur Trollope, Lincoln's Inn, on the trust deed then current  3004A/PFA 87  1814

Office copy of the Master in Chancery's Report approving new scheme and trustees, with two copy extracts  3004A/PFA 88- 90  1835

Chancery Order and Minutes, approving new scheme  3004A/PFA 91, 92  1835

Affidavit of debt by feoffees, with draft  3004A/PFA 93, 94  1836

Chancery notice concerning feoffees' debts  3004A/PFA 95  1837

File of papers concerning dispute over boundary wall of parish lands  3004A/PFA 96  1845

Printed statement of trusts affecting charity lands, and account of property held, with note of annual value  3004A/PFA 97-100  1858

[With three manuscript drafts]

Notice of meeting of ratepayers to elect new trustees, with notes and counsel's opinion on the parish trusts  3004A/PFA 101-105  1927

Miscellaneous administrative papers  [no ref. or date]

Note book compiled by the Reverend John Simons, giving the history of the purchase and administration of the parish lands  3004A/PFA 106  c.1770

Sheets of notes on parish lands by the Reverend John Simons  3004A/PFA 107-110  c.1770

Map of parish lands by Alexander Law, surveyor  3004A/PFA 111  1809

Application by Pitman Jones for clerkship to the trustees, with details of his charges  3004A/PFA 112, 113  1837

Claim for allowances for taxes paid on charity lands  3004A/PFA 114  1844

[Lands scheduled, with names of occupiers and rents paid]

Lists of names of freeholders, 1851, and of nineteenth-century trustees  3004A/PFA 115-120  1851 - 1873

Two schedules of charity lands, one taken from the tithe map  3004A/PFA 121, 122  1857

Certificate of contract of redemption of Land Tax, with plan and covering letter  3004A/PFA 123, 124  1874, 1875

Notices to landowners under Exeter Corporation Bill  3004A/PFA 125-127  1927

Insurance policy for feoffees' property  3004A/PFA 128  1936

Administration: Individual Charities  [no ref. or date]

Brome Coal Club  [no ref. or date]

Minute book  3004A/PFA 129  1916 - 1924

Bundle of papers, including draft scheme for administration, counsel's opinion, and correspondence  3004A/PFA 130  1916 - 1917

Printed leaflet about the club, blank ticket, notes by the vicar and letter  3004A/PFA 131-134  c.1920 - 1924

Brome Assistant Clergy Fund  [no ref. or date]

Extract from will of Miss Julia Bythesea Brome concerning endowment of the fund  3004A/PFA 135  n.d.; c.1915

Appointment of trustees and declaration of trust  3004A/PFA 136  1916

Collingwood's Gift  [no ref. or date]

Extract from will of Mrs. Anne Lempriere Collingwood, d. 1856, with related legal correspondence and extract from order made in Chancery, 1857  3004A/PFA 137-143  1856 - 1857

Bill for legal expenses in a dispute over the charity  3004A/PFA 144  1869

Sealed scheme of Charity Commissioners  3004A/PFA 145  1879

Ducke's Almshouses  [no ref. or date]

Account book  3004A/PFA 146  1663 - 1699

Report by Charles Hedgeland recommending demolition and rebuilding  3004A/PFA 147  1850

Subscription books for the rebuilding, with bills, receipts and estimates  3004A/PFA 148  1850 - 1858

Bundle of papers put together by Pitman Jones, clerk to the trustees  3004A/PFA 149  1854 - 1858

Includes bills, report on new houses, and rules for inmates

Statement of accounts for 1914-1916, with covering letter from the vicar  3004A/PFA 150, 151  1914 - 1917

Bundle of modern papers  3004A/PFA 152  1965 - 1977

Conditions of access: Not to be produced

Including correspondence about a rent-charge payable from the occupier of Clyst Marsh, sealed Charity Commission order linking Ducke's and other Heavitree parish charities with those of St. Petrock, Exeter, correspondence with the clerk to St. Petrock Feoffees, and plan for modernisation of Ducke's Almshouses, 1972

Langdon  [no ref. or date]

File of correspondnece on bequest of Miss Langdon of 34 Matford Avenue  3004A/PFA 153  1967

