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Parish records of DITCHINGHAM

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Reference PD 301
Covering dates 1537-1982
Held by Norfolk Record Office
Extent 93 files
Source of acquisition Records received by Norfolk Record Office on 9 January 1979 (PD 301/1-92) 21 January 1994 (PD 301/93)
Copies information Most registers available on microform
Creators Church of England, Ditchingham Parish, Norfolk

Parish records

Registers St. Mary's Church  [no ref. or date]

Baptisms, marriages, and burials  PD 301/1  1559-1638

Baptisms and burials, 1639-1707; marriages, 1640-1707  PD 301/2  1639-1707

With description of forms of marriage and baptism used during the Protectorate from diary of Adrian de la Pryme for 1694, 19th century

Baptisms and burials, 1709-1789; marriages, 1707-1754  PD 301/3  1707-1789

Baptisms and burials, 1789-1812  PD 301/4(S)  1789-1929

With memoranda of receipts at communion, 1813-1838; lists of confirmation condidates, 1827, 1841-1858; memoranda and accounts relating to the church fabric, the school and parish, c 1840-1929, including list of rectors, 1296-1881, compiled in 1924, and list of men who died in the first World War.

Baptisms  PD 301/5(S)  1813-1845

With memorandum of the opening of a new peal of bells, 1821

Baptisms  PD 301/6  1845-1958

With plan of a portion of the gallery in the church, 1847

Marriages and banns  PD 301/7(W)  1754-1806

Marriages, 1806-1812; banns, 1806-1816  PD 301/8(W)  1806-1816

Marriages  PD 301/9  1813-1837

Marriages  PD 301/10  1837-1924

Marriages  PD 301/11(W)  1924-1950

Marriages  PD 301/12(W)  1950-1959

Marriages  PD 301/13(W)  1959-1966

Marriages  PD 301/14(W)  1966-1978

Burials  PD 301/15  1813-1866

Burials  PD 301/16(S)  1866-1918

Banns  PD 301/17  1823-1884

Registers: All Hallows, Pirnough  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
All Hallows was a chapel of ease to the parish church of St. Mary. It was licenced for marriages in 1964.

Marriages  PD 301/93  1965-1982

Register closed on revocation of licence for marriages.

Marriage licences  PD 301/18  1836-1943

Church and benefice  [no ref. or date]

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/19  1868-1879

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/20  1879-1888

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/21  1888-1896

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/22  1897-1904

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/23  1904-1912

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/24  1912-1920

Register of services at St. Mary's church  PD 301/25  1920-1926

Register of services at All Hallows, Pirnough  PD 301/26  1865-1869

Register of services at All Hallows, Pirnough  PD 301/27  1870-1877

Register of services at All Hallows, Pirnough  PD 301/28  1877-1891

Register of services at All Hallows, Pirnough  PD 301/29  1896-1903

Tables of fees  PD 301/30  1860, 1877

Licence for solemnization of marriages at All Hallows chapel of ease  PD 301/31  1964

Terriers  PD 301/32  1784-1955

For years 1784, 1813, 1827, 1845, 1872, 1879 (and copy), 1886, 1901, 1912, 1926, 1933, 1947, 1955

Faculties  PD 301/33  1847-

To remove pews and pulpit (and copy), 1847; to take down and remove the gallery, erect a new north aisle, etc. (and citation), 1873; to erect a memorial tablet on the north wall of the chancel, 1925; to erect an honours board in the church, 1930; to restore the tower and re-hang the six bells, 1931; to install an electric blower, 1947; to erect a tablet to Air Chief Marshal Sir W.G. Salmond and another, 1948; to confirm the removal of the lead roof of the nave, 1952; to install electric lighting, 1955; to level mounds, straighten headstones, and move footstones in the churchyard, 1956; to install a new oil burner for the heating system, 1958; to authorise the use of two plots in the church for interment of cremated remains, 1964

Memorandum by Thomas Utting of his presentation to the church of a painting by him of the crucifixion  PD 301/34  1839

Miscellaneous plans and drawings of church including sketch of east end of church and coloured design for tiles  PD 301/35(L)  late 19th century-early 20th century

7 papers

Tithe rentcharge redemption certificates, 1878, 1922, with related papers, 1920-22  PD 301/36  1878-1922

Papers re benefice income  PD 301/37  1922-1952

Papers re sale of gravel from glebe  PD 301/38  1931

Order of Norfolk War Agricultural Executive Committee to cultivate glebe land  PD 301/39  1940

