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Reference 8973
Covering dates 1788 - 1858
Held by Bristol Record Office
Extent 13 files
Source of acquisition Documents presented by Messrs. Druce & Atless, 82 King William St., London. E.C. 4. through the Gloucestershire Record Office which had received them from the British Records Association (B.R.A. 154)
Creators Holder family of Bristol

Bundle of Marriage Settlements, Trust Deeds and other documents relating to the Holder family of Bristol. The family had some interest in an estate in Barbados. Two members intermarried with the Elton family of Bristol.

[no title]  8973/1  1788 January 3

Copy of Marriage Settlement between Rev. Henry Evans Holder of the parish of St. Joseph, Barbados, clerk, and Elizabeth Murray Holder of St. Philip, Barbados, spinster, one of the daughters of John Alleyne Holder, esq., of a plantation called Joes-River in St. Joseph and the negro slaves (named) belonging.

[no title]  8973/2  1816 January 30

Office copy will of Henry Evans Holder, formerly of Barbados but at present residing in Edinburgh. Proved 27 Feb 1818. No realty as he has recently sold sugar work plantation called Joes River in Barbados.

[no title]  8973/3/a  1824 March 29

Direction and covenent - Caddell Holder, eldest son of Henry Evans Holder, to Philip Caddell, executor of Henry's will, for securing additional allowances for his mother and aunt.

[no title]  8973/3/b  n.d


[no title]  8973/4  1828 February 18

Copy draft Marriage Settlement between Rev. Caddell Holder of Trinity College, Oxford, B.A. and Anne Tierney Elton, d'ter of Jacob Elton of Bristol. No realty.

[no title]  8973/5  1831 October 31

Copy Marriage Settlement between Robarts Wm. Elton, an ensign in the East India Company's 16th Regiment of Native Infantry, son of Jacob Elton of Bristol, and Ashley Holder of Clifton, spinster. No realty.

[no title]  8973/6/a-b  1832

Two letters concerning legacy to Frederic Holder, second son of Henry Evans Holder.

[no title]  8973/7  1834 October 28

Counter-claim of Philip Caddell of England, esq., executor of Henry Evans Holder in respect of certain slaves registered in Barbados.

[no title]  8973/8  1837 September 6

Copy Assignment of Trust monies by way of indemnity - Rev. Caddell Holder of Olveston, Glos., to Williamina Holder later of Clifton but now of Weston-Super-Mare, the widow of Henry Evans Holder and her trustees.

[no title]  8973/9  1838 March 6

Deed of general arrangement - 1) Rev. Caddell Holder of Olveston, Glos., clerk 2) Coulhurst Holder late of Clifton, esq., but now a Lieut. in H.M. 8th Regiment of Foot 3) Maria Carrington Holder of Weston-super-Mare, spinster 4) Williamina Holder of Weston-super-Mare, widow 5) John Hay of Hambrook, Glos., surgeon 6) Philip Caddell of Bath 7) Wm. Maynard Pinder of Weston, nr. Bath 8) John Druce of London - concerning £2,000 remaining a charge upon a plantation called Joes River, Barbados and other monies.

[no title]  8973/10/a  1839 June 3

Marriage Settlement between Rev. Herbert Gower of Little Hempston, Devon, clerk and Maria Carrington Holder of Clifton, Glos., spinster. No realty.
Endorsed 1852 January 26
Release. Herbert Gower to trustees of Settlement.

[no title]  8973/10/b  1852 January 6

Case and Counsel's opinion concerning transfer of funds to Herbert Gower under terms of Settlement and of his wife's will.

[no title]  8973/11  1841 June 30

Notice of a security for £800 executed by the Rev. Caddell Holder of Olveston, Glos., clerk and Anne Tierney his wife to Charlotte Ann Young of Barton End House, Horsley, Glos., widow, on certain trust funds.

[no title]  8973/12  1851 February 13

Copy consent of Caddell Holder and Anne Tierney his wife that the trustees of their Settlement should raise and apply the sum of £500 for the advancement of Cecil Frederick Holder, their only child.

[no title]  8973/13  1858 July 23

In Chancery. In the matter of the trusts of £5,000 set apart under Indenture of 6 March 1838 for benefit of Rev. Caddell Holder and his children. Brief Petition.

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