Langlands  [no ref. or date]

Notice to Henry Manning to quit  3004A/PFA 154  1838

Two draft letters from the feoffees concerning H. Manning's felling of trees on Langlands, and a letter from Manning to accompany a cheque to cover damages  3004A/PFA 155-157  1838

Sale poster for trees on Langlands, Pyne's Farm, Digby's Estate and Landcombe, the sale to be held at Batten's Horse and Groom Inn, Heavitree  3004A/PFA 158, 159  1851

two copies

Notice to James Endacott to quit  3004A/PFA 160, 161  1857

two copies

Lapthorne Field  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See Southfield and Lapthorne

St. Loyes  [no ref. or date]

Notices and resolutions of feoffees' meetings concerning eviction of Thomas Harding from St. Loyes because of his refusal to settle his outstanding rent, and similar in respect of Mary Phillips, in arrear with Tanyard, with a draft speech on the affair by the Rev. John Simons  3004A/PFA 162-165  1770 - 1771

Case for opinion, bill in chancery, and informations and replies, with related papers  3004A/PFA 166-172  1771

Thos. Harding's bond to the vicar and trustees, and release to them following an arbitration award  3004A/PFA 173, 174  1772

Award of John Short and John Heath of Exeter, with letter from the Rev. John Simons objecting to it, Heath's reply, and final legal bill  3004A/PFA 175-178  1772

Certificate of sale by the Commissioners of Land Revenue to the feoffees of a rent charge of 6d. p.a. on St. Loyes, 1788, with three related letters  3004A/PFA 179-182  1787 - 1788

Report of John Kenshole, recommending demolition of the present farm and rebuilding  3004A/PFA 183  1837

Notice to William Vickery to quit St. Loyes  3004A/PFA 184  1837

Sale poster for building materials from the farm and poundhouse  3004A/PFA 185  1838

7 copies

Auctioneer's account for the sale  3004A/PFA 186  1838

Draft conditions for an auction for leasing the lands  3004A/PFA 187  1838

Sale poster for leases of St. Loyes, South Field and Lapthorne, the auction to be held at the Ship Inn, Heavitree  3004A/PFA 188  1838

Conditions of auction of timber on St. Loyes, and for letting St. Loyes, Southfield and Lapthorne, with sale poster 18 copies describing all lots  3004A/PFA 189-191  1844

Tenders for building a bridge at St. Loyes  3004A/PFA 192-194  1850

Sale poster for lease of St. Loyes, Southfield, Lapthorne and Newcombe 8 copies, with tenders and other correspondence  3004A/PFA 195-210  1852

Bundle of papers concerning exchange by the feoffees of part of St. Loyes Meadow for Foremost Park, including copy order of the Charity Commissioners, with plan  3004A/PFA 211  1854 - 1855

Sale poster, leave of Barn Close, St. Loyes Meadow and Chapel Park  3004A/PFA 212  1858

Notices to Mrs. Bond to quit Foremost Park  3004A/PFA 213, 214  1863, 1864

Correspondence concerning the tenancy of James Sclater, nurseryman  [no ref.]  1865 - 1879

Letter from Sclater enquiring about the terms of a new lease, written on the back of his handbill listing and pricing named varieties of soft fruits, plants, and filbert, quince, medlar, pear and apple trees  3004A/PFA 215  1865

Reply from clerk to feoffees, with draft notes of value of the land  3004A/PFA 216, 217  1865

Letter from Sclater, Home Living, Heavitree, covering rent payment  3004A/PFA 218  1868

Letter from C. Sclater, Devon Nurseries, Heavitre Bridge, requesting a reduction in the rent because of a bad season  3004A/PFA 219  1879

[On paper with bill-head of James Sclater and Co.]