Chancel repairs; notice of ascertainments  PD 301/40  1949

Correspondence re claim for loss of development value  PD 301/41  1949-1951

Dilapidations assessments  PD 301/42  1946-1967

London Gazette, 21 March 1924  PD 301/43  1924

Including copy of Order in Council transferring the patronage of the benefice of Ditchingham from the Revd J.S. Sendamore to the bishop of Norwich

Correspondence re proposed plurality of Ditchingham and Hedenham, with draft order  PD 301/44  1959-60

Churchwardens, Vestry, Parochial Church Council  [no ref. or date]

Churchwardens and town reeves accounts, 1581-1600, with memoranda, 1602-1604  PD 301/45  1581-1604

Churchwardens and town reeves accounts  PD 301/46  1681-1759

Churchwardens accounts  PD 301/47(L)  1759-1866

Vestry minute book  PD 301/48  1852-1892

Vestry minute book  PD 301/49  1892-1924

Report of vestry committee to consider the condition of the Chain Bridge Beck and the Factory Beck  PD 301/50  1883

Town Lands  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Accounts for the town lands are included in churchwardens account books

Feoffment  PD 301/51  1537

By John Pak and others, parishioners and inhabitants of Ditchingham, to Henry Lanman of a pightle with adjoining meadow anciently called Moltis in Mettingham, Suffolk, abutting on the highway from Bungay to Beccles to the south

Copy of court roll of the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/52  1553

Surrender by John Heylott to the use of William Gyldenwater of a tenement on 4 acres 3 roods called Alysaunders; 2 acres 3 roods abutting on the highway from Bungay to Norwich, east; messuage called Tookes, 3 acres 1½ roods abutting on Croweslane, west; ½ acre abutting on Alderkarrgrene to the east; cottage at Tookes Gate; Penyesclosse, 2 acres. 9½ acres in two pieces in Church close and Brakesclose; 1½ acres in three pieces in Churchfeilde; Sledyspightell, 3 roods

Quitclaim by Thomas Gyllingwater and his wife Mary to Miles Hobart and others of messuages and lands sometime of Thomas' grandfather  PD 301/53  1627

Lease for 99 years  PD 301/54  1632

By John Randall to John Coleman of a cottage newly built with ground enclosed from Freeland close, abutting on a common way from Ditchingham Grene to Aldercarrgrene to the north

Assignment lease of same premises by John Coleman to Robert Tricker and his wife Anne  PD 301/55  1632

Assignment of lease of same premises by John Coleman to William Codran and his wife Mary  PD 301/56  1632

Bargain and sale of same premises  PD 301/57  1649

By Thomas Tricker and his wife Anne to John Towre and his wife Susan of a cottage long since built on a piece of waste ground in Ditchingham called the Free Land for the habitation of John Colman, a poor man

Bargain and sale by James Grymer and his wife Susan under the will of Thomas [Alburgh] to Richard Calvert of a piece of land in [Skutts] field  PD 301/58  1649

Feoffment  PD 301/59  1655

By Thomas Gilbert and others to Phillip Bedingfeild and others of a piece of land with a cottage built on it in a corner of Parnow Heath, the waste of the manor of Parnow, to the use of the poor of Ditchingham

Lease for 21 years  PD 301/60  1668

By Phillip Beddingfield and others to Samuel Pycroft, rector of Ditchingham, of Brake Close, 7 acres 30 perches, Sleade pightle 1 acre 3 roods, 16 perches, a close with a piece of meadow ground, 6 acres, and a close of 1 acre 3 roods, 16 perches, all in Ditchingham

Feoffment by John Gowing and John Tower to Phillip Bedingfield and others of a cottage built on a piece of waste called the Free Land in Ditchingham, with a little garden, in trust for the poor of Ditchingham  PD 301/61  1668

Copy of court roll of the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/62  1705

Surrender by Robert Davy, surviving feoffee for the poor of Ditchingham, to the use of Robert Bedingfeild and others, of Allisanders tenement and other land, 27 acres 3 roods 39 perches

Extract from court books of manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/63  1705

Abstract of admission of Robert Bedingfield and others to 27 acres 3 roods 39 perches to the use of the inhabitants of Ditchingham

Conveyance (lease and release)  PD 301/64  1748

By Richard Buxton to Philip Bedingfield of a piece of pasture in Bedingham called Fragmans Great Pightle, near Dilgate Way