Printed sale poster and manuscript draft for leasing St. Loyes Meadow and Chapel Park  3004A/PFA 220, 221  1873

St. Loyes Almshouses  [no ref. or date]

Order by the Charity Commissioners allowing rebuilding with related letters and draft financial notes  3004A/PFA 222-229  1873

Moore (Little Moor Farm, Sowton)  [no ref. or date]

Loose estate account sheets  3004A/PFA 230  1652 - 1666, 1741 - 1750, 1770 - 1773

Valuation by John Pascoe  3004A/PFA 231  1829

Notes comparing valuations of 1829 and 1837  3004A/PFA 232, 233  1837

Valuation by William Cleeve, with two copies and draft letter  3004A/PFA 234-237  1837

Notice to Mrs. Susan Haywood to quit  3004A/PFA 238, 239  1838

Letter concerning new lease  3004A/PFA 240  1853

Two letters concerning repairs to the barn and draft letter from trustees refusing to pay the bills  3004A/PFA 241-243  1856

Letter from Miss Hayward to trustees stating that the pound house needed repairs  3004A/PFA 244  1856

Valuation by William Dawson, including plan with receipted bill  3004A/PFA 245, 246  1857

Draft letter from trustees' to Mr. Pidsley, Moor Farm, authorising rebuilding of pound house  3004A/PFA 247  1858

Bundle of papers concerning sale of Little Moor Farm, including valuation and plan  3004A/PFA 248  1873 - 1875

Nut's Gift  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Pitman Jones to the Reverend Arthur Atherley concerning distribution of the gift  3004A/PFA 249  1823

Declaration of death of the Reverend Arthur Atherley, one of the trustees  3004A/PFA 250  1858

Notes on bank balance  3004A/PFA 251, 252  1856 - 1858

Poor House (or Church House)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For later material see 3004 A/PE 12-21

Case and counsel's opinion on demolition of the building  3004A/PFA 253  1838

(With copy)

Copy letter to Pitman Jones giving legal advice on leasing or selling the House, with duplicate application form to the Poor Law Commissioners  3004A/PFA 254, 255  1838

Notice to inhabitants to quit the House  3004A/PFA 256  1840

Report by Charles Hedgeland advising demolition and rebuilding  3004A/PFA 257  1840

Sampson's Trust  [no ref. or date]

Account book  3004A/PFA 258  1910 - 1927

Account sheets  3004A/PFA 259, 260  1910 - 1917

Chancery order, 1913, and related correspondence  3004A/PFA 261-264  1911 - 1914

Covering letter for payment of rent of nos. 51 and 52 Regents Square  3004A/PFA 265  1918

Specification and tenders for work at Sampson's Almshouses  3004A/PFA 266-269  1939

Bundle of papers including correspondence relating to partial demolition and sale of nos. 1-3 Manor Cottages (120 Fore Street, Heavitree), and sealed order of the Charity Commissioners, 1968  3004A/PFA 270  1965 - 1978

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2009

Serle's Gift  [no ref. or date]

Volume intended as an inventory of charity funds, but the only entry relates to Serle's  3004A/PFA 271  n.d.; 19th cent

Southfield and Lapthorne, later Allotments for the Poor  [no ref. or date]

Sale poster for lease of the two fields For other sale posters see under St. Loyes  3004A/PFA 272  1829

four copies

Notices to William Barrell to quit  3004A/PFA 273, 274  1837

two copies

Notice by Francis Hooke of assignment to John Martin of Heavitree, cowkeeper, of his lease of South Field  3004A/PFA 275  1846

Tender by John Martyn for a lease of the two fields for seven years  3004A/PFA 276  1852

Draft letter concerning the fields  3004A/PFA 277  n.d.; c.1851

Resolution of trustees to divide the fields into allotments, with list of lessees, and note of terms of leases  3004A/PFA 278-282  1852 - 1856

Tenancy agreements with George Wheaton, Robert Yates, Robert Bull, William Lethbridge and Frederick Trend, all of Heavitree, labourers  3004A/PFA 283-287  September, 1855

Tenancy agreements with John Martin and James Bambury of Heavitree, labourers  3004A/PFA 288, 289  October, 1855

Tenancy agreement with John Pinwell of Heavitree, labourer  3004A/PFA 290  January, 1856

Tenancy agreements with John Lethbridge, William Canniford and John Collins of Heavitree, labourers, and Robert Coombes of Heavitree, mason  3004A/PFA 291-294  March, 1856

Letter from John Warren complaining of fowls feeding on his corn  3004A/PFA 295  1855

Draft notices concerning the allotments  3004A/PFA 296-307  1855

Bundle of papers including correspondence about proposed sale of Lapthorne, with valuation and plan, and about widening the road and footpath near the school in South Lawn Terrace  3004A/PFA 308  1899 - 1902

Plan of allotments, surveyed by Heath Bros. of Exeter, surveyors  3004A/PFA 309  c.1900

[Crumpled copy on tracing paper rolled inside]

Spicer's Gift  [no ref. or date]

Copy will of William Spicer of Courtlands, Withycombe Raleigh, Esq., who bequeathed £500 to the parish  3004A/PFA 310  1844; pr. 1849

Extracts from Chancery order in legal case concerning the charity, with legal bill  3004A/PFA 311-313  1851 - 1854

Letter from the Charity Commissioners concerning distribution of the gift  3004A/PFA 314  1856

Draft request by the vicar to the Accountant General of Chancery to pay the dividends on the gift  3004A/PFA 315  1857

Draft notice of meeting and brief notes on the charity and on Serle's gift  3004A/PFA 316-318  c.1857

Legal bill concerning the charity  3004A/PFA 319  1869

Charity Commission sealed order  3004A/PFA 320  1896

Bundle of bills  3004A/PFA 321  1916 - 1918

Bundle of applications for relief from the charity  3004A/PFA 322  c.1918

Two bundles of tickets authorising food dealers to supply goods  3004A/PFA 323, 324  1918 - 1921

Three letters of appointment of trustees  3004A/PFA 325-327  1918 - 1972

Bundle of miscellaneous papers, including draft lists of recipients  3004A/PFA 328  20th cent

Tanyard  [no ref. or date]

Notice to John Beare to quit  3004A/PFA 329  1837

Correspondence concerning lease to Robert Aplin  3004A/PFA 330-340  1856 - 1858

Valuation and plan by W. Dawson, with covering letter  3004A/PFA 341, 342  1857

Notices to Robert Aplin to quit  3004A/PFA 343, 344  1863, 1865

Correspondence and other papers concerning partition and sale  3004A/PFA 345-359  1864 - 1865

Including (PFA 354) sale poster

William Trend  [no ref. or date]

Two letters concerning bequest of £200  3004A/PFA 360, 361  1926, 1928

Two notes from Charity Commission of investments  3004A/PFA 362, 363  1930, 1970

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Lists of poor people and amounts of coal delivered to them  3004A/PFZ 1- 3  January, 1823

Lists of recipients of money distributed in bad weather  3004A/PFZ 4, 5  January, 1838

Printed booklet of rules of the Society for Supplying the Destitute Poor of Exeter, St. Thomas and Heavitree with Loan Blankets  3004A/PFZ 6  1878

Copy Charity Commission scheme for Lady Anne Clifford's Charity  3004A/PFZ 7  1884

File of bills for Heavitree Soup Kitchen  3004A/PFZ 8  1889

Copy minutes of Heavitree U.D.C General Purposes Committee  3004A/PFZ 9  1898

History of Nicholas Spicer's charity, Exeter  3004A/PFZ 10  [n.d.]

[The Rev. Arthur Atherley of Heavitree was a trustee]

Bundle of miscellaneous ephemeral correspondence  3004A/PFZ 11  19th, 20th cents

Bundle of blank forms, drafts and cheque book stubs  3004A/PFZ 12  19th, 20th cents

Printed Reports of Charity Commissioners on Heavitree parish  3004A/PFZ 13, 14  1909

List of Christmas charity recipients  3004A/PFZ 15  1951 - 1952

three pages

EDUCATION  [no ref. or date]

Report of a vestry committee on proposed school to be built on the old vicarage site  3004A/PE 1  1826

Numbers not used  3004A/PE 2, 3  [n.d.]