Conveyance (lease and release)  PD 301/65  1751

By William Bedingfield to Philip Bedingfield and others in trust for the inhabitants of Ditchingham of the town estates, consisting of the tenement Alisaunders and home close, Penyes Close, Tookes Grove, a cottage called Nightingales with a yard and small parcel of ground, a parcel of land sometime a grove called Skutts, several parcels of land near Ditchingham church in Church Close and Brake Close, several parcels of land near Bungay, four parcels of meadow in Parnow Meadow, a cottage or almshouse with a yard and croft in Parnow Street, Ditchingham, a parcel of land called Coybornes and Palmers Hill in Ditchingham, piece of land abutting on the common road to Norwich to the north, a parcel of land in Ditchingham, three parcels of meadow in Hedenham, and three parcels of land in Mettingham, Suffolk

Two copies of conveyance by William Bedingfield to Philip Bedingfield and others of the town estates  PD 301/66  1751

Copy of court roll of the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/67  1751

Admission of Philip Bedingfield and others, on the surrender of William Bedingfield to copyhold parts of the town estates

Lease for 60 years  PD 301/68  1771

By Philip Bedingfield and others, feoffees of Ditchingham town land, to William Kingsbury of Falcon Meadow, abutting on the River Waveney

Copy of court roll of the manor of Parnow, otherwise, Parnaugh, in Ditchingham  PD 301/69  1817

Admission of the Ditchingham feoffees to 2 roods 20 perches of land in Ditchingham allotted to them by the enclosure award

Conveyance  PD 301/70  1857

By Francis Philip Bedingfeld, the surviving feoffee, to John Longueville Bedingfield and others of the town lands, in trust for the inhabitants of Ditchingham

Copies of court roll of the manors of Ditchingham and Parnow otherwise Parnaugh  PD 301/71  1857

Surrenders by Francis Philip Bedingfield to new feoffees of copyhold parts of the town lands

Conveyance by William Hartcup and others to the Revd J.C. Scudamore and others of the town lands, in trust for the inhabitants of Ditchingham  PD 301/72  1883

Copy of court roll of the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/73  1920

Admission of M.H. Hartcup as heir of H.J. Hartcup to copyhold parts of the town lands in trust for the inhabitants of Ditchingham

Enfranchisement of copyhold parts of the town lands held of the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/74  1920

Rough list of deeds to town lands  PD 301/75  early 18th century

Various papers  PD 301/76  1537-1787

Copy of an account of some old writings in the parish box in the vestry (list of deeds to town lands), 1537-1705; copy of an old account of Ditchingham town lands, 1732; copies of returns to parliament of charitable donations, 1786, 1787

Part of Charity Commissioners Report relating to Ditchingham  PD 301/77  1834


Bill for legal expenses incurred by feoffees  PD 301/78  1852-57

Bill for fines and fees on admission to the manor of Ditchingham  PD 301/79  1860

Copy of feoffment of cottage by John Gowers and John Tower to Philip Bedingfield and others, made in 1668  PD 301/80  1668, 1877

Related information: See PD301/61 above

Charity Commission scheme for the charities of the Almshouses, Davey, Gowing, Towers, and the town lands  PD 301/81  1914

Accounts of the Ditchingham Trust for 1927, 1828  PD 301/82  1927, 1828


Valuation of house and buildings owned by Trustees  PD 301/83  20th century

Rough list of town lands, with acreages  PD 301/84  c 1950

School  [no ref. or date]

Income and expenditure accounts. 1884, 1888, 1890-1902, 1909, 1912-1928  PD 301/85  1884-1928


Account book  PD 301/86  1903-1927

Managers vouchers, 1925-26, and receipt books, 1926-31 and 1929-33  PD 301/87  1925-1933

Norfolk Education Committee Handbook of Elementary Education, 1913, and Regulations, 1920s  PD 301/88  1913-c1920

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Loddon Emegency Committee  PD 301/89  1917


Instructions for the civil population in the event of a hostile landing, with manuscript note of lines of evacuation

List of rectors, 1297-1881  PD 301/90  c 1920s


Transcript of inventory of church goods for Ditchingham, 1552, from original in Public Record Office  PD 301/91  c 1920s

Letter to the incumbent  PD 301/92  1937

Re marriage of Margaret Bedingfield and Thomas Alcocke, thought to have taken place at Ditchingham but not entered in the register

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