Letter from Anne Wolland offering to continue her annual payment of £5 and nominating sixteen school children  3004A/PE 4  1838

Two draft notices advertising for qualified schoolmaster and mistress  3004A/PE 5, 6  April, 1839

Signed declaration by nine female parishioners offering to help in the school  3004A/PE 7  November, 1839

Application and reference of Samuel and Elizabeth Stockman as master and mistress  3004A/PE 8, 9  December, 1839

Draft list of parents and numbers of children, and note on school finances  3004A/PE 10, 11  n.d.; c.1839

Estimates for building schoolroom and house  3004A/PE 12- 18  1839 - 1840

Contract with Henry Sivell of Heavitree, builder, to erect the school, with two receipts signed by him  3004A/PE 19- 21  1840 - 1841

Copy application form to unite the school with Exeter Diocesan Board of Education  3004A/PE 22  1841

Receipt of girls' teacher, Sarah [Trew ?] for salary  3004A/PE 23  1842

Specification, estimate signed by Richard Capron, and unsigned plans of proposed iron railings to enclose land in front of the new school house  3004A/PE 24- 27  1845

Builders' estimates for repairing schoolroom  3004A/PE 28- 32  1850

Agreement between school trustees and the Committee of Exeter Training College by which the College was made responsible for the running of the school  3004A/PE 33- 35  1856

three copies

Draft minutes of meeting of school trustees, deciding on termination of agreement in 33-35  3004A/PE 36, 37  1869

Correspondence and other papers concerning termination of agreement 33-35  3004A/PE 38- 52  1870 - 1871

Draft letter to Charity Commissioners applying for a grant to employ another teacher  3004A/PE 53- 54  n.d.; post 1856

Order by Charity Commissioners allowing the conversion of the schoolmaster's house into additional classrooms, with four related letters from the Commissioners  3004A/PE 55- 59  1856

Detailed bill of John Kenshole for carrying out alterations mentioned in 55-59  3004A/PE 60  1856 - 1857

Draft notes of contributions to school finance by the trustees. Diocesan Board and others  3004A/PE 61  1859 - 1868

Reports on the school by Her Majesty's Inspectors  3004A/PE 62- 71  1861 - 1867

Letter from Henry Woolcombe to the Diocesan Board of Education putting the case for an extra apprenticed pupil teacher  3004A/PE 72  1868

Minute book of trustees' education committee, concerning school rebuilding  3004A/PE 73  1870 - 1871

Bundle of correspondence concerning rebuilding of school, with bills and accounts  3004A/PE 74  1870 - 1872

[Including one for a clock by W.A. Gregory of Exeter]

Two copies of printed subscription list [for new school]  3004A/PE 75, 76  c.1871

Bundle of monthly forms from the principal teacher of the Infants', Girls' and Boys' Schools, reporting average attendance and naming absentees and good and bad attenders  3004A/PE 77  1872 - 1876

Bundle of miscellaneous correspondence, largely on school administration, including letters on staffing and accommodation  3004A/PE 78  1872 - 1876

Bundle of bills  3004A/PE 79  1873 - 1874

Bundle of bills  3004A/PE 80  1875 - 1876

Printed bye-laws for parish schools in the area of the St. Thomas's Union School Attendance Committee  3004A/PE 81  1880

Letter from J.W.H. Isaac complaining of noise by the schoolchildren  3004A/PE 82  1887

Sealed scheme of the Charity Commissioners for running the school  3004A/PE 83  1889

Letter from General Post Office requesting wayleave for a telegraph pole in the school garden  3004A/PE 84  1903

School managers' minute book  3004A/PE 85  1903 - 1931

Bundle of forms concerning duties on land values  3004A/PE 86  1914 - 1915

Bundle of correspondence and other papers concerning re-arrangement of school accommodation, and the financing and building of new rooms for infants at South Lawn Terrace, including some plans  3004A/PE 87  1925 - 1938

Bundle of correspondence, removed from PE 85, concerning staffing, and including some appointment forms for teachers, and H.M.I. reports  3004A/PE 88  1928 - 1932

Plans for rebuilding the schools in South Lawn Terrace, by Dobell and Ballardie, architects, 16 Bedford Circus, Exeter  3004A/PE 89- 92  1935

Plan of alterations to the school windows  3004A/PE 93  1937

Correspondence concerning Miss B.F. Finch's tenancy of the school house  3004A/PE 94- 97  1937

Bundle of correspondence on the sale of Lyndale, a house adjoining the school premises in Fore Street  3004A/PE 98  1939 - 1945

Bundle of correspondence on financial matters  3004A/PE 99  1977 - 1981

Conditions of access: Thirty-year bar on access, until 1 Jan 2012

Printed report of the Exeter Diocesan Board of Education  3004A/PE 100  1869

Printed leaflet on religious instruction of pupil teachers  3004A/PE 101, 102  1871

two copies

Portfolio for Whipton School  3004A/PE 103  19th cent

[Empty; the documents were deposited by the school in collection 68/14]

GROUPS AND SOCIETIES  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of material concerning the Cathedral Guild of St. Peter  3004A/PG 1  1890 - 1960's

Including the minute book, 1944-1960, register of members, c.1950-c.1960, printed annual reports 1890-1918 [incomplete] and miscellaneous printed material and correspondence to 1960's

OFFICIAL  [no ref. or date]

Land Tax  [no ref. or date]

Bonds of collectors of Land Tax  3004A/PD 1, 2  1821

Papers re election of Exeter City M.P.'s  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of receipts of Town Clerk in connection with electoral registration  3004A/PD 3  1834 - 1878

Bundle of applications by Heavitree voters to be placed on electoral register for the City  3004A/PD 4  1835

Lists of Heavitree voters for City elections  3004A/PD 5  c.1835, 1836

Barristers' certificates allowing registration expenses  3004A/PD 6  1842 - 1876

Papers re election of S. Devon M.P.'s  [no ref. or date]

Lists of Heavitree voters for S. Devon elections  3004A/PD 7  1834 - 1836

Bundle of applications by Heavitree voters to be placed on S. Devon electoral register  3004A/PD 8  1835

Bundle of objections to persons in PD 7, 8  3004A/PD 9  1835

Miscellaneous electoral papers  3004A/PD 10  1835 - 1860

Miscellaneous [voters' ?] lists  3004A/PD 11  n.d. x 1873

Jury Service  [no ref. or date]

List of jurors, 1835, with bills and receipts for expenses in preparation of lists 1836-1878  3004A/PD 12  1835 - 1878

Exeter Municipal Extensions  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence and map concerning proposed extension of 1877  3004A/PD 13  1876 - 1877

Bundle of correspondence, mainly from parishioners, expressing views against proposed annexation, with newspaper reports of public meetings and other papers  3004A/PD 14  1885

MILITARY  [no ref. or date]

Roll of Honour, giving address in Heavitree, regiment, rank and details of death  3004A/PM 1  1914 - 1918

List of names on the war memorial  3004A/PM 2  1914 - 1918

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Thomas Russell concerning the people made homeless by the fire, with list of goods lost  3004A/PZ 1, 2  Jan., Sept. 1820

Bill for a search made by Thomas Turner in the "Meeting House Licence Book"  3004A/PZ 3  1823

Coroner's order for a doctor to be sent for a t the expense of the parish in the inquest on Ann Gush  3004A/PZ 4  [n.d.]

Two receipts for goods sent by waggon, one from Black Lions Office, South Street, Exeter, and the other from Mermaid Yard  3004A/PZ 5, 6  1828

[With list of carriers' waggons and routes on the back]

List of [rate or rent ?] arrears  3004A/PZ 7  1828 - 1830

Solicitor's bill and receipt for prosecution of Kezia Westcombe and Richard Quaintance for the murder of Samuel Westcombe  3004A/PZ 8, 9  1829 - 1830

Four sheets entitled "Reasons against... ordering the Population of Places... in Counties... to be incorporated with the adjoining Borough"  3004A/PZ 10  1847

List of vicars, with notes on their lives, and extracts from diocesan records, compiled by Pitman Jones  3004A/PZ 11a  c.1859

List of vicars  3004A/PZ 11b  1939

Bill of Huxhams and Brown, engineers, Commercial Road, Exeter  3004A/PZ 12  1866

Letter from Exeter Water Company and copy resolution concerning water to be supplied to an animal trough opposite Duck's Almshouses  3004A/PZ 13, 14  1877

Note that Artillery Barracks were part of Heavitree parish  3004A/PZ 15  1882

Conveyance by the Trustees of the Exeter Turnpike to the Hon. M.G.K. Rolle, H.C. Lloyd and A. Burch, of Heavitree Turnpike Toll House [plan endorsed], with covering letter  3004A/PZ 16, 17  1884

Agreement between Catherine Jane Ballerby of 3 Polsloe Park Villas, widow, and Segar Bastard of the Barnfield, hop merchant and William Joseph Richards of Terrace House, wine merchant, the two latter being trustees of the Exeter Flying Post Co. Ltd., for their purchase of Trewman's Flying Post newspaper, and the plant and premises in Little Queen Street  3004A/PZ 18  1855

Cheque book stub  3004A/PZ 19  1910 - 1912

Letter from Miss E. Lega-Weekes concerning her calendar of the parish records  3004A/PZ 20  c.1920

Two lists of parish documents, with notes on church fabric and bequests, by the Rev. T.J. Ponting  3004A/PZ 21, 22  1922

Two letters from the Rev. T.J. Ponting, and memoranda by him, all concerning parochial affairs and history  3004A/PZ 23  1928 - 1933

ten sheets

Bundle of letters concerning transcription of the parish registers by the Devon and Cornwall Record Society  3004A/PZ 24  1934

Visitors book  3004A/PZ 25  1938 - 1946

Names and addresses of distributors of parish magazines  3004A/PZ 26  1948

Extract from a letter by a niece of the Rev. Sackville H. Berkeley, describing family life at the vicarage with him in the 1880's and 1890's  3004A/PZ 27a,b  1948

Two sheets of notes on the history of the church  3004A/PZ 28, 29  c.1960

Detailed notes on the panels in the screen in the church  3004A/PZ 30  1959

School children's essays on the church and the parish  3004A/PZ 31, 32  1966 and n.d

Photographs and Slides  [no ref. or date]

Two photographs of the Rev. Arthur Johnston with others at a ceremony on the vicarage lawn  3004A/PZ 33, 34  c.1935

Postcards of the Sanctuary and the Lady Chapel in the parish church  3004A/PZ 35, 36  c.1950

Photograph of the parish church taken from the top of the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital  3004A/PZ 37  c.1978

Six boxes of lantern slides  3004A/PZ 38- 43  20th cent

Includes church interior and exterior, with one exterior c.1880 before the building of the new tower, and one of Heavitree Bridge, c.1920; the remainder are of religious subjects

Maps and Plans  [no ref. or date]

Printed plan of fields near Heavitree Bridge [presumably from a sale catalogue]  3004A/PZ 44  c.1860

Plan of South Wonford, showing houses and names of some owners  3004A/PZ 45  c.1870 ?

Map of roads near Wonford House  3004A/PZ 46, 47  1883

Showing gas lamps and proposed lamps, and giving detailed suggestions for improvements of roads and footpaths, with a tracing of the map giving detailed block plans of buildings, both by G.N. Kelsall

Dessected, folded 25 inch first edition O.S. sheet LXXX.7  3004A/PZ 48  1888

O.S. 25 inch second edition sheets covering whole ancient parish, with boundaries marked  3004A/PZ 49  1902

[Mounted on wooden roller]

O.S. 6 inch 1930's edition, with parish boundaries marked  3004A/PZ 50  c.1935

Posters  [no ref. or date]

Fete and Pageant A Pitifull Queene (Henrietta Maria), in aid of St. Loye's Building Fund  3004A/PZ 51- 54  1932

[With copies of programme and original design blocks]

Church Festival  3004A/PZ 55- 57  1934

Two copies of printed poster, one ms.

Church Jubilee Festival  3004A/PZ 58, 59  1935

Two copies

Church Festival, in aid of school funds  3004A/PZ 60  1936

Garden Fete, for school funds  3004A/PZ 61  1937

Forms of Service  [no ref. or date]

Laying corner stone for the new Chancel  3004A/PZ 62  1893

Holy Week  3004A/PZ 63  1929

Family communion for the late Henry Rew  3004A/PZ 64  1940

Burial service for Emiline Wheaton  3004A/PZ 65  1946

Old Contemptibles' Parade  3004A/PZ 66  1947

Printed miscellanea (Heavitree)  [no ref. or date]

Printed paper bag, R. Coles, confectioner, Heavitree  3004A/PZ 67  c.1840

Coronation Day Celebrations: list of subscribers and report  3004A/PZ 68  1902

Programme for dedication Sunday and parochial festival  3004A/PZ 69  [1906]

Leaflet concerning free will offerings  3004A/PZ 70  1919

Notice concerning publication of banns and issuing of marriage certificates  3004A/PZ 71  c.1920

Notice concerning confirmation classes  3004A/PZ 72  c.1920

Appeal for subscriptions to provide the vicar with a car as a wedding present  3004A/PZ 73  [1933]

Sale catalogue of Old Heavitree House building estate  3004A/PZ 74  1938

[With plan]

Gift day appeal  3004A/PZ 75  1939

Newspaper cuttings  3004A/PZ 76- 81  20th cent

Photographs of old church tower c.1880, of church choir 1884, and of damage caused to the church by a German bomb, 1940, with report, and article on Richard Ford and Heavitree House

Appeal for money, illustrated with photographs of the clergy, choir and P.C.C.  3004A/PZ 82  1960

Leaflet about church activities  3004A/PZ 83  c.1960

Pamphlets and circulars on Christian Stewardship in the parish, with similar material from Holsworthy and Emmanuel with St. Paul, Plymouth  3004A/PZ 84- 90  1966 - 1980

Printed miscellanea (non-Heavitree)  [no ref. or date]

Uncompleted circular from the Home Office requesting information on parochial schools  3004A/PZ 91a,b  1833

two copies

Notice advertising H. Cohen's Clothes and Hat Warehouse, 98 Fore Street, Exeter, and his stock of watches  3004A/PZ 92  c.1840

Poster requesting tenders for the supply of bread and flour for St. Thomas Union  3004A/PZ 93  1850

Poster listing precautions against cholera  3004A/PZ 94, 95  1854

two copies

Sale notice for the Godwell Estate, Ivybridge (36 a.)  3004A/PZ 96  1859

Act concerning Prayer Book (34, 35 Vict. c.37)  3004A/PZ 97  1871

Registrar General's Quarterly Return  3004A/PZ 98  1884

The Eatanswill Gazette, a newspaper published in aid of the funds of the Dickens Bazaar, to clear off the debt on the new parish room for St. Matthew's  3004A/PZ 99  1888

Undated article from the Church Times  3004A/PZ 100  c.1900

Forms of prayer for a day of intercession  3004A/PZ 101, 102  c.1900, 1902

Form of prayer for Feast of the Annunciation  3004A/PZ 103  1906

Programme for Empire Fair, Exeter, on behalf of Dr. Barnardos Homes  3004A/PZ 104  1935

Form of service for Armistice Day  3004A/PZ 105  1936

Questionnaires from the Devonshire Association about parish records  3004A/PZ 106, 107  1937


Programme for Whipton Choral Society concert  3004A/PZ 108  1954

Larg family bible  3004A/PZ 109  19th cent

Parish Magazines  [no ref. or date]

PZ110 - 122 and PZ 125 - 130 are bound volumes

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 110  1887

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 111  1888

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 112  1889

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 113  1890

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 114  1891

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 115  1892

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 116  1893

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 117  1894

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 118  1895

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 119  1896

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 120  1897

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 121  1898

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 122  1899

Bundle containing copies for May, 1898, June, 1903, April, 1903 [cover only], Feb. 1906, April 1906 [cover only], Oct. 1909, August 1911, July and Nov. 1912  3004A/PZ 123  1898 - 1912

Bundle containing Jan. 1923 - Aug. 1931  3004A/PZ 124  1923 - 1930


Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 125  1931-1934

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 126  1935-1937

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 127  1938-1940

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 128  1941-1942

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 129  1943-1945

Parish Magazines  3004A/PZ 130  1946-1949

Loose copies, Sept. 1955, March, 1962  3004A/PZ 131, 132  1955, 1962

Bundle of loose duplicates of some parts of PZ 125-127  3004A/PZ 133  1933 - 1940

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